Even though the SYTYKP Game is for fun, there are however a few rules just so everyone can guess quickly. Try to follow the ones below so everyone (Including the person replying) can have fun 😉

  • Please only guess one island at a time ~ Not just one comment with one Island, but until you’re replied to. Try to keep it minimized.
  • Don’t rush updates ~ If it hasn’t been updated, and I (Nameless) have already commented telling someone who I can’t update it right this second, then don’t tell me to update it. I don’t always have access to Poptropica and a Computer, I do have things to do offline. Telling me to hurry up won’t make it go faster.
  • Don’t spam ~ This is a page just for guessing pictures. If you’ve been told that guess was wrong, please don’t keep reguessing it. It’s not changing because your (wrong) guess stays the same.
  • Don’t rush ME ~ If I’m on Xat and you message me about how I need to update it, it’s been five minutes blah blah blah then I’m going to block you and ignore you. I’m doing other things so get some patience and TAKE A NUMBER.
  • Don’t be rude ~ If I point out that you’re breaking a rule, then don’t be rude that I did. Such as me telling you not to put all of your guesses in one message (Repeatedly after warning), and then you begin going off, then chances are I’ll just delete your guesses. Right or wrong. 

I’m allowed to add rules, or change them. I can also delete your comments if they break any rules. And yes, a story can end. So yeah

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

Discuss here, Poptropicans!

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