And the winner of the Create Your Dream Island contest is..

*tries to open envelope*

oh come on. Open. Please! D-does anyone have a paper cutter? I… I wish this would just open up!

*suddenly, the envelope opens*

Huh? Oh! It’s open! Like… I just used up one of my three wishes or something. And so the winner is………


Sarah S. from South Carolina with Arabian Nights Island!!!

Arabian Nights Island? Holy cow, we’re going to explore the old Arabian lore! Genie! Forty thieves! Wow… This is just… Wow…

Inspired by her father’s souvenirs from Kuwait, she was the lucky Poptropican that got to win her island idea- and therefore knows this islands secrets!

Congratulations to Sarah on this prize from the Poptropica community! We can’t wait to play your island!



BT out!

The Nameless Adventures Episode 2-3

Well I know that Episode 2 was ruined in the great Hawaiian Punch Flood, but this post will make up for it. Let me explain what was going to happen in Ep. 2.

Lucky Snowball, one of Nameless’ 2 best friends, came to Spy Island to help them. Nameless is looking in the Garage next to the Bistro, for her special map. The special map radars the active Villains, and where they are. Episode 3 will be a little shorter than most episode’s, but only because Episode 4 is TWO PARTS!!!! So here is Episode 3, and R.I.P. Ep.2.

**CLANG** **CRASH*** *sigh*  This is getting worse than usual. The other’s are, Creator’s know where! Not to mention that I STILL have yet to find the map. If I were Nameless’ map, that Incredible Carrot was always stealing, where would I be. Exactly where Nameless saw IC with it last. (Oh GREAT Nameless, now you are talking about yourself as a third person! Guh-RATE!!!!) IC had stuck the map under her pillow, when I walked into the Homing, without her knowing!! OKEY-DOKEY! Where to next?? Boo-Yah… I run out of the Garage and towards where we docked the blimp. I see a couple of B.A.D. agents pushing along Poptropicans. Oh my POP! It’s Silver Penguin and Fearless Owl!! How the!????  SP saw me outta the corner of his eye and mouthed to me, Try it. It’ll work this time, there at the blimp already. Just go. When he says try it, he normally means glitching. He wants me to glitch, from HERE, to the blimp. Which is TWO MILES from here! (The last time I did it, I landed in Lucky’s lap at a business dinner, at the Bistro… He just told me spaghetti looks good on my elbow….) It’s worth a shot.

Yes! It worked !! I’m on the blimp!! Wait. I’m ON the blimp! ON TOP OF THE BLIMP!!! HELP!!!!!!!  A few minutes later I was inside and we were un-docking.    SD was the first to ask me the big question.    SD: So where are we going?? If you found the map, that is. And if you looked at it??           Me: SD, I found it, I looked at it, and found out where we are going… … …    SD: WHERE!??!?!??!?!    Me: Chill SD, it has the lowest villain levels right now, and PLENTY of places to hide. We are headed STRAIGHT for………

Sorry boys and squirrels, but this episode is a cliffhanger. I can’t tell you where they went until the next episode. But you are more than to guess in the comments. Hope you can wait that long!!

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

An Apology-Filled Update!

Hello fellow freaks of nature! I know some of you are shouting stuff like:”GET THE PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES! ALSO WAKE LARRY UP! THAT LAZY BUM HAS GOT TO SEE THIS! AND HAND ME A TURKEY LEG! I HAVEN’T EATEN SINCE NOON! THIS IS A CHICKEN LEG! GET YOUR POULTRY RIGHT!”  Well PARDON ME for poor poultry identification skills! Also, I apologize for not keeping up with my blogging, it’s just that my examinations are coming in a month and apparently, I’m supposed to study?Weird. Anyway, time for a MEGA UPDATE!!! Update……..update……….update…………………… 

  1. Survival Island is now available on iPAD! Completely free! Well, you know, minus the cost of the iPad. So…………….top hats?What?
  2. MYSTERIOUS LINK! Where does it lead you to?Here’s a hint! It starts with an “M” and ends with “-ission Atlantis Island Info Page”. What’s that?You’ll have to see for yourself! MYSTERY………………………..
  3. The first episode of Mission Atlantis-Mission Atlantis:Into The Deep will be released to members next Thursday, April 17! Also known as BIRTHDAY THURSDAY! It’s Nameless UnDEFINed’s birthday! Or is it mine? Hmm……………OH YEAH! Survival Island:Crash Landing will also be released on that day to non-members because OF COURSE IT WILL BE!!!
  4. You know the iPad handheld that was started by the PHB but then the Creators were like “Oh no they didn’t!” and then they were like “There ain’t no such thing brotha! That was just some rumour!”Well IT IS REAL! It was a tablet handheld really. But as if any actual human can tell the difference right?

And that was all! PUT DOWN YOUR PITCHFORKS!!!

The Nameless Adventures Prologue

Hey guys, I know I said I was going to wait until BT finished out with The Adventures of Curious Bee, but I may not be here that long… So I thought I would get started. Let me tell you something before I start though… I had written a first episode, but my sister spilled Hawaiian Punch on it… And I couldn’t rewrite it since I had finished writing the whole season already :P

The DEFiANce, is a secret organization that protects glitches, from the Creator’s, and their destruction. The DEFiANce also protects Nameless. The glitch from the reset. That changed Poptropica forever. She is the most powerful glitch in all of Poptropica, because she was supposed to be deleted, in the reset, when her home disappeared. Nameless is from Monster Carnival Island. The reset, opened up her home, and the Creator’s took the entire thing down. Thus destroying all she’d ever known. Now her glitching is powerful, all the power, all the strength, from Monster Carnival, went into her code! Now she has the power of a Creator, but trapped inside the Poptropica Universe. She is the only glitch powerful enough to change the code… Sooo the Creator’s want her destroyed, the Villains want her to change the code to make them OFFICIAL ruler of Poptropica, and she just wants a break.

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed


Ok,you guys probably guessed that my last post was a joke, especially since all the capital letters spelled HAPPY APRIL FOOLS. Well this post is not a joke, DRUMROLL PLEASE! NO! What do you mean no? JUST SHOW THE TRAILER!

ANOTHER EPISODIC ADVENTURE! BOO! BAD PUN! Hey, I didn’t come up with it! It was in the trailer!

hook, line and sinker!

survival island episode 2: Hook, line and sinker is now Available for members!!! pppppppppppppppppPppppP!!! Yes! Also, the first ePisode, cRash landing Is out for non-members! oh yeah! i feel like I’ve been waiting for this my whoLe life! oh, and i apologize FOr my non-Ordinary punctuation. the keyboard’s gone alL crazy. it’S really terrible.

The iPad Handheld Mystery

Hey there Awesome People! You’re so awesome, I thought I’d tell you what happened to the iPad Handheld everyone is raging over…

Some people, believe Blake and I, are lying that the iPad Handheld EVEN EXISTS. But listen to this…

Someone emailed Poptropica about it, and Poptropica said it never existed… If it didn’t exist, then why does it have its own SWF Link on Poptropica? Want to see Poptropica’s response? Here ya go!

Image credit to HCM

See… What a LOT of my friends and I are wondering… If it NEVER existed (A different email that I do not have access to), then WHY does it have its own SWF Link to Poptropica??????? Anyone else wondering?

Do you guys remember when they accidentally released the Virus Hunter Mini-Game BEFORE they were supposed to? And then when people emailed Poptropica, they said it was NEVER THERE and that it DIDN’T EXIST! Even though, a good Blogging Friend of mine, Brave Tomato saw it, AND posted about it! (I’ll put the link after I go through her blog to find it xD)

Well, it does exist… It was there… And it did exist… So, maybe Poptropica was attempting to cover a little mistake of theirs? I don’t know, I’ll be honest. I don’t… But what, what if they’re doing the same thing now? It was accidentally release during a bug, and now they’re trying to convince everyone that it doesn’t?

The iPad Handheld is the last SWF Link I can find for Items… The first Link before that, is a Prize Card for the Dragons: Riders of Berk Advertisement… But, think of the numbers… The Link for iPad Handheld, is 2523… The Card before that? 2520

The two numbers between them, are most likely future prizes for Dragons, or maybe more iPad stuff… But still… That card is pretty new, which means the iPad Handheld is real, it just hasn’t come to the surface yet.

I’m not going to say anyone is wrong, but I’m going to say this feels right. If you have any thoughts on the iPad Handheld Mystery, then PLEASE comment! It does NOT take an email…

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

NOTES: These thoughts are all from Nameless UnDEFiNed, if you would like to use them, please do not take credit for them.