Character Info

This page is for the characters and their information on Pop & Seek, a Mini-Series Story. Who’s your favorite character? Comment c:


Magic Fire is the Brains of the group. With her style, her mind, and her tricks, the gang can get through anything.


Snowy Icicle is the youngest, and plainest member of the group. Going with the flow, afraid of her own style, she does things the way they should be done. But will she be original for once?


Bony Catfish is the Popular Member of the group. With her looks, her fashion, and her lavish lifestyle, she can afford anything the group needs. But can she help her friends without her money?


Spotted Dragon is the Adventurous Member of the group. Always looking out for friends, and ready for anything, she’ll face any Villain, or danger, head-on.


Lucky Snowball is the only guy in the group. No, this is not because the girls are feminists, it’s just because all girls were chosen in the Random Comment Contest 😛 Lucky’s character is just a laid back guy hanging out with some friends, through thick and thin.


Merv is the T.V. Store Manager of Reality TV Island. Not much to say, kinda old, needs Hair Dye, plays too many video games, and makes horrible deals with Blimp Companies.

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