Glitches Galore! :D

Glitches are awesome to discover!  Here are some:

Standing on air
Credit 2 -GhostGirl-
On Counterfeit, when you are untied, go under the light and jump. You are standing on air!

Randomizing yourself!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Credit 2 Super Thunder                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Do ctrl shift r on your computer, and your character will be randomized!

Randomizing You hair and skin (Credit to fLyInGmAnGoZ)
To do hair, do ctrl+shift+h
It might show internet history but keep trying.
To do skin, just do ctrl+shift+s

Going on 2 islands at one time!!

Credit 2– Popular Jumper

I was Popular Jumper on one tab, then i was Scary Shell on the other tab. Suprisingly, I found Popular Jumper on both tabs!! 😮 I will show you two sides of me: The Lazy Side and The Energetic Side!!

The Lazy 1

She’s too lazy to get up and drink water, if she’s so dehydrated, GET UP AND GET IT, Jumper!!

Hmmmm. *acts suprised* Will you get up and get it? “UGGGH!! No!! Get it plz!!”

Pretty Lazy!! Good thing Mews Rescued her. It’s in members only status and I’m a non-member!!

The Energetic Girl

If you think she’s wierd, she just wants to have fun!! She’s definitely into parties!! 😀

*in a portrait studio* Woman: Is she crazy!?!? Popular: You’re crazy!! I wanna have fun!!

she knew that woman was talking about her!!

Zoom Glitch

By Super Thunder:

See? I happened to log into Poptropica, and I can see more than the allowed screen!

Free Membeship?
Credit 2 fLyInGmAnGoZ
If u have a member account, do this:
First log out.
Click back.
You will have a poptropican, boy or girl.
The name will be UNKNOWN UNKNOWN or a random one.
You will be on a early acess island.

Star Ranking Glitch

By Brave Tomato

Me (left) and Friendly Axe (right). Please note the number of stars on the star thing.

I have a glitch for ya guys: when i go to stats and store, it shows my game star rank to be 5 stars, but when I go into a multiverse room, my star ranking is 4 stars! Did you see anything like this in your account?

Aqueduct Glitch

Brave Tomato (again): Ok, here is something else weird. You know how, in Mythology Island, you have to make the aqueduct flow for the sphinx? Well, right after I pushed a bridge, I ran like I would do across a bridge, and this is what I got:

At one point, it’s almost like I was standing on air. 😐

The Fiona/Valiant Glitch by Brave Tomato

There’s something strange… in Ghost Story Island. I mean, it’s a cutscene glitch at the very end of the Ghost Story quest, where Fiona is revealed to be a ghost and stuff. The cutscene goes along fine until Fiona shows up. And it seems like she’s a little excited for it.

Fiona? That’s not your smile. It has lips, not that cheesy… thing. The weirdness continues when Fiona walks over to Valiant. Her mouth is still moving, although she isn’t saying anything!

And that’s not the weirdest thing! The weirdest thing is that Fiona and Valiant DON’T disappear when they’re supposed to! I mean, I still got the medallion and everything, but they’re not supposed to be there!

I’ve already alerted this “erratic character behavior” to the report a bug thing two month ago. A woman named Cara, who works at customer service, probably, sent me an email wanting more details. I replied to her giving more details and the above screenshots. She was able to understand better and said that she was going to send the issue to the developers. As of July 2012, it’s been a month now, and it’s getting kinda annoying. I’ll just have to be patient.

If you have anymore glitches, comment!

377 thoughts on “Glitches Galore! :D

  1. I have an idea for a glitch: Randomizing your character’s hair and skin.
    To start doing the hair do ctrl shift h and u randomized your hair.
    To start doing the skin do ctrl shift s and u randomized your skin!

      • i have 2 1.(this works for girls only) buy prom princess put on the short red dress then put on the bottom part of the dress take it off you will have no legs have to complete twisted thicket first so go through the path the workers went through keep going till you are in the heart of the forest then find something red or white when you see one click the green shirt then click the red and whit thing you will get a rare helmet please put this on your blog its really awesome

    • I KNOW A GLITCHYTCHYTCHYTCHYTCHYYYYYY!. XD so I was on virus hunter island and I was in the pool. When I swam a little bit to the left, the unlocked lockers would open!!! LAWL!
      ~ Masterwizar1 (USEUSEUSERNAAAAAAME) :T

  2. Moonwalking!
    I don’t know how to do this yet but i’m learning! It’s when your poptropican walks without moving their feet.

  3. (i am new to this site)
    i have a glitch but it’s stuck on my account forever!!!
    now it’s called a power!
    the glitch makes all the ad souvenir thingies stay on your island inventory like forever!!! or a long long time!
    isn’t it cool? or it’s just waist of inventory space?
    the good thing is you can where it or use it again and again and again even the ad thing is done!

  4. i have a glitch but i don’t know how it happend and it’s stuck on my account forever,a glitch to keep your advirtisment stuff forever or for a long time

  5. I have a glitch: for some reason when I go in to multiplayer rooms, my star level is 4 stars, but when I go to Stats and Store, there are 5 stars! 😮

  6. once I entered the realality T.V thing and it said I won challenge 6 when I just started(I was going for 2 time winner)!
    Super Thunder: Maybe it’s because you left without finishing on a previous game, as that’s happened to me before too.

    • I Have Another Glitch. Actually I Have Two Glitches When I Play One Of The Challenges. The Contestants Were Afro Guys! and EVERY TIME WHEN A ROUND IS FINISHED I GO BACK TO THE START.

  7. in reality tv island when you vote someone off all the contestant’s torsos turn bright white then i was automatically voted off! how odd!!! 😀

  8. I have 2 accounts one has multiverse on it and one time I got one both accounts and went to multiverse 4 a while and when I left they were both my Chilly Dragon account

  9. If you go to Skullduggery island and get a wooden leg, customize the white chicken’s torso and you get one leg!!!

  10. I got a glich in the himalias on crypids island- i was stadiong in mid air on the climb after the wind blew me off and i acdently untied my carter, and the guid wasnt tied on yet.

    can i post pics on comnets…. i shall find out


  11. No offense, but the glitches above are really common. At least to me! 😉 The two-tab thing happens all the time, I think my computer is just too stupid to figure out that those are two different peeps. @knoxjournal: I got no idea how to post pics on comments either!! 😦

  12. Here is a list of freaky things that have happened to me on Poptropica at least twice:
    1. Reality TV: Busy Bobs mouth turns into a frown and stays there (like the mouth your person gets when their head pops off becuz they’re mad)
    2. Gotta log in again becuz MAH PERSON TURNS WHITE WITH UGLY BLACK HAIR!!
    Post more later gotta go now.

  13. At one time (the same time), me and two other people I know were stuck between rocks on Wild West Island (in Dos Cactos). The funny thing-we were on a horse!
    Another thing-same place-I was riding the horse, and all of a sudden, I went WAY down in the the ground 0.O.

  14. I HAVE A GLITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 here’s what to do: this is how you do emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 shft + ctrl + 1,2,3,4, or 5!!!!!!! each number has a different emotion! 1: laughing 😆 2: crying 😥 3: mad 👿 last but not least… 5: excited :mrgreen:

  15. I HAVE ANOTHER GLITCH! climb or slide down a rope, stop in the middle, get a costume that has a power, press spacebar and bwah-la! standing in the middle of the air

  16. ANOTHER GLITCH!!!!!!!! goto nabooti island, go in the museum, goto where the statue used to, jump on the platforms, jump and steer yourelf to the middle you’re standing in air now!

  17. I know a glitch!! I guess Counterfeit Island is the standing-on-nothing-island, because besides standing on air under the light (which BTW you can do any time :P), if you go into the coffee shop place, go onto the window that the guy who’s addicted to doing that game laptop is. Walk off the ledge a little ways. YOU CAN STAND ON AIR :D!

    • I don’t know if this is a glitch but when I did water squirters the competetors had no water squirters. Usually when I play that they have the squirters.

    • I exited soda shop and there was a person outside, the programed people, and one of them fell through the entrance to the sewer thing. Me: Ok you can fall in sewage if you want :/

  18. I have two glitches.One is when i made myself big on mythology island at poisedens bay when i wanted to go normal under some places there it only showed some all none of me if i stood still.My second one is I have two of each on here at crptids island.

  19. Has anyone ever went on Cryptids island and when you were in bed with a sick smile because some woman made your kite go on flames and the old guy (forgot his name) saved you. I got out of bed and got my smile back, but when I logged out and logged back in, I got the sick smile, so now i’m stuck with this look that sort of looks like I wanna throw up. That was a HORRIBLE glitch. I still have that sick smile. Does anyone know how to change your mouth in poptropica???

      • One time I logged on and I suddenly had this weird mouth that looked some thing like this:
        /\ /
        / \ /
        / \/

      • That sick mouth thing happened to my Magic Leopard account. It happend who knows how many months ago and its still theire! I tried costumizing with a charector, but when I left costumizer, it was back to sick mouth.

      • …I’ve been playing Poptropica for 2 years now.I’ve got 4 pages of “bought stuff”.I know very well how to use a costumizer.Is it wrong to comment on a random glitch that happened to me?!

        P.S.I changed my mouth almost immediately after I saw it.

      • bashfulbones, I “BOUGHT THINGS”. like I said, tryed to costomize, went right back to sick mouth.

  20. anyways i have another glitch. here’s how to do it:
    1.Go to Early Poptropica
    2. Go to the old part of it
    3. Climb down the rope to the well, BUT DO NOT click “Go Down”
    4. You’re stuck in a well! XD

    • I have one to, Its sorta like yours

      Go to early poptrpoica
      Act like your going in da hole
      right when your poptrpican get in jump in an out a few times then your stuck

      When da people come make dem look down

  21. I got a glitch and its called The Pitcher of Black Juice.

    1. Go to 24 Carrot Island
    2. Go inside the Carrot Diner
    3. Go to the drinks
    4. Select black
    5. Click drink
    6. While you are drinking, press ctrl + shift + s
    7. Your mouse will become a swirl
    8. Log out
    9. Re-enter your account
    10. You will be holding the black juice!

    I bet some of you wanted the pitcher of black juice so follow the steps and you will get it!

  22. I got a glitch and its called Holding The Glass!

    Note: you must have Spy Island not done. If its finished for you, restart the island if you want the glass.

    1. Go to Spy Island
    2. Go right
    3. Go inside the B.a.d. Bistro
    4. Go talk the chef
    5. Get the job
    6. Wear the chef hat
    7. Talk to the guy who is talking
    8. He will give u a glass
    9. Take off your chef hat
    10. Go to the kitchen
    11. Go through the air duck
    12. Sneak past the agent on the lamps
    13. After you at the door, put on your chef hat
    14. Walk out
    15. You will be holding the glass!

    You can either the pitcher of black juice (glitch from Prickly Dolphin) or the glass (from me)

  23. OMG! I found out how to moon walk 😮 here’s how
    1. You need the robot dance thing from money ladder
    2. Equip it
    3. Jump and press the spacebar
    4. Once you land on the ground, go left or right
    5. You’re moon walking!

  24. I have a cool glitch where you can have duplicates of items in your inventory.
    First, log into your acount. Then, go into your inventory. Then, click store items alot of times and then stop. You should have duplicates of items!

    *Note:It may take a couple of times before it happens.*

  25. Ok Go on counterfeit,and go in the Internet Cafe. Go in there and you will see a laptop. Jump like your going to jump on the laptop. now take a baby step- your standing in thin air-It really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hey guys, I don’t know if this happens to you, but I was putting on my cheerleader outfit and this guy with black granny hair and a black face with twitchy eyes and a black shirt and UUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYY black pants was RIGHT where MY CHEERLEADEr was ‘supposed to be.

  27. I ahev a really cool glitch!!! Get a peg-leg. Customize the Paper Girl/Boy and get the middle part. YOU NOW HAVE SOMEHOW LOST A FOOT :D!!!!!

    Another glitch: Get a peg leg. Get any shirt that covers your whole body. YOU NOW HAVE ONLY ONE LEG :D!!!!!

  28. I do not know if this happened 2 u

    I was on reality TV and i lost on totom hop and slim slam and peperoni face ( BUSY BOB) were still there they were going down at da same time and right in da middle of da air they start dancing on da totoms + iwas like swimming underneth da totom

  29. on Super power island I was in the water with the flying thingy turned on and when I got out I flew UNDER the part you walk on.When I let go, my Poptropica character fell under the part you can see.It was WEIRD!!!

  30. okay, just now I tried to get in party time tower in Time Tangled Island, and it went back to Poptropica log-in page.I want back, and I was logged in as a newbie called red lizard or something

  31. If you finish Red Dragon: before you cut Jack and Annie loose, customize yourself out of a ninja, and whatever ninja tool you were holding while you were a ninja stays with you! I don’t know if this works for everyone but it worked the first and second time I completed the island! XD

      • I still have them. Well, I have the costume collector and I saved the costumes. But that was on my character Popular Rock. I use Silver Moon now.

        You know ShyFire/BB, I made a Jeanette costume (Even Hazy Girl did), Hazy Girl made a Eleanor costume (also shinykid did one), and I did a Britney Costumes. Jeanette, Eleanor, and Britney are the chipettes. Go to the Outfits/Costumes page and scroll until you find the three costumes that me, Hazy Girl, and shinykid did.

        I had a glitch when I used Hades’ Crown, made myself big, then took off the crown. Then I put it back on and then I used poseidon’s trident. I pressed the spacebar and when I press the spacebar again, I will invisable. But when I go into my inventory, my character was back to normal. This glitch might not happens all the time but it will happen sometimes.

  32. I’m not from that website…….Whoa I didn’t even know there were 2 Fierce Moons! XD, but I have completed all of the islands! But sadly I’m not a member…. sucks for me! 😀

  33. I hhhhave a cool glitch!

    I finished nabooti and i bought the shrink gun or ray then i logout, now i loged in and then i ended up on kaya forests and i saw the gems i placed! i still got the gun and i also have 50 creds (it was 200 before bought the gun 🙂 ) And then it shows that i havent still got the medal but i already got it! i completed it again and i got more creds!!!! This is true! 100% =]

  34. also on couterfit island if you grt the tickets without being asked by the guy on the laptop,and you click use next to him, your charcter says “these might belong to HER but SHE seems to be hypnotised by that game right now”

    • I know that one also. The person is a GUY not a GIRL. I know you found the tickets and your character says these might belong to HER but SHE seems to be hypnotised by that game right now”. I think I know why your character said her and she. Long ago, the creators released a trailer of counterfelt island and in the coffee shop, there was a girl there and not a guy.

  35. Hey People, yes you people, come here. I had a glitch. When I was Spy Island and inside the Spy Glasses Store where the spy gadgets are, I clicked on a gadget and I ran and ran and the doctor was chasing me! I kept running around and around and I clicked on another gadget and I ran and ran and I found down to the next floor and same with the doctor. Note: I wasn’t wearing the grappling bow. Who had this glitch before? I did!!!!! today!!!

  36. Prickly Srsly no offence but the doctor will talk to u! thts no glitch but lol two doctors? (if you saw 2 docs then THT is a glitch but hes chasing you because he wants to speak w/u K?


  38. another glitch. i was playing ghost story island and my computer somtimes like rewinds the game so it took my gagets away and sailed back to the hemlock place and the boat was gone then i was standing on water!!!!!! its soooo cool

    • Once when I FIRST completed ghost story island I played the violin when Fiona and the other guy was still at the grave yard and it said I completed ghost story island 6 more times XD so it pretty much says that I completed it more than captain think noodles even though I completed it once! So I have 7 ghost story meddles. And it is permanent!!!!!!! So if Fiona and that guy who visited the grave is still there try playing the violin and you just MIGHT complete the island again without working for it. XD
      ~Massive Sky—–> Masterwizar1
      ~Buddy me

    • Sliding? OMZ, I so jealous of you people and these cool glitches that you’re getting!! I don’t know whether to put a mad emoticon or a really big grin emoticon! Did you know that the first one was 🙂 ?

      • O.K., that didn’t workout, so….. I’ll put a space between each one. Did you know that it’s 30 yrs old?! : – )

  39. I have a glitch, in astroknights I went above the crop circle inn, on the roof of the door of it i was spacing out! or spazzing out! or watevahs!! (spacing out OR spazzing out or WATEVER is like shaking up and down continously -i spelled it wrong- in an wierd manner!) ???

  40. -My post woohohooohoo (or comment)-
    1.costume collecter is gone!!! D:

    1.I recently found out that there was super many codes for the nabooti cellphone cheat! but it was fixed!!! :O i wish they NEVER fixed it!!

  41. another glitch………. -I am flooding this page lawl-

    at the pop shop i wanted to costumize a player that was exactly in front of the door then i did but in the cosstumizer i saw a ugly boy with an afro (the very small one without dances) with pale skin, white sando and black shorts! and if i put my cursor on his eyes his pupils is there and lines appears vertically horizontally and over and over again (the lines that appear when you close your eyes) and it happened to me many times!!!

  42. another glitch………… -LAWL-

    i was invited to a skydive and the i was clicking the start button but it cant ‘coz it was glitching put of the poptropica screen, the when i finally clicked it , it started and when it said go i clicked but the go was still there and we wont jump the in a matter of seconds we teleported a little space down (the screen didnt move) and it showed the wierd guy with an afro AGAIN (both of us became that boy) and we was like knockout’ed and it showed it was a draw! but in the next round it was all ok 🙂

  43. um… super thunder on the extra screen glitch i have that too . its just the screen zooming in.
    sorry if i bursted your bubble. :c then again if you were in a bubble you probobly would want out so bursting it is sort of a good idea!

  44. This glitch is really cool!!!!!!!!!!! You HAVE to try it!

    1) Go onto S.O.S. island (the glitch only happens at the cut-scene in the beginning of the island, so you might have to restart the island)
    2)See the moving lifeboat? Go on and don’t fall off.
    3)Wait until you and the lifeboat go off screen.
    4)Now make sure you cursor is blue, and run back on screen.
    5)You’ll be standing on water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  45. You HAVE to try this glitch!

    1)Go to S.O.S. island (this glitch only works at the cut scene in the begining of the island, so you might have to restart the island).
    2)See the moving lifeboat? Get on it and don’t fall off.
    3)Wait until you and the boat go off screen.
    4)Make sure your cursor is blue, and get back on screen.
    5)You’ll be STANDING ON WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • OH OH OH on this new island where u can preview other people’s created island I saw this thing that had an elephant trunk (I gonna FLOOD this page) and it had no arms and legs and it had the eyelids pointing in mad mode and it was sitting on a tree branch….. Me: “…….Ok……” Then when I went to a few other places (same place) I saw another animal. Moving allllllllll normal! THEN THE NEXT SCENE…………………….. IT WAS FROZEN IN THE GROUND NOT MOVING WITH THE WEIRD ANIMAL I SAW IN THE SCENE BEFORE IN THE SKY!!! O_O
      And whenever I saw other animals and went to the next scene it would do the same thing but added all the animals together. Example (Had the trunk animal with no legs with the next animal. then on the next scene it had another animal so on the scene after that it added THAT animal.) See where I am going with this? I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!
      ~Massive sky ————–> Masterwizar1
      P.S ~they were ALL frozen not moving :O

  46. In astro knights island the saleswoman was : black afro floating, head a few inches away from the body, and body ,well, normal. In rtv my poptropican wouldn’t move her arm it was like this: —–O

  47. Once in Spy Island I saw this guy that was already bald and then he got hit by the laser and said this: What happened? I am BAAAAAAAAAALD! Also if you customized a person who was hit by the laser they still have hair.

  48. hey there was this thing on astro knights island and it was a glitch
    it was like the poptropican that was talking about how great the guide was and then sauddenly the head and hair moved postion and the body was walking around without a head or hair!

    and the hair wasnt on the hair and the head wasnt ont he body it was so weird but alos funny LOL

  49. I FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO THE SPILT SCREEN THINGEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    When you go on Poptropica, BEFORE you log in, press ctrl and +. This usually zooms in. Instead, it’ll do something really cool: it’ll show the thing where you choose a game in Multiverse rooms, say ‘choose your character’, show two little white boxes, and show the logout thingey. move over and log in. Ta da! It’s the split screen thingey!
    And if you go to SOS Island and go all the way to the side, you can jump off the water :o!

    • You saved me! I was having the split screen thingy naturally, and I wanted it gone. So I did your post kinda in the opposite way, where instead of doing ctrl + I did ctrl -. Thank you!!!!



    • Well, it’s a glitch on a computer…..
      It is pretty rare. There’s no controls or anything like that. It’s a COMPUTER glitch! 😀

  52. Jumping on water:Go into Early Poptropica to the well(I know you can do it here I haven’t checked other places)go to the water and click up and hold it down(Or up)It looks weird.I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not.

  53. This weird freaky thing happened.You know how on Home on the bottom the last picture was for SOS and when you click on it you go there?Well,I clicked on it and the thing where 2(or 3) people are leaving on a small boat at the beginning happened though I already finished the island.I went right and on that thing in the middle it looked like I was already there,going left.I accidentally went left and then it went back to the Poptropica home page!Then,I logged back in and I was floating in MID-AIR.Click right or left and it looks like you’re running or walking,but you don’t go anywhere.When you go up the screen sorta shakes and you go up.I logged out then logged back in and everything was back to normal.What scared me was that I was watching Ghost Hunters at the time and got all scared-up.Has this ever happened to you?Please reply!And sorry for making a whole PARAGRAPH.

      • try this!go to the website and your at free membership do your username and do your amout of money is 90000 then ativate it and you will get this web site under line it only the website!and open link then you will have to log out and you are a free member!

  54. standing on rope glitch:go near the top on your blimp rope, press ctrl shift 1, ctrl shift 2, or ctrl shift 3. it really works!

  55. I have a funny glitch.If Poptropica is being slow,go to the store and scroll through the costumes really quickly.If you do it right,the costume parts will be mixed up!TRY IT!!!
    P.S.What is the funniest costume mix-up that you saw?Mine was the Giant Hamburger body with the Steamworks Robot head holding a sword.:P

  56. Another glitch!Press ctrl+shift+3,then when your face starts turning red press ctrl+shift+2 then ctrl+shift+1.Your Poptropican’s face will be red or orange and their eyelashes will be upside down!

  57. Okay, heads up with this! Once I was play totem hop on Reality Tv Island, the Black Widow was about to fall in the water, when the screen froze and the Black Widow and Sickly Skull started dancing! Then I went downstairs for five minutes, then when I came back up, I saw Sickly Skull digging with a shovel! Really? She’s on a totem pole! It’s either my computer i used before was old, or it was my imagination. :/

  58. i have a glitch when you have the mythology island costume that makes you big and electryfied when you double click spacebar you will be big and nonelectryfied or tiny and electryfied + if you chance from big to normal while jumping you will get a extra distance

  59. There’s sometimes a glitch in the Totem Hop Game in Reality TV Island. All the players look alike and can’t jump or move.

    • I have a hilarious glitch (doing it right now 8:46 PM). I am on the reality TV helicopter where the moving thing is. it is SPINNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!! I am on top of it and ur character is crying while rapidly spinning!!!! HILARIOUUUUUUS! GOTTA TRY IT 😀

  60. hypnotic glitch: go to early poptropica. go to the place with the big buildings. Go to the green building. go to the fourth window rows. then click on the window with the flower in it. you will get hypnotic.

  61. There’s a glitch on Counterfeit Island that makes you go through walls. Get a yellow balloon from the store and then go down the underground tunnels. Just as your nearing a wall, jump and then you’ll go right through it. So funny xD

  62. i have a glitch: if you go to gameshow and go up to the girl with the umbrella in the beggining, and you shoot her with the shrink ray from the store, she doesnt shrink: she becomes flat!!!

  63. also, if u go 2 sos island and go into the water and swim near the advertisement, u go under the water, and if u have the seeing where ur not supposed to see thing, youll see a dude standing in the water with his legs not in the water!

    • Dose the dude have actual shoes brown pants black glasses brown hair and a black skull shirt? Cause if It is I have him too and I see him at every island

    • i tried doing that but went a little more to the right and got my character to jump down and swim to the save button but i went to far down and couldn’t see my self when i was visible again i found myself in STEAMWORKS ISLAND next to the non-stop summer ad

  64. I played SVI once and in Binary Bard’s dream, before i used the stopwatch, i just ran straight through the door and I got to the other side. o.O

  65. well, at stemwork island,go to mayor crumb`s office.tallk to spocket, and he will show a hologrem of a mayor crumb.jump on a ladder before he show you the hologrem. look! the hologrem will float in the air!

  66. would this be a glitch? poptropica says that i am a boy in the store and im a girl. it is getting annoying but on different computers it may not do it and i dont know why

  67. there’s a glitch where you go to time tangled and when you try to customize a store item there (you cant copy it) it works it takes hours to do it its the hardest glitch. i got the lightning knight costume, its real i swear to god my username is m.der3

  68. so here’s a glich in great big pumpkin once you are done picking the right pumpkin don’t do any thing to your pumpkin ok!jump over your pumpkin go to the big log and go under it then you will be stuck but it’s ok find your way up this woldent damage your poptropican!:D

  69. i am from canada!now listing up!my friends from my school is my friend Emma her usrname of here poptropican is:emma.b22 buy thanks for reading:)

  70. hey guys try the poptropica ads transporter it will take you to some old ads and try poptropica ads transporter 2 it will take you to the ads you missed!buy from zippy bean oh P.S my potropican’s real name nver mind!:S

  71. If you use Poseidon’s trident while standing next to Poseidon on Mythology island,you will become invisible when you try to use it again.

  72. That seeing more of the screen than allowed thing and all the Fiona things happened to me! With the screen, it`s still going on and it happened abut a year ago. But on the bright side, at least you can see whats going to happen when somthing bad id going to happen to your charector. On poptropilous games, being able to see below the allowed screen, kind of a spoiler alert about who won.its weird but handy.

  73. sorry about some of MY glitches, I mean about and is. LOL. BTW if you want to be a member, the price for a 6 moth membership isn`t that much. My aunt and nanny (grandmother) bought me a membership for Christmas.

  74. First, you make another tab besides poptropica. When you go to Reality TV island, and you take the plane to go to the island, before you go all the way to the sky, go to another tab. When you go back to poptropica’s tab, your poptropica is hovering in mid air, shocked!

  75. Once I was at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory island, and when I knocked at the door of Charlie`s house, when the grndparents show up in the window, usually they hide after like 2 seconds, but this time they stayed. I went back on the island the next day, they were still their! Either their is something really wrong with my computer, of i`m just nuts. Probebly both.

  76. I have another glitch! Once I was putting on that fairy qween costume, and I had the gown on when i was costomizing, but when I went to my game, the gown was gone! It was replaced by a pair of black shorts.

  77. I know a glitch click ctrl alt shift p and you get a pupmkin hat click it again then it will desapear and a promo code wimpy2012 and skullbook and thank you.

  78. Once in the poptropica store all of the costumes were all wierd and their was a sword, cheerleader skirt,pirate hat, biker shirt, and sunglasses

  79. Go into Early Poptropica, down to the maze where you need the glow stick, and go and fiddle with Poptropica Friends. Then you return to the game and there’s no glow stick but still light!

  80. on super power island when i completed the island and just roamed around i pushed space bar to make my wings flap and all the sudden i was flying and i couldn’t see myself anymore until i pushed the space bar again.i know i didn’t touch the mouse otherwise i would have heard something

  81. Okay,I think I found a glitch while I was using the Despicable me guns ( it came out! Yayz!)
    So anyway,I used all of the weapons ( Freeze ray gun turns someone into ice, Lipstick Taser electricutes you, and Fart gun sends people flying back ) so I’m using all of them, and then after I’m done, Fart particles fly in the air and the old superhero guy I was using all of the weapons on still had the electric shock still on him. Creepy, but awesome!

  82. Hey I’ve got THE BEST glitch/cheat! You know how on 24 Carrot you can use the ‘black juice’ cheat, well, if you go on Mystery Train, and reset the island, then complete the island until you get up to the bit where you dress like a porter (Mystery Train Guide here: When you go in Telsa’s cabin and pick up the prune juice (don’t click on Telsa or the cheat won’t work!) press
    ctrl + shift + s, (and keep clicking it until your skin turns normal again) then exit the room and you’re holding a glass of MILK! (or white juice, but who cares?)

  83. I don’t know if this glitch will work on your account, but I’ll tell you anyway.
    So I was making an account to be my Poptropican’s mom (it’s a long story) and I wanted to change her hair color. So I went to “new and improved” (bleh) 24 Carrot Island. I had complaints as soon as I got there, but let’s get on with the story. So anyway I got the color right and clicked “Drink”. She drank it, and her hair color changed as usual. Then, even though she was done drinking, her eyes stayed closed and her mouth was a little circle!!! It stayed that way too even when I changed islands! Finally I figured out that I could do Randomize and she would be back to normal. But still…. it was creepy. And it is a pretty cool glitch for anyone who wants closed eyes!

    • When you’re logging in, did you leave your Poptropican on an Updated Island? If you’re using Internet Explorer, and you go to an Updated Island, then Return To Game, it will send you back to the home screen to log in again.

  84. hey i have a glitch. it wont let me go to scotland on crypteds. it dont even show up. plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. weird glitch on SOS island when you go rescue the guy in the freezer!
    Once you get him down to where you thaw him, (by the oven) stand on the block of ice as its melting. When its completely gone your standing on air!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. I’m not sure if this is a glitch, but i was just on red dragon island and after the sumo wrestler crosses the bridge I went down to catch the kappa. The people who were up on the bridge are now in the water. Again I’m not sure this is a glitch I just found it a bit strange:)

  87. You can steal a laser gun from the common room in “Wimpy Boardwalk.” Here’s how:

    1. Go into the common room in Wimpy Boardwalk.
    2. Take a laser gun- green or red, you choose- and make your Poptropican pick it up.
    3. Stay in the common room, but log out.
    4. Log back in.
    5. You’ll be outside of the common room, but you’ll still have your laser gun!

  88. Ok. Here a glitch I found. When I went onto Time Tangled it said I never finished the island. So I went onto my friend list and looked for my medallion box thingy, and it was the first box on there!!! So I’m confused, it still says I finished the island, and it says I didn’t finish the island. Which is weird. I wonder if that happened with all the SUI islands… 😕

    • Well you did finish the island, just not the updated version. It does that to others too, not just you 😉

      PS: I’m trying to go through comments, even if they’re old, and reply what answers I can to questions.

    • Are you playing on any Updated Islands? If you are, and you’re using Internet Explorer, then you do need to use a different browser, which seems to help everyone with this problem (Including me). I use Opera, and it works really well with the updated Islands.

  89. The Going on 2 islands glitch happened to me once. On Spotted Monster, I was trying to finish Red Dragon, and on the other tab, I had Icy Sky. Then I went back to Spotted Monster and there was Icy Sky, holding the throwing star, which is now saved to my pictures. Ps:on Icy Sky, I haven’t even gotten close to how far I am on Red Dragon on Spotted Monster

  90. I have a glitch!

    1.Earn Hade’s Crown and Poseidon’s Trident.
    2.Jump on to any rope.
    3.Wear the Crown and Trident.
    4.Press SPACE while on the rope.
    5.Press SPACE again.
    6.Get off the rope.

    You will be an electric poptropican!

    • Oh wait,you can do this anywhere!Just press SPACEBAR 2 times really fast u will be a giant but no electricity on u but when u turn normal,like i said…ELECTRIC POPTROPICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. If you have the apple beez apple costume get the hand-held apples jump and click space bar while in mid air keep tapping space bar and you will fly!

    • i have a glitch ok
      1.go to early poptropica
      2.go to the towers
      3.put your jetpack on
      4. then fly above the power lines and fly down then fly left or right quickly you will start to spin
      hope u like i found it myself

  92. On Mythology Island, I told Hercules about the mirror, but before he finished talking I used the mirror, and now I can’t progress in the island. I wouldn’t recommend trying that glitch…

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