It’s Here! 

Yep! Mystery of the Map Island is available for members! Non-members can play the demo, and as a non-member, let me warn you that the soundtrack for this island is absolutely GLORIOUS. Seriously, I had to wear a cage on my head, just to make sure my mindspawn (pictured below) didn’t escape when my BRAIN EXPLODED FROM THE SHEER AWESOMENESS. And even that sounded AWESOME! 

There were some problems I had with it of course, like the fact that the Dodos were aggressive. (Dodo birds were INFAMOUSLY tame. So much that they didn’t run when THE DUTCH CAME. *cue Holland national anthem*) But overall, t’was an awesome fifteen minutes. 


Mystery of the Map Island!

I think it’s fairly clear that my apologies mean absolutely nothing anymore, partially because I’m a soulless demon slug, so I’ll just cut straight to the chase.

I’m going to die soon.

Whoops, sorry, that was for a later time. Here’s the actual chase. On 21st May 2015, an island is coming to Poptropica. And this island is….HAWAII!


Wh-what? No! That has nothing to do with the announcement! Mystery of the Map Island! It’s called Mystery of the Map Island!

Yup! Everyone’s favorite graphic novel is now an island! Are you guys excited? Because I am! Now if you excuse me, I need to attend an exorcism.

The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 43 Official Sneak Peek!

Well, I know what you’re thinking, “YOU’RE NOT BT!” Yes, it’s true I lack the long hair, the facial star and a soul, but your beloved Brave Tomato has authorized me to release a sneak peek of Episode 43 of The Adventures of Curious Bee! Which is coming soon by the way. HERE IT IS!

*Curious Bee and Krimson face off in the middle of a desert*
CB: End of the line Krimson. You’ve tormented me for years, killed Bendy Tornado’s father, and cursed Quiet Snake so that she can only speak Spanish. It all ends now.
Krimson: How quaint. *draws sword and lunges at CB*
CB: *draws sword and blocks* I’m not giving up Krimson! I’ve had enough of you!
*Krimson slashes sword at CB and cuts her hand off*
CB: Ha! Joke’s on you! That was a fake hand you just cut off! *stabs Krimson*
Krimson: Ha! You fool! That was a fake kidney you just punctured! *slashes at CB*
CB: *falls down in an effort to dodge*
Krimson: *raises sword over her head and grins* It ends now…
CB: *frightened* What are you going to do? Cut off my head?
Krimson: No…I’m going to give you MULTIPLE SPLIT ENDS!!!
Brad Pitt: STOP!
Krimson: *confused* Award-winning actor and producer Brad Pitt?
CB: What are you doing here?
Brad Pitt: I was sent here to tell you two to stop fighting! Why can’t you guys just get along?
CB: He’s right! I’m sorry for trying to kill you.
Krimson: I’m sorry too! I can’t even remember what we were fighting about! GROUP HUG!
*the entire CB team and Krimson have a group hug*
Brad Pitt: See? That wasn’t so- *is vaporized by a laser beam*
Blue Skull: *shocked* No! It can’t be!
*giant politician appears, breathing fire and shooting laser beams from its eyes*
Nice Sword: *dodges laser beam* IT’S POLITICIANZILLA!!! Be careful! Its lasers are made of statistics, and its fire is made of LIES!!!
CB: *puts on sunglasses to the sound of an electric guitar* Time to rock and roll.
BT: No! We can’t fight that thing! It’s too powerful! I’ve examined it closely! It’s power levels are OVER 9000!!!
CB: Put a sock in it, Goku! We started this battle back on Krypton and now we have to finish it! ROCKET FEET ACTIVATE!!! *the entire CB team and Krimson activate rocket feet*
QS: Vamonos!
Krimson: You heard the lady! ONWARD!
*CB team flies at Politicianzilla for a fight to the death*
David Tennant as Curious Bee
David Tennant as Krimson
David Tennant as Bendy Tornado
David Tennant as Blue Skull
David Tennant as Nice Sword
David Tennant as Quiet Snake
David Tennant as Brad Pitt

Like I said, I have no soul. Sorry BT! :P


Hey! I’m back with another post today, on this day, this Saturday, the day of which is now occurring in present time. Why? Because the Creators have just released a MASSIVE update for Poptropica Realms, and it is AMAZING. Tonnes of new stuff! Let’s start with the costumes!


Here we have the Master Creator costume! A costume you will automatically obtain upon reaching level 15. To reach level 15, you’ll have to build. A LOT. I had to build an entire lair for a swamp troll AND a desert oasis in order to get that far! It’s worth it though-you can use it to unlock SUPER JUMP! Which is a new ability that lets you jump really high. Ok, tell me I’m not the only one who wants a movie about this super-jumping viking. Fighting a troll. With fruits. And a soundtrack provided entirely by electronic bagpipes. Really? I’m all alone here?


The second is the Realms Builder costume. You can get this one by entering the promo code GOREALMS in the Poptropica Store. Basically it makes you look like a construction worker and a miner had a baby, who is torn apart by his/her parents’ bickering over his/her future, only to run away from home, leaving behind a note saying “I’m sorry, but I have to find out who I really am.”, after which he/she decided to continue both his/her parents’ legacy by becoming the world’s first construct-o-miner.


“How’s the weather?” Is something people say when they’re being forced to make small talk with people they either don’t know or really despise. In Poptropica, that really doesn’t work.

Me: How’s the weather?

Shark Boy: It’s sunny. Like it always has been on this TROPICAL island.

Me: How’s the weather?

Katya: Rainy. It’s always rainy. You know that. 

Me: How’s the weather?

Me: Get a social life dude.

But now, Poptropica Realms has WEATHER! Basically every once in a while, the weather will change. Rain, snow, sandstorms and even ACID RAIN AND METEOR SHOWERS!!!


Now we have the abilities. Firstly, there’s the Super Jump, which lets you jump really high. You unlock it by getting to level 15 and unlocking the Master Creator costume. This is actually surprisingly useful for getting out of tight spots. BOING!


And here we have the Hammerang. This ability lets you throw the Svadilfari forward and destroy anything in its way, after which it returns to you like a boomerang. Except it’s a hammer. And it’s aimed at your face.


The Ground Pound let’s you smash the Svadilfari against whatever you’re currently standing on and causes a large portion of it to crumble to nothing. In a way, it’s kind of like a metaphor for my soul.

Wow! This was a huge update. Well, I hope you guys have fun with the new Poptropica Realms!


Aw man. Oh well. Peace out Pop-wait, wait, WAIT! I have one more thing to say: WATCH OUT FOR TWILIGHT PIXIES! Ok. NOW we can end this blog post. Peace out Poptropicans!

The Little Things: Cryptids Island

It’s been a while since I made one of these. I’VE BEEN TIRED OK?!? Lots of tests, projects and foot drills. Yeah, that’s right! FOOT DRILLS!!! I need to vent my anger a bit. There will be spoilers in the following post. If you don’t want spoilers…..too bad. Let’s get started!


1. Hedge Trimming Minigame: If you have the Garden Shears, you can actually go to the housing area with all the hedges, head on over to the massive untrimmed hedge, and use those shears to play a hedge trimming minigame!




2. The Fence of Feet: I really love all the work Creators do to make sure every little bit of the game is worth noting. Remember-They have to design the entire island from scratch, including every single detail of the background. Speaking of which, if you look at the background of the Mews Mansion gate, you’ll see that the fence is made of feet! Well, not literally. That would be gross.


A nice little detail to honor Bigfoot!

3. The Devil’s Cottage: We all know the infamous Jersey Devil. The thing was supposedly the child of the witch, Mother Leeds. In Cryptids Island you find Mother Leeds’ cottage and it’s pretty much the creepiest thing ever. If you look at the gate of the cottage, you’ll see that the number plate reads 669.


But you’ll also notice that the number 9 is a little crooked. So…..what if the number 9 was actually the number 6 flipped over? For those of you who are bad at math (or basic logic) that would make the number plate 666. THE NUMBER OF THE DEVIL!!! DUN DUN DUN!!! It makes sense though. Mother Leeds was a witch after all.

4. Return of the Ribica: The viewfinder at Loch Ness is a fun little feature on Cryptids Island. Occasionally you can spot planes, Balloon Boy, and sometimes, you’ll spot this little fishing boat.


Does that boat look familiar to you? Well it should! FLASHBACK POWERS, ACTIVATE!


It’s the Ribica! Ok, so maybe there are some differences, like the missing name, and the missing fishing rod, but other than that, it’s pretty much the same. And I’m satisfied with that.

Well, that’s all. I’m going to bed.

An Analysis of Octavian

Hello freaks of planet Earth! Wow, it’s been a while since I posted. But to be fair, I was dead for the past few weeks. A special thanks to Kalypso the necromancer! Give her a hand everyone! 

Well, now that that’s out of the way, you guys probably know about the graphic novel Mystery of the Map right? Well, I’ve been reading it for the past few days and I already have a favorite character.

THAT’S RIGHT! OC-FREAKING-TAVIAN!!! I always say that the villain is more interesting than the heroes, and while Jorge, Oliver and Mya are entertaining, there’s something about Octavian that exudes a kind of charisma. Plus, LOOK AT THAT KNIFE!!! I have dreams about cutting blocks of cheese with a knife like that. (I AM A CHEESE GOD!!! YES! MELT MY CHILDREN! MELT FOR YOUR GOD!!! I WISH TO BATHE IN YOUR LIQUIFIED REMAINS!!!) But despite 20 pages being already released, Octavian’s motives and backstory are still shrouded in mystery. And that may be one of the biggest factors contributing to the aforementioned aura of charisma. 

He’s obviously been looking for Poptropica for some time now, as evident in this page. 

But he’s obviously not just after the discovery of Poptropica, he’s after something IN Poptropica. And then there’s the next page, in which the ambiguity of his motives are lampshaded. 

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “IT IS TIME”?!? This guy’s almost as ambiguous as that thing that lives in my toilet that whispers to me incoherently like “Yrgnuh llits ma I. Reve wohs tseb eht si revyGcaM. Yrgnuh ma I. ” 

Anyway, Octavian obviously has big plans, and he’ll do anything to get his way, like shoving three kids out of a hot air balloon in ANOTHER REALM. But what exactly is his goal? Well, it’s impossible to tell. We’ll just have to wait and see if we want to know. So let’s sum up his character traits. Ruthless, determined, mysterious, kind of a terrible person, awesome cheese knife. 

Really though, regardless of any flaws this character has (like being a terrible person) he still makes a magnificent villain. Well, that’s all for this post! Say goodbye Octavian!

Ha ha! I’ll be sure to bathe in your liquified remains first. 

Also, does that bag of his look familiar to you? 


TWO NEW CARDS IN THE STORE! TWO! ONE’S FOR MEMBERS-ONLY, THE OTHER’S FOR EVERYONE!!! WHAT ARE THEY?!? Biome hats. They’re Biome hats. One for each Biome in Poptropica Realms. And so you guys can take a look at all the hats, and to fulfill my secret dream of being a professional hat critic, HERE THEY ARE!


The Ice Biome Hat is not only perfect for keeping you warm on those cold nights, but it’s also a remarkable fashion statement. I love the way the hat attempts to capture the likeness of a wild Arctic beast, with the whisker furnishing, the white fur and the magnificent pointed ears. I especially love the fang-like protrusions on either side of the hat, they just really capitalize on the wild, untamed look this hat has. It’s that kind of attention to detail we just don’t get in hatters these days. Finally, the stitches on the side give it an appearance of barely being held together, as if it were hand-made by an Arctic explorer from the fur of an Arctic beast. A brilliant work.


We often get so caught up in modern society and its beauties that we often forget about beauty’s roots. The Forest Biome hat reminds us of the kind of beauty that can only be found in nature. The hatter responsible for this work of art has taken inspiration from a bird’s nest. The crisp green leaves complement the nice shade of purple in the sticks, which are both emphasized by the pale white eggs that sit atop this hat. But all appearances aside, I like to see this hat as a commentary on nature. The eggs in the hat seem to be a metaphor for the fragility and beauty of nature. The wearer of the hat is therefore the protector of nature, emphasizing that we must play a part in protecting and preserving the beauty that is nature. A beautiful hat with a beautiful meaning.


The Desert Biome Hat is admittedly not one of my favourites. First of all it’s not a very attractive hat to look at. I mean, it’s pretty ugly and awkward looking. While the jagged edge is certainly a nice touch, the overall design is pretty underwhelming. Secondly, it has a rather boring colour scheme. Blue and grey aren’t exactly the most eye-catching of colours. But it is functional. In the hot dry heat of the unforgiving Desert Biome, you’re gonna need to keep cool. The Desert Biome hat is perfectly suited for that exact purpose! And the hinge lets you adjust the umbrella to shield you from the harsh sun. So while it’s not fashionable, it is functional.


The Swamp Biome hat is a sight to behold. It’s basically a baby crocodile that lives on your head. Not only is it an interesting pet, it’s an attention-grabbing piece of headwear that never fails to impress. Observe the sly look in the crocodile’s eye, complemented by the faint, crafty, toothed smile. It just seems to give off a sort of charm you can’t find anywhere else. The crocodile is an animal renown for lying in wait and springing to action when it needs to. This hat brings out the scheming, crafty demeanor often associated with crocodiles and adds on a bit of charm. This pays off greatly as the end result is a magnificent hat with the sort of charm that comes with any manipulative creature.


Looking for a futuristic headwear? Well, with the Lunar Biome hat, you will never have to look ever again! Wait…no…….whatever. This hat is certainly innovative. A clean wraparound blue hat topped off with a futuristic laser antenna. I have to say this has a rather simple design when compared to the others but that’s really the point I suppose. This hat is meant to appear post-Earth, a time and place more advanced than what we have now, and it does its job well. I really appreciate the decor on this one. The single antenna with the glowy laser-ring things really capitalize on the whole future theme. In short, it’s simple, but effective.

Sorry! No Fire or Crystal Biome hats. I’m not a member.

UPDATE: Thanks to the Poptropica Help Blog, I can and will now review the members-only hats. HUZZAH!


The Fire Biome hat is a tasteful piece of headwear. The geometry (and geography) of the entire thing is just stunning. I love the crater-like design and the pool of magma, but I especially love the winding streams of lava running down the sides. I also love the stark contrast between the dark earthy texture of the hat and the exquisite orange-red glow of the lava. But what I love most about this hat is how it captures the volatile, fiery nature of volcanoes. Volcanoes are essentially nature’s time bombs, they seem calm and then all of a sudden BOOM! You’re neck deep in molten lava. When you look at this hat, it seems serene and calm, but there’s a certain element of suspense in there as well. As if the hat could burst into flames at any moment. THAT is what volcanoes are all about, and this hat does a brilliant job at capturing it.


Firstly, I have to say the Crystal Biome hat is beautiful. There’s something about it that just seems to radiate feminine grace. It almost seems like a crown for a royal princess. The slight glow from the crystal even gives it a magic-ish type feel. But unfortunately, while it is beautiful, it seems to lack originality. The other Biome hats are all unique, and extremely original. It may be because the other hats set the bar too high, but in comparison, the Crystal Biome hat seems rather bland and boring. Nonetheless, it does have its merits. The aforementioned feminine aura gives it a somewhat magical element, and the shades of pink and purple complement each other nicely. So all in all, the hat is beautiful, but it fails to measure up to the other hats in terms of originality.