Episode 1


“Oh, no don’t tell me you’re Archeologists!” “You’ve got a probl-,” the screen shut off, and the friends all moaned. “Come on Merv, it’s a two parter!” begged Spotted Dragon. “You guys know the rules, and the shop closed 10 minutes ago. Watch it tomorrow, go.” Merv, the store Manager, a 30-year old video game junkie and athlete flunky.

So the friends decided to try the classic style: Annoyance. “MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERV PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE??” They all begged at once. “OUT OR NOT AGAIN AT ALL!” Merv shouted, louder than the kids had ever heard him get. *Excuse me, we’re not “Kids”, we’re TWEENS!* Well, sorry. Merv shouted louder than the TWEENS had ever heard him get. Better BC? *Thank you darling, buh-bye.*

So the TWEENS left the TV store, and headed to the Treehouse. It was right in between everyone’s house (Except for Bony Catfish’s of course, her mansion was on Time Tangled Island) *NAMELESS* What now? *You know it’s not Bony Catfish anymore. It’s Blonde Catfish* That doesn’t make sense, you aren’t even blonde! *Ah hem* Magic word? *Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious Poptropican* Thank you.

So they all left the TV Shop and headed for the Treehouse. While they were walking, Spotted Dragon began her usual conversation. “What if we all got our own blimp?” “We are too young and we are not getting a blimp what would your mother say” said everyone but BC in unison. “COME ON!” and this is how the conversation usually goes.

But for once, it changed.

“You guys are always saying no one takes us seriously! If we got a blimp, EVERYONE in school would take us seriously!” For once, SD made a point with this blimp talk. “Wait…” said Lucky, the only guy in the group. “She does have a point, I mean think about it, look at BC. BC reached in her purse and pulled out a mirror, watching her reflection in it. “Okay, I know we all love looking at me, but you guys don’t normally say it out LOUD.” BC rolled her eyes, and Lucky looked away from her. “Not what I meant, but okay. She’s like, THE most popular person at the PopSchool, and SHE has a blimp. The whole FOOTBALL team asked her out when she got it! I mean, those cheerleaders liked it too 😉 😉 ” “Lucky, stop,” said Magic Fire, the brainy one. “We don’t need a blimp to be popular. We can’t afford it, and all that anyways. I have a test in the morning, so bye.”

Magic ran ahead of them towards the Treehouse, which was coming into view. “That girl is nuts, I mean come on, tomorrow is Saturday. We aren’t that stupid.” Spotted Dragon pointed out. “I have a test tomorrow too…” said Snowy Icicle. She’s the youngest of the friends, and rather quiet. Always blending in. “It’s for the Music Groups.” I should go practice too, I have to be ready for Ear Training.” And SI was following towards MF.

“Wait Snowy!” shouted Lucky, loud enough to wake up all of the already sleeping Poptropicans. “What?!” she shouted back. “Tomorrow is Saturday the 17th!?” “YEAH NOW GO PRACTICE GUITAR DUH!” and Lucky ran in suit. “Stupid boys, they never remember anything other than old guys who played home runs and whatever.” “Um, yeah… Well, bye BC!” And then everyone was gone.


“They SHOULD get a blimp, they would sail away, and who knows if they’ll return… This needs to happen, soon. Ooh, Banana Splits is on!” said the unknown voice, and night came.

The next morning, Lucky, Magic, Snowy, and Spotted Dragon met at the Treehouse. “You have music class this year too SD?”, asked Lucky. “No, I just came to support my friends 🙂 I asked BC if she was coming, all she said was something about a massage and a shopping spree, so she’ll probably be on Night Watch.” SD replied, and then added “Must be nice to leave Reality TV Island every once in a while huh?” “Yeah. I’d LOVE to actually walk around Night Watch Island without my mom and my brother.” said Lucky. “She always makes me ride the pickle, and he always video tapes it. How am I supposed to make it to High School if that happens all the time?”

“Hah, you only go to Night Watch every 2 months Lucky, it’s not that bad.” Magic told him. “Are you kidding me? With the free Magazine Maker, the Hat Knitter, and the Super Sale they have going for summer, my mom has been up there practically every other day! This is the only break I get! And, my brother isn’t coming either :)” “Wait so your mom isn’t coming?” asked Snowy. “Nope!” Lucky shouted and did a skip or something. Um, yeah… “Lucky, this is the first year your mom won’t have come right?” SD asked. “Yep, and that means I might actually do well without her shouting ‘That’s my son! Yeah! Do great baby!'” Lucky said with a super squeaky voice.

“Okay… Is your mom like, addicted to Night Watch Island now? She’s never missed this before.” Magic asked. “Guys, stop. Seriously, I’m only in stupid PopSchool for 3 more years. After that, I’m FREE. I never have to stay on this stupid little Island again. You of all people should agree SD. Come on… We’re gonna be late.” Lucky replied, getting angry. They began walking to the school, which is on the far right side of Reality TV Island, past the Stores. They passed the grocery store, and everyone got some donuts except for Lucky, who kept on walking.

“I wonder what’s got him so mad… Maybe he lost time to study last night when he broke a string?” Snowy asked, as the girls followed in his direction, keeping their distance. “Maybe it’s girl trouble?” asked Spotted. “I don’t know, let’s just leave him alone and let him cool down, I didn’t talk to him at all after we broke out at the treehouse, why are you guys going on about it, seriously he’s our friend give him space, he’s just our FRIEND.” Magic said quickly, without breathing. SD and SI looked at each other, wondering what had their friends acting so strange. When they looked back up, they had to be quick so they wouldn’t run over Lucky. He was staring in the TV Store window.

“Lucky you were just going on about how late we’re going to be, what are you doing?” Spotted Dragon asked, and then she turned and began to stare too. “Guys what is the big DEAL? Test remember?! You know, kind of decides where we are for the rest of our LIVES?!” MF began lecturing them on the tests and school, when Snowy looked up too. She saw what they were staring at. A blimp. A golden yellow blimp with Poptropica written right across it. That’s the most expensive model of a Poptropica Blimp you can buy. WHY DID MERV HAVE IT THEN!?

Lucky, SD, Magic, and Snowy all walked in the TV Store, and MF had no words to say about schedules and school. She couldn’t do or say anything other than stare at the sign Merv had just put up.


Spotted Dragon was the first to speak. “Merv, are you gimmicking people?” “No of course not! I made a deal with the Blimp Company, and they gave me this Blimp for business, as long as I play their ads and jingle for the next 17 years. That reminds me.” Merv walked behind the counter and pulled out an old fashioned boom box, which began blaring the Blimp Company theme rather loudly. “Merv! Merv! DUDE CAN YOU STOP!?” shouted Lucky, attempting to plug his ears. After the tune ended, the first few notes played, when Merv quickly shut the boom box off. “Oops.” Merv said apologetically. “I’m not coming in here for 17 years of that man…” Lucky said rubbing his ears. Wait… Poptropicans have ears? Let’s just go with yeah… “17 and a HALF” Merv corrected. “But don’t worry, I’ll be getting a speaker system built in, so it’s not just people at the counter who hear it.” Merv informed them.

“Does that mean the Raffle isn’t for 17 more, 17 and a half more years?” Snowy asked. “Of course not! It’s in 3 months, right before Christmas Break.” Merv grinned, like he had won the lottery. “How many times can you enter?” asked Spotted Dragon, not looking away from the Blimp as if it might get stolen. “You can enter 3 times, per person for free, after that, each additional 5 tickets is 20 Credits.” Merv told them. “Guys let’s go…” Magic said, beginning to sulk. Lucky turned around quickly, as if forgetting his outburst earlier. “Magic what’s wrong?” he asked, sadly. “Guys, we’re underage, we need to stop getting our hopes up. You know you have to be a Senior in PopSchool to get one.” Everyone knew she was right. MF looked up past Lucky, and saw the clock. “GUYS WE’RE GOING TO BE SO LATE! RUN!”

MF ran out the door, with Lucky right behind her. SD and SI looked at the clock, and finally understood. The test was starting soon, and since Si was in the lower grade, she has to go before the other kids. She has four minutes until her test.

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