Monster Carnival Island Guide

Monster Carnival Island Guide written by Brave Tomato
Special Thanks to Nameless UnDEFiNed for Bonus Quest Guide

Hey guys, here’s the Monster Carnival Walkthrough! Hope it helps! 😉

1: Introduction to the Apothecary

Go to Monster Carnival if you’re not there already. Welcome to the 1950’s everyone! Talk to the woman in the yellow outfit and she’ll cheer that the carnival is back, promptly showing you a newspaper. Go to the left and enter the apothecary shop and you’ll meet Dr. Dan.

Go up to the Biochemistry lab and grab the Sodium Hydroxide and the Hydrochloric Acid, the two bottles to the left of the machine. Click on the machine to start the bonding process, using the pump to guide the ions to each other.

And… sodium chloride is merely just table salt. Give it to the doctor and he’ll say that he could charge more if he call it sodium chloride.

Oh well. Exit the apothecary place and go to the right and you’ll run into a kid named Edgar (Ah! I see what you did there!) . He is a carnie apprentice and needs help with the carnival preparations. He’ll run off to the right, so let’s follow him!

2: Preparations for a Carnival

So far, the carnival seems normal. First, go over to the guy in front of the duck fishing and he’ll say that he needs a hose to fill up his pool with. Also, talk to the fried dough woman and she’ll say that she needs you to make sugar for her fried dough, because Edgar loves her fried dough too much (that’ll actually be an important point later). And she’s picky about the source too- she wants you to actually make the compound. Okay, let’s see where else help is needed. Go over to the right and to the Carnival Rides.

The ferris wheel is spinning out of control and the slick guy running it needs a lever to stop it.

Go all the way to the right and into the woods. And you’l find a letter right where a broken down ride is. Now, head back and give the lever to the ferris wheel guy.  He’ll be able to stop the ferris wheel now! Okay, now you can head back to town to get the two other things: the hose and the sugar. We can deal with the sugar first.

Go into the Apothecary place again and grab the blue and purple bottles to put into the machine. Put the ions together and eventually you’ll get sweet ol’ fresh-made sugar.

Now for the hose. Go into the auto repair shop and she’ll ask if your car needs repairing. Now say “Radiator Hose”, for that’s the only hose on the list that’s actually a car part. She’ll let you take the hose.

Now go back to the carnival games and give the hose to the duck guy and the sugar to the fried dough girl. The fried dough will thank you by giving you some fried dough of your own! Edgar will thank you for your help with the preparations and now the carnival can be opened!

Let the fun begin! What could possibly go wrong?

3: Cheating the Cheating Carnies

The first thing you’ll notice about the carnival at dusk is that something’s a little… off. The music is in a minor key, and even some of the décor looks a little… off. Ah well, it might just be a trick of the eyes. Let’s play some games, shall we?

First, let’s check out the darts! Talk to the boy with the blue shirt and he’ll complain that he can’t pop the balloons. Upon saying that, he hands you a dart. You’ll notice that the dart just simply has a worn out tip. Go up to the Guess your Weight game next to the Mirror Maze and play. The guy will guess your weight right. And you’d want a way to deceive him so you can get a prize!

Go over back to town and into the Apothecary place. Talk with Dr. Dan and he says that he has something that could help with the weight problem. After that, click on the yellow box and you’ll find a small but dense element.

Now, you can go to the auto repair shop. And see that small contraption to the left of the door? You can use it to sharpen your dart! While you’re there, you can try to get motor oil but the auto lady says that fry oil is a cheaper substitute yet serves the same purpose. This’ll be important later.

Go back to the carnival games and use your sharpened dart to finally pop a balloon! Instead of a teddy bear, he’ll give you a souvenir cup. Oh well, this will be helpful actually.

Now go up to the weight guessing game. Since the osmium is in your inventory, he’ll guess your weight lighter than it “actually is”. And he’ll award you with a bouncy ball. Yeah… “a prize belong belief indeed”.

If you want, you can visit Ringmaster Raven pre-show, but he’ll say that the show is at midnight.

4: Ride Along

Go over to the Carnival Rides area and go over to the Test Your Strength. Use the bouncy ball there and you’ll be able to win the game! The stronglady will reward you with her hammer.

Now go over to the left and you’ll see that the ferris wheel is now stuck and two passengers are stuck. Now, go over to the carnival games area and use the souvenir cup next to the fried dough lady. She’ll be confused why you want the fry oil, but she goes along with it and gives you the fry oil anyway.

Go back to the ferris wheel and use the fry oil cup on the gears. The ride can finish and the two lovebirds can get off at last. Now, they’re heading to the Tunnel of Love. Follow them and you’ll see the guy who runs the ride lamenting, because that duo is being all lovey-dovey on the ride, and that’s not allowed.

He’ll give you a flashlight. Now you can go to the haunted lab.

Go into the lab and go all the way through until you see a fly costume. Click on it and you’ll get its mask. Now, you can go over to the ride and scare the lovebirds! The boyfriend says they were just talking! Yeah, sure guys.

However, once you get out of the woods, the townspeople will start muttering how the carnies went off into the woods. Well, let’s go there.

5: The Carnies’ Secret

The first thing that hits your ears is suspiciously creepy music that kinda sounds Danny Elfman-ish at parts. Go deep into the woods. Follow where there are objects dropped, like so:

After a few times of doing this, you’ll run into something that you’re not supposed to see. A cloaked figure stands upon a rock will all the other carnies (except for Edgar) under a strange hypnotic state.

And so, EVERYONE TURNS INTO MONSTERS. Okay, now’s a good time to run! Let’s get out of here before we get noticed! O_O

To the carnival we go…

6: The Carnival of Madness

Well… everything is different now. Everything is more than off- it has gone mad!! Insano! Carnival for a Psycho!

Edgar will meet you there and says that Ringmaster Raven could help with this. He’ll run off and you’ll follow him.

Use the radioactive bucket on the haunted lab attraction to get past the monster stronglady. And jump over the green monster by the butter sculptures. Keep on going ‘til you reach Ringmaster Raven’s tent.

Raven himself is startled by the sudden turn of events and he’ll say that the reversing formula is in the pocket of the monster who runs the ferris wheel.

Now go to the ferris wheel and you’ll see it spinning WAY out of control. And now, to stop it, we need to use the hammer. The monster will fall off and then you’ll find the ticket with “GORY” written on it. YIKES. Edgar explains that the ducks are painted with special paint that can only be seen under a black light, and the black lightbulbs are in the haunted lab! Where else?

Go to the right and into the haunted lab. Go up until you reach a shelf… and be careful of the dummy Tunnel of Love monster that tries to go after you during this he’s scared of your flashlight though…okay, I think that part is the scariest part of the island! O.O

Now that you have your black light, you can use it on your flashlight… and it’ll be a black light flashlight.  

Go over to the duck game and grab the ducks in this order: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow. Then you’ll get the formula.

Now, if you want, you can actually talk to the brain guy at the weight guessing game and he gives this cryptic message:


Now it’s time to head back to Main Street and take a breather from the scariness of the carnival. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing scary about Main Street since we’re outside the carnival-


Anyways, you’ll see that the Apothe“scary” has closed down and you need another way in. At least the auto repair shop is open. Go into the auto repair shop and go up the car lifts until you reach the vents. Now it’s time for more vent travelling! Go through the vents and you’ll be in the apothecary place… however the vents are blocked by newspapers. Click on the papers, and as you’ll go through them, you’ll find they’re actually a backstory… this is odd.

In the apothecary place, click on the only three bottles left and play that ion bonding game again…. and you’ll get the Sodium Thiopental. Great job guys, now let’s go back to Raven, who’ll use it to cure everybody….


Go back into the Ringmaster’s tent at the carnival.

7: The Bird Boy’s Revenge

You got the compound, YAY!

You’ll go in, but you’ll realize something’s off right away. Edgar has the weird hypnotic eyes and calls Raven his “master”. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a cage containing the poor carnival attendees. At this revelation, Raven knocks you out and straps you into a chair.

Upon taking off his mask, he is revealed to actually be a birdman, the bird boy in the newspapers from earlier! Because he was mistreated by the townsfolk, framed and bullied at his time in the town, he had finally come back to execute his wrath and become the bad guy the townspeople thought he was… so he plans to hypnotize everyone to become his slave!

Well… this ain’t good!

He leaves you strapped in the chair with a hypnotizing gun staring straight at your face. Edgar, under the hypnosis, is still there as he activates the ray. Quick, before you become another one of Raven’s slaves, use the fried dough to allow him to snap out of it! He’ll quickly turn off the ray and he’ll thank you. However, Raven is still in the tent, taunting you to come and get him. Well, your Poptropican will automatically chase after him into the hall of mirrors… here we go!

8: The Raven Shall Be Villainous, Nevermore!

You’ll be in the hall of mirrors, and Raven will run into a mirror. Keep close attention to the cutscene and watch where he’s going. The last mirror he was in is the mirror he will be in. Equip the hammer and use it to smash that mirror. He’ll say some threat such as “Your soul belongs to me!” or “The town will pay for what it did to me!” or “You’ll never catch me!” and run off to another set of mirrors.

You’ll have to repeat this process a couple of times. Eventually, when you reach enough times, he’ll threaten to try to hypnotize you again. Instead, you go into a mirror and… somehow… hypnotize him. Okay. And you make him promise to be good, and to make sure that way, you make him a chicken.

Morning comes and the carnival is packing up. Everyone thanks you for saving the day and Edgar is prominently featuring the Chicken-hypnotized Ringmaster Raven as a new attraction! And as a reward for your bravery, he’ll give you the medallion!

Congrats, you have defeated Monster Carnival!



The Carnival Caravan will drive off, and the Mechanic runs up, looking for Dr. Dan (The Pharmacist). Run to the right, and talk to Dr. Dan… Or at least attempt to. Then, go to the right again. Climb up the formerly broken ride, and talk to him again. Get the recipe for the cure, and run past him to the right. Click on those mushrooms on the ground below the ride. Climb back up the ride, and head back to Main Street on the left. Go into Honest Gabe’s Repair Shop, and get the Pickle Juice on the shelf above the grinder.

Now leave the Auto Shop and go into the Apothecary. Get the Soda Pop, and then go back to the Chemistry Set. You need to make the Formula, so do the same thing you’ve been doing. Make the little pieces on the right, by blowing them all around, then go back to where you found Dr. Dan before.

Give him the Formula, and then the Townspeople will come. They see the mistakes they made before, with the poor Bird Boy, and accept Dr. Dan. Congratulations! (Try using the formula to be a Monster for a minute!)

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