OK, so you all should know by now that the Creators have been working on a “brand new Poptropica”. But for the most part, they’ve been pretty secretive about it.

Well, recently the Creators have announced the official name for this new project! Poptropica Worlds! And it’s coming Spring 2017!

Can someone please tell me when that is because it’s always summer here.

YES! This new Poptropica will include, quote,

  • New, exciting Worlds to explore
  • Favorites from the original Poptropica, remastered for Poptropica Worlds
  • One account for everything Poptropica!
  • Your very own customizable home
  • More costumes than ever
  • Daily prizes and awesome games
  • And more to come…

MY GOSH GUYS. I am SO HYPED. I can’t think of anything that could possibly-



Rough Fang: …….


Rough Fang: Human, what are those things?

They’re….they’re called “fingers”……..

Rough Fang: What are they doing on that Poptropican’s hand?

…..I don’t know……….

Rough Fang: ……I’m gonna go……look at my hands for a while……….

Yeah….I’m….I’m gonna do that too.

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