Happy Mega-Post Day!

So, I’m gonna divide this post up into three parts, because that’s just how Mega-Post Day works! Whoa. Serious deja vu here.

Part 1: Happy Genie Day! 

So yesterday, the last episode of Arabian Nights Island, Arabian Nights: Be Careful What You Wish For, was released to non-members! HUZZAH! I played it already, and I LOVE IT. First of all, the soundtrack’s on point, as always, and secondly, it’s got lots of cool mythology stuff! They even mentioned the roc! For those of you lesser-minded fools, a roc is a giant eagle in Arabian mythology. And when I say “giant eagle”, I don’t mean Lord Of The Rings giant, I mean so-freaking-massive-its-wings-literally-block-out-the-sun-and-it-feeds-elephants-to-its-chicks massive. Yeah, it feeds elephants to its babies. It’s that big.

But of course, no island release would be complete without a little something for members. So here’s the admittedly awesome Plundered Armor costume.

Part 2: Every Day Prize Day!

Other thing! For the whole of next week, starting Monday, you’ll get a free Daily Pop-In prize every day! Well, at least until Friday. Basically when you log in to Poptropica, you’ll receive a free promo code. Just enter it and you will receive a prize! It could be a costume, credits, or she stopped looking, I think I’m sleeping. 


Well, I don’t know who said that. I’m…I’ll just…yeah.

Part 3: Happy Costume Day!

This week, we’ve got a flurry of new costumes in the store, and unlike the ones I have in my closet, they DON’T have suspicious appendages emerging from their bleeding eye-sockets.

First off, the Capes n Cowls outfit!



So basically, it’s a superhero themed outfit. There are three outfits to choose from, and I’m gonna name them all! Ok, so the green one is Black Cat, the black one is Masked Marauder and the red one is Firelord!

Wait a second…what do you mean those are all already Marvel superheroes?

Ok, so the next costume is Hat Trick! Which…is a hat. I don’t know. I’m just gonna end this post. I’m tired.

Breaking the Silence

Silence…silence…MORE SILENCE!…AAAAAAAAAAGH. I think it’s pretty clear at this point, NO ONE reads this blog anymore. But I’m still gonna post on it, if nothing else but to give the impression of a crazy old man living alone in a ghost town.

So first of all, the third and last episode of Arabian Nights Island is out! FOR MEMBERS! Please put down your pitchforks and torches. Now pick them up. Now put them down. Now pick them up. Now shake them all about. YOU DO THE HOKEY POKEY AND YOU RIOT AND BURN AND EVERYONE DIES AND THE WORLD IS JUST TERRIBLE.

Next up, CHAT OPTIONS! After 8 years of the same questions, there are finally new chat options in the common rooms It’s amazing, I know.

The Poptropolis Chronicles: Prologue

The temple sat on a grassy hill, its pristine white marble surface glinting in the summer heat. Wild pigs roamed the grounds, sniffing for food. 
Inside the temple, the Oracle of Poptropolis stood over a bubbling cauldron. To her left stood a tall, robed man with sunken cheeks and pale skin, making him look almost like a vampire. A scar stretched from his right temple to his chin.  

“Golden Foot, fetch me the demon’s tongue” the Oracle ordered, without looking up from her cauldron. 

A raspy voice answered, “Yes, Imagi Cat.” The man stood up and shambled off into the next room. 

A young girl with pale skin and brown hair excitedly dashed into the room. “Imagi Cat, the tribes have finally ended the war. They’ve worked out a compromise and-” “Yes, I know, Gentle Spinner” Imagi Cat cut her off. 

Gentle Spinner nodded, grinning. “I expected you to be more excited about this! You’ve wanted peace for so long, and now you’ve finally got it!” 

The Oracle fixed her burning gaze on Gentle Spinner. “Peace?!? You call this peace? The 9 tribes-” “Um…8 tribes, Imagi Cat. There are only 8 tribes.” 

“Oh right. Sorry, I sometimes confuse the past, present and future. The 8 tribes have agreed to segregate themselves from one another-isolating themselves in their own allocated territory! They haven’t made peace my dear girl, they’ve simply agreed to stop killing one another. This is merely the start of another war. Soon they’ll just find another excuse to start killing each other again.” 

The Oracle turned her attention back to her cauldron. “I wanted more than this.” she said, almost wistfully. “And make no mistake, I intend to get what I want. My plan has been set into motion, but it is incomplete. All I need is the last piece of the puzzle. If only…yes…YES!” Imagi Cat turned to Gentle Spinner once again, the disappointment in her eyes now replaced with manic excitement. The same manic excitement that always made Gentle Spinner question Imagi Cat’s true intentions. 

“Fetch me my quill and parchment will you?” she said, clasping her hands together. “I’ve got a prophecy to write.” 

Gentle Spinner opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by a loud scream and what sounded like a room collapsing. The ground shook beneath their feet briefly, almost like an earthquake. 

“WHAT WAS THAT?!?” The Oracle grinned. “Listen carefully dear girl, that is what the future sounds like.” 

The Poptropolis Chronicles!

I’m not sure if this is a problem for anyone else, but ever since I was a kid, my mind would not stop. No matter where I was or what I was doing, it has to continuously pump out new ideas and stories, the more disturbing the better. And recently, I decided to use this disturbing problem to create a story, woven together from a series of plot twists and monsters from the darkest corner of the cesspool I call a mind. And yes, I am aware that my last endeavor at posting a story didn’t turn out very well, but I’ve already written the first few stories, so now I have no choice but to continue, even if I do lose interest. Also, as part of a promise to my friend Imagi Cat, she will be in the story. 

So what’s the story about? Well, it takes place centuries before Poptropolis sank, all the way back when the island was divided into 8 territories, each inhabited by a single tribe. Now eight young heroes have to unite the tribes against a common enemy. EPICNESS ENSUES. 

So yeah, I’m not sure when it’ll be up, but most likely before June ends. UNTIL THEN!

Contest! Camping! Cavalier!

Well, I’ve been depressed lately. And nothing cheers me up more than slaughtering the Roundheads in the (actually not that civil) English Civil War, so I’m gonna do that right after this post. But for now, the Creators have announced the Poptropica Hall of Fame! DRAMATIC MUSICAL SCORE!

Basically all you have to do is complete one out of six listed islands (or all of them) in order to stand a chance to have YOUR Poptropican appear on the Main Street of the island you completed! And by the way, it doesn’t matter if you already have the medallion, just like how it doesn’t matter that the English Civil War is over. And that I don’t live anywhere near England. Or Europe for that matter. Am I forgetting anything? OH YEAH! I’ll be at boot camp (it’s actually summer camp, but it’s summer camp with push-ups, 3 hours of sleep per day and trauma) until Monday, so if this blog doesn’t get updated, you’ll know why. Hmm…yeah, I think I covered everything in the title. Peace out!

It’s Here! 

Yep! Mystery of the Map Island is available for members! Non-members can play the demo, and as a non-member, let me warn you that the soundtrack for this island is absolutely GLORIOUS. Seriously, I had to wear a cage on my head, just to make sure my mindspawn (pictured below) didn’t escape when my BRAIN EXPLODED FROM THE SHEER AWESOMENESS. And even that sounded AWESOME! 

There were some problems I had with it of course, like the fact that the Dodos were aggressive. (Dodo birds were INFAMOUSLY tame. So much that they didn’t run when THE DUTCH CAME. *cue Holland national anthem*) But overall, t’was an awesome fifteen minutes.