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Hey guys, now I noticed that you like to write stories on our story pages, so I decided to make a page for readers’ stories! Now, here are a few rules…
1. Don’t copy other stories. I already had two incidents of this from my Curious Bee series, and you don’t want your story plagiarized, right? (glares)
2. Make sure if it’s friendly for all ages. That means no bad language. But you already know that, right?
3. Make sure you like your story before you post it. Otherwise, what’s the point?
4. Don’t forget to have fun! ^_^

Note by Super Thunder: Please post STORIES only. You can exchange story ideas and characters in the chat page, but please post fully finished stories on here. That means, don’t say “What an awesome story!” You can tell that person that on the chat page. Thank you! Awesome stories!

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  1. Episode 1: How she was discovered
    Location: Astro knights island, 6:00 a.m.
    White Wolf: *stretches* Good morninng, Mittens.
    Mittens: Meeeow!
    White Wolf: *picks up Mittens* Oh, who’s a cute kitty? You are! You are!
    Mittens: 👿 *doesn’t like it when White Wolf does that*
    White Wolf: *puts on dress and brushes hair and puts on tiara* *sigh* I wish i wasn’t a princess. *sighs again* But that will never happen.
    White Wolf: *walks to throne room* Morning.
    King and Queen: Morning.
    Squire: Morning, your majesty.
    White Wolf: *goes on her daily walk but this time she dresses up like a peseant* This is a good disguise. *picks up Mittens* *runs away from Astro Knights Island and jumps into the nearest blimp and travels to Spy Island*
    Spy: *whispers* Wanna be a spy? You’ll be paid and everything
    White Wolf: Yes! I always wanted to be a spy!
    Spy: First, you have to pass a test.
    White Wolf: *passes test*
    Spy: Congrats. Your on the team.
    White Wolf: Awesome!
    This has been a Clean Tornado production. Copyright 2011

  2. three273 i’ll let you post one of my series. all you have
    to is every begining of the episode say “Credit goes to Clean Tornado.”

  3. Dear fans of White Wolf,
    My dear friend White Wolf needs a theme song for her new show, White Wolf The Spy Princess. Remember, I want songs by the artists below:
    Lady Gaga
    Katy Perry
    Jesse J
    Christina Peri
    Brittany Spears
    Thank you if you have any suggestions.
    Clean Tornado

  4. here’s episode 2 of White Wolf The Spy Princess
    P.S. i can also take songs by Selena Gomez
    Nevermind about song suggestions. The theme song for White Wolf The Spy Princess will be Round and Round by Selena Gomez

  5. This program contains violence. Young viewers may not find suitable.
    *Round and Round by Selena Gomez plays* *Shows the title, White Wolf The Spy Princess*
    *Characters: White Wolf as White Wolf, and Mittens as Mittens.* note: will run auditions for more characters. currently most of the characters are guest stars. :\
    White Wolf: *is randomly walking on main street of Spy Island when suddenly she is attacked! :o* SSSSCCCCCCCRRRRRREEEEAAAAAMMMM!!!!!!!!
    Random Attacker: Shh, shh,shh. *covers White Wolf’s mouth with a piece of cloth* Shh, shh,shh.
    White Wolf: Hmmmm. *passes out*
    Random Attacker: Good. Good. Good girl. *strokes White’s golden hair* 😈
    White Wolf: *becomes conscious after 5 hours of being passed out* Wh-where am I?
    Random Attacker: *laughs evilly* Welcome to my lair.
    White Wolf: *confused* Wha-what do you want from me?
    Random Attacker: *still laughs evilly* I want your fortune. I heard that you have gold, diamonds and a lot of money. 😈
    White Wolf: *wideneds eyes* My fortune?!? How do you know about it?!?!
    Random Attacker: I do my research. I went to pay a little visit to your parents. *laughs evilly* 😈
    White Wolf: *softly* My parents. *loudly* What have you done with my parents?!?!
    Random Attacker: I payed them a little visit. Now if you excuse, I’m going to hire a preacher to get us wedded. *walks out of room*
    White Wolf: *grabs a pocket knife from her pocket and cuts the rope that of tied around her*
    5 minutes later…
    White Wolf: *grabs a jet pack and flies out of the lair and returns to Astro Knights Island*
    White Wolf: MOM! DAD! MOM! DAD! MOM! DAD! *arrives at where the castle used to be* *softly* No. No. NO! *runs to talk to a injured knight* What happened here?!?! Where’s the king and queen?!?!
    Injured Knight: They have perished in the fire. We also lost the princess the day before the fire. We’ve also lost the royal cat, Mittens.
    White Wolf: *so softly so the knight doesn’t hear* Mittens. He’ll help me. *runs of to Spy Island to get Mittens* Mittens! Mittens! MITTENS!
    Mittens: Meow?
    White Wolf: We have to get off this planet until I come of age to receive my fortune.
    Mittens: Meow meow? *which meant “Your fortune?”
    White Wolf: Yes. My mom and dad have perished in a fire. *forces back tears*
    Mittens: Meow meow meow?!?! *which meant “They perished in a fire!?!?*
    White Wolf: Yes. No more chit-chat. We have to get off this planet! *runs to Astro Knights Island to get in her rocket ship* *flies to Sewter Moon*
    Alien: Hello, human. Welcome to the Sewter Moon.
    White Wolf: Hello. Is it okay if I stay here for 9 years?
    Alien: Of course! You can stay for as long as you want! 😀
    White Wolf: Thank you so much!
    9 years later….
    White Wolf: *it’s her 18th birthday* Awesome! I’ve come of age! *grabs Mittens and flies back to Poptropica Planet* *goes to the bank to receive her fortune* *gets fortune and lives in an mansion on Spy Island* *sigh* *sees a shooting star* I wish this random attacker never attacked me and he never knew about my fortune and the fire never happened and I wish to be 9 again and a spy again.
    The next morning..
    White Wolf: *wakes up on Spy Island and is 9 again* Yes! My wish came true!

  6. but we’re best friends and the same person 😛 yeah she’s my member account so when i created her one day i kept her ever since clean tornado was my old character but she’s still in my memories 😛

  7. This program contains violence. Young viewers may not find suitable.
    *Round and Round by Selena Gomez plays* *The title, White Wolf The Spy Princess, shows* *Characters: White Wolf as Herself, and Mittens as himself*
    Episode 3: A cry for help
    Random Poptropican: HELP!!!! HELP!!!
    White Wolf: *hears the cry fr help* Don’t worry, citizen! I’m on the way! *runs to the crying citizen* Oh my gosh! It’s you!!!!!!!!
    Random Attacker (the guy from episode 2): What? I believe we never met before.
    White Wolf: *remembers the wish she had the night before* Nevermind. *kicks the random attacker and punhces him and handcuffs him* HA! Your under arrest by the name of the law!
    Random Attacker: WAAAH!
    Random Poptropican: Thank you. Your a life saver!
    White Wolf: Don’t mention it. Hey, do you have any Pop gum?
    Random Poptropican: Yeah. Why? *gives White the gum*
    White Wolf: Thanks. *chews the Pop gum* *blows a bubble big enough to float in the air* *floats to a random island* *bubble pops and lands on a wide open space* Whoa. Where am I? *sees a sign that says: Welcome to the future space of Game Show Island.* Awesome a new island coming!
    Random Scream: HELP!
    White Wolf: Coming, citizen! *walks to the citizen* *laughes so hard* OMG! Your a stick man! Anyways, what’s wrong?
    Stick Man: Help me be completely drew and acessorized!
    White Wolf: O.K. *finishes drawing the stick man and gives the accsesories*
    Random Poptroican: Thank you so much for finishing me!
    White Wolf: No problem. Do you have any Pop gum?
    Random Poptropican: Yes. Here you go. *hands White the gum*
    White Wolf: Thanks. *chews the gum and blows a bubble big enough to float away* *floats away* *bubble pops and lands on Spy Island* I’m back, Mittens!
    Mittens: Meow meow. (which meant “Welcome back.”)
    White Wolf: Thanks.
    *screen pops like a bubble gum bubble*
    This has been a Clean Tornado Production. Copyright 2011.
    Please don’t copy this show. Only Brave Tomato and Super Thunder can post them.

  8. This program contains violence. Young viewers may not find suitable.
    *Round and Round by Selena Gomez plays* *Shows the title, White Wolf The Spy Princess* *Characters: White Wolf as White Wolf, and Mittens as Mittens*
    Episode 4: Saving The Future
    White Wolf: *is swimming on vacation at Time Tangled Island*
    Girl Sciencetist: Oh no!
    White Wolf: Somebody’s in trouble! *runs to the sciencetist* What’s wrong?
    Girl Sciencetist: The future is in peril! Please, follow me. *walks into a lab*
    White Wolf: O.K. *follows her* *walks to a boy sciencetist*
    Boy Sciencetist: Please travel to the in this Future Machine and repare the past!
    White Wolf: O.K. *powers up the Furture Machine* *steps inside the Furture Machine* *sees sprials* WEE! *falls flat on the ground* OW! *rubs head* *walks around* This is so sad. *watches ash fall to the ground* OMG!!!! Who are you?!?!?!
    Old White Wolf: I’ve been expecting you. I’m you 50 years in the furture.
    White Wolf: If your me, I have a question about our lives.
    Old White Wolf: Yes?
    White Wolf: Who do I go with to the Spy Island Dance?
    Old White Wolf: I’ll tell you when you finish your mission. Take the Time Machine to fix the past.
    White Wolf: O.K. *selects a time* *chooses the year, 1953* *FLASH* *sees spirals* WEE! *falls flat to the ground* OUCH! This place is freezing! Oh. I know why. I’m on Mt.Everest. *climbs half way up the mountain* Hello!
    Two Mountain Climbers: Hello.
    White Wolf: *climbs up a rope* I’m almost to the top! *gets off rope to the next platform* *icescile falls and hits White* OW! *has a bruise* *quickly walks and jumps to the top and avoids the icesicles* A stattue of The Statue of Liberty! That might be important! *grabs it* *selects a time form the time machine* *chooses the year, 1882* *FLASH* *sees sprials* *lands on her butt* OWIE! *climbs up a building* *see Da Vinci’s notebook* *grabs it* *goes in a building* Here’s the model! *gives the stattuete to Gustave Eifle*
    Mr. Eifel: Thank you for returning my model!
    W.W.: Your welcome. *selects a time* *chooses the year, 1877* *finds something important* *grabs it*
    20 minutes later……
    W.W.: Well, that’s all the time periods rapired! Time to go to Older me! *steps in the Future Machine* *sees sprials* WEE! *falls on the top of her head* MEGA OW! *goes to her future home* *walks to Old W.W.*
    Old W.W.: Congrats. You saved the future. Here’s your medal.
    W.W.: Thanks. Now for a question. Who do I go with to the Spy Island Dance?
    Old W.W.: You go with……. I forgot.
    W.W.: YOU FORGOT?!?!
    Old W.W.: Of course I did! I’m old!
    W.W.: 👿 Thanks for noting. 👿

  9. *Blow by Ke$ha plays* Narrator: Welcome to the first episode of….. Poptropica Saturday Night Lve!!!! With your host…… White Wolf!!
    White Wolf: *walks onto the stage* *has her golden hair in a ponytail, is wearing a sparkly silver dress with white hoop earrings* Hey everybody! We’re going to have an awesome show for you tonight! Clean Tornado is here! Selena Gomez and The Scene are here! Enjoy the show! ;D
    Skit #1 Characters: White Wolf as Principal Wolf, and Clean Tornado as Student Tornado.
    P.W.: Next!
    S.T.: *walks into the office* *is chewing gum loudly*
    P.W.: I’ve heard what you, Miss Tornado. But, I want you to admit what you done.
    S.T.: I put a frog in Miss Comet’s desk.
    P.W.: Why did you do it?
    S.T.: *blows a bubble* I did to..uh… be funny and make the teacher have warts.
    P.W.: Now you have 500 detentions!
    S.T.: What? What I’ve done is worth 2 detentions!
    P.W.: 600 detentions.
    S.T: *mumbles*
    P.W.: 700 detenitions! You may leave now.
    S.T.: *sigh*
    Miss Comet: *covered in warts* I’m so beautiful! Look how beautiful I am Principal Wolf!
    P.W.: Oh, dear. I gave Miss Clean Tornado 700 detentions! *facepalm*
    Music by S.G. and The Scene
    W.W.: Ladies and gentlemen. Selena Gomez and The Scene.
    S.G.: Hello Poptropica!
    *S.G. and The Scene play Love You Like a Love Song*
    *S.G. and The Scene play Who Says*
    W.W.: Thanks for tuning in Poptropica! See you next week! *waves goodbye*

  10. You are not the clean tornado I am talking about.I was talking about the other one.She betrayed me.She said that she is gonna use my account for a while then she hacked it!

  11. o.k. so uhm I need more characters for White Wolf The Spy Princess and suggestions for The Secret Life of White Wolf. I also need guests for PSNL. So like reply to me on this comment and tell me that you want to audition, or you have suggestions, or want to be a guest star on PSNL.

    • Clean Tornado I’d like to audition for White Wolf The Spy Princess and I’d like to be a guest star for PENL.I’d appreciate if I was on White Wolf The Spy Princess and PENL.

  12. also White Wolf The Spy Princess is now a sitcom so I’ll cut out the thing that says it has violence. anyways here’s episode 5 for W.W.T.S.P. <——– you should know what that means

  13. This show is sometimes extremely funny. Be sure to laugh on the inside so you won’t pee.
    *Round and Round by S.G. and The Scene plays* *Shows the title, White Wolf The Spy Princess* *Characters: White Wolf as White Wolf, and Mittens as Mittens*
    W.W.: *is walking on on Shrink Ray Island* Awesome! A science fair! *walks in the school* Awesome projects! A squid, balloons that stick to your hair, a chocolate volcano, a rocket ship that pop as fuel, and pictures of…. bellybuttons? Creepy. And gross about the pictures. *sees a mother and father crying* *talks to the father* What’s wrong?
    Father: Our daughter, C.J., hasn’t showed up for the science fair! She wouldn’t miss the world for it! Please go to our apartment to check if she’s there.
    W.W.: O.K. *runs to the aparment* *accentdentllys lets Mittens in* Mittens! Get out of here! *chases Mittens* *walks in the bathroom and Mittens runs out of there* *looks around* Hmm. I wonder how Mittens got out the door by himself? Anyways, lets look for clues about C.J. *finds a clue* Think small?
    Random Guy: No more snooping around! *shoots W.W. with a shrink ray gun*
    W.W.: Noooo! *is shrunken* Well, I should start looking for clues about C.J. *finishes part of Shrink Ray Island* Oh no! The thief is Mr. Silva! I better get to the school and save C.J.! *drives to the school in a toy car*
    C.J.: Watch out for Mr. Silva!
    Mr. S: *starts chasing W.W. with the gun*
    W.W.: *keeps hiding from Mr. Silva* *hides behind a mirrior*
    Mr. S: *shrinks* Wah! *lands in a ant farm* Get me out of here!
    W.W.: NO! *sticks out tounge* *runs to the shrink ray gun* *puts the switch on grow* *gets back to normal* *recieves a medal* What? Nothing else?!?! Such a rip-off! I derserve money! 👿 You people are terrible! *storms off Shrink Ray Island*

  14. hey i’ll start posting PSNL everyday the new title is PENL (Poptropica Every Night Live) So i need more guests and musical guest

  15. *Blow by Ke$ha plays* Narrator: Welcome, to PENL! With your host, White Wolf! *W.W. walks on the stage*
    W.W.: *waves* *is wearing a white dress with a black belt with white polka-dots, white hoop earrings, and a white hat* We have a great show for all of you tonight! Brittany Spears is going to sing! And our special guest is RedRose2409! *walks off stage*
    Sketch #1 Characters: W.W. as Queen Elizabeth, RedRose2409 as Kate, Neat Fish as Prince William, and Nice Ice as Prince Charles.
    P.W.: Grandma, Father. This is my wife to be, Kate.
    Q.E.: Hello, deary.
    Kate: Hello, your majesty.
    P.C.: Hello, Kate. Welcome to the family.
    Kate: Thank you, your highness.
    Continued in part 2 tomorrow………
    *Sorry have to go to bed!*

  16. Sketch #1 part 2
    P.W.: I’ll be back, Kate. *walks out of the room*
    Q.E.: Look, Charles. It’s a newbie. Newbies are so delightful and dumb to be here.
    P.C.: I know, mother. She looks pathetic in that tiny, blue, unproper dress.
    Kate: Wha- *is interrupted*
    P.C.: Should we call the British Army escort her out?
    Q.E.: No. We should call the American Army to escort her out and take her to Germany.
    Kate: What are you saying?!?! Why are you saying this about a new royal?!?! D:
    P.C.: We hate newbies and women who dress in little dresses like you.
    Q.E.: Let’s kick her and make her eat our spit.
    P.C.: Or better. Our mucas. 😈
    Kate: If this is what royals talk about then I’m leaving.
    P.W.: *walks in* Sorry about that grandmum and father. The telephone was ringing.
    Kate: *spits on the P.C. and Q.E.* *grabs P.W. all angry like* *storms out of the room with P.W.*
    P.W.: What was that about? Let me guess, they talked about spitting on you, and have The American Army escort you out?
    Kate: Yes. How did you know?
    P.W.: They that to all the girls a I brought here.
    Talk time 1
    W.W.: Everybody this is RedRose2409. She is our special guest for the night. We’re going to talk about a lot of things.
    RedRose2409: *waves and blushes* It’s great to be here White Wolf.
    W.W.: Now, on to business. Our first subject: Halloween.
    R.R.: Well, I think Halloween is very fun. I thinks it’s fun to see all the different costumes and of course, candy!
    W.W.: *laughs* Now, what are you going to be? I will be a ghost and go boo every where I go. :mrgreen:
    R.R.: I don’t know yet. But, I want it to be spectacular.
    W.W.: Sorry, but we have to end this conversation. Brittany Spears is going to sing!
    B.S.: Hello everybody! The first song is Toxic.
    *Sings Toxic*
    B.S.: Next song. I Wanna Go.
    *Sings I Wanna Go*
    W.W.: Thanks for coming everybody! Have an awesome evening! *hugs B.S. and RedRose2409*

  17. This program sometimes is extremely hilarious. Be sure to laugh in your mind so you won’t pee. *Round and Round by Selena Gomez & The Scene plays* *Shows the title, White Wolf The Spy Princess* Guest Starring: RedRose2904 as Icy Wolf, and Neat Fish as Nice Ice
    Episode 6: The Big Dance
    White Wolf: *has been a spy for 4 years now* OMG! Today 4 years ago I became a spy! I’m so excited! *gets dressed and eats breakfast* *walks around Spy Island* OMG! Today’s the big dance! I’m so excited! 😀 *sees that everybody has date for the dance except her* 😦 Everybody has a date to the dance except me. *sees a group of girls giggling and a group of boys high-5ing each other* -sigh- I’m the only person on Spy Island who doesn’t have a date! Even the B.A.D agents have dates! Wait a minute! I can go to Astro Nights Island and ask somebody! *flies to Astro Nights Island* Hm. Who would want to go out with me? *snaps her fingers* I know who will help me get a date. My sister, Icy Wolf. She’s an expert at finding dates! *puts on her princess dress and tiara* *walks to Icy Wolf’s house* Icy!
    I.F.: White! *hugs White* Where have you been?
    W.W.: I’m a spy on Spy Island. And tonight’s the big dance and I don’t have a date. 😐 Can you help me look for one?
    I.F.: Of course, I will! *snaps fingers* What about Nice Ice? You two are best friends. You did everything together!
    W.W.: Thanks, Icy! He’s totally my type. *runs off to Nice Ice’s house* *knocks on door*
    N.I.: Coming! *opens door* WHITE! Where have you been?
    W.W.: I became a spy. Anyways, I have a question.
    N.I.: What is it?
    W.W.: Will you go to Spy Island’s dance tonight?
    N.I.: Of course I will! I’ll drop off there at 8:00. See you then. *shuts door*
    W.W.: *quietly shrieks* Yes! *runs to Icy Wolf* He said yes!
    I.W.: OMG! What are you going to wear?
    W.W.: I’ll wear my blue dress. And wear my white hoop earrings and put my hair in a ponytail.
    I.F.: Then start getting ready!
    W.W.: *runs to the blimp and drives to Spy Island* *gets ready by 7:30*
    30 minutes later…..
    W.W.: *looks out widow* Where is he?
    30 minutes later….
    W.W.: *sees a limo drive up* He’s here! *runs out and jumps into Nice Ice’s arms* Let’s go! *enters the ballroom* Wow. This is beautiful!
    N.I.: Not as beautiful as you. 😉
    W.W.: Aw! *kisses N.I.*

  18. BLAH. BLAH.
    *Theme song plays* *Title: W.W. The Spy Princess* Characters: White Wolf as White Wolf, and RedRose2904 as Icy Fang
    Episode 6: New Girl
    W.W.: *is walking on main street of Spy Island and whistling* Beautiful night. *sees a dark shadow and the dark shadow knocks her down* Oof! What the heck was that? *runs after the dark shadow* OMG! It’s a girl! Are you a spy?
    Girl: Not yet. I’m doing the test. I’m Icy Fang And I know who you are You’re White Wolf the spy princess.
    W.W.: How do you know me?
    I.F.: *hands W.W. a flyer that says: MISSING!!! White Wolf the princess. REWARD: 7 packs of gold* This is how I know.
    W.W.: I understand the princess part, but how do you I’m a spy?
    I.F.: I always see you in walk in and out of the HQ. And your wearing a badge that says, Official Spy.
    W.W.: Oh. Your right. So, have finished the test yet? *is still running really fast with the I.F.* Can we stop running?
    I.F.: Yeah. I’m done with the test. *stops running and breathes heavily* I passed the test! 😀
    I.F.: Yes! 😀
    THE END :3

  19. BLAH. BLAH.
    Characters: White Wolf as W.W, and RedRose2409 as I.F.
    Episode 7: The Unhappy Death of Mittens D:
    *W.W. and I.F. interrupts the show*
    W.W.: *sniffle* Everybody we have bad news. 😥
    I.F.: *sniffle* Horrible news in fact. 😥
    W.W.: Our dear friend *sniffle* Mittens has *sniffle* passed away. 😥
    I.F.: I only knew *sniffle* Mittens for one episode. 😥
    W.W.: Mittens has died because *wipes away a tear* he was posioned by *blows nose* a cat hater and a hater of this show. 😦
    I.F.: Please enjoy this slide show of Mittens. 😥
    The slide show shows pictures of Mittens on set and at home…
    W.W.: Mittens was a wonderful cat. 😥
    I.F.: Well, that’s the end of this episode. Bye everybody. 😦
    W.W.: *waves weakly* Bye. 😥

    In Memory of Mittens, The Beloved Cat Actor
    CleanTornado: Please remeber our beloved Mittens the Cat.
    The Sad End 😥

  20. The Poptropica life of Wild Seagul!

    episode 1: The Begining

    (the story starts with wild seagull falling of a cliff)

    Wild- ahhh HELP!!!

    (he is about to hit a rock when he wakes up)

    Wild- hu, hu, hu, what a night mare!

    (silly seagull, wild seagull’s dad, and happy seagull, his mom, walk in)

    Happy- good morning wild seagull! i ave good news, our cousins are coming over to stay with us for a while!

    Wild- you mean the Birds?

    Happy- Yep!

    Wild segull loved his cousin smart bird, big bird, and sly bird

    Wild- when are they coming?!?

    (BEEP BEEP) Silly- right now i guess

    Wild- YES!!!!!

    to be continued

  21. BLAH. BLAH.
    *Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha plays* *Shows the title, White Wolf The Spy Princess* Characters: White Wolf as W.W., and RedRose2409 as I.F.
    Episode 8: A day at the beach and a night at the boardwalk
    W.W.: Come on, Icy!
    I.F.: I’m coming!
    W.W.: Hurry, up! The beach is crowding up!
    I.F.: I’m here! *sets up a blue chair for W.W. and a pink chair for herself*
    W.W.: *sets up a huge pink and blue umbrella* *grabs sun lotion and two pairs of sunglasses* *wears a pair of blue sunglasses*
    I.F.: *grabs the pink sunglasses* What an awesome day. *puts on sun lotion*
    W.W.: I know, right? *grabs the sun lotion* *puts it on* We should go to the boardwalk tonight. But first let’s go swimming. *jumps into the water*
    I.F.: *jumps in after her*
    5 hours later….
    W.W.: Let’s get ready for the boardwalk. We’ll buy clothes there. How much money you got?
    I.F.: 50 bucks. How much do you have?
    W.W.: A huge sack of gold. Let’s go. *gets out*
    I.F.: O.K. *gets out*
    Both of them walk to the boardwalk’s nearest dress and shoe store.
    W.W.: *buys pink high-heels and a blue dress for herself and buys I.F. blue high-heels and a pink dress* Awesome outfits, huh?
    I.F.: Very awesome. Lets go get funnel cakes and cotton candy and ride rides.
    W.W.: O.K.
    After buying 2 funnel cakes, 2 cotton candies, 2 root-beers, and riding the Ferris wheel and a rollar-coaster…
    I.F.: Lets go back to our aparment. *yawns*
    W.W.: Yeah. We should. I’m tired. *drives I.F. and herself back to W.W.’s apartment*

  22. BLAH. BLAH.
    *Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha plays* *Shows the title, White Wolf The Spy Princess* Characters: White Wolf as W.W., RedRose2904 as I.F., Moody Wolf as R.F.
    Episode 9: PARTY! 😀
    W.W.: OMG! Today 3 weeks ago, was Icy’s first day! We should throw a party, Mitt… *remembers about his death* Maybe Red Fox can help me throw a suprise party! *gets dressed* *runs to R.F.’s apartment* *knocks on door*
    R.F. is W.W.’s married sister. Only R.F. knows that W.W. is a spy. R.F. is the eldest but she looks like W.W. a lot.
    R.F.: *opens door* Hey White! What brings you here?
    W.W.: My BFF, Icy, first 3 weeks is today! Can you help me plan a party?
    R.F.: Of course! Let me grab my purse. *gets purse* Lets go!
    W.W.: Lets take my car! 😀
    R.F.: You can drive?!?! O_o
    W.W.: Yea. *gets in car* *drives to a party store* *buys confetti, balloons, and a sculpture of I.F. made entirely out of bubble gum* *drives to school gym* *sets up the decorations and tables and chairs* All done! *looks at a clock* She’ll be here in 1 minute, people! Hide! *hides under a table*
    I.F.: *walks in*
    Everybody: Surprise!
    W.W.: *is still hiding under the head table* *people start sitting at the head table*
    I.F.: Where’s White, Red? *sits at the head table*
    W.W.: *grabs I.F.’s feet*
    I.F.: AAAH!
    W.W.: *giggles* *gets out from under the table* I got you good! 😛
    I.F.: White! *hugs W.W.* Where you hiding under the table this whole time?!?!
    W.W.: Maybe. 😛
    I.F.: The party is beautiful! Thank you so much! 😀
    W.W.: Your welcome! 😉

  23. RedRose2904, when you give me my password or anything like that, i’ll sometimes post pictures that i drew and fashions that i come up with

  24. due to clean tornado, instead of “a poptropica life for wild seagull” its now,”wild seagull’s life in poptropica” Better CLean Tornado >:<

  25. Wild seagulls life in poptropica
    episode 2: the hole

    Wild seagull and smart bird are outside
    S.B- this is so fun seagull! but hat do you wana do?
    W.S-we could check out that hole over there.
    The to saw a small hole.
    S.B- WHOA!!! lets go in!
    the two walk in the whole
    W.S- is this okay with you parents?
    S.B- i hope so!
    the two continue their adventure in the hole

    to be continued….

  26. i know ” wild seagulls life in poptropica” isn’t all that great but it will get better. in the mean time, can someone addition to be the third mane character?

    • i haz petpet park account (dont say it sucks ur oppinion) name is rawr something something something

  27. BLAH. BLAH.
    Characters: White Wolf as W.W., RedRose2904 as I.F., and Clean Tornado as R.F.
    Episode 15: CONCERT!!! 😀
    W.F.: *buys tickets to Demi Lovato* OMG! Finally! I got the tickets for the concert! Lets go Red and Icy!
    I.F.: ‘Kay.
    After buying food and looking for their seats…
    Annoucner: Ladies and gentlemen, Demi Lovato!
    W.W.&R.F.&I.F.: WOOHOO!!! *all whistle*
    Demi Lovato: Hello everybody! I hope you enjoy the concert!
    1 hour after singing songs…
    W.W.: Lets go home. The concert’s over, but first. *holds up 3 backstage passes :o* Wanna go backstage?
    I.F.&R.F.: Of course!
    1 hour later at White’s house…
    W.W.: *yawns* What a concert and party! *stretches*
    R.F.: I know right?
    I.F.: Right. *yawns for 10 seconds* Lets go to sleep.


  28. Wild Seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 3: Clean tornado

    WS and SB are walking in the hole
    S.B. what if we cant get out?
    W.S. dont worry, we could leave right now if you want t-
    roof of the hole caves in, random poptropican falls in.
    R.P(random poptropican).uhg, what happened?
    W.S. wait a second, thats Clean Tornado!
    S.B. the famous author of ‘white wolf the spy princes?
    C.T. wait, i’m famous?
    W.S. pish yah you are!
    without warning 15 arrows fly at them.
    C.T. holy cow! lets get out of here!
    W.S. yah!
    Wild Seagull, Smart bird and Clean Tornado head off, on their adventure.
    To be continued

  29. BLAH. BLAH.
    Episode 16: Santa Clause is coming to town?!?! 😮
    W.W.: Wazzup Icy?
    I.F.: Nothing much. You?
    W.W.: Same.
    Weird Voice: Ho Ho Ho!
    I.F.: o_o What the heck was that?!?!
    W.W.: I have no idea. o_o Chewbacca?
    I.F.: No, he went WARGH, not Ho Ho Ho.
    Random Voice: Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!
    R.F.: *walks in crying* 😥
    W.W.: What’s wrong?
    R.F.: My husband left me and mom is in the hospital! 😥 😥
    W.W.: Oh! It’s O.K.! You’re better without him! Right Icy? Icy?
    I.F.: *is walking down the hallway* OMG! It’s Santa Clause!
    S.C.: I came here because there’s a problem with this little lady!
    R.F.: *nods head*
    S.C.: *gives Red a puppy* Here you go!
    R.F.: OMG! Thank you so much! 🙂


  30. Wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 4: Smart bird’s secret

    The three are looking for a way out
    C.T. can we hurry? my fans are itching to here whats after Santa clause is coming to town!
    Even though its in the middle of October
    W.S. ya, right. Is white wolf even a real person?
    C.T. i don’t know
    S.B. what if i told you she’s with us right now?
    The two gasp
    S.B. just kidding
    The two sigh in relief
    S.B. but i do have a secret,
    “if you guys remember, on the last episode of Adventures of curious bee, all those kids got stolen. I know who did it
    W.S who?
    S.B. me
    C.T. no… you you aren’t
    smart bird pulls of skin reviling Dr. hare
    W.S. DOCTOR HARE?!!???!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?
    D.H. yep!
    Wild seagull gets out his lightning staff
    W.S. its on Dr. Hare!
    The two battle with lasers and lightning.
    D.H. STOP! i have the shrink ray!
    C.T. no!
    W.S your joking!
    Dr. Hare pulls out shrink ray and shoots at C.T.
    C.T. nooooooooooooooooo! (shrinks)
    W.S. Tornado! Dr. hare you’ll pay for this!
    wild seagull shoots lightning out of staff and hits Dr. hare
    wild seagull rushes to clean tornado
    W.S. are you all right?
    C.T. yeah, we gotta find the real smart bird.
    W.S. yeah and i think i know were we are
    C.T were?
    W.S. under 24 carrot island

    to be continued……

  31. BLAH. BLAH.
    Episode 17: A Quest for Coke
    S.C.: White! Grab me a Coke!
    W.W.: -sigh- =.= *grabs a coke and hands Santa him it* There. Happy?
    W.W.: *has been up for a whole entire week because of Santa* I’ll go get. *takes the can from Santa and drinks it* *looks for a coke* Bottle…Bottle…No more bottles! >.< *grabs cookies and milk* Just eat this for now, ok?
    S.C.: I'm tired of having cookies and milk! I want COKE! C-O-K-E!!! NOT COOKIES AND MILK!!!
    W.W.: =.= *drives car to the super market* *looks for coke in there* Yes! *finds some* *grabs the 100 pack* This sure is heavy! *slips on the floor* AH! *breaks the coke* UGH!
    Manger: Uh, ma'am. You have to pay for that.
    W.W.: *gives the manager a gold brick* There. I paid. *walks out* *looks at her watch* UGH! It's already midnight!
    Random portal opens…
    W.W.: What the? *is sucked into the portal* AHHH! *lands in another place* Where am I?
    Random Person: You're in Battleon.
    W.W.: Battleon? What is that?
    Random Person: Battleon is in the land of Lore.
    W.W.: Lore?
    Cleric Joy: I'm Cleric Joy and this is my sidekick, Twilly the moglin.
    W.W.: Moglin?
    Cleric Joy: You're from somewhere far from here aren't you? Especially since you're on
    W.W.: o_o Did you say AQ?
    Cleric Joy: Yes. This is where you meet friends and adventure. I believe you're a noob, yes?
    W.W.: Noob?
    Cleric Joy: Noob means you're new here.
    W.W.: Yeah, I'm new here. Anyways, I'm going to look for coke…
    3 hours later…
    W.W.: UGH! This is hopeless! I'll never find some coke!
    Random Voice: I'll help you.
    W.W.: Who's goes there? I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it.
    BabyxGurly: Don't shoot! I'm BabyxGurly. Call me Gurly.
    W.W.: Hi Gurly. I'm White Wolf. Nice to meet you.
    BxG: White? It's me! Clean Tornado!
    W.W.: What?!?!
    To be cotinued…

  32. Wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 5 special: White Wolf comes to life

    Clean Tornado and Wild Seagull get out of the hole and their in 24 carrot island
    C.T. i wonder if anyone will notice me
    W.S. well, you do look like an ordanary girl…
    R.P.2 and she has a boyfreind!
    R.P.1 yah you are!
    R.P.3 Clean tornado, whats after ‘quest for coke’?
    C.T. um,
    paparazzi comes
    P.P.1 (paparazzi) Whats your secret?
    C.T. for what?
    P.P.2 Secret life of White Wolf of course!
    R.P.4 i have all your books!
    P.P.1 so do i!
    W.S. umm tornado we gotta go,
    C.T. no i like it here!
    W.S. but what about smart bird?
    C.T. i bet he’s fine (many random poptropicans and paparazzi are swarming around here)
    W.S then i’ll go alone!
    wild seagull walks off
    Mysterious voice: Wild Seagull,
    W.S. whos there?
    M.V. its white wolf
    W.S. really? arnt you famous? wait, your a real person?
    W.W. indeed i am!
    white wolf walks out of the forest
    W.S. cool!
    W.W. you gotta get back to clean tornado! she misses you!
    W.S. i dont belive you, shes a jerk
    W.W. no shes NOT!
    W.S alright, i will idmit, i have a crush on her!
    W.W. really?
    W.S. yes
    W.W. well um, cool, so uh you should go tell her.
    W.S. no way man!
    clean tornado runs up
    C.T. sorry for bailing on you, i just, WHITE WOLF??!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!!
    W.W. CLEAN TORNADO?!?!?!?!??!???!?!?!
    W.S. yep, you guys are both here.
    the girls hug eachother
    C.T. we gotta find smart bird
    W.W. whos smart bird?
    C.T. seagull’s cousin.
    W.W. well, lets go!

    to be continued…

  33. BLAH. BLAH.
    Episode 18: A Quest For Coke, part 2
    BxG:Yeah, I’m Clean Tornado.
    W.W.: Uh, no offense but what’s with that creepy smile?
    BxG: Sorry. I’ll take the helm of. *takes it of* There. Better?
    W.W.: Very better. Lets go look for coke. There should be some in this place.
    30 minutes later…
    BxG: Awesome!
    W.W.: What?
    BxG: My friend is on.
    Friend: Hai Gurly.
    BxG: Wazzup, Jibjab?
    Jibjab: NM. You?
    BxG: Same thing. I’m helping a friend look for coke.
    Jibjab: Why coke?
    BxG: I have no idea. o_o
    W.W.: …
    BxG: Well, I gotta help her. See ya.
    Jibjab: See ya.
    1 hour later…
    W.W.: What is that? O_O
    BxG: I have no idea. All the I spent in Lore, I have no idea.
    To Be Continued…

  34. BLAH.BLAH.
    Episode 19: Good news and Bad News 🙂 😦
    C.T.: *walks on the stage at Spy Island* Hey. Here’s the good news first:
    Only 1 more episode till Season 2!! 😀 Instead of Part 3 of ‘A Quest For Coke’, there will be a season 2 party with Me, RedRose2904, and White Wolf! Tune in tomorrow to see it! 😀
    Bad News:
    My great-grandmother is having mini strokes and she may die very soon. I’m afraid when she goes down stairs to do laundry, she will miss a step and fall down the steep, wooden stairs. So, my grandmother, daughter of my great-grandmother, gave me a doll that’s my great-grandmother’s to remember her by. I know I’m over dolls, but that doll of course is very,very special to me. My great-grandmother is very important to me. My dog got ran over this past summer and he was still alive but we did not what him to suffer. So, my grandfather shot him. And my other grandmother died to this past summer.
    W.W.: All of those people will be missed. We also will remember Mittens.
    Joe The Dog
    My dad’s mom
    Mittens The Cat

    Please remember those listed above.

    • I’m so sorry! Did she die? If she did, that’s really, really sad. I will pray for her, if she’s dead or not. I don’t know if you’re religious, but i am, and i am sorry that she might’ve had to end her journey through faith. If she did die, I know that she is in a better place, and she will still be in my prayers.
      Best wishes, Friendly Paw

  35. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    Episode 6: wild seagull’s secret

    it was nightime and the three were in a house in 24 carrot island
    W.W. can i spy on someone? im bored!
    the three were gambling for credits.
    C.T. no, thats rude
    W.W. hmph. i hate you.
    C.T. oh you just pulled it! (she took out a cainsaw)
    W.S. hey,hey,hey,hey, lets not get physical.
    C.T. (puts cainsaw back) lets just go to bed.
    W.S. okay
    the three go to bed
    W.W.( in the middle of the night) okay, i dont care what clean tornado says, im spying on Wild Seagull
    she gose to wild seagull’s room.
    W.S. (playing with cat) so i feel like telling you this……my real name Wildingson Seagull, i’m 10 year old, i’m the best drawer in poptropica, i have a tast for adventure, and i have no freinds.
    W.W. i cant belive i actully feel bad for someone i’m spying on!
    she walks back to room
    W.W. i’ll for now on act like a good freind to wild seagull

    to be continued……

  36. BLAH! BLAH!!!
    Episode 20: SEASON 2 PARTY!
    Guests: C.T., W.W., RedRose2904, Wild Seagull
    RedRose2904.: *walks on stage wearing a shiny pink dress* Hey people! This party is going to be of the hook! 😀
    W.W.: *walks on the stage and is wearing a glittery purple dress* That’s right folks! We’ll talk about the shows and our guest, Clean Tornado!
    Audience: WOO! *everybody claps and some whistle*
    W.S.: *walks on stage and is wearing a red tuxedo* After Clean Tornado gets here, she will tell how she came up with the show.
    W.W.: Our guest of honor is here! 🙂
    C.T.: *walks on the stage and is wearing a blue and silver dress* Hey! I’m going to tell you where I came up with the show.
    5 minutes later after a screen and chair…
    C.T.: *begins talking* Well, I was walking on the Main Street of Spy Island and I saw a girl doing the quest without making a single mistake. When she finished the island, I went up to her and asked if she would like to be an actress. She was delighted to do it. She was a director after I asked her but she still did missions. So, she became the star of the show The Secret Life of White Wolf. Then, came White Wolf The Spy Princess. I then canceled The Secret Life of White Wolf. But I’m very happy to see White Wolf The Spy Princess has made it to Season 2. I thank you, the fans, for making White Wolf The Spy Princess one of the top 5 read books. That’s all for now!
    *audience claps*
    W.W.: I will talk about Mittens. *sits down in chair* Mittens has been my cat for 3 years. I loved him very much. *wipes a tear away* When I was told about the show, I asked if Mittens could be in it too. Clean Tornado agreed to let him be a character. Then, one night Mittens was walking outside. He was out a long time. So, in the morning I went out to look for him. I found him on the sidewalk not breathing. I took him to the vet and the doctor said he was poisoned by somebody. I figured it was an angry fan. Well, at least I don’t have to worry about him spitting up hairballs anymore. *shows a weak smile*
    *audience claps and some cry*
    C.T.: Well, that’s all for now! See you on the season 3 party!

  37. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 7: the haunted house
    part 1: return of mittens

    the three leave the house and Wild Seagull is miserable
    W.W. will it make you feel better if we went to the haunted house?
    W.S. ‘sniffle’ yes
    W.W. tornado?
    C.T. sure, wolfie
    they head to haunted house
    (inside) C.T. this is creepy, maybe we should go back..
    W.S. nah, this is cool!
    W.W. i-i-i-i’m hungry i-i-i-i-i want to get something to eat
    W.S. okay
    C.T. sure
    white wolf leaves to kitchen and sees a familiar ghost cat
    W.W. meow meow?
    Cat:hey white wolf.
    Cat: its okay, its just me, mittens.
    W.W. you mean my cat?
    M.M. (mittens) the one and only
    W.W. (starts crying tears of joy)wait, how can you talk?
    M.M. once your a ghost, you can talk.
    W.W. your coming home right now.
    M.M. i’m sorry Wolfie-
    W.W. why dose everyone call me that?
    M.M. but i cant come home, i’m a ghost. But if you eat me,i can talk to you in your thoughts!
    W.W. good enough!
    W.W. hey, i thought we talked about this!
    stated eating was gross.
    C.T. and W.S. walk in.
    W.S. did you just eat that ghost cat?
    W.W. yep, that was mittens. he told me if i eat him, he could talk to me in my thoughts.
    CT. eeewwww!
    W.S. lets go!
    the three walk off, again looking for smart bird

    to be continued……

  38. BLAH.BLAH.
    Episode 21: A Quest for Coke, part 3
    W.W.&BxG: *cover their heads with their hands*
    Random Person: *shoot an arrow at the beast* Got him! *said a male voice*
    BxG: *grabs her machete* Who goes there?
    Random Person: I’m Artix.
    BxG: Hey Artix! How’s it going?
    Artix: Uh, good I guess. We never met before. Have we?
    BxG: No. We haven’t. But I have heard of you.
    30 minutes later of Artix and Gurly talking…
    W.W.: What was that beast, Artix?!?!
    Artix: Oh, yeah! It was a werepyre!
    BxG: What?!?! I’ve fought them before in Darkovia! I can’t believe I forgot!
    W.W.: Artix, do you know where we could find bottles of coke?
    Artix: Oh, yes! You can find some at Yulgar’s inn!
    W.W.: Thank you! Where can I find the inn?
    Artix: In the town of Battleon Square!
    W.W.: =.= I was just there! Lets go Gurly.
    BxG: K. *follows White*
    1 hour later they arrive in Battleon Square…
    Yulgar: Measly kids. Always coming in and out, in and out!
    W.W.: Uh, exscuse!
    Yulgar: Yes?
    W.W.: Do you have any bottles of coke?
    Yulgar: Why, yes I do! *grabs a 24 pack of coke* Here you go!
    W.W.: Thanks! *gives Yulgar a gold brick* *walks out*
    BxG: Did you get the coke?
    W.W.: Yes! 😀
    BxG: I’ll teleport you back to Poptropica! *opens a portal*
    W.W.: Bye Gurly! *step in portal* *lands in Poptropica* Finally! *runs to her apartment*
    S.C.: It’s about time! Give me that coke!
    W.W.: *sees something in Santa’s hand* What is that? *sees a bottle of coke on he coffee table*
    S.C.: Oh, that’s nothing! It’s from a week ago.
    W.W.: It’s still full!
    S.C.: O.K. So what if I went to the store and bought a bottle of coke! It’s just a measly bottle!
    W.W.: I spent 2 days in another world! You owe me!
    S.C.: Owe you what?
    W.W.: Money, of course! I want 2 gold bricks by the end of the week!
    S.C.: *poofs up 2 gold bricks* There you go!


  39. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 8: the haunted house
    part 2: Smart bird gets finded

    Three walk in haunted house
    C.T. hows mittens wolfie?
    W.W. okay, what if i called you tornadie and you seagullie? 😡
    C.T. sorry…..
    W.S. hey whats the deep rumbling?
    mummies emerge from the ground
    mummies attack wild seagull
    W.S. help!!!!
    W.W. what do i do mittens?
    M.M.your a spy right?
    W.W. yeah,
    M.M. you have gear right?
    W.W. ……
    M.M. spy gear?
    W.W. ………….
    M.M. PEN?!?!?!
    W.W. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    W.W. okay
    wild seagull is zapping mummies with lightning staff
    W.S. a little help please?
    white wolf kills mummies with laser pen
    C.T. phew, thanks wolfi-
    W.W. i’m warning you……. 😡
    C.T. uhh, white wolf! :<
    M.V. Wild Seagull? Clean Tornado? Who ever that is?
    W.S. smart bird??!!???!?!!?!?1?!!?1?!
    S.B. wild seagull!
    cousins hug each other
    W.S. how long have you been here?
    S.B. 'bout 3 weeks
    W.W. so your smart bird……lets test how smart you are…. capital of Organ?
    S.B. Salem
    W.W. 7672659AG82+ -18I120121?
    S.B. 76915711903
    W.W. newest united state?
    S.B. Hawaii
    W.W. whats the scientific word for kneecap?
    S.B. patella
    W.W. wow your smart
    S.B. i know.
    W.S. okay… lets go..
    the 4 leave haunted house……..forever

    to be continued

  40. BLAH.BLAH.
    W.W.: *wakes up at 6:30 a.m. because of a noise* =.= I finally get some sleep and I’m woke up this early!
    S.C.:*is packing up his bags* I’m leaving this place forever!
    W.W.: Why?
    S.C.: It’s Christmas somewhere else.
    W.W.: It’s the middle of October!
    S.C.: Whatever. Oh, F.Y.I. I’m the one who sent you to Battleon.
    W.W.: >:O GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    S.C.: Fine! I’ll leave right now! *poofs out magicly*

  41. wild seagulls life in poptropica
    episode 9: wild seagull’s secret is out

    C.T. hey seagull *yawn* =_=
    W.S. whats up?
    C.T. Santa…..
    W.S. Santa?
    C.T. he is sooo annoying, i’m glad he left…
    S.B. Seagull, Seagull! white wolf just told me that you like tornado!
    C.T. WHAT??!!?!??!?!??!??!??!??!?!?!?
    W.S. Smart bird! 😡
    S.B. oops….
    C.T. you LIKE me?
    W.S. i-i-i-i-i-i-i
    white wolf comes in as tornado starts to barf
    W.W. what happened, why is tornado barfing?
    S.B. i didn’t know i wasn’t supposed to say it?
    C.T. first Santa, now smart bird
    W.S. *Crying*
    S.B. i’m only 12, how was i supposed to know?
    W.S. * Crying harder* 😥
    W.W. you weren’t supposed to tell!
    C.T. STOP!
    W.S. you hate me now don’t you?
    C.T. honestly, i don’t really care….
    W.S. you don’t? *sniffle*
    C.T. no…..
    W.W. well in that case….. who’s gonna clean up the barf?

    to be continued……
    P.S. smart bird did

  42. HEY! I’m writing a book! I’ll post it on the comments. It’s called The Stars of Destiny: The Beginning. Here it is! Oh, BTW reply to each chapter for rate from 1 to 100. I hope I get a lot of 100’s! 😀

  43. cool, i’m writing a book called Hectos: slaves for the dark. its about a guy named Joseph who finds out he is an elf, so yeah. its kinda like harry potter…..

    1. I get to go to the library! (i LOVE to read!)
    2. I get to go see my great-grandmother!
    3. I GET A FREE TACO!!! 😀
    4. It won’t rain today!
    5. White Wolf’s first movie, The Poptropican Trap, will start today! Part 1 at 3:00 p.m.!

  45. The Adventure Gang’s Super Adventures
    Red Fox as Herself,Clean Tornado as White Wolf,RedRose2904 as Icy Fire,Magic Kid as Herself
    After being sucked in a portal..
    RF:Where in Poptropica are we?!I’ve never been in this place before!
    WW:Me,too!Oh,yeah.Where’s Icy?
    RF:There she is.Standing.
    WW:Uhmm…Icy,what are you doing?
    RF:Tell us,Icy!
    *The whole gang sees a dinosaur!*
    RF:We’re in the prehistoric time!The time of the dinosaurs!Ahhh!!!
    *The gang hides after seeing a Tyrannosaurus Rex*
    IF:Where should we hide?!There’s nothing here but trees and bushes!
    MK:Over here!
    *The three runs to Magic Kid,a sorcerer*
    WW:Who are you?
    MK:I’m Magic Kid!I live here!
    WW:What?!You live in this horrible place?!Those dinosaurs!Aren’t they gonna eat you?
    MK:It’s not as horrible as you think.And those dinosaurs?Oh,no!They are my pets!
    RF:What?!Don’t you want to leave this place?
    MK:I want to leave this place.I was separated from my family because of Zeus!He tricked me to get the five items listed on a scroll.I didn’t give it to him so he locked me in this place.I found out that his magical necklace was sucked in here,too so I wore it.But I don’t have enough magic and power to make a portal!
    IF:Magic?!Power?!That means you are a sorcerer!
    MK:Yup.And the only way to get out of here is to go up that mountain and enter the Cave of Wonders.
    RF:Why can’t you go up alone?Do you have to wait for us?
    MK:Yes.I knew that you go here,too.I knew it because of of my magic crystal ball.
    RF:Then if we didn’t come here,why can’t you go up there?
    MK:If I go up,I can get down any more because if one goes up,the mountain will be protected by a powerful force field that no one can break through.And the entrance to the cave is guarded by powerful ogres.And I can’t beat them all by myself.Then if you want to get out of here,help me!
    RF,IF & WW:Yes!
    The Gang:Team!
    To be continued…

  46. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 10: The Battle, or something

    S.B. :^I
    W.W. why are you guys standing their with your noses sticking out
    S.B. i un no
    three get attacked by missles.
    W.S. AHHH!
    S.B. GET DOWN!!!
    They all get down.
    W.W. Who was that?
    Doctor Hare appears on hover board
    D.H. (laughs evily) it was me! And I got Clean Tornado!(Clean Tornado is tied up)
    W.S. let her go!!!
    D.H.give me your lightning staff and I’ll let her go! out of nowhere, smart bird jumps up and slashes Doctor Hare with his sword.
    D.H. (falls down) Curse you!
    S.B. get clean tornado! I’ll take care of the bunny rabbit!
    W.W.hehe… bunny rabbit!
    Smart bird puts on knight’s helmet and heads for Doctor Hare
    W.S. Tornado are you ok?
    C.T. Im fine, just cut the ropes please
    W.W. What am I supposed to do?
    W.W. Well, then…
    Dr Hare comes flying out of no where
    D.H. uuuuuunnnnnhhhhh……..
    S.B. he put up a good fight, but I got him.
    W.S. I didnt know you had it in you
    S.B. all those years at the haunted house gave me time to practice
    C.T. You were only in there for like 2 days
    S.B. Thats not the point!
    W.S. guys! I just noticed something! Were miles away from home!
    W.W. I totaly forgot! What will my mom say? (sob)
    C.T. not to mention all my fans! (double sob)
    W.S. STOP!! We gotta find a way home, yes, but crying’s not gonna help it!
    C.T. your right (sniff) Let’s try to find a way home
    W.W. What should we do with the bunny rabbit (snicker)
    W.S. wait! he’s gone!
    S.B. some thing tells me we’ll be seeing him again
    the four continue their adventure…

    to be continued……………………….

  47. BLAH. BLAH.
    Episode 23: The Fight About A New Boy, part 1
    I.F.: *is back from vacation* Hey, White. Where’s Santa?
    W.W.: Long story. Did you hear that a new agent is joining the agency?
    I.F.: No! When is he coming?
    W.W.: Later today. I don’t know his name though.
    I.F.: I hope his name is something handsome like Golden or Super. *her eyes shimmer like stars, brightly*
    W.W.: *rolls eyes* He’s meeting me at my apartment, since I am the director of the agency.
    I.F.: CAN I COME?!?! *she says this excitedly*
    W.W.: No. This is a private meeting. *looks at watch* He’ll be here at 5:30 which is 5 minutes from now, so get out Icy.
    I.F.: *groan* Okay. *leaves*
    5 minutes later…
    W.W.: *hears a car park into the driveway* *her doorbell rings* *answers door* Hello. Please, do come in.
    New Agent: Thank you. My name Neat Burger. *Neat Burger is played by Wild Seagull*
    W.W.: Welcome to the agency. I’m White Wolf, the director. I’ve heard that you passed the test for one of the coaches. Is that true?
    N.B.: Yes. The coach said I did very well. Did he inform you about my performance?
    W.W.: Yes. I also saw you do it on the security cameras. I am very pleased.
    N.B.: Well, it’s a big honor to work at this agency. I can’t wait to meet everybody.
    W.W.: Would you like something to drink or eat?
    N.B.: Just a coke, please.
    W.W.: *grabs a coke for N.B.* *walks to N.B. to give him his coke* *slips* AH! :O
    N.B.: *grabs W.W.*
    W.W.: *stares into N.B.’s eyes*
    N.B.&W.W.: *both stare into each others’ eyes and breathe heavily* That was a close one. Jinx! JINX! JINX!
    1 hour later of them saying jinx…
    N.B.: Well, I owe you a soda. So, wanna go see a movie sometime?
    W.W.: Sure. How about this Saturday?
    N.B.: Sure. What movie?
    W.W.: Dolphin Tale?
    N.B.: Sure. I’m okay with that movie. I’ll buy you a soda for beating me at jinx. ;p
    W.W.: Thanks.
    N.B.: *leaves White’s apartment*
    W.W.: *closes door**quietly screams with excitement*
    I.F.: *was peeking through the window the whole meeting* >:O
    To Be Concluded…

  48. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 11: smart bird’s kiss (short)

    it was night time and seagull and tornado were in bed, leaving smart bird and white wolf alone.
    W.W. this is kinda getting weird, want to go inside?
    S.B. no, i like it out here.
    long silence
    S.B. so, i here seagull whats a girlfriend,
    W.W. he dose?
    S.B. he never told you?
    W.W. no..
    S.B. oh
    another long silence
    W.W. do you want a girlfriend?
    S.B. i guess so
    W.W. what if i said i will do it?
    S.B. i’d be physicked about it..
    the two slowly lean forward and kiss
    C.T.*yelling* come on guys, its almost 12:00!
    the two go to bed and smart bird dreams about white wolf

    to be continued…

  49. BLAH. BLAH.
    Episode 24: The Fight About A New Boy, part 2
    I.F.: *smashes through W.W.”s widow*
    W.W.: WHAT THE HECK?!?! *is covered in glass*
    W.W.: How do you know?!?! Were you eavesdropping?!?!
    I.F.: … Maybe…
    There was a 5 minute silence…
    There was a 10 minute silence…
    W.W.: GET OUT!!! YOU'RE FIRED!!!!
    I.F.: FINE! FIRE ME! I DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO BE A SPY! *stomps out of W.W."s apartment*
    To Be Concluded…

  50. BLAH. BLAH.
    Episode 25: The Fight About A New Boy, part 3
    It was Saturday night. You know that it’s White and Neat’s date. During the movie, Neat was texting a girl on his cell phone. This is what they were texting.
    N.B.: Hey baby. What’s shaking?
    Girl: Not that much. How about you?
    N.B.: Just watching a movie with my buddies. So, we going to see a movie Friday? Wanna see Anonymous?
    Girl: Sure.
    N.B.: G2G. The movie is over. TTYL. :(|)
    Girl: :(|)
    :(|) is a kiss, just to let you know. The girl smirked as she closed her phone. For that girl was Icy Fang. Icy wanted revenge on White.
    To Be Concluded…

  51. *Firework by Katy Perry plays, without the lyrics*
    Narrator*which is Clean Tornado*: Over the years, new spies are added to Poptropica’s finest spying agency. But, one saved the whole world of Poptropica in one day from Director D’s evil plans for everybody being bald. That one agent became the new director. That agent is White Wolf.
    *the title, White Wolf The Spy Princess: The Battle Between Good & Evil, shows in silvery bold letters*
    Narrator: White Wolf as the joy of the agency. Everybody loved her. *screen goes black* Until darkest hit. This happened when she was 16.
    The setting is in White Wolf’s apartment.
    W.W.: *her alarm clock goes off and plays Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People* -groan- Just 5 more minutes. *her alarm clock continues to play the song*-sigh- *sits up in her bed* UGH! I’m up! *turns off alarm* Well, lets get my day started by getting a shower.
    During her time in the shower…
    W.W.: *steps on her razor* OW! ****! That hurts! *she bleeds* * Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bendingfield plays* *she gets out of her shower* What should I wear? *she chooses a red tanktop with a leather white jacket, a puffy blue skirt, purple tights, and neon yellow high-heels. she also puts her hair in a ponytail, wears golden hoop earrings, and a gold chain necklace with a pink heart charm* Perfect outfit. *she walks out of her apartment* *she sees Neat Burger and Icy Fang sitting on a bench at the park*
    N.B.: *is White’s boyfriend* Hey baby. Nice outfit.
    W.W.: Thanks. Hows it going Icy?
    I.F.: Good. You?
    W.W.: Same. You Neat?
    N.B.: Always cheerful. *Neat is wearing a gray t-shirt and ripped jeans*
    I.F.: *is wearing a purple t-shirt, puffy pink skirt, red boots and a baggy yellow jacket* Come on. We don’t to be late for work.
    W.W.: Right! Lets go.
    To Be Concluded…

  52. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 12: captured

    4 are walking in counterfeit island
    W.S. man i hate french!
    S.B. i know (hasn’t told crew about the kiss)
    C.T. well, life’s life.
    R.P. white wolf?
    W.W. icy fang?
    I.F. neat burger?
    W.S. my real name is wild seagull….
    W.S. WAIT, ICY FANG????????
    i.F. yep-a-doodle-doo!
    grapple shoots and hooks on icy fang
    I.F. AHHH, HELP!
    wild seagull grabs icy’s hands
    W.S. help…
    smart bird grabs seagull
    S.B. white, help me
    white wolf grabs smart bird
    W.W. clean tornado, help!
    clean tornado grabs wolfie, creating a line of poptropicans
    I.F. get off grapple!
    S.B. i doubt that will work
    grapple pulls five into a cave
    splash in green liquid
    C.T. eewww
    W.W. what is this stuff?
    M.V. radioactive juices!
    S.B. who’s there?
    D.H. ME!!
    I.F. Dr.Hare?
    Dr. Hare shrinks icy
    I.F. NOOOOOOOO! *shrinks*
    C.T. aw, fudrucker!
    W.S. you mean the restaurant?
    C.T. yeah, sounds like a bad word dose’t it?
    W.S. * nods*
    I.F. *very high voice* help! Hairy’s got me!
    W.W. hehe, hairy!
    in a blast of light, 4 appear in early poptropica
    W.W. were’s icy?
    W.S. i don’t know…
    S.B. we better find her(only says this to make wolfie happy)

    to be continued….

  53. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 13:return of mom………………

    walking around early poptropica
    S.B. i cant i’m away from mom this long, I MISS HER!!!!!!!!! *sob*
    W.S. it’s okay, we all miss our parents
    H.S. (happy seagull) Wildingson Hectos Seagull?
    W.S. Mom?
    B.B. (big bird(smart birds dad))
    S.B. Dad?
    C.T. mom and dad???!!?!?!!?!?!?
    H.S. who are they?
    C.T i’m Cleandus Vornill Tornado,at your will,
    H.S. ?
    W.W. i’m Whitlinger Hockenad Wolf
    B.B. which ones your girlfriend?
    white blushes
    S.B. DAD???
    B.B. sorry, sorry
    H.S. anyway, your coming home right now,
    W.W. no, dont lave me Smartill Juckdid Bird!
    10 second silence
    S.B. how did you know my full name? i’ve only been with you for like a month
    W.W. *blushes* lucky guess?
    W.S. come on mom, white just lost a best friend while we were battling Dr. Hare-
    H.S. you battled Agustas?
    S.B. who’s Agustas?
    B.B. Agustas M. Hare
    C.T. so that’s his real name
    W.S. anyway, these are our friends, and if we bail on them….. who know what they will do, Tornado even has a chainsaw!
    tornado blushes
    W.S. anyway, we can’t leave them!
    5 second pause
    H.S. alright
    seagull dose robot dance(from game show island)
    W.S. bye mom, see ya soon!
    H.S. bye honey!
    4 continue adventures

    to be continued……

  54. Characters: White Wolf as herself and Golden Wolf, Wild Seagull as Gray Wolf, Redrose22904 as Blue Wolf, Mr. T as Striped Banana, and Marilyn Monroe as Red Star.
    Title: The Poptropican Trap, part 1
    *Friday by Rebecca Black plays*
    *Music stops playing*
    Narrator: White Wolf lived in the rural part of America with her farmer father, Gray Wolf. They were best friends. Golden Wolf lived in London, England with her wedding dress designer mother, Blue Wolf. White and Golden never met each other. Until they both went to the same summer camp…
    S.B.: *tries to talk in a quiet voice since he is Mr. T* You’re here, Golden! *he opens the door for Golden and grabs her bags* There you go. Now run off! *drive very fast out of the parking lot*
    Go.W.: Ugh. Look at this filthy place! It’s horrid! *she talks British*
    W.W.: This place is filthy? I’m looking at someone who is filthy.
    Go.W.: ❓
    W.W.: You have filthy manners! 😆
    Go.W.: Why you little! I oughta’ give you a filthy face!
    W.W.: Oh, I’m so scared! *she says this in sarcasim*
    Go.W.: Err! *starts chasing White*
    W.W.: *drops her soccer ball which causes Golden to fall in a mud pit* Haha. You got a spa treatment, Filthy!
    Go.W.: Grr! *jumps up and stomps to her cabin which is filled with snobby girls like Golden*
    Snobby #1: Did those pigs do this to you?!?!
    Go.W.: Yes! There irrataing little brats!
    To Be Concluded…

  55. The Poptropican Trap, part 2

    Snobby #2: Ugh. They’re jealous because we’re prettier and richer than those pigs.
    Go.W.: I especially hate that on in the blue soccer uniform. She is SO ugly!
    To Be Concluded…
    *sorry wanna play poptropica!*

  56. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 13: looking for icy (special guest star, smart crown)

    4 have been walking for 14 days
    S.B. its been like two hours, were is icy?
    R.P. hello?
    S.B. oh hey smart crown!
    C.T. you know him?
    S.B. yah he was my best friend in school
    S.C. yah, yah! We were the uh, the Justice Squad!
    S.B. yah!
    W.W. ❓
    S.C. can i join your club?
    W.S. sure…..
    S.C. great!

    to be continued…….

  57. The Poptropican Trap
    In White’s cabin..
    W.W.: I meant a snob today.
    Friend #1: Awesome! What was she like?
    W.W.: Rich, snobby and HORRIBLE manners.
    Friend #2: O my gosh! I can’t wait to make her cry.
    Friend #3: Hey! Let’s not get physical.
    Friend #2: Ugh. All right.
    W.W.: But, we can prank her and her snobby friends.
    Friend #3: Since they’re rich and love glittery things…
    Friend #1: We can pull the door trick…
    Friend #2: Which has a bucket full glitter…
    W.W.: And when they open the door…
    All: Glitter fall on them!
    They all nod in agreement.
    In Golden’s cabin, they girls were talking about glitter.
    Go.W.: I’m going to call the counsler to bring us some fresh towels.
    5 minutes later the counsler arrives with the towels.
    W.W.: *she and her friends arrive and peer around the corner*
    Counsler: *opens door and glitter falls on her* What is the meaning of this?!?!
    Go.W.: *laughs at the counsler*
    Counsler: You think that’s funny? You’re coming with me!
    W.W.: I think we got them! *she jumps out of the corner* How do you like that snobby! 😆
    Counsler: You’re coming with me young lady!
    The counsler takes Golden and White to a cabin far in the woods where there are no other girls.
    Counsler: You two will stay here until the end of the summer! *she leaves the cabin*
    Golden & White: UGH!
    W.W.: *she grabs a photo that is in half and has a woman on it* I wish I can meet my mom.
    Go.W.: Hey, that lady looks familiar. *she grabs a photo that is also in half that has a man on it* I wish I can meet my dad.
    The two put both halves of pictures together. The two halves fit.
    W.W.: That’s my dad!
    Go.W.: That’s my mum!
    W.W.: If this is my mom and dad…
    Go.W.: That makes us sisters!
    W.W.: *takes Golden to a mirror* Twin sisters to be exact!
    To Be Concluded…

  58. Episode 26: A Fight About A New Boy, part 4 *and last part ^.^*
    W.W.: *is sitting at her apartment alone* *her phone rings and she answers it* Hello?
    Random Voice: Look out you’re window.
    W.W.: *looks out window and sees Neat and a girl kissing* *forces back a tear* Who is this?
    Random Voice: It’s me, Icy Fang. I saw this going on thought I should tell you this.
    W.W.: Thanks, Icy. Now, I gotta break up and fire Neat. *ends call* *grabs cell-phone* *texts Neat*
    This is what happened on the texting..
    W.W.: We’re through and you’re fired.
    N.B.: What?!?!
    W.W.: Look up at the apartment building next to you. Look at the window on the 2nd floor , 1st window on the left.
    N.B.: Okay… *looks up* Oh my gosh. You saw this didn’t you?
    W.W.: Yes.
    N.B.: That’s just my mom.
    W.W.: She looks way too young to be you’re mom. You’re fired and you’re my ex now.
    N.B.: Can’t I have a second chance?!?!
    W.W.: No. You’ll never have a second chance. *closes phone*

    THE END… of Neat Burger 😈

  59. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 14: Halloween Special

    C.T. dude, no.
    W.S. *blush*
    S.B. crap,
    W.W. what?
    S.B. i promised me friends at the haunted house to be there on Halloween
    W.W. oh,
    S.B. will you guys come?
    W.S. no way man
    C.T. that’s like asking, do you what dog crud in a bag?
    W.W. that’s been sitting in the sun for a week
    W.S. with sour milk
    W.W. also, in the bag
    C.T. with dog crud
    W.S. with sour milk.
    W.W. in a bag
    C.T..with dog cru-
    S.B. OKAY SORRY!!!
    W.S. you now what? i’ll go
    W.S. yeah,were’s the Halloween spirit?
    C.T. yeah
    in haunted house
    S.B. hey who’s that?
    R.P. ‘ts ME! Baed, grama, Joe!
    Crew: ………
    B.G.J ut?
    W.S. well uh,
    S.B. do you know were Sirius Sniper, Cool Toad, and Dangerous Alphabet are?
    B.G.J. ‘choo mean lill ol’ Siris Snipe, Koolio Toadio, and Dangers Alfbet?
    S.B. er- yeah
    B.G.J. ‘n side da groun
    C.T. what?
    mummies, zombies, vampires, ghouls, and werewolfs emerge from the ground
    B.G.J. c ye all, laters
    Joe leaves
    S.B. CRUD!
    C.T. HECK!
    monsters attack
    W.W. now this is like dog crud with sour milk in a bag that’s been sitting in the sun for 100 weeks!
    W.S. that’s it, WEAPONS!
    Smart Bird pulls out sword and puts on helmet, Wild Seagull gets lightning staff, Clean Tornado gets chainsaw, White Wolf gets ax from knight
    W.S. ATTACK!
    chaos breaks out
    S.B. cuts of vampires head’s with sword
    Smart Bird WINS!!!!
    zombies attack, but tornado uses chainsaw to cut brains
    Tornado WINS!!
    8 silver bullets
    Seagull WINS!
    white shows ghouls sunlight and they designate
    W.S. wow, we pwnd them
    C.T. yeah, Happy Halloween guys!

    The end(of this episode)

  60. Episode 27: Trick-or-Treat on Halloween in Spy Island
    W.W.: *is going as Pikachu* UGH! Where’s Icy and her cousin?
    I.F.: Sorry! There was traffic! *going as Piplup*
    S.B.: Yeah, we’re really sorry. *going as… lol… a fairy princess! XD*
    W.W.: Uh…Striped, why are you a fairy princess?!?! 😆
    S.B.: My mom chose it.
    I.F.: I texted you to go as a pokemon character!
    S.B.: Ugh. White, do you have any extra pokemon costumes?
    W.W.: All I have is Pichu.
    S.B.: That will do. Gimme it!
    W.W.: ‘Kay. One sec. *runs to closet and grabs the Pichu costume* Here.
    S.B.: Thanks. Where’s the bathroom?
    W.W.: First room on the left.
    S.B.: ‘Kay. Be right back.
    I.F.: Wanna know a secret?
    W.W.: Yes! 😮
    I.F.: I called my aunt to make Strpied a fairy princess!
    W.W.: LOL! 😆
    S.B.: Back. Let’s go!
    5 minutes later…
    W.W.: Where should we start trick-or-treating first? Early Poptropica? Time Tangled?
    I.F.: Let’s just start here. We have plenty of time for the other 21 other islands. It’s only 5:00.
    W.W.: ‘Kay.
    2 minutes later, they arrive at a house..
    All: Trick-or-treat!
    House 1: Oh, look how cute you three are! How old are you all?
    W.W.: 9.
    S.B.: 10.
    I.F.: 11.
    House 1: Well, here you go! *gives them all kitkat bars and butterfingers*
    All: Thank you!
    All: Trick-or-treat!
    House 2: Oh my gosh! Look at the cute pokemon characters! *grabs a camera and takes a picture of the gang* This ones a keeper! *gives them all digital cameras*
    All: Thank you!
    All: Trick-or-treat!
    House 3: *is a old man* Hello youngsters. Who are you all?
    W.W.: I’m White Wolf, the director of the spy agency.
    I.F.: I’m Icy Fang, a spy agent.
    S.B.: I’m Striped Banana, an ordinary boy.
    House 3: Well, here’s you’re candy. *gives them toothbrushes*
    All: Er- thanks.
    After trick-or-treating at all the houses on the island, they finish the other islands. They all have a year supply of candy (and each have a digital camera and toothbrushes).
    Happy Halloween!


  62. Challenge Time!!!!
    Who ever can meet the score 7,000 on Brainiacs *mems only* in Game Show Island will get to meet White Wolf live. Good luck!

  63. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 15: an icy discovery

    4 are talking about Halloween
    S.B. and i got a 6-foot tall Trix candy bar
    C.T. oh yeah? I got 1989081543413656 bags of M’n’Ms!
    W.W. i got 11 starbursts!
    W.S. i got a rock……
    crew bursts out with laughter
    W.S. hahahahaha! Just kidding, i got a 9-inch 3 musketeers!
    C.T. cool
    W.W. hey i just remembered
    S.B. what is it hone- white wolf *face explodes of blushter*
    W.W. Icy Fang!
    Crew: AAAAAHHHHH! :!::!::!:
    I.F. guys?
    Icy Fang is wearing pillowcase that has rips and is dirty,her hair is tangled everywhere, and she is depressed
    W.W. Icy,Icy,Icy,Icy!
    I.F. get me home!
    4 take Icy home
    C.T. poor Icy
    W.W. i wonder what happened….
    W.S. next time we see her, i’ll ask.

    to be continued……

  64. so i know i haven’t posted wild seagull’s life in poptropica in a while, but thats because i’ve been planning a theme song.

    (in tune of ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga)

    we are the poptropicans,
    and we will show no sins,
    this is wild sea-gulls life of poptropica, yeah!
    (repet chours)
    wild seagull, hes the best!
    smart bird fights without a rest,
    these are the poptropicans! oh yeah!
    clean tornado shes hard core,
    white wolfs alawy ask’in for more,
    this is wild, seagulls life of poptropica yeah,
    (repet chours)
    this is wild seagulls life of poptropica, yeah!!!!

    so i know its short but, all theme songs are short. So whenever i make a new Wild Seagill’s Life in Poptropica, (special on sunday) sing the song in your head!

    ~Wild Seagull

  65. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 16: an icy secret (special)

    white wolf and wild seagull are walking to icy’s house
    W.W. (knocking) hello? it’s us, white wolf and wild sea-
    I.F. (door opens right away) come in, come in!
    2 walk in
    I.F. whats up?
    W.S. we wanna know what happend when you
    I.F. umm, okay?
    “after i got shrunk, i ascaped but i had no where to go… then i saw this framiliar girl come up to me, i think it was curious bee….so anyway she picked me up and toke me home. i lived with her for a while, then her house got robbed by burglurs and they took all our cloths, so we had to wear the pillow case. So then i had to find you guys to take me home. and you did, so thank you.”
    W.W. woah.
    S.B. and C.T come in
    C.T. whats going on?
    I.F. i told them what happend to me.
    S.B. what?
    I.F. after i got shrunk, i ascaped but i had no where to go… then i saw this framiliar girl come up to me, i think it was curious bee….so anyway she picked me up and toke me home. i lived with her for a while, then her house got robbed by burglurs and they took all our cloths, so we had to wear the pillow case. So then i had to find you guys to take me home. and you did, so thank you
    S.B. wow, really?
    W.S. come on, we could use another team member to fight Dr. Hare
    S.B. yeah come be part of the Justice Squad
    C.T. hey that reminds me, where is smart crown?
    S.B. it turned out he was working for Dr.Hare
    I.F. thanks guys! you are the best!

    to be continued….

  66. Gah! Peepz!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please stop fighting. I’m trying my best to stay neutral in this situation.

    Clean Tornado, Wild Seagull isn’t calling you a guy. And also, the reason he keeps asking is because he likes your series. Don’t you keep asking when the next Curious Bee episode is coming up, CT? 😉

    Wild Seagull, be careful with the way you say things. I understand what you mean, but other people, like Clean Tornado, may not, so that’s why she reacted like that. Just be careful the way you say things, so peepz don’t take it the wrong way.

    Well… I hope this helps a little bit.

  67. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 17: the secret is out

    white wolf and smart bird have been dating alot latly
    W.W. love you!
    S.B. by honey!
    two seperate, wild seagull and clean tornado pop out of a bush.
    W.S. somtin’ lovey is goin’ on between bird and wolf
    C.T. *snicker* i can imagine, White Bird! *laughter*
    W.S. this is not funny!
    S.B. (comes into the scene) hey guys! whas up?
    C.T. seagull thinks you like wolf
    S.B. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?
    W.S. well is it true?
    S.B. yes 😳
    later at their date (in a chinese resturant) seagull and tornado pretend to go on a date in the same resturant, only to spy on the two
    C.T. i doubt-
    W.S. we will just “over hear” what they are saying okay?
    C.T. okay 😕
    S.B. so, whitey
    W.W. yes honey?
    S.B. wanna kiss?
    W.W. you bet (they kiss)
    W.S. EWWWW! :grossed out:
    C.T. lets bail!
    they leave
    W.S. they arn’t kidding about this dating stuff!
    C.T. yeah!
    W.S. i guess their secret i out..
    akward silence
    W.S. so.. um wanna go to the toy store or sumin’?
    C.T. sure *blush*

    to be continued…

  68. wild seagull’s life of poptropica
    episode 18: the battle of poptropica

    the 4 are watching T.V.
    W.W. what if someones name was Trusty Viper?
    C.T. so?
    W.W. their initials would be T.V. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    C.T. dude, not funny
    News Reporter: The battle of poptropica is coming! Agustas M. Hare, also known as Dr.hare, is planing to take over poptropica, but the only ones who can stop him is, as he says, is Wild Seagull age:10, Smart Bird age: 12, Clean Tornado age: 9, and White Wolf age:11. YOU FOUR KIDS, DON’T LET US DOWN!!!!!
    W.S. *gulp*
    S.B. crap
    C.T. Dr. hare has like 3,000 minions!
    W.W. hes enslaving the world!
    S.B. we gotta get a better team..
    W.S. yeah, 3,000 agenst 4 is stupid!
    C.T. lets just get, the world to fight with us..
    W.S. No! i dont want the world to die for us!
    S.B. well we could at least get some people to join the justice squad…
    W.W. alright…

    to be continued….

  69. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 19: The Justic Squad, is Alive!!!

    W.S. alright people, i have gathered you all here, to be members of the justice squad!

    Cool Kid, Dangerous Boa, C.B. gng, Super Thunder, Brave Tomato, Hyper Fox, Atro Knight island Knights and King,Skulldugry Island Crew, Icy Fang, and C.J. (from shrink ray island) are all sitting in Wild Seagull’s house.

    H.S. do you guys want some orange juce?
    W.S. no mom, were good….
    C.B.(curiose bee) so, we will have to fight Dr.Hare?
    C.T. yeah, we are!
    C.B. i dont think i’m up to this..
    W.S. guys listen! Poptopica lies in our hands! if you back down, your gonna take Poptropica down with you…
    C.K. (cool kid) i think seagull is right.I mean we all have been to legendary swords right?
    every one nooded
    C.K. i’m in(pulls out masked bandit sword)
    I.F. same (pulls out dark knight sword)
    E.K. (earth knight) ith, is alithso inith
    I.K. (ice knight) meih, toith!
    F.K. (fire knight) ith, is toith!
    Skulldugry crew: if we can take down Captain Crawfish, then we can take down HARE!
    C.J. yeah, i’m in to!
    S.B. i have no choice.( pulls out tempuler knight sword)
    W.S. pulls out earth knight sword.
    E.K. Sir Seagull, if you will fightith war, then thou must takith, this! (gives him earth astro kight costume. Availible poptropica store.
    W.S. thanks!
    H.F.(Hyper Fox) Hey! anything for us?
    F.K. noith.
    W.S. well, if your all in, the battle starts tommarow, so meet me here, 6:00. And also, put on armor, Dr.Hare has lots of crew

    To be continued………

  70. Episode 28: Fireworks?
    W.W.: *is sitting on her couch with Striped Banana* When’s Icy coming?
    S.B.: I don’t know. She said she’d be here at 6:00.
    W.W.: *looks at clock* It’s 6:21. GOSH! WHERE IS SHE?!?!?
    I.F.: *dashes in with a boy*
    Boy: Hello.
    I.F.: This is my new friend.
    W.W.: Hmm. You ean boyfriend?!?! XD *looks at them holding hands*
    I.F.: *blushes* Yeah. My new boyfriend.
    S.B.: Why get a boyfriend?
    Boy: Because it’s non ya business.
    S.B.: 👿
    Boy. 😆
    I.F.: C’mon, Wild Chicken. Let’s blow this popsicle stand.
    W.C.: *grabs TMT* 😈 Glad to.
    W.W. & S.B.: 0_0
    W.C.: *lights up the TMT* *runs out with Icy* Goodbye, losers!
    I.F.: WOOHOO!
    W.W.: Run!
    To be concluded…

  71. Here is a really scary story that was 100% written by me. 🙂 It’s called:

    The Thing

    I was so scared. The thought that I was going to die came again and again. I was not dead yet. It all started one day at school. It must have been more than two months ago because as each day passed by, I scratched a tally mark on the wall of the deep, damp cave that for now was my new home. Well, technically it was Skylar, Izzy, and My new home. We were at school on the playground when I saw smoke coming from the school building. Then it got bigger and bigger and suddenly it turned into a flame then another and then another. I grabbed Skylar and Izzy and we ran to the school field. The field is always closed at recess time but at that time we didn’t care if we got in trouble or not. When we got to the field, we just stood there, watching the flame turn into a fire and spread. It spread so much that we ran to the end of the field and climbed the gate because it was getting so close. It was terrifying. I couldn’t have just stood there and done nothing so I took out my iPhone4 from my pocket and dialed 911. They came but unfortunately we weren’t there. I heard a car come up behind me. They jumped out and grabbed me by the neck and shoved Skylar, Izzy, and Me in the car. I couldn’t get out of the car so I just waited. Finally, they came to a stop. They opened the car door and threw, Skylar, Izzy, and I out of the car. Then they started the car and drove away. We were all alone. We didn’t know where we were. All we knew was that there was a forest on the left side with a lake and everything and there was a cliff on the right side that went straight down for what looked like forever. We walked into the forest and found a cave. That’s how we got there. There were fruit trees to eat fruit off of and a lake where we could bathe ourselves in. The road was always empty. No cars, no nothing came by. It’s as if we were the only three girls left on the planet. I did still have my iPhone4. I checked the G.P.S. App. The G.P.S. doesn’t seem to recognize where we were. It says LOCATION UNRECONIZABLE. I had no idea what that meant and I didn’t think I wanted to know what that meant. I was about to dial 911 when I saw a peculiar sight hiding in the bush in the distance. I stood up and took a step foreword. It seemed to have noticed me because I heard it make a noise that I had never heard before. I checked the Sound App on my iPhone4 and took another step foreword hoping it would make the same noise. It did and I had got it on my iPhone4. It said SOUND UNRECONIZABLE. I had no idea what that meant and I didn’t think I wanted to know what that meant. Just then, I heard a scream coming from my right. I looked over and saw the same thing I saw in the bush in the distance except it was A LOT closer and was about to attack Skylar and Izzy. I looked straight foreword and saw the same thing which seemed to me was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It was right in front of me. I was so terrified that I froze. I couldn’t move. To me it looked like a deformed person and monkey. There seemed to be millions surrounding Skylar, Izzy, and Me. I took out my iPhone4 and snapped a picture of one of them. That obviously paralyzed it so it fell to the ground. A few seconds went by and it died. I did that with every single one except the head honcho which looked even scarier than the others. It looked at me. I snapped a picture of it and it didn’t move at all. It picked me up and tried to take a bite of my face. I wacked it in the head just in time. That is what Skylar and Izzy did too. We fell to the ground and ran off as fast as we could. The thing was running after us, or so I thought because I was too afraid to look back. We crossed the empty road and started climbing down the cliff. The thing just stared down at us. We climbed down to a platform. We used it and jumped to the other side of the cliff just when the platform was about to break. We climbed down more and jumped off where there was land. I took out my iPhone4 and dialed 911. We saw them come and get eaten by those things. Right after their meal, they just stared down at us. It was creepy. I kept dialing and dialing but every single person just died and then the things would stare at us. I dialed 911 one last time and this time they brought: the military, the army, the navy, the airforce, the marines, and anybody else they could find all for us. They eventually saved us. They said that all those things were destroyed and that there was nothing to worry about. I tried to take their word for it but those images kept coming inside my head. At least I was alive. When we got back to our house, we thanked them so much and they soon left. Just as I was walking into my house I was so sure that I saw something hiding in the bush in front of my house watching me. We were soon to die and this is how it happened . . .

    1 Day Later:

    I was bored. Sitting on the couch was probably better than going outside. Unfortunately I didn’t know that. I thought of going outside and taking a walk with Skylar and Izzy. We went outside and started walking but, we never made it to the corner. One of those things we had saw in the forest jumped out of the bush. Luckily, I had my iPhone4 so I killed it. We walked very slowly for a moment, then faster and faster. Finally, we started running. We ran so fast we were all following each other. We had no destination. We were just trying to get as far away as possible from those things. We kept looking back to see if any of those things were following us. Nothing was following us so far. We finally stopped for a rest. We looked up to a sight that looked pretty familiar. We were at that same forest or whatever it was called. I took out my iPhone4 to see a map of our city. It looked like the only way out was to pass those mountains which were the mountains that we were on that very second. I was thinking that those people who had taken us were trying to drive out of the city but lost interest so just dropped us off and drove back to their home. We were just about to turn and go home when I saw what I had saw before. I took out my iPhone4 because just like before there were millions surrounding us and just like before I had to kill them by snapping pictures of them. I was just about to take the first picture when my iPhone4 died. I guess I forgot to charge it. Those things stared at us as if knowing that we were powerless. They each took a step foreword and aimed for our face first. The worst part was nobody ever found out. That meant other people would die too. A good thing their meat eaters because then they wouldn’t eat my iPhone4.
    So, if someone smart comes and actually survives:

    They would find my iPhone4 with all the pictures in them.
    When they leave they’d probably take the iPhone4 with them.
    When they get home they’d charge it.
    Then when they charge it, they would see all the pictures I took.
    Then they would show those pictures to the police.
    Then the public would know and evacuate the city.
    Then they would capture all those things.
    But that wouldn’t be the last of them.
    So, everybody would die and be where I am right now.

    PERT 1

    the story starts with the 4 on a cliff, watching Dr. Hares team come to the battle feild
    W.S. wow, he has like 3,645 people on his team….
    C.T. if we all die, and the war still is going on, what do we do?
    S.B. hope for the best..(puts on templuer knight outfit)
    W.S. better put this on(puts on earth astro knight outfit)
    icy fang, dangerous boa, cool kid, and C.J. climd up the mountain to see the 4
    C.J. we want to help you with anything their is.
    D.B. (dangerous boa) same here, but their is nothing we can do C.J., look!(points down to the Justc squad(abou 3,890 of them) are comming to the battle field as well
    W.W. i think i’m gonna cry!
    S.B. why?
    meteor hit the moutain sending the 8 flying
    W.W. that!!!
    they hit the ground
    W.S. what the #@%* was that?
    S.B. LANGUAGE seagull!
    W.S. sorry 😳
    C.K. guys, ANOTHER METEOR!!
    I.F. DIG!!!
    they start digging with swords, then they are in an underground cavern
    D.B. that was close!
    S.B. i wonder if the war started yet…
    W.S. and i hope they brought armor….
    they hear loud boom
    S.B. what was that?
    C.T. no @#$%ing idea
    I.F. whatever that was, we gotta get out of here
    C.J. agreed
    W.W. where do we get out?
    W.S. no clu-
    another meteor hits and makes opening for them
    D.B. sweet!
    they get out
    W.S. oh ^%$#
    S.B. what?
    W.S. look!
    poptropica is in war

    to be continued…

    PART 2

    the eight were watching poptropica in battle
    D.B. this is bull-$@%*
    C.J. i know
    C.T. lets BATTLE!!!
    they ran into battlefield but a bullet went right over their heads and they run back
    W.S. lets never do that again!
    S.B. yeah!
    W.W. what know?
    Dr.Hare minion runs up to them
    D.M.(Dr.hare minion) be destroyed! (pulls out laser gun)
    W.S. not if i can help it!
    Minion attacks but seagull blocks with sword and sticks it through his body
    C.T. whoa…
    I.F. i didn’t know you had the skill
    C.K. same here….
    W.S. (pulls down helmet) well, i’m ready
    seagull runs into war
    S.B. i better go to
    W.W. yeah
    C.K. me too
    C.T. yeah
    D.B. i’ goin’
    I.F. same
    C.J. uh, right
    W.W. you guys go on, i’ll catch up later
    S.B. (running off) bye
    W.W. wait
    S.B. what?
    W.W. this might be the end
    S.B. yeah 😥
    W.W. kisses S.B. for a minute
    S.B. i gotta go,
    W.W. good luck!
    at war, S.B. meets W.S., D.B., C.K., and C.T.
    C.T. whens the wedding?
    D.B. i’ll bring the ice sculpture! 😆
    C.K. no seriously, what are you gonna name your first kid?
    S.B. shut up
    back to W.W., she walks alone
    C.J. hey Wolfie!
    W.W. oh, hi C.J.
    C.J. B.T.s here, and S.T.
    W.W. oh that’s pleasant
    S.T. whats wrong?
    W.W. i just don’t want my boyfriend to die in war
    S.T. just hope for the best wolfie, just hope for the best

    to be continued……

  74. Next on The Adventure gang!
    *climbs to the top of the mountain* RF:What a long trip! IF:We are having a hard time historizing. WW: O.o Historizing?What a weird word! IF:You almost made a tongue twister!Haha! MK:Can we please get this over with?! IF:Oh!Right! MK:There are the ogres!They are very protective of their homes!*grabs out a sword* WW:Woah!!!Can I borrow it?Please?Pretty please? MK:I have plenty here!I guess you can borrow it. WW:Here’s mine! RF:Here’s mine! IF:And here’s mine! RF:Let’s go! MK:In 1…2…3…CHAAARGE!!! WW:Hia!Hia!HIA!*kicks* RF:Fish sticks!I broke my sword! IF:*shaking*I can’t do it!*swings sword really hard,closed eyes*Wow!I can do it! Ogre:You are too late,Kid!Selina is already here! IF:Selina?!Who the heck is Selina?! MK:I’ll tell ‘ya later!For now,I have to zipper things up! IF:Okay.Suit yourself. MK: *swings sword really hard*HIIIAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! RF:Wow!You rule! WW:Let’s go in! *enters cave* WW:Look at all this eggs!I think its about to hatch! Dinosaur:Rawr!!!RAWR!!!!! The Gang:Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be continued…


    W.S., S.B., C.T., D.B., and C.K. are battling
    C.K. hey Tornado!
    C.T. wassup?
    C.K. any idea what your doing? (slices head of a D.M.)
    C.T. nope (stapes D.M.)
    Smart Bird is fighting a D.M.
    S.B. these rotten D.M.s
    D.M. Smart bird?
    S.B. what the-
    D.M. it’s me, Smart Crown!
    S.B. you @#$%ing @&&-hole, in the @#$%
    S.C. come on, i’m your best friend, remember? Justice Squad?
    at this point, Smarty is so mad he grabbs Smart Crown by the neck and throws her to the ground
    S.B. oh, i remember!
    S.C. T-t-t-then w-w-w-why are you d-doing this to me?
    S.C. how-
    S.C. comon, you can trust me?!?
    S.B. trust you? TRUST YOU?
    S.C. yeah, just ’cause i’m with Hare…
    S.B. Hare has killed a bunch of people, and your with him?
    S.C. look-
    S.B. no, YOU look! The world of poptropica is in war, and your suporting it?!?!
    S.C. it’s-
    S.B. you betrade poptropica, and i will have to kill you
    S.C. NOO!
    S.B. you cant do this to anyone eles
    smart stabs her and she dies
    S.B. i apolagize, but i had to do that

    to be continued…….

  76. I’m 21 years old and i’m still into poptropica! got a problem with that? I love poptropica!I would also never post my face as a profile picture because i wouldnt want to get abducted by some perve or pedifile on the internet. trust me. its happened to one of my friends a long long time ago.

  77. I have Part 1 and Part 2 on my new story “The Honolulu Hawaiian Mall” (yes this is poptropica). Before we begin part 1, I will tell you the characters and the setting for the story.
    Setting: Maui, Hawaii (Mythology Island at Poseidon’s Beach)
    Characters: the purple beach girl, the orange beach girl, the blue beach ball girl, and Aphrodite. Part 1 begins! Part 1/Chapter 1: Questions and Answers at The Beach and How To Get to Honolulu, Hawaii

    The P.B.G. – What are you staring at?
    The B. B.B. G. – You? You look fantastic. Where did you get that bathing suit?
    The P.B.G. – I got it from a mall
    The B.B.B.G. – Which mall? I would like to know which mall you got it from
    The P.B.G. – I got it from the Honolulu Mall
    The B.B.B.G. – Is that in the capital of Hawaii?
    The P.B.G. – Yes, yes it is
    The O.B.G. – I have been there. Hey Blue Beach Ball Girl, check it out
    The B.B.B.G. – I will. But how do I get to Honolulu? It seems so far away
    The P.B.G. – I don’t know.
    The O.B.G. – Me neither. Ask Aphrodite. She knows. She is over there.
    The B.B.B.G. – Ok I will

    Part 2 is How to Get to Honolulu. i will tell you Part 2 on my next comment.

  78. Here are some understanding productions that you need to know about Part 1:
    P.B.G. = Purple Beach Girl
    B.B.B.G. = Blue Beach Ball Girl
    O.B.G. = Orange Beach Girl

    Part 2 of The Honolulu Hawaiian Story will be on my next comment

  79. Part 2 is How To Get To Honolulu (talking with Aphrodite)

    (the blue beach ball runs over to Aphrodite)
    The B.B.B.G. – Hello
    Aphrodite – Hello, what is your name?
    The B.B.B.G. – I am the girl who loves dressing up as a beach ball
    Aphrodite – Really?
    The B.B.B.G. – Yes really. I need your help. Can you tell me how to get to Honolulu faster?
    Aphrodite – Sure thing. You will need the scuba gear. You have to dive down the water and find a water sign that says “Make your way to Honolulu”. Here is the map. I putted in plastic. The paper in plastic. Also, take this scuba gear so you could breath underwater. When you see the sign that says “Make Your Way To Honolulu”, swim up to the surface.
    The B.B.B.G. – Ok, thanks so much for the help.
    Aphrodite – You’re welcome. The waters are safe. There are no sharks, dolphins, or whales. There is just friendly fish and no shocking fish. There is just blue fish and pink fish which they are friendly and there is no other fish.
    The B.B.B.G. – Thanks for telling me that. But I have to buy something from Honolulu. How do I take it with me without making it wet?
    Aphrodite – Take this suitcase. Its closed. The water will not get inside the suitcase. You open it like this. (Aphrodite shows the blue beach girl how to open it).
    The B.B.B.G. – Thanks. Is there anything else I need to know?
    Aphrodite – Have fun and good luck. Be careful around Honolulu. There is too many people. Remember to say “Excuse Me“.
    The B.B.B.G. – Thanks, Now I am off to Honolulu.
    The blue beach girl puts on the scuba gear, and takes the suitcase and the map.

    Part 3 is Swimming to Get to Honolulu

  80. Part 3’s setting and characters:
    Characters – The Blue Beach Ball Girl
    Setting – underwater

    When I said the blue beach ball runs over to Aphrodite, add girl after ball.

  81. Part 3 is here! The extra character in part 3 is Jasmine. The beach ball girl’s name is Jennifer.

    (Jennifer takes off her beach ball costume, puts on her old bathing suit without anyone looking, puts on the scuba gear, and takes the suitcase and map, and dives into the water)

    Jennifer looks at the map. “Turn Left”, Jennifer says. Jennifer turns left. “Go straight which is in the middle”, said Jennifer. Jennifer goes straight. “Turn right”, Jennifer says. Jennifer turns right. Jennifer bumps into a girl.

    Jennifer – I’m so sorry
    The Girl – I’m sorry. I didn’t see where I am going
    Jennifer – Its ok. Who are you?
    The Girl – I’m Jasmine.
    Jennifer – I’m Jennifer
    Jasmine – Nice to meet you, Jennifer
    Jennifer – Where were you going?
    Jasmine – On my way to Honolulu. I might have took the wrong way so I turned around.
    Jennifer – I am on my way to Honolulu too. You took the right way. I have the map in plastic
    Jasmine – Oh. I am taking the right way. You see, I lost the map after I went straight in the other direction.
    Jennifer – Thats alright. I have the map here.
    Jasmine – Lets continue then
    Jasmine and Jennifer passes the right.
    Jennifer – Turn right which is straight
    Jasmine and Jennifer turned right. After that, they turned left on the other side. Jasmine and Jennifer turned to the right directions. Jennifer sees a sign. “Come With Me”, says Jennifer. Jasmine went over to Jennifer. “This is the sign alright”, says Jennifer. “Aphrodite says when you see a sign that says “Make Your Way To Honolulu”, swim up to the surface.” “Then lets swim up to the surface”, says Jasmine. Jennifer and Jasmine swims up to the surface.

    Part 3 is done. Part 4 is going to be “Arriving At Honolulu”. Part 4 will be on my next comment.

    Setting for Part 4 – Honolulu, Hawaii (Shark Tooth Island)
    Characters for Part 4 – Jasmine, Jennifer, and Ashley

  82. Episode 29: Icy and Wild Need to Split
    S.B.: How are we going to make Icy and Wild break up?
    W.W.: I don’t know. I know it will be tough, though.
    W.C.: *bust through the door with Icy* What’s up chumps?
    I.F.: Darling, will you leave me with my ex-friends?
    W.C.: Sure. *leaves and wait in car for Icy*
    I.F.: Guys! You have to help me!
    W.W.: How?
    I.F.: By destroying him of course!
    W.W.: What?!?! We can’t do that! We’ll be arrested!
    I.F.: No we won’t! He’s a robot!
    W.W.&S.B.: ?!?!
    To be continued…

    PART 4: THE RETURN OF MITTENS(new charecter, Gloves and Mittens Jr.)

    W.W., C.J., S.T., and B.T. are hiding from the war
    S.T. i feel so guilty hiding from poptropica
    B.T. same here
    W.W. i wonder if Seagull, Smart, or Tornado have died
    C.J. i kinda doubt it
    meanwhile, C.T. is using her water powers to defet the D.M.s
    C.T. this calls for THIS! (C.T. pulls water from ocean and pours it on poptropica)
    S.T. hey guys, is that water coming from the sky?
    C.J. it is!
    Girls: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! (water splashes on them and they fly in the air and come down on a wave which smashes them on a rock)
    B.T. oooowwww
    S.T. my face is bleeding( her face is coverd with blood)
    W.W. my ankle is broken
    C.J. my shirt is ripped
    meanwhile, the battle is under water
    W.S. diba stikabas!(bubbles come out of his mouth)
    I.F. wherba wolfabie?
    S.B. leba look forba herb
    C.T. i’llba comeba toba!
    so the 4 swim out of the water and go find Wolfie, their armor is rusted
    C.J. hey, theirs more of the justice squad!
    4 emerge to the other 4
    S.B. your ankle is broken, what happend?
    W.W. long story.
    B.T. umm guys?
    S.T. what?
    B.T. LOOK!!!!
    a wave of water is heading toward them
    J.S.(Justice Squad) AAAAAAHHHHHH
    S.T. run!
    they run but water gets to them, sending the 8 in diffrent directions, but S.B. and W.W. are hanging on eachothers hands
    W.W. i will never let you go!
    S.B. neither will i-
    wave splashes on S.B. sending him flying backward/opposite direction of wolfie

    The Next Day…..

    W.W. uuuuhhhnnn
    wolfie findes herself in a desert with W.S. and B.T.
    W.W. wha-wha-what hapend?
    W.S. (waking up) i dont know….
    W.W. wheres smarty?
    B.T. i dont know….
    W.W. well do you care?
    B.T. honestly no….
    W.W. he’s my boyfriend, and i will find him myself! (stomps away)
    W.S. what was that all about?
    B.T. *shrug*
    meanwhile, W.W. is alone in a cave
    M.V. meow?
    W.W. hu?
    M.V. meow, meow?
    W.W. Mittens?
    Cat: you know where Mttens is?
    W.W. whos their?
    Gloves: i’m Mittens wife! And this is Mittens Jr.
    M.J. (Mittens Jr.) Meow
    W.W. oh, well Mittens died, and now his ghost, well, i guess “nicely” possesed me
    G.V. (Gloves) oh… can i live with you, since Mittens did?
    W.W. sure!
    G.V. GREAT! come on Jr., were not strays anymore!

    To Be Continued……

  84. Part 5 is Arriving At Honolulu, Hawaii

    (Jennifer and Jasmine both swim up to the surface of the ocean)

    Jasmine – Whew. We’re here.
    Jennifer – Yep
    Jasmine – Have you ever been to Honolulu, Hawaii?
    Jennifer – Nope. But I have been to Maui, Hawaii
    Jasmine – Me too. Maui looked pretty and Honolulu is pretty too
    Jennifer – You bet. Oh no I lost my suitcase
    Jasmine – What suitcase?
    Jennifer – The suitcase that Aphrodite gave me. It’s the one that water doesn’t come in but the suitcase gets wet only on the outside.
    Jasmine – Why did you bring it?
    Jennifer – I saw a girl wore a pretty purple bathing suit and I was asking where she got it. She got it from a mall in Honolulu, Hawaii. I asked her how to get to Honolulu, Hawaii but she doesn’t know. I asked Aphrodite to how to get there quicker and faster. You have to dive down into the ocean and follow the map that’s in plastic. Before I dived, Aphrodite gave me a suitcase where water can’t get inside. I was going to buy the purple bathing suit from a mall. I was bringing the suitcase so the bathing suit won’t get wet. After I get the bathing suit, I can put it into the suitcase and dive back in the water
    Jasmine – What a story. We could buy another. Look a free credits cart. We could buy the bathing suit with free credits.
    Jennifer – Good idea.

    (Before Jasmine and Jennifer went over to the cart of credits, someone climbed out of the water. It was a girl.)

    part 5 is Got The Suitcase Back (Hanging Out With Ashley and Jasmine)

  85. The Real Part 5 is here. The other comment I posted (not the one that said part 4 not part 5), thats part 4. Here on my next comment is Part 5. The title for Part 5 is Got The Suitcase Back (Hanging Out With Ashley and Jasmine)

    The Girl – Look what I found
    Jasmine – Is that your suitcase, Jennifer?
    Jennifer – Yes. Hey Girl, come here.
    The Girl – yes?
    Jennifer – Thanks for finding my suitcase
    The Girl – oh. This is your suitcase?
    Jennifer – Yes.
    The Girl – My name is Ashley.
    Jennifer – My name is Jennifer
    Jasmine – My name is Jasmine
    Ashley – Nice to meet you both. Is there anything in here, Jennifer?
    Jennifer – Let me see

    (Jennifer opens the suitcase)

    Jennifer – nothing
    Ashley – Why did you bring it if there is nothing inside of it?
    Jennifer – so I could buy something and put it into my suitcase
    Ashley – Really? Where did you get it?
    Jennifer – I got it from Aphrodite. She was on the beach of Maui, Hawaii
    Ashley – Wasn’t Aphrodite one of the goddnesses?
    Jennifer – She is alive.
    Ashley – Oh ok.

  86. Actually Part 5 is called Got The Suitcase (Talking With Jasmine and Ashley).I’m going to finish Part 5.

    Jennifer – She is really alive
    Jasmine – Of course she is alive. All gods and goddnesses are alive.
    Ashley – Oh cool. Thanks for telling me that, Jasmine.
    Jasmine – You’re welcome
    Ashley – What should we do?
    Jennifer – Well Jasmine and I were going to get some credits so we could buy me another suitcase since mine was gone but since you found it, we don’t need to buy another suitcase.
    Jasmine – we still need credits so we could buy the purple bathing suit
    Ashley – alright lets go over there
    Jennifer – right!

    (Jennifer, Jasmine, and Ashley go over to the free credits cart)

    Part 6 is called Credits and The Lulu Hawaiian Mall

  87. Part 6 is called Credits, The lulu Hawaiian Mall, and Chelsea.

    (Jennifer, Jasmine, and Ashley go over to the free credits cart)

    Jasmine – wow. Look at all these credits
    Ashley – There is a bunch of them.
    Jennifer – You bet!

    (Jennifer, Jasmine, and Ashley, all three girls took 10 credits)

    Ashley – which way to the hawaiian mall?
    Jennifer – I think you need to take a taxi to get there
    Jasmine – a what?
    Jennifer – a taxi
    Jasmine – give me the same word as that
    Jennifer – a taxi cab or just a cab
    Jasmine – thanks
    Ashley – look at that girl over there. She seems so pretty
    Jennifer – she really does
    Jasmine – let’s go talk to her

    (The three poptropica girls run over to the pretty girl)

    The girl – Hello Ashley
    Jasmine – what? You know Ashley?
    The Girl – yeah
    Ashley – oh. I thought you were someone else
    The Girl – I’m your friend, remember?
    Ashley – yes I remember. Jennifer, Jasmine, meet my friend, Chelsea.
    Jennifer – nice to meet you. I’m Jennifer
    Jasmine – its great meeting you. I’m Jasmine
    Chelsea – what are you girls doing?
    Ashley – we went to say hi to you
    Jennifer – yeah. Do you know how to get to the Lulu Hawaiian Mall?
    Chelsea – yeah. I am done playing anyways. We will drive to the Lulu Hawaiian Mall. Its great to see you again, Ashley
    Ashley – its great to see you too
    Jasmine – lets go

    (The 4 poptropicans go over to Chelsea’s car, Chelsea drives to the Lulu Hawaiian Mall, after they got there, Chelsea parked and the girls went out of the car)

    i will finish Part 6 on my next comment

  88. Episode 30: Wait… It’s Season 3?!?!?!
    CT: *runs to White’s dressing room*
    WW: Hey, Clean. What’s up?
    CT: We um forgot about planning a party for season 3.
    WW: What?!?! I thought we were on episode 29 today!
    CT: No. It’s episode 30. What are we going to do?!?! We can’t put the party on episode 31!
    WW: I know! Wait! Can’t we have a party on Poptropica in a multi-room? And aren’t you supposed to be capturing Betty Jetty?
    CT: Yes for Betty Jetty and of course for the Poptropica idea. Okay. You’re going to do the plans for the party because I have to capture somebody. Good luck getting people to come.
    WW: Why say good luck getting people?
    CT: Check the ratings.
    WW: Okay… *goes on the show’s blog* Ah ha! Here’s an article about how ratings we have.
    The Article: White Wolf The Spy Princess has lost it’s touch for action. The only action they have had now is having a robot guy come in and destroy White’s apartment. SNOOZE FEST! Anyways, the viewings the show has had is only 6 views. This is the worst show in all of Poptropica!!!!!
    WW: What?!? Only 6 views! It’s the oldest show on Super Thunder’s channel!
    Random Voice: I know why you only have 6 views.
    WW: Who are you and how do you know we only have 6 views?
    R.V.: It’s me, Wild Seagull. It’s because of you being on my show, which has more action than this show.
    WW: How’s that possible?!?!
    WS: It’s because I have more action and that means more viewrs for me.
    WW: Dude! What am I going to do?!?! It’s season 3 and we don’t have a party yet!
    WS: It’s season 3? Already?!?!
    WW: Yes. Clean told me.
    WS: What are we going to do?!?! This is one of my favorite shows on here!
    WW: We have to have a party in a mutiverse room to celebrate. And we just need you, me, Icy, Smart Bird, and Smart Crown to come! Easy as pie to get it started!
    WS: Okay. I’ll tell Smart and Smart and Icy!
    Be there people! This party is live! I’ll tell the code later today. Just get ready!

  89. White Wolf The Spy Princess: THE MOVIE: Rise of The Villians, Part 1
    W.W.: -sigh-
    S.B. & I.F.: What’s wrong?
    I.F.: Jinx!
    S.B.: Jin- Aw man!
    I.F.: *punches S.B. in the shoulder* So what’s wrong?
    WW: I miss my parents.
    IF: I thought you wanted to leave them because they push you around.
    WW: I know I did, but I’m 9 years-old for Pete’s sake! And I know how to drive a car! And I’m the director of Poptropica’s spy agenecy!
    IF: So am I!
    WW: But you still live with your parents!
    SB: She’s right.
    IF: *punches Striped in the shoulder* Why do you miss your parents when your the richest 9 year-old in all of Poptropica?
    WW: Money isn’t all that. I think I’ll move back in with them.
    SB & IF: 0_0
    WW: It’s the right thing for me to do!
    To Be Concluded…

  90. THE WILD SEAGULL MOVIE(btw, CT your story is awesome)
    PART 5: White WEREwolf

    W.S., B.T., W.W., G.V., and Jr. are walking in the desert
    W.W. i cant believe poptropica is in war, and we’re not helping AT ALL!
    B.T. i know
    Jr. meow meow meow? meow MEOW!!!
    W.S. what?
    G.V. he says, why cant we just call someone? poptropica is in WAR!
    B.T. yeah, check your phones. Se if we have service
    they check their phones, no luck
    W.W. UHHH, what are we going to do?
    B.T. i got nothing
    W.S. its, getting night, should we follow the stars?
    W.W. i guess,
    so the 5 follow the stars, but the sky gets so relaxing, and the air is warm, so they fall asleep.
    W.W. whazzizit? whzzgoinon?
    Jr. and Gloves are standing by her.
    G.V. we gotta talk
    the cats lead White to a cave
    G.V. you are a werewolf
    W.W. *raises an eyebrow*
    G.V. seriously
    W.W. proof?
    G.V. well, Mittens has been living with you before the beginning of time, he told us everything. Ya see, Mittens was firstly your parents cat. The Royal Cat. Then, when you were born, Mittens was passed on to you. So Mittens knew your mom was a werewolf, why else would your last name be “Wolf”? So some of the werewolf blood was transferred you, and on a full moon, A.K.A. tomorrow, all the other werewolfs will come to you.
    W.W. omg, that’s TERRIBLE!
    M.M. use your brain woman!
    W.W. Mittens?
    M.M. The werewolfs can help you attack the D.M.!
    W.W. that’s brilliant! Thanks cats!

    to be continued……

    WW: *is putting her things in her blimp* Okay. I’m done packing and I’m ready to go!
    SB: *in sign language because he’s still jinxed* Please don’t leave!
    IF: *punches Striped in the shoulder* That’s still talking.
    WW: -sigh- Striped, Striped, Striped.
    SB: YAY! I’M FREE! FREEEEEEE! *run around*
    IF: *rolls eyes* Well, i’m going to miss you.
    WW: I’ll miss you too. *the girl hug each other*
    Binary Bard: So. The girl is coming back to Astro Knights, eh? Amusing. Sharon!
    Sharon: Yes, Binary?
    B.B.: Fa all the villians in Poptropica to meet me tomorrow at 6:00.
    Sharon: Okay. *starts faxing*
    To Be Concluded…

  92. The Adventures of Sir Bird
    Episode one: The Beginning

    S.B. (Smart Bird) is at his castle, playing chess with W.S. (Wild Seagull)
    S.B. MAN! I hate this game!
    W.S. You were the one who suggested it
    S.B. Well uh… let’s just do something else…
    W.S. Ya wanna go outside?
    S.B. Well, we’re pretty much knights now so let’s do some jousting!
    W.S. ok! 🙂
    S.B. and W.S. put on their armor and get on their horses
    S.B. Well, you’re goin’ down!
    there’s a rustling noise in the bushes
    W.S. What the-
    The rustling gets louder
    S.B. I’m scared! 😥
    W.S. DUDE!
    S.B. Well sorry for being myself
    W.S. I’m gonna go check it out…
    He goes into the bushes

    Two hours later…

    S.B. Seagull hasn’t been back for months. I better go see what’s up

    and this is where the adventure begins….

    PART 6: smart bird falls

    W.W. wakes up in the same desert, annoyed
    W.S. the battle of poptropica has been going on for 6 DAYS!!!
    B.T. how are we gonna get back?
    W.W. Smart Bird is fighting so hard, HELP SPIRTS OF POPTROPICA! HELP!!!!
    B.T. its okay…..
    B.T. i’m just saying-
    B.T. i’m sorry- wait, your a werewolf?
    W.W. yeah
    W.S. Smarts gonna love you even more now
    W.W. really?
    W.S. yah, he loves werewolfs
    wolf was asking smart questions in the haunted house, then she was sitting outside at 12:00, kissing smart, then she was screaming out smart birds full name, then she was kissing smart in the chinese resturant, then she was being comferted by him on the cliff, then she was kissing him in the battle of poptropica, then she was screaming smart birds name, being pulled back in the wave, then she was back again, at the desert
    W.W. woah!
    W.S. what, you just blacked out!
    W.W. i know where bird is!
    B.T. wha?
    W.W. comeon!
    wolf lead the crew to a new desert, then a suburban, then a mountain, then poptropica!
    B.T. you did it!
    W.S. *crying with joy* you did it! (hugging her tightly)
    W.W. no time to wast!
    seagull pulls on his rusty, beat up, helmet, and ran in war, their were 2,021 J.S.s and 1,993 D.M.s.
    W.W. SMART BIRD!!!
    smart bird lay on the ground, no helmet, a knife through his body.
    W.W. NOOOO!
    W.S. what? (slices head of D.M.)
    W.W. smarts dead!
    suddenly, a hand grabs W.S., W.W., and C.K., and W.W. grabs S.B.
    C.T. he did not die! (she grabbed them)
    W.W. can you bring him back to life?
    C.T. no,
    W.W. then-
    C.T. uses water powers to heal smart bird
    S.B. *cough,cough* wolfie? seagull? kid?
    C.K. its all us smarty
    W.S. look, a full moon!
    it turns out 24 hours has past, and a moon is coming out
    W.W. oh no! (starts turning hariy)
    S.B. *cough* your turning *cough cough* hairy!
    W.W. i’m a werewolf, run away from me! DoOoN’T StOp! (face is turning into a snout)
    C.K. RUN!!!
    W.S., C.K., and C.T. runs, while S.B. limps away from White Werewolf

    To be continued…..

    B.B.(Binary Bard): I have gathered you all here today to tell you that White Wolf is coming back to Astro Nights.
    He was talking to the Giant Spider from Early poptropica all the way to the newspaper lady from Mystery Train.
    BJ(Betty Jetty): Uhm. I have a question.
    BB: What is it?
    BJ: Why do you want revenge on White Wolf, when millions of other poptropicans have defeated you? *sratches head*
    BB: Um. She used a gun and shot my red lens. And that’s just whack you know?!?! What kind of 9 year-old girl would carry a guy and drive a car?!?!
    BJ: I stand corrected.
    IF: We have to get White back!
    SB: How? She’s like 100 miles away!
    IF: I know! But we can make it! We just need to get there somehow. Neither of us have blimps or boats!
    SB: Well.. We could use a jetpack.
    IF: Perfect idea! They should be in the angency’s supply closet!
    SB: Go get them!
    5 minutes later..
    IF: Got them! *hands a jetpack to Striped*
    SB: *turns his on* What the-? *his jetpack won’t turn on*
    IF: *looks at the gas meter on her jetpack* They’re empty!
    SB: Uh, durr! We’ll just swim.
    IF: I some how knew you would say that.
    To Be Concluded..

  95. The Adventures of Sir Bird
    Episode One: The Adventure Begins

    S.B. (Smart Bird) and W.S. (Wild Seagull) are playing chess in Smart Bird’s castle
    S.B. MAN! I hate this game!
    W.S. You were the one who suggested it
    S.B. Well… uh… let’s just do something else
    W.S. We’re pretty much knights now so do ya’ wanna do some jousting?
    S.B. uh… sure!
    They put on their armor and get on their horses
    W.S. You’re going down to the ground like a donkey in a town!
    S.B. What?
    W.S. Nothing…
    Just as they begin to charge at one another, there’s a rustling in the bushes
    S.B. What the-
    The rustling gets louder
    S.B. I’m scared Segull 😥
    W.S. DUDE!
    S.B. Well sorry for being myself!
    W.S. I’m gonna go check it out
    He goes into the bushes

    One minute later…
    S.B. Wild Seagull hasn’t been back for months! Mabye I should investigate…

    And this is where the adventure begins…

    PART 7: werewolf war

    W.S., C.T., C.K., and S.B. are running away from White
    S.B. Run up the stairs!
    C.K. where are the stairs?
    S.B. their in that tower!
    they run into a tower
    C.T. we could lock ourselfs in the dungeon!
    they run to the dungeon
    White bites Smart’s foot
    they fling themselfs in the dungeon, Icy is in their too
    W.S. did anyone get bit?
    S.B. me (raises hand)
    I.F. why are you guys here?
    W.S. W.W. is after us
    S.B. GUYS! *starts growing hairy*
    C.T. CRAP!!! we locked ourselfs in with a Werewolf
    W.W. (outside the dungeon) ROARCORFRGSG
    C.K. what are we gonna do?!!?!?
    S.B. LeT MeEeE OoUuTt!
    M.V. well, well, well
    C.K. whos there?
    D.H. me!
    W.W. REREOR (tries to scratch him)
    D.H. hahahaha! you whorthless bra-
    Seagull cuts of ear with sword
    I.F. SICK HIM!
    werewolfs attack
    D.H. CURSE YOU!!!!!
    W.S. run!
    Seagull, Kid, Tornado, and Fang run out of the dungeon
    I.F. HOLY $#%&
    A wave of werewolfs run over a hill, and attack
    C.B. guys, did you see the werewolfs?
    W.S. yeah! White and Smart are in the dungeon atacking Hare
    C.J. they are
    C.T. yeah! C.J. you’ve gotta help us!
    C.J. how?
    C.T. build another SHRINK RAY!
    C.J. okay, but i need a place to work
    C.B. how about your house! i’ve got a blimp!
    C.K. perfect, lets go!
    W.S., C.K., I.F., C.T., C.J., and C.B. go into the blimp
    W.S. onward and upward!
    they head of to shrink ray island
    C.T. okay we’re here, now make the shrink ray!
    she makes hrink ray
    C.J. now we can shrink everyone, and step on them!

    to be continued….

  97. Here is what you’ve all been waiting for people! It’s the sequel to The Thing. It’s called:

    The Thing 2

    One day, Katy, & I were walking home from school when a girl came up to us and said “Hey, I know you! My name is Ali. I’m the new girl at your school.” At first Katy and I looked at each other. But then, we decided to try and be friends with her. We didn’t know that we were making a BIG mistake. “My name is Dev and this is my sister Katy. Where do you live?” I asked her. “Oh, I live in a cul-de-sac. It’s called Ranch Circle.” replied Ali. “That’s where we live!” shouted Katy. “Really. Hey, I know a quick and easy short cut through the woods. Wanna come with?” asked Ali. First, Katy and I looked at each other. We didn’t know whether to trust her or not. Then, we decided to follow Ali. “Wow Ali, this is a pretty long short cut. Are you sure were going the right way?” I asked. “Positively!” she answers. “Well, ok” sighed Katy. Just then, I heard a noise coming from behind us. I knew at that very moment that someone was following us. I kept looking back, but I never saw anything. Just then, before I knew it, we were home! “Um, thanks Ali. See you around. Bye!” I said. “Ya, you helped” Katy said. “You’re welcome! My pleasure!” Ali replied.


    *Yawns, and opens eyes* “AHHH!” I scream. *Wakes up from me screaming* “AHHH!” Katy screams. “Where are we?” I screamed! “I don’t know!” screamed Katy. We looked all around us. Yep. We made it official. We were in the middle of nowhere. There was a lake on one side and a cliff on the other. “Hey, look! It’s an iPhone 4!” cried Katy. “Yay! We can use it to call for help!” “Um. I don’t think so. It’s dead.” sighed Katy. “Grrr! We’ll keep it anyways.” I said. Then, we thought that are only way to survive was to start running down the road. As we were walking down the road, I swear that someone or something was following us. I also noticed that we seemed to be going in circles! Finally, we saw a car driving toward us. We started jumping and waving, but the people were acting like we were ghosts. In fact, when the car got closer, I realized that we weren’t the dead people. “Ahhh! Their dead! We’re gonna get ran over!” shouted Katy. We quickly ran out of the way. The truck drove over the cliff. “That was a close one!” I said. “Ya, we need to be more careful!” said Katy. “I know, we could’ve been killed!” I said. We continued walking. Suddenly, out of nowhere… “I knew I would see you too again! What are you too doing here anyways?” Katy and I looked at each other. We knew exactly who it was. We both turned around and saw Ali. “Ali! This is all your fault! Everything in our lives was perfect until you showed up! We should have never tooken that short cut through the woods! Now we are haunted forever thanks to you!” I shouted at Ali. “Wow. You figured all that out just now when I show up. You probably forgot about me. If you really want to know who or what I am then just ask.” Ali replied. “Were haunted forever!” shouted Katy. “Yes, you are. You are to obey ever single command I give you. If you don’t then I will kill you.” Ali said. “Who are you? What are you? I need to now right now!” I shouted.
    “Well, since you asked, I’m Imuemam. That’s pronounced: Im – Mume – Mim. Don’t you read?” Ali confessed. “What the heck does Imuemam mean? I do read!” I asked. “Imuemam means that I am a human immortal with the blood of evil. I can command anything to do anything. Just like last year, when I commanded the other Imuemam’s to feed on Izzy, Skylar, and Jen. They were in the same exact spot where you are right now when I killed them. Considering, you’re gonna die anyways, I’m gonna tell you that it was me who commanded those guys to take Izzy, Skylar, and Jen and bring them here to their doom. The reason is because they were wizards who tried to destroy me for years. And finally when I had the power to take away their magic, I knew I could kill because they couldn’t do anything to stop me!” Ali confessed. “But were not wizards were human. We are just plain humans! Why do you want to kill us?” I asked. “I know your humans! The more I kill humans, the more I become immortal. So, when I am strong enough, all the world will pay! I’ll finally get my revenge!” Ali shouted. “But your only 11 years old and why do you want revenge?” Katy asked. “I know I’m 11 years old! When I was born, my mom who was Imuemam took good care of me and hid me away from other people. One day when I was 9 years old a guy broke into our house. My mom killed him with her powers. Everybody saw my mom being Imuemam and reported it to the police. When the police came, I was hiding in the closest. My mom tried to use her powers, but she was weak. There were too many people around. She thought of me and my future. Then, the police killed her and buried her 20 ft. deep in the ground. Every day after that, people visit her grave and throw a rock on top to keep her soul inside. People still do. So, after I came out of the closest, I was all alone. I was on wanted posters everywhere. So, I ran away taking revenge on people who despise Imuemam’s, me, or my mom. My mom was a good person. If only that guy didn’t break into our house! Then none of this would have happened!” The reason that I’m killing you is because, I can also read minds. When I came up to you yesterday and we started talking, I was ready your mind. You thought that I was the most annoying person in the entire world!” Ali confessed. “I’m sorry!” I said. “I’m sorry too!” Katy said. “Sorry isn’t not gonna change the past!” Ali said. “We feel terrible! We have learned our lesson. In fact, we’ll help you. Turn us Imuemam and we’ll help you take revenge! Please don’t kill us! I said. “Ya please!” Katy said. “Ok, if you say so” Ali answered. At that moment, Ali turned us Imuemam. It didn’t hurt at all. In fact, when she was done, I didn’t feel any different. The only go thing about being Imuemam is that I can command insects and creepy crawly things to stay away from my house. Also, me and Katy actually combined our powers and killed Ali! I also brought Izzy, Skylar, and Jen back to life! With full wizard powers and everything! It was awesome. I don’t thing I can life much longer. You see, in order for me to survive, I need to kill humans. I don’t want to kill humans though because the more I kill humans, the more I become immortal. Oh no! Katy just died! Oh well. I’m probably gonna see her right nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


    P.S. Auditions are still open for: The Adventures of Shaggy Eel. So, keep auditioning!

    SB: -deep breath- Are you ready? *is at the dock with Icy*
    IF: Let’s do this. On the count of 3. 1
    SB: 2
    IF&SB: 3
    SB: Jinx!
    IF: 👿
    The 2 jump into the water
    SB: Icy Icy Icy.
    IF: Okay, where’s the closest island?
    SB: I don’t know.
    IF: You mean you don’t have a map?!?!
    SB: *tiny voice* Yes.
    IF: *facepalm* You’re so lucky that I have a water proof GPS. *looks at it* The closest island is… Ghost Story Island. *facepalm*
    To Be Concluded…

  99. I am currently holding auditions for my new story: The Adventures of Shaggy Eel. I will try top make everyone fit in the story somehow. So, start auditioning!

    People Who Have Auditioned:

    Shaggy Eel
    Wild Seagull

  100. Hey Wild Seagull! Do you still need a girlfriend for your *special episode* because I’d be happy to be that person. I’m 11 years old. My username on poptropica is Pinkybb7. Thanks!

    BTW: Everyone is still welcome to audition for: The Adventures of Shaggy Eel. I already have a bunch of other people but I need other people! So keep auditioning!

    People Who Auditioned:

    Shaggy Eel
    Wild Seagull
    Fearless Heart
    Mighty Panda
    Strange Hippo
    Yellow Comet

    • OMG! Does anybody know what the title is?!?! Am I the only one caring about The Adventures of Curious Bee?!?! We already had two people copy it! But now, a third person copying it?!?! Look at the title! It says The Adventures of Shaggy Eel. Look at BT’s series’ title! BT’s series’ title is The Adventures of Curious Bee! And 8 people have already auditioned! Does anybody see the rules for this page at all? Am I the only who read the rules?!?! If nobody doesn’t read the rules and doesn’t see the Copyscape banner, then this will be the last of me, since nobody cares about BT’s series except me! Farewell!

  101. I’m so sorry if I hurt someone…I just wanna make friends and be a little more higher.I didn’t mean to copy!So please…please forgive me!Clean Tornado,don’t be mad at me!Let’s be friends!I…i…I…………………………………………………………………………………………..I’m redrose2904!I changed my name because I really wanna make friends!Please forgive me!

  102. The Adventures of Sir Bird
    Episode 2: Deep in the Forest

    S.B. is Walking in the forest looking for W.S.
    S.B. Where could Wild Seagull be?
    M.V.(mysterious voice) I’ll help you find him…
    S.B. Wait a second… WHITE WOLF!?
    W.W. Hi Smart Bird!
    S.B. I haven’t seen you in forever!
    W.W. Come here! (hugs him) so you need help finding Wild Seagull?
    S.B. Yah
    W.W. Luckily for you, I’ve got a poptropican tracker!
    S.B. They have those?
    W.W. My dad’s an inventor
    S.B. cool!
    W.W. (takes out odd looking device) Now, let’s just set it to Wild Seagull… (pushes some buttons)
    P.T.(poptropican tracker) Turn left in 200 feet
    S.B. Your dad is awesome!
    W.W. let’s go!
    S.B. Wait a second, what were you doing in the forest anyway?
    W.W. My parents don’t want me in the house on the night of a full moon cause I’m a werewolf and all…
    S.B. and there’s a full moon tomarrow!
    W.W. Yah… at least YOU’RE a werewolf too
    S.B. aw man I totally forgot!
    P.T. Turn right at next oak tree
    W.W. Well, you’ve got your armor on and I have food, so I think we’re pretty good!
    S.B. cool. (looks up) It’s getting dark.
    W.W. Yah. Let’s just camp here for tonight
    S.B. OK… YYYAAAAAWWWWNNNN…. (falls asleep)

    to be continued…

  103. Congratulations sfggang & Smart Bird! You are now officially characters of The Adventures of Shaggy Eel!

    BTW: Clean Tornado, I never will put you on my show. Your accusing me and not anybody else. That’s just cold! And you leave just because you THINK that I copied BT’s story. I would never do that. Trust me, It’s WAY different than BT’s stories.

    People who have auditioned:

    Shaggy Eel
    Wild Seagull
    Fearless Heart
    Mighty Panda
    Yellow Comet
    Strange Hippo
    Smart Bird

    PART 8: The Final Battle (the last part before season 2)

    W.S., C.T., C.B.,C.J., and C.K., are ridding back to poptropica
    C.T. so we will get to a satilite, and shrink all the D.M.s
    W.S. exept D.H. and i will kill him!
    C.J. perfect, theirs a satilite right there!
    they fly to a satilite, and C.J. shrinks it, causing all the war to shrink, exept the J.S.
    J.S.1 what happend? why did all the D.M.s Shrink?
    J.S.1 i did? I did! Hey everyone! Step on the D.M.s!
    eveyone started steping on the D.M.s
    W.S. you guys go down! Me and C.T. will go get D.H.!
    C.K. ‘Kay!
    C.B, C.K, and C.J. jump out and start steping
    W.S. lets go!
    they fly to the dungeon, S.B. and W.W. are humans now, and they tied up D.H., who was beat-up, and bloody
    D.H. stop! please! no more pain!
    W.S. I’m sorry Hair, but you’ve caused to much pain to poptropica (Cuts of head with his eart knight sword)
    S.B. wow
    W.W. you murdered-
    W.S. i dont care
    C.T. good job seagull
    J.S. comes into dungeon
    S.E. (shaggy eel) nice Seagull, you slayed the beast(hugs him)
    W.S. how could i’ve done it without you?
    Happy Seagull, and Silly Seagull run in the dungeon
    W.S. Mom! Dad!
    H.S. we helped
    W.S. thanks Mom and Dad
    W.W. thanks Cats
    G.V., J.r., M.M. your welcome
    S.B. thanks W.W.
    W.S. Poptropica is safe now, and we must REJOICE!!!

    The End.

  105. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 21: Shaggy Eel
    season 2

    W.S., S.B., W.W., and C.T. are walking around in the park
    S.E. Seagull?
    W.S. Eel?
    S.B. whos she?
    W.S. she was one of our biggest supporters!
    C.T. you mean in the war?
    W.S. yeah!
    S.E. Cool Kid and Dangerous Boa is here
    C.T. D.B. is so DREAMY!
    D.B. uh, thanks?
    C.K. weres Icy?
    I.F. Here! (comes out of the bushes)
    C.K. (brushes back hair) Hey Icy!
    I.F. *gag*
    S.E. so anyway, i built a Tree House for us to go in!
    W.W. a ‘tree house’?
    S.E. yeah!
    W.S. we got nothin’ to lose!
    S.B. yeah, i guess so
    Seagull, Birdy, Wolfie, Tornado, Kid, Icy, Boa, and Eel walk to the tree house
    W.S. i thought you said tree house, NOT MANSION ON A BRANCH!
    There is a manision insted of a couple of planks held together by nails
    D.B. this is awsome! i’m going in!
    they go inside
    W.S. ;omg: this is amazing Eel!
    S.E. don’t mention it! 😀
    C.K. well,its getting dark, i’ll be back here tomarow
    W.S. see yah!
    they walk home
    W.S. *thought* Shaggy is tottaly awsome

    to be comtinurd….

  106. The Adventures of Sir Bird
    Episode 3: The Flight of the Seagull

    S.B. and W.W. are walking in the forest, dodging any rays of moonlight
    W.W. It’s hard being a werewolf
    S.B. You’re telling me!
    They walk into an open area with a small barn
    W.W. Look! Mabye Wild Seagull’s in there
    S.B. Good idea! But we’re gonna have to go through the light…
    W.W. It’s OK, I’ve learned to control myself during the transformation
    S.B. OK let’s go!
    As soon as they walk in to the light, they turn hairy, their muzzles elongate, and they turn into werewolfs
    W.W. ~we can talk through our thoughts!~
    S.B. ~Cool!~
    They run into the barn and find W.S. tied up and asleep
    S.B. ~I’ll wake him up~ RARRRARRRAAOOOOWWW!!!!
    S.B. puts on his hat
    W.S. Oh, it’s just you!
    W.W. Tears off the ropes
    W.S. Your wondering how I got here right?
    The werewolfs nod
    W.S. OK, so when I went into the bushes, someone or someTHING grabbed me and took
    me here. luckily for me, there was enough water in thant puddle over there to last me two
    W.W. winces
    W.S. How did you find me anyway?
    W.W. picks up P.T. and shows W.S. how it works
    W.S. Interesting… well, we should probably get goin’
    W.S. gets on S.B.’s back and they go off into the night

    to be continued……..

  107. Im going to finish Part 6 of my story.

    (The 4 poptropicans go over to Chelsea’s car, Chelsea drives to the Lulu Hawaiian Mall, after they got there, Chelsea parked and the girls went out of the car)

    (Then the girls go went inside the mall)

    Jasmine – Look at this mall. Its like the Maui Mall
    Jennifer – This mall looks amazing
    Chelsea – You bet. Where are the bathing suits at?
    Jasmine – uh
    Jennifer – I think they are at the Poptropica Store or something. I don’t know,
    Jasmine – What? Poptropica Store? In the Honolulu Mall? I don’t think so
    Chelsea – why do I see one?
    Jennifer – lets just go over there
    Ashley – I love this mall

    The girls go inside the Poptropica Store

    Jennifer – (Jennifer whispers) I see the purple bathing suit
    Jasmine – where is your suitcase?
    Jennifer – uh oh
    Chelsea – its in my car
    Jennifer – oh thank goodness
    Jasmine – Lets look around
    Ashley – I love this store

    (Jennifer goes over to the bathing suits section, Jasmine picks out some perfume, and Chelsea trys to find a nice tank top, Ashley goes over with Jasmine)

    Chelsea – this purple tank top looks nice (the purple tank top is from Mythology Island, copy the purple girl in the hut on Mythology Island to get the purple tank top on Poptropica)

    Jennifer – ah. Here it is. The purple bathing suit. (The purple bathing suit can be found on Mythology Island. The purple beach girl at Poseidon’s Beach, has it)

    Jasmine – eww. This perfume smells bad. (Jasmine trys a new perfume). MMM This smells good (Jasmine Smells) Smells like cherries and strawberries together.

    Ashley – Love this yellow smell. Smells so good

    (The three girls go over to the cash thingy)

    The Cash Girl – How many?
    Jennifer – uh 4? Right girls?
    Jasmine talks with Chelsea and Ashley – yes
    Jennifer – then its 4
    The Cash Girl – Alright then, hand me the stuff. Make sure you have 10 credits for these three items.

    (The four girls hands the cash girl 10 credits)

    (The Cash Girl puts the three items into a bag)

    The Cash Girl – Enjoy!
    Jennifer- thanks
    The Cash Girl – your welcome

    (Jasmine, Jennifer, Chelsea, and Ashley walk out of the store and the mall, and going back to Chelsea’s car)

    Chelsea pulling out her car – where to next?
    Jennifer – where do you want to go Jasmine?
    Jasmine – I think I will go to the beach
    Ashley – why?
    Jasmine – so I could dive back into the water and swim to Maui.
    Jennifer – me too. You Ashley?
    Ashley – me too
    Chelsea – I have never been to Maui. I think I will go there too. I have a scuba gear in the trunk.
    Ashley – what about your car?
    Chelsea – how about this? I drive to my home and park my car. Then we will take a taxi car to the beach
    jennifer – sounds like a great idea!

    (Chelsea drives to her house)

    Part 7 is At Chelsea’s House (I think my title for my story will be Jennifer, Ashley, Jasmine, and Chelsea instead of The Honolulu Mall)

  108. Part 7 is At Chelsea’s House.

    Setting: chelsea’s house
    Characters: Ashley, Chelsea, Jennifer, Jasmine, and Anna (you’ll get to know her in Part 7)

    (Chelsea drives to her house) (Chelsea’s house looks like the Cryptids Island Multiplayer room except it has a beautiful flower table and a red couch)

    Chelsea – we’re here
    Ashley – Can we go inside your house? I have never been to your house
    Chelsea – I thought we were going to the beach
    Jasmine – lets explore your house Chelsea. Then we will go to the beach
    Chelsea – ok. You three girls are going to love my house. Its the best place on earth
    Jennifer – Then I can’t wait to see it!

    (The four girls get out of the car)

    (The girls go inside Chelsea’s house)

    (A teenage girl came up to the girls)

    The Teenage Girl – who are you three?
    Jennifer – I’m Jennifer. Chelsea’s new friend
    Jasmine – I’m Jasmine. Chelsea’s other new friend
    Ashley – I’m Ashley. Chelsea’s old friend
    The Teenage Girl – oh so you three are Chelsea’s friends?
    Ashley, Jasmine, and Jennifer – yes
    The Teenage Girl – I’m Anna, Chelsea’s sister
    Chelsea – hey sis. Is mom home?
    Anna – yes but she is in her room sleeping. You girls better whisper
    Chelsea (whispering) – Cause my friends want to explore the house
    Anna (whispering) – Ok girls. You look around while I clean my room. You can explore my room last.
    Ashley (whispering) – can we view your mom’s room?
    Anna – yeah. Just be quiet
    Chelsea (whispering) – come on girls. Lets go view my mom’s room

    (The 4 girls tipped toed on her feet while Anna goes to her room to clean)

    Ashley (whispering) – ow
    Chelsea (whispering) – quiet.
    Jasmine (whispering) – this place looks a mess
    Chelsea (whispering) – yeah. Be careful.
    Jennifer (whispering) – hey girls. something pinched me.

    I will finish Part 7 on my next comment.

  109. Ok lets finish Part 7.

    Jasmine (whispering) – what pinched you? where did it pinched you?
    Jennifer – it pinched me on my foot
    Chelsea (whispering) – quietly sit down and lets take a look

    (Jennifer sits down quietly on an empty spot)

    Ashley (whispering) – thats a pin
    Chelsea (whispering) – its stuck in her skin. We have to pull out
    Jennifer (whispering) – no don’t. It might hurt. I might scream and that will wake your mom. Can we do this somewhere else?
    Chelsea (whispering) – lets go my room to do this
    Ashley (whispering) – lets do it
    Jennifer (whispering) – wait. How am I going to get there? I can’t walk on this foot.
    Chelsea (whispering) – I guess we going to have to carry you
    Jennifer (whispering) – no way. Im no baby. Besides, I weigh too much.
    Jasmine (whispering) – then we are going to use all of our strength and breath
    Ashley (whispering) – I think all of us except Chelsea’s mom and Jennifer should pick Jennifer at the same time.
    Chelsea (whispering) – ok thats our plan.

    (Chelsea, Jasmine, and Ashley picks Jennifer and walks out of Chelsea’s mom’s room)

    Chelsea (whispering) – you were right, Jennifer. You weigh too much.
    Ashley (whispering) – we better hurry up. Im losing breath
    Jasmine (whispering) – right now?
    Ashley (whispering) – yeah. Can we tell talk a little louder?
    Chelsea (whispering) – when we are out of the hallway, then we will talk a little louder
    Jennifer (whispering) – are we there yet?
    Chelsea (whispering) – not even closer

    (The girls walk out of the hallway)

    Ashley (whispering) – now can we talk a litte louder?
    Chelsea (not whispering) – yes
    Ashley – well in that case, where is your room?
    Chelsea – right over there in that next hallway
    Jasmine – lets get moving before we die
    Ashley – what do you mean before we die?
    Jasmine – well not die but fall asleep.
    Chelsea – why fall asleep?
    Jasmine – we would lose our breath
    Ashley – put Jennifer down, put Jennifer down, put jennifer down, put –
    Chelsea – why?
    Ashley – I need air

    (Chelsea, Ashley, and Jasmine puts Jennifer down)

    Ashley (breathing) – oh thank you. You saved my life
    Chelsea – what?
    Ashley – never mind
    Chelsea – Jennifer, can you get up and hop on one foot
    Jennifer – I guess so

    (Jennifer gets up)

    (A few minutes later)

    (Jennifer falls over)

    Jennifer – OW
    Jasmine – what?
    Jennifer – I fell
    Chelsea – OMG Are you okay?
    Jennifer – yeah. (Jennifer looks at her foot) Hey. The pin is gone
    Jasmine – Oh my gosh, you’re bleeding
    Jennifer – quick! Get a bandage

    (Chelsea go grabs a bandage)

    Chelsea – ok here

    (Chelsea puts the bandage on Jennifer’s foot)

    Jennifer – thank you.
    Jasmine – hey, where is the pin?
    Chelsea – never mind that. Lets go to my room even though the pin is out
    Ashley – good idea.

    (The girls walk into the next hall to Chelsea’s room)

    (The girls go inside Chelsea’s room)

    Jasmine – look at all this hawaiian stuff
    Jennifer – this room looks fantastic
    Ashley – you bet! This is the best room I ever been to!
    Chelsea – I got all this stuff from the Honolulu Mall
    Ashley – today?
    Chelsea – no. a month ago
    Jasmine – this stuff is so amazing! I wish I had stuff like this.
    Chelsea – you are going to love the living room

    (The girls walk into the living room)

    Jasmine – whoa.
    Chelsea – I know right?
    Jennifer – nice red couch
    Chelsea – thank you

    (Jasmine walks over to the table)

    Jasmine – check out this table. This table cloth is so beautiful
    Ashley – oh my. This is flowers. So amazing!
    Chelsea – it was my grandmother’s table cloth
    Jennifer – where is your grandmother now?
    Chelsea – in heaven (Chelsea crys)
    Jasmine – when did she die?
    Chelsea – yesterday
    Jennifer – Im so sorry about your grandmother. Now we will never meet her
    Chelsea – its ok. She looked ugly anyways but she was nice
    Jasmine – how old was she when she died?
    Chelsea – 90.
    Jennifer – did she die cause she was got ran over a car or got too old?
    Chelsea – She was too old
    Jennifer – oh, oh ok
    Jasmine – Are we done exploring?
    Chelsea – I think my sister is done cleaning her room. Lets go check
    Jennifer, Jasmine, and Ashley – good idea.

    The last of Part 7 will be on my next comment.

  110. That was a long and big comment. Lets finish Part 7 now.

    (The girls go to Anna’s room)

    Chelsea – are you done cleaning your room?
    Anna – hold on

    (Anna puts her jewelry box on the shelf)

    Anna – now I am done
    Jasmine – can we come in?
    Anna – yeah

    (The girls go inside Anna’s room)

    Jennifer – wow.
    Jasmine – looks like Chelsea’s room but bigger
    Anna – yep.
    Chelsea – there is something else thats different
    Ashley – what is it?
    Chelsea – there are no cards hanging on the walls and there are no rocks
    Anna – you got it! You are correct.
    Jasmine – look at all this stuff. It is wonderful!
    Jennifer – what is this?
    Anna – thats a seashell

    (Jennifer puts the seashell on her ear)

    Jennifer – I don’t hear the ocean
    Anna – you have to do it at the beach
    Jasmine – nice scuba gear, Anna
    Anna – thanks. I used to swim to Kauai, one of the islands of Hawaii
    Jennifer – me, Jasmine, and Ashley swam from Maui, Hawaii
    Anna – you swam in the ocean?
    Jennifer – yeah.
    Ashley – Hey Jennifer. How did you know that I was from Maui?
    Jennifer – I was guessing. I live in Maui.
    Anna – really?
    Jasmine – me too
    Ashley – me three
    Jennifer – are we done looking around the house?
    Chelsea – yeah. Hey Anna, have you ever been to Maui?
    Anna – only once. I have been to Kauai so many times
    Chelsea – I have never been to Maui. I want to join my friends to go there
    Anna – I hope you have a great time.
    Chelsea – I will.
    Anna – wait. Are you going to use your car?
    Chelsea – no because I don’t want my car sitting out and um I going to be at Maui for a few days. So me and my friends will take a taxi to the beach.
    Anna – if you have scuba gears, bring those with you.
    Chelsea – Oh we will bring the scuba gears. They are just in my car. After we get our scuba gears, then we will take a taxi.
    Anna – I have a better idea. I could drive you girls to the Beach.
    Jasmine – sounds like a plan.
    Chelsea – first, I’ll get the scuba gears. Next, we will drive to the Beach.
    Anna – ok. Lets go outside.

    (The girls went outside to Anna’s Car)

    Part 7 is finished. After Part 8 and Part 9, the story will be finished. I might have Part 10 for the story. I don’t know. My next story will be The Adventures of Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin (a person). It will have lots of episodes in words.

  111. Part 8 is Driving To The Beach.

    (The girls went outside to Anna’s Car)

    Anna – the seats are comfortable
    Chelsea – Ok I will get the scuba gears out of the car. How many girls?
    The 3 girls – 4
    Chelsea – ok.

    (Chelsea takes out 4 scuba gears out of her car)

    Anna – ready?
    Chelsea – yep

    (Chelsea puts the 4 scuba gears into Anna’s Car)

    Anna – get in

    (The girls go inside Anna’s car)

    Jasmine – you were right Anna. These seats are comfortable.
    Anna – you bet.
    Jennifer – whats that on top of the window?
    Jasmine – a bug?
    Chelsea – ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a bug!!!!!!!
    Ashley – calm down Chelsea.
    Chelsea – ITS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anna – Calm down Chelsea. I’ll get rid of it.

    (Anna presses the button. Then the bug drops down the floor)

    Chelsea – run over it. So that bug won’t get inside our house
    Anna – Yeah. Lets run over it. I hate bugs that are that huge. Well I hate bugs even small bugs.
    Chelsea – just run over it

    (Anna runs over the bug)

    Jasmine – whew.
    Anna – are we ready?
    Chelsea, Ashley, Jennifer, and Jasmine – yes
    Anna – ok then.

    (Anna pulls out and drives her car into the street)

    Chelsea – do you know where the beach is?
    Anna – yeah.

    (Anna drives her car to a different beach)

    Anna – here we are,
    Jennifer – wait a minute. This isn’t the beach we were at. We were at the one that looks like a giant pool.
    Anna – oh that one. Well I know where that is

    (Anna drives to the beach that the 4 girls have been to)

    Anna – is this it?
    Jennifer and Jasmine – yes
    Anna – ok I’ll park

    (Anna parks into a spot where its empty)

    Anna – are you ready to get out and have some fun?
    The 4 girls – yes
    Anna – here

    (Anna opens the car door)

    Anna – have fun.

    (The 4 girls get out of Anna’s Car)

    Thats Part 8. Part 9 is called Swimming To Get Back to Maui. There will be Part 10. Part 10 will be Meeting The Purple Beach Girl, Aphrodite, and The Orange Beach Ball Girl. After Part 10, the story is done. After Part 10, I’ll start working on Episode 1 of The Adventures of Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin.

  112. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 22: W.S. gets a G.F.

    they were in S.E.’s tree house
    W.S. this is rockin’!
    door bursts open
    S.B. what the-?
    Tight Eel, shaggy’s bro, walks in
    T.E.( tight eel) so, i see you’ve used my tree house…
    S.E. he he 😳
    T.E. WHAT?!?!?!?
    S.E. i- we- it’s- I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WAN’T JUST PLEASE!!! *sob*
    T.E. anything?
    S.E. yes, anything!
    T.E. okay then, theres 8 of you, 4 are boys, 4 are girls, you each have to get a GIRLFRIEND, and BOYFRIEND!
    C.T. & I.F. I WANT BOA!
    D.B. *blush*
    I.F. umm, i-i’ll take Cool Kid…
    C.K. Yes!
    I.F. cool it Kid.
    W.W. me and Smart Bird are already B.F.s and G.F.s
    C.T. I get boa!
    T.E. he he, that just leaves the famous Wild Seagull, and my dear sister, Shaggy Eel!
    W.S. shut up,
    T.E. let me think, i think you two should KISS!
    W.S. & S.E. WHAT?!?!?!
    T.E. you heard me, NOW LEAN!
    W.S. *whispering* what do we do?
    S.E. *whispering* what other choice do we have?
    W.S. *whispering* lets just do this, and get it over with
    they kiss
    T.E. HA well i’m satisfied! (leaves)
    C.K. i’m gonna go home to
    everyone but W.S.: SAME!
    once everyones gone, W.S. flops on the couch
    W.S. i am SO in love with Shaggy Eel!

  113. The Adventures of Shaggy Eel
    Written By: Shaggy Eel
    Season 1, Episode 1: I want! I want! I want!

    One day Shaggy Eel was sitting in her room with no cell phone, laptop, or TV. She was not allowed to have these things to punish her brain with nonsense. She just stared out the window all day. Shaggy Eel wore the same outfit every single day. She was not allowed to dress cute, fancy, weird, or dye her hair, or wear makeup. She had light peachy skin, a gray shirt, pink tie, pink pants, long natural brown hair, natural pink lips, and she always carried textbooks.

    Shaggy Eel – Mom can I have a cell phone!
    Mom – You don’t need one!
    Shaggy Eel – Mom can I have a laptop!
    Mom – The internet’s not safe!
    Shaggy Eel – Mom can I have a TV!
    Mom – I don’t want the TV poisoning your mind!
    Shaggy Eel – Grrr! My life is so miserable! I never get anything I want!
    Mom – Maybe when you’re older!


  114. The Adventures of Shaggy Eel
    Written By: Shaggy Eel
    Season 1, Episode 2: We Meet Again

    This day was a very important day. It was the first day of middle school. Shaggy Eel is going to Vail Ranch Middle School. Their school mascot is a bulldog. Shaggy Eel was dressed in her usual nerdy clothing. Shaggy Eel hoped that her friends go to this school. Hopefully not her nemeses. Finally Shaggy Eel got to school.

    Mom – Good bye honey! I love you! Have a great day at school!
    Shaggy Eel’s mom was in a hurry because she works.
    Shaggy Eel – Ok, bye mom.
    Shaggy Eel walks up to the door of the school and right when she opens it, she hears a voice behind her.
    The Voice – Well, well, well. Is that Shaggy Eel I see?
    Shaggy Eel turns around only to find the worst person in the entire world of Poptropica. She pushed Shaggy Eel down on the ground.
    Popular Eagle – What? Are you to jealous to say something? I convinced my parents to let me go to this school instead of that British school in England. I’d miss making your life miserable. Considering I’m British and you’re not, I’m way better than you. Are you gonna say something or not!
    Shaggy Eel – You’re so mean! Why do you hate me so much! Wahhh!!!
    Shaggy Eel ran off to the bathroom crying.
    Popular Eagle – Wow she’s a loser.


  115. The Adventures of Shaggy Eel
    Written By: Shaggy Eel
    Season 1, Episode 3: Friends!

    Shaggy Eel ran right into the bathroom after Popular Eagle was being mean to her. In the bathroom, she saw some familiar faces.

    Shaggy Eel – Fearless Heart? Mighty Panda? Yellow Comet?
    Fearless Heart, Mighty Panda, and Yellow Comet all smiled.
    Shaggy Eel – So, you go to this school too! That’s awesome. Please help me get away from Popular Eagle.
    Fearless Heart – We’ll help with anything!
    Mighty Panda – That’s what friends are for!
    Yellow Comet – Exactly!
    Shaggy Eel – Thanks guys! I missed you so much!
    Fearless Heart – We missed you too.
    Shaggy Eel – I guess I won’t be lonely after all.
    Mighty Panda – You think? I’m no expert but…
    Yellow Comet – I am and I know that we’ll stay together forever!
    Fearless Heart – Because that’s what friends are for.
    Shaggy Eel – Exactly
    Shaggy Eel, Fearless Heart, Mighty Panda, and Yellow Comet, exit the bathroom. They all walk down the hall in slow motion with their hair flowing in the wind. It was a dramatic scene.


    Popular Eagle – Ahhh!!! I can’t believe they just stole the spotlight from me! What should I do BFF?
    Loud Seal – What you should do is not worry! You’re already the popular one. It’s in your name.
    Popular Eagle – True


  116. wild seagll’s life in poptropica
    episode 23: earthquake

    W.S. wha? (wakes up)
    C.K. you fell asleep here
    the crew is in theee house
    S.E. Seagull, are you okay?
    W.S. i just fell asleep..
    D.B. humungo earthquake out side, lucky we’re the only kids in the neighborhood, this has a force feild so were all safe
    W.S. what about our parents?
    S.E. my house also has a force feild
    W.S. sick.
    seagull and Eel stare at eachother and blush
    C.T. whats going on?
    W.S. & S.E. NOTHING! 😳
    W.W. OMG! a COUPLE!
    everyone: OOoooo
    W.S. i’m not doin’ that again!
    I.F. whatever 😕
    night approches, and even though the quake stoped, they spend the night a Shaggy’s
    W.S. i cant sleep! Eel is stuck in my head!
    S.E. i cant sleep! Seagull is stuck in, my head!
    they each go to the kichten to get some juice
    S.E. Oh! hi seagull
    W.S. *blushes* hi Eel
    akward silence
    S.E. do you think being a B.F. and G.F. isn’t that bad?
    W.S. i actully like you… alot
    S.E. *blush* same
    they lean foward about to kiss when everyone comes down stairs
    D.B. whats going on?
    S.E. i was showing him my lip color
    D.B. sure. (goes back to bed)
    S.E. Good night honey (kisses him on the cheek and goes to bed)
    W.S. 😀

    to be continued…

  117. The Adventures of Shaggy Eel
    Written By: Shaggy Eel
    Season 1, Episode 4: The Rich & the Poor

    Shaggy Eel, Fearless Heart, Mighty Panda, and Yellow Comet, all love math! One day, in the middle of math class, Shaggy Eel looked around her to see who she was sitting by. She looked to her left and she saw Super Thunder. She looked to her right and saw Brave Tomato. Super Thunder and Brave Tomato are the richest girls in the entire world of Poptropica.

    Shaggy Eel – *Whispering* OMG! The two richest girls in the entire world of Poptropica go to my school and sit next me!
    Super Thunder – *Whispering* I’m just a regular person like everyone else.
    Brave Tomato – *Whispering* Yah me too.
    Shaggy Eel – *Whispering* I’m a big fan of you two!
    Super Thunder – *Whispering* Thanks! Here’s a $100 for being a fan!
    Brave Tomato – *Whispering* Oh what the heck! Here’s another $100. You’re so nice.
    Super Thunder and Brave Tomato each hand over $100 to Shaggy Eel.
    Shaggy Eel – *Whispering* Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Ahhh!!!


    Popular Eagle – *Whispering* OMG! Shaggy Eel gets money and I don’t! Ahhh!!! What’s your opinion Loud Seal?
    Loud Seal – *Whispering* Oh quit worrying! Why do care so much? Why don’t you try being nice to Super Thunder and Brave Tomato?
    Popular Eagle – *Whispering* Haha! Be nice! Haha! Oh please! Haha! Yah right! Haha! Like I’m gonna be nice! Haha! That’s a good joke Loud Seal! Haha!
    Loud Seal – *Whispering* I wasn’t kidding.
    Popular Eagle – *Whispering* Then, you’re a loser to not know that I’ll always be evil, mischievous, and wicked. It’s what I am.
    Loud Seal – *Whispering* Whatever.


  118. The Adventures of Shaggy Eel
    Written By: Shaggy Eel
    Season 1, Episode 5: The Best Big Sister Ever!

    One day, Shaggy Eel was sitting on the floor in her room reading a book. Then suddenly, her mom bursts into the room.

    Mom – Eely! Mighty Drummer is on the phone right now. She wants to talk to you. Now, I’m gonna give the phone to you. And while I’m in the bathroom, I want you to tell her to never to call here ever again and that you never want to talk to her ever again!
    Shaggy Eel’s mom gives the phone to Shaggy Eel and leaves her room to use the bathroom.
    Shaggy Eel – Hello big sis!
    Mighty Drummer – Hi Eely!
    Shaggy Eel – Oh hi! You know that mom is really mad that you called.
    Mighty Drummer – I don’t care what mom thinks. Listen, the people who live in the apartment next door to me just moved out. Do you and your friends want to move in? I’ll pay first month’s rent.
    Shaggy Eel – Do you still live in Poptropica Towers?
    Mighty Drummer – Yes!
    Shaggy Eel – Then, yes a million times! I’ll call me friends right now. Oh yah I can’t call them. I’m not aloud.
    Mighty Drummer – Hey, I’ll be right over with my pink blimp. We can call your friends on my cell phone.
    Shaggy Eel – Mom will never let me go!
    Mighty Drummer – Is your window open?
    Shaggy Eel – No. Mom closes it so no one comes in and steals me. But I can unlock it myself.
    Mighty Drummer – Great!
    Shaggy Eel – Thank you so much! You are the best big sister in the entire world of Poptropica!
    Mighty Drummer – You’re welcome Eely! You’re the best little sister in the entire world of Poptropica!
    Shaggy Eel – Bye!
    Mighty Drummer – Bye Eely!
    Shaggy Eel hangs up the phone. Shaggy Eel’s mom walks in.
    Mom – What did you tell Mighty Drummer, Eely?
    Shaggy Eel – I told her that I don’t ever want her to call me ever again. I also told her that I never want to talk to her ever again!
    Mom – That’s my Eely! Good job!
    Shaggy Eel’s mom leaves the room. Shaggy Eel starts packing.


  119. The Adventures of Shaggy Eel
    Written By: Shaggy Eel
    Season 1, Episode 6: No Convincing To Do

    Shaggy Eel just finished packing when she heard a knock on her window. Shaggy Eel opened the curtains only to find Mighty Drummer.

    Shaggy Eel – Hey big sis!
    Mighty Drummer – Sup Eely! Are you ready?
    Shaggy Eel – Yah!
    Mighty Drummer – Let’s go!
    Shaggy Eel opens the window and hands her belongings one by one to Mighty Drummer. Mighty Drummer puts her belongings in the pink blimp. Shaggy Eel then climbs out the window escaping from her old home.
    Shaggy Eel – I’ll get my friends. They live right next door considering this is an ugly cockroach filled apartment.
    Shaggy Eel went next door to Fearless Heart’s apartment room. Shaggy Eel knocked on the door. Fearless Heart answered the door.
    Fearless Heart – Hey Eely what are you doing here?
    Shaggy Eel – Today, we are going to escape and live in Poptropica Towers.
    Fearless Heart – Ok! Be right back!
    While Fearless heart was packing, Shaggy Eel went next door to Mighty Panda’s apartment room. Shaggy Eel knocked on the door. Mighty Panda answered it.
    Mighty Panda – Sup. What are you doing here Eely?
    Shaggy Eel – We are going to escape today to live in Poptropica Towers.
    Mighty Panda – I’m in! I’ll be right back.
    While Mighty Panda was packing, Shaggy Eel went next door to Yellow Comet’s apartment room. Shaggy Eel knocked on the door. Yellow Comet answered.
    Yellow Comet – OMG! What are you doing here? You could get in big trouble!
    Shaggy Eel – Calm down. Today we are going to live in Poptropica Towers.
    Yellow Comet – I’ll go with you because we’ll always stick together. Give me a couple minutes to pack. Ok?
    Fearless Heart finished packing.
    Fearless Heart – I told my mom that I was working a late shift at Papa Pete’s Pizza. I’m ready to go now.
    Shaggy Eel – Good one! I just need to wait for…
    Mighty Panda – I am here and present and ready to leave! I was home alone so, I don’t need to convince anyone!
    Shaggy Eel – Oh there you are! We just need to wait for…
    Yellow Comet – I’m ready to go! I told my mom that I needed to go to the library to study for a test.
    Shaggy Eel – Good excuses! Everybody load up the pink blimp and get inside and we’ll be off!
    Everybody loads up the pink blimp with their belongings and gets inside. They are ready to start an adventure!


      • I agree w/ ShyBBFire. ( I am also a huge fan of CB series) Once CB ran way. Shaggy also ran away. CB got friends while running away. Shaggy also got some. Then when CB left, they wanted to stick together. That also happened in the scene with Yellow Comet and Shaggy Eel. 😦 ( THIS IS COPYING! 😥 )

  120. Part 9 is called Swimming To Get Back to Maui

    (The 4 girls get out of Anna’s car)

    Anna – have fun in Maui

    (The 4 girls head over to the ocean)

    (Anna pulls out and drives back to her home)\par
    Chelsea – I can’t wait for Maui
    Jennifer – You are going to love Maui
    Jasmine – its beautiful like Honolulu
    Ashley – yeah. You are going to love their beach.
    Chelsea – wait a minute. Does the Honolulu ocean connect with the Maui Ocean?
    Jennifer – yes
    Jasmine – instead of taking a plane, you dive down into the ocean and swim to the island you want to go to. You can only dive into the waters if you have a scuba gear.
    Ashley – yeah. If you swim without a scuba gear, you’ll loose air and you’ll die,
    Jennifer – yeah. Its a long way and you are not going to hold your breath very long
    Chelsea – Oh I see.
    Jennifer – if you don’t want to drown, you need a scuba gear. Good thing you have one
    Chelsea – yeah
    (The girls get near the ocean)

    Chelsea – are we missing something
    Jennifer – no.
    Jasmine – Oh my goodness! We forgot our stuff that we bought from the store!!!!!
    Ashley – thats ok. Theres a mall in Maui. It has the same places as the Honolulu Mall
    Chelsea – how do you know?
    Jennifer – MY SUITCASE!! I FORGOT THAT TO!!!!!
    Chelsea – what color was it?
    Jennifer – red
    Chelsea – how do you know that stuff you said Ashley
    Ashley – I have been there
    Chelsea – ok.
    Jennifer – I think Aphrodite got the red suitcase from the Maui Mall
    Chelsea – you stole the red suitcase from Aphrodite?
    Jennifer – I didn’t steal it. She gave it to me.
    Chelsea – oh ok.
    Ashley – are we ready to dive into the ocean?
    Chelsea – lets put on our scuba gears first

    (The girls put on their scuba gears)

    Jasmine – now we’re ready
    Ashley – lets count to 3
    The 4 Girls – 1,2,3, JUMP

    (The girls jumps into the ocean)

    (Jennifer sees something in the ocean)

    Jennifer – what’s that?

    (The girls swam over to the thing)

    Ashley – what is this?
    Jennifer – looks like a person
    Jasmine – is it dead?
    Chelsea – I think so
    Ashley – I think its dead. It doesn’t have a scuba gear on
    Jasmine – Thats what happen when you don’t have a scuba gear on when swimming from an island to another island
    Ashley – you’re right.
    Jennifer – well lets pick it up and put it on land
    Jasmine – why would we do that?
    Ashley – lets see what it is

    (The girls pull the thing out of the water)

    Jennifer – eep.
    Ashley – oh no!
    The 3 girls – what?
    Ashley – its my friend, Gabby. I can’t believe she died.
    Chelsea – this is her?
    Ashley – yeah.
    Jasmine – I think she didn’t die. She is full of water. Lets bend her knees and then water will come out
    Jennifer – I think that would be gross
    Ashley – I think we should press on her body

    (The girls pushed on Gabby’s body)

    Jennifer – eww!
    The 3 girls – what?
    Jennifer – is that what I think it is?
    Ashley (laughs) – are you kidding me? Thats not red liquid. That looks like Ketchep.
    Chelsea – drinking ketchep in the ocean? thats disgusting!
    Jennifer – lets taste it
    Chelsea – no way! I think it might be red liquid.
    Jennifer – i said try it, I dare you
    Chelsea – Oh alright

    (Chelsea tastes it)

    Chelsea – EWW It tastes like salt.
    Jasmine – yuck

    (Gabby gets up)

    Gabby – what happened?
    Ashley – Gabby!

    (Ashley hugs Gabby)

    Gabby – are you ashley?
    Ashley – yes
    Gabby – what happened?
    Ashley – you drown in the ocean
    Gabby – oh my! I almost died!
    Jennifer – does anyone have an extra scuba gear?

    (A girl came up to her)

    The Girl – here. I wanted to sell it so here.
    Jennifer – thanks. Here Gabby, now you will breath underwater
    Gabby – Is this Honolulu?
    Ashley – yes
    Gabby – I think I remember what we did in the ocean. We were swimming in the ocean and I didn’t had a scuba gear when I reached Honolulu.
    Ashley – I’m so sorry Gabby. I should have saved your life
    Gabby – you just did. Thank you. Now to explore Honolulu
    Ashley – I’m afraid not. I have already explored.
    Gabby – without me?!
    Ashley – I forgot about you when I was in the ocean. I’m sorry
    Gabby – Its alright. Besides, I have been here before
    Jasmine – can we get going now?
    Gabby – certainly. (Gabby puts on her scuba gear)

    (The girls dived back into the ocean)

    Gabby – this ocean looks like a giant pool
    Ashley – you bet!

    (The girls keep on swimming)

    Jennifer – follow me girls. I know the way back.
    The 3 Girls with Gabby – certainly

    (The girls followed Jennifer)

    (5 minutes later)

    Jennifer – here we are
    Gabby – lets swim up to the surface
    Ashley – right.

    (The girls swam up to the surface)

    Part 10 will be the last part. Part 10 is called Meeting The Rest Of The Girls. Yeah I know Part 9 was long. It took me 3 hours to write this. Part 10 won’t be long (I hope).

  121. What the heck just happened? Part 10 is coming soon. (Just a reminder, heck isn’t a bad word, just telling ya). I am going to work on Part 10 now.

  122. Part 10 is Meeting The Rest Of The Girls.

    (The girls swam up to the surface)

    Gabby – that was a nice swim
    Ashley – you bet it was!
    Gabby – Ashley, who are the rest of the girls here?
    Ashley – Oh. These are the girls who helped me pulled you out of the water 10 minutes ago.
    Gabby – what are their names?
    Ashley – Gabby, this Jennifer, Jasmine, and Chelsea. Chelsea was my old friend, I just forgot to tell you. Jennifer and Jasmine are my new friends.
    Gabby – Nice to meet you girls.
    The 3 Girls – yep.

    (Just then the purple beach girl from the beginning came over to the girls)

    The P.B.G. (Purple Beach Girl) – Hey Beach Ball Girl. How was Honolulu?
    Jennifer – it was amazing. My name is Jennifer.
    Jasmine – I’m Jasmine
    Chelsea – I’m Chelsea
    Ashley – I’m Ashley
    Gabby – I’m Gabby
    The P.B.G. – My name is Stella.

    (The orange beach girl came over)

    The O.B.G. (Orange Beach Girl – My name is Suzie.

    (Aphrodite comes over too)

    Aphrodite – I’m Aphrodite and yes i am real.
    Gabby – wow. I can’t believe you’re real
    Aphrodite – of course I’m real. Its nice to tell your names to other poptropicans. Hey Jennifer, where is the red suitcase I gave you?
    Jennifer – I didn’t lose it, but I left it in Chelsea’s car in Honolulu
    Aphrodite – How dare you, you left my suitcase in Honolulu
    Jennifer – don’t worry, I’ll buy you another one
    Aphrodite – thanks.
    Gabby – it was nice to meet you all.
    Jasmine – it sure was. Come on, lets go get dress and go out
    Ashley – sounds like a great idea

    (The girls went back to their houses and changed their clothes and talked about where to go. They went to the mall. Then they went to a restaurant.)

    Part 10 is done. The whole story is done. And the girls will visit Honolulu again. Episode 1 of The Adventures of Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin is coming soon!

  123. Can someone help me? I’m having trouble coming up for a name for my series. I don’t want it to start with The Adventures of…because two people already did that. So can someone please help?

    P.S. The main character’s name is Silver Lightning.

    Once upon a time,there were two Grade 4 students who just met…
    Nico:Hi!I’m Nico.Are you a new kid?
    Helen:Yes.I’m new here.By the way,my name is Helen.
    Nico:Do you have any friends yet?
    Helen:No.And I don’t know why.They always ignore me.
    Nico:Wanna join me for recess?
    The bell rang…
    Nico:Let’s go!
    As they went to the cafeteria…
    Perla:Oh!Nico!Who’s that girl of yours?!
    Nico:She’s just my friend.Please.Don’t be jealous.
    Helen didn’t say anything.The first time she looked at Nico,it was like love at first sight.
    Perla:C’mon,Nico!I’ll show you something!Oh,and please,don’t bring your friend.She’s not allowed.
    Nico:Just wait there,Helen!
    When Nico followed Perla,Helen turned back.Looks like she’s jealous.She was’t paying attention.She accidentally bumped her classmate.
    Helen:I’m so sorry!I didn’t mean to!
    Salina:How clumsy you are!You better get out of here!
    It was class time.Helen is still not paying attention.Nico was just in her back.She kept looking at him when…
    Sir Campbell:Helen!What do you think is the answer to my question?
    Helen:Uhh…I’m sorry sir but I don’t know the answer.
    Sir Campbell:You are not paying attention,are you?You should-
    Nico:Sir!I was just telling Helen something.I’m the one who’s not paying attention.I should go out.
    Sir Campbell:Fine then.You may leave the room.
    When Nico got out of the room,Helen felt guilty.She didn’t know what to do.She tried to forget Nico.Hours had past and it was already time for sleep.Helen can’t sleep very well.She had a dream of Nico and by the sea.But something got noisy and Nico disapeared.
    Nico:Hi,Helen!How are you today?
    Helen:Uhh.I’m fine.Wha-what about you?
    Nico:You look like shaking.
    Nico held her hand.It felt good.
    Nico:You are sick,Helen!Let’s go and bring you to the clinic.
    Helen wasn’t paying attention.He was just looking at Nico and smiling.
    To be continued…

  125. I have the plan for December’s episode of White Wolf The Spy Princess. For everyday until the 25th, I will posts parts of a play called “Once On A Housetop”. Well, its a musical. But I’ll look up the lyrics and lines. I’m currently doing it for my fourth grade music program. But I will not sing. I’m going to be stage manager! ^^ Anyways, when the 25th comes, I’ll put in a Christmas special called “White Wolf The Snowgirl”. So, I have to think of A LOT of poptropica names for all of the characters in that. So, yeah. That’s pretty much the plan. Here’s the cast of characters for “Once On A Housetop”:
    Me as Speaker 1 and Fluey
    White Wolf as Big Sweep and Speaker 2
    Wild Seagull as Little Ash and Speaker 3
    Smart Bird as Ash Can
    SfgGang as Sweeper
    Icy Fang as Carbon
    To Be Added as Suey
    To Be Added as Cobweb
    To Be Added as Sheperd #1
    To Be Added as Sheperd #2
    To Be Added as Mary
    To Be Added as Joesph
    To Be Added as King #1
    To Be Added as King #2
    To Be Added as King #3
    To Be Added as Kwanzaa Child
    To Be Added as Father
    To Be Added as Mother
    To Be Added as Son
    To Be Added as Daughter
    That’s all of the characters. So, somebody reply to this and say what you wanna be. I’m just lucky I’ll do the first part of the play untill I find the script but I may add a few tweeks to this play about who’s saying what and what to say, okay? Thanks for your time!

  126. Once On A Housetop: Poptropica Style, Part 1
    Song #1: Once On A Housetop
    All: Once on a housetop, things started happening out in the winter air! Bells started ringin’ and folks started singin’ and reindeer were everywhere! Snowballs flyin’ left and right, I saw an angel or two! Falling stars lit up the night!
    IF(solo singer): I even saw an elf it’s true!
    All except IF(this is spoken): You say you saw an elf? Yahoo!
    All: Once on a housetop, chimneys were billowing, smoke circling in the sky! Look! There’s a candy cane filling a window pane, even saw a reindeer fly! Folks eating latkes left and right, and lighting candles too! Falling stars lit up the night!
    IF(solo singer): I even saw an elf it’s true!
    All except CT: In fact she looked a lot like you! *all point to CT)
    CT(solo singer): Who, me?
    All except CT: Yes you! I think she looked like you!
    All: Once on a housetop, things started happening out in the winter air! Bells started ringin’ and folks started singin’ and reindeer were everywhere! Snowballs flyin’ left and right, saw an angel or two! Love and joy that magic night, Merry Christmas to you! Oh, Happy Hanukkah too, Oh, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad, and Happy New Year, too! Once on a housetop, our dreams came true! (end of song)
    Everybody: *coughing*
    Speaker #1: All of these chimneys are filled with carbon and cobwebs, that it’s making to hard to breath!
    Speaker #2: Somebody should clean all of the chimneys in the neighborhood!
    Speaker #3: We better call the chimney sweeps!
    All Speakers: Oh, chimney sweeps! *all run off the stage to get in chimney sweep costumes*
    1 minute later..
    Big Sweep: Chimney sweeps, hut!
    Chimney Sweeps: Hut!
    Big Sweep: *all start marching* Left, left, left, left! Hault! Left face!
    Chimney Sweeps: *all turn to face audiance*
    To Be Concluded…

  127. Happy Crown: SILVER!!! HURRY UP!!!
    Silver Crown: Fine…
    (SC gets into Poptropica blimp)
    HC: First stop, 24 Carrot Island!
    (Blimp starts to fly off)
    SC: yippee, another island. Can we go home now?
    (blimp lands and HC glares at him)
    SC: Guess not, huh?
    HC: *Gasp* look at this place! What happened???
    SC: aren’t there supposed to be, like, 24 carrots or something???
    SC: IM A GENUS!!!
    (someone steps out from behind a building)
    DH: No, I am!
    HC: (Stares at him) Uh.. who are you?
    DH: I’m Dr. Hare, Doesn’t everyone know that? I will soon rule the world, so get to know me while you can!
    SC: You’re a DOCTOR??? why are you dressed like a bunny?
    SC: ohhhh…. why are you dressed like that?
    DH: …
    HC: I’m Happy Crown. This is my brother Silver.
    SC: Hi…
    HC: Nice goggles.
    DH: uh.. thanks?
    DH: yes, they’re pretty popular for people working with mind control.
    HC and SC: O_o
    DH: erm, forget what I said.

  128. Listen up, for Episode 1 of The Adventures of Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin will be called “Getting Presents” (its about Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin getting presents for each other and for their friends). Each season of The Adventures of Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin will have 10 episodes and a title for the season. The title for Season 1 will be called “Celebrate Christmas with Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin”. Episode 1 will be called “Getting Presents” and it will be on my next comment. –
    – Prickly Dolphin/Fantastic Popstar!

  129. The Adventures of Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin
    Season 1: Celebrate Christmas with Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin
    Episode 1, Season 1: Getting Presents
    PD – Prickly Dolphin
    JS – Jessica Sparkle
    Setting – at Target (Poptropica Store)

    (Prickly Dolphin and Jessica Sparkle get seperated from each other in Target so they can get each other presents)

    (Prickly Dolphin looks in the sunglasses section while Jessica Sparkle looks in the scarfs section)

    PD (talking to herself in the sunglasses section) – Jessica wants purple sunglasses. Hmm

    (Prickly Dolphin looks for purple sunglasses)

    (Prickly Dolphin finds purple sunglasses 5 seconds later)

    PD – there they are, Purple sunglasses, checked! (The purple sunglasses looks like the purple sunglasses from the Purple Beach Girl from Mythology Island)

    JS (talking to herself in the scarfs section) – Prickly wants a white scarf

    (Jessica Sparkle trys to find white scarfs)

    JS – lets see. Big or small

    (Jessica Sparkle looks at the christmas list who was written by Prickly Dolphin)

    JS – oh. Medium. Here it is

    (Jessica Sparkle picks up a clean, nice, medium, white scarf from the hanger)

    JS – white scarf, checked (The white scarf looks like the white thingy that the poilt or whatever you spell it is wearing from Nabooti Island)

    PD (talking to herself in the girls’ clothing section) – Jessica wants a blue tank top. Lets see

    (Prickly trys to find a blue tank top)

    (Prickly finds a blue tank top 7 seconds later)

    PD – here it is. Blue tank top, checked! (the blue tank top looks like the top that the blue girl that has no fruits on her head is wearing, she is from Mythology Island)

    (Prickly goes over to the CD section)

    (Jessica goes into the girls’ clothing section after Prickly goes into the CD section)

    JS – Prickly wants a purple tank top. Let’s see.

    (Jessica finds a purple tank top 3 minutes later)

    JS – finally, I found it! Purple tank top, checked! (The purple tank top looks like the top that the purple girl is wearing inside the hero hut on Mythology Island)

    (Prickly looks in the CD section)

    PD – Jessica wants a CD by Liza Pop. Lets see, she wants the CD called “Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas”.

    (Prickly finds the CD 1 minute later)

    PD – checked!

    (Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin kept on finding presents for their friends and each other for 10 minutes)

    (Jessica Sparkle found all the things Prickly Dolphin’s things that she wanted and Prickly Dolphin found all the things Jessica Sparkle wanted)

    (The 2 poptropican girls go find presents for their friends)

    PD – My friend, Isabelle, wants a book called “The Laui Girl”. Here it is.

    JS – My 2 friends, Isabelle and Annie, both want a CD. Isabelle wants a CD called Seeing Blue by Liza Pop and Annie wants a CD called Snowing Outside, Winter by Liza Pop.

    (Jessica finds the 2 CDs 2 minutes later)

    JS – Here are they are. Wow, the Liza Pop CDs are easy to find.

    (The girls kept on finding stuff for their friends for 15 minutes).

    (After the 2 girls find the stuff, Prickly goes to a cash thing thats number 14 and Jessica goes to a cash thing thats number 4).

    (The 2 poptropican girls were paying for the stuff that they want to buy, they gave the cash ladies some of their credits)

    (The girls go out of the store)

    PD – that was some good shopping.
    JS – yeah. Bad thing, I am all out of credits.
    PD – thats ok. I still have some more. I have 250 credits left.
    JS – wow! Wait, what is that in my pocket?

    (Jessica looks in her pocket)

    JS – wow, 34 credits! I have 34 credits.
    PD – cool. Lets go home so we could wrap the presents.
    JS – ok then. Lets go.

    (The girls get inside their car and drives back home)

    Cool! Episode 1 done! Episode 2 will be called “Wraping The Presents”.

  130. Once On A Housetop: Poptropica Style, part 2
    Song #2: Ashes To Ashes (song by chimney sweeps)
    Chimney Sweeps: *snapping* Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Cleaning ch-chimneys is a chimney sweep’s must! I said ashes to ashes and dust to dust! Let’s sweep! *all start sweeping* Let’s sweep! ACHOO!
    Girl Chimney Sweeps: It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy. Just find a chimney to occupy!
    All: I said ashes and dust to dust! Ashes to ashes and dust to dust! Lets sweep! *all sweep* Lets sweep! ACHOO!
    Boy Chimney Sweeps: (forgot lyrics for boys! sorry!)
    All: Ashes to ashes and dust to dust! Ashes to ashes and dust to dust! I said ashes to ashes and dust to dust! Hugh!
    To Be Concluded..

  131. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 23: C.T. gone.

    W.S. whaddya wanna do smarty?
    S.B. I don’t know
    W.S. Tree House?
    S.B. no, tight is having a teen party
    W.S. I’m gonna meet up with S.E. and C.T., they asked me to a movie.
    S.B. bye
    Seagull goes to movie theater
    S.E. She’s DEAD! (crying)
    W.S. Wha?
    C.T.’s DEAD (points at dead body)
    W.S. What hap- (police arrive)
    P.M.(police man) I’m taking her to the hospital, you couple just stay here. (leaves)
    W.S. and S.E. cry
    W.S. wha- wha- what happened?
    S.E. th-th-the D.M.s at-at-attacked her-her!

    to be continued….

  132. 24 Crown pt.2
    HC: So, er, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself???
    DH: ALRIGHT! hem hem… When I-
    SC: Ugh… flashback…
    DH: like i said, when I used to-
    SC: I hate flashbacks.
    DH: *angry* WHEN I USED TO-
    SC: no flashbacks, please!
    SC: (mocking) when i used to blah blah blah!
    (Strange person pops up)
    HC: what the-

  133. Once On A Housetop: Poptropica Style, part 3
    Carbon: Wow! This chimney here is surely filled!
    Suey: Let me take a look at it! There’s never been a chimney I couldn’t occupy!
    Suey: *stops in the chimney*
    Voice: Ow ho ho!
    Suey: What’s wrong?
    Carbon: I didn’t say anything.
    Suey: *stomps in the chimney again*
    Voice: Ow ho ho!
    Suey: What’s wrong?
    Carbon: I didn’t say that.
    Suey: *stomps in the chimney*
    Voice: Ow ho ho!
    Suey: Why do you keep laughing and saying “ow”?
    Carbon: It’s not me!
    Voice: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
    Carbon & Suey: *looks down the chimney* It’s Santa Clause!
    Santa: Well, who did you expect? The Easter bunny?
    To Be Concluded..

  134. HC: (Infront of random poptropican) WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT???
    Random Poptropican: nothing…
    (Random poptropican shuffles off screen)
    DH: anyway… long story short. ME+Experiment gone wrong=this.
    (DH points to rabbit suit)
    SC: Ah.

  135. The Adventures of Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin
    Season 1 – Celebrate Christmas with Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin
    Episode 2, Season 1 – Wrapping The Presents

    (The girls go to their houses)

    PD – I hope my mom has any wrapping paper
    JS – I hope my mom has any wrapping paper too

    (Prickly goes inside her house and goes talks to her mom)

    PD – hey mom.
    PD’s Mom – hey kiddo. What’s up?
    PD – oh nothing. Say um, do you have any wrapping paper?
    PD’s Mom – yes. It’s in the closet
    PD – which one?
    PD’s Mom – the one that has a paper with a pony on it
    PD – ok thanks Mom

    (Prickly goes into the hallway and opens the closet)

    (Prickly finds the wrapping paper)

    (Prickly goes into her room)

    (Jessica goes inside her house and goes talks to her mom)

    JS – hey mom. Do you have any wrapping paper?
    JS’s Mom – no sorry. Go ask Prickly Dolphin, she might have some.
    JS – ok thanks

    (Jessica goes over to Prickly’s house)

    (Knock knock went Jessica)

    PD’s Mom – come in!

    (Jessica comes in)

    JS – hi, Ms. Dolphin (Ms. Dolphin isn’t married anymore). Have any wrapping paper?
    PD’s Mom – yes. Prickly has some. Go to her room
    JS – ok thanks, Ms. Dolphin

    (Jessica goes to Prickly’s room)

    JS – knock knock
    PD – who’s there?
    JS – Jessica
    PD – Jessica who?
    JS (laughs) – Jessica Sparkle
    PD (laughs) – oh come in

    (Prickly hides Jessica’s presents under her bed before Jessica comes in)

    (Jessica comes in)

    JS – hi Prickly. I see you have some wrapping paper. Can I use some?
    PD – sure

    (The girls get started wrapping)

    PD – you better not look cause I have your presents
    JS – ok I’ll turn around

    (Jessica turns around)

    (The girls started wrapping)

    JS – the christmas shopping was fun, right?
    PD – yep it was
    JS – Was it Black Friday?
    PD (laughs) – what made you come up with that idea?
    JS – remember the black friday advertisement?
    PD – yeah. Wait, is today Friday?
    JS – lets check the calender on your mall
    PD – good idea

    (The girls check the calender)

    JS – wow! Today’s Friday? Cool! We were shopping on Black Friday!!!
    PD – yep. Ever since Black Friday got started, I have wanted to start shopping on Black Friday. And now, I got my chance!!! Whoo hoo!
    JS – come on. Lets started wrapping the presents. The presents won’t wrap theirselves.
    PD – you got a plan there

    (The girls get back to work)

    (10 minutes later)

    JS – are you almost done wrapping, Prickly?
    PD – one more present

    (Prickly wraps the last present)

    PD – done.
    JS – we should put the presents in your closet
    PD – you put my or your friends’ presents under my bed and I put your presents and my friends’ presents in my closet
    JS – ok.

    (the girls hide the presents)

    JS – can I spend the night with you?
    PD – sure, go get your things
    JS – on it!

    (Jessica goes to her house, tells her mom, and gets packed up)

    (Jessica goes back to Prickly’s house)

    JS (back in Prickly’s room) – ok Im here, what time is it?
    PD – its kinda late. Its 12:00

    (Prickly’s mom walks in the room)

    PD’s mom – good night
    JS with PD – good night

    (Prickly’s mom shuts the door)

    JS (whispers) – I am glad I am spending the night with you
    PD (whispers) – me too. Maybe next time, we could spend the night at your house
    JS (whispers) – ok. Good night, Prickly
    PD (whispers) – Good night, Jessica.

    (The girls go to sleep).

    Alright. Episode 2 is done. Episode 3 will be called “The Secret Green Pop Star and Green Fairy (Jessica Spends The Night With Prickly)”.

  136. 24 Crown Christmas Special:
    Santa: HO HO HO!
    DH, HC, and SC: what was THAT???
    (santa lands next to HC)
    Santa: You have been naughty this year, Mr. Hare!!!
    DH: What???? Why’s that???
    Santa: Well, first of all, you kidnapped 4 different people, you stole all this island’s carrots, you tried to mind control earth from space, you-
    HC: wat? you are this island’s bad guy??
    DH: Errrr… yea i guess.
    SC and HC: o_o
    HC: and.. WHY exactly don’t we know this???
    DH: heh heh..
    (Kitten walks up)
    Kitten: MEOW! :3
    HC: IT’S SO CUTE!!!! ❤
    SC: 😀
    DH: -_-
    santa: I'd better return this cat… here!
    (santa throws sack of coal at DH)
    DH: OOF!
    (santa flies away)
    (leaves cat)
    all: -_-
    DH: Uh.. HERE!!!
    (DH throws coal at HC)
    (Shuffles away)

  137. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 24: the funeral

    W.S., S.E., S.B., W.W., and the whole justic squad made a funeral for C.T.
    W.W. (walks on stage) sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-she-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e- wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-was-s-s-s-s-s-s-c-c-c-c-cool! *sob*
    S.B. *roles eyes*
    W.W. thank you, (walks off stage)
    W.S. (walks on stage) Tornado was a stuipid, fat, idiotic, dumb-
    W.S. okay sorry 😳 tornado was and still is my best freind. Although i didn’t know her long, i feel its been 12 years! And i’m 10! So Tornado, she-she was a wonderfull person, and i had a crush on her, but now, i won’t see that beutiful faace anymore 😥 (walks off stage)
    S.B. i-i-i-i don’t know wha-what to say! I mean i didn’t know her-her wha-wha-well but, with Ghost Story island coming out, just h-h-hope f-f-for the best!
    Everyone says good words about C.T., then they bury her by the sea, because her favorite color was blue

    to be continued…….

      • wild seagull’s life in poptropica
        episode 25: ZOMBIES!!! pt.1

        W.S. Life is boring without C.T.
        S.E. i know
        D.B. what do you wanna do?
        everyone shrugs sadly
        M.V. gurglewackin’ frackin’
        S.B. what the #%^&?
        M.V. YARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! (zombie in C.T.’s cloths comes out)
        everyone: AAAAHHHH!
        C.T. Ruggggin’
        W.S. RUN!
        they run
        C.K. What ever you do, don’t get bite by a zombie!
        I.F. wha-wha-wha-why?
        W.S. wait, (takes out be follower)
        W.S. guys, this is Baheeb!
        B.H. (baheeb) Bzzzzzz!
        S.B. okay?
        C.T. RAR!
        Clean Tornado zombie jumps on Cool Kid and bites him over and over and over and over etc.
        C.K. HELP MEEeeeee! ROAR!
        I.F. LETS BAIL!
        they run away

        to be continued…..

  138. The Life of Mighty Drummer
    Characters:Mighty Drummer,Speedy Wing,Angry Drummer,
    Episode 1:End of Summer
    One sunny day,Mighty Drummer was walking along the park when…
    Mighty Drummer:Aahh!!!
    Speedy Wing:I’m so sorry!I was just…Hey!You look familiar!
    Mighty Drummer:*thinks for a while*Speedy!
    Speedy Wing:Mighty!I’ve missed you so much!What school will you go in to after summer?
    Mighty Drummer:Campbell High!1st year!
    Speedy Wing:Woah!Me,too!
    Mighty Drummer:Wow!So we will be classmates?
    Speedy Wing & Mighty Drummer:Totally!
    Angry Drummer:Mighty!Let’s go!
    Mighty Drummer:Sorry,we have to go!See you on school!
    Speedy Wing:Bye,Mighty!
    The Drummer family got home and Mighty Drummer hurriedly ran up the stairs.
    Mighty Drummer:Internet,internet,internet.Yes!*opens Facebook account*Let’s see!*types in Speedy Wing*Yes!Woo!!!And she’s online!
    There was a long conversation between them.Hours had passed…
    Angry Drummer:Hey,Mighty!Miiiiiiighty!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mighty Drummer:*snoring*Speedy,speedy,speedy.What?!Hey,brother!How nice of you to join our slumber party!*snoring again*
    Angry Drummer:C’mon!Someone’s waiting for you downstairs!
    Mighty Drummer:Who is it?Harry Potter?
    Angry Drummer:No,you…Man!I hate that!It’s Speedy!She’s been here for hours!
    Mighty Drummer:For what?
    Angry Drummer:For hours!Now she’s asleep on the couch!
    Mighty Drummer:What?!*runs downstairs*
    Speedy Wing:*sleeping peacefully on the couch,still with her ear phones on*
    Mighty Drummer:Gosh!I’ve been sleeping for five days already?!If it’s five days then…Tomorrow will be the start of school!Angry!
    Angry Drummer:I know what you’re gonna ask.You are asking how did we feed you!Well,I put milk in a baby bottle then I put it in your mouth then you start sucking it!You were funny that day?
    Mighty Drummer:What the?!Who thought of that idea?!
    Angry Drummer:I did?
    Mighty Drummer:Ggrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*throws Angry to the ground then starts punching him in the face*
    To be continued…

    I accept feedbacks and suggestions!

  139. Once On A Housetop: Poptropica Style, part 4
    Song #3: Big Red Fella
    There’s a big red fella in the chimney! Somebody’s gotta call the cops! Gotta get him out of there, cause it’s getting hotter there, before that chimney pops! *all clap* It’s a crazy silly situation! I’m calling 9-1-1, because a big red fella in the chiney not’ a lot of fu-un!

    What does he think he’s doing?He’s way to big for that! What does he think he’s trying? This fella’s way too fat! We’ll have to keep on prying!

    *repeat verse 1*

    To be concluded…

  140. The Life of Mighty Drummer
    Episode 1(Part 2):End of Summer
    Mighty Drummer:Uhh…Speedy?Speedy.
    Speedy Wing:What the heck?!Why am I asleep?!
    Mighty Drummer:You’ve been waiting for me for hours!Sorry!
    Speedy Wing:I should be the one who’s sorry!I fell asleep!
    Mighty Drummer:Never mind.
    Speedy Wing:So what’s about the “jshdbctbadddddddddddsghcbsy” on our chat box?
    Mighty Drummer:I fell asleep,too.Five days straight!
    Speedy Wing:How did you eat?!
    Mighty Drummer:Uhh…My brother…fed me with a baby bottle.
    Speedy Wing:*tries not to laugh*Tomorrow…*giggles*will be the first day of school.Do you have everything?
    Mighty Drummer:Yup.
    *Speedy checked the list of what Mighty Drummer have*
    Speedy Wing:Cauldron?
    Mighty Drummer:Wha?
    Speedy Wing:Nah.Just choking.I mean Joking!Hihihihi!Woah it’s late.I’ll be eating at 6 o’clock and it’s already five-thirty!I gotta go!
    Super Thunder:Well,why don’t you eat here?
    Mighty Drummer:She’s Super Thunder.My cousin.
    Speedy Wing:I’ll just eat at home!Oh!And nice meeting ya’ Super!See you at school Mighty!
    Mighty Drummer:Bye!
    Speedy Wing:Bye!
    Special Guest:Super Thunder
    Okay,so the next episode will be everything about school!
    Anyone wants to audition?
    I accept feedbacks and suggestions
    (Wild Seagull will surely be in the next episode!)

      • wild seagull’s life in poptropica
        episode 26: ZOMBIES!!! pt.2

        S.E., W.S., S.B., D.B., I.F., and Baheeb are running
        W.S. this is horrible!
        D.B. according to my book, it says zombies can take form of humans, so any one of us can be a zombie
        I.F. yeah, exept we’ve been with eachother the whole time so…
        C.K. walks in
        C.K. GUYS!
        everyone: AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
        C.K. it’s okay! She missed!
        S.B. yeah right! Your just taking a huminoid form!
        C.K. how did you kno- i mean- what? No!
        W.S. takes out lightning staff
        S.E. take THAT! (pulls out silly spray and shoots it at C.K.)
        C.K. ROAR! (takes zombie form)
        they run
        W.S. i love you Shaggy Eel!
        S.E. *blush*
        I.F. i hope we don’t run into Clea-
        C.T. pops out of no where and lunges at W.S.
        S.B. RUN!
        they leave W.S. and C.T.
        C.T. Roar! (tries to bite W.S.)
        W.S. NO! (zaps C.T. with lightning from staff)
        C.T. AAARRRGGGG!
        W.S. (runs away)
        Wild Seagull catches up with crew
        D.B. ZOMBIE!!! (points at W.S.)
        they run
        W.S. GUYS! I’M NOT A ZOMBIE!
        Shaggy Eel, Smart Bird, and Baheeb come back
        S.B. give us proof
        Seagull bites them and they don’t turn into zombies
        S.E. okay
        S.B. HEY!
        W.S. what?
        S.B. where did White Wolf Go?
        W.S.& S.E. *gasp!*

  141. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    short: how i would wan’t to die

    Wild Seagull, Smart Bird, Clean Tornado, and White Wolf were in WW111
    C.T. who knew there would be a world war 111! (shoots MP16)
    W.W. not me! (shoots AK47 Grenadier)
    S.B.( picks up walkie talkie) agent Seagull, do you copy? Over (shoots Ak47)
    W.S. roger that. over
    W.W. Do you have the attack plan? over
    W.S. yeah! comin’ right in. over
    a large helicopter flies overhead
    C.T. cool
    W.S. take cover, here we go!
    helicopter drops 700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000lbs of TMT over battlefield
    B.G. (bad guy) AAAARRRGGGG! (shoots RPG at heli)
    heli explodes, but so does half the bad guys
    S.B., C.T., and W.W: SEAGULL!
    Wild Seagull dies.
    then wakes up to find it’s all a dream
    W.S. WOW! that was a weird dream!

  142. I know I haven’t been posted here for 2 weeks. The thing is I am too busy. Here is Part 1 of Episode 3, Season 1 of Jessica Sparkle and Prickly Dolphin.

    (The girls go to sleep)

    (Jessica remembers something and wakes up)

    (Jessica wakes Prickly up)

    Prickly (whispers) – what?
    Jessica (whispers) – are you excited about Christmas?
    Prickly (whispers) – yes I am. (Prickly gets happy) I can’t wait for Christmas.
    Jessica (whispers) – me too. Hey Prickly, how many times have we been together?
    Prickly (whispers) – a lot.
    Jessica (whispers) – how many presents did you –

    (Jessica stopped for a minute)

    (Someone opens the window and gets in)

    Jessica (whispers) – turn around. Turn around. Turn around, Prickly
    Prickly (whispers) – what for?

    (jessica points for Prickly)

    (there were 2 girls beside the window and were inside the house)

    (The 2 other girls, one was a green pop star and the other was a green fairy)

    Jessica (whispers a little loud) – who are you two?
    The Green Pop Star – I am the famous green pop star that could fly. My name is Amanda.
    The Green Fairy – I am the green fairy. My name is Emma. We have a problem.
    Prickly – what’s your problem?
    The Green Pop Star – We have lost our special green jewel and special red jewel.
    Jessica – so?
    The Green Fairy – we need your help to find them,
    Prickly – why?
    The Green Pop Star – The green jewel and red jewel are our special jewels. The green jewel and red jewel are our jewels to Christmas. The two jewels help make Christmas everywhere special. Except for one problem, we have lost both of them and we can’t find them. If we don’t find them in time, Christmas will be ruined!
    Prickly/Jessica – what could we do to help?
    The Green Fairy – you must be quiet walking out of your room and look everywhere around the house for the green jewel. We know its here. But the red jewel isn’t here. The red Jewel is somewhere else and we know that the green jewel is here.
    Jessica – Prickly and I are on the case!
    The Green Pop Star – good luck. And remember, when you see a sparkly green jewel, pick it up and bring it back to us.
    Jessica – where?
    The Green Fairy – here.
    Prickly – alright.

    (Jessica and Prickly quietly walks out of their room).

    Part 2 will come soon. I promise! 😀

  143. I’m starting a story called Sugar-Coated Hierarchy, I have some character drawings which will be put near the bottom…
    Chapter 1
    My alarm clock started to go off. Sigh. Why did I have to transfer schools? I’m getting rid of my LIFE, friends, teachers who like me, stuff like that. I rubbed my eyes, got up, and opened the curtains. A sunny day, as usual. Why was I nicknamed that? Sunny. I’m NOT sunny. Why couldn’t people call me by my real name, Strange Sun? I got dressed and combed my black and blonde hair, tying it into a pony tail, my usual. I grabbed my backpack, making sure my stuff was in there. I had forgotten one thing…my drumsticks! I shoved my rainbow drumsticks into my bag, grabbed an orange for breakfast, and stepped out the door for my first day at a snobby school. After walking for a while, I saw it. It had shiny windows and doors, had students and statues circling it, and was HUGE. It had to be Poptropica School of the Fine Arts. I started to push my way through the crowd and then I saw them. A chunk of blondwads. One looked at me, not saying anything, but she simply had a sharp, cold stare. I somehow broke off from the trance and continued walking. A boy and a girl were fiddling with a juice pouch. The boy squeezed and pierced it, the juice squirting all over me.
    “Oh, sorry,” the boy said.
    “Matt’s kinda clumsy,” the girl said, giggling. The girl had bright, multicolored hair and crazy clothing. The boy was blonde haired, blue eyed, with porcelain features.
    “My real name’s Red Gamer, and this is Candy,” the boy interjected, trying to stop the girl from going any further.
    “I’m Hyper Candy! I like to be called Candy,” the girl said.
    “Strange Sun, AKA Sunny,” I replied, keeping a straight face.

    Main charries:

  144. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 27: ZOMBIES !!! pt.3

    W.S., S.E., S.B., and Baheebare worried about W.W.
    S.E. shes gotta be here somewhere!
    W.S. lets investigate!
    S.B. sure, but lets try not to trust so many people
    so they where walking to…..wherever they can see
    W.W. guys!
    they turn around, and find White Wolf.
    S.B. zombie?
    W.W. no, i’ve been working on an antidote to cure the zombies.
    W.S. brilliant!
    W.W. no, not really. We need zombie blood to make it
    S.B. whats the ingredients?


    ~ a pinch of dry human skin
    ~ human skin
    ~ zombie blood
    ~ human blood
    ~ H2O
    ~ rose bud

    W.S. we have to get all that?
    W.W. yep
    so they set of, to find the ingredents, to cure the zombies

    to be continued…..

  145. Sugar Coated Hierarchy – Chapter 2 part 1 (I need to write this in parts because of the writing time I have)
    “Um, nice to meet you,” I replied, starting to walk to my destination, which I actually didn’t know.
    “Don’t you know where to go?” Candy asked. I stopped walking.
    “No, I actually don’t,” I felt my cheeks go red as I said that.
    “We’ll help you,” Matt said. He didn’t understand.
    “I can get it done on my own…” I replied, and started walking again. Candy and Matt started following me.
    “You’ll need it,” Candy said. I tried my best to shrug them off, but I couldn’t. Did they REALLY want to be my friends?

  146. wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    episiode 28: ZOMBIES!!! pt.4

    W.S., S.B., S.E., W.W., and Baheeb are running from C.T.
    C.T. i’ll… get… YOU!!!
    Clean Tornado bites Smart’s head.
    W.S. SMART BIRD!!!!
    clean bites White
    W.W. TaAkKeE ThEe AanNtIdOtE!!!
    White wolf throws Wild Seagull the antidote
    W.S. come on Shaggy!
    the three ran behind a wall
    S.E. this is the end
    W.S. why?
    Dangerous Boa jumps on S.E. and rips her up
    W.S. NO!
    Baheeb: buzz bu-buzz buzz, bu-buzz-buzz!
    W.S. great idea!
    Wild Seagull pours antidote on himself, and runs for the zombies
    W.S. hey zombies, COME GET ME!!!
    zombies attack, but soon turn back to human
    C.T. i-i-i’m normal!
    D.B. me too!
    C.K. awesome!
    I.F. perfect!
    S.E. i love you Wild Seagull!
    S.B. best-cousin-EVER!
    W.S. *smiles and hugs Baheeb*

    to be continued……

  147. I’m sorry but I am not going to do the adventures of jessica and prickly. I can’t do it very well. My new series is Popular Moon’s Adventures. Yes, these adventures take place in Poptropica. In Episode 1, she and her best friend Friendly Crown go to the pool but not really. They end up at an enchanted forest. The enchanted forest is the exact same one as the Multiverse one.

    Episode 1 is called: Popular Moon and Friendly Crown Goes To An Enchanted Forest. Part 1 is called Arriving At The Forest.

    Popular Moon – Friendly, when are you going to get ready for the pool?
    Friendly Crown – I am almost done

    *Friendly Crown is in the bathroom*

    *Friendly Crown gets out of the bathroom*

    Popular Moon – nice swimsuit.
    Friendly Crown – thanks.

    *Popular Moon and Friendly Crown goes out of their place, crosses the street and heads down to the pool*

    *Mean while, it took Popular and Friendly to find the pool*

    Popular Moon – where is the pool?
    Friendly Crown – I don’t know.

    *Friendly Crown spots some water*

    Friendly Crown – look over there. A pool.
    Popular Moon – lets get down there.

    *The girls go over to an area where water is but not really*

    Popular Moon – hey. this isn’t water. This is a hole.
    Friendly Crown – a hole to where?
    Popular Moon – I don’t know.
    Friendly Crown – lets get down the hole and find out.
    Popular Moon – you got a plan there.

    *The girls go down the hole*

    Popular Moon – whoa. This ain’t dirt. Its a tunnel.
    Friendly Crown – going through this tunnel might lead to a path to a pool, maybe.
    Popular Moon – you are maybe right. Let’s go.

    *The girls go through a tunnel*

    *Five minutes later*

    *The girls arrive at a forest*

    Popular Moon – whoa. Look at those place. Its wonderful.
    Friendly Crown – Enchanted, also.
    Popular Moon – hey. Who is that girl over there with the flower?
    Friendly Crown – I don’t know. Let’s go over to her.

    *Popular and Friendly go over to the girl*

    Well, Part 1 is done. Part 2 might be released tomorrow or later. Goodbye for now. 😉

  148. Please post this okay so this one time this boy is lost one night with his friend Toby.Invisible the boy has a very powerful axe. So they go inside a building but its a cemetery. To make things worse, a horde of zombies comes out but Toby has a gun. Woohoo!! .So they fight til all zombies are dead.Needing shelter, they hide behind a mausoleum. Oh oh.More zombies more story, all tommorow.

  149. Zombies. Death.2 okay so Invisible and Toby start killing zombies but there are too many. And then, they see a mausoleum. Toby then jumps on the balcony of the graveyard and pushes gupowder(what is that’s doing there?)onto to the zombies.BOOM! Ha ha ha! Die zombies! Then he finds a key. There ‘s no place to use it but the mausoleum. More next week. I am having a audition.To get the part reply or like this.

  150. Episode 31: The Last Episode
    CT: Hey guys. Bad news. I cancled this show.
    WW: Nooooooo!!!!
    CT: Don’t worry White. You’re still in my other series, Angel Quest.
    WW: Oh yeah.
    WS: What about Icy and me?
    CT: I’m sorry to say, but, you guys are out of all of my series. Sorry.
    IF: This was my only TV job! *makes a sad face*
    CT: Guys, it’s hard to come up with stuff in my series and stuff.
    WS & IF: Okay.
    CT: Both of you back to your dressing room. I still I have to talk to the viewers.
    *WS & IF go to their dressing rooms*
    CT: I’ll come up with something for you guy as soon as I can. But, for now, enjoy this last episode. *walks away*
    WW: *grabs CT and drags her to the vision of the screen* CT! We don’t have scripts!
    CT: Dang it! Sorry guys! This is going onto Poptropica live.
    WW: CT will tell the code when this is over. Bye!
    Everybody: Bye!

  151. The Adventures of Sir Bird
    Episode 4: Cheerful Hero

    S.B., W.S., and W.W. are walking through the forest
    S.B. So, uh…-
    W.S. please don’t make this more awkward than it already is
    S.B. sorry…
    W.W. hey, what’s that? (points to figure in the distance)
    M.P. (mystery person) hello
    M.P. whats wrong?
    W.S. (rolls eyes) hello. whats your name?
    C.H. Cheerful Hero, at your service
    S.B. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA- wait, your kinda prtty
    C.H. *blush* thanks!
    W.W. * jealous* okay, can you leave now?
    C.H. actually, i kinda want to join your clan!
    W.S. sure!
    S.B. sure!
    W.W. NO!
    C.H. well, thanks!
    W.W. rackin’ frackin’….

    to be continued……

  152. actually, i am not going to do popular moon’s amazing adventures. I am going to do Popular Crown’s Amazing Adventures and Fierce Star’s Fantastic Fairy Adventures.

  153. Hi. I’m Golden Fire, and I decided to write a story about my Poptropican, Golden Fire, called The Life and Adventures of Golden Fire.
    Chapter 1- The beginning
    Golden Fire: *Types on laptop to best friend, Wild Feather*
    Trusty Fire: Golden Fire! Come down for dinner!
    Golden Fire: Yeah, hold on Mom! *Types to Wild Feather and shuts laptop* *Goes downstairs*
    Trusty Fire: Golden, someone’s here to see you.
    Golden Fire: *Looks over at man* Hello, who are you?
    Unknown: Golden Melissa Fire? Could you come with me into the other room please?
    Golden Fire: Sure… *Follows man into living room*
    Unknown: Golden, my name is Super Skull. You are the Poptropican we have been looking for.
    Golden Fire: Really? For what?
    Super Skull: For our Poptropica Island Expedition, PIE for short.
    Golden Fire: Awesome! What do I have to do.
    Super Skull: Well, you and 4 other Poptropicans will travel Poptropica and discover all it’s secrets.
    Golden Fire: Okay. Fine with me. Who are these other Poptropicans.
    Super Skull: Lone Thunder, Popular Bird, Wild Dragon, and Silver Icicle.
    Okay. That’s about it. I have NO time right now, and my laptop’s kinda glitchy right now.
    SO yeah.

  154. Hai. It’s me here with another episode of The Life & Adventures of Golden Fire, or as I’m going to call it, TLAOGF. K. Here goes.
    Chapter 2
    Lone Thunder: Hey, I’m Lone Thunder.
    Golden Fire: Hi, I’m Golden Fire.
    Popular Bird: I’m Popular Bird.
    Wild Dragon: I’m Wild Dragon.
    Silver Icicle: And I’m-
    Golden Fire: Silver Icicle? You’re the only one left.
    Everyone except Super Skull: *Laughs*
    Golden Fire: It’s nice to meet you all *Shakes everyone’s hands*.
    Super Skull: You four will set out tomorrow. Lone Thunder, Popular Bird, Wild Dragon, and Silver Icicle all have their bag of things, so Golden Fire, you should start packing. *Hands duffel bag* Please no more than this bag.
    Golden Fire: *Nods* Okay. Will you pick me up?
    Lone Thunder: Yeah, we’ll pick you up.
    Wild Dragon: Yeah, seeing as you have no other means of transportation.
    Golden Fire: Ha ha, so funny. I’ll see you all tomorrow.
    Silver Icicle: Yeah, you will.
    Lone Thunder: See you Golden.
    Golden Fire: Bye guys!
    Everyone: Bye!
    Super Skull: *Leaves and everyone except Golden follows*
    Golden Fire: *Goes back to dinner table*
    Trusty Fire: Golden! You’re back! Please sit down and eat.
    Golden Fire: *Smiles nervously* Okay. *Sits and fills plate*
    Trusty Fire: Golden? What was that man talking to you about?
    Golden Fire: Ummm…

  155. Clean Tornado I’d like to be in both of your shows White Wolf the Spy Princess and PENL.I’d thank you very,very much if you can put me as a character on White Wolf the Spy Princess and PENL.

  156. *CHAPTER 3*
    Golden Fire: Uh… I-uh-I can’t really tell you.
    Trusty Fire: Oh, okay. If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine.
    Golden Fire: *plays with food, eats a bit, then pushes plate away* I’m finished.
    Trusty Fire: Okay. *eats*
    Golden Fire: I’m going to my room. Night.
    Trusty Fire: Night.
    *Golden goes to her room and starts to pack*
    Super Skull: Starting to pack?
    Golden Fire: *screams* Oh, it’s just you. DON’T scare me like that!
    Super Skull: I’m not making any promises. *smirks*
    Golden Fire: How did you even get in here?
    Super Skull: You’ll know soon. You may even be able to do it.
    Golden Fire: Psh. Yeah, sure.
    Super Skull: The group will pick you up at 6 A.M sharp. Be awake, active, and ready.
    Golden Fire: *sighs* I’ll try.
    Super Skull: Okay. Goodbye, Golden Melissa Fire.
    Golden Fire: Okay. Bye.
    Super Skull: *leaves through window*
    Golden Fire: *starts packing duffel bag*
    Golden Fire: Done! *zips bag* I’m tired now. *checks clock* Figures. It’s 9:30. I better go to bed. I have to wake up early. *puts bag next to bed and changed into pajamas* *climbs into bed and turns off light*
    Golden Fire: Goodnight, room. Goodnight, house. *falls asleep*
    Golden Fire: *yawns* It’s 5:55. They should be here soon. *gets out of bed and gets dressed*
    *yells are heard from outside Golden’s window*
    Lone Thunder: SILVER, I TOLD YOU NOT TO TRUST DRAGON WITH THE MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Silver Icicle: WELL, I’M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S NOT MY FAULT THAT HE DROPPED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Popular Bird: Maybe Golden will have an extra map. We should just go in and get her!
    Lone Thunder: She’s right, Golden probably will have an extra map.
    Wild Dragon: Let’s just go!
    *Lone Thunder, Wild Dragon, Silver Icicle, and Popular Bird climb into Golden’s window*
    Silver Icicle: Hey, you! Got an extra map?
    Golden Fire: *chuckles* Yeah, I got one.
    Lone Thunder: Let’s go. *climbs out window and helps Golden*
    *All climb into blimp*
    Golden Fire: And off we go! *drops weight from blimp and blimp takes off*

  157. Hi =) It’s Golden Fire. I’m holding auditions for The Life and Adventures of Golden Fire. The character can be someone who joins the group, a villan (would be helpful) or someone the group encounters on their adventures. Okay, Soooo, just post a link in your comment, and I’ll let you know! Bye!

  158. ~~~The Life and Adventures of Golden Fire~~~
    *CHAPTER 4*
    Wild Dragon: Finally! We’re finally going!
    Golden Fire: *steers blimp* What island should we go to first?
    *all stay silent*
    Lone Thunder: I-well-It didn’t really come up. We thought you may have an idea?
    Golden Fire: Unbelievable. *spins wheel to right and blimp tilts*
    All: WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Golden looses balance and almost falls out, but Lone Thunder grabs her hand*
    Lone Thunder: GUYS!!!! HELP ME PULL GOLDEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *All pull Golden into blimp*
    Golden Fire: Thanks guys. I would have been a goner. I was just trying to get to the nearest island-
    Silver Icicle: Which would be that one? *points to nearest island*
    Golden Fire: Yeah, I guess so. I’ll land. *walks over to wheel*
    Wild Dragon: NO!!!! We don’t want to crash!!!!!!!
    *Lone Thunder whacks Wild Dragon with rolled up map*
    Lone Thunder: Sorry about him, Golden. Just land.
    Golden Fire: Okay. *lands*
    Silver Icicle: Looks like Dragon underestimated you!
    Lone Thunder: Yeah, looks like it.
    *All laugh except Dragon*
    Wild Dragon: Let’s go. *opens ramp*
    *all climb out of blimp*
    Silver Icicle: What is this place?
    *all look at Golden*
    Golden Fire: Looks like Spy Island.
    *laser comes out of sky and misses Golden by an inch*
    Lone Thunder: WHOA!!!!!! What was that?
    Golden Fire: I dunno. A laser?
    Lone Thunder: Well, it nearly killed you!
    Golden Fire: It might not have been dangerous.
    *laser comes again and zaps hair off random dude*
    Random Dude: AHHHHHHHH! MY HAIR!!!!!! MY PRECIOUS HAIR!!!!!!!!! IT’S GONE!!!!!!!!!!
    Wild Dragon: That answers that question.
    Silver Icicle: Yup. It steals people’s hair. Or just zaps it off.
    *all laugh*
    Golden Fire: Let’s leave.
    All: Yeah.
    Lone Thunder: Good idea.
    Silver Icicle: I second that.
    Wild Dragon: Third.
    Golden Fire: Then let’s go.
    *all board blimp*
    Golden Fire: Hopefully, we find a good island this time.

    *CHAPTER 5*
    Wild Dragon: I’m getting kind of impatient! When will we be at the next island?
    Golden Fire: Dragon, it’s only been 5 minutes.
    Wild Dragon: Oh.
    Lone Thunder: *turns map* I can’t seem to read this map!
    Silver Icicle: No wonder. It’s upside down. *turns map right side up*
    Lone Thunder: Oh. That’s probably why. *snatches map back*
    Golden Fire: *looks over Thunder’s shoulder* The next island should be just to the right!
    Silver Icicle: I see it, I see it!
    Golden Fire: Good, now let’s go. *steers blimp to island and lands*
    *The group all get out of the blimp*
    Wild Dragon: This must be Super Power Island.
    Lone Thunder: What makes you think so?
    Wild Dragon: The giant glowing thingy over there.
    All: Ohhhhh.
    Golden Fire: Let’s go check it out!
    Lone Thunder: That doesn’t sound like a good idea, Golden.
    Golden Fire: Oh, come on, Thunder! Don’t be a buzz kill. *starts walking towards prison*
    Lone Thunder: Golden! Oh, what’s the use? *starts following Golden and everyone else follows*
    Golden Fire: *stops* Have any of you seen Popular Bird?
    *silence, then everyone runs back to blimp*
    Golden Fire: I can’t believe we left her on Spy Island! I really don’t want to go back!
    *Golden steers blimp towards Spy Island and lands*
    Wild Dragon: This is stupid, why can’t we just leave her there?
    All: DRAGON!
    Wild Dragon: What?
    Golden Fire: We’re here, and we’re getting her.
    Silver Icicle: Let’s split up and look for her.
    Lone Thunder: Good idea.
    *they all split up*
    Golden Fire: Popular? Popular Bird?
    Golden Fire: POPULAR EMILY BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Popular Bird: What?
    Golden Fire: Popular? Is that you?
    Popular Bird: Y-yeah. Golden?
    Golden Fire: Yeah. Where are you?
    Popular Bird: Down an alley, hiding from the lasers.
    *Golden runs down an alley, and sees Popular Bird*
    Golden Fire: Popular!
    *Popular stands up and runs towards Golden and hugs her*
    Popular Bird: I didn’t know where you were! I was calling you guys, and almost got zapped by that laser thingy.
    Golden Fire: It’s okay. I gotta call the others.
    *Golden calls all the others and tells them to meet at the blimp*
    Golden Fire: Let’s head to the blimp.
    Popular Bird: Okay.
    *Golden and Popular go to blimp. The others are there*
    Golden Fire: I found her.
    Wild Dragon: Good! Let’s go.
    Popular Bird: Dragon’s gotten negative!
    *everyone except Dragon laughs*
    Wild Dragon: *sarcastically* Ha ha, so hilarious. Let’s leave.
    *the group boards the blimp*
    Golden Fire: We need a group name.
    Lone Thunder: Yeah, we do.
    Silver Icicle: What should it be?
    Golden Fire: I got it! The Poptropica Warriors. P.W for short.
    All: Okay!
    *P.W group takes off in blimp*
    Golden Fire: I hope we get a good island, with no problems this time…

    *CHAPTER 6*
    Popular Bird: *sits in corner of blimp* *digs through backpack*
    Golden Fire: *steers blimp* *looks at Popular Bird* Popular, what are you looking for?
    Popular Bird: I’m looking for-
    *blimp lurches*
    Silver Icicle: *screams*
    Golden Fire: *screams*
    Lone Tornado: *grabs Golden*
    Popular Bird: *clutches backpack*
    *blimp tips totally over and the group falls into the ocean*
    All: *screams*
    *loud splash as the GF group falls into water*
    Golden Fire: *surfaces and looks around* Guys?
    *all others surface*
    Wild Dragon: I’m here!
    Lone Thunder: Me too!
    Popular Bird: I’m here, Golden!
    Silver Icicle: Golden!
    Golden Fire: What?
    Silver Icicle: *splashes frantically* I-CAN’T-SWIM!!!!!! *stops splashing and slowly starts sinking*
    Golden Fire: SILVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *swims rapidly to the place Silver was and dives*
    *Golden grabs Silver’s hand and pulls her to the surface*
    Silver Icicle: *gasps*
    *the group swims to shore*
    Silver Icicle: *lies on sand* THAT-WAS-SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Golden Fire: *pants and falls to knees* You’re telling me!
    *Lone Thunder runs over to Golden*
    Lone Thunder: Are you okay?
    Golden Fire: *looks up at Thunder* Y-yeah, I’m fine.
    *Thunder helps Golden up*
    Popular Bird: Thank goodness you two are okay! *hugs Silver and Golden*
    Wild Dragon: *crosses arms* Yeah, they’re alive. There’s a problem though. Where are we?
    Golden Fire: *stands up and looks around* Looks eerie. And very foggy. *waves hand around and walks further up beach*
    Golden Fire: There’s a house and hotel up here.
    Silver Icicle: I know where we are!
    All: Where?
    Silver Icicle: Ghost Story Island.
    *lightning flashes and Golden flinches*
    Golden Fire: I-I went h-here on vacation o-once. I r-really d-don’t like it h-here. *lies on sand*
    Wild Dragon: Why not?
    Golden Fire: My great grandmother died here. My mother told me when we went here on vacation.
    Lone Thunder: What was her name?
    Golden Fire: Fiona. Her grave is still here. Maybe we should visit.
    Popular Bird: Fiona?
    Golden Fire: Let’s go visit her grave. I think it’s in Lot A of the graveyard.
    *the group walks to graveyard, Lot A*
    Wild Dragon: Where is it?
    Golden Fire: I dunno. I don’t see it.
    Silver Icicle: What’s that one covered in cobwebs? *blows cobwebs off of grave* Look! It’s hers!
    *Golden runs over and kneels down. She looks up at the group hopefully*
    Golden Fire: Does anybody have flowers?
    Popular Bird: I do! In my bag! *pulls out flowers*
    Golden Fire: Thank you. *places flowers and starts to cry*
    ?: I see you’ve found my grave, Golden.

    *CHAPTER 7*
    Part 1
    Golden Fire: *screams*
    ?: Why is she scared? It’s me.
    Lone Thunder: *stares at Fiona* I-I thought you were-
    Wild Dragon: DEAD.
    Fiona: It’s true. I am dead.
    Silver Icicle: Y-y-you’re a-a g-ghost??? *falls to knees*
    Fiona: Yes, I am a ghost.
    Popular Bird: How is that even possible?!?!?!?!
    Golden Fire: Popular, It’s Ghost Story Island.
    Popular Bird: That’s it! *snaps*
    *the realization that Golden’s dead great grandmother is standing in front of her hits her*
    Golden Fire: *starts shaking* *Points at Fiona* Y-y-you’re dead.
    Fiona: Not exactly. I’m a ghost. You know the saying “Rest in Peace”?
    Golden Fire: Y-yeah.
    Fiona: I couldn’t.
    Silver Icicle: You couldn’t Rest in Peace?
    Fiona: No.
    Lone Thunder: Wow.
    Wild Dragon: Yeah. Wow.
    Popular Bird: What do you mean you couldn’t Rest in Peace?
    Fiona: That’s a completely different story, that I will tell you later.
    *rustling noise comes from in the bushes*
    Golden Fire: What was that?
    ?: Hello.
    Lone Thunder: Who are you?
    ?: Invisible Club.
    Silver Icicle: Invisible Club?
    Invisible Club: Yeah. Why are you here?
    Golden Fire: We were paying a visit to my great grandmother, Fio-
    Lone Thunder: What?
    Golden Fire: She’s not here anymore.
    Popular Bird: *whispers to Golden* She’s a ghost. Keep that in mind.
    Golden Fire: *whispers* I know! Just don’t say anything to Invisible Club.
    Popular Bird: *nods* Got it.
    Lone Thunder: So, Invisible Club, why are you here anyways?
    Invisible Club: I could ask you 5 the same.
    Lone Thunder: Well played. We were visiting Golden’s great grandmother’s grave. *motions towards grave*
    Golden Fire: *pulls Thunder aside* DON’T tell him about Fiona being a you-know-what.
    Lone Thunder: You really don’t think I’m THAT stupid, do you?
    Golden Fire: Just a reminder.
    Invisible Club: I’m here because I want to find ghosts! Have you seen any?
    Golden Fire: *looks over at the group nervously* No, we haven’t. *steps back*
    Invisible Club: Okay. *sighs* I guess I’ll just keep looking. *walks back over to bushes*
    Silver Icicle: Wait!
    Popular Bird: *glares at Silver and Silver nods slyly*
    Invisible Club: *looks hopeful* Yeah?
    Silver Icicle: We could help you. Y’know, look for ghosts?
    Invisible Club: Really? Thank you so much!
    Golden Fire: *pulls Silver aside* Are you sure about this? We need to get on with P.I.E!
    Silver Icicle: Just a few days won’t kill anybody *winks*
    Golden Fire: Okay. I trust you on this.

    *CHAPTER 7*
    Part 2
    Golden Fire: *pushes tree branch away* I don’t like this at all. I really don’t. *runs to catch up with group*
    Invisible Club: *holds up ghost detector* That way! *points left*
    *The group follows Invisible*
    *Fiona appears and grabs Golden’s shoulder*
    Golden Fire: *screams*
    Lone Thunder: *runs over to Golden* Are you okay?????
    Golden Fire: Yeah, just got scared. *looks around and sees Fiona in the bushes* Thunder, look! *points to Fiona*
    Fiona: *smiles and motions for Golden to come*
    Golden Fire: I’ll be right back. Go on with the group. *runs towards Fiona*
    Lone Thunder: *doesn’t listen to Golden and follows her*
    Fiona: Sorry I left so early last time, Golden. It’s just that Invisible Club can’t see me.
    Golden Fire: That’s fine. I understand why.
    Fiona: Listen Golden, this island isn’t safe. You need to leave as soon as you can.
    Golden Fire: W-why?
    Fiona: There’s a rouge ghost going around, looking for someone. I don’t know why. All I know is he moans “Find Golden Fire,” over and over. I’m nervous for you, sweetie. You need to leave at the earliest convenience. *disappears*
    Golden Fire: *looks awestruck* *walks backwards and bumps into Thunder* *screams and whips around* Oh, it’s you. Did you hear all that?
    Lone Thunder: Yeah. *puts hand on Golden’s shoulder* We should leave. For your safety.
    Golden Fire: Y-you’re right. Let’s leave. *walks past Thunder and back to group*
    Lone Thunder: *sighs then follows Golden*
    Golden Fire: Guys!
    *group stops and turns towards Golden*
    Golden Fire: We have to leave, now!
    Popular Bird: Aw, why?
    Golden Fire: I’ll tell you in the blimp. Let’s go.
    Invisible Club: Oh. You have to go? That’s okay. I’ll just look for ghosts on my own. *starts to walk away*
    Golden Fire & Silver Icicle: Wait!
    Invisible Club: Yeah?
    Golden Fire: Would you like to join our group?
    Invisible Club: Really?
    Golden Fire: Yes, really. Super Skull won’t mind another.
    Invisible Club: Awesome! So now I’m a part of your group?
    Wild Dragon: Yup.
    Invisible Club: Great! Let’s go find some ghosts!
    Golden Fire: *looks at Thunder nervously* Actually, we have to leave.
    Invisible Club: Why?
    Golden Fire: *looks at group, then starts explaining everything that’s happened so far*
    Invisible Club: Wow. Then let’s leave.
    Wild Dragon: Yeah, let’s go.
    Popular Bird: I second that vote!
    Silver Icicle: Third!
    *the group scrambles into blimp and takes off*
    Golden Fire: I’m glad we left. Now I’m safe. *goes to sit in corner of blimp*
    Lone Thunder: *goes and sits next to Golden and puts a hand on her shoulder* I’m glad you’re safe. I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t safe.
    Golden Fire: *blushes* You’re sweet. *kisses cheek* *goes to steer blimp*
    Lone Thunder: *whispers* Thank you.
    Invisible Club: I see an island!
    Golden Fire: Which one?
    Invisible Club: *gulps then looks at Golden. Eyes are full of concern* Vampire’s Curse.

    *CHAPTER 8*
    PART 1
    Golden Fire: V-V-Vampire’s Curse?
    Wild Dragon: Didn’t that island just come out?
    Popular Bird: Yeah, it did.
    Golden Fire: Please, no, no, no Vampire’s Curse. *sits in corner of blimp* *puts face in hands*
    Invisible Club: Should we go to Vampire’s Curse? Golden looks really upset about it.
    Golden Fire: *looks up* NO VAMPIRE’S CURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *puts face back in hands*
    Lone Thunder: We really shouldn’t go.
    Golden Fire: THANK YOU THUNDER!!!!!!
    Silver Icicle: Let’s not.
    Wild Dragon: For Golden.
    Invisible Club: For Golden.
    Silver Icicle: For Golden.
    Lone Thunder: For Golden.
    Popular Bird: For Golden.
    Golden Fire: *stands up* For me. *smiles*
    Lone Thunder: No Vamp’s Curse!
    Invisible Club: Where’s the closest island?
    Silver Icicle: I see one!
    Golden Fire: What is it?
    Silver Icicle: 24 Carrot! That’s not dangerous!
    Golden Fire: My best friend moved there! Let’s go!
    *blimp lands on 24 Carrot Island*
    Golden Fire: Wow, this place is a mess.
    Popular Bird: It’s so sad.
    Wild Dragon: *jumps off blimp rope* What happened to this place?
    Mayor: Are you 6 here to get the carrots back?
    Silver Icicle: W-what?
    Mayor: Our carrots have gone missing as well as some kids.
    Golden Fire: That’s terrible! Who has gone missing?
    Mayor: They’re on the bulletin board in the Carrot King Diner.
    Wild Dragon: Let’s go check it out.
    *In CK diner*
    Golden Fire: Oh my gosh.
    Lone Thunder: What?
    Golden Fire: Sleepy Bird. She was my best friend before she moved. She’s gone missing.
    Popular Bird: I’m so sorry Golden. *puts arm around*
    Golden Fire: *puts head on Popular’s shoulder* *starts crying*
    Silver Icicle: We have to find all the kids who have gone missing. And find the carrots. For the town.
    Invisible Club: Silver’s right. We have to.
    Wild Dragon: Let’s go.

  164. Dear Readers of The Life and Adventures of Golden Fire,
    I may not be posting a chapter in a few days. I have horrible writer’s block. My mind is drawing a huge blank. I promise I will be back in a few days, or less, if my writer’s block goes away. I’m extremely sorry. I will try my hardest to get a chapter up by Thursday.
    Golden Fire

  165. I haven’t been on here in a while.. *searches through WWTSP archives* What the? *pulls something out* It’s a lost episode!! :O I thought I broadcasted every episode!! D-do I post it on here in the comments, or an actual post? TELL ME!!

    *CHAPTER 8*
    PART 2
    *the group walks to factory*
    Golden Fire: Look! A carrot factory!
    Lone Thunder: I wonder if there are any carrots in there.
    Wild Dragon: *sarcastically* No, Thunder. There aren’t any carrots in there. A carrot factory definitely WOULDN’T have carrots.
    Lone Thunder: Ignoring. *walks ahead*
    Popular Bird: Great. It’s barred. We can’t get in.
    Silver Icicle: Wait, look! Here’s a map of the vents! *hands to Popular Bird*
    Popular Bird: *puts map in backpack*
    Invisible Club: Where will we find a crowbar?
    Wild Dragon: I thought I saw a hardware store down the street.
    Golden Fire: Charlie’s? I saw that too.
    Silver Icicle: Let’s head down and pick one up.
    *at Charlie’s*
    Lone Thunder: Hey.
    Charlie: Hi. How can I help you?
    Popular Bird: We’re looking for a crowbar. Got any?
    Charlie: The lowest crowbar price is $17.00.
    Golden Fire: We can’t afford that.
    Invisible Club: I really thought we could save the town.
    Charlie: If you can find my cat, Whiskers, I may be able to give you a discount.
    Silver Icicle: Really? Thank you!
    *the group goes left*
    Lone Thunder: Look! A farmhouse. Maybe Whiskers is in there!
    Golden Fire: Possibly.
    Invisible Club: Let’s take a look inside…
    *the group goes inside house*
    Golden Fire: *yelling* WHISKERS!!!
    Wild Dragon: Be a little quieter!
    Golden Fire: Hello? Trying to catch a cat here! *goes upstairs*
    *the group follows*
    ?: Meowwww.
    Popular Bird: Wait-did you hear that?
    Silver Icicle: The meow? Then yep.
    Golden Fire: I did.
    Lone Thunder: Me too.
    Wild Dragon: Yup.
    Invisible Club: I heard it.
    Golden Fire: *tiptoes to bathtub and peeks through the curtains* *points at shower* *whispering* In here!
    Lone Thunder: *turns on cold water*
    Whiskers: MEOW! *jumps out*
    Invisible Club: GET IT!
    *the group all jump to get the cat*
    Popular Bird: *pauses*
    Wild Dragon: *runs into Popular and knocks her over* Sorry!
    Popular Bird: It’s fine. Didn’t the lady at the diner have a pitcher of milk?
    Silver Icicle: Yeah, she did!
    Lone Thunder: But where will we find a bowl?
    Popular Bird: I have one! *pulls out of backpack*
    *they go to the diner*
    Golden Fire: *walks up to lady* Could you fill this dish with milk?
    Waitress: Sure. *fills*
    Invisible Club: Thanks.
    *they go back to the house*
    Golden Fire: *places milk on ground* Whiskers!
    Whiskers: *comes and laps up milk*
    Golden Fire: *grabs Whiskers*
    Whiskers: MEOW! *scratches Golden’s arm then drinks more milk*
    Golden Fire: OW!
    Lone Thunder: Golden! Are you okay?
    Golden Fire: I dunno. *shows bleeding arm*
    Lone Thunder: Popular? Do you have a bandage?
    Popular Bird: Yeah. *tosses bandage* Whiskers! *softly picks up Whiskers and pets*
    Lone Thunder: *wraps Golden’s arm* There.
    Golden Fire: Thanks.
    *they go to the hardware store and give Whiskers back*
    Charlie: Oh, Whiskers! Here’s your crowbar, as promised. *hands crowbar*
    Golden Fire: Thanks!
    *they go to the factory*
    Invisible Club: *pries wood off of vent* Got it!
    Golden Fire: Let’s go.

  167. MS and her epic friends’ skits 🙂

    MS:CT,WS,YF,and QS,do you want to go to the movies?
    CT,WS,YF,QS:Sure! 🙂
    *They go to the movies*
    WS:The movies are about to start,which one?
    MS:How about Tintin?
    CT:We can try The Lorax?
    YF:Is Hugo Cabret ok?
    QS:I can’t decide…
    WS:How about the movies bundle family pack? They have all those movies
    *soon they all go to the bundle theathers*
    WS:The seats are moving! 😀
    *WS gets launched into the air and lands on a star on the ceiling*
    YF*rubs eyes* Do I have vision promblems or is WS on a star atached to the ceiling?!
    CT:I think we ALL have vision problems!
    MS:Let’s eat some pie and think..
    YF:And do pi math problems.
    QS and CT:O.o
    QS:Pie..That’s it! 😀
    YF;Do a pi equation?
    QS:No!Fill this room with a bunch of pie and let WS jump.
    CT:Epic idea!
    *they fill the room with pie*
    YF:Lemon merguine,mud pie,cherry..
    CT:There’s no time for that!
    QS and MS:WS,JUMP!!!
    WS:*Jumps*I’m saved, thanks!! 😀
    QS:Your welcome
    MS:Now let’s go to a safer theathers.
    Everyone exept MS: O.o NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MS:Ok,ok! Let’s go to the park!
    WS:Now that’s a better choice.

  168. The super adventures of lazy moon:Episode 1 Go away grim!
    lm:*yawn* Hello squeezy?
    sh:ready to go fishin,yup
    sh:lets go
    ms:guys nice to see you
    lm:hey skull sup
    ms:you know me i`m MAROON skull so i`m going to the beach
    lm:lets go haunted house is right there
    ms:haunted house why
    lm:the map was…burnt 😆
    ms::evil: 👿
    ws:oh we…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
    lm:what is it an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
    grim reaper:mwahahahahaha
    ms and lm:aaaaaaaaaaaaah he`ll kill us
    ms:well it was nice knowing ya
    lm:you mean! wait i`m immortal take that grim
    grim reaper:i`m supposed to be an actor for the grim adventures of billy and mandy
    lm:oh so you won`t kill anyone
    grim reaper:i will for my true identity is…*takes off mask*
    cc:*shoots flaming cannonball*
    lm:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh i`m on fire call 911 get cold water get *runs too far to hear*
    me:o_0 ooooooooooook see you next time?

  169. The super adventures of lazy moon:Episode 2:Vampire battle
    sh:i dare you to go to Bram`s castle!
    lm:he`s my COUSIN!!!!!
    sh:oh i forgot you`re a vampire but i bet i could kill you
    lm:watch and see *walks into wall of sawblades and walks out unharmed*
    sh:OMG teach me how to be immortal
    lm:ok *reveals fangs*
    sh:um no thanks heh heh
    lady:oh my dear Kayta taken again
    lm:by who Bram is dead
    lady:Kayta`s boyfriend Christopher *Kayta comes*
    lm:either Kayta changed fashion or that was Bram`s wife in vampire form
    kayta:so you`re the famous lazy moon
    lm:here`s your autograph
    kayta:you`re the one who killed Bram
    lm:yes *kayta reveals fangs*
    lady: *get`s garlic dosen`t work*
    cactus von garlic:stop right there vampire *shoots lm with crossbow
    real kayta: *pulls bow out* you`ve done almost every poptropican a favour
    everyone lazy moon helped:SUPRIZE
    lm:OMG THANKS *gasp* is THAT a *angels start singing* chocolate cake?!my FAVE
    random guys:is this the garlic you ordered
    lm:almost dies*
    me:seeya tomorrow

  170. The super adventures of lazy moon:Episode 3:dead or undead
    sh:lazy dude are you there hmm maybe he`s in the park *goes to park and see`s maroon crying* what`s wrong mar…*gasp*
    ms:someone murdered lazy
    sh:SOMEONE CALL 911 MY BUDDY IS DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    paremedics:we`ll fix him up
    sh:(2 hours later) how is he
    paramedics:we`re losing HIM!!!
    sh:HE`S DEAD
    ms:(at the funeral) lazy *sob* moon put a roof over my head he will be missed terribly
    princess kayta and mother:he was *sob so brave
    cool skull:lazy moon was a stupid greedy idiotic dummyface freakin jerkyface dumb dumb
    cool skull:he`s alive but-but how is this possible
    lm:well 1:i`m immortal
    cool skull:greedy
    lm: 2:poptropicans can`t die
    cool skull:what a stupidface jerk
    lazy moon: and 3 this is how it went i was walking in the park when cs punched me i almost died then he put red paint around me and then he took one of my fangs off then ms came and that`s how it goes
    police:you`re comin with us cs
    i will get my REVENGE
    lm:i told you he was evil
    sh:wanna see Cactus Von Garlic vampire hunter
    ms and lm:oh yeah i looooooooooooove it

  171. Lazy moon Squeezy hammer and Maroon skull`s SUPER ADVENTURE:
    sh:teach me how to be immortal
    lm:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah lighhhhhht getttttt ittttt awayyyyyy
    ms: *puts out fire*
    goth boy:GO AWAY D-:<
    timothy:squeezy is-is ti really you
    cs: *sets house on fire*
    sh and lm:OUR HOUSE *start crying* everything we own is on fire
    ms:you can have my house i always wanted roommates
    lm:you`re sweet <:-D *giant fist crushes house*
    ms:MY HOUSE
    lm:we do still have my blimp

  172. MS and her epic friends skits
    The Greek are Cursing Us!
    MS:Trent,Kainoa,are you two ready to go to Mythology Island?
    Trenton:Ok MS,we’re ready
    *trenton,kainoa,and MS go to Mythology*
    Trenton:Greece,I love the myths! 😀
    MS:They aren’t myths!Be careful or Zeus will curse thy words said by thy person.
    Kainoa:Yeah. Be careful!
    Trenton:I just made you scared!
    Kainoa:We’re not fraidy cats!
    Trenton:*gets shocked by lightning* Ok,ok!!You’re right Zeus is cursing us!
    MS:Let’s do some swimming.It will get us calmer.
    *waves slash the poptropicans around*
    MS:Ok,so we’re cursed even by Poiseiden!
    Kainoa:I know and it’s Trenton’s fault! 😦
    Trenton:Hey it isn’t always my fault! 😦
    Zeus:I am ZEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MS:Hey,you big meanie!Are you done with the !s?
    Zeus:*blushes*Umm,oh yes.But I will delete your accounts!!
    Zeus:Hey,you puny brats! Are you done with the !s?
    Kainoa:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes,now we’re all done.
    ?:I’m the goddess of PIE!!!!!!Bow down to me and run!Yes,Zeus,YOU!
    ?:And I’m the God of Seagulls!!!!!Do what the PIE goddess says!
    ?:I’m the goddess of epicness!And Zeus you AREN’t epic!!!
    ?:I’m the patron of pi day!!!Never HURT MS or any of her friends again!
    Zeus:Yes masters!*bows and runs*
    MS:Who’s that?
    WS:It’s me,WS,QS,CT,and YF.
    MS:Thanks for saving us from doom!
    Kainoa and Trenton:Yeah!
    CT,QS,YF and WS:Your Welcome.
    MS:Let’s go to Skullduggery!
    Everyone exept MS:Nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MS:Ok!Early Poptropica!

  173. Lazy moon Squeezy hammer and Maroon skul`s SUPER ADVENTURE:part 1
    cs:now i just need lm sent to the poptropica problems asylum *calls asylum*
    guards:sorry bout this buddy but tis for your own good
    brianna:the undead IS dead 😈
    sh:this is…MADNESS this… is…SPARTA
    guards:sorry you`ll have to come too
    lm:hey ms how`d you get here
    robbed the pop store and moptropica
    lm:you mean the ONLY place you can get mops
    lm: *whispering* who has a lawyer
    ms and sh:fired
    lm:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh i`m LOSING IT
    sh:you know if you don`t stop i`m gonna rename you insane yeller

  174. Lazy moon Squeezy hammer and Maroon skull`s SUPER ADVENTURES
    guard:sorry no capes
    lm:want me to BITE YOU
    sh:you`ve never been so…physco
    ms: *whispering* is the guard too stupid to see that there`s a hole in that wall
    lm: *whispering* and my blimp *jumps out hole*
    sh: *in blimp* TO WIMPY WONDERLAND
    lm:no hisssssssss ghosssssssst ssssssstory
    ms:are we there yet
    ms:are we there yet
    ms:are we there yet
    lm:we`re here
    millions of random people: *gasp* a REAL vampire *everyone takes thousands of pictures*
    lm:aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh my eyyyyyyyesssssssssssssss
    sh:ms help me get him back in the blimp before everyone blinds him

  175. Lazy moon Squeezy hammer and Maroon skull`s SUPER ADVENTURE
    lm: *wakes up* huh where am i
    scottish guy:don`t worry you`re safe as a bloke can be
    scottish guy:actually your friends were taken away by tha asylum
    scottish guy:and your parents know bout this situation
    lm`s mom:AYE!!! 😡
    lm`s dad:to the asylum you go laddie
    lm:doh great well at least i`ll see my friends again 😦 *haggis comes flying at lm* HEY WHO THREW THAT
    scottish guy:ooh a boiled sheep stomach stuffed with diced liver and kidneys
    lm: *throws up in loch*
    lm`s mom:the asylum better have good medical order
    lm:the ONLY island where there aren`t cops is shark tooth

  176. Lazy moon Squeezy hammer and Maroon skull`s SUPER ADVENTURE
    sh:dude don`t go phsyco on us
    tom chase:castles the stand but they don`t last forever save what you can let the rest of it slide hang on to your friends and you`ll get to whatever soon you`ll be coming out the other side (if you`re not a Scooby Doo geek you won`t understand)
    sh:if you don`t stop i will blow a firework into the wall
    lm: 😈 hisssssssssssssss
    sh: *blows firework into wall* hey would you look at that *jumps out hole*
    brianna:hold your horses moon even if you survive the asylum you`ll die from
    cvg:CactusVon Garlic *shoots crossbow into lazy`s glasses*
    lm:ARE YOU CRAZY THESE GLASSES COST A FORTUNE *ms lm and sh run to skullduggery island*
    lm:all aboard my pheonix warbird NOW

  177. The story of Squeezy`s death
    well here`s a flashback i was minding my own buisness in my blimp when i saw a grey ball
    getting bigger and bigger until i saw it was a cannonball it made the blimp fall

    sh could swim but only for brief moments sinking low oxygen he had take the chance to die

    when he woke up he was on the shore of time tangled he asked for directions but no one listened he saw someone like him on the beach “wow amazing prop” he said he tried to pick it up but it went through him the “prop” was actually his dead body “oh how could i die at youth” “psst” “huh” “so you`re dead too now” “yep” “i died of suicide and i`m proud of it” “i died because i was shot dowm by CC” “oh him ouch hey cool scar where`d you get it” “huh oh a shark must`ve bitten me” “triple ouch” “and you`re sitting on my dead body” “quadruple ouch” “you`re a vampire” “yep name`s lazy moon” “mine`s squeezy hammer” “you seem homeless you can share my house” “thanks” “i gave my neighbour Maroon skull enough money to buy a house”

  178. lm:hey welcome to Laz
    bt:sorry but look at this sheet
    lm:schedule phineas and pherb the garfield show scooby doo night of the living dogs the Bram band dating the black widow el mustachio ghost vamp nights spongebob the sceam curious bee how to make coke bard bloopers cool skull`s secret a chrismas carol national geographics HEY WHERE`S MY SHOW
    bt:i cancelled it so we could bring bard bloopers
    lm: *reveals fangs*
    st:what`s goiAAAAAAAAAAAHHH
    lm:cue the giant crossbow and cannon thart shoots flaming cannonballs
    st and bt:AAAAAAAAAAAHHH
    brianna:have fun in the underworld *fires both*
    the rest of this scene has been cencored because of violence giant cheese monsters and eventually everybody eating captain crawfish

  179. The suicide of Lazy moon

    once there was a poptropican named Lazy Jake Moon leader of the poptropica club he had an enemy too his name was Cool Joey Skull one day he foung cool skull with his GIRLFRIEND Brianna after that he ran home dropping his speech script

    the next day cool skull joined his CLUB “GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” he said he decided he should have a suicide

    “well one jump and it`s all over i take that chance the chance to die and kill myself life is not worth living anymore” he jumped off his apartment he woke up “dar…hey can fly *gasp* i`m a ghost” he cut holes in the dead body cool skull was walking near Lazy hid cs saw the body ” *gasp* ohnonononononononnonononono!!!” brianna saw the body too then lm floated up from the ground “THIS IS YOUR WORK THAT KILLED ME YOU FOOLISH MORTALS” he said “L-L-Lazy” said brianna “NOW SEE HERE!!! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU EVER AGAIN FOR IF YOU SHALL JOIN ME!!!” Lazy said

  180. Lazy moon Squeezy hammer and Maroon skull`s SUPER ADVENTURE
    lm:great now we`re in JAIL
    officer#1:time for your lie detector test
    officer#2:what were you doing on skullduggery
    lm:running away from someone who wanted to kill me
    officer#2:the lie detector says no now you get a steak
    officer#2:hey it`s me ms
    lm:how did
    ms:don`t ask
    lm:let`s get out of here
    lm:come on
    lm:by the way my website is
    ms:not the time

  181. Hey im making a poptropica love story!! Im the main character (small rock as small rock) but i need someone to be my best friends (1 girl, 1 boy…they begin to date in like episode 5) and i need someone to be the dude im gonna date (boy…duh lol)
    If your interested then either on poptrpica come to my multiplayer room (code: bvf82) or just comment on this!! To BT and ST: if you want you guys can also be a person in it!! Lol and btw BT i LOVEEE your signature star i wear it all the time!!

  182. i have a story:(sorry its so short)
    CH. 1
    Sarah-wow there are a lot of people at this school. thanks for showing me around Kira.
    Kira-its fine. you want to go find some other people to be friends with? *someone bumps into them*
    Clarrisa-oh sorry. um.. you want to have lunch with me and my BFF?
    Sarah-sure!! *another girl comes up to them*
    Miko-hey Clarrisa, oh look you found some people. hey guys?
    Julianna: hi everybody
    Kira-oh hi Juli
    Kira-i think i can trust you guys,….well you see i have the power of poison
    Sarah-WHAT!! i have the power of fire. its weird sometimes
    Julianna-i know this is crazy but i have the power of fighting
    Miko-well…i guess i can trust you guys. i have the power of water
    Clarrisa-OK *takes deep breath* i have the power of earth
    Miko-i think we were meant to be together

    this is extremely NEW!!!so…LETYS START THE SHOW!!!!!
    *curtains open, and CD (Chilly Dragon) is on the stage, in a bathing suit.The audience cheers*
    Audience member : CD YOU ARE HOT!!!
    me : No comments saying that anybody is hot, please.
    CD : ok, lets start, but first I will sing a song that will play every time there is a new episode, ok?
    *Vacation by go-gos plays, and CD sings*
    CD : Can’t seem to get my mind offa youuuuuuu, back here at home with nothing to doooooooo ohhhhhh now that I’m away, I wish I stayed.Tomorrows a day of mine that you wont be innnnnn.When you looked at meeeeeee, I should have run, ohhhh, but I thought it was just for fuuuuuuuuuuuuun.I see I was wrong, and I’m not so strong, I should have known all along that timeeee willlll telllllllllll youuuuuuuuu.A week without you, thought I’d forget.Two weeks without you and I still haven’t gotten over you yeeeeeeeeeeeeeet…Vacation all I ever wanted, Vacation had to get away, Vacation meant to be spent aloneeee Vacation all I ever wanted Vacation had to get away Vacation meant to be spent alone…
    *music stops suddenly*


  184. Wild Seagull’s life in poptropica
    episode 28: “this is what i gotta do”

    *crew is sitting in WS’s house
    W.S. well, now what?
    W.W. the paper says the worlds gonna end unless someone makes a sacrafice…
    crew: WHAT????
    W.W. ‘Tis true. they’re having a town meeting. should we go?
    S.E. heck ya we should!
    *at town meeting*
    Mayor: Krimson Everred is taking over! CB must stop her, but she must also use the llife of one person. Who will do it?
    R.P. me! i will!
    R.P.2: no, i will
    R.P.3: hold up. what does sacrafice mean?
    Mayor: someone has to die for CB
    *no one raises hand*
    Mayor: no one? but poptropica-
    W.S. i will.
    *crowd gasps*
    S.E. NO!
    S.B. NO!!
    C.T. NO!!!
    W.W. NO!!!!
    D.B. NO!!!!!
    C.K. NO!!!!!!!
    Mayor: Yes! WS will make the sacrafice!
    S.B. WHY???
    W.S this is what i gotta do

    to be continued….

    • Hey Seagull,
      I found your stories really entertaining, I hope you continue them. And don’t leave us hanging on a cliffhanger!

      ~Balloon Boy

  185. Episode one of SC Adventures!
    SC-I am so bored.
    Crazy Sky(Another account)-*On computer*Heh heh.
    CS-This game from counterfiet is fuuun.I have a score of 27,000!!!WOOO!!!!
    SC-……….I didn’t even know that was possible……..
    C-Weeee willll seeee who is bessstt at….uhh….Poptropica ballll……
    SC-Thats what it’s called?
    C-Why nottttt……
    SC/CS-*Gets sucked in to computer*
    CS-*Hits ball with no effort and wins 50 points*
    SC-Uh oh.
    SC-I hate this.
    CS-Me too.I want pizza.

  186. Lazy Moon Squeezy Hammer and Maroon Skull`s SUPER ADVENTURE
    LM: *sigh* Three friends in a tiny submarine.
    MS: Thanks for reminding me.
    SH: *punches MS*
    LM: …
    ?: Moooooooaaaan
    LM: Huh?
    ?: BRAIIIIIIIIIIINZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MS: Stay calm, King of Ridiculous.
    ?2: HELLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!
    MS: Was that–?
    LM: IT`S WS!
    WS: GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!
    SH: *flies through sub walls and bring back WS*
    LM: *gives WS knife* You might need this. In Poptropica we ALL need a weapon. *a dramatic crash is heard*
    LM: IT`S A GIANT SQUID!!!!!! *tons of hooks come through sub walls*
    MS: THEY HEVE HOOKS ON THEIR SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SH and LM look at MS*
    SH and LM: We`re UNdead.
    MS: Oh. *the sub gets rammed*
    LM: EH! WHO`S DESTROYING MY SUB?!?! *a ROAR! is heard*
    SH: ACK!
    MS: GOD SAVE US!!! *half of the sub gets chewed off and a sea monster is visible*
    LM: MS!!!!
    SH: HE CAN`T SWIM!!!!!
    LM: I`ll take him to land and i`ll try yo help him, you fight the monster
    SH: But–?
    LM: *takes MS to shore* Hey? Buddy? Are you alive?
    MS: …
    LM: *trys to smile, but frowns and starts crying*
    MS: Turn that frown upside-down.
    LM: MS!!!!!! *hugs MS*
    MS: Where`s SH?
    LM: He`s fighting the sea monster.
    MS: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
    LM: I just want to tell you something: you`re the most important one in the group, it wouldn`t be the same without you, we don`t want to lose you, I would rather kill myself rather then lose you.
    MS: *crys tears of joy* Thank you. you are the best person in my life! *each hug*
    SH: *floats up to surface and sees LM and MS* Awww!

  187. Lazy Moon Squeezy Hammer and Maroon Skull`s SUPER ADVENTURE
    LM: Hey, that must be the local diner.
    SH: Oh good! I`m STARVED!
    MS: That`s…suprising.
    SH: Really?
    MS: Ever heard of sarcasm?
    SH: Oh.
    LM: Now, what`s on the menu? *gasps* NOTHING!?!?
    Cook: Sorry `bout that, Dr. Hare stole all our carrots.
    Cook#2: Not many people have jobs now. Ask Bob the hobo.
    LM: *leaves diner* Great.
    MS: So, Mr Bob?
    Bob: *sigh* Whaddaya want?
    SH: Isn`t that a little rude to ask a 9-year old?
    Bob: Oh, I`m sorry! *throws away stake*
    LM: WTF!?!?
    Bob: 😆
    LM: 🙄
    Dr. Hare: AAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!! LOOK OUT BELOW!!!!!!!!!!! *falls on sidewalk*
    LM: *picks up Dr. Hare* Are-are you alright!?
    Bob: DON`T! HE`S EVIL!!!!!
    Dr. Hare: Very funny. My evil cousin Binary Bard said he`d like it if i went in space with him…THEN HE PUSHED ME OUT!!!! *drowsy street transforms into disco platform*
    Binary Bard: Oh yeah baby!
    All exept for Binary Bard: Huh?
    Binary Bard: Disco or die, baby!

  188. Hey guys, I am going to make a story with 26 chapters, one for each island, going from Early Poptropica to Twisted Thicket, and then Poptropilis Games and more when they come out. I’m gonna make a rough draft of Chapter 1: Early Poptropica first.Then I’ll type it up.

  189. Well guys My story is at
    But well here’s an intro for it?
    The bird sisters were kind bored of their home island “Shrink ray island”
    one crazy night the twins decide to leave with their stubborn , meddling big brother.
    the group go to different kinds of islands and get arrested for stealing the blimp of an millionaire family which the group was flying on. their parents pay so that they can go out.
    The kids were also sent to poptropica problems school a luxurious high school for problem kids.
    they met two blonde siblings there (girl and boy) and they try to figure out plans to get out of the luxurious yet boring school. the big brother hesitated to go with them because of his luxurious life there but he find out the luxury is for to make them stay there forever and teach them bad things like to be criminals and smoke so he decided to call the group and join them.
    the group was then somehow being chased to get a huge amount of money in the amount of 10,000,000 dollars!
    the group somehow managed to avoid the chasers and find a simple place to stay but didn’t last long till they find a vampire that was the bird siblings friend from the past?
    how will the group get their way out of this tremendous tragedy by an simple life of getting bored?

    And wow that was long?!

  190. The Story of Bony Bones
    Chapter 1: Early Poptropica

    I, Bony Bones was a Poptropican from Time Tangled Island. I had just turned 12. When every Poptropican turns 12, they take their first journey to another island alone. When my time came, I choose Early Poptropica. I mean, with pigs, balloons, vegetables, and flowers it is BY FAR the most exciting and cool and adventurous and epic island ever……………….maybe not. But I chose it anyway. Don’t judge me, I’ve barely even started the story! So…..
    I was peering down at the island as the blimp manager steered us in. “Wait a second, was that just a purple giant I saw?” “Who knows?” the blimp guy shrugged. We descended slowly and landed next to the art musuem.
    I hopped out of the blimp and headed to the Poptropica Towers Hotel. It was an impressive building, at least 10 stories tall. I said “Well, here we go, home sweet home for the next 6 months. It looks extremely peaceful-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!
    I fell down a manhole.
    Note: From now on, chapters will be divided into parts with titles. This was Part 1: It All Begins

  191. Crazy Sky and Brave Peanut:Poptropica interviewers!
    Ep.1:Early Poptropica!Pt.1
    BP-CS,I thought we both agreed that your name was too long.
    CS-Well,than you thought wrong.D:<
    BP-Lets do "Crazy Sky and Brave Peanut:Poptropica interviewers"instead of all that yadayadayada.
    CS-Fine.Welcome to blahblahblahboringname.
    CS-We will interview the people of EP!
    BP-Lets go!
    ~TO DA PLACE!~
    BP-So why are you purple?
    Purple girant-What?
    BP-Why are you purple?!
    PG-Oh.I dunno.
    CS-Why the purple 'n' pink pancakes are the paintings like this?!?

  192. Bony Bone’s Story
    Chapter 1: Early Poptropica
    Part 2: Good Thing I don’t have Claustrophobia!

    Like the title says, good thing. After falling down the man hole and landing with a bump, I realized what a small space I was in. A small space……with spiders everywhere! But I’m also not afraid of spiders. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I saw I was trapped between a gigantic spider and a pig. I had to run towards one of them. Naturally, I ran to the spider. You see, I’m not afraid of anything. Not small spaces. Not spiders. Not anything. Except for pigs. They creep me out! They have pink skin, their tails are swirly, they are always fat, and, worst of all, THEY SAY OINK! Who says oink? I don’t. Pigs do. So they’re scary. Anyway, I jumped straight over the spider. and sprinted straight into a wall. I ran in the opposite direction, and hit another wall. I tried one last direction, and found myself in a tunnel. After wandering around in the dark and slimy caverns for hours, I hopped right out of the manhole I’d fallen through! As I headed back to my hotel, something came out of the hole behind me. It was…….the pig! The pig was following me! I screamed and ran. I dashed into Poptropica Towers Hotel and took the elevator up to the 50th floor. Hang on a second, I thought it was only 10 stories tall? I didn’t dwell on that thought long, because when the elevator doors opened, there was the pig!
    Note: You may have noticed this story is not in script style. Since it’s told from the first person and has lots of descriptions and not a whole lot of characters, script style just wouldn’t make sense.

  193. Bony Bone’s Story
    Chapter 1: Early Poptropica
    Part 3: Bye-bye, Hotel

    I dodged past the pig and headed up 3 flight of stairs, ending up in an attic. Then I climbed a ladder up and up and up. I passed through a clock tower, secret lab, library, treasure room, and at least 10 attics. Eventually I come up out on the roof. There were a bunch of tables and chairs. A rooftop resturant that noone uses! Cool! I jumped on a table as I saw the pig climbing up the ladder. But I lost my balance and fell, landing on a windowsill 2 or 3 stories below. I could see something hidden behind the window. So I smashed the window and pulled out crazy goggles, a giant wig, and a swirly pattern shirt. A Hypnotic Suit! I put it all in my pocket (it wasn’t a very big suit) and started to climb down. Maybe I’d outwitted the pig. But then, the entire building started to shake. I looked closer at the broken window and saw this sign: WARNING! IF THIS WINDOW IS BROKEN, IT WILL TRIGGER IMMINENT COLLAPSE OF POPTROPICA TOWERS HOTEL. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER TOUCH THIS WINDOW! I’M WARNING YOU! ‘Uh oh’ I thought. Then the entire building exploded. I fell through the air spinning over and over, until, nothing happened, and I was still falling 50 stories to my doom!
    Note: Bony Bones is my Poptropican’s name. He has finished all 26 islands. To friend him, his username is bonybonybones.

  194. Bony Bone’s Story
    Chapter 1: Early Poptropica
    Part 4: I Anger Giants

    I realized I wasn’t falling anymore. Somehow, a vine had caught my foot, and I was dangling in midair. I pulled myself up and started climbing. As I reached the cloud layer, I saw the pig climbing up beneath me, I thought two thing: “Aw come on, I thought I got rid of piggie back in the big explosion I accidentally caused!’ and ‘How on Planet Poptropica is a pig climbing a vine?!?!?!??!’.
    I climbed up through the clouds and found I could walk on them. Then I started running, ‘casue I knew it would only be a matter of time before the pig was up on the clouds too. I was too busy looking behind me for the pig to see the giant club in front of me. CRASH! Well, that was painful. I stood up to see an immense purple giant above me. “To pass this point, you must find and bring me my gold- “Listen Mister Head-in-the-clouds, I don’t have time! I am being chased by A PIG! Let me through!” The giant stared at me for a looooooong time, then said: “No.” “Then I’ll make you move your club!” I yelled and jumped on the giant’s big toe, kicking and biting it. The giant just laughed. I was about to give up when I saw the pig. I jumped so high I landed on top of the giant’s head. “NOONE JUMPS ON MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” thundered the giant. “Well, I do.” I said smartly. The giant roared, knocked me off his head and started chasing me. And behind him, the pig was chasing both of us. We all ran through a giant garden, then through an airplane graveyard. And a spaceship graveyard. And a UFO from Astro-Knights graveyard. After awhile, the giant tripped, made a hole in the clouds, and fell straight through it. Peering down, I saw him land, and destroy the entire village of Early Poptropica. ‘That’s gotta hurt’ I thought. For the giant AND the pilgrims. But I had far worse troubles than them. The pig was still after me! So, for the billionth time that day, I took off.
    Note: Has anyone noticed the lack of other Poptropican characters besides Bony Bones? Don’t worry, there will be other protagonists soon.

  195. Bony Bone’s Story
    Chapter 1: Early Poptropica
    Part 5: I Get in a LOT of Trouble

    While running from the pig, I tripped, and my head landed in a bucket. It tried to pull it off, but it was stuck. Uh-oh! I could see through a tiny slit in the side of the bucket. But since I couldn’t look don, I didn’t see myself falling through a hole in the clouds. OW! I landed on the water tower. I could make out a flag sticking out of it. “What’s this doing here?” I wondered, and I pulled it out. Too late, I realized it had been used to plug up a leak in the tower. I sighed. “Well here I go again.” I said as 3 things happened at once. First, the pig landed on my shoulders. Second, the water tower exploded. Third, I, the pig, bucket, and flag, were flung into the air, far above the clouds, up so high I could’ve sworn I saw the Jungle Planet. Then we went down. Down. DOWN. DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to use the flag as a parachute, but it didn’t work. The bucket groaned. The pig squealed. I screamed. The flag, well the flag didn’t make any noise. I could see the ground rapidly approaching. We were going to land smack on top of the Art Museum! I closed my eyes, and CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I opened my eyes, caught a glimpse of the art museum in total ruins, then I blacked out.
    I slowly opened my eyes. I was on a hospital bed. In front of me stood a Poptropican from TCOREPV (The Council Of Removing Early Poptropica Vandals). At least that’s what his shirt said. Suddenly I remembered. I jumped, screaming out of the bed and yelled and karate chopped the walls (which hurt my hand) and a bunch of other crazy stuff. To the guy I said “Dude, don’t panic, but there IS a PIG chasing me at this very moment!!!” The guy sighed. “My name is Fat Panda, and there is no pig intent on destroying you. The pig, bucket, and flag were returned to the pilgrims of the island, who were glad to have them back after they’d been stolen by some thief.” Under his breath, he muttered “Course, those are about the only things they have left after this idiot got the purple giant to fall on them.” I calmed down after I heard about the pig. “So…… long have I been out?” “A whole month. 31 days.” “Cool, so I still have 5 months left on my own in Early Poptropica.” “I’m afraid not” said Fat Panda. “You’re being deported to Shark Tooth Island.” “What?!? WHY?!?” “For very nearly destroying the entire island.” “I never harmed anything here!” Counting on his fingers, Fat Panda listed “Let’s see. You exploded Poptropica Towers Hotel, broke holes in the Cloud Realm, flattened the Early Poptropica Village, burst the EP water tower, and turned the Art Museum into a pile of rubble, among other things.” “Those weren’t my fault.” “Yes they were.” “Well, when you put it like that……” “Get out of here, or I will MAKE you go.” “Oh yeah? You and what army? You can’t make me go to Shark Tooth.” Fat Panda grinned annoyingly. “Yes I can.” he said and snapped his fingers. Out of nowhere, two gigantic bodyguards showed up and started dragging me away. As I was pulled to the blimp, I called back to Fat Panda “How come you get bodyguards? I want some! And if I destroy Shark Tooth Island, I’m blaming you! And I didn’t destroy EVERYTHING. There’s still, there’s still, well, so maybe I did destroy everything, but I still……..At that point the bodyguards threw me in the blimp. “Good riddance.” said Fat Panda. And so my adventures on Early Poptropica were over for now.
    Next Up: Chapter 2, Shark Tooth Island
    Note: Well, as the first chapter comes to a close, I think I did pretty well. What do you think? Rate Chapter 1 from 1 to 5 stars on Humor, Adventure, and Excitement.
    See you next time! -Balloon Boy

  196. Bony Bone’s Story
    Chapter 2: Shark Tooth
    Part 1: Surfer Dudes Think I’m Crazy

    Intro: Remember the notes thing from last chapter? Well, now it’s called intro and is at the front of the episode. So let’s get started with the first part of the second chapter.

    The blimp guy flew me to Shark tooth Island. “Idiots these days.” he said under his breath. Then to me he said “I heard you destroyed an entire island and that’s why I have to take you here?” “No, I destroyed an entire island AND the Cloud Realms above it.” The blimp guy widened his eyes. Then he raised his eyebrows. Then he pushed me out of the blimp. AAAAAAAAHHHH-CLUNK! At least sand isn’t that hard. I found myself next to a building shaped like a, wait a second, is that building really shaped like a coconut? I don’t believe it, but it actually is. I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t leave the island, and I ESPECIALLY couldn’t go back to EP (Early Poptropica). So I decided just to look for a hotel somewhere. Or a motel. Or a rundown shack. Or ancient temple ruins. Or a tree. Well, I found a tree soon enough. Under it sat what looked like a native islander. “Want a surf board dude?” he asked. “Sure.” “It’s 20 credits.” I paid him and got the board. “Which ways the ocean?” He looked at me funny. “It’s an island. EVERYway is the ocean.” “Oh yeah, I knew that, I was just…uh….pretending. That’s right, pretending. I love to pretend. I always pretend I’m a fairy, or a princess, or a bunny rabbit, or……… I trailed off. Now the guy was looking at me like I was a talking dog or something. “Did a coconut fall on your head, kiddo?” he asked. I said “Oh sorry, what do you know, it’s surfing time, gotta go hang fifty.” As I ran away, he called “Surfing time doesn’t start for another 7 hours! And it’s Hang 10, not 50!”
    As I came up to the beach, I had a plan. I would surf on a tidal wave all the way back to Time Tangled Island! I didn’t exactly know when the next tidal wave was, but I figured I could just wait. But my plans were interrupted when I saw a Poptropican lying facedown in the waves! I pulled her out of the water. She was unconcious, but quickly woke up. “Who are you?” she said? “Where am I? What island am I on? Am I even in Poptropica anymore?” I wasn’t sure what to say to that. “Well, I’m Bony Bones. And you’re on Shark Tooth Island.” “Oh no, I never thought I’d end up so far away when the boat sank!” she wailed. “Wait, what? Tell me your story.” “You tell me yours first.” “Fine” I took a deep breath and began. “Like I said before, I’m Bony Bones. I live on Time Tangled Island. Just last week, I turned 12, so I was ready to go for the first time by myself to another island. I chose Early Poptropica. There, I, well, ruined about 99% of the island and got kicked off.” “WHAT?!?” exclaimed the girl. So I gave her the long version of everything. “So……” she said. “This all happened pretty much because of your ridiculous, unbelievable, and totally irrational fear of pigs because they say oink?” I thought for a little bit, then said “Pretty much.” We both laughed. “Now tell me your story. How’d you end up in the ocean?” “Well, it’s a long story.” she said. “I have plenty of time” I said. So she began.

  197. Bony Bone’s Story
    Season 1
    Chapter 2: Shark Tooth
    Part 2: Awww………Poor Golden Star

    Intro: Did you notice the thing saying Season 1? That’s right, Bony Bone’s Story now has seasons. Season 1 is Chapters 1 through 5 (Early Poptropica to Superpower).

    The girl began her story. “My name is Golden Star. I am an 11-year-old Poptropican from Reality TV Island. Or at least I used to be. I lived there with my dad, Happy Star, my mom, Bright Star, and my older brother, Crazy Star.
    Then one day this guy named Hippie Harry came to start a Reality TV show. After all, it is Reality TV. But, aaargh, that Hippie Harry, he’s as bad as Binary Bard!” “Who is Binary Bard?” I asked. “Not important,” she said. “Anyway, he is like a Poptropica villain. He forced me and my family to leave our island in our small boat. But our boat had never traveled so far. It sprung leaks, and then it sank. We were all seperated by the giant waves. I lost my lifevest, and somehow I ended up here. I don’t know where my family is, or if they even survived. I’m all alone.”. She looked like she might cry. I didn’t know what to say. Then I had an idea. “Maybe your brother or parents ended up on Shark Tooth too! Let’s explore the island and look for them!” “Great idea!” We set off, walking into the jungle.

  198. Bony Bone’s Story
    Season 1
    Chapter 2: Shark Tooth
    Part 3: Temple Ruins and Singing Bats

    Intro: There will now be a last episode and next episode paragraph at the beginning and end of every Bony Bone’s Story. You’ll see what I mean.

    Last Episode: Golden Leaf told her story, about her she and her family were lost at sea, and how she has no idea where they are-if they survived. She and Bony Bones decided to search for them on Shark Tooth Island.

    Walking through a jungle is harder than it looks. You have to constantly push through vines and vegatation and vampire bats. But somehow, me and Golden made it all the way through the Shark Jungle in about 4 hours. Unfortunately, there was no sign of her family. Upon emerging from the jungle, gigantic stone ruins stood in front of us. “Wow.” I breathed. It was incredible. We started walking through them. There were sculptures, massive poles, pyramids, all with designs of sharks carbed onto them. As we approached a giant stone structure far larger than the rest, the ground caved in under us. We were in a long underground hallway. We’d fallen about 15 feet, so we wouldn’t be able to get back up that way. From somewhere down the hallway, we heard singing:

    “Oh I’m singing the fruit bat song
    Why? Cause I’m a fruit bat
    And I like singing songs about myself
    And all fruit bats do too
    Cause we’re really vain and selfish
    Yeah those two characteristics
    They pretty muuuuuuch!!!!!
    Describe us fruit bats
    Us fruit bats
    Us fruit bats
    Fruit bats
    Fruit bats
    La la la la
    Blah blah blah blah
    And now I’m gonna stop singing
    Cause it was a stupid song anyway
    Blah blah I’m stopping NOW!”

    The singing stopped. “What on Planet Poptropica was that?” Golden asked. “Only one way to find out,” I said and walked down the hallway. She followed. Right as we emerged into a large room, a giant bat jumped out in front of us. “Hi! I’m a fruit bat! I’m very vain and selfish! I always sing songs about myself! I always stop singing them in the end because they are too stupid!” Golden and I looked at each other, then screamed.
    “Oh oh, I can scream well too!” said the fruit bat. “Listen to this! AAAARGHOIIIINOOOOOOAAAAHIMSCAREDSCREEEEEEEAAAAMMMMAAAHOHNOAAARGHHHHHNOAAH! See? Best scream you ever heard right? Oh, and the temple guardian is waiting for you! He wants to eat you! Doesn’t that sound fun? I wish I could get eaten! Lucky explorers! They always get eaten! I wanna get eaten too! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Bye now!”
    The bat flew away. “After that encounter,” I said to Golden, “I think I’m more afraid of fruit bats than pigs!” She didn’t laugh. “It seems we have to face a temple guardian.” she said. “And most likely get eaten in the process.”

    Next Episode: Bony and Golden have to find their way out of the ruins, but the temple guardian would prefer to eat them instead!

  199. Bony Bone’s Story
    Season 1
    Chapter 2: Shark Tooth
    Part 4: The Temple Guardian and the Ultra-Secret Secret

    Intro: Well, it looks like we now have 2 protagonists, Bony Bones and Golden Star. The story is still told from Bony Bone’s point of view, but Golden is now also a main character.

    Last Episode: Bony and Golden fell into the ancient ruins, where they met a fruit bat who told them they would have to face a temple guardian.

    Golden Star and I walked farther into the ruins. In front of us was a golden statue of a shark. A hole opened up in the shark’s head and a gigantic caterpillar came out. It was yellow-green, and as long as a school bus. “I am the templeeeeee guardiannnnnnn.” it hissed. “I eat alllllll tressssspasssssersssss in the ancient ruinssssss.” It turned to Golden. “You will makkkkkke a lovvvvvely apppppetizer.” it said. “W-w-why eat me?” she stammered. “Becccccccausseeeeeeee, I ammmmmm hungryyyyyyy. Duhhhhhhhhh.” The monster caterpillar ran at her. I jumped in front of her. “You’ll have to eat me first!” The giant bug stopped. “Courrrrrage issssss the oneeee thing us caterpilllllarrrrrs adddddmirrrrre. Becccccause of yourrrrrr displayyy of courrrrage, you mayyy passssss, and you mayyyy havvvvve the ultraaaaaaa-secrettttt secrettt ingredientttt.” Out of thin air, a bucket full of what looked like salsa fell into my hands. On the side of the bucket it said ULTRA-SECRET SECRET INGREDIENT. The caterpillar started to crawl off, but Golden Star cried “Wait! Did anyone named Happy Star, Bright Star, or Crazy Star pass through here?” “Oh yessssssss.” said the bug. “Alllllll threeeeeee. I attttte themmmm alll.” “WHAT?!?!?!?!” “Justtttt jokingggggg.” laughed the bug as it wandered off. “Now to get out of here.” I said.

    Next Episode: After emerging from the ruins, our two heroes learn that although the Great Booga is sleeping, something far worse is coming, and only they can stop it.

  200. Bony Bone’s Story
    Season 1
    Chapter 2: Shark Tooth
    Part 5: The Shark King is Rising

    Intro: Here is a description of Bony Bones. He is a boy Poptropican with blue hair. His hairstyle is crazy. He wears an explorer’s shirt and cool sunglasses. He always chews grape bubblegum. He has lime green pants with a belt. To see him in the avatar studio or on Poptropica friends, type in bonybonybones.

    Last Episode: Because Bony Bones showed extreme courage, a giant caterpillar who was going to eat him and Golden not only let them pass, but also gave them the ultra-secret secret ingredient.

    As Golden and I left the ruins, we found ourselves on a street in Booga Bay. A Poptropican was running in the sand, yelling “The end is near! The end is near!” No one was paying him any attention. He came up to us. “Good, you’re the ones! You’re the ones! You have to come with me!” Golden and I looked at him weird. “They won’t come.” he said to himself. “I was afraid this would happen.” Then he hit me on the head with a frying pan.
    The frying pan had knocked me out. When I woke up, I was in the middle of a grass hut, the type of house they had on Shark Tooth. I tried the door. It was locked. I looked over at the window, and started to climb out of it, when someone said “Wait!” I turned and saw the crazy person who had hit me in the head with a frying pan. “The fate of the world is at stake! The Shark King is rising!” “Later, crazy dude,” I said and started climbing out the window again. “But the ultra-secret secret ingridient!” I stopped. “How in Planet Poptropica do you know about that?” “The prophecy! It’s all in the prophecy!” “You have some explaining to do.” I said. The guy took a deep breath, and said all in one sentence “My name is Small Sinker I am an explorer I found the prophecy in the ancient ruins it says when the Great Booga is defeated just like he was last month the Shark King will rise who is a million times more powerful than Great Booga and he will destroy all of Poptropica unless those initialed B.B. and G.S. gather the ultra-secret secret ingredient, the skull of a dinosaur, and the legendary Coffee of anti-sharkiness.” “That is a lot of information to process.” I said. “How’d you know or names were BB and GS?” “I didn’t. But I saw you with the ultra-secret secret ingridient. And by the way, here it is, you dropped it when that person knocked you out.” “That person being you.” I muttered as I took back the bucket. “Now, how long do we have until this so-called Shark King comes?” “Half an hour.” “WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????!!!!!!?!?!? Then why aren’t there any signs of the world ending yet?” “There won’t be any till the second he rises. But once he rises, he will destroy Shark Tooth Island in a matter of second. Then he will move on to the rest of Poptropica.” I gulped. “On the bright side, there aren’t any pigs involved.”

    Next Episode: Bony and Golden set out to find the dinosaur skull through a hallway in the ancient ruins more dangerous than anything else in Poptropica. Only one problem. They can’t get out Small Sinker’s front door.

  201. Brave Eye/watersupplyrox the Warrior Princess
    The princess of a lost island Brave Eye living in Lovely Island loves peace but will she forever?
    Brave Eye-Living in Lovely Island is always a good thing especially when you are princess.
    *King and Queen go out*
    Servant1-Hey, stop working bro cuz princess cant complain

  202. Brave Eye/watersupplyrox the Warrior Princess
    Princess-no if you don’t work you will be banished
    servants Alright
    *Next day they don’t listen and BE leaves with the sword of Hope, a sword which is guarded by the guards but were enjoying their freedom*
    Brave Eye- I don’t get it. Why don’t people just listen to me? Am I their worst enemy or what.
    *Finds a blimp*Great now i shall get a chance to sail the open seas but if people find me like this they will know who I am. I guess I will have to dress up like an ordinary person. *Goes to a store and buys dresses* Now I look like an ordinary civilian.*Goes to Spy Island and sees people being zapped and hair cut off* This is so wrong I just can’t bear this.*Sees a group of people talking*
    Girl1-I think this is wrong I mean like l am walking through the streets and wala some random guys
    hair is *lazer zaps but dos jumping jacks and dodges it*
    Girl2-Nice, Nice Ice for princess.
    Nice Ice-Blue Storm don’t say we are princesses aloud
    Boy1-And princes
    Boy2-Shush Comical Catfish
    Comical Catfish-You too Smart Sock
    Brave Eye- Wait you guys are princesses
    Comical Catfish-And princes
    Smart Sock-Did you have to say that out loud CC
    BB- No I am one too. You see this is the Sword of Hope.
    BB,NI,BS,CC,SS-We could be a group
    BB-Called Royals

  203. Brave Eye/watersupplyrox the Warrior Princess
    The princess of a lost island Brave Eye living in Lovely Island loves peace but will she forever?
    *All of a sudden a lazer zaps on all of them BE uses her sword to take in the lazers powers and release it somewhere else, NI dodges it by doing a jumping jack,BS uses her electronic headgear to destroy the ray, CC runs super fast to avoid it but SS almost gets hit if it only hadn’t been for Brave Eye who pushed him*
    Smart Sock-WOW Brave Eye its like magic how you all have defense moves but I don’t
    Comical Catfish-You need to be careful Smart Sock.What would have happened if you were bald?A prince with a bald head would not be nice.
    Nice Ice-Then we would call Bald Sock
    Smart Sock-I thought you were nice, Nice Ice
    Nice Ice-Oh I am so sorry Bald Sock
    BE,NI,CC,BS-Ha Ha Ha
    Nice Ice-I am sorry dear king of fleas Smelly Bald Sock
    Blue Storm,Brave Eye-Okay stop teasing the poor boy, even though that was fun. Ha Ha Ha.
    I can’t believe we spoke together
    Comical Catfish-But how did you do that with your sword?
    Brave Eye-I don’t know.*Shakes sword and a spirit comes out*
    Spirit- Hi I am Shiny Hope (she looks like a beautiful girl who has sun yellow hair and golden blue eyes, colorless lips and a dress that looks like Brave Eyes one and has a Shiny aura).

  204. Brave Eye/watersupplyrox the Warrior Princess
    Episode 4-Sword of Hope and Love
    Shiny Hope-Brave Eye you really are brave and the Eye that is your last name is pronounced like I as yourself.The King and Queen really did a good thing by choosing that as your name as you really are.
    Brave Eye- But why are you wearing clothes that look like mine?
    Shiny Hope- Because I am a spirit that belongs to you my rightful owner and I can give you hope in times of need and you can call me whenever you want.
    Brave Eye-What should I do now?
    Shiny Hope-Join a school, Royals and then you will become educated. Here take this
    Brave Eye-What is this?
    Shiny Hope-The Hope Blaster it will cause your enemies to become hopeful and if they are bad they will become good people.
    BE-Now first I will go to the BAD bistro and turn that guy and the guards good and hopeful.*Goes to BAD Bistro and hits guards and guy with the Hope Blaster and they all go to find a school. They join Nightingale Alleys School.*
    Boy1-That new girl Brave Eye is really really cute.
    All the boys in BE class- Oh, Mighty Star is in love with Brave Eye
    Mighty Star-No i am not. I JUST… JUST…JUST………………
    *The Next Day MS walks up to BE who fall for each other immediately*
    MS,BE-Umm, will you be my friend? Yes. I.I,I, love you.
    Everybody -*shocked*
    *MS AND BE kiss and they become really happy. BE tells MS that she is a princess and MS SAYS that he is too.He then joins the Royals.They Royals stay in a hotel and the couple sleep together while hugging. They kiss again and didn’t sleep.

  205. Bony Bone’s Story
    Season 1
    Chapter 2: Shark Tooth
    Part 6: The Dinosaur Skull (not really)

    Intro: Sorry I haven’t posted in a while everyone. That won’t happen again. Bony Bone’s Story must not stop!

    Last Episode: After being hit in the head by a frying pan, Bony disobevered the end of Poptropica-doom by the Shark King-was near. Only he and Golden could stop it by gathering three ingredients , 1 of which they already have.

    It was time for Golden and I to save the world. “Okay, Small Sinker, I think that ingredient we need, the dinosaur skull, was in the ruins near the giant caterpillar.” “No, Bones, there is a special dinosaur skull needed. You’ll find it at the end of The Hall of Really Dangerous Traps that Will Most Likely Destroy You Before You Get to the End of It.” “Long name,” I said. “How do we get there?” “I’ll show you.” he walked to the door. But it wouldn’t open! “Let me try.” Golden pulled on the door with no success. Then I yanked on it really hard. I pulled and pulled and pulled, until eventually the doorknob came off. Then the entire house fell to pieces. Small Sinker checked his watch. “Surfing super sharks! We’ve only got 20 minutes to the Shark King rises from the ocean and completely destroys and ruins and explodes and devastates and-” “You can stop now. Where is the Hall of Blah Blah Blah Destroy You?” “Follow me.”
    After 10 minutes of hiking through the jungle, we emerged from the undergrowth to find ourselves in front of a yawning cave mouth. The rock around the cave was carved into a shark, making it look like we were entering it’s mouth. “I’ll stay here,” said Sinker. You two go ahead. Golden and I looked at each other. “Ready to most likely meet our doom?” I asked. She nodded. We held hands and stepped into the hall. Nothing happened. We took another step. Nothing happened. Another step. Nothing. Another. Nothing. We got half-way through the really long hall. Then 3/4. We were then 1 foot away from the end, not having set off a single trap. I just knew something was going to happen on the last step though. And………….it didn’t. No traps. Small Sinker, you total idiot! There is not a SINGLE trap in the entire Hall of Really Dangerous Traps that Will Most Likely Destroy You Before You Get to the End of it!” “Well, there obviously is the trap that people will be so scared waiting for traps they’ll die of fright.” “I am not going to dignify that with a response.” “That was a response.” “I don’t care.” ” That was a response too!” I ignored him and looked at the pedestal where the dinosaur skull should be. “WHAT ON PLANET POPTROPICA?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! THAT ISN’T A DINOSAUR SKULL, IT’S A CHICKEN BONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Said Small Sinker ” Yeah those people who wrote the prophecy, they had a good sense of humor, don’t ya think? Calling a dinosaur skull a chicken bone? Plain hilarious! Ha ha ha ha hee hee ha ha ha.” At that point, I was ready to throw Sinker to the Shark King. But I decided to save the world instead. Golden grabbed the bone. I had the ultra-secret secret ingridient. “Where’s the next ingridient ?” I said. “The Shark King is going down.”

    Next Episode: As Bony goes after the third ingridient, hidden underwater at Booga Bay, he realizes he is too late. The Shark King is rising, and nothing can stop him.

    ~Made by Balloon Boy, June 2012

  206. Bony Bone’s Story
    Season 1
    Chapter 2: Shark Tooth
    Part 7: The Shark King Rises

    Intro: I know it’s only Chapter 2, but I am preparing for Chapter 3 already. I am going to need 5-6 people for it. I would greatly appreciate it for anyone to audition , especially if they are an author on this blog. People who audition will get a secondary character in the story, a special mention, and my thanks. audition please!

    Last Episode: Bony and Golden went through the Hall of BLAH BLAH BLAH. There they found tge second ingredient, a chicken bone, and set out to get the third.

    “Oh no!” yelled Small Sinker. “We only have 5 minutes left. We have to hurry to Booga Bay, where the last ingredient is hidden!” Golden, Small, and I took off through the jungle. By the time we got there, it was 2 minutes to the Shark King rising. “Quick, Bones, Star, dive beneath the waves! Deep down you’ll find a crate. Break the crate open and you’ll find the Coffee of anti-sharkiness.” Golden and I ran to the ocean, waded then swam out, then dove under. The water was cold. I couldn’t see Golden, I wasn’t even sure if she was there. After swimming straight down for what seemed like hours, my lungs were on fire. I couldn’t have lasted a second longer when I saw the crate. Kicking wildly, I managed to break it. I briefly glimpsed a coffee mug before I blacked out. As I lost consciousness, my fingers closed around the handle.
    I woke up as Golden pulled me out of the water. “You saved me.” “Yes, but now we all need saving.” I looked out at the water. It started churning, then bubbling, then splashing, then waving wildly. Suddenly a giant beast emerged. Black with white streaks, it was so impossibly huge it must’ve been bigger than the whole island. It roared and grew even larger, blocking out the sun. The Shark King was here, and Planet Poptropica was doomed.

    Next Episode: As the Shark King destroys Shark Tooth Island, Bony and Golden climb the largest coconut tree in hopes of throwing the three ingridients into the monster’s mouth. The chances of them succeeding are one in a million, and if they fail, Poptropica as we know it is over.

    ~Made by Bony Bones, June 2012



    • Me! Me. Btw. I’m Massery4! What suit do i have to wear. I have a huge imagination for things.
      Or maybe i could be a main character. JK!!!!!

      • Okay you’re in! Thanks for volunteering. After 3 more auditions I’ll start Chapter 3. Since you seem to like the story a lot and auditioned first, you can become a main/secondary character if you want. Thanks once again.

        ~Balloon Boy

      • Thannks.. i really like your stories. And Can i be a main character? ifnot, it’s ok. I will still be okay with it. 😀 And thanks for the good story.

      • You can be a main character. I’ve also had Scary Axe volunteer. You’re a girl right? What does your Poptropican look like and do you want your name to be Massery14 in the story?

        ~Balloon Boy
        PS Chapter 3 starts once two more people volunteer.

      • Wow. Thanks! I have a old account. It’s Called Brave Penguin. No Islands completed though. And my original account is also Brave Penguin. 25 islands completed. So it’s going to have be the old account. My old account is massery10. My original account is massery4. Well that’s it 🙂

      • Okay, Chapter 3 has started! Your character will be introduced in Part 3 or 4 of the chapter. Then you will quickly become a main character. BTW, do you have any ideas of what your character’s personality is like?

  208. Bony Bone’s Story
    Season 1
    Chapter 2: Shark Tooth
    Part 8: Small Sinker Helps us a LOT

    Intro: Here we are, approaching Chapter 2’s climax. Although the series has only had about 15 episodes, Bony Bones has changed a lot. He’s gone from a crazy idiot to a heroic idiot. Interesting, huh?

    Last Episode: Bony dove into Booga Bay and barely retrieved the third ingredient before he blacked out. He was saved by Golden Star, but then they had a big problem. The Shark King came out of the ocean, intent on destroying Poptropica!

    Golden, Small, and practically every Poptropican around screamed. I wish I could say I was all heroic and yelled at the Shark King and stuff, but, truth really is, I fainted. As I woke up I saw Sinker and Golden dragging me into the jungle as Monster Shark King roared and took a bite off of the island. Well, good-bye Booga Bay. As we ran, the Shark King roared again, and bit off the jungle and the temple ruins. It was swallowing the whole island. As the Shark Musuem and Coconut Cafe were eaten, the three of us climbed the giant coconut tree in hopes of throwing the potion into the shark’s mouth. We reached the top. A weird guy in a hut on the tree said “I only talk to native islanders.” “Good for you,” I said. “But how on Planet Poptropica is this potion going to work if there is no Coffe of anti-sharkiness in this coffee mug?!?!” “We have to hope it works.” said Sinker. “And, we can’t just throw it in the shark’s mouth. Someone needs to jump into his mouth with the potion.” “You mean……. be eaten by a monstrous shark?” “Yes.” “I’ll go.” I said. “No me,” said Golden. Small Sinker didn’t say anything, just grabbed the potion and jumped. The Shark King, who’d been about to swallow the coconut tree we were on, saw Sinker and gulped him down instead. I waited for the Shark King to fall over, or something, but he didn’t. He was still destroying the island.

    Next Episode: Bony and Golden brainstorm other ways to stop the Shark King, as it destroys the very tree they are standing on. Small Sinker has been eaten, they, Shark Tooth, and the rest of Poptropica are certainly doomed, and if they somehow survive that all, they are going to be in a LOT of trouble (again).

    Made by Balloon Boy, June 2012

  209. Bony Bone’s Story
    Season 1
    Chapter 2: Shark Tooth
    Part 8: I got to Jail for Extreme Stupidity

    Intro: This part will vaguely remind you of episode Chapter 1 Part 5. Also, a former character is coming back to guest-star.

    Last Episode: As the Shark King destroyed most of Shark Tooth Island, Small Sinker sacrifices himself in order to stop it. Unfortunately, that didn’t work.

    “The stupid potion didn’t work!” yelled Golden Star. “There’s got to be another way to stop the Shark King!” I screamed. “Maybe we can ticjle him to death.” Said Golden “Let’s trick him into drinking the ocean and getting so fat he explodes!” Then, three things happened at once. First, I suggested another way to stop it. Second, the Shark King chomped the tree we were on in half. Third, the Shark actually DID explode. So as we saved the world, Golden and I fell to our doom. But we landed on a soft tree. And next to us landed……….Small Sinker! Somehow he survived being eaten, exploding, and falling hundreds of feet. Small Sinker just smiled and run back to his hut in Booga Bay, having forgotten that both his hut and Booga Bay had been completely destroyed. The two of us climbed down, expecting to be greeted as heroes. Instead, a bunch of police Poptropicans came up and hit me in the head with a frying pan. “Not again.” I murmured as I passed out.
    When I woke up, Golden and I were tied to chairs in a big room. In front of us sat a few police Poptropicans, and………uh-oh. It was Fat Panda. “Here ye, here ye, and all that crazy stuff they do in trials, here we have Only Bonehead and Goner Tar.” “Uh, Bony Bones and Golden Star.” “Whatever. Anyway, these two are on trial for destroying Shark Tooth Island.” “WHAT?!?!?!?!?” I yelled. “I didn’t actually destroy this island! I saved it! Oh yeah, and Golden and Sinker too, of course. But it was the Shark King who did this!” “Yes, yes , yes, but, you see, the Shark King has exploded, and if he WASN’T exploded and we accused him, he’d eat us. Well, he’d eat us anyway, but, beside the point. Thing is, we need to blame somebody. So we’re blaming you two.” Said Golden “Why, that’s just-“. At that point she said something rude I won’t repeat. “Mam!” yelled Fat Panda. “There are children in here!” “I AM a child.” she said. I added “Oh yeah, and I’m a kid too. Yeah, old me, fancy that.” Fat Panda snapped his fingers. A bodyguard showed up and put ducttape over Golden’s mouth. “Mmmmmmm, mmmm, mmm!!!” she complained. Fat Panda sighed contentedly. “That’s much better. Now, where were we? Ah, yes. So, the damage to Early Poptropica will take 7,000,000,000,000 credits to fix. But ass for the damage here, do you know hom much repairs will cost?” “Ehhhhh, 35 cents?” “NO! NOT 35 CENTS! INFINITY! THAT’S RIGHT, INFINTY CREDITS!!!!!” “Sounds inexpensive.” Fat Panda facepalmed himself. “ANYWAY, so you two are charged with destroying the majority of Shark Tooth Island, not to mention you destroyed Early Poptropica earlier. As I think you both, especially you Bony Bones, are faaaaaaar too dumb to have done this on purpose, let’s call this, well, let’s call it extreme stupidity, shall we? Yes, I do rather like the sound of that. So you are both sentenced to 6 months in Timer Tangled Maximum Security Noone Gets Out Ever Jail.” “Is that like, a 5-star hotel or something?” I asked. Fat Panda sighed. “This kid really has a knack for it, he really does.” Then to his bodyguards he said “Get them to Time Tangled.” As we were both put onto the blimp, I yelled back “There aren’t any pigs in the 5-star hotel/jail, right?” Fat Panda didn’t answer. Well, my adventures on Shark Tooth were over, at least for now. Off to Time-Tangled, my home island, and land of adventures!!!!!! Oh yeah, and off to jail too. Well, see ya next time.
    Up Next: After breaking out of jail, Bony heads home, to find out time has again been tangled, even teleporting his dog to the future. Of course, he crazily decides to save the world again.

    ~Made by Balloon Boy, June 2012, Chapter 2 Part 8

    • Sorry everyone, I goofed. This was Part 9, yet I accidentally said Part 8! Oops. Just pretend it says Part 9, okay? Thanks

      ~Balloon Boy

  210. Hello peeps i have my story at my blog u guys can go to my blog to read it! I will give you guys a little prolouge of it! Ok so their are to girls very alike one is a princess wizard,while the other is just a popular girl in a city and who doesnt know she is a wizard too. Both of them dont know they are twin sisters. Until one day they find themselves in some woods and trade places for a year. They find their ture loves in places they never thought they were their and i going to tell you their names. The princess wizard names is Claire and the popular girls name is Julie. So yea i need a girl volunteer to be in episode four!!!! so please read them!!!!! And please someone volunteer!!! So the stories title is The Twins Of Two Different Lives. So please someone volunteer for this!!!!
    Love ya all peeps!!!!

  211. Bony Bone’s Story
    Season 1
    Chapter 3: Time-Tangled
    Part 1: How to Mess up a Jailbreak

    Intro: Hi guys, at long last, Chapter 3 is here, and 4 people auditioned to be in it.
    1. Brave Penguin/massery4/massery10
    2. Scary Axe
    3. abcdewz
    4. Spotted Shadow
    Huge thanks to all 4 for auditioning!!!!!

    Last Episode: Bony and Golden saved all of Poptropica, but were blamed for the damage on Shark Tooth, and were sentenced to 6 months in a maximum security jail on Time Tangled.

    Time Tangled Jail is no fun. I’m not sure how Extreme Stupidity is a crime, but we (very injustfully!) ended up there. Golden and I were stuck in there for 3 months. 3 whole months. But then we were ready to put our master escape plan into action. Every day when the guards weren’t looking, Golden stood on my shoulders and scraped at the dirt ceiling. The whole place was underground, but the walls and floor were cemented so no one could tunnel out. But no one ever thought we would tunnel up. We moved the fallen dirt into a corner, and the guards never noticed, because no one ever looks up. In a week she’d dug a cave-like space. With some difficulty, we climbed up the wall and into the hole. We tunneled for 10 or so feet until we hit a vent shaft. There was a small opening into it right next to us. It was hard to squeeze through, but I managed it. Then the guards noticed we were gone. They poured into our cell, found the hole in the ceiling, and started climbing. “We better get going.” Golden whispered. We crawled down the vent. It got narrower and narrower until it suddenly opened up into a huge room. We were on a small platform. Way above us there was light, and beneath us, the hole continued down for forever. A bottomless pit. We started walking across the platform, very carefully. One misstep, and, well, I don’t really want to think about it. We reached the other end, finding the metal door there bolted shut. The guards showed up and walked onto the platform. It creaked and bent under our combined weight, and I swear it could not have held a feather more. The guards slowly walked across, and I looked up at the small opening into the light, far above, wondering if we’d ever see the light of day again. Then, I saw it. THE WORST POSSIBLE THING THAT COULD HAVE EVER NEVER EVER HAPPENED HAD JUST ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the top of the hole was a pig. It fell down and landed on the platform. “Oink.”
    “Oink oink.”

    Then the platform broke. The guards, Golden, the pig (Aaaaah!), and I plummeted down the bottomless pit.
    TO BE CONTINUED……………………………………

    Next Episode: When the bottomless pit turns out not to be one, Bony continues to try and escape from the guards (and the pig, of course).

    ~Made by Balloon Boy
    August 19 2012
    Chapter 3 Part 1
    Bony Bone’s Story
    Thanks to Brave Penguin, Scary Axe, abcdewz, and Spotted Shadow

  212. It was a dark night. Two princesses were born at almost exactly the same time. They were twins, except one had hair so dark it looked indigo. The King and Queen of Arturus were thrilled, but they always spent more time with the Light Princess, as we shall call the one with light hair. The Dark Princess, the one with indigo, never got attention from her parents. They made the twins dress in a leaf green dress and slathered them with make-up every day. The Dark Princess was truthfully angry. Everyone cared about the Light Princess. Oh, let’s get her more gifts, the Queen would say. No one ever offered the Dark Princess anything. When she was 16, the Dark Princess got so angry. She marched up to her parents. “That’s it!” she yelled. “I’m through!” Her parents barely looked up. “Is that so…” her father muttered as he looked at Ye Olde Crossword Puzzle. Her mother just didn’t say anything at all. She turned the page of her, “Look Thy Fashionable Self” fashion magazine. The Dark Princess started to get mad. And when she gets mad, it gets scary. “It”s not fair!” she screamed. Her parents jumped. “It’s always Light Princess this, Light Princess that, and NEVER Dark Princess anything!” She took a deep breath. “I’m moving to somewhere far in the galaxy, and there’s nothing you can do!” Her father stood up. “N-” he started to say.”Be quiet” she screamed. She shot her hand out, and, to her surprise, the time froze. She looked at her hand, confused. Suddenly, she heard slow clapping behind her. The Dark Princess spun around, thrusting out her hand. “Who goes there?” she yelled. A figure emerged from the shadows. It was a jester, dressed in orange and yellow, half Poptropican, half machine. It was The Binary Bard, a well-known villain on Astro-Knights Island. “You,” she said, lowering her hand. “You’re my hero… Your technology could save or utterly destroy Arturus.” The Binary Bard smiled. “Yes, that is very true. But I haven’t come for that. I’ve come to tell you that I’m very impressed with your magic skills.” “Magic Skills?” the Dark Princess asked. “I’ll tell you later” the Binary Bard quickly said. “But what I was telling you, I want you to work with me.” The Dark Princess gasped. “With… you?” “Yes,” he said. “So what do you say?” “Yes!” she squealed. “Of coarse!” The Binary Bard smiled. “Excellent. But we’ll need to change your look.” He placed his hand on her shoulder, and her green dress and hat turned into orange and yellow, matching his outfit perfectly. The Dark Princess closed her eyes and smiled. “Good. Now let’s go to our kingdom!” the Bard bellowed. “Wait!” the Dark Princess said. “Shouldn’t we unfreeze them first?” “Oh right. That’s for you to do.” The Dark Princess thrust out her hand, and time un-froze. The Bard snapped, and they were in his Fortress. He gave her a quick tour of his castle, and then they got to work. They made a plan, that was so clever and brilliant, even her parents couldn’t stop them! They were going to destroy Arturus and all of it’s people! They worked on this plan for years, and her parents at home didn’t even miss her. They had no clue about the Binary-Princess going on. Finally, one day, the Bard told her they were ready. But first, he needed to go do something “What do you need to do?” the Dark Princess asked. “A thing” he replied. The Dark Princess waved him off. After a few hours, she heard screaming coming from his Battle Room. “What?” she muttered. She ran to the room, and couldn’t believe what she saw. Her sister the Light Princess was trapped in a cage filled with green ooze, a substance that paralizes the person touching it! She may have been jealous of her sister, but she still loved her. “Binary Bard!” she yelled. Shocked, he turned around. “What have you done?” “Well,” he replied cooly,”We needed somebody with Royal History to complete the Takeover of Arturus, and we couldn’t use you!” The Dark Princess got angry. “Now all we need to do is use your magic, and we’ll be done! Of coarse, she’d be in a coma, but it’s what we-” “NO!” The Dark Princess screamed. She stuck out her palm, and summoned some of the most deadliest creatures in the Galaxy- the Tigercopter, the Mechanical Dragon, the Phonoix, and the Space Sharks. “That will keep him busy,” she said to herself. She jumped up and released the Light Princess of the ooze. The Binary Bard looked up at her and growled. “Now I’m after YOU for the Takeover!” He lunged at her, but he was so weak from fighting the mechanicals that he missed. The two Princesses knocked him out and escaped the Forteress using the Dark Princess’s magic. They returned home, and the Dark Princess explained everything. Her parents aggreed to let her use her magic, but only for good use. They also agreed to treat her with care like the The Light Princess, and the Dark Princess did fix all of the holes everywhere with her magic. The End!! 🙂

    Did you guys like it? It’s my first story here, but sorry it’s so long! I just get excited when I write. 😀


    Note: I will post parts of the Golden Shell Saga here, but the full version with pictures is on my website.

    The load of dirty plates, cups and crockery seemed to fall in slow motion. One second they were balenced in the arms of Golden Chloe Shell, the next, lying in a pile of broken shards.
    Chloe closed her eyes and waited for the explosion.
    Angry Robert Chicken, or Angry Bob as the employees at the 24 Carrot King Diner like to call him, appeared at the door of the kitchen in an instant. Angry Bob looked rather like a large round apple. He had thick gray hair with a bald patch and small, dark eyes; shark eyes.
    “I’m sorry Bob they just slipped from my hands and then-’ Chloe tried to stop herself babbling, but she didn’t need to say any more. The damage had already been done.
    The other staff members were now staring at Chloe Shell and Angry Bob.
    “AND LOOK AT THIS!!! I GOT THOSE CUPS IMPORTED FROM EARLY POPTROPICA!!!” Bob looked like he was going to explode.
    Chloe fought back tears. It was clear she was out. She had been sacked from a few jobs before, and really she should have expected this, but she couldn’t bare it. Cooking was the only thing she was good at, and she was sure word would get around and no one would ever hire her again.
    “YOU’RE FIRED!!!” screamed Bob, “NOW GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!”

  214. So, you guys remember my entry in the Poptropica Story Contest? Yeah, well, Clean Sword has more drama going on in her life, so I’m posting it here! Well, enjoy! (Stories shown are real entries from Clean Swords very own diary!) Coming to you at 4:30! Hope you like it!

  215. The Life of Clean Sword
    Episode One: The Prophecy
    Clean Sword: It’s a beautiful day today! I’ll ask if I can go to Time Tangled Beach!
    Farmer Sword: All right, I’ll take ya’!
    CS:Dad! You scared me!
    FS: Sorry, baby.
    CS: I’ll go wake Shy Sky and mom.
    FS: Okay, but I wanna wake Nice Sky.
    CS: Just call her my mom in front of me, okay?
    FS: Okay.
    *CS goes to wake up SS*
    CS: SS, wake up!
    *SS stays asleep*
    Ally: I’M UP! GOSH, BELLA!
    Bella: Sorry, I just like to yell really loud.
    Ally: Mission accomplished!
    Bella: C’mon, Al. We’re going to TTI!
    Ally: TTI, as in, like, The Time I… from Disney?
    Bella: No! TTI, as in Time Tangled!
    Ally: Oh. What about breakfast?
    Bella: We’re Poptropicans, we don’t need to eat!
    Ally: Oh.
    *Continued in part 2*

    • The Life of Clean Sword
      Episode One: The Prophecy; Part 2

      *at TTIB*

      Bella: I’m gonna swim! C’mon, Al!

      Ally: Okay, Bell.

      Bella: Let’s go to Super Power Island Beach!

      Ally: Like, sneak out? Fine. For how long?

      Bella: Just an hour.

      Ally: How do we get there?

      Bella: We swim! C’mon!

      *They swim to SPI*

      Ally: That was tiring.

      Bella: Yeah. Who’s terrible idea was it to swim here, anyway?

      Ally: Ummmmm…

      Bella: Whatever. This place is great! Let’s swim!

      Ally: WHAT?!

      Bella: C’mon!

      *They swim, and see a storm in the sky, and in the water.

      Ally: Uh-oh.

      Bella: Uh-oh is right! Who told us to swim, anyway?

      Ally: Ummmmm…

      Bella: I think we should~

      *however, the rest of Bella’s sentence is drowned out from the gigantic wave that sweeps them away*

  216. The Pretty… Wait, No, Spooky Princess

    Episode 1: The Secret

    Friendly Paw: Oh, yay! It’s raining! I love rain. 😀

    *FP walks to kitchen*

    Friendly Paw: Augh. It’s so bright, I think I’m going to puke.

    Nice Paw: Friendly Elise Paw, don’t be like that. You’re friendly, remember?

    Elise: *mumbles* Yeah, I might be, if you gave me a good name.

    Nice Paw: What did you say?

    Elise: Nothing, Nice.

    Nice Paw: I told you NOT to call me that!

    Elise: Yeah, well I did.


    Elise: But~

    Nice Paw: NO BUTS!

    • Alright, i decided to take pity on y’all. Plus I really was about to blow up from the idea section in my brain overflowing. I need to let it out. I couldn’t stand the suspense. Anyway, here’s part 2(yeah, i decided to make it have parts)
      The Pretty… Wait, No, Spooky princess
      Episode 1: The Secret; Part 2
      *Elise sticks her tongue out at Nice Paw and runs*

      Nice Paw: YOU’RE GROUNDED!
      Elise: I HATE YOU!
      Nice Paw:*is very angry* YOUNG LADY, ONE MORE TIME AND I’LL…
      *Elise doesn’t hear the rest of the sentence because she is running away*
      Elise: *Is on blimp* I’ll go to Ghost Story. I love spookiness! 😀 I don’t know why i didn’t do this a long time ago. I love it! :D* Flies to Ghost Story*

      Elise: I better start disguising myself.

      *Goes to Poptropica Store and buys phantom*

      Elise: That’s better! Now no-one can see me!

      RP: *mumbles* Money… food… toys… How am I supposed to do all this? I hate my mother!

      Elise: You’re not alone.

      RP: Huh? Who was that?

      Elise: *takes off phantom* Me.

      RP: That’s an… interesting outfit you got there.

      Elise: It is? *looks down at her skull shirt, black skirt, skull belt, and star necklace, and reaches up to touch the purple star on her cheek, her fringe bang, and flowing, long, black hair.

      RP: Yes, i mean… I like it. I’m Wild Ella Star. Who are you?

      Elise: Friendly Elise Paw. Nice to meet you.

      Ella: You too. Hey, wanna go to the cemetery?

      Elise: Pish yeah i do!

  217. Episode 1: The Secret; Part 3

    Ella: It sure is dark, and foggy, and creepy here!

    Elise: Yeah…

    Ella: We should go back!

    Elise: No, we should go farther! C’mon!

    Ella: Aaaaahhhh!

    Elise: What?

    Ella: Snake!

    Elise: Just ignore it. Let’s go!

    Ella: Look! More gates!

    Elise: Great, we’ve been going in circles… wait, these have A’s, not H’s!

    *The two enter*

    Ella: It’s even creepier…

    Elise: Shhh… I hear something!

    *They follow the sound, and hide behind a grave. Cloaked figure comes, and lays roses on another grave*

    Ella: We should go…

    Elise: Not yet! He’s cool!
    Ella: How do you know it’s a he?

    Elise: I just do, OK?

    Ella: That confirms it.

    Elise: Confirms what?

    RP: HEY, GUYS!

    *Ghost runs*

    Elise: Oh, great! You scared the ghost off!


    *RP leaves*

    Ella: Ummmmm…

    Elise: Confirms what?

    *Crickets chirp*

    Elise: CONFIRMS WHAT?!

    Ella: Your identity.

    Elise: But i told you my name.

    Ella: Not your name, who you are! I’m a vampire. And you are, too. A princess, daughter of Count Bram. That’s right, he’s back. He’s evil again. And related or not, you’ve got to fight him.


    Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re gonna say, it’s too early for a movie. Well, my creative juices are flowing, and I can’t help that. So, here it is. (All movies will be set in story style, to help you get a feel for Elise’s feelings.)

    There is a lot of sparkly black light, and Ella touches my hand, making my skin appear to be glowing. A purple skull crown appears on my head, and my outfit is replaced with the most beautiful dress EVER. For a goth, anyway. I get pure white skin. We are magically transported to an underground world, filled with spiders. And only then Ella changes. She has MY skull shirt and MY black skirt, super short hair, and a skull crown just like mine. And white skin, too.

    “Wait… are we… sisters?” I ask.

    “No, I am a daughter of Count Ashen, Count Bram’s twin brother.

    “So, we’re cousins.”

    “No. We have the same mom.”

    “I don’t remember you living with me.”

    “No! I live with our REAL mom, Magic Annabelle Star.”

    “Well, if our dads are twin brothers, but we have the same mom, what are we?”

    “I don’t know.”

    Well, that’s part one! Part two will come out next week for sure!

  219. I can’t believe that the last time someone posted in here was on December. Oh well. Better start on Time Tangle Jumble. I’ll go copy and paste it from the other page.

    Red Leopard

    Time Tangled Jumble

    Orange Madeline Penguin had a life of what some people would call perfect. She was intelligent, pretty, and had an understanding family. She and her family lived on Time Tangled Island. Some of her family lived on Early Poptropica Island and that included both pairs of grandparents. But all that changed one day when the New Year struck midnight…
    And the worse thing is, it happened before her 11th birthday. Out of the blue, her parents just decided to split since her mother wasn’t satisfied with their already comfy home and wanted more wealth. Poor Maddie pretended that it was fine with her, but deep in her heart she was hurt.
    She and her mother moved to her aunt’s house and her dad stayed in their old home. She still saw him every Saturday, though. Maddie often cried at night when no one was looking. Asking herself why she ever wished for more in life. Didn’t she already have everything she needed? What her parents didn’t know that Maddie wasn’t as proud of her achievements in school as she was as proud of her complete family.
    Maddie loved books and could read all day without eating or drinking anything as long as she had a whole pile of them. She read many books that involved of the splitting up of parents and she was secretly proud that hers weren’t like that. One night, she decided to run away and go to other islands. I’ll be happier far away from both Mommy and Daddy than only far away from Daddy, she thought.
    So she packed her backpack with necessities and stole away to her wrecked family’s blimp. Although she was an indoor person, Maddie knew how to do many of the camping stuff from all the books she had read. She somehow managed to get much of her stuff from her aunt’s house.
    Maddie: *whispers* Goodbye, little Leo.
    Little Blue ‘Leo’ Dolphin, her 6-year-old cousin, stirred softly but went back to sleep.
    Suddenly, the big clock over Pendulum’s Lab began chiming for midnight.
    Maddie: *still whispering* Happy Birthday, too. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to make it to your party.
    Maddie suddenly realized she would leave her blue paper crane with him. As she put the crane on Leo’s study desk, she scribbled down a note to her mother and father, which was more of a riddle than a note.
    Dear Mom and Dad,
    I have left Time Tangled Island and have embarked a journey throughout Poptropica. I shall not return unless that which has been broken will soon be of spoken. I will love you always. Your daughter forever, Maddie.
    And with a sob, she left and went up to the blimp.
    Maddie: *thinks* I should leave now to get a head start before Mom discovers the note.
    And with that thought in mind, she set off in the blimp, heading towards her destiny.

    Red Eliza Penguin was awakened with a frantic shaking during 3 o’ clock in the morning.
    Eliza: *mumbles* St-t-to-op-p t-t-he sh-a-a-a-king.
    Marina: Eliza, wake UP! Maddie’s gone!
    Eliza bolted upright and could not just take in what her sister said.
    Eliza: Marina, repeat that again more slowly, would you? O.O
    Marina: *repeats* Maddie’s GONE!
    Eliza: Maddie is afraid of the dark and the night, she can’t have gone! Have I accidentally sleepwalked into Pendulum’s Lab and transported myself into April Fool’s Day? -_-
    Marina: As a matter of fact, Pendulum’s Lab has gone bonkers again and has had ANOTHER time malfunction. Thank goodness many Poptropican tourists are willing to help.
    Eliza: *dresses out of pajamas lightning speed* We’ve got to find her before she’s gone for good! Maddie doesn’t know the dangers out there! Remember Uncle Frederick?
    Marina: *nods* Yeah, he was in his blimp floating somewhere around Super Power Island when Betty Jetty knocked him into the ocean.
    Eliza: It was a good thing he landed somewhere near a beach. If it was something Uncle Freddy never learned, it was how to swim. That’s where Maddie takes after him; they both never learned to swim. Have you contacted the local police about this?
    Marina: -_- The nearest police station is thousands of miles away, Eliza. Have you gone coconuts? And Maddie took the blimp.
    Eliza: Oh dear, oh dear. What about Ralph? Have you told him that his daughter’s gone crazy and left?
    Marina: Just as you say it, there’s something wrong with this note.
    Eliza: Note?! What note?! O.O
    Marina: Maddie left a note saying her farewell. And oddly enough, it says ‘Dear Mom and DAD’. Some sort of riddle. i found it on Leo’s study desk.
    Eliza: *snatches note out of Marina’s hand and reads it*
    Eliza: Looks like it’s going to be a wild goose chase, Marina.

    Meanwhile, Maddie had landed on Vampire’s Curse Island. Now, Maddie has had a certain history on vampires. She hated them and was scared of them. But not even vampires could make her eat or wear garlic.
    Maddie: *thinks* Mom and Dad won’t even bother to check this island. They know I’m scared of vampires. Maybe I’ll stay here for a while.
    She went around the village and saw a few and more children coming out to play. Some of them looked at her curiously wondering at her odd clothes and why she wasn’t wearing a garlic necklace. Maddie suddenly became aware that her attire was definitely odd to these village children. Her clothes were for summer, yet near these mountains it was cold almost all year round.
    Maddie: *thinks* I think I’ll get some village clothes over there, then maybe I’ll blend with the crowd. The better the disguise, my parents won’t be able to spot me quickly.
    Maddie: Do you know where I can find a weaver?
    Boy #1: Can’t you see we’re busy? Go away, tourist.
    Boy #2: Yeah, go away. We’re on a roll and it’s almost night. Don’t you know a vampire lives up at that creepy castle?
    Boy #1: Shut up, you. You’re saying too much. Haven’t you heard the less tourists know the longer they stay?
    Boy #3: Well, guess what, both of you are being pretty mean to tourists. Haven’t YOU heard that the meaner you are to tourists the quicker they leave? You guys are giving our home a bad reputation.
    Boy #1: *sneers* Somebody’s a ‘fraidy cat over some dumb kid girl tourist.
    Boy #2: I think you LIKE her with her snobby clothes and fancy pretty hair, HUH?
    Maddie: I am NOT dumb. My clothes aren’t snobbish and I don’t have fancy pretty hair. And I know how to box, you want me to do your ears?
    Boy #1: Let’s get outta here! She’s gonna box us!
    Boy #2: With you all the way Eric: Don’t listen to those chowder heads, they’re just jealous. I’m Wacky Eric Tiger, by the way.
    Maddie: Thanks for sticking up for me. I’m– *pause* Red Margaret Eagle. Have you any idea where I can find a weaver?
    Eric: My cousin Lana might. She works for the village’s weaver.
    Red-headed girl: *pops out from a nearby house* Did someone say my name?
    Eric: I did, Lana. Margaret needs to find Madam Cream.
    Red-headed girl: It’s Pouffe, not cream. How many times do I have to remind you? You should check Madam Pouffe’s clothing store. There are all of seasonal clothing there.
    Maddie: Thanks! Which way?
    Lana: Uh, it’s a bit near the castle. Take this *hands her a garlic necklace*. Eric, you wouldn’t mind leading her over there right? If I remember correctly, Count Mambo sometimes shops there.
    Maddie and Eric talk on the way to Madam Pouffe’s.

    Eric: So where are you from?


    Eric: *stops Maddie from walking* Hey, are you nervous about vampires? Don’t worry, as long as you got that garlic, Count Mambo won’t go near you.

    Maddie: *mumbles* I thought the vampire who lived here was Count Bram.

    Eric: *impressed* Yeah, but that vampire disappeared. Count Mambo sort of appeared outta nowhere just right before we started discarding the garlic.

    Maddie: Oh

    Eric: *stops her from walking again* You’re not telling the truth, are you?

    Maddie: Wha-a-a-t?

    Eric: *quietly* You’re not telling your real name. You’re not one of those runaways, are you?

    Maddie: *drops garlic necklace in shock* How do you know?

    Eric: I can tell.


    Eric: *looks around if there are any people lurking by* You’re a runaway, then? You’re lucky that I don’t belong to RBS anymore.

    Maddie: *throws her hands up* Okay, I admit it. I ran away from home because my life got into a time tangle jumble. My name isn’t Red Margaret Eagle. Happy? Now can I start asking the questions? What are you going to do? Turn me in to the police in Counterfeit Island or what? Send me back home? Or have my parents send me to Poptropica Dilemma Academy?

    Eric: You sure talk a lot for a going-on-thirteen girl. The next thing you’re going to ask me what RBS is.

    Maddie: For the first time, you guessed wrong. I was going to ask you if you why the heck you keep scaring me with your Legilimency. It’s your turn for the scare

    Eric: Well, Miss Smarty, I guess you’ve finally caught up with the magical world have you?

    Maddie: Besides darkness and vampires, nothing scares me much

    Eric: *flicks his hand and transforms into a tiger* And by your bored face, I suppose you know that I’m an Animagus. Correct?

    Maddie: Yeah, now can we keep moving before my parents find me and send me to the Academy?

    Eric: *transforms back to human form* Just so you know, I don’t like—

    Maddie: Being interrupted in the middle of a demonstration of your being an Animagus. You’re going to tell me that every single thing that the human mind thinks of happens one way or another, therefore, resulting in all kinds of magic and creatures being created. Especially in Poptropica. You’re not the only one who’s got magic in their blood and knows how to perform Legilimency.

    Eric: I’m impressed. I didn’t notice you had it in you.

    Maddie: There’s a lot many people don’t know about me. Now, would you put up a bit of speed in your crawl, slowpoke?

    Eric: Did you just compare me to a Pokemon?

    Maddie: Either that, or you’re going deaf. And by the way, you’re not the only one who knows about how wide the magical world is. You don’t want me to go ninja on you, do you?

    Eric: Try me.

    Maddie: *disappears in thin air and knocks Eric down and reappears*

    Eric: Did you have to do that near rocks?

    Maddie: Don’t be such a whiner, slowpoke. I’ll even race you to Madam Pouffe’s clothing shop, if you dare.

    Eric: You know that’s not allowed.

    Maddie: So is not asking people’s permission to break into their minds

    Eric: Whatever.

    Maddie and Eric reach the clothing store in silence. Maddie bought much clothing since she had filled her wallet with money before she had left Time Tangled Island. They leave the store still in silence. Maddie broke it when they were in the village.

    Maddie: Do you know a place where I could stay for the night?

    Eric: Try the Inn. It’s not very full these days.

    Maddie: Thanks.

    As the two friends parted, the moon started rising. Maddie was able to acquire a room at the inn and stay for the night. For once she was glad she was surrounded with garlic. She slept peacefully throughout the night.

    Wild Goose Chase Starts
    Eliza had contacted Ralph that Maddie had run away. They had bought a new blimp and were flying high with Marina and Leo.
    Eliza: Let’s try Cryptids Island. She always talks about that one.

    Ralph: Alright. *steers blimp towards Cryptids Island*

    They jumped off the blimp and the first thing they saw was a Poptropican screaming as she pummeled straight down with a burned hang-glider. She crashed into the trees, yelling for help.
    Eliza: *runs over to the Poptropican* Are you alright?

    Poptropican: Yeah. This is the last straw! I’m going to Mews about that wretched Gretchen Grimlock. *falls out of the hang-glider and runs to the right*

    Eliza: What was that all about?

    Marina: I have no idea. We better find Maddie quick and tell her she musn’t do this again to us in the future!

    Maddie began to pack her things up to travel to another island.

    Maddie: *thinks* I wonder what island I should goon next?

    Unknown: Whatever you do, don’t go to Spy Island.

    Maddie: Who’s there?!

    Eric: Calm down, it’s me.

    Maddie: Will you stop freaking me out?

    Eric: Nah, I like the look on your face when your scared.

    Maddie: *continues packing her things* Whatever, Mudblood.

    Eric: For your information, I’m a half-blood. Watch who you’re calling, Mudblood freak.

    Maddie: It also happens my great-grandparents were purebloods so shut your magical half-blood mouth and leave me alone.

    Eric: Not until I can come with you.

    Maddie: No one can come with me after ran away from TTI.

    Eric: Then, I’ll have to use Legilimency.

    Maddie: Not gonna work.

    Eric: Oh yeah? *breaks into her mind and ends up with fuzzy static*


    Eric: Alright, you win. But can Lana and I come with you? We’ve always wanted to tour around Poptropica.

    Maddie: Alright, alright! But would you help me with packing?

    Eric: Sure.

    They left the Inn and set off for Lana’s house.

    Wacky Tiger: Lana, are you packed? We’re about to go and Maddie’s in a rush!

    Funny Bunny: Yeah, I’m packed and ready to go except that I can’t lift my suitcase! *drags suitcase to stairs and crashes*

    WT/Eric: Stay here, Mad. *runs inside house and helps Lana up* What the HECK were you thinking? You could have gotten a skull fracture!
    FB/Lana: Don’t be too fussy and help me with this suitcase. My backpack alone is heavy enough.
    The trio set off in the blimp after a long time of pushing, pulling, whining, groaning, and laughing.

    Wacky Tiger: Which island are you going to next?

    Orange Penguin: Now that you mention it, I haven’t a clue

    Funny Bunny: What about Skullduggery Island? That would be fun. We could stay in Bouffant Bay for a while.

    OP: Okay. Just give me a few minutes to steer the blimp there.

    • oh, you took my suggestion! Actually, last time someone posted here was this month. For some reason, all the stuff about Santa hats always stays at the bottom of the page. So the latest comments go above them. I honestly don’t know why.

  220. Episode 3 I guess – The Hunt Begins
    Narrator: Previously on Time Tangled Jumble, Maddie runs away from home, meets Eric and Lana on Vampire’s Curse Island, and travels to Skullduggery Island
    Eric has taken control of steering the blimp and Lana is mending clothes while Maddie is constantly pacing the blimp, restless.

    Wacky Tiger: Maddie, will you stop walking around like that? This blimp is already causing seasickness and you’re not helping *is green*

    Orange Penguin: Sorry, Eric. I just feel restless. Are we there yet?

    Funny Bunny: Maddie, you’ve been asking that question for the past two hours. *keeps on sewing*

    Orange Penguin: 🙄 The first thing I’ll buy when we get to Skullduggery will be a pair of earmuffs. And FYI, you’ve been sewing for the past two hours, too.

    Wacky Tiger: Quit the bickering. Skullduggery Island is in sight.

    Orange Penguin: Good thing it’s in sight or I would have thrown a tantrum.

    The trio land on Skullduggery and a cannonball nearly hits them as they shimmy down the rope.

    Funny Bunny: What’s going on here?!

    *more sounds of cannons being fired are heard*

    Wacky Tiger: I think I know why! Look! Pirates!

    And indeed, several pirates in a Sea Sultan were laughing and shooting cannonballs at Fort Ridley.

    Funny Bunny: You know *cannonball nearly misses them* I’m starting to think that this isn’t a good idea.

    They take shelter at Stinky Tim’s General Store.

    Villager: We’re sorry about the inconvenience. The other pirates just found out that there was treasure here and are trying to attack us. Thank goodness that Captain Crawfish is trapped on Skullduggery Island 😐

    Wacky Tiger: It’s fine with us, we were just going to Bouffant Bay. Is there anyone who sells a raft?

    Sea Merchant: I think I have an extra raft. But it’s pretty beat-up and very slow. You can borrow it if you want.

    Orange Penguin: *desperately* I can’t stand seeing only water for another few hours. Lana,can’t you sell some of those clothes you’re sewing?

    Funny Bunny: *raises eyebrows* Funny, that was exactly what I was going to do the moment we landed here.

    A swarm of villagers enter the store.

    Villager #2: I think I’ll need to send Charlie to Parrot Port again *sigh* Most of our clothes are all worn out!

    Villager #3: My children are begging to explore Poptropica. They keep pestering me all day long. I told them they can as soon as I get to Dragon Cave and bring back some grain, clothes, medicine, and spices.

    Villager #4: Hey, are those clothing for sale?

    Funny Bunny: *nods* Straight down from Vampire’s Curse Island. Some were just made along the way here. The thread’s from the Poptropica store, second class and third class.

    Wealthy Villager: Have you got any first class ones? My daughter wants a new red dress with sequins.

    Villagers: 😯

    Wealthy Villager: What?

    Villager #2: You know very well that sequined clothing isn’t available ANYWHERE around here.

    *Funny Bunny pulls out a shining sequined red dress from a box of first class clothes*

    Villager #2: Okay, maybe not.

    Wealthy Villager: I’ll give fifty doubloons for that dress. *gives fifty doubloons to Lana*

    Funny Bunny: Thank you, Ma’am. *packs the dress into a box* Enjoy!

    Sea Merchant: That money’s enough to buy a raft booster!

    Wacky Tiger: We’ll order four boosters. We’ll pay in a few minutes.

    *rest of the villagers buy from second and third class boxes*

    Villager #3: The rest of the village should know about this! *runs out of the store*

    More villagers come in and buy more clothing. After a crowd of villagers were gone, a new crowd swept in until all of the villagers had many spare clothing and new ones. Funny Bunny noticed that every clothing that was sold re-appeared in the box. After the villagers had finished shopping, there were still many clothes in the boxes.

    Sea Merchant: *hands them box of raft boosters* You can borrow my raft anytime you like. Thanks for helping out the village.

    Funny Bunny: Eric….

    Wacky Tiger: Alright, I used a Multiplying Charm on the clothes, happy?

    Funny Bunny:And I’m glad you did.

    Orange Penguin: Now can you guys tell me what RBS is?

    Wacky Tiger: The Runaway Bailers Society. They capture runaways and make their parents pay money for their return or else..

    Orange Penguin: Or else what?

    Wacky Tiger: *clears throat* They imprison the runaways and keep them there forever. The Counterfeit Island police know that their headquarters is at 24 Carrot Island, unfortunately, they can’t find it.

    Orange Penguin: Why don’t you tell them where it is?

    Wacky Tiger: Only the oldest members in the RBS know its exact location. I have a hunch on where it is, though. I quit when I found out that they imprisoned the runaways and wouldn’t give them a tiny bit of freedom.

    Funny Bunny: Now, can we attach those raft boosters and get to Bouffant Bay?

    Funny Bunny, Orange Penguin, and Wacky Tiger set off for Bouffant Bay. They arrived in minutes and hid the raft in a certain place.

    Orange Penguin: Um, guys? You better look at this.

    FB and WT run over to where OP stood.

    Funny Bunny: 😯 *gasps*

    There was a dripping wet Poptropican on the sand and she was stirring.

  221. Time Tangled Jumble
    Episode 4 I’m losing track – Thunder Rumbles

    The golden-haired Poptropican began to cough.

    Orange Penguin: Did anyone pack a bottle of ammonia?

    Wacky Tiger: As a matter of fact, we did. Lana?

    Funny Bunny: Here. *hands a handkerchief dosed with ammonia*

    Wacky Tiger: *holds handkerchief to the stranger’s nose*

    ?: Wha-a–a?! *sits up and rubs eyes*

    Orange Penguin: You okay?

    ?: Yeah, thanks. Where am I?

    Wacky Tiger: You’re on Skullduggery Island in Bouffant Bay.

    Silent Thunder: Wow, I can’t believe I got washed up here so far away from Pirate Outpost. I’m Silent Ariana Thunder, by the way.

    Orange Penguin: A runaway, Orange Madeline Penguin. From Time Tangled Island.

    Wacky Tiger: Wacky Eric Tiger. From 24 Carrot and Vampire’s Curse Island.

    Orange Penguin: 24 Carrot?

    Wacky Tiger: My family moved from there to Vampire’s Curse.

    Funny Bunny: Funny Lana Bunny. From Vampire’s Curse Island.

    Orange Penguin: I still don’t get why your parents would decide to move from a nice island to a creepy, cold one.

    Wacky Tiger: *clears throat* My parents are dead. Car crash on Cryptids Island. My aunt raised me, and she’s a widow.

    Orange Penguin: 🙄 Sorry, Mister Half-Blood Prince.

    Wacky Tiger: Watch it, Mudblood.

    Funny Bunny: You guys are being ridiculous! 🙄

    Silent Thunder: Let me guess, Harry Potter fan club expedition?

    Orange Penguin: Nope, we’re just touring around Poptropica.

    Silent Thunder: What’s today’s date?

    Orange Penguin: Twenty-eighth of September, year 2012.

    Silent Thunder: 😯 That’s three months since I set out for Pirate Outpost!

    Funny Bunny: You must be starving.

    Silent Thunder: Not really, I got washed up on Parrot Port, first. An old lady asked me to work for her, there. She gave me wages and food. But after like two months of working there, I went swimming for a while and a wave washed me out. And here I am lost and stranded, nowhere to go after I ran away from home.

    Orange Penguin: We got something common. Why don’t you come with us? With RBS members on the loose, it’s not safe to stay put.on one place.

    Silent Thunder: If you wouldn’t mind me, I’ll go.

    Funny Bunny: The more, the merrier I always say.

    Orange Penguin: We better get back on the blimp, now that we have two runaways in the group and two teens helping them.

    Silent Thunder: Good idea.

    The group get on their raft and sail back. Unknown to them, a young woman was watching them sinisterly while they sped away from Bouffant Bay.

    ?: You can’t run forever, my sweets. *teleports back to 24 Carrot Island using a carrot teleporter*


  222. Time Tangled Jumble

    Episode 5 – An Encounter of an Enemy

    Silent Thunder, Orange Penguin, Wacky Tiger, and Funny Bunny land on Fort Ridley.

    Funny Bunny: Where next?

    Orange Penguin: How ’bout Cryptids Island? I’ve always wanted to visit the place.

    Funny Bunny: But your parents…

    Orange Penguin: Don’t worry, I’ve already thrown them off the trail. There’s no chance they’ll track me down.

    Silent Thunder: If you say so…

    Funny Bunny: All in agreement?

    OP and ST: Yeah.

    Orange Penguin: Eric?

    Wacky Tiger: *nods* *doesn’t take his eyes off Silent Thunder*

    (Extra Notes: I think you already got a clue on who’s the first love team on this story, don’t you?)

    Orange Penguin steers the blimp towards Cryptids.

    3 hours ago…

    Marina: Eliza, we’ve searched every nook and cranny on the whole island for Maddie. She’s not here.

    Ralph: Not to mention how many people we’ve asked.

    Eliza: *sighs* Alright. Let’s just contact the Counterfeit, Super Villain, and Wild West Island police about her and wait.

    The adults and Leo head back to Time Tangled Island.

    Back to the present…

    Somewhere in 24 Carrot Island:
    ?: My Lady, Miss Carrot wishes to see you. Shall I admit her here?

    ?Lady: More information on runaways? We only need a few more to rid this world of magic. Then those who mocked me before will pay! Send Lauren in.

    ?: I am here, my Lady. I wished to see you because I have uncovered some information you might consider valuable. A group of teenagers are exploring Poptropica, two of them are runaways.

    ?Lady: Capture all of them. It matters not if they are runaways. The PhsycoTeleporter needs more brain power! Can you describe them to me?

    ?: A blonde girl, Silent Ariana Thunder. A brunette, Orange Madeline Penguin. A red-head, Funny Lana Bunny. And a mudhead, Wacky Eric Tiger.

    ?Lady: Capture them as soon as possible. I wish to have my bittersweet revenge once and for all! 😈

    Orange Penguin: Cryptids Island is in sight.

    The group climb down the rope and look around.

    Silent Thunder: Seems pretty peaceful here don’t you think?

    ?: Think again, my sweet.

    Funny Bunny: Who’s there?!

    ?: You will know soon. Don’t you recognize my voice, Eric? *takes off phantom power*

    All: 😯 *gasps*

    Wacky Tiger: *with loathing* Spicy Lauren Carrot 😡

    Spicy Carrot: Wacky Eric Tiger. We meet again.

    Silent Thunder: Eric, who is she?!

    Spicy Carrot: Deary me, I forgot this. *snaps fingers and RBS badge appears on her blouse*

    Funny Bunny: NO! Laurie, don’t do this to us! *stands in front of Silent Thunder and Orange Penguin*

    Spicy Carrot: Lanie, no need to hide the brunette. I’m only taking little miss Goldie.

    Wacky Tiger: I thought we’d settled this, Lor!

    Spicy Carrot: This matter will never be settled until that girl disappears on the face of Poptropica! *points at Silent Thunder*

    Silent Thunder: What has this got to do with me?!

    To be continued…

  223. No one’s posted here in a long time….anyway, here’s my mini series (PS it’s a sequel to SVI):

    The problem(s)

    Day 1, Part 1


    Medusa: (she’s behind the camera) And?


    Director D: Yay! 😀

    E. Vile: (throws confetti)

    Director D: (sees E. Vile) uh…aren’t you supposed to be driving?

    E. Vile: Ya…

    Speeding Spike: Wait…if you’re not driving…WHO IS?

    E.Vile: Holmes.

    Mlle. Moreau: (enters with Vince Graves and Dr. Cumulo Nimbus) Why are there screams of joy coming from outside?

    (all peak outside)

    (Fans of Reality TV are chasing them)

    Mlle. Moreau: Oh. -_-

    Vince Graves: Wait, we’re flying over Ghost story isl-


    Holmes: (is driving the helicopter) 😡 WILL YOU LEAVE THE FANS FOR FIVE SECONDS AND LOOK AT THIS???

    (everyone does the said action)

    Holmes: Erehwon Prison, DEAD ahead!

    Dr. Cumulo Nimbus: Do you HAVE to say it like that?

    Holmes: 😀 DEAD ahead! DEAD ahead! DEAD ahead! DEAD ahead! DEAD ahead!

    Director D: Holmes…

    Holmes: DEAD ahead! DEAD ahead! DEAD-

    Vince Graves: (unplugs Holmes) 😀

    E.Vile: Ya know he was driving, right?

    Vince Graves: What? O_O

    Mlle. Moreau: WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!


    (Vince Graves turns to stone)

    Everyone else: (but Medusa) O_O

    (the helicopter crashes into Erehwon Prison AND lands on Gretchen Grimlock)

    Gretchen: Ow…

    Betty Jetty: (sees Gretchen) what happened- (sees helicopter) why is-(sees the people in the helicopter) why are- (sees camera) …I got nothing.


  224. Hi! My name is Bronze Glove and I missed the deadline for the Story Contest so I am going to post them here. Here’s the first episode.

    Shy Dove and Dizzy Tornado; Kid Detectives
    Episode 1

    One day, two 12 year old girls named Shy Lily Dove and Dizzy Cassie Tornado, walked home from school on Friday. Weirdly, they had the same birthday, so they were celebrating together after school. Of course, Shy Dove’s head was stuck in a book, and of course, Dizzy Tornado was listening to her headphones, singing along to the music.

    To be continued…

  225. The life of Fast Fire.
    Episode:Let’s go

    Fast Fire: Ready?
    Sneaky Paws: *Looks at the ground below* Uh… Yeah
    Fast Fire:Alright. Let’s GO!

    Note: Sneaky Paws is my young cousin brother.

    Sneaky Paws: Wait! Noooo!
    Fast Fire: What?! But we have been here for an hour! *Undoes string*
    Sneaky Paws: Oh well it’s not as bad as i thought.
    Fast Fire: Happy on your first blimp ride?
    Sneaky Paws: Well.. Kinda…

    *Totem from Nabooti island hits blim on way and both of them fall*

    Sneaky Paws: This was all your idea!
    Fast Fire: This would not happen if…

    *Lands on Nabooti*

    Snaky Paws: Huh?

    *Falls on Fast Fire’s back*

    Fast Fire:Ouch!*Passes out*
    Sneaky Paws: *Falls asleep on Fast Fire’s back*

    *Both wake up with a random person looking at them*

    Random person:Uh, Hi?
    Fast Fire: What are you looking at!?
    RP: At your clothes. They’re being infested by spiders.
    Fast Fire: *Looks at shirt and Screams* Arghhh! get these of me!
    RP: Okay.*Kneels and starts taking of spiders with leaves*
    Fast Fire: Thanks.
    Sneaky Paws: can we go to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island?
    FF &RP:O.o
    SP: What?
    RP: It is not released!
    FF:Yeah! And FYI, we are not members!
    SP: Oh.
    FF: AND FYI, There are only six tickets!
    SP: Oh. Got it.
    FF: Alright. Let’s go.
    SP: Yeah.
    FF: *Turns to Random person* Uh. Thanks. And bye!
    RP: Your welcome! Bye!
    *SP and FF go on blimp*
    SP: Where are we going?
    FF: To Cryptids Island and spend our holiday THERE.
    SP: Look!
    FF: Where?
    FF: Ohmigosh omigosh omigosh!
    SP: Turn! Turn!
    FF: Yeah! Let me first throw stones at it!
    SP: Okay! I’ll Turn!
    FF: Yeah! Do it! *Throws stones*

    *Thing drowns*

    Whew! Gretchen Grimlock almost got us!

    FF: Let us go to another island! >.<


  226. Shy Dove and Dizzy Tornado; Kid Detectives

    Episode 2

    Dizzy Tornado: We’re here, Shy.
    Shy Dove: Mm.
    DT: We’re here, I said!
    SD: Mmm, hmm.
    DT: I SAID WE’RE HERE SHY LILY DOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SD: *Finally looks up* What is it, Diz? I was just getting to the best part!
    DT: *Grumbles* I said that we’re home.
    SD: Mm. * Continues reading*
    DT: What am I going to do with this girl? * Shakes head*
    DT: Come on, Shy. * Tugs on her arm and pulls her inside her house*
    SD: Mmf.
    * They walk into SD’s dark house*
    DT’s parents and SD’s parents: Surprise!
    * Lights flicker on and DT and SD see balloons, streamers, and a huge cake*
    SD and DT: Thank you so much!!!!
    *SD and DT’s moms step forward*
    SD and DT’s moms: And now, we present to you…

    To be continued…

  227. The Adventures of Shy Dove and Dizzy Tornado

    Episode 3

    SD’s mom( Quiet Dove) and DT”s mom( Calm Tornado) : …your present, a blimp!

    SD and DT: Thank you so much!!!!!!

    DT: Can we go now? Please?

    SD: Yeah! Pretty Please? With a cherry on top?

    QD and CT: Oh, fine. But go to a nice, safe island first.

    SD and DT: Okay!

    Quiet Dove,Calm Tornado,Happy Dove( SD’s dad), and Fierce Tornado( DT’s dad): Now, remember your food, clothing,credits,water…etc.

    SD and DT: *Ignores parents and rush to their rooms. They both pack food,water,clothes and 500 credits each. Finally, SD packs 4 books and DT packs extra headphones and batteries for it. Then they meet outside DT’s house.*

    SD: I can’t believe that our parents bought a blimp for us!

    DT: I know! And blimps cost so much credits!

    * They walk over to the blimp. Their parents are waiting for them.*

    SD and DT: We’ll miss you guys

    QD,HD,CT, and FT: We’ll miss you kids too.

    * They hug, then SD and DT climb the rope into the blimp. As the blimp begins to rise, SD,DT, and their parents scream their last goodbyes.*

    SD,DT,QD,HD,CT, and FT: Bye!!!

    * Slowly, the blimp begins to drift away. SD and DT wave until their parents are out of sight.*

    DT: Where should we go?

    SD: Well, our parents said a safe island, so I think we should go to Shrink Ray. It’s really peaceful, and I hear they’re having a science fair!

    DT: Cool! Where is it?

    SD: According to my map, it’sway over to the left, then under Gameshow Island.

    DT: Yay! Let’s go!

    To be continued…

  228. The Adventures of Shy Dove and Dizzy Tornado

    Episode 4
    * SD ad DT go to Shrink Ray Island. Their blimp lands and they both fall off the blimp, sliding down the slide, and finally landing on swings, Shy Dove blue and Dizzy Tornado red.*
    SD: We’re here! Shrink Ray Island!
    DT: Hey Shy, do you ever wonder why it’s called Shrink Ray Island?

    SD: Well, I’ll check my guidebook. * Searches through backpack*

    SD: Here it is! * Opens it up*

    SD: Contents…Shrink Ray Island…about it…aha! It says here:

    ‘Shrink Ray Island’s name was made in honor of Crazy Callie Jumper ( also known as CJ),a girl winning every science fair in her school from Grade 1 to Grade 6. Shrink Ray Islands former names were Invisibility Helmet Island, Mind Reading Device Island, Time Machine Island, Animal Communicating Watch Island, Candy Making Contraption Island, and Flying Cape Island. Many people think that the Shrink Ray CJ is working on will be the islands permanent name from now on. Come to the Science fair too see her science project!’

    DT: Whoah, you have a guidebook on all that? And other islands too?

    SD: Yes, of course. We need info everywhere we go, or else we’d be lost.

    *They jump off the swings and go right. A poptropican goes up to them.*

    Guy: You should check out the science fair tonight!

    DT: OK! Thanks!

    * They go inside.*

    SD: Come on! Let’s find the science fair!

    * After running around a bit, they find the science fair and go in.*

    DT: Cool! Look at all these science projects!

    SD: I wonder which one’s CJ’s.

    To be continued…

  229. The Adventure’s of Shy Dove and Dizzy Tornado
    Episode 5
    * First they saw a guy with brown hair sticking out everywhere, wearing thick glasses, a black and white striped shirt, and blue pants. He was standing next to something called the Sixth Sense in Calamari*
    SD: Hi, can you tell us where CJ’s scie-
    Stick Out Hair Guy: If C.J. doesn’t show up, I finally have a chance to win first prize!
    DT: Ru-ude. C’mon.
    * They move on. Now they see a girl with straight blond hair held back with a purple headband. Two balloons were stuck on her head. She wore a blue dress with a purple jacket and belt over it. She was standing next to something called Balloon’s, Fashion, and Electricity. *
    DT: Hey, you know where-
    Blond Girl: It’s amazing, but true. If you rub a balloon on your hair,it’ll stick to your head!
    SD: …
    DT: Moving on.
    * Now they see a guy with black hair wearing a baseball cap, a red shirt with a picture of a lightning bolt on it, and brown pants with a belt. His face was also splattered with brown stuff. Mud? He was standing next to Chocolate Volcano. Oh. The brown stuff must have been chocolate*
    SD: Hi, we’re looking for C.J.-
    Chocolate Guy: C.J. told me she was going to do something really big for this year’s science fair! But she wouldn’t tell me what!
    DT: Grrr…
    * Next they see a girl with dark brown pigtails, freckles, wearing a salmon colored shirt with a collar, and a pink skirt. She was standing next to Candy and Soda Propulsion.*
    DT: You seen C.J.-
    Salmon Girl: I hate how C.J. wins every year, but I always love seeing her science projects!
    *Dizzy Tornado looks like she has steam coming out of her ears.*
    SD: Calm down, Diz.
    DT: If they interrupt one more time…
    SD: Okay, okay. Maybe this girl won’t be so rude. *She points to a girl with very short orange hair, freckles, wearing a heart shirt that was above her belly, and blue pants with a belt. She was walking around her project which read Evolution of the Belly Button.*
    SD: Um, do you know where C.J.-
    Short Haired Girl: My project would have been much better if we’d been given more time to work on it.
    SD: Shush, Dizzy. I know their rude, but we need to look for C.J. right now. Okay?
    DT: Yeah. Whatever.
    *The next person they see is a man with brown hair, glasses, and a weird, squiggly, gray mustache.*
    SD: Maybe he can tell us where C.J. is! He doesn’t look that rude.
    DT: Yeah! Let’s ask him!
    T be continued…

  230. Hi everyone! I am going to be posting some weird, random, and funny episodes about Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, Binary Bard, and Dr. Hare! The 4 super villains in Poptropica! It is gong to star me, Bronze Glove, and my best friend Bony Icicle. We’ve been making up some stories and stuff about the 4 SV’s, so I told her I’d post them here. I may add new people, so if you want to be in it, just tell me. I also need to look at your character, so tell me your username.

    ( If you want to know what we look like, here are our usernames!

    I’m Clair519 and BI is jessie04030)

  231. Gingerpopstar presents, ” The story of Icy Flame, Greatest Poptropican Ever ”

    prologue :”Where am I again ……”

    I opened my eyes and was greeted by blinding sunlight . I stood up and walked around the bright yellow blimp I was standing in .What’s with this blimp ? I don’t own a blimp !!! I don’t even like yellow! Were am I anyway ? I looked over the side of the blimp and realized I was in the middle of an ocean . With nowhere to go . I felt something hit my foot and looked down to see a large rolled up piece of paper . i picked it up and opened it . It was a map , i discovered i was in a place called “Poptropica”, weird name for a place .I learned that there were 30 islands and maybe more to come . Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Time Tangled, 24 Carrot, Super Power, Spy, Nabooti, Big Nate, Astro Knights, Counterfeit, Reality TV, Steamworks, Mythology, Great Pumpkin, Cryptids, Wild West, Red Dragon, Mystery Train, Wimpy Wonderland, Game Show , Shrink Ray, S.O.S., Twisted Thicket, Vampire’s Curse, Wimpy Boardwalk, Poptropolis, lunar Colony, Super Villan, Lunar Colony, and Skullduggery. Weird place = weird island names. I put down the map and headed twords the closest island.
    I, Icy Flame, will sove the mystery as to who brought me here and why…….

  232. ok i should have read that before i posted it { watch out for mistakes) In chapter 1 Icy Flame will end up on Early Poptropica. where she must solve the early poptropicans problems and make life long friends .

  233. Maroon Leaf’s Troubled Life

    Well, I decided that I would stop Orange Penguin’s adventures and just post other stories.

    Maroon Veronica Leaf was a troubled girl on the age of fourteen. Some kids hate school ’cause of homework right? Well, Ronnie hated school in a different way. And it’s about to be revealed.

    The alarm clock rung at 6:00 in the morning. Or it was more of a song that was ringing. In this case, it was ‘Starry Starry Night’. Maroon Leaf had a different instinct. Sleepy songs made her active and jolly songs made her sleepy.

    Maroon Leaf: Oh noooo! Not school! If I ever—

    Serious Leaf: Ronnie, dear, time for school!

    Maroon Leaf quickly jumped out of bed and into the shower. She was very eager for this day to be over. After a ten-minute shower, she dressed and went down for breakfast. I almost forgot to tell you, Ronnie was kind of on the rich side. You think most rich girls have a perfect and popular life? Not Ronnie.

    Serious Leaf: Sweetie, I know you’re wondering why Andrea isn’t serving your breakfast today. It’s because she took a two-month vacation. So be sure to check your email often! She told me she’d be sending a lot of pictures from Shark Tooth Island!

    Sweet Andrea Case was their household maid and Ronnie’s favorite.

    Maroon Life: Cool.

    Serious Leaf: I still don’t understand why you don’t want to go to the Poptropica Travel Academy this year.

    Maroon Leaf: I’ll go next summer, Mom. I still have many things to think about.

    Serious Leaf: If you say so…

    Serious Miranda Leaf was a bit worried about her daughter. The previous year had been a tragic one for Ronnie.

    Maroon Leaf finished her breakfast and grabbed her shoulder bag.

    Maroon Leaf: See you after school, Mom.

    She set out for school. If she knew how hard this day would have been, she might have been a bit more cautious.

    Cryptids Island was very animated during morning. Joggers coming out of their houses, dog-walkers…and so much more! This time was Maroon Leaf’s favorite. It was like the world coming back to life after many hours of silence and darkness.

    When she reached Cryptids Loch Ness National School, however, her happy feeling evaporated. While walking up the steps, she bumped into the last person she wanted to see. Smart Nathan Viper scattered textbooks left and right when he bumped into his ex-girlfriend.

    Maroon Leaf: Gee, I’m sorry about that. *starts picking up textbooks*

    Smart Viper: I can handle them myself, thank you! *snatches a textbook out of Ronnie’s reach*

    He snatched it from her reach, but not before Ronnie saw the title. It said English. A piece of paper flew out of the textbook and Maroon Leaf caught it. It was a poem:

    Her eyes are as green as fresh pickled toad
    Her hair is as shiny as the sun
    The soft cry of forgotten woes,
    Make her solemn as a nun

    She had read the whole poem before Smart Viper realized that it was a part from his English textbook.

    Smart Viper: 😳 Um, that’s just…um…

    Maroon Leaf: This poem’s great. You should show it to Miss Turtle for extra credit. *hands it back*

    Smart Viper: It was just something I did for fun. It’s for someone I like.

    But Maroon Leaf knew he didn’t write it for fun. It was obvious from the handwriting.

    Maroon Leaf: See you then.

    Once she entered her school, Maroon Leaf knew that it would be hard not talking to Smart Viper.


    ~ *A Very Witchy Red Leopard*