Shark Tooth Island Guide

The Shark Tooth Island Guide is brought to you by… water! The natural drink!

1. Go to Shark Tooth Island.

2. Land in Main Street:

You won't catch me with this in Mythology Island. When gods get offended, they blow stuff up.

3. Stop by the vendors, and get a coconut milk and a shark fin.

4. Go right, to the Ancient Ruins, and go inside the giant shark statue that well there are no words to describe it.

5. After you are inside, go left. I can’t really help that much.

6. Enter the password shown here:

7. Go left.

8. I can’t really help much with this part either. Just get the bone. Then go left.

9. Get the Key Ingredient.

10. Now go up.

11. Go right, past the Ancient Runes, and on to Booga Bay. Get the grass skirt.

12. Now go back to the Ancient Runes, and go up the vine. Use the skirt, and he will give you a calming potion. Go right and feed it to the shark.

13. Go and rescue everybody! You are done!

Here is me, Super Thunder, showing off:

Sigh. It's really too bad I had to get rid of my rad board.

32 thoughts on “Shark Tooth Island Guide

    • The world is very confusing
      I am confused with beer so im testing if seven will make you drunk
      It works

    • You have to press the spacebar and the character will raise the surfboard, and while it’s raised you can click on the pants and then do it again with the belt

  1. Cool. I will check it out. To change your picture thats near your name, you go to and sign up for an account. Type in your email address. Then type in the username and password that you want. Then click next. Then select a new image. Click on My Computer’s Hard Drive (you can use the others but this one I am telling you is easier). Click browse and select the picture you want. Then, crop. After you crop, click on the button that says “Crop and Finish”. You will have the picture! click on the picture to confirm. Then you can use your picture on any poptropica blog (just make sure you type in the email address you use for your account, also ask your parents for permission). Those instructions go to Incredible Ring.

  2. it was like the first island duh of course it will be easy and short i mean do you know how much longer they get take cryptids for an example long!!!!

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