Survival Island Guide

EPISODE 1 ~ Crash Landing

Written by: Nameless UnDEFiNed

Special Thanks To: Super Thunder, Brave Tomato, Blake, and Poptropica!

Well, for starters, go to Survival Island. If you’ve already done this, good for you 😛 If you haven’t, well you probably should.

You might also want to click start…

After you come, you’ll need to get out of your parachute… Just click on yourself 😛 And also, when going back and forth between this tab and your game, remember to pause by clicking on your Menu, or you’ll freeze… 😦

I can’t feel my legs!

So, now that you’ve escaped from your Parachute Prison, you can go around and walk, or jump, or run… Or freeze, ya know, whichever you’re in the mood for. So, make sure to pick up your handy dandy Wilderness Survival Handbook

Handy and Dandy!

Now, to get Step One in starting a fire. Something that burns well… Like a Bird’s Nest. So, go climb a tree, and chase a Woodpecker! Here is how to chase the Woodpecker around correctly 😛


Now that the Squirrel has run away, get the Nest. After you get the nest, go down and a tiny bit to the left, then get the Logs.

I tried before, but my cat jumped on the computer…

Alrighty, now you should probably go to the next page, on the Right, and get the Wet Kindling. 

Man, how do you burn WET WOOD? Eh, wait for it…

Now that you have somewhat Kindling, you should go to the next area to the right (>>).  Go inside the Fallen Tree, and get the Mittens.

Mittens, the Gloves with just thumbs

Okie, um, what’s next….. ? Oh yeah! Put the mittens on **Facepalm** Durh! Do you remember where the Woodpecker and the Squirrel were? I hope so, because now you need to go left of there (That technically counts as Main Street, so I guess I’ll just call it that… Anyways, it’s two pages to the left of where you are now, (Not including Advertisement pages)).

When you get back to Main Street, go one more Page to the left. Now, run a little farther to the left, but stay on the page. Go until you see the Stump in the picture below. After you have your mittens on, click on the Stick coming out of the Tree Stump.

They’re all captioned, I don’t know why I’m typing this…

Okie, now that you have this, we can go to the next step… And that would be to…….. Ummm….. Oh yeah, go up… **Twitches** Okie, a little more specific. Go up, until you find a Green Parachute hanging in a tree. NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE SAME PARACHUTE AS YOURS. Pull the handle down, and then climb up it. Now go right on the branch, until you see a backpack, click on the backpack.

Now go down to where you see a hole in the snow. Use the Mitten to clear the snow away on top of it. It’s a Striker! (Strikers are commonly used for starting flames, by throwing sparks.)

To be honest, I thought it was a key….

Okie, do you remember where you found the Mittens? Well, go as far right as you can until you recognize it, then equip the Axe Handle and click on the Boulder in the top right of the page. Now roll it down, and then click on the small area in front of the Cave Hole you uncovered.

Go inside, and then look at the water falling from the ceiling. See where it splashes out? Jump right there. Then to the next Water Splash 😛 If you miss, don’t worry, you’ll get this:

You might try hitting that Try Again button…

Once you make it over the bear, you need to get the Dry Kindling. Then go ahead and leave (It doesn’t matter if you get caught by the bear this time 😛 )

Now that you have Dry Kindling, as I said before the photo, you can leave now.

If you didn’t roll the Boulder away twice, then go ahead and use the Axe Handle on it again. Now get between it and the fallen tree. Click on the Fire that’s next to the Flag on the bottom left of your screen.

Now time to build a fire.  Follow the steps in the photos below to make the perfect fire.


BOOM! You have made fire xD You’ve completed the Episode Challenge!


~~Nameless UnDEFiNed


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    • Understandable :p Don’t worry, I did too. You should see the little droplets hitting the Wood that you can jump on, so watch out for those 😉

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