Season 2 (Episodes 15-23)


Episode 15: Finally Free from Skullduggery

(Released August 22, 2011)~Please note that this episode may contain spoilers, and one part also contains real dialogue based from Skullduggery Island gameplay.~BT*audience cheers as Brave Tomato walks on stage*

Brave Tomato: Settle down now, everybody. Settle down, Curious Bee fans. Settle. Settle. Good. Well last time we saw Curious Bee…

Audience: *cheers*

Brave Tomato: I said settle! Well… last time we saw Curious Bee, she was portaled away from Skullduggery to have a little confrontation. Well just to let you guys know, everything is fine now, we made up. So… let’s start the show.

Audience: *is silent*

Brave Tomato: Ok, NOW you can cheer.

*audience cheers as curtains open*

Bendy Tornado: How long have we been on this island?!

Quiet Snake: I don’t know, about 3 days? I can’t tell.

Curious Bee: Well, thank goodness for these coconuts. *breaks a coconut* Coconut water anybody?

Blue Skull: No thank you.

Nice Sword: No, I’m good.

Curious Bee: Well, there’s no time for food right now. We need to figure out how in Poptropica we could get off Skullduggery Island.

Quiet Snake: Maybe those portals could help?

Curious Bee: No, whenever we get portaled somewhere, we end up back here on Skullduggery Island.

Quiet Snake: Good point. Good point.

Nice Sword: Hey, what’s that?

*Bee turns around to see a ship, even more, a Phoenix Warbird. A poptropican gets off it.”

Lone Ring: Come on, where is it? Where’s the treasure… oh hi! You’re the guys from Parrot Port.

*Curious Bee and the gang stare, flabbergasted*

Blue Skull: We’re free! *goes to Lone Ring’s feet* Oh thank you! Thank you!

Lone Ring: Okay… how did you end up here anyways.

Curious Bee: Long story.

Bendy Tornado: Now what’s this about treasure…

Lone Ring: Oh yeah! *reads treasure map* Take six paces to the east from the flag. *steps* One two three four five… six! *starts digging with shovel*

*two hours pass and Lone Ring finally got out the treasure*

Nice Sword: Oh my gosh! *fascinated*

Quiet Snake: *turns to see a pirate ship heading towards them* Oh my gosh. *worried*

*Captain Crawfish and a few other crew members get off ship*

Lone Ring: Captain Crawfish????? But I thought you were….

Captain Crawfish: So we meet again!

Nice Sword: *whispers to CB* Is he who I think he is?…

Curious Bee: Captain Crawfish! *squints eyes* But I had seen him before…

Captain Crawfish: *to CB group* QUIET! We are having a confrontation here! *to Lone Ring* My good and loyal spy was watching the governor, waiting, for someone to bring the map. *to govenor’s assistant guy* You have done well, my servant.

Govenor’s Assistant Guy: They played right into our hands!

Captain Crawfish: And now, it’s time to claim my treasure!

*with these words, Curious Bee and the group try to surround the treasure*

*all of a sudden, the boat starts shaking and cannons start flying out*

Captain Crawfish: *turns around* What’s going on??

Pirate 1: We’re under attack! Run for it!

*Captain Crawfish and the crew run away, along the way stumbling the CB group*

Curious Bee: Gaah! What’s going on!

*Captain Crawfish’s ship sinks*

Lone Ring Crew Member 1: Take that, you scallywag! Didn’t I tell you I’d sink Captain Crawfish some day?

Lone Ring Crew Member 2: I never did like Crawfish…

Lone Ring: Good work, crew! Now let’s load the treasure and get out of here! *Lone Ring gets on his boat*

Curious Bee: Hey! Wait for us!

Lone Ring: Don’t start sailing yet!

*CB and group help haul the treasure and get on the boat*

Captain Crawfish: Curse you, Lone Ring! And his friends too! You can’t just leave me here!

Curious Bee: Yes we can!

*boat starts leaving into the moonrise*

Nice Sword: What just happened?

Blue Skull: Goodbye, Skullduggery.

Quiet Snake: It doesn’t really matter what happened. As long as we get to say goodbye to Skullduggery Island itself.

Bendy Tornado: *at front of boat* I’m king of the world!

Curious Bee: *with Bendy Tornado* I’m flying!

Curious Bee Ship

*Curious and Bendy look at each other, awkwardly, they both blush*

*time passes and Long Ring and the CB group arrive at Fort Ridley*

Lone Ring: Well, I have to go. I got to tell the governor the good news.

Curious Bee: Oh, that’s ok. Hope we meet again.

Lone Ring: Hope so too. *winks at the group and runs off*

Nice Sword: So now what do we do?

Curious Bee: Let’s get back on the blimp.

Blue Skull: You got that right. I wanna get out of this weird place!

*CB and group find and get on the blimp*


*CB group float off into the open seas*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. Especially the fact that it’s been about a month since we last saw her. So that’s it for today. Tune in next time! *bows and walks off stage*

*Audience cheers until ‘Tune in next time’ appears on the curtains*

Audience: Aww…

*an audience member throws a tomato at the sign*

Episode 16: 24 Carrots aren’t Enough

(released September 25, 2011)

*audience ends up waiting*

Audience Member: Where’s Brave Tomato? She’s supposed to be here a half-hour ago…

Audience Member 2: I know… *throws a tomato at “new episode today” sign*


Brave Tomato: *on the Mystery Train* Oh gosh, where’s my pen?! Where’s my pen?! *finds and grabs pen* Phew. *draws a star on her cheek* That’s better. *looks at watch* Uh oh. *runs to Conductor* Conductor! CONDUCTOR! Stop the train!

Conductor: Do you want to get off so you can get to a new island?

Brave Tomato: Yes! I’m Brave Tomato and I’m late for my show!

Conductor: …Never heard of you. Oh well, carry on. *stops train*

Brave Tomato: *dashes off train and onto blimp, flies to Early Poptropica and runs to stage*

Audience: Where in Poptropica have you been?!

Brave Tomato: We’ll get to that later. I’m too exhausted to tell you what happened last episode, so basically, they got off of Skullduggery, finally. Let’s just get this over with.

(curtains open)

Bendy Tornado: *looks at map* Looks to me like we are heading towards 24 Carrot Island.=

Blue Skull: *looks up* 24 Carrot Island?!

Bendy Tornado: What is it?

Blue Skull: My cousin, Crazy Comet, lives on that island!

Curious Bee: He does???

Blue Skull: *nods*

Nice Sword: …

Quiet Snake: Why are you so quiet, Swordy?

Nice Sword: I don’t want to talk about it.

Quiet Snake: Okay… *stares at Sword*

*lands on 24 Carrot Island*

Quiet Snake: *hops off of blimp* Wow, this place is a dump.

Bendy Tornado: I know… *looks around* I can’t believe it. Last time I’ve been here, the skies were as blue as can be.

Blue Skull: It’s always like that, a bit. There’s a factory down the street.

Curious Bee: I’m famished. Let’s go into that diner.

*CB group enters the diner*

Waitress: Hey guys, welcome to the 24 Diner. Unfortunatley, a quarter of our options are unavailable due to the mysterious disappearances of carrots. I apologize for the inconvienience.

Curious Bee: That’s strange…. *walks over to a posterboard of missing children* *eyes widen* Umm… Blue Skull? You might want to look at this…

Blue Skull: What is it?… *reads the sign*

Blue Skull: *eyes widen* Oh my gosh! They got my cousin! You know what? I’m not hungry anymore.

Bendy Tornado: What’s going on?

Blue Skull: My cousin is one of the missing kids!

Blue Skull: August 4 he was last seen?! Are you kidding me?! Last time I saw him was Christmas!

Quiet Snake: Calm down, Blue. We’re going to get to the bottom of this.

Nice Sword: This was exactly what I don’t want you to see! *looks at the poster* I knew Shy Sky since I was a toddler. I have no idea how she disappeared, only known that she did.

Curious Bee: I’m sorry, Sword. We need to get to the bottom of this.

Chef: Woah woah woah, kids! This is too dangerous! You 5 might end up on that list too! Let the grown-ups handle this case, from the carrots to the kids.

Curious Bee: It doesn’t matter if we’re kids. We still have to do this.

*cliffhanger-curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode. Tune in next time to see what happens next.

Episode 17 (Special): Halloween on Goodstein Street

released October 30, 2011

Brave Tomato: *offstage* Hello peepz! Happy Halloween! :D

*audience cheer until BT walks on stage*

Brave Tomato: *in a Medusa costume* What?

Audience Member: Nice Statue of Liberty costume. *snicker*

Brave Tomato: *rolls eyes* I wish I could turn you to stone right now. FYI, this is a Medusa costume. Whatever. Let’s just start.

*curtains open*

*CB and group get portaled to another location*

Nice Sword: Oww…. not again. I hate portaling. They always happen at the worst times.

Blue Skull: You got that right… now let me see where we are..*looks at map upside-down* Why is everything upside-down?

Quiet Snake: Because it IS upside-down, ditzhead. *turns around map*

Blue Skull: You turned it upside… oh. Ok. I knew it. I just was to lazy to fix it. It seems from the looks of it, we are on… Early Poptropica Island.

Quiet Snake: *facepalm* I just don’t understand you, Blue. *points to Early Poptropica sign*

Curious Bee: Hey guys, look! *points to Poptropicans in costumes*

Bendy Tornado: *looks* What is it? A costume ball?

Blue Skull: No, dude. It’s Halloween.

Bendy Tornado: Hallo-what-now?

Curious Bee: What? You mean that you don’t really know about Halloween?

Bendy Tornado: No, it’s not that I never heard of it. It’s just that ever since I became too old to trick or treat, I just never thought about Halloween. The last time I went trick-or-treating was when I was 10.

Curious Bee: But look! There are 14 and 15-year-olds trick-or-treating. You’re 13!

Bendy Tornado: *looks* Really?

Curious Bee: Yeah.

Bendy Tornado: I guess I could give it a shot then.

Curious Bee: Isn’t the scene of Halloween great?

Bendy Tornado: Yeah it is.

Blue Skull: Isn’t it?

Bendy Tornado: *sarcastically* Wonderful.

Random Kid: Hey, why aren’t you in a costume?

Quiet Snake: Oh crud! We aren’t wearing any costumes! I’ll fix that! *pulls out costumes out of bag*

Nice Sword: You have everything in that bag. O_O

Quiet Snake: Let’s see… oh, here’s the one I want to be! *grabs angel costume and throws Creepy Countess costume to Nice Sword* Here, you can have this one.

Nice Sword: *looks at costume* I don’t know if I should be thankful or insulted.

Quiet Snake: Oh! Here’s the perfect one for you, Blue! *throws costume*

Blue Skull: *Looks at costume* A cowboy?? Are you kidding me?

Quiet Snake: Oh! Here’s one for you, Bendy! *throws costume*

Bendy Tornado: A rock star. Hmm… okay.

Quiet Snake: And finally, for Curious Bee… *throws costume*

Curious Bee: A fairy queen? Well, I guess it is fine.

Quiet Snake: We can just wear it over our clothes. And I got something for you, Bendy… *pulls out eyeliner*

Bendy Tornado: Ohh no. I am not wearing eyeliner!

Curious Bee: But it will make your outfit come together!

Bendy Tornado: But… I… fine. Just this once. Don’t go and think about any ideas next year. *puts on eyeliner*

Blue Skull: Don’t you look dashing! *snickers*

Bendy Tornado: Yes, I’m wearing makeup, can we please get this over with?

Curious Bee: Costumes… we all have sacks… check. This is Early Poptropica, but this is the city district. My mom never goes there, and none of the city kids go to the same school I do, so thank goodness for that.

Blue Skull: Where should we go then?

Nice Sword: Yorlando Road has the best decorations!

Blue Skull: But I heard one of the houses gives out toothbrushes. I’m not taking the chance.

Bendy Tornado: *shrugs* Maybe he’s a dentist?

Curious Bee: How about Goodstein Street?

Quiet Snake: Goodstein Street? That place has a bunch of weirdos!

Bendy Tornado/Blue Skull: *look at each other* Perfect.

Quiet Snake: Seriously??? You really want to go there?

Curious Bee: I mean, why not? It’s Halloween.

Quiet Snake: Oh, fine! *hesitantly follows CB group*

*the group approach a cross sign to Goodstein Street*

Curious Bee: Let’s do this.

*The CB group starts recieving candy. Bendy Tornado attempts to steal a bag from a kid, but Curious Bee makes him change his mind. Before the Curious Bee group knew it, their sacks were getting full*

Nice Sword: *pulls candy bag* Wow. This is enough candy to feed… I don’t know.

Curious Bee: Hey, why’s that kid alone? And why is he wearing a flower costume? *points to a boy, dressed in a flower costume*


*the boy is walking down the street, alone. He looks down at a picture and draws a heart on it with his finger. He sighs, then puts the picture away. His bag is more empty than full, although he’s been trick-or-treating for a while.*

Smart Scorpion: I’m just not in the mood for Halloween, Poppy. Without you here, it’s never the same. You wanted to dress up as a flower for Halloween, so I guess I did it for you. *draws heart on picture with his finger* I miss you so much.

*back with the CB gang*

Quiet Snake: He looks pretty down.

Bendy Tornado: Wait, I know that kid. That’s Smart Scorp. He went to school with me.

Nice Sword: He’s staring at a picture.

*Smart Scorpion looks up and at the CB gang*

Smart Scorpion: What?

Curious Bee: Oh, sorry! Didn’t mean to stare. It’s just the…

Smart Scorpion: Flower costume? Yeah, I get that a lot today.

Nice Sword: We should mind our own buisnesses. Come on, CB.

*The CB group continue their way*

Blue Skull: Check out the kids! *points to family*

*meanwhile, the two Ring girls are frightened to death, they kept on grabbing to their mother’s leg*

Eleanor Ring: Come on, girls.

Super Ring: *in fairy costume* But I’m scared.

Happy Ring: *in zombie costume* To tell you the truth, so am I.

Eleanor Ring: Well, come on girls, the past has to be forgotten some time.

Happy and Super Ring: We can’t forget it!!

*back at CB group*

Curious Bee: Those kids look terrified.

Quiet Snake: Tell me about it. Even the older one.

Nice Sword: You guys should really stop acting like nosy Josies. Come on!

*more walking*

Curious Bee: Well, I think we got pretty much every house on Goodstein Street.

Blue Skull: Got that right.

Curious Bee: Hey, what’s that? *points to a circus tent*

Bendy Tornado: A circus tent?

Nice Sword: *reads poster* Red Raven Spider’s Halloween Extravaganza. Interesting posing as a horror figure.

*a scream can be heard in the tent*

Curious Bee: Interesting…. let’s move on.

*as the duo turn to leave, a girl in a zombie disco costume walk by… and she peculiarly inspects the girls*

Nice Sword: Um, what are you doing?

Shy Diamond: Oh, sorry! I was just looking at your costume. It’s interesting.

Quiet Snake: Oh my gosh! Yours look so cool!

Shy Diamond: Thanks, I guess.

Curious Bee: Are you going to that circus thing?

Shy Diamond: I guess I am. Nothing better to do.

*another scream comes from then circus tent*

Shy Diamond: They started the show already??? I better go. *walks away, then says to self* Fairy Queen and Angel seem nice. Countess girl got lucky she’s in a bad costume.

Nice Sword: I heard that!


Curious Bee: Gosh, I’m exhausted. I wonder if we could take a nap in the corner. *goes over to a bench and lies down*

Blue Skull: We will be back for you in 10 minutes!

*others walk away. Curious Bee falls asleep quickly. Someone approaches her and knocks CB out*


*Curious Bee wakes up to find herself in a peculiar graveyard. She gets up and looks around for a little bit. Alone, she sighs.*

Curious Bee: Where am I? *looks* Bendy? Quiet? Anyone? *steps forward* Who brought me here? Huh? *bravely* Show yourself.

*An owl hoots in the night. Curious Bee looks around for a little bit more time, and she becomes more determined to find who brought her there.*


Quiet Snake: *notices empty bench* Hey, where’s Bee?

Blue Skull: Dunno. Maybe she wandered off or something.

Bendy Tornado: Hey, she left her candy sack behind.

(back at the graveyard)

Curious Bee: Where are you??

Mysterious Voice: I’m here, Curious Miranda Bee. I was always here.

Curious Bee: *turns quickly* Show yourself!

*a girl comes around the corner and she looks as peculiar as the graveyard*

Curious Bee: *looks* Who are you?

Sasha: I’m Sasha.

Curious Bee: Sasha? *looks* Why does that name sound so familiar?

Sasha: Don’t you remember me, Miranda? I was in class with you when we were 7! We were very close! Was it when I decided to travel you forgot about me? While you were stuck here?!

Curious Bee: Sasha… you are transparent. Are you… dead? *steps back*

Sasha: Yes, I’m dead! Captain Crawfish sunk my raft! I was trapped. I couldn’t get out. So I… drowned.

Curious Bee: My gosh! That’s terrible!

Sasha: Why would you care, Miranda?! You forgot I ever existed!

*a breeze dashed through the graveyard*

Sasha: You never cared after I’ve gone, Miranda! You never called me! You never contacted me in anyway! And now I’m dead! And it’s technically your fault as well as the Captain’s!

Curious Bee: Sasha… please.

Sasha: You don’t even know my first and last names? You are such a foolish citizen of the living! I was Serious Sasha Rider! We used to call each other by our middle names for the heck of it! I should’ve known! Now, I’m going to make you feel my pain…

*Sasha floats into the ground and Curious Bee noticed something wasn’t right. Her feet were trapped in the ground, thanks to Sasha. She couldn’t move. She became trapped in a locked stone house. There was a pipe that went through the bottom. Sasha breaks the pipe and water gushes in the house. Curious Bee is trapped and Sasha was trying to drown her, like she had!*

Curious Bee: *screams* HELP!!!

(near the graveyard)


Nice Sword: Did you hear that?

Bendy Tornado: That sounds like Curious Bee! *runs to the graveyard*

Curious Bee: Help!!!

Bendy Tornado: *worried* CURIOUS BEE!!!

Curious Bee: Bendy? Is that you? *water approaches hip height*

*Bendy Tornado starts dissembling stone house*

Bendy Tornado: Curious Bee is trapped in here! Help me with the stones!

*the CB group continues removing the blocks to get Curious Bee out of there, eventually, water is seen flowing out. Curious Bee is pulled out, gasping for air. Then, she hugs Bendy Tornado.*

Nice Sword/ Quiet Snake/ Blue Skull: O_O

Sasha: *unseen* You haven’t seen the last of me… *vanishes*

Curious Bee: Thank you so much. You saved my life.

Bendy Tornado: *startled by CB’s actions* Don’t mention it…

*portal opens*

Quiet Snake: Looks like we are going back.

*everyone except Bendy and Curious enter the portal*

Bendy Tornado: Look, before we go back, I need to tell you something.

Curious Bee: What is it?

Bendy Tornado: *holds her hands* I… I love you, Curious Bee.

*Curious gasps a little and stares at Bendy, blushing like a rose.

Bendy Tornado: It was like love at first sight for me. When I got to know you, my love got stronger. You’re so beautiful on the inside and outside. *looks at CB* You okay?

Curious Bee: I’m fine. It’s just that… I… I like you too.

Bendy Tornado: *smiles* Ready to go back?

Curious Bee: *nods*

*Bendy Tornado and Curious Bee, holding hands, jump into the portal*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: *holding a tissue* So it finally happened. It’s so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes. Well, Happy Halloween everyone. Get lots of candy!

Episode 18: Carrots and Secrets

released November 17, 2011

Brave Tomato: Hello guys. Well, I guess I’m still shocked from last episode, the Halloween special. Love. People just grow up too fast. Also, with Sasha Rider around now, who knows when she’ll pop up. That girl will try and sabotage them when they can. Even situations that could be life-threatining. Well. Let’s start.

*curtains open*

(on 24 Carrot Island main street)

Curious Bee: … and then Sasha trapped me into that stone house and tried to drown me! But you guys saved me!

Blue Skull: What’s up with that Sasha girl?

Nice Sword: I know, right? She’s psycho!

Quiet Snake: She doesn’t even look like a ghost!

Bendy Tornado: Tell me about it.

Nice Sword: Well, come on! We still need to save my friend and Blue’s cousin. *walks with Blue and Quiet*

*CB and Bendy look at each other*

Curious Bee: We can’t let anyone know about our new relationship. They’ll think that they’re just third wheels if we do.

Bendy Tornado: I know, CB. You know, Miranda is a nice middle name. Want to know what mine is?

Curious Bee: Yeah?

Bendy Tornado: It’s-

Blue Skull: *shouts* Come on you two!

Bendy Tornado: Look, I’ll tell you later.

*CB and Bendy run to catch up, Sasha appeared, smirked, then disappeared*

Quiet Snake: It’s about time!

Blue Skull: Man, what is up with you two, lately?

Curious Bee/ Bendy Tornado: *in unison* Oh, nothing.

Nice Sword: If you two say so…

*continue walking*

Blue Skull: Well, this is the factory… let’s go.

*walk on to roof and finds map of factory, fall to pipe opening*

Bendy Tornado: Dang, it’s shut closed.

Nice Sword: Do you have a crowbar on you, Quiet?

Quiet Snake: Nope. All I have are clothes, a Poptropica map, a compass, and non-perishable food supplies.

Bendy Tornado: That’s very helpful right now.

Quiet Snake: Hello? It was helpful on Halloween…

Curious Bee: There’s that hardware shop nearby. *looks at nasty water* Sheesh, who’d want to swim in that?

Bendy Tornado: We’re going. C’mon, Miranda.

Curious Bee: *blushes* Coming!

*goes into hardware shop*

Charlie: Uh… hi. How may I help you? I apologize but all carrot related items are no longer available until further notice.

Nice Sword: That’s strange. Here too?

Charlie: Everyone is. Someone has been taking all of the carrots.

Blue Skull: ALL the carrots?! But that’s what 24 Carrot is known for!

Charlie: Tell me about it. Well, um, how may I help you?

Curious Bee: Do you happen to have a crowbar?

Charlie: Oh, yes! Our simplest crowbar costs 18 dollars.

Bendy Tornado: Does anybody have any money on them?

Curious Bee: Copy Cat stole my wallet.

Bendy Tornado: She did what?

Blue Skull: It’s at home.

Nice Sword: Home.

Bendy Tornado: *facepalm*

Quiet Snake: Spent it all on clothes.

Bendy Tornado: *double facepalm*

Charlie: Aw, don’t worry. It’s on the house if you can do me a favor.

Curious Bee: What do you want us to do?

Charlie: Well, my cat has been missing for a week now. Last time I saw her was at the farmhouse. If you find her, the crowbar is on the house.

Blue Skull: You want us to look for a cat. Whatever will get us that crowbar, we’ll do. Cmon.

*goes to farm land*

Nice Sword: *looks* Carrots?!

*CB group turn and see 4 carrots in the ground. They ran to it, but the carrots are mysteriously sucked in*

Quiet Snake: Huh?! They’re gone! Like they’ve been sucked into the land or something.

Blue Skull: I know that carrots grow underground, but this is ridiculous.

*Farmer Sky, Shy Sky’s farmer dad, walks up*

Farmer Sky: Yeah, we’ve been getting that a lot lately.

Nice Sword: Farmer Sky? Is that you?

Farmer Sky: Well I’ll be golly. Nice Gertrude Sword, is that you?

Quiet Snake: Gertrude? *snickers*

Nice Sword: For the last time, Farmer Sky, it’s Gabriella. Not Gertrude.

Farmer Sky: That’s not what your birth certificate says.

Nice Sword: Look, my middle name was smudged.

Curious Bee: Well, I’m Curious Bee, a friend of Nice Sword… and do you happen to see a cat around here?

Farmer Sky: I happened to see it wander into the farm house through the chimney. I’d say that it was as curious as a bee! *chuckles, then sighs* Not even that would cheer me up. Ever since Shy Sky disappeared that darned day, I was devastated. I can feel it in my blood that she’s still alive. I need her to be homeward bound. I miss her dearly.

Blue Skull: Yikes. Well, I can relate to you. My cousin Crazy Comet is on that bulletin! That’s why we are trying to solve the case of the missing carrots and kids.

Farmer Sky: Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! I’ll let you five head on your way. Good luck findin the carrots and the kids! 24 Carrot Island depends on it!

*CB and group go up to the roof*

Quiet Snake: Are you kidding? We are going through the chimney? Who are we, Santa Claus or something?

Nice Sword: Come on, Madeline. *falls through chimney*

Quiet Snake: Alright, I’m comin, Gertrude! *falls through chimney*

Blue Skull: Someone better not be ho-oh-no-ing down this chimney! *falls through*

Bendy Tornado: Well, since we’re alone again, Miranda, I think I can tell you my middle name. It’s… Zachary.

Curious Bee: Zachary… I like that middle name.

Nice Sword: *calls from chimney* C’mon you guys!

Bendy Tornado: Oh, we are coming! *falls through chimney*

Curious Bee: *falls through chimney*

Nice Sword: *calls* Here kitty kitty….

Quiet Snake: All that can be useful here is this kitty bowl. *picks up bowl*

Nice Sword: *looks* What happened to the stairs? Oh well. *climbs low-hanging light*

Curious Bee: *follows Nice Sword* Any luck?

Nice Sword: No…


Curious Bee: Was that a meow?


Nice Sword: I think it is! *goes to bathroom ands sees kitty in the shower*

Cat: Meow?

*CB attempts to hold kitty, but kitty refuses to be held*

Curious Bee: Sheesh, stubborn kitty.

Nice Sword: Tell me about it. *turns shower knob* Sorry, kitty.


Curious Bee: C’mon, geddit geddit geddit!

*CB group chases cat around. The cat seems impossible to grab onto.*

Blue Skull: Sheesh, this cat is NOT cooperating with us.

Quiet Snake: Thank you, Sparky.

Bendy Tornado: Wait, I don’t think we have to chase the cat. We can just lure it, somehow.

Nice Sword: But how?

Curious Bee: We have a cat bowl… and wasn’t that waitress back at the diner holding a milk pitcher?

Blue Skull: Fuzzy image, but I think she was.

Curious Bee: Let’s go.

*goes to Carrot King Diner*

Curious Bee: Excuse me, but can you fill this bowl with milk.

Waitress: Sure thing, sweetie. *pours milk into bowl*

Quiet Snake: *looks* Are you sure that this will work?

Curious Bee: Hopefully. If not, plan two, get a toy mouse. Let’s go.

*goes back through chimney*

Curious Bee: *places dish* Here, kitty kitty.

Bendy Tornado: Maybe he’s back at the shower?

Curious Bee: Maybe. *goes up to shower and turns it on again, lures the cat to the first floor and cat drinks milk*

Cat: Meow.

Bendy Tornado: Looked like that worked.

*goes up chimney with cat*

Nice Sword: Good thing she’ll cooperate now.

Curious Bee: Let’s return this kitty to her rightful owner: Charlie.

*goes to hardware shop*

Charlie: Whiskers! Is that you?! Thank you so much! As I promised, here’s the crowbar. On the house!

Curious Bee: Thank you so very much.

Charlie: No, thank you. Have a nice day!

*CB group leave shop and return to factory*

Bendy Tornado: Here, let me handle that crowbar. *opens lid using crowbar*

Quiet Snake: *looks in pipe* Ew… are you sure we should go in there?

Nice Sword: Positive. Come on, Madeline.

Quiet Snake: Stop calling me that, Gertrude! *goes into pipe*

*rest of the CB group goes into pipe. Sasha appears and sneakily closes the lid of the pipe*

Sasha: Once you get in, you can’t get out…

Blue Skull: Wait, did you hear that?

Curious Bee: What? *looks* Oh my gosh! We’re trapped! Look, the pipe is closed!

Sasha: You know, Miranda, I was trapped too, when I drowned. This is the only way out. How are you going to get out now, Miranda?

Curious Bee: Sasha.

Sasha: Ta ta, Miranda and pals. And boyfriend. *disappears*

Quiet Snake: Oh, that rotton ghost!

Nice Sword: I don’t trust that girl, but what did she mean by boyfriend?

*QS, NS, and BS immediately look at CB and Bendy*

Curious Bee: … it’s true.

Nice Sword: What?

Bendy Tornado: Sasha wasn’t lying. I really am her boyfriend.

Quiet Snake: Why the heck didn’t you tell us?!

Curious Bee: Well.. um.. we don’t want you to feel like you’re third wheels.

Blue Skull: What do you mean?

Bendy Tornado: We don’t want you to think “Oh, it’s CB and Bendy, CB and Bendy, CB and Bendy”.

Quiet Snake: *grimly* Well, you got your wish for me.. *attempts to kick lid open to go, but fails* Ow, my foot.

Curious Bee: Quiet! Please! You don’t understand!

Quiet Snake: I dont understand?? You don’t understand either, Miranda! I gave you clothes! I gave you food! And what did you give me? Nothing! Now, you are in a relationship with gang boy over here! You only started to like him because he saved your lil’ old life! I thought we were a group. *notices a box of carrot teleporters on the floor and uses one of them. The teleporter falls to the floor*

Curious Bee: *pants, then looks grimly at Bendy*

Bendy Tornado: What?

Curious Bee: I’m not going to let a relationship ruin a friendship…

Bendy Tornado: What do you mean?

Curious Bee: Sasha blew our cover! She’s hurting us not only physically, but socially and mentally too!

Bendy Tornado: I’m not going to let a little ghost girl go in between us.

Curious Bee: Don’t you get it, Bendy?! It’s our fault we lost Quiet! It’s all. Our. Fault.

*meanwhile outside the factory*

Quiet Snake: *walking away* Oh… my gosh. I can’t believe they would do such a thing like that. Of course…, fall in love. That will help us, right guys?! NO it won’t!

?: Maybe you just didn’t listen to her yet.

*Quiet Snake turns to see a girl with long flowing blonde hair. She’s wearing a heart t-shirt with a belt and skirt. She looks considerably at Quiet.*

Quiet Snake: Wha.. who-

Callie: Call me Callie, young girl. I had met your friend Curious Bee once. She helped me.

Quiet Snake: Go away. Curious Bee has changed. She has her own boyfriend and I know that eventually, she’ll think of me, Nice Sword, and Blue Skull as third wheels.

Callie: Love is what is bugging you, huh? Just because Curious Bee has a date doesn’t mean that she thinks of you any different. All it is is just a boy in her life. Nothing’s changed about herself.

Quiet Snake: I need Curious Bee to say that herself.

Callie: She has been saying that herself. You just weren’t listening, Madeline.

Quiet Snake: She has…?

Callie: I guess I’ll show you myself. *heads towards pipe* Come.

*Quiet Snake walks to pipe and hears through pipe*

Curious Bee: *echos through pipe* This is all my fault. I’m the reason Sasha has been so mean to us. I started the chain of the drowning, the leaving, the hate, and the love.

Bendy Tornado: *echo through pipe* It’s not your fault. Sasha’s the one blaming you for something that you didn’t do.

*Quiet Snake is stunned by what she hears. Callie looks at her with consideration.*

Quiet Snake: I… I…

Callie: Hush, sweetie. I understand your thoughts. They’re flooding through your mind, aren’t they?

Quiet Snake: Callie, I don’t know what to do. I already hurt them, and I think because of me, Curious and Bendy’s relationship is in danger.

Callie: You can’t make people fall in love. You can help them, encourage them to again. All you have to do is come back. You’re the reason that this is all happening, but it’s not too late to fix it. Go on, Madeline. Fix it. I’ll be watching from outside.

Quiet Snake: Thank you. Thank you so much for helping me realize everything. I’ll go apologize. *runs to pipe and Callie follows* Hey! Guys! Let me in! Please!

Curious Bee: Quiet?!

Bendy Tornado: Here, I’ll go outside so I could get her in. *brings crowbar and uses teleporter*

Quiet Snake: Okay, so that’s what it looks like when you teleport.

*Bendy Tornado appears outside the factory and heads toward the pipe*

Bendy Tornado: *on roof* I’m coming… *Sasha appears and pushes Bendy Tornado, leaving him hanging from the edge of the roof*

Sasha: Well well well… if it isn’t Mr. Hero over here. Look at yourself. From here, you don’t look like you were from a gang. You just look like a flimsy human who’s hanging from a cliff.

Callie: *notices on the roof* Wait, what the…

Bendy Tornado: I don’t care about your words, Sasha. Not anymore. *lets go of cliff and lands on the pipe, he opens the lid* Get in! *goes in*

Quiet Snake: *runs in*

*Sasha immediatley closes the door, but this time makes the carrot teleporters malfunction*

Sasha: As I had said before, there’s no way out. *disappears*

Quiet Snake: Listen you guys, I’m sorry I freaked out on you two. It’s just that there were so many different things happening at once that it all got to my head.

Curious Bee: Well, you did scare me for a second. I’m sorry too. I sounded despreate.

*Quiet Snake and Curious Bee do a friendship hug. Quiet opens her eyes and winks at Callie, who’s on the other side of the lid. Callie walks away*

Quiet Snake: *mouths* Thank you, Callie.

Episode 19 (Special)- A Curious Bee Christmas Carol

(released December 20, 2011)

*portal appears backstage and CB group falls out of it*

Blue Skull: Okay… we portaled again.

Quiet Snake: Wait… is this a stage?

Brave Tomato: *as director* Oh, there you guys are! I actually portaled you. I need your help: I don’t have some leads for my interpretation of A Christmas Carol!

Bendy Tornado: I don’t act.

Brave Tomato: Then you would be perfect for Scrooge!

Bendy Tornado: Wai… huh?

Brave Tomato: *turns* Curious Bee, you can be Bob… Barbara Cratchit.

Curious Bee: Okay, but why can’t I be Belle?

Brave Tomato: Part taken. *turns to Quiet Snake* I’m thinking Ghost of Christmas Past for you.

Quiet Snake: Oh, yay! I love that girl.

Brave Tomato: *turns to Nice Sword* Can you be… um.. Marle…ne?

Nice Sword: Small part, but okay.

Brave Tomato: *turns to Blue Skull* I think that you would be a good Ghost of Christmas Present.

Blue Skull: Uh… I guess so. Do I have to wear a beard?

Brave Tomato: Possibly. So does Bendy.

Bendy Tornado: What?

Brave Tomato: Just kidding! This can be a… clean shaven version. Let me introduce you to the rest of the cast. *walks over* There’s Wild Seagull, he’s playing Tiny Tim. There’s sfggang, who’s playing Fezziwig, there’s Shaggy Eel, who’s playing Belle, three273, the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, our charity representative Wild Berry, Scrooge’s cousin Felicia, Clean Tornado and finally, there’s Smart Crown, the kid at the end who gets a turkey for Barbara Cratchit.

Blue Skull: *looks at three273* She’s the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?

Three273: Just wait until you see my costume.

Brave Tomato: Okay, let’s start!

Bendy Tornado: Wait… I hear an audience. The show’s TONIGHT?!

Brave Tomato: All of you know the story, right?

Bendy Tornado: Uh… I guess.

Brave Tomato: Good, get in costume, everybody! The show starts in a half-hour.

*everybody dashes to the dressing room, male and female*

*in boys dressing room*

Bendy Tornado: *looks at costume* I have to wear that?

Blue Skull: At least it’s better than wearing eyeliner.

Bendy Tornado: You got a point there. *looks at grey wig* No, no way. I am NOT wearing grey hair!

*Lone Ring comes in*

Bendy Tornado: You! You’re part of the crew, right?

Lone Ring: Yeah. All of the Super Team pretty much is.

Bendy Tornado: Tell miss director out there that I’m leaving alone the grey wig.

Lone Ring: Okay, then. *leaves*

Wild Seagull: *looks up* I have to dress up like I’m so young. *to self* I only signed up to meet the CB gang.

*in girls dressing room*

Curious Bee: Wow, there’s too many girls in this play.

Quiet Snake: I know! *looks at costume* At least the dress is nice.

Nice Sword: Okay, my costume is iffy. And the chains? Not my thing. And there’s a phantom power and an electrify… I’ll do purple.

*on stage*

*audience cheers*

Brave Tomato: Curious Bee fans! Merry Christmas! :D

*audience cheers again*

Brave Tomato: Guys, this is not going to be just on a movie screen, this time! Curious Miranda Bee and the group is here in person!

*cheers once again*

Brave Tomato: I have something special for you today. We have a little play going on here, but it’s going to be different. First of all, due to the unwillingness of many males, some male parts became female parts. *Lone Ring enters and whispers Bendy’s message to Brave and leaves* Secondly, Scrooge is going to be a young man instead of a senior citizen. Wait, what am I blabbering about?

Audience Member: What makes your show so different?

Brave Tomato: Oh yeah! Just… heck with that. I sent the crew to pick up the cast. Why did I just say that? Well, here we go…

*curtains open on a snowy main street. People walk around greeting with “Merry Christmas”. For a second, the seems happy, until a young man with a monocle walks past. Nobody greets him. Nobody says “Merry Christmas”, because they know what he’s going to say.*

Scrooge: *looks at the sign of his store* Humbug. *enters store*

*Barbara Cratchit is seen sneaking coal. She notices Scrooge and puts the coal piece behind her back*

Barbara: *stutters* Good-good morning, Mr. Scrooge!

Scrooge: What do you have behind your back there, Cratchit?

Barbara: Umm.. Nothing!

Scrooge: I know you too well, Cratchit! You’re hiding a flimsy piece of coal behind your back. Put it back! And start writing!

Barbara: Yes, Mr. Scrooge. *puts coal piece back*

Scrooge: *goes to his desk* Now where was I in my coin counting from yesterday? Oh yes! *counts coins* 934, 935, 936…

Charity Representative: *peeks in* Good afternoon, sir.

Scrooge: *wanting to go back to his coin counting* Whaddayou want?

Charity Representative: Well, I am a representative from the Poptropica Give A Hope charity. Would you like to make a donation for the holiday season?

Scrooge: Meh. Leave me alone.

Charity Representative: But the kids need your help!

Scrooge: Well then why don’t they help themselves then!

Charity Representative: They can’t help themselves.

Scrooge: Bring them to the workhouse! Some of the money here is contributed there, you know.

Charity Representative: But some would rather die!

Scrooge: If they rather die, they better do it! It’ll decrease the surplus population! Get out of my sight!

Charity Representative: *startled by Scrooge’s words, she gently slips out*

Barbara: *looks outside and sees the rep walk away miserable* *to self* As much as Mr. Scrooge is such a humbug person, I have to work with him.

Scrooge: Get back to your desk, Cratchit!

Barbara: Y-yes Mr Scrooge! *dashes to desk*

Scrooge: *continues coin counting* 937, 938…

Felicia: *knock on door* Cousin Ebenezer?

Scrooge: *gets up again and reluctantly opens the door* What do you want, Felicia?

Felicia: Ebenezer, you are officially invited to my Christmas party. Would you like to come?

Scrooge: No. I’ll be working tomorrow. Counting my money.

Felicia: But- *door is shut closed by Scrooge* *groaning, Felicia walks away*

Barbara: Mr. Scrooge, what do you mean by working tomorrow? It’s Christmas!

Scrooge: Humbug about the holiday, Cratchit! Humbug if tomorrow is “everybody doesn’t work day”! We’re working no matter what.

Barbara: Umm… But nobody else will be working! Who will we do business with?

Scrooge: *groans* Poor excuse, but seeing that won’t do any good, take the day off.

Barbara: Oh, thank you Mr Scrooge!

*time passes, Scrooge continues working, Barbara continues writing. Eventually, it was noticed that the work hours are over*

Barbara: *happily* My time’s up. Good night, Mr. Scrooge!

Scrooge: Be back here the next morning earlier than usual!

Barbara: Yes, sir! Good night! *walks outside* Oh this is great! I should go and pick up Tiny Tim. *walks*

Scrooge: *packs up coins and writes a reminder of what number he left off on* Christmas. Bah, humbug. *walks out*

*Scrooge heads towards his mansion. He owns it alone, so it stood still and quiet.*

Scrooge: Now where’s my keys… *after he finds his keys, Scrooge looks up and sees an apparition of Marlene Jacobsen on the knocker* Marlene Jacobsen?

Marlene: Scrooooooooooooogggeee…

*startled, Scrooge nearly falls. As soon as he looked up again, Marlene was gone, as it should be*

Scrooge: Humbug. *unlocks door and goes in*


Quiet Snake: I’m so jealous of you, CB! You get to be in more than one scene!

Curious Bee: Well, you got all of those special effects going on there.

Quiet Snake: I guess I do. Hey, although we had no script, this isn’t turning out that bad!

Three273: True! How does my costume look? *carries grim-reaper like costume*

Curious Bee: Not bad!

Three273: I’ll be right back. I think I left something in the dressing room. *goes into dressing room and sees something* Wait, what the…

Sasha: Hello.

Three273: O.O

Sasha: Why the look? Is it because I’m dead?

Three273: You’re… Sasha… Rider…

Sasha: *slyly* So you’re the ghost of Christmas Future.

Three273: Yes! I mean no.. I mean-wait-

Sasha: *smirks* That’s all I need to know. *ties up three273 and gags her.

Three273: Mmmfmmmmmfmmf! (You’re not getting away with this!)

Sasha: Tata, girly… *shuts closet door and puts on three273′s extra costume*

Three273: MMMF! (HELP!)


Clean Tornado: Hmm. I’m not going to be on stage again for a while. Might as well hang out in the dressing room. *attempts to open door, but she sees Sasha, gasps, and doesn’t open it anymore. She hides on the wall on the side.*

Wild Seagull: What are you acting so fraidy-cat about?

Clean Tornado: *shushes Wild Seagull*

Wild Seagull: What is it?

Clean Tornado: *points to door*

Wild Seagull: *peeks through opening in door and eyes widen* *whispers* How did she get here?

Clean Tornado: I don’t know! *looks at Wild Seagull and he looks back*

Both: We have to tell the director!

*back during the play*


*Scrooge sits in his chair and stares at the fire, sipping from a bowl of leftover porridge. The only reason he had made the fire is to provide light. Suddenly the fire goes out.*

Scrooge: Dang-nabbed fireplace… *lights fireplace, but goes out again* Are the windows open? *closes windows and lights fire again. Fails again.*

Marlene: Just leave the fire out. I like it better that way.

Scrooge: *turns quickly* Hello?

Marlene: You don’t recognize me? In life, I was your partner.

Scrooge: Marlene? But what are you doing here on surface? Dreadful apparition, why do you trouble me?

Marlene: Scrooge, I don’t have time to answer questions. I’ve come to warn you.

Scrooge: What do you mean?

Marlene: You need to change from your foolish, greedy self!

Scrooge: Weren’t you one as well?

Marlene: That’s why I’ve become deceased. *holds out chains* See these chains? I made them through life. Do you even know how much these things weigh? You’ll end up just like me if you don’t do anything about it.

Scrooge: …

Marlene: Listen! YOU are DOOMED if you don’t do anything about this! You’ll be visited by three more ghosts tonight. Expect the first one when the bell tolls one. *fades away*

*fireplace lights on its own again*

Scrooge: Humbug. She was just a figment of my indigestion. *puts on pajamas and goes to bed*


*meanwhile backstage*

(same time)-Clean Tornado: BRAVE TOMATO!

(same time)-Wild Seagull: BRAVE TOMATO!

Brave Tomato: Wait, what? You two? What is it that is so important!?

(same time)-Clean Tornado: It was Sasha! She was wearing three273′s costume, and three273 was nowhere in sight!…

(same time)-Wild Seagull: I saw Clean Tornado cowering in front of the girls dressing room and I had no idea what was going on…

Brave Tomato: Hold your horses, there, you two. Now, what’s this about Sasha?

Clean Tornado: She’s here! And she’s wearing three273′s costume! I think something happened to her!

Brave Tomato: Don’t be silly, you two. I didn’t portal Sasha at all! And how in Poptropica would she get here?

Wild Seagull: But-

Brave Tomato: Get ready. You will be on stage before you know it.

*meanwhile back during the play* ~~~~~~~~ *Scrooge is fast asleep in his bed. The bell tolls for 1:00 AM and Scrooge wakes. As he was about to go back to sleep, he sees a young girl emitting a strange light.*

Scrooge: Who are you?

Ghost Of Christmas Past: I’m the ghost of Christmas past.

Scrooge: Long past?

GOC Past: No, your past.

Scrooge: What has brought you here?

GOC Past: Your welfare.

Scrooge: Are you one of the spirits my partner foretold about?

GOC Past: Yes I am. Now, you have somewhere to be. Come.

Scrooge: *follows* Through the window? I’m mortal! I’ll fall!

GOC Past: Touch my hand and you shall fly. *holds out hand*

Scrooge: Well, the hands are more like circles but fine. *touches hand*

GOC Past: Come on!

*GOC Past and Scrooge fly out the window and head to the past.*

~~~~~~~ *meanwhile backstage*

Clean Tornado: Why didn’t Brave Tomato believe us?

Wild Seagull: I don’t know. She’s got all of the attention on this play.

Curious Bee: She doesn’t believe what?

Clean Tornado: Oh, you scared me for a second!

Curious Bee: Snake’s out there right now doing the Ghost of Christmas Past part. Blue Skull’s gonna be out there soon, and we’ll have to get ready! Speaking of which, I think I left something in the dressing room…

Clean Tornado: *not wanting CB to deal with Sasha* Oh, no-no-no! I think I’ll get it for you! What is it that you need?

Curious Bee: *confused* I think I left the prop napkin in there….

Wild Seagull: But there will be prop napkins on the table, right?

Curious Bee: *still confused* Well, I guess so… alright. *walks away*

Clean Tornado: Phew! That was close. We can’t let anyone go into that dressing room, until we are sure Sasha is gone! Also, we can’t let anyone from the CB group know. Especially not Curious Bee.

Icy Comet: What’s wrong with the dressing room?

Wild Seagull: Uh-nothing! Oh.. you’re from the crew. Phew.

Icy Comet: A little birdy told me that something is making you a little timid right now.

Clean Tornado: Timid? Nothing about me is timid right now…

Icy Comet: It doesn’t look like it to me, but if you say so… *walks away*

Wild Seagull: Should we tell any crew member?

Clean Tornado: Bad idea. They’ll cancel the whole thing!

Wild Seagull: But-

Clean Tornado: Just lay low for now.

sfggang: Hey, I’m going on stage!

Shaggy Eel: So am I! Wish us luck!

Clean Tornado: Break a leg!


*Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Past has arrived in front of Fezziwig’s store. The scene is very cheerful*

GOC Past: Do you remember this place?

Scrooge: Why, yes I do! It’s good ol’ Fezziwig, she’s alive again!

Fezziwig: Welcome employees and family and friends, to the annual Fezziwig Christmas Party!

Scrooge: Well, I’ll be. It’s Matilda Fezziwig’s Christmas party! *sees himself* And that’s me! Oh, the teen years!

Belle: *looks around and sees Young Scrooge* Oh, hi.

Young Scrooge: Hi… Belle.

Belle: Would you like to dance?

Young Scrooge: *startled* Why, yes! *dances with Belle*

*Scrooge gapes through the window when he remembers Belle’s face.*

GOC Past: We have one more place to be…

Scrooge: Wait… huh… *realizes* No! Not that Christmas!

GOC Past: My time grows short. Come.

*teleports herself and Scrooge to a forest*

Scrooge: I.. I remember this place. That was a horrible day…

Belle: I-I can’t be with you anymore.

Young Scrooge: Belle? What do you mean?

Belle: It feels to me like you have a new love, a golden love.

Young Scrooge: But Belle-

Belle: Don’t come chasing after me. And don’t bother talking to me ever again. Enjoy your new golden love, Ebenezer Scrooge. I set you free. *heads off*

Young Scrooge: Belle! Wait!…

GOC Past: You see, Scrooge? Your greed has lost your true love in the past!

Scrooge: Please, spirit! Take me home! I wish to see no more!

GOC Past: Very well then. The Ghost of Christmas Present will show you more. I must be on my way.

*GOC Past disappears and Scrooge is teleported back to his bed*


Clean Tornado: *peeks through small opening in dressing room* I think Sasha’s gone, but not from the theater entirely. I should take a look around.

Wild Seagull: Our scene is coming up. Hurry.

*Clean Tornado investigates the dressing room. She was about to look around when she hears a muffle from the closet.*

three273: *from closet* Mmmmmfmmfmmfmmmfmmfmmfmmfmmf (Deck the halls with boughs of holly…)

Clean Tornado: Hello? *peeks inside closet and sees three273* Oh my gosh! *takes of bandana around her mouth*

three273: Oh my gosh! Thank you!

Clean Tornado: You still need to stay hidden though. Sasha could be anywhere.

three273: Got it.


*Scrooge is asleep in his bed. The bell tolls for 2, and Scrooge wakes up. He looks around for a little bit and then sees an orange light coming from the hallway. He gets up and investigates.*

GOC Present: Oh, hey there, Scrooge.

Scrooge: Let me guess… you’re the Ghost of Christmas Present.

GOC Present: I’m the Ghost of Chris- hey! How did you know?

Scrooge: Your friend the Ghost of Christmas Past told of you.

GOC Present: Oh. Come with me. We have two places to be.

Scrooge: I hope the rhyme was not intended…

*Teleport in a happy little Main Street*

GOC Present: Welcome to town: time: Christmas. Let me show you what I need to. Nobody can see us by the way.

Scrooge: Okay…

*duo arrives in front of Felicia’s house*

GOC Present: Here we are. First stop.

Scrooge: What are we doing at Felicia’s house?

GOC Present: You wouldn’t like this… *points*


Felicia: Hey guys! Who do you get when you cross a miser, a monocle, greed, money, and more money?

Friend: I dunno. Who?

Felicia: My cousin Ebenezer Scrooge!

*everyone laughs inside the house*

Scrooge: Felicia’s like that all the time, spirit.

GOC Present: Well then if you came to her Christmas party, she wouldn’t be like that now, would she? One more place to be. Come on.

*they head towards a worn down house in the square*

Scrooge: Why’d you bring me here? I don’t recognize this house at all!

GOC Present: You will soon. Look. *points to the right*

Barbara & Tiny Tim: Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa-la-la-la-la! Fa-la-la-la!

Scrooge: This is Cratchit’s house?

GOC Present: Yup! And that little fella holding her hand? That’s Tiny Tim. He’s her son. It’s hard being a single mother.

Scrooge: That child… he’s crippled.

*in the home*

Tiny Tim: This’ll be the best Christmas ever!

Barbara: Now, Tim. Although we may not have any decorations nor much money, all that matters is that we are together! *takes goose out of fire* Now, it’s time for our holiday dinner of goose! *slices and gives a small piece to Tiny Tim.

Tiny Tim: Poptropica bless us, everyone!

*back outside*

Scrooge: That child… he has such enthusiasm… something in my heart tells me that he’s special. He’s crippled. Spirit, what is his fate?

GOC Present: The future is not my specialty, but I do see an empty chair with a cane, gently preserved without an owner in the near future.

Scrooge: *wide eyed*

GOC Present: But why would you care? In your words, “If they rather die, they better do it! It’ll decrease the surplus population!”

Scrooge: I did say that… did I?

GOC Present: *looks at clock tower* I guess time is up for me. Just be cautious about the last one. She’s a real doozy. *disappears*

Scrooge: Spirit? What do you mean? *looks around* Spirit? SPIRIT?! *finds himself alone in a dark main street*


Clean Tornado: Oh, no! It’s the scene with the Ghost of Christmas Future!

Wild Seagull: I know! Did you see Sasha in the audience?

Clean Tornado: I did! Bendy Tornado is still wandering around on stage as Scrooge.

Wild Seagull: And there is no Ghost of Christmas Future yet.

Brave Tomato: Three273! Its your scene! Where are you???

Clean Tornado: Oh no… look on stage.

~Back during play~

*Scrooge turns and sees a mysterious hooded spirit. He is startled by the presence*

Scrooge: Are you, by chance, the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?

*GOC Future nods*

Scrooge: Spirit, I fear you more than any other spector I have met. Lead on, spirit. Lead on.

*GOC Future waves hand and they are in a graveyard*

Scrooge: What are we doing here?

*GOC Future points to Barbara Cratchit, who leaves behind a single rose and a cane on the grave*

Scrooge: Oh, no! Not Tiny Tim!

*Spirit nods, as to say “Yes, Tiny Tim!”, then points to another grave*

Scrooge: Who’s poor grave is this?

*Spirit continues pointing*

Scrooge: Are these shadows of what could be? Or are they shadows that will be?

*Spirit continues pointing*

*Scrooge kneels down and wipes the snow from the grave. It is slowly revealed that the name engraved was his own. While Scrooge is staring in aghast at his own grave, the spirit takes of the hood.*

*audience gasps*

*crew gasps*

*cast (except for Bendy) gasps*

Sasha: So this is your sad little grave, huh, Scrooge?

Bendy Tornado: *reconizing the voice, he turns around* Sasha.

Brave Tomato: Alright, alright… what’s going on here?!

Clean Tornado: We told you so!

Sasha: Christmas can be such a… pleasant time of year. Everything is so green and white, snow is on the ground.. And time with family and friends. But the only problem with that? I don’t even have any friends. Nor any dead family member. *looks around* Miranda, where are you?! Are you hiding from the big bad Sasha Rider?! Well, I’m giving revenge on the big bad girl we know as Curious Bee! Dating a bad boy? Living happily with true friends?! Bah, humbug!

Super Thunder: *whisper* No offense but you’re the one who created this mad girl!

Brave Tomato: Don’t rub it in. She took on a life of her own, okay?

Super Thunder: But you’re her creator! Characters don’t usually take on lives on their own unless you tell them to.

Brave Tomato: I swear for Poptropica’s sake… I had nothing to do with Sasha’s insanity.

Super Thunder: I believe you, Bravey. Well, I’d you’re not responsible, who is?!

Brave Tomato: I-I dunno.

Curious Bee: I’m tired of hiding from you, Sasha!

Sasha: Well, well! Looks like Miranda is finally going to say something!

Curious Bee: Sasha, what’s the point of all this?!

Sasha: What’s the point of all this?? Did you hear that, everybody? She asked “What’s the point of all this?” You forgot my existence, Miranda.

Curious Bee: I never did, Sasha. I never forgot you.

Sasha: I saw a vision, you threw away our photo!

?: No, she didn’t. She never did that!

Curious Bee/ Sasha: *turns* Huh?

Safe Bee: *walking over* I look through all of my daughter’s trash. There was no picture of you and Curious Bee anywhere.

Curious Bee: Mom?! *turns to Sasha* I never threw away the photo. In fact, I kept it right here. *gets backpack and takes picture out of the front pocket* See? Sasha… What you saw was not a vision. It was a dream. What you saw doesn’t even exist.

Sasha: *tear shed* I-I’m so foolish. I believed… in something that was not true. I-I’m so sorry. Ever since I died, everything has come upside down to me. Everyone, I thought, forgot about me. I thought I was alone. Except for two fellow ghosts names Cameron and Marcus. And even they disappeared.

Audience: *murmers*

Curious Bee: Oh! Umm… Hi. I almost forgot we were doing a play here.

Sasha: I-I apologize for this unexpected appearance. I guess I’ll get out of the way for you. Merry Christmas everybody. *turns to Curious Bee* And I’ll see you later. *disappears*

Clean Tornado: Did you just see what I see?

Wild Seagull: I cant believe my ears.

Wild Berry: What?

Smart Crown: Unbelievable.

Sfggang: I guess it could be possible.

Shaggy Eel: Maybe it’s Christmas magic?

Three273: *walks over casually* Hello… What’d I miss?


Three273: Okay…

Loud Shark: I think it’d be best if we told you later.

*audience stares at Brave Tomato*

Brave Tomato: What?

Audience Member: Just get back with the show!

Brave Tomato: That would be a good idea, right? Okay.

Bendy Tornado: Yeah…

*curtains close momentarily*

*opens again, showing Scrooge realizing the grave is his own. The real Ghost of Christmas Future is on stage*

Scrooge: No! It can’t be! *begs to Spirit* Please, spirit! I cannot die young! I can change!

*GOC Future continues pointing at grave*

Scrooge: Really spirit, please! I can change! I can change!

*fades out*

Scrooge: *wakes up in bed screaming*

*Scrooge looks around, he was back in his room. Back to everything.*

Scrooge: I-I’m here. I’m still alive! *laughs* Oh wait! I gotta do something, I gotta do something! *opens window* Hey kid!

Turkey Girl: *looks up* Huh?

Scrooge: What is today?

Turkey Girl: Don’t you know? Today is Christmas Day!

Scrooge: *to self* Christmas Day! I haven’t missed it! *to Turkey Girl* I need a favor to ask of you. You know that turkey in the deli window?

Turkey Girl: You mean the one that’s twice as big as me?

Scrooge: Exactly! Can you deliver the turkey to the Barbara Cratchit house at 5:15? To buy it, here! *throws sack* Keep the change!

Turkey Girl: Uh-uh-uh, gee, thanks! Merry Christmas!

Scrooge: Merry Christmas, young lady! *gets into clothes and walks out of the door*

*As Scrooge walks by to go to work, he greets everyone with a “Merry Christmas”. The people, surprised yet pleased, wish him Merry Christmas back for the first time.*

Scrooge: *sees Charity Rep* Merry Christmas!

Charity Rep: Oh, it’s you.

Scrooge: *gives a sack of coins* Here. For the charity.

Chairty Rep: Oh… wow! Are you serious?

Scrooge: Not a coin less.

Charity Rep: Thanks! Thank you so much! *runs away*

*Scrooge enters door where Barbara is, stealing coal again*

Scrooge: *pretending he’s his greedy self again* Cratchit!

Barbara: *puts coal piece behind back* Me-Merry Christmas, Mr. Scrooge.

Scrooge: What are you doing…. here at work when you could celebrate Christmas?

Barbara: *looks up* Huh?

Scrooge: You heard me. I changed my mind about working today. And also, I’m giving you a raise.

Barbara: A what?

Scrooge: A raise.

Barbara: *startled* W-w-wow! Thanks, Mr. Scrooge! Merry Christmas!

Scrooge: Merry Christmas! Expect a surprise when you return home.

Barbara: I’ll pick up Tiny Tim at the daycare! Oh, this will be great!

Scrooge: *exits out of door* Oh, Felicia! *thinks* Maybe I can visit her in the afternoon for lunch and I’ll stop by Cratchit’s home for dinner.

*Scrooge walks to Felicia’s house and knocks on the door*

Felicia: *opens the door* Oh, it’s you.

Scrooge: Yes, it’s me. And I owe you an apology, my cousin. I’m sorry I treated you so badly yesterday.

Felicia: *thinks* Well, today is Christmas. I’ll forgive you.

Scrooge: Can I come in?

Felicia: Of course you can!

Scrooge: *comes in* I won’t be staying long, unfortunately. I’m going to dinner with my co-worker, Barbara Cratchit.

Felicia: That blond girl that’s always writing something?

Scrooge: Yeah, her.

Felicia: Well, okay. As long as you can stay for the afternoon.

*Scrooge, Felicia, and the rest of Felicia’s friends have their Christmas party. They enjoy jokes, they sang songs, and they just pretty much have a great time.*

Scrooge: *looks at clock tower* Oh, look at the time! I should really get going. Merry Christmas, everybody! *exits*

*Scrooge walks down the street and goes to Barbara Cratchit’s house. He knocks on the door*

Barbara: Hello, Mr. Scrooge.

*Turkey Girl runs up the street holding a large-sized turkey*

Scrooge: *smiles at the Turkey Girl* Can I have dinner with you?

Barbara: Oh, um, sure! Come in! It’s not much, but I just hope you enjoy it!

Tiny Tim: Look at that turkey! *runs to it* It’s twice the size of me!

Barbara: *laughs* Yes it is, Tim. Scrooge, I would like you to meet my son, Tiny Tim.

Tiny Tim: *walks up to Scrooge* Nice to meet you, Sir.

Scrooge: Nice to meet you too, Tim.

*Scrooge and the Cratchits all have a nice meal, thanks to the turkey. Scrooge plays with Tiny Tim, and he laughs. Barbara smiles, watching from the table.*

Tiny Tim: Poptropica bless us…

All Three: …Everyone!

*the lights dim, signalling the end of the show. The curtains close momentarily, then the cast goes on stage and takes their bows. The curtains close, and Brave Tomato walks on stage.*

Brave Tomato: Thank you all, for coming tonight. What’d you think of the show?

*audience cheers*

Brave Tomato: I guess, that this’ll be a very Merry Christmas after all. Good night, everybody! *exits stage*

Curious Bee: That was actually a lot of fun.

Bendy Tornado: Can I take off this monocle now?

Curious Bee: I think I’ll get that for you. *giggles*

Blue Skull: *looks at stage* Aw, come on! I didn’t have enough stage presence.

Quiet Snake: I know!

Nice Sword: I thought Brave Tomato said that our parts were leads!

Curious Bee: Well, everyone can be a star in his or her own way.

Clean Tornado: *walks over* It’s such a pleasure to meet you all. Merry Christmas!

CB Group: Merry Christmas! It’s great to meet you all too!

*Guest-star cast members say Merry Christmas and walk away*

Super Thunder: Merry Christmas everybody!

*Crew members (the Super Team) portal away, except for Brave Tomato and CB group waves goodbye*

*Sasha waits in the door, with a smile on her face. It’s no longer a sinister smirk, but a natural, happy, kind of smile. Safe Bee is standing next to her.*

*Curious Bee runs over to both of them*

Safe Bee: Ah, Curious Bee! I’m so proud of you! You did such a great job!

Curious Bee: Mom… are you mad at me? I ran away. I escaped where you sent me. I didn’t follow your rules.

Safe Bee: Curious Bee, you are a very brave young lady. I’m so proud to have you as my daughter. Actually, I’m glad that you broke out of that darned academy.

Curious Bee: Really??

Safe Bee: Yes. And Curious Bee… I’m sorry I’ve been so hard on you. I guess I couldn’t stand seeing my daughter grow up. I’m going to let you go without any more worries. If you need anything, come straight to me.

Curious Bee: Merry Christmas, Mom.

Sasha: Hey, girl! Merry Christmas!

Curious Bee: *laughs* Merry Christmas, Sasha.

Sasha: You don’t mind if I… come with you, right? Even though I’ve been so murderous and mean… When its not even worth it?

Curious Bee: Well, why not?

Brave Tomato: Curious Bee, Sasha, I need to talk to you two for a second.

Curious Bee: That call is for us. Merry Christmas, Mom.

Safe Bee: Merry Christmas, darling.

*CB and Sasha go over to Brave Tomato, where the rest of the CB group is too*

Brave Tomato: I need to tell you something.

Sasha: What do you mean?

Brave Tomato: I swear on Poptropica’s sake, I had nothing to do with Sasha’s temporary madness.

Curious Bee: What do you mean?

Brave Tomato: On your adventures, you’ve angered some people. One of them was using Sasha to make your life miserable. Whoever it is sent Sasha’s dream and made it as realistic as possible, making it seem like a vision. Now, I fear that the worst is yet to come. I need you all to stay strong. Stay brave. Fight for the right side of the fight. And I will be right there to guide you, as well as each other. *portal appears* Well, I guess you guys must be on your ways. I wish you all the best of luck in the time to come until we meet again.

*Nice Sword, Quiet Snake, and Blue Skull heads in*

Nice Sword: See you later! *goes in*

Quiet Snake: Bye! *goes in*

Blue Skull: Peace out! *goes in*

Curious Bee: *looks at Bendy and Sasha* Ready to go?

Sasha/Bendy Tornado: Yup.

Curious Bee: Lets.

*trio goes in*

Brave Tomato: *looks at portal and sighs* I never meant for any of that to happen. How can things go horribly wrong with Curious Bee and Sasha?


?: *looking at screen that just showed What’s this?! Sasha and Miranda?! Friends again????

? #2: I know. It’s because of Miranda’s foolish mother.

?: Do you have to rub it in, Marcus?

Marcus: Maybe I wouldn’t have done it if our plan actually worked, Cameron!

Cameron: True. *looks at screen* One way or another, the Curious Miranda Bee group has got to go. I’ve just got to think of something.

Episode 20- If One Joins, then Another Goes

released December 27, 2011

Brave Tomato: Well. Hi. *looks at the episode number sign* Episode 20?! Cannot believe it. Well, last time we saw the CB group, they got caught up in my Christmas play. And Sasha and Curious Bee finally make amends after knowing the truth. Well… You guys saw what happened in person, so yeah.

*curtains open*

*CB group lands in pipe from portal, this time including Sasha too*

Sasha: Unexpected portalling is not fun.

Blue Skull: Tell me about it! At least we have our costumes off now and our regular clothes again.

Curious Bee: Tuhrue. Now, Sasha, since you’re new, let me help you catch up with what has been going on.

*CB explains all that she’s been through in summary*

Sasha: *smiles happily* I’m soo glad that you contributed in the riddance of Captain Crawfish from the seas.

Curious Bee: Yeah.

Quiet Snake: What are we waiting for?! New Years? Come on!

Curious Bee: Oh, right! Sorry! Come on! *goes through pipe and enters in a room*

Blue Skull: Alright.. where are we?

Quiet Snake: It’s so dark!

Nice Sword: I know! I can’t see anything!

Curious Bee: *goes over to switches* Maybe this’ll help.

Bendy Tornado: *runs over* Wait! You don’t know-

*lights turn on and claw starts moving*

Bendy Tornado: -what that does.

Sasha: Aw, come on, Bendy! You know that she’ll be fine.

Curious Bee: Well, that is one problem solved. C’mon.

*CB group jumps up platforms and sees the claw*

Blue Skull: Last one on the claw is a chicken!

*CB group quickly on the claw, except for Blue.*

Blue Skull: Come on! I was the one who announced it.

Quiet Snake: Just hop on, Eric.

Blue Skull: Oh I’m coming, Madeline. *hops on just before claw moves to the right again.

*the claw carries the CB group to the other side, then they hop off.*

Quiet Snake: *looks at vent* Please don’t tell me we have to go through the vent.

Curious Bee: We have to go through the vent. Let’s go.

*CB group enters*

Nice Sword: This thing is HUGE.

Sasha: Well, there are things larger than this.

Curious Bee: We should move along.

*CB group traverse through vent, and enter printing room*

Blue Skull: *looks at sign* Watch out for falling crates. Wonder what that means.

Bendy Tornado: That means we are dealing with falling crates, duh.

*CB group goes through crates and get down*

Curious Bee: *points* Look!

Shy Sky: *works* Dr. Hare is the best…

Nice Sword: Sky! *continues looking in aghast*

Blue Skull: Who’s this Dr. Hare dude?

Curious Bee: *goes over to Shy Sky* Hi!

Shy Sky: *hypnotized* I only respond to Dr. Hare.

Curious Bee: Umm… *sees power button on the headgear and thinks quickly* Look! A ghost!

Sasha: *slightly offended* Hey!

Shy Sky: Where? *turns around*

*CB reaches over and turns off button and headgear*

Shy Sky: *blinks* Where am I?

Nice Sword: Sky?!

Shy Sky: *turns around* Nice Gabriella Sword is that you?!

Nice Sword: *smiles* Thanks for getting my name right.

*two girls hug it out*

Bendy Tornado: Look, we can save the reunion for later. We have to save the other kids.

Blue Skull: Including my cousin!

Sky Sky: Wait! Well before you go, I have something that will be helpful. *goes over to printer and gives CB the password* Here, this is the password that would activate the rabbot.

Blue Skull: The Rabwhat?

Curious Bee: Thank you for your help. Well, we have to rescue everyone else now.

Shy Sky: Got it, bye.

*CB group exits*

Nice Sword: Well, that was able to turn out well.

Sasha: *glares at CB for the “Look! A ghost!” thing*

Curious Bee: What? Oh, that. Sorry, I kind of thought quickly.

Sasha: I know. I was just waiting for your apology.

Curious Bee: Alrighty then….

*CB group navigates through vents and encounters Processing Room, they pick up wire cutters along the way*

Nice Sword: *reads sign* Security enabled. Hopefully… that won’t have to deal with…

Curious Bee: Wait, wha’s that?! *points to a robot thing*

Quiet Snake: Security?

Nice Sword: Run!

*CB group tries to outrun the security robot, but fails to do so and gets teleported to the freezer*

Blue Skull: *shivers* Are we in the freezer?

Sasha: *rolls eyes* No, we’re in Hawaii. Yes, the freezer!

Curious Bee: Hey, check this out! *looks at wires*

Bendy Tornado: I bet that’s how you get rid of that security robot brat.

Curious Bee: *opens box and cuts the wires*

Quiet Snake: Great, you cut the wires, so now can we get out of here before we turn into popsicles?

Nice Sword: Good idea.

*CB group exits the freezer and goes back to the processing room, this time security disabled*

Quiet Snake: Look, there are two more kids down there!

Sleepy Bird/Magic Socks: Dr Hare is the best…

Blue Skull: And neither one of them is my cousin! Seriously, who’s this Dr Hare dude?!

Curious Bee: *jumps down* I guess I’ll have to do the same thing that I did with Sky. *goes to Sleepy Bird* Look! A… uh… flying buffalo!

Sleepy Bird: Where? *turns around*

Curious Bee: *turns off headgear*

Sleepy Bird: Woah! Uh.. *turns to CB* Thanks stranger. However, I have to warn you that Dr. Hare will capture you if he sees you without headgear.

Curious Bee: Got it. *goes over to Magic Socks* Look! A giant blender!

Magic Socks: Where?! *turns around*

Curious Bee: *turns off headgear*

Magic Socks: Where am I exactly?

Curious Bee: This’ll be explained later. Let’s just say you were hypnotized. *goes over to door*

Quiet Snake: Bad idea! There’s a security-

*CB attempts to open door, but falls through floor*

Quiet Snake: -camera there.

*Awkward silence*

Sasha: So… how’s life?

*meanwhile in the smelter room*

Curious Bee: Woah! Where am I? *goes down to the conveyor belt* Thank goodness the conveyor belt is off.

?: Think again.

Curious Bee: Huh? *looks around* Who’s there?!

?2: Are you sure she’s the one we’re looking for?

?: I’m positive, dumbhead! Just, turn on the conveyor belt!

?2: Okay, okay, sheesh! I’m turning it on!

Curious Bee: Alright, who’s ther-*conveyor belt turns on* -ER!

*crushers and hot substance turns on too*

Curious Bee: Whoever is doing this, bunny drone or whatever, this is NOT funny! *avoids crusher and hot substances and makes it to other side*

?2: I told you this wasn’t going to work!

?: I guess I should’ve made the conveytor belt faster.

Curious Bee: Seriously, who are you?!


Curious Bee: Okay, then… *picks up bunny drone ears and wears them* I should get going.

*CB goes up pipe and ends up where she was before*

Blue Skull: Gah! Oh, it’s you, CB. Thank goodness.

Sasha: Nice bunny ears.

Curious Bee: Well, at least it’s an effective disguise for now. I should go down.

Bendy Tornado: Good luck there, Miranda.

Curious Bee: *smiles, then returns to the door*

Blue Skull: *blinks* Hey! I think my cousin’s in there! Wait for…

Curious Bee: No, wait, don’t follow me!

Blue Skull: *falls through floor* MEEEEEEE!!!

Curious Bee: *looks at the floor, sighs, then goes inside*


Blue Skull: *in smelter room* Where am I? *looks at moving conveyor belt* CB went through THAT?!

?: Looks like it.

Blue Skull: Who’s there?

?2: Just two curious beings.

Blue Skull: Umm… Show yourselves?

?: If you wish.

*the two ghosts reveal themselves to Blue Skull, one female and one male*

Blue Skull: More ghosts?!

Cameron: *smirks* So I guess you know a girl named Serious Sasha Rider:

Blue Skull: Whaddayou mean?

Marcus: We’re just… friends of her.

Blue Skull: I can see that.

Cameron: *slyly* We saw another girl wander in here earlier. Just exactly, who is she?

Blue Skull: That was Curious Bee… But why-

Marcus: Curious Bee…

Cameron: Curious Bee…

Blue Skull: Okay.… but you didn’t let me finish-

Marcus: *smirks* You told us all we need to know. *he and Cameron vanishes*

Blue Skull: …okay. *finds way out of smelter room*

*meanwhile in the rabbot room, CB in her bunny drone disguise enters. The first person she sees is Dr Hare*

Dr Hare: So there you are! What are you waiting for?! Activate the rabbot at the control center so I can get going!

Curious Bee: *pretending she’s hypnotized* Yes, Dr. Hare.

*Dr Hare’s mini hovercraft flies him up to the rabbot*

Curious Bee: *goes up to control center and sees another hypnotized kid, who indeed is Blue Skull’s cousin* Look, a giant bunny!

Crazy Comet: Where? *turns around*

*CB turns off bunny drone ears*

Crazy Comet: You’ve got to stop him!

*Curious Bee approaches the computer, types the password and command, and the rabbot launches*

Curious Bee: *smirks* Time to burst this bunny. *controls rabbot and crashes rabbot into meteor*

Dr Hare: *through communicator* Hey, watch where you’re going!

*crashes again*

Dr. Hare: What are you doing?! You’ll destroy my rabbot!

*crashes again

Dr. Hare: You’ll pay for this!

Curious Bee: Just one more time… *crashes rabbot one more time*


*rabbot explodes*

Crazy Comet: Yes! You did it!

Curious Bee: *looks* I guess I did! *uses computer to unlock door and the rest of the CB group walk over, including the three kids rescued*’

Crazy Comet: *blinks* Eric?! Is that you?!

Blue Skull: Welcome back, cousin.

*the cousins do a boy hug*

Crazy Comet: Let’s just get out of this crazy place!

Shy Sky: Yeah! Oh, the look on Pop’s face when he sees me again!

Bendy Tornado: Let’s just go.

*everyone goes up the rope to Main Street, it is bright and pleasant again*

*Sleepy Bird and Magic Socks head home, saying their thank yous*

Crazy Comet: C’mon, Blue! We got some building to do! *runs, then stops when he realizes that Blue isn’t following him* Aren’t you going to stay here for a while?

Blue Skull: *smiles* As much as I want to hang with you, Imma gonna stay with the CB group for now.

Nice Sword: *smiles sadly* You might be going, Blue… but.. I’m… I’m staying in 24 Carrot Island.

CB Group: What?!

Nice Sword: You heard me. I’m staying. Look around you. There is a town that needs to be rebuilt. Shy Sky needs me to be here. *sits down* You know, we had a nice ride together. We got to escape the madhouse, we made new friends, well- enemies too, and… you know, I think it’s about time for me to move on. I got a whole life ahead of me, and this, right now, is where it continues. *hugs Quiet and Sasha and shakes hands with the boys*

Quiet Snake: Gabriella, I’ll miss you.

Bendy Tornado: Bye there, Sword.

Blue Skull: Peace, girl.

Sasha: Adios.

Nice Sword: *hugs CB last, especially tight* Miranda, thank you for being such a great friend. You really helped shape me for whom I’m destined to be.

Curious Bee: Goodbye, Nice Gabriella Sword. I’ll miss you too.

*Nice Sword turns to run off, looks back one last time, and runs to the farm*

Curious Bee: We must be on our ways too.

Bendy Tornado: There’s more places to be discovered.

Blue Skull: More people… *thinks* Oh! I just remembered! When I ended up in the smelter room, I met these two kids. They look like they’re ghosts, like you are Sasha.

Sasha: *blinks* Really?!

Blue Skull: Yeah… but something doesn’t feel right about them. They were very interested in Miranda.

Sasha: *blinks* What did they look like?!

Blue Skull: They appear to be brother and sister. The boy had a black Mohawk, a skull striped shirt with black shorts. His face is as pale as the moon. Then, the girl, she had sleek, long black hair with a messy bang on the top, She had a skull shirt underneath a green hoodie, and she wore a black skirt. She also has a very pale face.

Sasha: Did they say their names?!

Blue Skull: They didn’t say. They’re ghosts, but something doesn’t feel right about them. It was almost as if a dark aura blankets them. If this is true, then they could be after Curious Bee! And Sasha, they mentioned you too! They asked me if Im a friend of yours. You probably knew them!

Sasha: *voice wavering off a little bit* But- how?! That’s impossible! *goes down on knees* You mean they’re here?! I thought they disappeared after I had gone looking for you, Miranda. Oh-oh my gosh. Those two you met, Blue Skull, were my two friends from the dead: Cameron and Marcus.

Episode 21: The Color Krimson

(released January 12, 2012)

Audience Member: Hey! You spelled crimson wrong!

Brave Tomato: *looks* That’s strange. I didn’t even type that at all! The title of the episode is supposed to be “Steamed”! *removes the title and replaces it to Steamed*

*the title reappears as “The Color Krimson*

Audience Member 2: What in Poptropica…

Brave Tomato: I know. I told you guys so. Well, last time we saw Curious Bee…

*curtains open*

Brave Tomato: Hey! I didn’t finish!

?: That was a long enough intro, Stargirl. I heard what I wanted to hear. Now if you’ll excuse me…

*a poof sound can be heard, followed by a feeling of uneasiness*

Brave Tomato:… okay. Let’s just roll it! *moves out of the way*

Curious Bee: Who’s Cameron and Marcus?

Sasha: The friends I had right after I died! Blue, um, can you um, describe them again?

Blue Skull: I’ll just sum it up. Girl: black sleek hair, green hoodie, black skull shirt, and black skirt. Boy: black Mohawk, skull striped shirt, and black shorts. Both: Very pale skin and a feeling of uneasiness around them. Meaning they’re probably ghosts.

Sasha: That’s them… But something doesn’t feel familiar. When I met Cameron, she had a beret and blond hair… and Marcus, he had brown hair in a cap.

Quiet Snake: They can change styles and hair?? I want to try that!

Bendy Tornado: *gives a weird look* You want to look like someone else?

Quiet Snake: No! Not that! I mean, I want to have a mental closet!

Curious Bee: Either way, we’ll have to keep an eye out for anything. Let’s get in the blimp.

*CB group gets in the blimp*

Bendy Tornado: Where exactly are we going?

Sasha: Anywhere but Ghost Story and Mythology is fine by me.

Curious Bee: Alright, we won’t go to Ghost Story, and I’ve already been to Mythology already, and I don’t want to go to the same island twice.

Bendy Tornado: *phew*

Curious Bee: Bendy, what is it?

Bendy Tornado: It’s… um… nothing.

Curious Bee: Remember who’s the boyfriend girlfriend duo in this group. You can pretty much tell me anything you wish.

Bendy Tornado: Yeah…

Curious Bee: *points on the map* Here’s where we’ll go!

Blue Skull: *looks at map then looks at CB* Steamworks Island?

Curious Bee: Yeah! It looks pretty interesting!

Quiet Snake: You want to go there?

Curious Bee: Yeah! What’s wrong with it?

Sasha: Let’s just go. *removes a sandbag so the blimp can fly off* Next stop, Steamworks Island.

*the blimp is being driven to Steamworks island. Meanwhile, Cameron and Marcus follows hanging below on the rope*

Marcus: Are you sure this is a good idea?

Cameron: Positive. If we want to follow them. Just hold on.

Marcus: But we’re ghosts!

*The CB group, not knowingly bringing Cameron and Marcus along too, arrive at Steamworks Island. As soon as they land, the dastardly duo vanishes.*

Curious Bee: *gets off blimp* We’re here! *looks around* But where is everybody?

Sasha: *gets off* Honestly, I’m confused too.

Bendy Tornado: *gets off* This is what Quiet Snake and Blue Skull are talking about: there’s nobody here!

Blue Skull: Well well, we’ve arrived on Steamworks Island: emptier and creepier than ever.

Quiet Snake: It’s been this way for a long time! There hasn’t been anyone but tourists and bugs for a long time!

Curious Bee: Tourists? *laughs* I haven’t heard that word in a while.

Sasha: *drags CB by the arm* Come on, slowpoke. We’re exploring, remember!

Quiet Snake: *still in the blimp* Deserted, dirty places frizz my hair!

Sasha: Do I have to drag you, too?! Come on!

Quiet Snake: *climbs down rope* Alright, I’m coming, see?

*enter the museum*

Sasha: Gee whiz. This place looks new but old… but meaning new technology that looks old.

Curious Bee: I know. And what’s with the vines everywhere? *goes to touch them*

*the vines grabs CB’s arm

Curious Bee: Wha- uh- hey! Let go! *tries to shake free but fails, but then notices vines creeping behind the others* Watch out! Behind you!

*the vines grab the others, but fails to get Sasha, the vine keeps trying to get her arm, but ends up keep going through*

Sasha: You know, vines, just keep trying. You’ll keep on failing. I’m a ghost.

Cameron: *appears holding CB’s vine* Actually, I am one to, you know, Sasha.

Sasha: Cameron… is that you?!

Marcus: *appears holding on to the other vine as well* And her twin brother.

Sasha: Marcus… twin brother!? *looks* Well, I can see the resemblance now. Seriously, what happened to you two?

Cameron: We were always like this, ever since Everred freed us.

Curious Bee: Who’s Everred?! And what do you want?!

Marcus: Your life.

?: Oh no you won’t!

*A girl comes in through the door, carrying a heart knight sword*

Callie: You’re not going to hurt them!

Quiet Snake: Callie?!

Blue Skull: You know her?!

*at the sight of Callie, the dastardly duo disappears*

Callie: *stares at Sasha* You still here?

Quiet Snake: No-no-no-no! She’s with us!

Callie: You are, are you? Sorry then.

Sasha: I’m already dead anyways.

Bendy Tornado: Nice to meet you, but can you get us out of these vines??

Callie: Oh, right! *cuts off vines*

Curious Bee: Gee, thanks!

Callie: No problem. I must be going. Luckily I was passing by when I heard the commotion! *exits through the door*’

Blue Skull: … who was that?

Curious Bee: Well, let’s just leave this crazy island before anything else happens.

*CB group gets on blimp and flies off*

*meanwhile back at the museum*

Marcus: Here we go again. Cameron, I blame you. You’re the one that came up with ANOTHER failing plan.

Cameron: Blame little miss swordy out there, not me!

?: You know you’re both responsible.

*a dark red aura appears and a girl appears out of it. She has sleek, dark red hair and a black and purple half-top, with black skirt and tights. Her most notable feature is the scar on her face.*

Cameron: Krimson Everred! But- it’s not ou-my fault!

Krimson: I don’t care about who’s fault it is! I only know that you are both somehow responsible for letting them escape again!

Marcus: Bu-

Krimson: You need to do as I say, or else you’ll end up nowhere. Kill Curious Bee. Get Sasha to join us. We need her.

*she disappears, leaving behind a feeling of uneasiness*

Marcus: Great, thanks to you, we got in trouble again! –

Cameron: We need to follow them!

*Cameron and Marcus disappear*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: … who’s Krimson Everred?

Episode 22 (Special): Flashback- A Year of Curious Bee

released January 26, 2012

Brave Tomato: Hi peepz!

*someone throws a black-painted tomato at BT*

Brave Tomato: Thank you. Well anyways, last time we saw Curious Bee…

Audience Member: Wait, shouldn’t this be a special?

Brave Tomato: Huh? There’s no holidays…

Audience Member: No holidays but…

Brave Tomato: Wait… Curious Bee’s one year anniversary?!

Audience: *nods*

Brave Tomato: and my one year anniversary on being on STB?!

*nod again*

Brave Tomato: Already?! It’s already been a year?! *looks at calendar* I guess it has. Okay then. *generates portal*

*Curious Bee and the CB group fall out of it again*

Sasha: And… we’re back.

Bendy Tornado: Are we doing another play?

Blue Skull: There’s no holidays for a while! What are we doing portalling?!

Brave Tomato: I’ve brought you guys here to show favorite moments from the past.

Curious Bee: Huh?

Quiet Snake: Do I need a dress?

Brave Tomato: Does it look like it? Well, here we go. I want to show you guys some of my favorite moments.

Blue Skull: I’m still lost.

Brave Tomato: Roll it!

*DVD plays*

Episode 1

Curious Bee: 😡 That’s it! I am leaving Early Poptropica to explore islands and no one is going to stop me!

*She gets out of bed and runs for the nearest blimp*

Curious Bee: Well, here goes nothing…

Episode 3

Curious Bee: *sigh* Well, Nabooti didn’t turn out so well. All the Poptropicans there only care about jewels and intergalactic totem poles. I hope this next island would be any better…

Episode 6

*Curious Bee and Police Officer turn around to see Copy Cat… or maybe 4 of them*

Copy Cat 3: I’ll take that!

Curious Bee: Hey! That was my wallet!

Copy Cat 2: *mimicking* “Hey, that was my wallet!”

Episode 7

RP2: Not funny, tourist. Just wait until the laser zaps you.

Curious Bee: *thinks about what happened before landing on Mythology Island* I had enough “zapping” in my life.

Episode 8

Curious Bee: But Mom…

Safe Bee: But WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Curious Bee:…we’re still rolling.

*crowd awkwardly stares at Curious Bee and Safe Bee, especially Fearless Scorpion*

Safe Bee: Uh-uh-uh… we are?

*Cameraman nods*

Curious Bee: Uh…

Fearless Scorpion: Well… here we have it: the hero Curious Bee! Channel 2: Poptropica News. Now back to the studio…. *camera turns off* *sigh* I really need my agent right about now.

Episode 9

Curious Bee: My mom thinks that Early Poptropica is the safest island in Poptropica, and she wants me only there. She says that Shark Tooth is too dangerous and “sharky”, Time Tangled “affects your future in huge ways”, 24 Carrot has disappearances and a weird rabbit guy, Super Power Island is “super-dangerous”, Spy Island makes you “lose your hair”, Nabooti’s “too different”, Big Nate Island is “way too unique and comical”, Astro-Knights is “out-of-this-world dangerous”, Counterfeit Island is “not the best artwork”, Reality TV Island is “too addicting to TV”, Mythology Island…. well…. I understand Mythology Island, Skullduggery Island is “too pirated”, Steamworks is “too empty”, Great Pumpkin “makes you think Halloween is all year round”, Cryptids Island is “too greedy”, Wild West has these bandits, and Wimpy Wonderland contains gangsters and video game addicts.

Nice Sword: Wow. Amazing how you said that all in one breath.

Episode 11

Quiet Snake: We want to come with you.

Nice Sword, Bendy Tornado, & Blue Skull: Yeah!

Curious Bee: You do? I would love it. Just to let you know, I’ll be going to a whole lot more islands. Just wait. You’ll see. In the meantime, let’s check out Skullduggery Island.

Episode 12 Part 2

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Bendy Tornado: No.

*seconds pass*

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Nice Sword: *sigh* not yet.

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Curious Bee: Just calm down Quiet Snake! We’re almost there.

*seconds pass*

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Blue Skull: Can you please stop asking that question?

Episode 13

Blue Skull: Great, this is perfect. We are stranded in the middle of the sea and we have no clue where we are going.

Curious Bee: Come on, cheer up, Skull, at least we have a nice view of the ocean.

Quiet Snake: Yeah, all around us.


*TV turns off unexpectedly*


Sasha: Okay… this is supposed to be a flashback episode. Not a lights flash out thing!

Brave Tomato: *taps the tv screen* What the heck? The electrical repairmen came just this morning! *turns to audience* Sorry, folks! We’re experiencing some technical difficulties right now!

Curious Bee: Wow, I was like that in the beginning?!

*a single spotlight turns on*

Quiet Snake: … so is anyone going to go under that spotlight?

Brave Tomato: I didn’t put that there…

?: Shaddup, Stargirl.

Brave Tomato: Stargirl?? Hey! You’re the one who messed with last episode’s title!

*tv click can be heard*

Curious Bee: At least the tv is on again.

*However, when the tv fades on, there isn’t any DVD screen. Instead, there is that annoying screenamajig. However, it has a peculiar red tone.*

Sasha: Alright, this part isn’t normal… what’s going on here?!

Bendy Tornado: *facepalm* I think I know..

Brave Tomato: Come on! Not during the anniversary special!!!

Cameron *appears leaning against the tv* An anniversary special? How cute.

*audience gasp*

Bendy Tornado: I knew it… show-offs.

Marcus: *appears on other side of tv* And me too.

Brave Tomato: Grand. You guys.

?: Can it, Stargirl.

*the tv fades from the odd screen and it reveals a black silhouette of Krimson in the TV. Although the audience and Brave Tomato recognize the silhouette, the CB group does not*

Krimson: Curious Miranda Bee, show yourself.

Sasha: *blinks* I didn’t know ghosts could do that.

Curious Bee: Who in Poptropica are you??

Audience: *shouts trying to help Curious Bee* Krimson Everred!

Blue Skull: Who?

Krimson: *to the audience* Can it, people. Do I have to look for you too?!

*most of the audience evacuates the auditorium, while a couple of brave members remain*

Brave Tomato: No! My audience! *looks at the TV*

Cameron: So that’s your thing: the world’s a stage.

Marcus: Eventually, this’ll be a tragedy.

Brave Tomato: *takes out a bow* No one messes with my audience! *takes out a tomato tipped arrow and aims it at the TV*

Curious Bee: I’m going to ask the same question that I had asked Sasha: why are you doing this?!

Krimson: *comes out of the TV, but still appears as a silhouette* Miranda, Miranda, Miranda. Still as curious as ever. *puts a finger underneath CB’s chin* Shouldn’t you have known by now? A soul is all we want. And that soul is the red-head over there.

Bendy Tornado: *protective* Get away from Miranda!

Sasha: What do you want from me?!


(original drawing by Brave Tomato, markers used: Prismacolor Double-Ended markers)

Krimson: *scoffs at Bendy, retracts finger, but still keeps her eyes straight on Curious Bee* Sasha Rider is supposed to be one of us! But no! She had to get rid of a mortal first. Sasha is more powerful than you think. But as soon as you two became friends again, we had to do it ourselves! We need her to complete the order. REd needs her.

*at that, the rest of the audience leaves*

Brave Tomato: *puts the arrow on the bow* That’s it! You’re in it now! *shoots tomato-tipped arrow*

*invisible, Cameron catches the arrow*

Cameron: *appears and looks at the arrow* A tomato-tipped arrow. How pathetic.

Krimson: Cameron and Marcus Kensie, come. The time hasn’t come yet.

Cameron/Marcus: Yes, Everred.

*the three go into the tv, the tv flashes for a little bit, and the tv returns to its normal TV screen*

Blue Skull: What is with those ghosts?!

Curious Bee: Where’s Quiet? *looks around, then notices the girls dressing room door is open* I think I know.

*meanwhile in the girls dressing room, Quiet Snake is cowering in the corner. She was hiding.*

Quiet Snake: This is not happening… this is not happening… this is not happening…

Curious Bee: Quiet!

Quiet Snake: PLEASE DONT HURT ME… oh it’s you, Curious Bee. Thank goodness.

Curious Bee: It’s okay, they’re gone now. You can come back.

Quiet Snake: They are? Oh-um-okay.

*CB bring Quiet back with the others*

Brave Tomato: *looks into the empty audience* Oh-no-no! My audience! *facepalm*

*a little kid walks in, hesitantly*

Little Girl: The bad people are gone now!

*the little girl’s family walks in, along with everybody else*

*Brave Tomato looks at her spot on the stage, then sits off the stage and gets off of it. She approaches the little girl, bends down a little bit, and smiles.*

Brave Tomato: Thank you.

*with that, Brave Tomato goes back up to the stage and looks at the CB group*

Brave Tomato: I told you guys that things are going to be a little dangerous. Now, I really mean it. Stay strong. Be brave. Fight for the right side of the fight.

*the CB group nods*


Brave Tomato: Alright, I will! Here are some of my favorite moments from season 2!

*plays DVD*

Episode 15

Bendy Tornado: *at front of boat* I’m king of the world!

Curious Bee: *with Bendy Tornado* I’m flying!

*Curious and Bendy look at each other, awkwardly, they both blush*

Episode 17

*Bendy Tornado starts dissembling stone house*

Bendy Tornado: Curious Bee is trapped in here! Help me with the stones!

*the CB group continues removing the blocks to get Curious Bee out of there, eventually, water is seen flowing out. Curious Bee is pulled out, gasping for air. Then, she hugs Bendy Tornado.*

Nice Sword/ Quiet Snake/ Blue Skull: O_O

Sasha: *unseen* You haven’t seen the last of me… *vanishes*

Curious Bee: Thank you so much. You saved my life.

Episode 19

Sasha: I saw a vision, you threw away our photo!

?: No, she didn’t. She never did that!

Curious Bee/ Sasha: *turns* Huh?

Safe Bee: *walking over* I look through all of my daughter’s trash. There was no picture of you and Curious Bee anywhere.

Curious Bee: Mom?! *turns to Sasha* I never threw away the photo. In fact, I kept it right here. *gets backpack and takes picture out of the front pocket* See? Sasha… What you saw was not a vision. It was a dream. What you saw doesn’t even exist.

Sasha: *tear shed* I-I’m so foolish. I believed… in something that was not true. I-I’m so sorry. Ever since I died, everything has come upside down to me. Everyone, I thought, forgot about me. I thought I was alone. Except for two fellow ghosts names Cameron and Marcus. And even they disappeared.

Episode 20

Nice Sword: *hugs CB last, especially tight* Miranda, thank you for being such a great friend. You really helped shape me for whom I’m destined to be.

Curious Bee: Goodbye, Nice Gabriella Sword. I’ll miss you too.

Episode 21

Callie: *stares at Sasha* You still here?

Quiet Snake: No-no-no-no! She’s with us!

Callie: You are, are you? Sorry then.

Sasha: I’m already dead anyways.

*end of video*

CB Group: …

Audience: …

Brave Tomato: … umm, that’s it.

Curious Bee: *laughs a little bit* Sometimes, it’s nice to just re-see the past.

Quiet Snake: There has been cameras the whole time?!?!

Sasha: *blinks* I didn’t realize that I was THAT hard on the CB group.

Blue Skull: I miss Nice Sword.

Brave Tomato: That was it! I’ll portal the CB group back on their blimp… right… Now. *generates a portal and the CB group get pulled in*

*back on CB’s blimp*

Bendy Tornado: … someone just please explain what just happened.

Episode 23: Violet Oceans

(released Feburary 1, 2012)

Brave Tomato: *looks* What is with the colors??

Audience: *murmers*

Brave Tomato: Well, last time we saw…

*a purple spotlight turns on*

Brave Tomato: Electrical control! Turn off the purple spotlight!

*another purple spotlight appears*

Brave Tomato: Oh I give up! Roll it!

*curtains open*

*The CB group is in the blimp, heading towards another island*

Sasha: *stares at the oceans* This is all my fault. I’m putting you all in danger. If I had known all this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have been a part of this. But now, I just can’t leave, not until those ghosts are gone. As soon as all troubles are gone from my mind, I can rest in peace.

Curious Bee: It’s not your fault Sasha. They make themselves dizzy in the noodle.


Bendy Tornado: Here, Eric, *gives the map to Blue Skull* hold the map while I get something from my backpack.

Blue Skull: No problem… *takes map*

*a gust of wind knocks the map out of his hands and the map flutters in the sky before dropping into the ocean*

Blue Skull: No-no-no-no! *tries to reach the map, but almost falls into the ocean*

Quiet Snake: *annoyed* Eric!

Bendy Tornado: Come on, Eric! I turned my back for one second!

Sasha: *hesitantly* I’ll get it. Im the only one who doesn’t need oxygen when I go underwater. *dives in*

Curious Bee: Be careful!

Blue Skull: But she’s already dead!

Curious Bee: But still, be careful!


Sasha: Alright, map, where are ya?? *swims*

*while swimming, she discovers the map, which hasn’t reached the bottom yet, fluttering deeper. Sasha reaches to grab the map, but a hand has grabbed it at the same time*

Sasha: Hey! This is mine!

?: No, it’s mine!

Sasha: The map fell from my blimp!

*the two fight over the map for a little while, until Sasha grabs the map*

Sasha: Got it!

?: Uhm… I was lying. It was yours. Might as well hang around the ocean for a while longer.

Sasha: Wait…

Both: Why aren’t you coming up for air??

?: Oh, I get it, you’re a ghost too.

Sasha: You’re a ghost too??

Viola: Yeah, my name is Viola. I kinda died in the middle of the ocean and couldn’t just rest in peace.

Sasha: Ohmigosh! So have I! I’m Sasha by the way. Viola, the blimp is just over our head. Want to go back to land?

Viola: Please!

*the two girls resurface, Sasha carrying the map. The CB group sees the two, and become confused when they see Viola.*

Curious Bee: Sasha got the map! *squints* But who is that with her??

Viola: Hi!

Sasha: That’s Viola. She’s someone who couldn’t find her way back to land, so should we drop her off at the nearest dead-friendly island?

Bendy Tornado: I guess…

Viola: Oh, thank you!

*Viola and Sasha get on the blimp*

Sasha: Luckily, I got the map right here!

*however, since the map was underwater, the paper disintegrates*

Sasha: Aw, come on! I did that for nothing??!!

Bendy Tornado: *nudges Blue Skull* You know, it’s your fault, Blue.

Blue Skull: The wind blew it out of my hands!

Curious Bee: I guess we’ll have to wander around for a little bit until we can get another map on the nearest island.

Quiet Snake: I hope we’ll get to another island soon; I’m getting a little fidgety.

Blue Skull: Hey, *points towards the ground* is that an island?

Bendy Tornado: No, it’s just a big rock!

Blue Skull: Oh.

Curious Bee: *points* Look! *squints* I’m sure that’s an island.

Sasha: Yup! I see residents!

Blue Skull: From the looks of it, I think it’s Cryptids Island!

Quiet Snake: Great! Then we can get a map!

Viola: And I can get on land!

*The CB group and Viola land on Cryptids Island*

Quiet Snake: I’ll go get the map! *runs off*

Curious Bee: There you go, Viola. Land, sweet land. Looks like this is goodbye for now.


Viola: It doesn’t have to be that way.

Curious Bee: But isn’t that all you wanted, to get on land and live your after life?

Viola: No. What I wanted… *turns around and smirks*…is to find you.

Curious Bee: What…

*At that, Viola transforms. Her shirt is changed into a purple shirt and is now paired with a black jacket. Eye lag appears, and her skin becomes a pale white and hair black with a purple tint*

Sasha: Aw, great, you’re one of them!

Viola: *slyly* I was a spy for REd. Everred sent me in the case that level one members Cameron and Marcus Kensie fail. You five are a tricky group.

Bendy Tornado: Who, exactly are you, Viola?

Viola Violet: Viola? That’s just my spy name. My real name is Violet Hennings. I knew that you would be foolish enough to trust me. The time hasn’t come to catch you yet. *Goes to Sasha* You know you are responsible for this, Sasha Rider…

Sasha: For what? Freeing you?

Violet: Not just that. You’re the reason we hunt you down. No matter if you stay or go, Curious Bee will still be hunted down. You’re always being watched.

*disappears, leaving behind a feeling of uneasiness*

Bendy Tornado Great, now we’ve got another person to watch out for.

Quiet Snake: *walks over casually* I got the map! *then blinks when she sees the others with shocked faces* Umm… what happened?

Sasha: That Viola girl was actually part of REd the whole time.

Quiet Snake: … grand.

Curious Bee: Well, in the meantime, let’s check out this island.

*curtains close*


Brave Tomato: Don’t ask me!!! I’m the story version!

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71 thoughts on “Season 2 (Episodes 15-23)

  1. I MISS THE ADVENTURES OF CURIOUS BEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥

  2. hey i have a little show that one of the authors can post but i only trust ST and BT to post them. but they have to put credit goes to clean tornado! 😀

  3. you know what’s weird?
    Random Poptropican: What?
    its weird that BT is the only active author on this blog right now

  4. i double dog dare you to make an episode were the C.B. group gets attacked by zombies, and then everyone gets infected exept C.B. and B.T., and they have t hide in a closet

  5. Need any ideas?? One of the others could get jealous (of CB and Bendy), Sasha and Cassie could have a duel or something :P, Shy Sky and Crazy Comet should join the group, and maybe someone gets left behind, or Bendy gets temporarily separated from the group or something along those lines…I’m looking forward to the next episode. 😀

  6. ok, i have ideas…
    1. ghost story island –> sasha is a ghost… (don’t tell me nobody thought of this :D)
    2. me… or at least my character 🙂 golden (leanne) dragon, and my parents maroon (mary) dragon and spotted (ed) dragon
    i also agree with hc… dr hare is AWESOME!

    much appreciated if u put me in a story 🙂

  7. Thankyou, Golden Dragon!! FINALLY someone realizes that!!! BTW i got a Dr Hare 6 inch figure for christmas (I had christmas early this year) …JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!!!! lol not really, i was just at Toys R Us one day, saw one, and was like, “Ooo i want that.” 😀

  8. Here’s a suggestion.The CB group portalled to strange island that is just like a ghost town.Then they met some people at this town and led them to the woods then they knew that those people are vampires!

  9. I am wondering how the audition process works? I mean, is there a page for auditions, or do you send out e-mails, or…? I am interested in being in a CB episode or an episode of some sort. 🙂 -GreenSideKick a.k.a Sporty Fox

  10. Oh, and one more thing…I thought the new episode came out on the 23rd of December?? It’s Christmas Eve. I’m not mad or anything, though. Herry Kwanzaanakkahmas to everyone. (happy-merry Kwanzaa-Hanakkah-Christmas)

  11. O.o Wow. I just remembered that there was a Titanic reference in episode 15, and now, there’s a titanic-like ship crash island coming out.

  12. you should do an episode where theres a popstar like britney spears or so but then there actually evil and part of REd’s team.

    • Hey that reminds me of the Skelton Sisters in the Secret Series* 😛
      I hate those morons 😡

      *If you don’t knw what that is, either ask Friendly Dragon or Google it because I don’t really want to explain right now :\

    • No offense, but why do you have the picture when Curious Bee was trapped in the stone pile as your gravatar pic? 😐 just askin…

  13. Random: howmuchwoodwouldawoodchuckchuckifawoodchuckwoodhewouldchuckaswoodasawoodchuckcouldifawoodchuckcouldchuckwood. Try saying that 5 times fast! PLEASE!

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