Mocktropica Island Guide

Mocktropica Island Guide written by Brave Tomato
Special Thanks to Nameless UnDEFiNed for writing the Bonus Quest Guide

1: Meet the New Executives

Go to Mocktropica Island if you’re not there already. You’ll find yourself in front of Poptropica HQ with odd glitchy music, barking hydrants, an unfinished scenery, and potted plants turning into cupcakes. Um… this does not feel right. Nope. Not at all.

Talk to the woman in green, and she’ll explain that Poptropica is under new management and they fired almost all of the Creators and slashed the budget.

Well… that’s not good. When you ask if you can help, she says that they can’t afford the Random Poptropican who’d tell you everything…without realizing that she just told us what’s wrong with the island! Um… does she have short term memory loss or something?

Okay, after you got the dish, go into Poptropica Headquarters. You’re gonna meet the four new executives.They don’t have names so I’m gonna just give them nicknames. First, there’s Bad Idea Guy.

Talk to him and he’ll introduce himself as the Focus Tester. Meh, I’ll just call him Bad Idea Guy, because he’s gonna be responsible for a lot of bad ideas. He says that it’s his job to make the players happy and give them exactly what they want, bribing them with cake. He says the key is focus testing because getting what one wants = money! To demonstrate, he goes into the focus room and asks what the laughing, too happy kids want. They say pets. He immediately complies without question and gives them cake, and then hands you a slice. Save it for later. No seriously. This cake is infamous.

Next, go up on the elevator to the right, and there’s the Safety Inspector, but I’m gonna call him Hard-Hat Guy.

His job is to keep players safe, but he takes that a LOT too seriously. He doesn’t want anybody exploring wily nily, he doesn’t want anyone jumping off buildings or getting themselves into harm’s way…he’s a real stick in the mud. Just because they don’t wanna get sued. Um… if you’re concerned about the safety of the player character… Poptropica’s been a world domination target for I don’t know how long, so yeah…

On the next floor, there’s the Ad Sales Manager. Or Crazy Ad Lady.

This chick deserves another kick in the shin. She’s responsible for all the pop-up ads because it’ll make easy money! When you talk to her more, she demonstrates with a moving PopUp ad… just click on it several times for it to disappear. 8 cents is totally worth it? Ugh. Also, she says to come and see her for advertising.

On the next and final floor, there’s the only chick with a name: Slash, the Cost-Cutter.

She’s responsible for firing the entire writing staff. And now, she’s relying on a machine to practically make the islands for them. Yeesh, Slash, no wonder you don’t have any friends.

After you talk to all four executives, go back down to the first floor and talk to the blond girl again. She says that the people who are actually making the islands are the development monkeys downstairs. She unlocks the basement and goes to work from home.

2: Totally Not a Fetch Quest

Enter the shoddy basement and you’ll knock some poor guy down the stairs. You better get used to that, because that’s gonna be a thing.

Talk to all four of the overworked, surviving Creators.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE THE CAKE UNTIL I TELL YOU. I’m serious, because there’s this weird “cake is a lie” glitch as if you use the cake in this development monkey basement before you’re supposed to, the game will lock up, forcing you to log back on and find yourself without cake when you actually need it. So please don’t use the cake until I tell you.

When you talk to all four monkeys, the second blond girl will tell you that without the missing co-workers, they can’t get the island out on time at all. They need the old designer, developer and writer back. Still claiming it’s not a fetch quest, she gives you the ids of the missing co-workers and asks you to find them.

Now, before you go, click on the black monitor that just turned on. An alert saying that the rendering for Main Street timed out, so click “Resume” and the island will be mostly designed and you can explore the rest of it. Also, make sure to save and quit.

Then go to the left and click on the second monitor. Click on where it says “Island Maker Home Edition” and set the Cheese Factory’s Mood to “Happy”. Don’t forget to save!

Go back upstairs. Now, it’s time to find the designer-

-WAIT! But first, Bad Idea Guy has a new bad idea: Achievements! …wow… that’s utterly pointless…

Also, if a pop-up ad randomly shows up, just click on it to get rid of it. They’ll show up time to time.

3: Narflie and the Cheese Curd Factory

Go to the left and talk to the kid with the Poptropica hat. He introduces his new pet, the Narf. He then goes to the cheese curd factory to feed his new pet. Also go to the right, passing by the University for now and go to the factory. The boy who praised his pet before now lament that’s it’s multiplying and all it does is eat. He’ll run for the hills.

Go into the Cheese Curd Factory. (If the guard doesn’t let you in, you probably didn’t set his mood to happy. See the previous part.). You’ll see cheesy goodness all around. Go up to the second floor (the opening is where the caution tape is. Talk to Lance Pitcher, the guy working there and the ex designer. He loves his new job and wouldn’t budge unless something happens to his beloved job. As you go to leave, he’ll give you a box of the curds.

Yay… thanks for the cheese curds, dude.

Exit the factory and go back to Main Street. The poor kid from before is having trouble with his Narf pets that they’re multiplying (By the way, I think the Narfs are parodies of the Puffles from Club Penguin). Equip the cheese curds and throw them anywhere. The little orange things will hop over and eat the curd and multiply more. The fanboy laments more and runs to Mt. Funshine.

Follow him and you’ll find yourself at the chasm, with the Hard Hat Guy guarding the chasm making sure no person falls in. Throw a cheese curd into the chasm and all the Narfs will run after it, filling up the chasm, allowing you to cross.

Cross over the NarfBridge and climb up the mountain. Don’t worry about the falling boulders, they’re actually harmless. When you climb up as far as you can go at the moment, you’ll meet a mountain climber. He complains about the mountain not being finished and then leaves, leaving behind his climbing pickaxe. Hm.. this could do a lot of damage… let’s see how the cheese curd guy feels about losing his precious job… mahaha…

Go down the mountain and head over to the cheese factory. Haha… time to teach the cheese curd guy a lesson-

BUT WAIT! You are pulled over by the Bad Idea Guy, who has yet another bad idea: PopCoins! That you have to pay for certain things- including leaving Main Street.

Go into PopHQ and to the development basement. Click on the monitor to the farthest left and set the time of day to night. Don’t forget to save! Go outside and you’ll see a guy dressed in a dark outfit lingering around like a creeper.

(Now I see where the idea of that mysterious man from Counterfiet Island came from.)

He’s offering counterfiet PopCoins to use as currency. He’ll give a lot to you. Great, now you can leave Main Street! First, attempt to leave by going right to go to the cheese curd factory. After a brief argument with the Bad Idea Guy, give him the counterfiet coin and he’ll let you go.

Go to the Cheese Curd Factory. Go on the second floor next to the control panel and use the climbing axe to destroy the thing and transform the factory into a vat of cheesy goodness. Distraught, Lance agrees to return to his job.

4: Being One with Nature

The designer is back at work… but things aren’t good for long. The inventory bag actually falls from its place and explodes! o.O

Okay. It’s time to find the programmer Billy Jordan, I guess. Before you go, go over to the left computer and set the weather to clear (because Lance made it rain to fit with his “dark soul”). Don’t forget to save!

Now, let’s go and try to find this programmer guy. Go over to Mount Funshine and climb until you can’t climb anymore… only to find there’s a ski lift the whole time. (Note: At this point, the game can glitch and the people fall down the mountain and can’t get back up…)

If you could shrug off that glitch after a few tries, go up to the jardine tree and talk to the long-beard disgusting guy. He’ll challenge you to Mancala. I can’t be much help here… good luck! (PS the bugs don’t count at all.)

Once you defeat him in Mancala, he’ll reluctantly agree to return to work.

5: Writer’s Blocked

All we need to find is the writer. The inventory is back and running (yay!) The writer is in the university. Go inside and you’ll see him trying to teach a reluctant-to-learn English Class. Talk to him and he’ll show you the poem… while an ad is bouncing around. Click on that ad multiple time and you end up accidentally burning his copy.


Well, he says that he would return if you get him some soda. Go back to Main Street so we can start looking for some Soda Pop-

BUT WAIT! Bad Idea Guy has a new bad idea:

Okay, this one won’t hurt you as much… because the collectable is actually a bottle of Soda Pop, that’s on top of the HQ building. Go into the HQ building and click on the black monitor. Rearrange the sequence to look like this:

Oh, and don’t forget to save!

Go outside and jump on the buildings up to the roof of the HQ. Get your Soda Pop! Before you procceed to jump off the building in the Olde Poptropica way, the Hard Hat Guy throws an obnoxious helmet on your head. This’ll be useful later actually. Go over to the right and you’ll see the Bad Idea Guy with the big crate o’bottles. He laments that he can’t open it. So go down into the development basement and go onto the black monitor again. Click on the crate to destroy it. Don’t forget to save!

Exit the HQ and go to the university and give the soda pop to the teacher. He then proceeds to say that it is not enough to get him back. He doesn’t want to see another script that he’d OCD over typos… hint hint.

Go back to HQ and down to the basement again. You’ll see that Slash had decided to save money on chairs by making people sit on each others laps. Awkward. Now go over to the luggage moving and  then move it out of the way to find a sleeping guy. In front of the trash can. Talk to him, then use the cake (AFTER HE DOES HIS DIALOGUE) and he’ll move away from the trash bin. Time for some dumpster diving again. Move the assorted rip-offs, laughs and awkward redos/puns of well known characters  (Mr. Beaver (Dr. Hare)?! Spruce (Zeus)?! Binary Investment Banker (Binary Bard)?! Salami (Commander Salerno)?! El Mustachico with a small mustache? What the?) aside until you see Zomberry Island’s scripts.

This is what happens when we repeat the same things over and over again. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so insistant about Battle Arena if it weren’t a major plot hole .-.

Go on and head back to the university to give him the script, which he’d fuss about the grammatical errors and agree to go back. Exit the university-


WAIT! Crazy Ad Lady is showcasing her most annoying ad ever which you can’t remove! And she reminds you that she’ll take PopCoins to run optional ads. Go to PopHQ and go up to the third floor and use the PopCoins again…. and you’ll say that you want no ads. She deletes the ads for you in dismay.

Go back down to the first floor and Slash will tell you that she cut almost all the servers. You say that it would make the game really slow and she claims you won’t know the difference. Go into any door and you’ll see that the loading screen turns blue and it loads forever. In a moment of awesome fourth wall breaking, your Poptropican groans about the long loading time.

Wear the obnoxious helmet and break the Poptropica logo with it, Super Mario style! Once you do that, you’ll end up in the server. Here’s the map you can use for reference when you redirect the beams:

Once you do that, the server will be fixed and you’ll find yourself back at the island.

7: Coin Toss Final Boss

You’ll talk to the lady in green again, thinking that you’ve saved Poptropica. But… the blond lady knows her stuff, since she notes that we still need to experience the Poptropica-style villainous twist.

As if on cue, all four of the meddling managers reveal themselves to be workers for Poptropica’s rival website, Mega Fighting Bots!

And they plan to destroy you for fixing all of their hard work! So they summon their fitting Mega Fighting Bot and form together Power-Rangers style into one giant robot in Poptropica’s coolest cutscene yet.

And so the gratuitous action sequence begins!

To defeat this mega-bot, keep on shooting your fake PopCoins at it. Move out of the way when it throws rocks and its fists at you! It’s an easy boss fight, but one indeed. Once the robot is ka-put, throw the coins at the achievements to end their meddling once and for all!

Defeated, the four managers lament and then retreat into their airplane back to their game! Thanks to you, Poptropica is back in the right hands and you are rewarded the island medallion! Congratulations, you completed Mocktropica Island!

Bonus Quest (by Nameless UnDEFiNed)

After you beat Mocktropica Island, it’s time for the Bonus Quest. If you need help, keep on reading.     Go into HQ, and enter the basement.  Talk to Billy, then into Auto Mode you go. You’ll be told there’s a rogue programmer to chase. Click on the computer you were using as an Island Editor.


Now talk to Bucket Bot, click on the giant computer screen to the right, and follow Bucket Bot into the Arena.

You’ll start with 99.999 Mega Coins, and then you click to start. All you have to do is beat the MFB. Strangely enough, it’s a LOT easier now, than it was before… Just try not to let your energy run out COMPLETELY. CAUTION: Game may freeze at flashing lights. End of Round 1, Match 2. If this happens, you have to log in again.

NOTE: When you play in the final round, you can still win even if you lose the first round. If you win the first, but lose the second, you go to a “Final Round” and if you win that, you still win ;)  If you lose the first, but win the second, and then win the “Final Round” you’ll win!

After you beat Colonel Hertz, you will go into Automatic, and once you return to Poptropica, some more Automatic ;):P  Now, get your Bucket Bot costume! You beat the Bonus Quest!


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