Wimpy Wonderland Island Guide

Wimpy Wonderland Island Guide written by Super Thunder

Ok, I know I’ve taken a very long time, but this island can be a bit hard at some points. Here it is:

Go to Wimpy Wonderland if you’re not already there. Now, talk to Greg. Oh no! Manny’s gone! Go home with him to look for clues.  Go up, and go into the parent’s room (which is the upstairs room on the right-hand side). You’ll have to get the agenda right here:

Now go left, into Greg’s room. You’ll get a journal from his sheet. It’s lying right on the floor. This is what it says:

Go into Manny’s room, and walk across it.  Jump on his nightstand, and exit the room using the window. Go left, and Rowley will be standing there. Talk to him. He’ll say that his Rumble Bike is gone, and just with perfect timing, Manny will come riding the bike down the hill. He’ll slam into you, and then continue going down. So go right, and in front of the Fast Market, near the teenagers, you’ll find the rumble bike. Get it.

Go right and Manny will be right there. Chase him up the tree. He’ll jump down, and you’ll see a carrot lying on the ground. Get it.  Go right now, and go to the school, and he’ll jump up. He’ll do a jump that a Poptropican can’t do. Go right, and find a trash can. Push in onto the seesaw, just like this:

So now climb up the tree, get the scrap of paper, and jump off. If you did it with perfect timing, the trash can should have jumped up, and if you did, push it under the window. Go into the school. Chase Manny, but he’ll escape, like always. Find the click-able locker.

In it, put the combo of  9-37-15. Once it opens, get the Twisted Wizard Game Guide. Exit the school through the door at the bottom. Go to Greg’s house. Give him the Game Guide. He’ll beat the game and he’ll give you the game to give to Rowley. On the way, you’ll see a snowman. Use your carrot. Rowley will be sitting in his bed, so you can see him through the window. He’ll tell you not to jump on his dad’s car. Jump on the car xD. The alarm will sound, and you’ll have to hide in the bushes.

When the dad is with his back turned, go in the house. You’ll give Rowley the game, and he’ll give you a Joshie Membership Fan Club Card. Go out, and go to Greg’s house. Use the Card to go into the wash room. Find the power panel, and switch off Rodrick’s room power. Rodrick will leave, and you can go into the garage. Get the Leaf Blower.

Go to the snowman, and use the Leaf Blower. You will blow away all the snow, revealing a kid! He’ll give you a Bingo Troll and tell you that he tried to build a snowman from the inside out. Now go to the Leisure Towers and find apartment 33C. You’ll have to go up and avoid the old people, and the stuff they through at you. Go inside apartment 33C and talk to  Grandpa. He’ll tell you where Manny went through lunch. Click very fast, or else you’ll through up the Watercress salad. After you get it, you’ll see the camera and find out Manny is outside! Go left, to the elevator, and go to the Lobby. Go right, once outside, and you’ll encounter the Whirley Street Kids!

They’re gonna pelt you with snowballs, typical Whirley Street Teenager activity. Manage to go a little into the snowball fight, and get the shovel. Now go left, and go to Greg’s house. Go into Rodrick’s room, and get the Sweaty Dog dish.

Go to Gramma Heffley’s house, and on her driveway, use the shovel. Clean it in time. Then Gramma Heffley will leave for BINGO. Go to Leisure Towers, and play BINGO. You can play multiple cards at once. Once you win, you’ll receive a Musical CD. Go to the Fast Mart and use the CD. Turn the volume all the way up, to get rid of the teenagers.

The teenagers will go away and you will get No Freez Wiper Fluid! Go to the guy having trouble at the main street and use it. Pour the Fluid to Sweaty’s dish, and pour that into the cup. Now pour more Fluid into Sweaty’s dish. Voila! 4 liters! Now go to Greg’s house and he’ll be playing video games. Again. Open the curtains, and Greg will snap out of it. He’ll tell you to find Tingy, Manny’s blanket.If you can find Tingy, you can find Manny

Exit the house. A truck comes. And Manny is in it! Run after him, and find him in the Laundromat. He’ll be with Tingy. Now you’ll have to face the Whirley Street kids! Push the snowball, and it’ll knock them off their feet. Now you get to sled home!

You’ll get home, and Mom will arrive! Yay, you’ve finished!

102 thoughts on “Wimpy Wonderland Island Guide

  1. hahahaha my game had a glich- the combo was 9-37-37 XD ik its sosto be 9-37-15, but it didnt exspt it, so i wentt around slowly nad it stoped me at 37 for the last muber

      • Hey! me too 🙂 but it automatically went to 9-37-16 🙂 it was kinday weird

      • For me it glitched, but for me it wouldn’t work on 15, so I spun it again and back around to 15, and it worked 😛

  2. Here is what they say in order (on any other floor then 33)
    Go away!
    Not intersted!
    Go sell your cookies somewere else!
    You must have the wrong place!
    Take a hike kid!

    they r are so rude! At lest grampa Jelffly says: Come in! :3

  3. o i forgot one of the things ppl say if you knoick on there door on any floor but 33 heeres the list:
    Go away!
    Not intrested!
    Go sell your cookies somewere else!
    Hey! No kids alowed here!
    Take a hike kid!

  4. :C When I got the twisted Wizards game It only says “EXAMINE” And never “USE”. Grrrrrrrrrrrr…….. How come when members play it says “USE”? Members have all the fun. :CC

  5. i cant get inside the house to give rowley the game? I jump on the car then hide in the bush then i click on the door when the dads outside and nothing happens…

  6. When i click go up at leisure towers this is hat my character keeps saying:
    I don’t know anyone who lives up there.

  7. OMG.thats really mean to say members have all the fun.Im a member and i don’t get early acess! This island i’ve already finished but i onle got 50 credits.Eating the waterstuff salad is easy if you have a quick finger.that sounded really stupid,didn’t it?:)

    • Get in the school by putting the trash can on the see saw ( he thing that goes up and down) on the left side Climb up the tree as high as you can and jump down onto the other side of the see saw. In the tree you make have noticed a piece of paper. so you receive the paper. anyway, once the trashcan is on the school wall push the trash can until you reach the window manny jumped in. jump onto the trash can and jump to the window. ur in the school ( hope this helped.)

  8. How do you get into the lessiure tower my guy sais hello can i come in but the directory box sais i cant come in

    • Ohh, You go into the school, get the guide, Go to Greg, Examine it, click T.V. Click Wizard. BOOM!

      Hope This Helped 🙂

  9. Do you have to complete the game for Greg (when you give him the Twisted Wizard game guide)? Because the allows me to only play the game and win the level for him. And the game is very hard. Please help me! BTW, add me if you wish; my username is shin3j.

    • Wait, OMG. I’m such a noob. I just had to click on the wizard (on the start of the screen). LOL. If your stuck like me, I hope it helped,-,meanwhile, i really have to fix my noobness…

  10. If anyone has a problem with Grandpa Heffley’s salad game here’s a glitch start the salad game and go to a new tab then wait until the salad bowl get’s empty even your stomach is empty this is a pretty wierd glitch i dont know if it will work for you? just try it

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