Poptropica Story Contest ’12

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Poptropica Story Contest ’12

Are you a writer? Do you believe you have a story with a potential plot? Do you love Poptropica? Now’s your time to shine! Enter the Poptropica Story Contest ’12.

There are millions of fantastic writers out there that go unnoticed… and we want to change that. That’s why, between now and September 20th at 11:59 P.M EST, you can submit your very own Poptropica plot idea in the comments below.

The official rules are: 1) there will be no inappropriate content in the stories submitted. Poptropica is a website targeted for children ages 6-15, so the story needs to be targeted at an audience of that age range also. 2) Only one entry per person.

Entries will all be read and judged equally. Each entry must be in the following format.

Name (first real name or Poptropica name)

Story Type (One-shot story or mini series, to be no more than 6 episodes)

Story Title

Story Plot (2,000 characters or less, explaining the main plot as well as you can. Do not write something like “There’s this kid who explores islands.” or it will not be considered. Be sure to be original!)

Winners will be contacted by September 30th by email. When you submit a comment, please be sure to include your real email (which will not be publicized), or we will have no way to reach you and see if you agree with the publication. If selected as winner, you will have the chance to have your story or mini-series on Super Thunder’s Blog permanently.

Prizes: 1st place winner will receive a permanent page dedicated to their story and a featured post for one week on the home page of Super Thunder’s Blog. Two runner-ups will receive a featured post, containing their stories. If a mini-series is selected, then every week, one episode of the winning series will be posted, to be no more than 6 episodes.

Note: this contest is not run by Pearson or any of the owners of Poptropica. It is run by Super Thunder’s Blog. We do not own Poptropica or Pearson.

128 thoughts on “Poptropica Story Contest ’12

  1. Brave Eye
    Mini Series
    A Day in the Life of Me- Carlos and Carly
    A girl and a boy, brothers and sisters study in the best school but the worst to them.. This story is about how one single school can change their lives.

    • how does it seriously change their lives, by the way do you know how he got the monster carnival wallpaper or what? Hey and here is my story , This little boy runs away from his mom and runs into dr. hare and the boy runs because he is scared but, dr. hare grabs him and puts him into jail but the boy makes a pick and escapes and covers the hole with a wallpaper he goes out of 24 carrot island (by the way that’s where he lived.) He went to monster carnival and if you think “hey this guy is crazy I’m in 2014 ok so the island is totally out now let’s continue Edgar the carnie apprentice brings him to ringmaster raven who hypnotizes him to be a monster pet he gets so scared Edgar helps him out he turns good and the boy went to time tangled island and got time tangled by the time all that was cleared up 3 years had passed his mom was worried. he went to virus hunter and if you have played the island good for you his files got mistaken with Joe’s files he got hunted down and for some reason they knew he had run away . They let him go. he went to early poptropica met himself as a baby and met his mom and she knew it was him she partied and partied (and partied) all night guess who that poptropican was ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. CAPTAIN CRAWFISH. THE END

  2. Undefined Undefined

    Mini Series

    I can’t really think of a title, but a possible idea is Lazy Paw’s move across the map
    It would be about an 18-year old boy who lives on Lunar Colony, moving to 24 carrot.
    It is where his friend, Bashful Plug, lives.
    He goes exploring and finds the Hypnotic costume, then puts it on.
    Everyone is under his control!
    Dr. Hare thinks he wants to join forces with him, and takes him to an unnamed island that is to be named Super Villain island.
    He has an idea: TAKE THE COSTUME OFF!
    Then he figures out that C.C. has super glued it to him…..

  3. Story
    Villainous Thoughts:
    Sly Ghost had a predicament. He was just an ordinary Poptropican, living on Twenty-Four Carrot Island. After Sporty Rock rid the island of Dr. Hare’s evil, it became peaceful and calm. But everything wasn’t okay. For Dr. Hare was still among them, secretly plotting to rule Twenty Four Carrot Island for good.
    Dr. Hare had a different, more elaborate scheme this time. But he needed help. Since he had lost his henchmen, Dr. Hare was forced to personally recruit some helpers.
    Sly Ghost was the son of Dr. Hare’s greatest sidekick. He thought, Like father like son. He would have settled for the originals, but they were all gone.
    He visited Sly Ghost in the dark of the night. The night howled with a storm. Thunder rumbled. Lightning struck. evil lurked in the air. Sly Ghost stirred form his troubled dreams. A clap of thunder made him shoot up in bed. When his heart stopped beating abnormally, he lay back in bed. Lightning illuminated the room. In a second, Dr. Hare stood before him, materializing instantaneously. Sly Ghost lost his scream somewhere in his throat. He stared at Dr. Hare in wide- eyed horror.
    Dr. Hare held up his hands, showing he meant no harm. He put his finger to his lip, telling Sly Ghost to be silent. He approached with steps as soft as velvet. He brings up a chair, sits down, and begins to tell Sly Ghost why he needed him. Sly Ghost’s panic slowly leaves, replaced by confusion. Everyone said that Dr. Hare was a madman, but he seemed perfectly sane to Sly Ghost, cool even. When Dr. Hare finished. Sly Ghost had no answer. He told Dr. Hare he would sleep on it.
    Sly ghost did not sleep though. He spent the remainder of the night tossing and turning, trying to figure out what to do. Should he choose good or evil? Sly Ghost did not know. All he knew was that he had to have an answer by the morning or something bad would happen.
    What will Sly Ghost do?

    • Dear Super Thunder and Co.,
      I posted this story a few weeks ago. I spent some time on it, and submitted it, full of hope. Now, though, I know I am not going to win. There are more gifted writers out there, prodigies I can’t even begin to compete with. Almost anyone can be an overly optimistic 12 year old. But I at least wanted to thank you guys for having a contest in the first place. It’s nice to have something to humor myself with. I have dreams I can’t help hoping will come true, and writing is one of them. i know I’ll never be as good as Jane Austen or Judy Blume. I’ll never have a movie based on my best selling novel like Suzanne Collins of J.K. Rowlings. But I still believe, still hope.
      Anyway. thank you guys so much for having a contest. It really means a lot to me.

      Sporty Rock

  4. Speedy Whale
    Mini Series: Six minutes (For the first Book it says 6 min. For the second book it will say five min. And so on.)
    The main charctors name is Isabella and she lives on Shark Tooth Island and is tired of living there. She used to live on Time Tangle Island and her parents were working on some kind of Time machine but her mom was lost in time.
    So she runs away from her dad to Time Tangle Island. She runs into a boy and girl at The Party Time Tower and their names are Flame and Clary. Isabella doesn’t tell them about her but they seem to trust her. Sometime later that day a Time Machine was stolen and ended up on Clary and Flame’s doorstep. Isabella finds it before them. There was a note tapped onto the Time Machine. It said: Somethings happened and the world is all wrong you have sixty seconds per mystery! Please help! The fate of poptropica is in your hands . . . .

  5. Caitriona
    One-shot story
    A girl named Sandra is living an average life, or atleast that’s what she thinks. One day while walking to school a sudden lightning bolt strikes her, then she blacked out. When she wakes up, she finds herself in an unusual place, and finds out she has new lightning powers. Then her life completely changes…

    • Oops I forgot my email :P. I don’t wanna tell anyone it… Can you edit a comment to see it?

      Super Thunder: Of course! In fact, don’t put your emails in the comments so you don’t get spammed. We can see the emails just by looking at the comments list.

  6. (This is for Cuddly Coyote since she can’t comment on here)
    Cuddly Coyote
    Mini Series

    Two talented Poptropica singers compete in a singing contest. And they come out on top (which is good… maybe). But the prize is more than fame and money. Soon, the gang find themselves on what might be a wild goose chase, or what may change their lives forever.

  7. Name:Ynna/Mighty Drummer
    Story Type:Mini-series
    Story Title:A Poptropican Adventure
    Story Plot:Before young Poptropicans start their adventures,they must first go to The Poptropican Academy of Life and And Social Studies where they can learn the lives and beliefs of Poptropicans on different islands.After studying those for nearly a year,they enter the training academy.Young Poptropicans train there and given Blimp Driver’s License and new names for them to use in their adventures.Lisa Abersmith finds it hard to accomplish the Year Leader Medallion her parents were looking forward to it given to her.She has to beat the girl bully in her training academy that envies of her beauty and intelligence that wreaks havoc in her life,even if it means destroying hers.After Poptropicans get their new names,they are assigned in five different islands.In Lisa’s relief,she was assigned in two easy ones and one hard island.She finds out that the bully was assigned in the same island too and makes it harder for her to finish the island.Will Lisa accomplish her dreams and become a Master Poptropican?Or will her destiny be the same as her parents?

    • EDIT:Young Poptropican are assigned in four islands,not five,c’oz that would be too long.In their adventure,they have to collect group members on their way finishing islands.Lisa is assigned in two easy islands and two hard ones.So I gotta remove the “relief” part from the story and if two or more Poptropicans are assigned in the same island,they have to help each other in order to get the medallion(if two or more poptropicans helped each other,they would be given individual medallions plus medals for bravery,wit,etc…

      P.S.I can’t post my episodes this Monday-Thursday c’oz I got school so I’ll post it on Friday to Sunday(that would mean two episodes a day).

  8. Clean Sword
    One story
    By Friendly Paw
    Clean Sword was just a normal girl. Until one day. Read on!

    Clean Sword woke up, and jumped out of her bed. Clean Sword was born in a poor family, but that was normal there, in 24 Carrot island. Her house was very beaten up, mirrors broken, wardrobe doors hanging by one hinge. She got ready for her daily hunting trip, and climbed down the hanging light to wake her dad. He wasn’t there, so she went outside to their farm, and found him. He was farming, and her sister was working on the house. She left to go hunt, and after a while, went into town. She slid into the opening to The Underground, her secret hideout. The Underground was under the gas station, and only she and her sister knew about it, and used it. There was another opening, through the old factory, but she liked this one. It was very secretive, this opening of hers. She saw the meanest, richest girl on the block as she slid in. She climbed down the rope, and jumped onto a platform. Just then, her sister slid in, and Clean Sword moved out of the way.
    “C’mon, lil’ sis. Dad has to tell us something.”
    “Okay, I’m coming.”
    Clean Sword climbed up the rope with her sister. They walked past the Gas Station, Charlie’s hardware store, the theater, and Carrot King Diner. They finally got to their house, and sat on the porch.
    “Alrighty, kids. Ya’ll remember your mother?”
    “Yes, but she lives in Astro Knights now.” Clean Sword answered her dad.
    “Yep, she does. Now we’ll live there now, so get packed for the blimp now.”
    “WHAT?” Clean Sword and Shy Sky said in unison. Shy Sky’s last name was her mother’s, Nice Sky.
    “Look, I’m sorry kids. But she insisted.”
    “FINE! We’ll get packed.” And they all went inside and packed their things, got on the blimp, and set off for Astro Knights.
    “Now, your mother’s workin’ at the castle as a maid, she makes lots o’ money.”
    “We’ll soon get her as second in command, she does such a good job.”
    “C’mon Sky, Sword, we live at the castle! Be happy.”
    “A storm! Look at the sky, dad!”
    “Uh-oh! We’ll have to take the scenic route.”
    Farmer Sword turned the blimp sharply, making him fall.
    “DAD! NO!”
    The blimp fell to Skullduggery Island, crashed on the Fort Ridley sign, and got a huge hole right in the middle, and part of the basket broke.
    “Oh no! The blimp!” Said Clean Sword, while crying with her sister.
    “Uh-oh.” Replied Shy Sky. They found a spinning wheel and fabric, and made clothes to look like a local.
    “It’s okay! We can survive! Look! A raft! We can take it to a different Skullduggery island! C’mon! Let’s go!” Clean Sword said, feeling confident.
    “We can’t just steal a raft.”
    “But, it’s right there in the open, nobody has it! So it’s not really stealing.”
    “Yes, it is.”
    “No, it isn’t!”
    “FINE. I’ll go with you. But first, we have to make a little money, so we can see if the owners will let us buy it.”
    “UGH! Okay.” Clean Sword said, agreeing with her sister’s compromise.
    “Obviously, guns are better than bows and arrows here. So let’s get one with the money we have right now.” Shy Sky said, using her smarts.
    “We’ll just go to that store over there, Stinky Tim’s General Store.”
    “Okay.” Shy Sky said.
    They casually walked in, but they heard a large gasp.
    “Are you two…GIRL PIRATES?
    “Um…no. Why?”
    “Why does he hate girl pirates so much?”
    “You don’t have any guns?”
    “No. Just grain. Have a nice day!”
    “Okaaay.” The girls left Stinky Tim’s.
    “Clean Sword, listen to me.” Shy Sky said.
    “We both have to get to Astro Knights, right?”
    “Well, we have to get there right now.”
    “Mama just sent me a text. She’s about to be thrown in a pit of snakes!”
    “The princess, king, and queen believe she kidnapped the prince!”
    “OH NO!”
    “Look over there! There’s wood and blimp repair goo!”
    “C’MON!” And the girls got to work on their blimp, and in only a minute, they were done.
    “FLY!” Shy Sky demanded.
    “OKAY!” And they flew to Astro Knights.
    “Mom!” They rushed over to their mother, and pulled her out of the way, and behind her was…
    “DAD! You’re alive! But how?”
    “As I was falling, another blimp spotted me and threw out a rope, and I hung on as tight as I could, then pulled myself up, and they took me here!”
    “I love you, dad.” Both girls said in unison.
    “I love you, too.”
    “And girls, sorry to make you leave. Let them throw me into the pit, and you move back to 24 Carrot.” Their mom offered.
    “NO! YOU CAN’T DIE! WE ALREADY THOUGHT ONE OF OUR PARENTS WAS GONE!” Said Clean Sword, with frustration.
    “Mm-mm! I can see how powerful your family’s love is. We will not throw you in the pit, but you cannot live here.”
    “Where will we live?” Said their mom.
    “24 CARROT!” Shy Sky, Clean Sword, and Farmer Sword all said in unison.
    The End

    • Plot: Clean Sword was just a normal girl who lived on 24 Carrot Island with her dad and sister, Shy Sky. Her mother works at the castle, in Astro Knights Island. She soon is told that they are moving in with their mother. On the way there, due to a storm, Farmer Sword falls out of the blimp, leaving the girls on their own. The blimp takes an unexpected crash to Skullduggery. The girls soon hear their mother is about to be thrown into a snake pit! They quickly repair their blimp, and save their mother with love. They find their dad never died, but he was saved. They happily move to 24 Carrot, and live happily ever after.

    • It’s kinda…incomplete.You should’ve made it into individual episodes and gave more details and divided it into parts,especially the convincing of freedom part.Even though it is incomplete,I like the plot of the story

  9. This is a special episode of my story featuring Bony Bones (posted on the Reader’s Stories page) that I’m entering in the Poptropica Story Contest ’12.

    Story: The Ultimate Villain

    Characters: Bony Bones (male), Golden Star (female), Fat Panda (male), Mitzi (female dog), The Ultimate Villain

    Ah. Time Tangled Island. The natural beauty of it is astounding. The trees, the sand, the grass, well, forget about it. It’s a tiny island full of buildings, sand, trees, grass, and one crazy scientist who unleashed the power of his time machine on the world accidentally-twice. But it’s home. With all time-space-continuim problems fixed, it was perfectly pecaful like pizza pie. Practically, at least. After months of non-stop adventure, it was time for a break. Golden Star was out searching for her lost family members, who had been lost in a shipwreck. She was somewhere around 24 Carrot. But my dog Mitzi and I had no such concerns. We were ready to chill out for months on end. To make sure she exercised, I took my dog for a walk along Time Tangled Highway. After less than a couple hundred feet, the other side of the highway veered off into the trees. “That’s odd,” I said. “Shouldn’t this highway keep going to the beach?” Then the 3rd lane disappeared, followed quickly by the second. What was supposed to be a giant highway was now a one-way, one-lane road with scarcely any cars. But it only get weirder from there. The road turned from cement, to gravel, to dirt, to mud. A few cars drove past me, and then I saw no other people. I decided to turn around and ask for directions, but no matter how far back Mitzi and I walked, the road stayed small and muddy, and no one was to be seen. Eventually I gave up and decided to keep going forward. The already narrow road narrowed more and more until it was little more than a steep, rocky path climbing a hill. The path was covered with grass and weeds, and soon I had trouble distinguishing it from the rest of the landscape. I ducked under a bramble thicket, to find myself in a clearing surrounded by trees, no brambles or path in sight. Mitzi was missing.

  10. Okay….so she went to….and she……then they….UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……..Do they have to be adventure stories,cuz I got a good one.It’s like an interview show.:D Okay…Here’s the characters:
    ME(Strange Clown,SC)
    Crazy Sky(CS,another acount.I’m putting that one as SC’s sister.AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE A SISTER!:D)
    Brave Peanut(BP,another account,put as friend.)
    Skinny Sky(SS,another account,put as friend.)
    MWAH HA HA,NO BOYS!!!I don’t like them.(No offense.THEY JUST MAKE NO SENSE!)
    They interview stuff.Duh.Thats why it’s called an INTERVIEW SHOW.
    And uhh…..thats all I got.

  11. EPISODE 1
    ?:Is the camera on?
    ?2:Yes,it’s on.
    ?:There’s no red light.
    ?2:Don’t be Cat.Start the dang show!
    ?:Okay.cranky pants.
    SC:HELLO PEOPLE-you sure its on,CS?
    SC:Okay.This isssssss….uh…our interview show.CS!It was your job to make the name.
    CS:Since when?
    SC:Since I told you “CS,I need you to come up with the name of our show”.
    CS:Well,5 pages of homework really makes you forgetful.
    SC:We were supposed to do 3.
    CS:I know.
    ?:*On walkie talkie*Get on with it!Me and SS are bored outta our minds!
    SS:*in backround of wt*You’re just upset I beat you at Mario cart 7!
    SC:SHUT UP!On this episode,BP and me will interview that giant and that pixel-y guy on Early Poptropica.
    BP:So,what do you do around here?
    SC:You look weird.Like Mario.
    Pixel guy:You look weird.
    SC:Heh heh HEEEEEH.Ooh,bacon.No eggs?THATS MESSED UP.

  12. The Impossible Island

    Everyone makes mistakes. Even the Poptropica Creators…
    Silver Sky and her little sister Tiny Sky are travelling in the family blimp after fixing all of time in Time Tangled Island. But a strange accident including a faulty Time Travel Device and a malfunctioning parachute leads them to be stuck on an Impossible Island – a land full of weird and wonderful poptropicans and people. Castaway islands, lost buildings, half-formed ideas, mistakes. A recipe for disaster. And sure enough, the Island is unstable and unsafe. The poptropicans are at war with a mysterious race; The Monsters, suspected to be from the long lost Monster Carnival Island.
    When Tiny Sky is kidnapped, however, Silver Sky, along with a few new friends and a whole lot of courage, must find her and stop the war…

  13. Episode 2
    SS:Say it.
    SS:SAY IT.
    CS:Uhh…this is our interview show…we interview people…blah,blah,blahhhh……
    SS:uhh,yeah.We’re gonna do..ahh,Mystery Train?
    CS:Perfect!There’s a bunch of famous-
    Girl on TV:And thats my interview show!
    SS:who’s that?
    CS:*All angry like*Trusty Sword.
    TS:And it’s my show you should see,not that other one with the nerdy girl who does way too much homework,that waste of space chick-
    SS:I am not!I’m just….shy.
    TS:-That girl with anger issues….
    BP:*On walkie talkie*I do NOT have anger issues!I’M GONNA STRANGLE HER!!!
    TS:…And that ugly brunette who has an absouluetly horrid sig outfit and is in desprate need of a manicure!
    Please Stand By
    CS:Okay,I am at Game Show Island.I am interviewing that robot with the hat.
    CS:How are you doing?
    CS:Uhhh….What are you doing for a job?
    SS:I’m gonna interview that girl with the umbrella.
    Girl with umbrella:HellotherewhatareyoudoingIamgoodbutitskindahumidoutsidewhatisit93FIdon’tgetitIalso don’tgetmedian,mode,andrangeandYakimasoundslikesomonethrowingup.
    SS:*Drops mike and runs*AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The End
    *And in case you didn’t notice,TS was talking about this show.*

  14. Wait Wait WAIT I’m going to make a poptropican story about—
    Shining Star
    By Smart Runner
    Amazing Jumper was Poptropica’s best all-around dancer until..
    She broke her legs and had to go to the hospital for about 12 months..
    Now she is back trying to face the struggle of the lose of her training.
    Unfortunately there is a new dancer her name is Lovely Popper and she is just
    so good at dancing Amazing feels upset and she is going to do what ever it takes to
    get her spot back!
    NOTE: TELL ME If its good!

  15. Hello. My name is Shy Sky, and This is my story. Along Early Poptropica’s coastline was a small island, filled with towering maple trees taller than a rocket , and a mountain range. The land was divided by war, most of the people arguing. I acidentally crashed and was marooned. I saw a tall boy, about 16. He had blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and was around 6 ft,11 inches tall.He came up to me and asked “Do you want to be the savior of Poptropica?” “yes.” I replied. He told me to come with him, and I came.
    Continued in Part 2.
    -Shaggy Shark

    • It sounds like a cool story!But what are the chances that a cute guy is going to just walk up to you and ask if you want to be the savior of the world?!

  16. One day when Thomas, Jazz, and almost Marie were fourteen, Marie was on the way to Thomas’ house, while she was walking, she saw Jazz walk outside her house.
    “Hey Jazz! What’s up?”
    Marie smiled
    “Oh nothing, what’re you doing today?”
    Asked Jazz
    “Oh you know,”
    Marie giggled
    “Just heading to Tommy’s house.”
    Then Jazz started to look around
    “H-hey Marie,”
    “Yeah Jazz?”
    Asked Marie with confusion
    “Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched very, very closely?”
    Marie came out bursting with laughter
    “Oh Jazz! I’m not falling for your tricks again.”
    So they walked to Thomas’ house, and they were actually being watched by someone or some people behind the fence!
    “Are you sure about this Derek? Why don’t you date the one in purple named Jazz? She’s pretty.”
    Derek shook his head
    “No! The red haired girl named Marie is perfect! And she even knows Cousin Thomas too. Come boys! Let’s fly back to the castle.”
    “Are you sure sir?” asked John
    “I mean she’ll freak out and if you’re a vampire, and aren’t you going to burn from the sunlight?”
    Then Derek slapped John “For the millionth time, I’m half human!”
    As John rubbed his cheek, they all changed back into bats and flew back home to the castle. Meanwhile when Marie and Jazz arrived to Thomas’ house, Jazz and Marie saw Thomas sitting under a tree listening to music.
    “Hey Tommy! Whatcha’ doing?”
    Thomas looked to Marie and yelled
    “Marie! For the millionth time, don’t call me that! And where’d you get the question?”
    “Huh? What question?”
    Asked Jazz.
    “The question, you know, whatcha doing. Where’d you get that from?”
    “Well…” said Marie “I did watch a video of my mom saying Whatcha’ doing, so I just got it from her.”
    “Anyway, what are you doing?” Asked Jazz
    Then Thomas paused his music, got up and said
    “I’m waiting for my Cousin Drew; he’s coming here to stay for the next two weeks.”
    Meanwhile back at the creepy castle, Derek visited the look changing mirror, he saw the mirror hanging on the wall and went up to it.
    “Oh hey Derek,” said the mirror with a happy face “what is it today?”
    Then Derek cleared his throat “turn me back into Drew! I called Cousin Thomas and I’m visiting him for the week.”
    “Let me guess, still trying to find a new love after Isabella and Maliddy?”
    “Look, Maliddy passed away and Isabella is married now. But now, I saw Marie, and want her to be mine.”
    “Well,” said the mirror making an image “according to me, Marie is one of Phineas and Isabella’s children.”
    Stammered Derek in surprise
    “I’m in love with an old love’s daughter? Th-that’s that’s…”
    The mirror made a grumpy look “that’s what?! I can’t sit here all day watching you find your answer!”
    Then Derek blinked “oh sorry, I just can’t believe that she’s a child of Isabella.”
    “Mmm Hmm.” Said the mirror while rolling her eyes
    “As I was saying,” continued Derek “I thought she looked very familiar and… wait a second,”
    “What!?”Yelled the mirror “what do you want now? I have something important to do, ya’ know!”
    “Well,” said Derek “did you say that Marie is ONE Phineas and Isabella’s daughter?”
    “Yeah why?” asked the mirror
    “Because.” Said Derek “How many kids does Phineas and Isabella have?”
    “Hold on.” Said the mirror. Three minutes later, “got it! Phineas and Isabella have six daughters: Olivia, Caitlyn, Annie, Phinbella, Fiona, and Marie. And son, Quinn. So they have seven kids”
    “Wow,” said Derek “must be hard to be the sap with six sisters. Anyway, can you please make me Drew?”
    The mirror rolled her eyes “*sigh* Fine ok. And just to set the record straight, you were a sap like that.” So she did her magic and changed Derek back to Drew
    “Did it work?”
    “Check to find out.”
    So Derek looked in the mirror and saw himself as Drew.
    “Yes! Thank you mirror!”
    “You’re welcome, but I warn you, this spell will ware off in two weeks, which means Saturday, at midnight.”
    “So how will I know that?”
    “You’ll know if you see Maliddy’s silhouette in the moonlight.”

  17. Red Leopard

    Time Tangled Jumble

    Orange Madeline Penguin had a life of what some people would call perfect. She was intelligent, pretty, and had an understanding family. She and her family lived on Time Tangled Island. Some of her family lived on Early Poptropica Island and that included both pairs of grandparents. But all that changed one day when the New Year struck midnight…
    And the worse thing is, it happened before her 11th birthday. Out of the blue, her parents just decided to split since her mother wasn’t satisfied with their already comfy home and wanted more wealth. Poor Maddie pretended that it was fine with her, but deep in her heart she was hurt.
    She and her mother moved to her aunt’s house and her dad stayed in their old home. She still saw him every Saturday, though. Maddie often cried at night when no one was looking. Asking herself why she ever wished for more in life. Didn’t she already have everything she needed? What her parents didn’t know that Maddie wasn’t as proud of her achievements in school as she was as proud of her complete family.
    Maddie loved books and could read all day without eating or drinking anything as long as she had a whole pile of them. She read many books that involved of the splitting up of parents and she was secretly proud that hers weren’t like that. One night, she decided to run away and go to other islands. I’ll be happier far away from both Mommy and Daddy than only far away from Daddy, she thought.
    So she packed her backpack with necessities and stole away to her wrecked family’s blimp. Although she was an indoor person, Maddie knew how to do many of the camping stuff from all the books she had read. She somehow managed to get much of her stuff from her aunt’s house.
    Maddie: *whispers* Goodbye, little Leo.
    Little Blue ‘Leo’ Dolphin, her 6-year-old cousin, stirred softly but went back to sleep.
    Suddenly, the big clock over Pendulum’s Lab began chiming for midnight.
    Maddie: *still whispering* Happy Birthday, too. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to make it to your party.
    Maddie suddenly realized she would leave her blue paper crane with him. As she put the crane on Leo’s study desk, she scribbled down a note to her mother and father, which was more of a riddle than a note.
    Dear Mom and Dad,
    I have left Time Tangled Island and have embarked a journey throughout Poptropica. I shall not return unless that which has been broken will soon be of spoken. I will love you always. Your daughter forever, Maddie.
    And with a sob, she left and went up to the blimp.
    Maddie: *thinks* I should leave now to get a head start before Mom discovers the note.
    And with that thought in mind, she set off in the blimp, heading towards her destiny.

    Red Eliza Penguin was awakened with a frantic shaking during 3 o’ clock in the morning.
    Eliza: *mumbles* St-t-to-op-p t-t-he sh-a-a-a-king.
    Marina: Eliza, wake UP! Maddie’s gone!
    Eliza bolted upright and could not just take in what her sister said.
    Eliza: Marina, repeat that again more slowly, would you? O.O
    Marina: *repeats* Maddie’s GONE!
    Eliza: Maddie is afraid of the dark and the night, she can’t have gone! Have I accidentally sleepwalked into Pendulum’s Lab and transported myself into April Fool’s Day? -_-
    Marina: As a matter of fact, Pendulum’s Lab has gone bonkers again and has had ANOTHER time malfunction. Thank goodness many Poptropican tourists are willing to help.
    Eliza: *dresses out of pajamas lightning speed* We’ve got to find her before she’s gone for good! Maddie doesn’t know the dangers out there! Remember Uncle Frederick?
    Marina: *nods* Yeah, he was in his blimp floating somewhere around Super Power Island when Betty Jetty knocked him into the ocean.
    Eliza: It was a good thing he landed somewhere near a beach. If it was something Uncle Freddy never learned, it was how to swim. That’s where Maddie takes after him; they both never learned to swim. Have you contacted the local police about this?
    Marina: -_- The nearest police station is thousands of miles away, Eliza. Have you gone coconuts? And Maddie took the blimp.
    Eliza: Oh dear, oh dear. What about Ralph? Have you told him that his daughter’s gone crazy and left?
    Marina: Just as you say it, there’s something wrong with this note.
    Eliza: Note?! What note?! O.O
    Marina: Maddie left a note saying her farewell. And oddly enough, it says ‘Dear Mom and DAD’. Some sort of riddle. i found it on Leo’s study desk.
    Eliza: *snatches note out of Marina’s hand and reads it*
    Eliza: Looks like it’s going to be a wild goose chase, Marina.

    Meanwhile, Maddie had landed on Vampire’s Curse Island. Now, Maddie has had a certain history on vampires. She hated them and was scared of them. But not even vampires could make her eat or wear garlic.
    Maddie: *thinks* Mom and Dad won’t even bother to check this island. They know I’m scared of vampires. Maybe I’ll stay here for a while.
    She went around the village and saw a few and more children coming out to play. Some of them looked at her curiously wondering at her odd clothes and why she wasn’t wearing a garlic necklace. Maddie suddenly became aware that her attire was definitely odd to these village children. Her clothes were for summer, yet near these mountains it was cold almost all year round.
    Maddie: *thinks* I think I’ll get some village clothes over there, then maybe I’ll blend with the crowd. The better the disguise, my parents won’t be able to spot me quickly.
    Maddie: Do you know where I can find a weaver?
    Boy #1: Can’t you see we’re busy? Go away, tourist.
    Boy #2: Yeah, go away. We’re on a roll and it’s almost night. Don’t you know a vampire lives up at that creepy castle?
    Boy #1: Shut up, you. You’re saying too much. Haven’t you heard the less tourists know the longer they stay?
    Boy #3: Well, guess what, both of you are being pretty mean to tourists. Haven’t YOU heard that the meaner you are to tourists the quicker they leave? You guys are giving our home a bad reputation.
    Boy #1: *sneers* Somebody’s a ‘fraidy cat over some dumb kid girl tourist.
    Boy #2: I think you LIKE her with her snobby clothes and fancy pretty hair, HUH?
    Maddie: 😡 I am NOT dumb. My clothes aren’t snobbish and I don’t have fancy pretty hair. And I know how to box, you want me to do your ears?
    Boy #1: Let’s get outta here! She’s gonna box us!
    Boy #2: With you all the way 😯
    Eric: Don’t listen to those chowder heads, they’re just jealous. I’m Wacky Eric Tiger, by the way.
    Maddie: Thanks for sticking up for me. I’m– *pause* Red Margaret Eagle. Have you any idea where I can find a weaver?
    Eric: My cousin Lana might. She works for the village’s weaver.
    Red-headed girl: *pops out from a nearby house* Did someone say my name?
    Eric: I did, Lana. Margaret needs to find Madam Cream.
    Red-headed girl: 🙄 It’s Pouffe, not cream. How many times do I have to remind you? You should check Madam Pouffe’s clothing store. There are all of seasonal clothing there.
    Maddie: Thanks! Which way?
    Lana: Uh, it’s a bit near the castle. Take this *hands her a garlic necklace*. Eric, you wouldn’t mind leading her over there right? If I remember correctly, Count Mambo sometimes shops there.
    Maddie and Eric talk on the way to Madam Pouffe’s.

    Eric: So where are you from?

    Maddie: 😐

    Eric: *stops Maddie from walking* Hey, are you nervous about vampires? Don’t worry, as long as you got that garlic, Count Mambo won’t go near you.

    Maddie: *mumbles* I thought the vampire who lived here was Count Bram.

    Eric: *impressed* Yeah, but that vampire disappeared. Count Mambo sort of appeared outta nowhere just right before we started discarding the garlic.

    Maddie: Oh 😐

    Eric: *stops her from walking again* You’re not telling the truth, are you?

    Maddie: 😯 Wha-a-a-t?

    Eric: *quietly* You’re not telling your real name. You’re not one of those runaways, are you?

    Maddie: *drops garlic necklace in shock* How do you know? 😯

    Eric: I can tell.

    Maddie: 😯

    Eric: *looks around if there are any people lurking by* You’re a runaway, then? You’re lucky that I don’t belong to RBS anymore.

    Maddie: *throws her hands up* Okay, I admit it. I ran away from home because my life got into a time tangle jumble. My name isn’t Red Margaret Eagle. Happy? Now can I start asking the questions? What are you going to do? Turn me in to the police in Counterfeit Island or what? Send me back home? Or have my parents send me to Poptropica Dilemma Academy?

    Eric: 😆 You sure talk a lot for a going-on-thirteen girl. The next thing you’re going to ask me what RBS is.

    Maddie: For the first time, you guessed wrong. I was going to ask you if you why the heck you keep scaring me with your Legilimency. It’s your turn for the scare 😛

    Eric: 😐 Well, Miss Smarty, I guess you’ve finally caught up with the magical world have you?

    Maddie: Besides darkness and vampires, nothing scares me much 😛

    Eric: *flicks his hand and transforms into a tiger* And by your bored face, I suppose you know that I’m an Animagus. Correct?

    Maddie: Yeah, now can we keep moving before my parents find me and send me to the Academy?

    Eric: *transforms back to human form* Just so you know, I don’t like—

    Maddie: Being interrupted in the middle of a demonstration of your being an Animagus. You’re going to tell me that every single thing that the human mind thinks of happens one way or another, therefore, resulting in all kinds of magic and creatures being created. Especially in Poptropica. You’re not the only one who’s got magic in their blood and knows how to perform Legilimency.

    Eric: I’m impressed. I didn’t notice you had it in you.

    Maddie: There’s a lot many people don’t know about me. Now, would you put up a bit of speed in your crawl, slowpoke?

    Eric: Did you just compare me to a Pokemon?

    Maddie: Either that, or you’re going deaf. And by the way, you’re not the only one who knows about how wide the magical world is. You don’t want me to go ninja on you, do you?

    Eric: Try me.

    Maddie: *disappears in thin air and knocks Eric down and reappears*

    Eric: Did you have to do that near rocks? 🙄

    Maddie: 🙄 Don’t be such a whiner, slowpoke. I’ll even race you to Madam Pouffe’s clothing shop, if you dare.

    Eric: You know that’s not allowed.

    Maddie: So is not asking people’s permission to break into their minds 😛

    Eric: Whatever.

    Maddie and Eric reach the clothing store in silence. Maddie bought much clothing since she had filled her wallet with money before she had left Time Tangled Island. They leave the store still in silence. Maddie broke it when they were in the village.

    Maddie: Do you know a place where I could stay for the night?

    Eric: Try the Inn. It’s not very full these days.

    Maddie: Thanks.

    As the two friends parted, the moon started rising. Maddie was able to acquire a room at the inn and stay for the night. For once she was glad she was surrounded with garlic. She slept peacefully throughout the night.

    Wild Goose Chase Starts
    Eliza had contacted Ralph that Maddie had run away. They had bought a new blimp and were flying high with Marina and Leo.
    Eliza: Let’s try Cryptids Island. She always talks about that one.

    Ralph: Alright. *steers blimp towards Cryptids Island*

    They jumped off the blimp and the first thing they saw was a Poptropican screaming as she pummeled straight down with a burned hang-glider. She crashed into the trees, yelling for help.
    Eliza: *runs over to the Poptropican* Are you alright?

    Poptropican: Yeah. This is the last straw! I’m going to Mews about that wretched Gretchen Grimlock. *falls out of the hang-glider and runs to the right*

    Eliza: 😯 What was that all about?

    Marina: I have no idea. We better find Maddie quick and tell her she musn’t do this again to us in the future!

    Maddie began to pack her things up to travel to another island.

    Maddie: *thinks* I wonder what island I should goon next?

    Unknown: Whatever you do, don’t go to Spy Island.

    Maddie: 😯 Who’s there?!

    Eric: Calm down, it’s me.

    Maddie: 🙄 Will you stop freaking me out?

    Eric: Nah, I like the look on your face when your scared.

    Maddie: *continues packing her things* Whatever, Mudblood.

    Eric: For your information, I’m a half-blood. Watch who you’re calling, Mudblood freak.

    Maddie: It also happens my great-grandparents were purebloods so shut your magical half-blood mouth and leave me alone.

    Eric: Not until I can come with you.

    Maddie: No one can come with me after ran away from TTI.

    Eric: Then, I’ll have to use Legilimency.

    Maddie: Not gonna work.

    Eric: Oh yeah? *breaks into her mind and ends up with fuzzy static*

    Maddie: 😛

    Eric: Alright, you win. But can Lana and I come with you? We’ve always wanted to tour around Poptropica.

    Maddie: Alright, alright! But would you help me with packing?

    Eric: Sure.

    They left the Inn and set off for Lana’s house.

    Wacky Tiger: Lana, are you packed? We’re about to go and Maddie’s in a rush!

    Funny Bunny: Yeah, I’m packed and ready to go except that I can’t lift my suitcase! *drags suitcase to stairs and crashes*

    WT/Eric: Stay here, Mad. *runs inside house and helps Lana up* What the HECK were you thinking? You could have gotten a skull fracture!
    FB/Lana: Don’t be too fussy and help me with this suitcase. My backpack alone is heavy enough.
    The trio set off in the blimp after a long time of pushing, pulling, whining, groaning, and laughing.

    Wacky Tiger: Which island are you going to next?

    Orange Penguin: Now that you mention it, I haven’t a clue 😐

    Funny Bunny: What about Skullduggery Island? That would be fun. We could stay in Bouffant Bay for a while.

    OP: Okay. Just give me a few minutes to steer the blimp there.
    Okay, here’s the plot. A girl named Orange Madeline Penguin is upset because her parents split up. She runs away on her family’s blimp to other islands. She leaves a note that contains a riddle, if solved would be the only thing that would make her return home. She meets two new friends on Vampire’s Curse Island. The boy is Wacky Eric Tiger, an ex-member of RBS a.k.a. Runaway Bailers Society, a mean group that captures runaways and makes their parents pay for their return. Funny Lana Bunny is an apprentice of Madam Pouffe, the weaver of her village. She is experienced in weaving and sewing, and becomes one of Maddie’s best friends. When they land in Skullduggery Island, they borrow a raft and go over to Bouffant Bay, that’s where they meet Silent Ariana Thunder, a Poptropican who got shipwrecked by Captain Crawfish and washed up on the dock of Bouffant Bay. She was from Shrink Ray Island and isn’t easily surprised if she meets someone shrunken below ordinary size. Also a runaway, Ariana hides from both her parents and RBS members. She asks to come along with Maddie, Eric, and Lana. Since a story isn’t a story without antagonists, they meet an RBS member upon their landing on Cryptids Island, where Maddie’s parents just left a few hours before. Spicy Lauren Carrot does her best to capture the kids and fails. Maddie, Eric, Lana, and Ariana manage to escape the RBS member’s clutches by jumping into a hot air balloon by the docks and cutting the string. However, a few hours later, Gretchen Grimlock shows up in her helicopter and as usual damages the hot air balloon and they land on Mews’ mansion’s roof. They quickly leave the island before anything else happens. They land on Lunar Colony and Ariana decides to look around in the Frontier Gift Shop than come with the others to explore the island. While examining the rocket on the landing, Maddie, Eric, and Lana meet Crazy Adam Bee, a fourteen-year-old Poptropican who has adventured in all of the islands and not a runaway. Adam decides to come with the group and explore the islands once again. However, when they come back to the gift shop, they find out that Ariana has been captured by RBS. Led by Eric, the group lands on 24 Carrot Island and enter the RBS HQs until they are caught and imprisoned along with the other captured runaways. They discover that the Runaway Bailers Society’s plans were not only for money, but to capture all the children in Poptropica and brainwash them to join RBS so that they would have enough brainpower to destroy all magical worlds. Ariana was the one who led the runaways to escape. Before she was trapped on Bouffant Bay, Ariana had gone to Spy Island and had obtained a laser pen. Using a pair of bolt cutters, Adam opened every cage’s door and set the runaways free. Ariana used her laser pen to destroy the RBS mainframe computer. Much of the RBS surrendered and were sent to jail on Counterfeit Island. However, a few members including Spicy Carrot remained loyal to the founder of RBS, Rotten Gabrielle Fish, and escaped with her. The group head back to Cryptids since besides other islands, this island was the one that felt more peaceful than others to them. They stay here for a week and have some fun, treating themselves in their victory against RBS. They didn’t know that there were still some members who escaped. In the middle of their stay, Maddie falls ill and is taken to Mews’ mansion. They find out that she is mentally ill and her brain power has had a malfunction, resulting in creating cancer. The group grows worried about her and contact Maddie’s parents despite the fact that she begged them not to. Ralph and Eliza finally figure out the riddle and realize that the reason why Maddie ran away because they had split up. The two realize that they both love each other and Maddie as well. They receive a call from Maddie’s friends and discover that she has cancer. They rush into Cryptids and tell Maddie not to leave them just after their family became complete again. Maddie slowly began to recover and the cancer disappeared since her long-wanted wish had been fulfilled. Her mental illness disappeared also. It was true that love had power over anything else. Although her family is complete again, Maddie wishes to journey into Poptropica and visits her home every now and then.
    That’s as much as I want to tell you for now. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise! It’s not as good as some others’ stories but it’s the best I could come up with for a mini-series. Thanks for reading! 🙂

    • By the way, I just thought of the names and put them in there. Any connection with any Poptropican living is merely coincidental. Sorry about that, is it allowed? 😯

      • Oh no, is it too long? 😯 I just found out it has to be 2,000 characters or less.

      • Um, question. I posted the part of the story with the plot, is that allowed? If it’s not can I delete the post and edit it? I should have read the rules more carefully.

      • Oh no! Red Leopard, the deadline is September 20th! Oh, that’s really terrible! I wanted you to win! 😥

      • I think this story was the best. It would have been great if you won. I love how you included magic and Harry Potter. Sorry you missed the deadline. 😦

    • You have a great story idea there, but I regret to say that it is past the deadline. I appreciate your effort and your interest.

  18. Bronze Glove
    Mini Series
    Shy Dove and Dizzy Tornado; Kid Detectives

    It’s about two best friends named Shy Dove and Dizzy Tornado who love solving mysteries.. They are both quite unusual because Shy Dove has a photographic memory an has amazing hearing. Dizzy Tornado is a ventriloquist and has eyes like a hawk. They turn 12 on the same day so their parents get together and decide to give them a blimp. After squealing with joy, they climb on the blimp. Their adventures begin, as kid detectives, on Shrink Ray Island…

    I’m only 10, so I probably won’t have a chance. But it was fun writing this.

  19. So.. everyone knows about Romeo and Juliet, and i will just make myself a version of it.. So, actually i don’t really know about Romeo and Juliet. So anyway read on.

    Forbidden LOVE.

    It was morning, the sun was shining. Everything seemed perfect, i think too perfect. I was bound to meet some bad luck eventually, and i was right. I met Jeremy, my arch nemesis. It was bad luck enough to see him, i had much more bad luck as to i was bullied after school.

    My best friend, Alice came up to me and spoke “So, how’s your day?” and i replied “Good. But could be worse.”. We both laughed and gossiped all the way home. We reached the park and went to the paths to our houses. As i went home, i stopped to buy some bread for my little sister at an unfamiliar bakery. It had an intense aura surrounding it. I stepped in and reached for my pocket to get my money. As i looked at the bread, it seemed delicious and bought it. As i looked at the cashier, he was Jeremy..

    I couldn’t believe it at first. But after pinching myself, i knew it was true. He was there, standing right in front of me, looking at me as if he’s found a lost dog. “W-What are you doing here?!?!?” Jeremy shouted at me. “I-i’m here to b- buy some b-bread for my Sis..” As i pronounced those words, i burst out laughing and continued,”Well, what are you doing here?!?”. He was red, as if he was shy, well maybe he was shy.. But what was doing there?

    To be continued.

  20. is this contest like any potropica themed stroy u want or on a specific topic?

  21. Scary Axe’s story of life….

    One day on vampires curse Island one of the wolves, a mother, found a lonely child in a cave the mother wolf’s previous son had been killed by the villagers and she still had milk so she took car of the child and named him Scary Axe…..

    TO BE CONTINUED!!!! (later)

  22. Scary Axe’s Story of life part two……

    A few years later scary axe was running with the pack eating raw meat and even catching his own food. The mother wolf was very proud of him.
    The next day when she looked for him he was gone…. she found a note in wolfspeak that said i have taken your child to make him a child of the night signed -COUNT SKIRM-

    TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!! (later)

  23. Scary Axe was then turned into a vampire by the secretive count skirm and lived in the castle until he aged into manhood ( or should i say vampirehood =3) then he travled the islands plundering and stealing and murdering….

    he then returned to Vampire’s Curse island and gave all his amazing loot to his wolf mother who was so happy to see him!

    THE END ( or so u think… >=3)

    If you want more on me then friend me my username is 123abc321cba5 and my other account speedy leopard is abc123cba3215 my brother, his name on here is ballon boy, his username is bonybonybones

  24. if u want to be in one of my many large multiverse partehs then tell me ur username and when im online doing one ill tell everyone the code and they can join it if they want!

    -Scary Axe- =3

  25. awww man just realized contest was closed… 3= but anyway wasn’t it a god story =3

  26. Hi, I’m Bronze Glove, and I’m just wondering… WHEN WILL THE WINNER BE ANNOUNCED???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo tired of waiting! I really want to know who the winner is. Please tell us!

  27. Hi I’m YP (Yellow Penguin) and I know it’s to late, and I won’t be the winner, so don’t count mine, but I want to do one anyways.
    Mixed up By:YP
    Characters YP (ME) Brown Penguin (BP Dad) Blue Snow (BS Mom) Dry Snow (DS Little sister) and Little Guy (LG dog)
    YP, DS, and LG raced around their yard on 24 Carrot Island, their house was a little beat up but they didn’t care, their dad was looking for a new job on a different island since the factory closed down.
    YP: OMG DS dad just texted me and mom, he’s on Counterfeit, he has a job as a security officer at the museum since the other one quit!
    DS: That’s great! Are we going to live their?
    YP: I don’t know, ask mom
    DS: Fine, I’ll ask her *Yelling* MOM!!!!!!!
    BS: Yes dear? *walking out of the house into the front yard*
    DS: Are we moving to Counterfeit Island?
    BS: I’m afraid so,
    YP: Afraid? Mom we won’t be poor!
    BS: Yellow, we wouldn’t be poor, it’s just…*YP interrupts her*
    YP: Mom, I know, we would be rich….*BS interrupts her*
    BS: We are rich, well we were
    DS: Why did the stupid carrots have to disappear!
    BS: Snowy, *Hugs DS*
    LG: Bark! Bark!
    BS: Okay children let’s get packing
    YP: Will all our stuff fit in the blip?
    BS: Of course it will, now Yellow, please fly it over here
    DS: But you have to be 16! She’s 12
    BS: She can fly small distances
    DS: But, but
    YP: Snowy, you’re only 6
    DS: So?
    BS: You two stop it! Snow, pack up your stuff!
    DS: But Mom it’s unfair!
    YP: Life’s unfair, just…*BS interrupts*
    BS: I said enough! Stop it
    YP and DS: Fine
    YP brings the blimp to the house and they all pack their stuff
    BS: Do we have everything?
    YP: No
    BS: What are we missing?
    YP: Little Guy
    BS: I’ll get him, Little Guy *whistle*
    YP: Here he is, now we’re good
    BS: Yellow, don’t hold LG, he could jump out!
    YP: Sorry *Sets LG down* Mom do you even know where Counterfeit Island is?
    BS: Yes, Me and your dad sailed past it on a ship during our honeymoon
    DS: Where did you go for your honeymoon
    BS: An undiscovered island now called Cryptids Island, boy what an adventure, we never saw ant monsters or legends though.
    YP: Mom look, Astro Knights Island! Can we go there and visit Princess Lily?

  28. Hi, I’m back time to do as much as possible on my story
    Mixed Up By:YP
    *Where we left off, in their blimp flying over Astro Knights Island*
    YP: Mom look, Astro Knights Island! Can we go there and visit Princess Lily?
    BS: Maybe later, we have to un-pack
    YP: Okay *sadly*
    DS: Are we there yet?
    BS: Almost
    LG: Bark! Bark!
    YP: We’re here, right!
    BS: Yes! You studied your geography in school?
    YP: Yeah! *in a “duh” tone*
    The blimp lands on Counterfeit Island

  29. Mixed UP By: YP
    *where we left off*
    The blimp lands on Counterfeit Island
    DS: Daddy? Daddy? *yelling*
    YP: Snowy, he’s by the museum
    DS: Well, were is the museum?
    YP: I don’t know?
    They see a guy next to them
    YP: Mom stay in the blimp and guard the stuff
    BS: Okay, Yellow take care of Snowy
    YP: Okay
    YP: Ahem, umm.. excuse me?
    Guy: Yes?
    YP: Where is the museum?
    Guy: Just walk in that direction *pointing right*
    YP: Thank you
    Guy: Your welcome
    YP: Come on Snowy
    YP and DS walked right, on the paved sidewalk, until they reached a sign that said “MUSEUM FANTASIQUE”
    DS: What does fanta… whatever mean?
    YP: I have no idea, let’s look for a map
    DS: Where is a map?
    DS asked the man with black hair, glasses, white shirt, tie, and black pants.
    Guy: Go to the Web Browser Internet Cafe
    DS: Thank you sir
    DS runs down the sidewalk and YP has no choice but to follow her.
    YP: Snow don’t …. *looks up* let’s go in!
    Walks into the cafe
    DS: Look a book!
    YP: It’s a French-English dictionary, not gonna help
    DS: Let’s take it anyways!
    YP: No! Well, there is a loose page, I guess that won’t do any harm
    DS: Okay… so
    YP takes loose page
    YP: Okay let’s look for a map
    DS: Found one!
    YP: Great! Let’s look at it
    YP and DS open it and look at it
    YP: Here’s the museum, let’s go
    Go to the museum
    YP: Snowy, stay out here I’ll go inside
    DS: Okay, but hurry
    YP: I will, I will
    YP goes into museum
    Security Guard: Hey, kid you’re not suppose to be in here
    YP: What? Wait… Dad?
    Security Guard: Dad, who you wait Yellow? Is it you
    YP: Yes it’s me!
    BS: Yellow, you, you look so different, when I left you where my little girl
    YP: I am your little girl *hug* I haven’t seen you in like a year!
    BS: 2 years, It was hard to find a job, but I found one
    YP: Can you take a break from your job?
    BS: Honey, I’m just in here because I knew you guys would come here lookin’ for me, and speaking of you guys where is Snowy and Blue?
    YP: Come, I’ll show you
    BS and YP walk out the museum door
    I can’t think right now, I’ll try to write later 😆 😆
    Hope you like it!!!!!

  30. Mixed Up By: YP Oh, and BS is actually BP
    *where we left off*
    BP and YP walk out of the museum
    DS: Daddy!!!!!!!
    BP: Snowy! *hug*
    YP: Mom! Dad’s here! *shouting*, come on dad,
    BS: Honey! How are you?
    BY: I’m great Blue, Yellow, Snow I think your going to like this place!
    YP: Why?
    BY: I’ll show you why once we get settled in
    YP: Dad, where do we live?
    BY: We live in the country part of town

  31. YP: Okay! Do we have a big yard?
    BP: *laughs* Yes
    LG: Yap! Yap!
    BP: And how is my trouble maker?
    LG: Woof!
    DS: I think he said good
    BP: Me to, well, we’re here!
    YP: Woah! It’s so, so,
    BS: Beautiful,
    YP: And not broken! But… why is there a sign that says Inspector… whatever
    BP: well… go to the museum it’ll tell you
    YP: Can we go to the museum?
    BS: Slow down, lets get settled in
    YP: Dad it’s locked
    BP: Here’s the key
    YP: Thanks, *opens door*
    BS: It’s so cozy!
    LG: Woof! Woof!
    YP: This is my bed!
    BP: Yellow, did you know ballon boy once lived here
    YP: He did?
    BP: Yes, now me and your mother are going to the museum, behave!
    DS: We will!
    BS and BP leave, locking the door behind them
    YP: Hmph, theres nothing to do! They locked us in, I’m not a kid
    DS: Can we get out from the chimney like we did at our old house
    YP: I don’t know, you see
    DS: KK
    DS walks over to the chimney, tripping one a loose floor board
    DS: Ouch!
    YP: Hey, I have an idea
    DS: Uh-oh Wittle guy come here *LG runs to DS*
    YP lifts up the loose floor board
    YP: *gasps* Snow get back, theres a huge hole!
    DS: *sets down LG, grabs YP arm* Don’t!
    YP: Stay here, don’t worry, I’ll be fine
    YP jumps don hole,
    DS: Noooo!
    DS jumps in after her
    LG: *whimpers*
    DS: AHHHHHHH! Yellow help!
    YP: Snow? *DS falls into YP arms*
    DS: Yellow! *hugs her*
    YP: Snow, what did I tell you, you could’ve gotten hurt!
    DS: But I didn’t, come on lets explore!
    YP: Fine.
    Enter a room
    DS: What is this place?
    YP: I don’t know, *helps her up onto a cement surface*
    DS: Look! A spider card?
    YP picks it up,
    YP: It has a black widow symbol on it, It might come in handy lets go
    YP and DS make their ay up the platforms until they get to a door
    YP: The doors sealed shut! How can e open it?
    DS: Yellow, whats this?
    YP: Why, a card scanner!
    DS: See if the spider card works!
    YP gets the card scanned
    DS: It doesn’t work!
    YP: What!?
    Then a miracle happens

  32. once apuon a time the super team were fighting dertior d hey you girls 👿 don’t do that!
    watch this….:!: 😥 dont do that to my sisters you dummy! how about this! 😡 there how about that! 👿 AUGH! stupid girls 8o hum?

  33. The origin of the Raven
    Setting: Gotham Heights ( a new poptropican island)
    Characters: Lilly Wayne (Raven), Tim Drake (Robin), Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), Richard Grayson (Nightwing), Jason Todd (Red Hood), Bruce Wayne (Batman), and many more…….
    Feel free to fit in stuff that makes it more intresting! Also the main character Lilly is playable throughout the entire story!!

    In the streets of Gotham Heights (a rich person neighborhood) on supervillain island, everyone knows there was the Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing. But what no one knows is that Batman had a daughter who was far more intelligent than any known poptropican, she had super powers, and was more of a rebel than the goody-two shoes she pretended to be. One night she and her dad got into a fight and she ran away. But she was on a hitlist and her brother (who was supposed to be dead) was the one targetting the people on the hitlist. The people on the hitlist were kids with very high inteelligence levels and were very powerful.They were also supposed to be the heroes of the next generation. The most powerfull and youngest (at age 12) was Lilly Wayne, Batman’s daughter, she knew her father and brothers’ role in the world, despite the fact that they were content on keeping her out of the life of a hero. But, finnally she was the last one on the list. Her brother couldnt kill her, so they faked her death and she fled to Superpower island where she bacame the Raven (based off of the character from the teen titans) she hasnt decided if she wants to be good or evil yet. But that’s where you come in (ofcourse the player has been Lilly all along) and decide the course she will take……. Good or Evil??????? YOU DECIDE!!!!!!!!

  34. Hello,
    I’m green feather, a huge fan “itsapoptropicablog.com” for the costume ideas. (fyi, i’m 12) thus i will present my story with the characters, super thunder and brave tomato. mini series are used for story type.-
    the three friends, super thunder, brave tomato, and green feather were sharing their favorite photos after successfully riding the construction workers from the magical forests of the “twisted thicket island”…but…it seems that all the evil forces have come together while they were sleeping in the bed and breakfast motel. Dr.hare, black widow 2, Zeus, the monsters from steam-works…… and it doesn’t take long for the friends to find out that super thunder has been captured….brave tomato lost…and green feather…somewhere stuck in the sea fighting captain crawfish….how will these three friends stop these forces without being free themselves?!!!…………

  35. fierce axes revenge:fierce axe was just on mythology island going for a swim in Poseidon’ s beach when suddenly Zeus came along and stole his pet cat from him then the hydra went on the top of the sea then chased him to 24 carrot island but he jumped into the blimp and headed back to mythology and then he saw Zeus and Zeus said you can,t defeat me but then fierce axe got his trident out 2. Zeus was struck by lightning so fierce axe picked up his cat and left.

  36. Ah. Time Tangled Island. The natural beauty of it is astounding. The trees, the sand, the grass, well, forget about it. It’s a tiny island full of buildings, sand, trees, grass, and one crazy scientist who unleashed the power of his time machine on the world accidentally-twice. But it’s home. With all time-space-continuim problems fixed, it was perfectly pecaful like pizza pie. Practically, at least. After months of non-stop adventure, it was time for a break. Golden Star was out searching for her lost family members, who had been lost in a shipwreck. She was somewhere around 24 Carrot. But my dog Mitzi and I had no such concerns. We were ready to chill out for months on end. To make sure she exercised, I took my dog for a walk along Time Tangled Highway. After less than a couple hundred feet, the other side of the highway veered off into the trees. “That’s odd,” I said. “Shouldn’t this highway keep going to the beach?” Then the 3rd lane disappeared, followed quickly by the second. What was supposed to be a giant highway was now a one-way, one-lane road with scarcely any cars. But it only get weirder from there. The road turned from cement, to gravel, to dirt, to mud. A few cars drove past me, and then I saw no other people. I decided to turn around and ask for directions, but no matter how far back Mitzi and I walked, the road stayed small and muddy, and no one was to be seen. Eventually I gave up and decided to keep going forward. The already narrow road narrowed more and more until it was little more than a steep, rocky path climbing a hill. The path was covered with grass and weeds, and soon I had trouble distinguishing it from the rest of the landscape. I ducked under a bramble thicket, to find myself in a clearing surrounded by trees, no brambles or path in sight. Mitzi was missing.
    TO BE CONTINUED……. Sorry for copying it. Its just a really good story. probably one of my favourites on here. So. Sorry

  37. here is my story (i was going to put it in a play but i didn’t have actors)
    3 girls named sarah,shona,and stella (hey they’re friends not sisters it was just a coincidence)
    they all randomly won a cruise to ……………uh………..somewhere over the rainbow! well anyways they were all happy one day they were going to look at the birds flying when shona finds a telescope encrusted with jewels and gold!!! Shona: we are rich !!now we can buy whatever we want to get!!!Sarah:gimme that telescope i want to buy a new house, a car when i grow up,new clothes,a new TV,blah,blah,blah……………… Stella: I will take it from here besides i got us the vacation anyway Shona :no you didn’t give me it!!! the girls fought and Shona fell into the water leaving the girls silent and upset .They promised to never fight again and that promise was kept through out this whole story.They decide to not fight again one day (the day S.O.S island came out) their ship got shipwrecked and the 2 girls found a island deserted. They find food and all they need but they were lonely one day Sarah finds a treasure chest and find a witch watching them they follow the witch secretively but get interested in a wizards hut .Turns out the island isn’t deserted and the wizard is good.The girls were told to get rid of the witch and they set off to the witches cave…..
    in the witches cave the girls found the witch and Stella notices that the witch seemed like she was upset about something Stella:we will get rid of you evil witch sarah :lets get her! soon with the help of a mirror the captured the witch Stella place a magic blanket they got from the wizard and the witch begins to glow yellow and blinds the girls for a second and SHONA falls to the ground trembling Stella and Sarah get her and they learned when Shona fell of the cruise she got washed away to the island the girls were in now in .later when she was strong enough to get up a evil wizard changed here to a witch so he can rule poptropica she has refused to hurt her friends and the evil wizard ran off she would still watch over them just to protect them .they ll comforted each other until the 3 girls hear a faint sound “i am sorry. i shouldn’t have broken your friendship or the goodness of poptropica i now have changed myself.i promise to do good and only good.i am just so sorry” the girls whirl around and see the wizard that had helped stella and sarah in union they all say “we all forgive you .but how are we going to get home?” the wizard smiled”you’ll see………….” the next day the girls come home with their new magic hover boards powered on their friendship “now we’ll never fight promise?” shona asked nervously.”we promise!” say the girls in a union and all was well in poptropica

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