Season 3 (Episodes 24-31)

Episode 24: Thoughtless

released February 12, 2012

Brave Tomato: *looks at title* Huh. No colors for once. Well, last time we saw Curious Bee and the group, they encountered a strange ghost girl in the ocean. Once they docked at Cryptids Island, they realized that the strange ghost girl was a member of REd in disguise!

Audience Member: *raises hand* I have a question. The Season 2 page is getting pretty crowded, and I wonder when Season 3 will start.

Brave Tomato: Thanks for reminding me! This episode is Season 3’s season premiere. Well, for the first time in a while, I made it through my intro! Let’s start.

*curtains open*

Bendy Tornado: *takes out sketch pad*

Curious Bee: Bendy, what are you doing? This is no time to draw.

Bendy Tornado: I’m drawing Violet. And I’m adding her to the “people we should look out for” list.

Quiet Snake: I didn’t know you draw.

*as Bendy puts his picture away, another picture falls out, Curious Bee notices it and picks it up*

Curious Bee: *looks at the picture, then shows it* What’s this?

Bendy Tornado: *startled* Oh-no-no-no! This one… isn’t finished! It’s another copy thing! *puts CB aside in private*

Curious Bee: I saw the sketch already. Looks pretty dark. *looks* And you put yourself in it.

Bendy Tornado: Never again…

Curious Bee: *sees the same words on the bottom* Bendy…

Bendy Tornado: I made the first copy of this before I ended up in the Academy. You’re the only one I can trust with this…

Curious Bee: What?

Bendy Tornado: My past.

Curious Bee: … you keeping secret that you talked to a goth boy?

Bendy Tornado: … have you noticed this is double sided?

Curious Bee: *turns paper over*

Bendy Tornado: All the stuff in this comic is true. All of it.

Curious Bee: But… why didn’t you tell us? Why didn’t you tell me?

Bendy Tornado: I don’t want my past to influence any decisions.

Curious Bee: I don’t understand. This all happened before you ended up in the academy?

Bendy Tornado: Yes. Well, after the speedboat part, I kinda got arrested on Shark Tooth for being out during curfew.

Curious Bee: Oh. But I still don’t understand why you didn’t tell me. *walks away and towards the others*

Sasha: About time. What was that all about?

Curious Bee: Oh, he just wanted me to see a drawing.

Blue Skull: But… why did you walk off?

Bendy Tornado: *walks over* So, where are we going from here?

Curious Bee: To the right, I suppose.

*Curious Bee’s phone rings*

Curious Bee: Hello?

Safe Bee: *over phone* Curious! Oh thank goodness you’re alright! I need you to come home right away! Something happened!

Curious Bee: What?! I’m coming, Mom, don’t worry. *turns off phone* I need to return home NOW! It sounds like an emergency!

Sasha: What???

Blue Skull: We need to go!

Quiet Snake: I got the map right here! We’re coming back later, right?

Curious Bee: *on blimp* Probably. Let’s go.

*CB group get on blimp and flies off*

Bendy Tornado: What’s this about, Bee?

Curious Bee: I don’t even know!

*the group flies to Early Poptropica*

Curious Bee: *gets off blimp and runs towards Baystreet Way*

Quiet Snake: Wait up!

*the CB group arrive at Baystreet Way. CB and Sasha are familiar with the street, but something doesn’t feel right to them*

Sasha: Something’s missing about the familiarity.

Curious Bee: I know. Something’s off.

*the CB group go down the street and discover Curious Bee’s house. Or it was CB’s house. Ashes scatter the ground. The CB group look at the mess with horror. In the middle of the once-was house, Safe Bee stood, crying. When she looked up, she saw Curious Bee.*

Curious Bee: *scared* Oh… my… goodness…

Safe Bee: Curious Bee! *runs to her and hugs her tightly. CB does the same.*

Sasha: What happened?!

Blue Skull: Are you sure this is where your home should be?

Bendy Tornado: *bends down and picks up some of the ashes. He throws it furiously.*

Safe Bee: Thank you for being here. All of you. *looks to Curious Bee* Curious Bee, I’m so sorry… *weeps*

Curious Bee: It’s not your fault. *blinks* Wait, that sounds more like what you would say.

Safe Bee: For some peculiar reason, one of the only things that survived the fire is this… *shows a piece of paper to Curious Bee*

Curious Bee: K? Who’s K?

Safe Bee: The woman who ruined this house.

Curious Bee: *blinks* How did you know that the person responsible is female??

Safe Bee: I saw her before she set fire to the house…



Safe Bee looks around her house for a little bit. She looks at a picture of her and her daughter, as she does every day. Every day, she worries about her. Putting down the picture, she continues washing the dishes.

“Stop thinking,” she muttered to herself, “she’s with company. You know she’ll be fine.”

Then, she heard a knock at the window. Safe Bee didn’t look up. She was used to the neighborhood pranksters knocking at her windows every now and again.

The knock became harder. Safe Bee had no choice but to look up. In front of her, she saw a red-headed woman with very pale skin. A scar is on her cheek.

“Jennifer Bee,” the woman said, sinisterly, “mother of Miranda Bee. You know that your daughter has gotten on my bad side, right?”

“Who are you?” Safe Bee asked, looking at the woman.

“That doesn’t matter,” Krimson Everred responded. She pulled out a match and lights it. “All that matters is that this house is to burn.”


She broke a window and threw a piece of paper. Then, she blew on the match, so the fire would spread on parts of the house. Something normal Poptropicans CANT do.

Safe Bee dropped a glass in horror. She ran towards the door and was able to exit before a burning part would’ve blocked her way.

With her cell phone in her pocket, she attempted to dial 911. However, when she dialed 9, her cell phone malfunctioned.

“Why you little-” Safe Bee started.

“Ah, mortals. Always relying on their technology, when they don’t realize that the undead can take control of technology for you…” Krimson insinuated, smirking.

Krimson looked at the house and went into the flames. She disappeared.

Safe Bee knew she had to do something-quick. So she ran to the fire station by foot. Then, she took out her phone. It was no longer malfunctioning. So she called her husband, who was at work at the time, and then Curious Bee.


Curious Bee: Oh my gosh.

Safe Bee: Now, Miranda, I’m more worried about you than ever. This woman is dangerous-

Sasha: I think I know who that woman is.

Safe Bee: Who?!

Sasha: Miranda, do you remember when we portaled to the stage?

Curious Bee: First time or second time?

Sasha: Second time. Remember that woman who put her finger underneath your chin?

Curious Bee: The audience says her name is Krimson Everred.

Sasha: Yeah, her. She was probably the one who decided to trash your house.

Safe Bee: The police was nice enough to give me and your father a place to rest for the night at a nearby hotel, until something could be done. I just wanted to know that you are safe.

Curious Bee: Thank you.

Safe Bee: You can return to whatever you were doing. I just wanted to make sure you’re safe.

Curious Bee: I actually might stay here for a little while. All roads lead to home.

Blue Skull: But isn’t that saying all roads lead to Ro-

Quiet Snake: Yeah yeah, whatever.

Curious Bee: No matter what, we all need to be careful.

*pause, then curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Well, that concludes this ep-


Brave Tomato: Aw, come on!

Audience Member: Cheer up, at least you made it through the intro. Not the outro though.

Brave Tomato: *sigh* BT out.

Episode 25: Prophecy in the Ashes

(released Feburary 25, 2012)

Brave Tomato: *waves* Hi guys! Well, last time we saw Curious Bee and the group, they were brought to Early Poptropica to find that her house has been burned down into ashes! *looks* Well, I guess that’s how the title makes sense. But what about the prophecy part? Well, let’s just start…

*curtains open*

Quiet Snake: I’m not cleaning any ashes!

Curious Bee: Come on, Quiet Snake, you need to help. Eight hands aren’t enough. We need ten.

Quiet Snake: But I-

Sasha: Just help, Madeline.

Quiet Snake: *heads over* Alright I’m coming, I’m coming, see?

Bendy Tornado: Well, well, look who finally came over here.

Blue Skull: Doesn’t it feel weird that we’re helping clean the ashes that a psycho ghost girl caused??

Curious Bee: It doesn’t feel weird at all. *glares* Actually, I don’t get that “joke” at all.

Blue Skull: Because the… ashes… *sighs* Never mind.

Safe Bee: How’s everyone doing over there?

Curious Bee: We’re doing fine, Mom. The vacuums are pretty darn helpful.

Quiet Snake: Yeah, helpful at ruining my outfits!

Bendy Tornado: We’ve got some ashes to go, QS. You’ve got plenty of time before you get out of the ashes.

Quiet Snake: And that’s supposed to be a good thing?

Sasha: *continues vacuuming and then realizes something is caught onto the tube* What in Poptropica… *turns off. vacuum and picks up a scroll*

Curious Bee: What’s that??

Sasha: *opens scroll* Woah. Guys, I think you need to see this.

*the others turn off their vacuums and go over to Sasha*

Curious Bee: *reads off scroll* Seven must be brought together, if Poptropica’s fate is to change forever, till death it cannot be done, you need to have all without missing one, if all the seven are to touch each other, one being sister the other being brother, the fate of Poptropica is in their hands, to life or death they must take a stand. *pauses* hey, look, there are a couple of colors on the side of the scroll!

Sasha: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and grey. *continues looking* All of them are crossed out. Except…

Curious Bee: …orange.

*all others look at Sasha*

Sasha: *looks at her orange hair* Oh no.

Quiet Snake: Krimson must’ve dropped this. *looks around frantically* And I have a bad feeling she would want this back.

Bendy Tornado: Red… that must be Krimson. Yellow… we haven’t encountered him or her yet. Green… Cameron wears a green hoodie. Blue… that could be… well someone we haven’t encountered yet. Purple… assuming that’s Violet. And black… could be Marcus.

Quiet Snake: Cameron and Marcus are brother and sister…

Curious Bee: This is why she feels its important to get rid of me! Sasha, who’s supposed to represent orange, is the last ghost Krimson needs to complete the circle. And when they complete the circle… the fate of Poptropica goes into their hands. However, they feel that I have become a distraction from Sasha joining REd, so they’re trying to get rid of me so Sasha has no other choice!

*slow clapping can be heard*

?: Bravo, Miranda. You tend to get things spot on.

*as the group goes to turn around, with Curious Bee closing the scroll, Krimson goes up to Curious Bee and puts a knife in front of her throat*

Safe Bee: You! Stay away from my daughter-

Krimson: *ignoring Safe Bee* You have something of yours that mine. Give me the scroll. Or else I would have to get rid of you early.

Curious Bee: *throws scroll* Catch!

*Bendy Tornado catches the scroll and runs. Curious Bee moves swiftly out of the knife’s way, but the knife did scrape her shoulder.*

Krimson: You can run, but you can’t hide from REd.

*Krimson uses a ghostly telekinetic power to try and get the scroll out of Bendy’s hands. Bendy doesn’t let go, and tries to fight against the telekinetic force. He grasps on for dear life, but ends up being flown towards Krimson.*

Blue Skull: No!

Curious Bee: Hang on, Bendy!

Krimson: Well, well, looks like you’re trying to save the day, Zachary. Unfortunatley, that couldn’t happen just now. *she pulls the scroll away from Bendy* Thank you.

Bendy Tornado: *sarcastically* Aw, great.

Krimson: Great indeed. Now it seems you know a lot more, now. Let me tell you, there’s more than meets the eye. *goes over to Curious Bee and picks up a drop of blood from her shoulder* Once Miranda is fallen, the fate of Poptropica is in the hands of REd. *drips blood on her cheek* And you know what I’m going to do with that fate. *disappears leaving behind a feeling of uneasiness*

Safe Bee: Curious Bee! *runs over to her* Are you okay?

Curious Bee: *holding on to her scathed shoulder* I’m fine. Just scraped my shoulder from Krimson’s knife.

Blue Skull: Better there than on your throat.

Curious Bee: Good point, Skull. *looks around* Where’s Quiet Snake. *facepalm* Aw, great, QS, learn to be brave!

*CB runs into an alley, where QS is cowering, as usual*

Quiet Snake: Donthurtmedonthurtmedonthurtme…

Curious Bee: Madeline!

Quiet Snake: Curious Bee! Oh, thank goodness it’s you! *looks at CB’s shoulder* What happened to your shoulder?

Curious Bee: It’s just a cut. Well, from Krimson’s knife. If I haven’t moved, she would’ve gotten me in the throat.

Quiet Snake: Poor you! Well, is she gone??

Curious Bee: Yeah, she’s gone. For now. Come on, let’s go back.

*CB and QS return to the others*

*Blue Skull makes chicken noises to tease QS*

Quiet Snake: Very funny, Eric.

Safe Bee: Now that she’s gone, we can return to vacuuming. After all, we don’t want to trouble the clean-up crew if we do it ourselves.

Curious Bee: Yes, Mom.

Safe Bee: Curious Bee, my daughter, can I talk to you for a second?

Curious Bee: Sure. Although I know what this is going to be about.

*Safe Bee and Curious Bee go over in private*

Safe Bee: Curious Bee, you can’t have Sasha’s ghost with you anymore.

Curious Bee: But Mom! She’s Sasha! If I let her go…

Safe Bee: If you let her go, you’ll be safe.

Curious Bee: But I can’t let her go. I’m not the only one that needs protecting. She needs to be with us.

Safe Bee: Sasha’s already dead! I don’t want you to have this kind of fate!

Curious Bee: Mom, if I let Sasha go, Krimson would take her in easily, and the circle would be complete. Then, Poptropica’s fate would be in the hands of the bad guys! And everyone’s going to be gone!

Safe Bee: Miranda… you do know you’ve got a point there. I wouldn’t trust Sasha too much. Just be very careful. She turned against you once, she might do it again.

Curious Bee: There’s no way she would do that again…

Safe Bee: You can’t trust everybody. Be careful on who you trust.

Curious Bee: Ditto.

*Curious Bee goes back over to the CB group, and takes the vacuum. She looks at Sasha, then looks down at the ashes. She bends down and puts the ashes through her fingers. Then she looks up.*

Curious Bee: And all of this started just from a simple move as running away.

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Thanks for watching Episode 25. Turn in next time! BT out!


Brave Tomato: *looks at the screen* Poor Curious Bee.

Episode 26: Cryptic in Thought

released March 5th, 2012

Brave Tomato: *paces on stage* Seven must be brought together if Poptropica’s fate is to change forever… *looks up and realizes that she paced on the stage* Oh, um-hi.

Audience Member: What are you doing reciting the prophecy?

Brave Tomato: I dunno. Well, last time we saw Curious Bee…

*curtains open*

Brave Tomato: Wai-Wha? I didn’t finish…

Audience: Move out of the way!

Brave Tomato: Alright, I’m getting off…


*The property of what was the CB house is now clear of ashes. CB sits down and looks around. She is haunted by the fact that her room used to be where she was sitting. She is haunted by the fact that some people want to kill her. She is haunted by the fact that all this happened because of such a simple move.*

Bendy Tornado: Miranda?

Curious Bee: Oh, Bendy! You scared me. I was just thinking.

Bendy Tornado: Thinking about what?

Curious Bee: What to do in the next week or so. *looks* I want to check out Cryptids Island. But I’m not sure if I should leave when the house is still being worked on.

Bendy Tornado: You know, Miranda, I don’t think it’s a good idea to stay here much longer.

Curious Bee: Why not?

Bendy Tornado: With REd running around like a cattle stampede, I don’t feel that it’s safe to stay at one place.

Curious Bee: Yeah… good point. All the clean-up has been finished today.

Bendy Tornado: I think we should leave in the morning.

*CB nods. She gets up and heads towards the others*

Curious Bee: Guys? I think it would be a good idea if we leave in the morning. All the cleanup is done, now we should let the construction workers do the rest.

Safe Bee: Well, CB, I was going to talk to you about that. It’s not safe to stay in the same spot at once. You may go in the morning.

Blue Skull: Come on, we’re going back??

Curious Bee: *nods*

Sasha: Although it’s nice to be home, I think it’s a good idea to keep moving on. After all, I don’t want to represent orange.

Quiet Snake: In the meantime, let’s get some rest.

*the group heads in the apartment*

*Meanwhile, Cameron and Marcus were spying in an alley*

Cameron: They know about the prophecy?!

Marcus: Seems like.

Cameron: It cannot be! How could they know?? *thinks* They’re heading back to Cryptids Island in the morning. I think I have a plan…

Marcus: Aw, come on, Cameron! Remember last time we went your plan??

Cameron: It was not my fault!

Marcus: Still arguing about that? Remember what Everred said, we both are responsible somehow.

Cameron: But I still have a plan.

Marcus: Alright, fine! Just don’t cry to me when your plan doesn’t work.

Cameron: Trust me, it’ll work.

*Time passes. It’s morning now, and the CB group and Safe Bee head out. Quiet Snake is holding onto the map.*

Curious Bee: Well, Mom, looks like its goodbye for now.

Safe Bee: Just be careful. And call me if you need anything.

Sasha: We get it, Jennifer.

Safe Bee: I know, Sasha, but it’s just a reminder.

Curious Bee: Bye!

*The group heads for main street, and get on the blimp. When the blimp heads over water, Cameron and Marcus get out from the ocean and hold on to the rope and then become invisible.*

Curious Bee: *opens map* Woah, this is new. What happened, did the islands rearrange or something??

Bendy Tornado: *shrugs* Happens every once in a blue moon.

Curious Bee: Umm…okay…? Looks like we have to travel left now.


Cameron: What the heck?? Why are we going left?

Marcus: Will you be quiet?? Do you want to be heard??

Cameron: Um… no.

Marcus: Probably another island switch. Some islands have the ability to move around. Happens every once in a blue moon.

Cameron: Blue moon? Don’t make me think of Indigo Rolstol. That girl makes me a little sick.

Marcus: Alright then.

*back in the basket of the blimp*

Quiet Snake: There it is! *points*

Blue Skull: Finally! That trip took long enough.

Cameron: *heard* NOW!

Sasha: *turns* Huh??

*Vines appear out of the water and grab on to the blimp*

Curious Bee: The blimp can’t move!

Quiet Snake: What’s happening??

Cameron: You may not have seen us for a while…

Marcus: …but we’re always here.

Sasha: Great, you guys.

Blue Skull: Why do we have to deal with the four of you?

Marcus: *looks* Four of you? *counts* You should only know of three. *looks at Cameron* You were the one that said Indigo’s name out loud!

Curious Bee: Wait… who’s Indigo?

Cameron: Grand, now see what you have done!? It wasn’t Indigo they were talking about.

Quiet Snake: What about that purple one? Violet?

Cameron: Violet Hemmings?! How do you know of her??

Bendy Tornado: *holds out drawing he made in episode 24*

Marcus: Bravo.

*Out of frustration, Cameron pulls the vines wrapped around the blimp closer to the ocean, farther from land*

Cameron: Enough with the games of who knows what. You know what we’re here for.

Blue Skull: Yeah, get Curious Bee, blah blah blah…

Marcus: That. Yeah.

*Sasha looks over the side of the blimp. She concentrates on the vines, and all of a sudden, the vines are sliced in half, breaking CB’s blimp away from the grasp.*

Cameron: No!

Sasha: Yes.

*CB quickly docks the blimp on land*

Bendy Tornado: Quick, to the general store!

*The CB group heads inside the general store*

General Store Owner: How may I help you?

Curious Bee: Uh.. just browsing.

General Store Owner: Alright then. Tourists usually buy stuff anyways.

Quiet Snake: Oh, look at this cute little lighthouse! *looks at price tag* 60 dollars?!

Blue Skull: This is no time for shopping. That duo could pass right on by if we weren’t noticeable.

Bendy Tornado: Right.

*the CB group waits. Seconds later, the door opens and they flinch. However, a girl with orange hair in a ponytail enters. She wears an olive-colored jacket with a white top and gray skirt. The CB group sighs in relief.*

?: Oh. I didn’t realize that someone else was in here.

Sasha: No, it’s fine.

Mira: I’m Mirabel Powers, by the way. *looks at Sasha* You must be the famous Sasha Rider.

Curious Bee: Wait…

Sasha: How did you know my name??

Mira: I spy on REd. I know.

Curious Bee: You DO?

Mira: And you must be the ever-talked about Curious Miranda Bee.

Curious Bee: The way you’re putting it is creepy.

Mira: Is it? Sorry, I tend to put things wrongly.

Bendy Tornado: How do you know of REd’s existance?

Mira: *frowns* Do you really want to know?

Quiet Snake: Yeah.

Mira: I know, because I was part of them.

Sasha: What do you mean?

Mira: I was a member of REd.

*the CB gang gives a blank stare*

Blue Skull: I’m lost.

Mira: Well, it’s a long story.


*1st person told from Mira’s point of view*

You see, I kinda died. I was riding in my mom’s car, minding my own buisness, when all of a sudden, BAM! A car rushed onto my side of the car like at 90 miles an hour.

When I woke up, I was in the middle of the road. I was a ghost. And I wouldn’t believe it. What made it more weird is the fact that the wreckage that was supposed to be there wasnt there. Cars were passing through me. Nobody would see me. I didn’t let them see me. I went off the side of the forest and looked. I knew I was dead, but I didn’t want to die.

All of a sudden, this goth girl came out of nowhere, scar on her cheek, red hair, pale skin. I looked at her, and she looked at me. Yup, that’s Krimson I’m talking about. She looked at me in the eye and said,

“Come with me, Selena Castheart. You’ll be free.”

I, being the dumb person I am, followed her. I didn’t know. I thought this girl was going to guide me into the afterlife or something. But, she touched me, and all of a sudden, I became this orange glow, My orange hair became a tint darker, I had the eye lag Krimson had, and my clothes changed as well. It became all dark and evil-looking.

“Welcome to REd, Selena,” she whispered.

She took me to a secret hideaway, and there were other people there. It was before the Kensie siblings and Alamar arrived…


Curious Bee: Who’s Alamar?

Mira: Questions after the story, please?

Curious Bee: Right. Sorry.

Mira: As I was saying…

*back to 1st person with Mira*

and Violet and Indigo were the only other ones there. They stared me down.

“Looks like a new face, Krimson,” Violet said, staring at me in the eye.

“She better not make any waves,” Indigo revolted. No one clearly gave a care for me.

Krimson held out a scroll in front of me, whispering sinisterly, “This is our goal, and then we’ll be free.”

I just stared at Krimson. Then on the scroll, a jet back line appeared, crossing the orange circle. I was orange.

I never wanted to be part of any evil organization. Not at all. But I did stick around. To find their secrets. I witnessed the arrival of Alamar Midas, the male to represent gold. Krimson did the same thing with him the way she did with me. With Krimson now focused on Alamar, it provided the perfect oppurtunity to run. So I did.

While Violet, Indigo, and Krimson were fixated on Alamar, I got away. I ran. I turned off the security system.

However, it wasn’t long before Krimson noticed I was gone. When Krimson showed Alamar the scroll, Orange was no longer crossed out. It was just there, blank. She kinda got, well, mad. She teleported right in front of me and looked at me. Her eyes stared at my lost soul like I was the bad guy.

“Just where do you think you are going?” Krimson muttered, a dark voice overshadowing her normal voice.

I couldn’t stand to just to see her. So I said something that I never regretted.

“You lied to me. I never was really part of REd. I was just there. I never even wanted to be here! I wish I never followed you. You’re just pure evil. I know it. Evil in its purest form. You’re the most insane person I’ve ever met. I was happy, until I met you.”

“Revolting against REd at a time like this?” Krimson muttered, darker than before, “I don’t think so.”

I felt a pounding at my chest and it thrusted me backwards. I could feel pain other spirits caused. That pain made me break. I yelled out. All of this anger bursted out. I let out my power, the power of fire, but I didn’t know Krimson could do the same. She set me on fire.

“It’s unwise to fight me, Selena.” Krimson muttered sinisterly.

Krimson was right. I couldn’t fight her, not like this. While I was on fire, I teleported. Krimson didn’t see me disappear until the fire faded.

When I arrived at my destination, I doused the fire and changed everything back. I was me again. But… I needed to change me. I gave myself freckles. I changed my outfit to a one I never had. I made myself look like I’m a regular person.

It was going to be hard. I knew it. I changed my name from Selena Castheart to Mirabel Powers. And I kinda made my own living and stuff.

However, due to the fact that I know the hideaway’s location, I spy on REd. I’m sneaky like Violet is. I don’t want Poptropica’s fate to go into their hands.

Blue Skull: Sheesh. That is a long story.

Mira: It is, isn’t it? Also, they’re looking for me, too. No success. Thank you, Mira Powers.

Curious Bee: Huh. Guess we can somewhat relate.

Mira: I must be going. See you guys!

*Mira exits the general store. As she leaves, the store owner tries to stop her.*

General Store Owner: Wait! Aren’t you going to buy something??

Bendy Tornado: That was… weird.

Curious Bee: I’m debating on whether to trust her. The days before we left, Mom had said “Be careful who you trust.” *looks* Honestly, now that I know what Krimson can do, I’m kinda… scared.

Quiet Snake: You’re scared? You’re the one that keeps bugging me to be brave.

Curious Bee: Yeah, I was. But something… is in me that is building my fear.

Bendy Tornado: That’s called fear, Miranda. We all had fear before. Even… even me.

Curious Bee: Yeah. *looks* If Mira got out alright, then so should we. Come on.

*the CB group heads outside*

Quiet Snake: This adventure is becoming anything but ordinary.

Curious Bee: Hello? Poptropica is NOT ordinary.

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Whew. This went on longer than I thought. Well, tune in next time! BT out!

Episode 27- Revelations

(released March 24, 2012)

ave Tomato: Hey guys…

Audience Member: Finally, an actual written episode!

Brave Tomato: Well, last time we saw Curious Bee and the group, they arrived at Cryptids Island, where they met a girl named Mirabel Powers, who knows a lot about REd. Now, we should start the show!

*curtains open*

Curious Bee: Wow, this place seems nice and peaceful. I haven’t really paid much attention to the surroundings.

Quiet Snake: Except for the fact that the general store is overpriced.

Curious Bee: Besides, I wonder why this island is named Cryptids.

Blue Skull: This part of the island, even the western side, is very peaceful. However, on the east side, there are a bunch of rich mansions and stuff. And some of the owners are pretty snobby.

Bendy Tornado: From here, people travel all around the world to do one thing: find evidence of the existence of Cryptids, like Bigfoot, or the Loch Ness Monster.

Curious Bee: There’s no such thing as those. Why go through all this trouble?

Blue Skull: *sighs* For a million dollar prize.

Sasha: Of course it’s going to be for money.

Blue Skull: Especially when it’s being hosted by the MewsCorp. Harold Mews, the founder, lives on this island and is the giver of the million dollar prize. He’s a billionaire and lives in the biggest mansion in the island. He even has his own website.

Curious Bee: Oh, I think I was on that website once. His autobiography is pretty… lengthy.

Quiet Snake: Come on, 4 paragraphs are not lengthy.

Curious Bee: Maybe I just had a fuzzy memory of it.

Bendy Tornado: Well, lots of people leave here through… sometimes odd measures. Some of them take hang gliders, boats, someone even attached balloons to a lawn chair.

Curious Bee: I know that some people are snobby and weirdos, but why wasn’t I allowed here originally?

Bendy Tornado: Maybe the houses are just so expensive.

?: Look out below!

*The CB group and turns to see a boy falling on a bike. There are popped balloons attached to the bike. The boy lands on Main Street, and everybody watched.*

Boy: Oww…

Curious Bee: You okay? That seems like some fall.

Boy: I’m okay. Just a few bruises.

Bendy Tornado: What happened?

Boy: I was trying to travel my balloon bound bike all around the world to find evidence of the cryptids, when all of a sudden, this pink and white helicopter came out of nowhere. A girl came out, said, “How cute, a flying bicycle! Well, guess what? I’m going to get the money!” and she threw DARTS at my balloons. So I fell.

Man: *sigh* Must be ANOTHER Gretchen Grimlock incident. Don’t worry, kid. We’ll get an ambulance.

Blue Skull: Gretchen Grimlock? AGAIN?

Curious Bee: Who?

Blue Skull: Well, I used to live here before I moved to Time Tangled Island, so I know a lot about this island. Gretchen is this really mean fortune hunter who lies, cheats, and steals to get what she really wants: ka-ching, money. She often attacks travelers. She sets fires to kites and gliders. And she throws sharp things at balloons and blimps. Also, she interferes with helicopter transmissions to find out your location.

Sasha: Yikes, she sound likes someone really annoying.

Curious Bee: I think it’s about time to get back on the blimp. We can’t stay in places for too long.

Bendy Tornado: Agreed.

Quiet Snake: Yeah, we should go.

*CB and the group head back on the blimp*

Curious Bee: So… what island to go to next?

Quiet Snake: I dunno. *looks at Bendy Tornado* You’re the one with the map.

Sasha: In the meantime, I’ll let the blimp go. *unties rope and gets back on the blimp*

*Mira runs over and hangs from the bottom*

Mira: Guys!

Bendy Tornado: Mira?

Quiet Snake: Whaddaya doin down there?

Mira: I just got back from headquarters of REd. *climbs up rope* They have someone as prisoner!

Blue Skull: Who?!

Mira: I dunno exactly her name. I was only able to catch her middle name.

Curious Bee: What’s her name? What did she look like?

Mira: Well, she has long black hair in a headband and tanish skin. And she was wearing a purple and pink top with a purple skirt. And her middle name is…


Group: *gasp* NICE SWORD!

Bendy Tornado: Why would they take her?

Mira: I don’t know. She seemed very scared. She has no idea who these people are. All that she knows is that they kidnapped her and took her as prisoner. Your friend has no idea that she’s been taken because she was affilated with you in a way.

Blue Skull: I guess that makes sense.

Curious Bee: *grimly* Maybe Krimson wanted to kidnap Nice Sword… to lure us. She knows that we were friends with her, and we would go to her if she’s in trouble.

Quiet Snake: Whatever the reason is, we need to go to her!

Mira: Woah, woah, woah, hold your horses! Are you sure? This is going to be really dangerous. Krimson and the other members of REd are powerful with their element.

Curious Bee: If it was for anyone we care for, we would do anything. Even if it means I die.

Bendy Tornado: CB, don’t say that! We need to keep you alive! If you die and Sasha gets pulled into REd, then Poptropica is DOOMED.

Mira: I know the way to the headquarters… but it’s going to be quite a journey since you can’t exactly teleport, well, except for Sasha.

Sasha: Agreed.

Quiet Snake: Gabriella, we are coming!

Blue Skull: I’m in.

Bendy Tornado: Where do we go?

Curious Bee: I’m willing to do anything to save her.

Mira: Well, it looks like you’re willing to take the challenge. Alright. First we have to go to a certain island. Let’s go.

Curious Bee: Where are we going?

Mira: It’s not one of the main islands. I’ll point you all in the directions.

*meanwhile in Cryptids*

Cameron: Drats! They left without us!

Marcus: They didn’t even know we were there anyways.

Cameron: Of course they knew. The vines from the water?

Marcus: Well, that’s true, and by the way, another one of YOUR plans failed.

Cameron: Don’t rub it in.

Marcus: Well, we haven’t gone with any of MY plans yet. They were all about you.

Cameron: Because you’re even worse at making plans than I am![

Marcus: Give me a chance, okay?!

*on the other side of the island*

Violet: Who’s that with them?! Is that…? No, it cannot be. But it has to be… Selena Castheart. I’ve found her! Oh, wait until Krimson hears about this. She’ll have two orange girls to choose from! *disappears*

*Violet arrives at HQ. Krimson is there, looking away*

Krimson: Ah, Violet. Have you brought them?

Violet: Not exactly. They’re actually coming here.

Krimson: Good. That’s exactly what I want. *realizes* Wait, how do they know the way?!

Violet: They have someone else with them. It’s Selena. She returns!

Krimson: That traitor?! Why is she bothering to return?

Violet: She’s assisting the Miranda Bee group. Guiding them to us.

Nice Sword: Curious Bee! Please! Don’t come here! It’s a trap!

Krimson: You know they can’t hear you, Gabriella. There’s no use in shouting.

Nice Sword: I’m not heard, but I did speak. You’re not getting away with this.

Krimson: Watch me. Once that foolish traitor leads them to us, I can easily kill her. Because she would do anything to save her precious friends. *walks away*

Nice Sword: *breaks down* Curious Bee…. no. Leave me to rot here. Leave me to die. Leave me to have my ghost come out. Just… don’t come here. Please. Leave me to starve.

*Callie enters from around the corner. For a second, Nice Sword was scared it was Curious Bee.*

Callie: Gabriella.

Nice Sword: Who are you?

Callie: I’m Callie. And I’m here to help you.

Nice Sword: How did you get here?

Callie: Well, instinct. Your friend has helped me in the past. I am willing to help her in any way.

Nice Sword: How?

Callie: She returned me something that I missed so much. *takes out a mirror* This.

Nice Sword: Huh…? Curious Bee mentioned returning a mirror to…

Callie: *smiles* Exactly.

Nice Sword: No way.

Callie: Yes way. I gave Quiet Snake advice that brought Curious Bee and Bendy Tornado back together. And I also saved the group when they were in Steamworks, trapped in vines. I really need to lay down the fighter girl stuff. That’s not me.

Nice Sword: All for a mirror? Well, I can see why.

Callie: Let’s keep this a little secret between us, alright?

Nice Sword: Alright.

Callie: I’ll be back soon. *disappears in roses*

Nice Sword: …Aphrodite…

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: See? The little things tend to get very important later on in the story. Even if the episode was released over a year ago. Well, tune in next time! *walks away*

Episode 28: Sword of Hope

(released April 2, 2012)

Brave Tomato: Why should I do an intro?? This series is getting good! Let’s get right to it!

*curtains open*

Mira: Before we barge right on in to REd Headquarters, we need to get something first. Both the Sword of Hope and REd HQ is on this island.

Curious Bee: What’s the Sword of Hope?

Mira: It was a part of a missing page of the prophecy. I found an extra page that Krimson had forgotten. How does it go…? Oh yes.

If the fate goes into the wrong hands,

the Destined Hero will take a stand

For there is Hope, just waiting to be used

If the fate is to be misused

The Sword of Hope, tight in grasp

Yet the Hero must beware the villain’s wrath.

Sasha: Who’s the Destined Hero?

*all turn to Curious Bee*

Curious Bee: What?

Bendy Tornado: Do you think you may be the Destined Hero?

Curious Bee: I don’t know. It can be any one of us.

Mira: Well, the prophecy mentions the Destined Hero is female, so that cuts out Bendy Tornado and Blue Skull.

Blue Skull: Thank goodness. I don’t really want to have so much attention.

Mira: Well, we should get going. *gets off blimp*

Quiet Snake: This island looks creepy…

Curious Bee: It’s not one of the named main islands. We’ll be alright. Trust me. We need to go and save ourselves and Poptropica.

Quiet Snake: But… the rocks… *sigh* Alright. But this is for ourselves and Poptropica.

*The CB group navigate some of the rocky with Mira leading the way*

Quiet Snake: Are we there, yet?

Mira: No, not yet. We need to travel a few more kilometers.

Quiet Snake: What does that mean????

Blue Skull: It means we got a ways to go.

Curious Bee: We’ll have to stay strong. Come on.

*After more minutes of traveling, the group finally arrive at a cave*

Mira: The Sword of Hope is in this cave.

Sasha: What are we waiting for?! Let’s go get that sword!

*the group enters the cave*

Quiet Snake: Gak, I hate caves. When there’s caves, there’s usually bats. And bugs.

Blue Skull: A world’s fate is more important than insects!

Mira: There it is!

*The CB group and Mira arrive in an opening. The Sword of Hope is inside a box. Mira goes over and opens the box, revealing the Sword. All the others stare at it, gaping*

Mira: Curious Bee, here, you take it. I have a feeling it is yours.

Curious Bee: Wow… the Sword of Hope. In my grasp…

Quiet Snake: Aw, Curious Bee, your braids are ruining your appearance!

Curious Bee: Huh??

Quiet Snake: The common heroines usually have their hair down, like this… *takes out braids*

Bendy Tornado: *dully* Is this really the time for a makeover?

Quiet Snake: Oh, glasses. Tsk tsk tsk. The villain can easily pull them right off and you can hardly see anything! Let me take them off and you put on these contacts.

Curious Bee: Umm… okay.

Quiet Snake: Fantastic! It’s working just nicely!

Curious Bee: I feel very uncomfortable right now.

Quiet Snake: Alright alright, you can leave the braids. Some heroes have braids.

*CB puts braids back in*

Curious Bee: And…?

Quiet Snake: *sigh* You may have your glasses back. *hands back glasses*

Curious Bee: Thanks. *takes off contacts and puts on glasses* I want to be myself. Appearance doesn’t help battle performance.

Mira: Let’s get out of here!

*the group exit the cave*

Curious Bee: So we got it?

Blue Skull: Seems like.

Mira: Now, we are ready to go to the Headquarters.

Sasha: Miranda… are you sure you want to do this? Just to save Gabriella?

Curious Bee: Positive. If it’s for a friend, I’m willing to do anything.

Bendy Tornado: Except die.

Curious Bee: Even that.

Bendy Tornado: Don’t say that. I told you before.

Mira: We should head there.

*screen freezes*

Brave Tomato: What the heck? *taps screen* The episode isn’t over yet!

Audience Member: That’s what you get for not doing your intro!

Brave Tomato: Electrical control! The tv’s frozen up!

Electrical Control Guy: Why do you always call us?

Brave Tomato: Because you specialize in electricity. Why else?

ECG: Alright, fine.

*Electrical control repairs TV*

Brave Tomato: There we go!

Audience Member: Just get back with the show!

Brave Tomato: Right!

*the tv plays again*

Bendy Tornado: Agreed. We need to get going.

Curious Bee: What are we waiting for?

*the CB group starts heading more through the rocks*

*Meanwhile, in REd HQ*

Nice Sword: *watches security camera footage from her cage* No, CB… no.

*Indigo enters the main room and watches the footage. Alamar follows her*

Alamar: What are you doing watching footage of the Miranda Bee group? You know they’re not our responsibility.

Indigo: No, but Selena Castheart is.

Alamar: You can’t assume too quickly that that red-haired ponytail girl is Selena.

Indigo: Yes I can. We can change looks, remember??

Alamar: But that girl looks too human!

Violet: *enters* My friend’s right. That girl is Selena Castheart. She calls herself Mirabel Powers.

Indigo: See?? I told you!

Alamar: But it cannot be! And by the way, Violet, why do you care about Selena? You know she’s not your responsibility. It’s ours.

Violet: Because things have got to be noticed. Besides, ghosts can change how they appear. *glimpses at Nice Sword in the cage and changes her appearance to match Nice Sword’s*

Alamar: You do have a point there.

Violet: Do I? *morphs back to regular self*

Indigo: So what are we to do about it?

Violet: Krimson would want you to get that girl… just in case.

Indigo: What, are you second in command or something?

Violet: We are BOTH second-in-command, Indigo, remember?

Indigo: For your information, I’ve never done anything second-in-commandish!

Alamar: Girls, please! You’re starting to sound like Cameron and Marcus! Although they’re the same level as me, I have more experience than the both of them! And I don’t want you two to become the level two Cameron and Marcus Kensie.

Violet/Indigo: Stop comparing us to the Kensies!

Alamar: Oh well. Indigo, we should go.

*Alamar and Indigo disappear*

Violet: *stares at the security camera footage and smirks* Miranda Bee, Sasha Rider, and Selena Castheart are the only people we need. Sasha to join us, and Miranda and Selena to get rid of. *thinks, glimpses at Nice Sword and back* What to do with the others…

Nice Sword: Guys… no…

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Okay, the next few episodes are going to be pretty crazy. Cause CB and the group are heading up to REd HQ. Episode 30 (the episode after next episode) is going to be a multi-part episode called “The Everred Plot”. Keep an eye out for it in the weeks to come! Now, I know what you’re going to say…

Audience Member: Does this mean you’re ending the Curious Bee series soon?

Brave Tomato: Don’t worry, there is going to be more! With the CB series, I would want to reach certain parts when the time is right, including the end. Which is, happily, not as close as you think.

Episode 29- Stars in the Night Sky

(released April 14, 2012)

Brave Tomato: Well well well… Hi guys. *looks at the screen* Wowzers. The CB group is really going through so much. The Sword of Hope has been retrieved. Now, all that the CB group needs to do is traverse to REd headquarters. Guided by Mirabel. Sorry about the way I’m acting. Im just excited! ^_^

*curtains open*

Blue Skull: Where exactly is REd headquarters? Is it, like a building? Is it a cave?

Mira: It’s in a cave.

Bendy Tornado: High tech?

Mira: Very. Knowing Ms. Everred right now, she probably has security cameras lying around. Alamar Midas made most of the stuff.

Curious Bee: Yet the Hero must beware the villain’s wrath… the villain’s wrath…

Sasha: Don’t worry, Curious Bee, everything’s going to be fine.

Curious Bee: I don’t think so. I’m going to die. All I have is a sword. She… she’s powerful. She can control fire. She can burn me into ashes in a snap. While I have a mere sword. Besides, she’s already dead…

Quiet Snake: CB, think about what you have been telling me. Think of what the girl with the star on her cheek said. You need to be brave. C’mon.

*CB and the group traverse. Following them is a new pair of REd members. It’s Indigo and Alamar.

Alamar: Are you sure about this?

Indigo: Positive! We’re this close to capturing Selena!

Alamar: Now that I think about it, the purpose of catching her is to bring her back to HQ and throw her in the portal. What’s the purpose of catching her if she is already heading there?

*awkward silence*

Indigo: That’s true.

(Author’s note: Krimson has the ability to message other members of REd via mind)

Krimson: (Mind Message to Indigo) You and Alamar return to the Headquarters. There’s no purpose in catching them when my lure is leading them there.

Indigo: *to Alamar* We should head back to HQ. I got one of those mind messages.

*Indigo and Alamar disappear*

*Meanwhile on Cryptids Island*

Marcus: Cameron, why are we still on Cryptids Island?? Miranda and her group left a day ago.

Cameron: Because they left without our ride!

Marcus: *glumly* The rope hanging from their blimp? But we can-

Cameron: Yes! Now how are we going to follow them?!

Marcus: But we can-

Cameron: But we can WHAT?

Marcus: …but we can teleport and fly.

*awkward silence*

Cameron: Oh yeah…

Marcus: This is what I’ve been trying to tell you!

Krimson: (Mind Message to Cameron) What are you two still doing in Cryptids Island?! Return to headquarters. The Miranda Bee group is heading here.

Cameron: I just got a mind message. We need to return to HQ.

Marcus: Now what is it??

Cameron: The CB group are heading there.

Marcus: What?

*Cameron and Marcus disappear*

*meanwhile back on the rocky terrain of the unnamed island*

Quiet Snake: Is it me, or did it feel like someone was following us a few minutes ago?

Curious Bee: A few minutes ago? Well, do you still have that feeling now?

Quiet Snake: Well, no…

Curious Bee: Alright. We should keep going. *looks to Mira* Mira, how much farther?

Mira: We’re almost there.

Blue Skull: Really? Oh thank goodness. I don’t think my feet can handle the rockiness anymore.

Bendy Tornado: But we are going to a psycho ghost group’s headquarters.

Blue Skull: Don’t remind me.

Curious Bee: Don’t give up now! We’re almost there!

Mira: There!

*Mira and the group stop in front of a cave. They look at it glumly, yet bravely.*

Quiet Snake: *groans* More caves?

Mira: I told you, didn’t I?

Blue Skull: Flatness! Sweet, sweet flatness!

*Blue Skull attempts to run towards the flat land. However, he gets held back by Mira.*

Mira: I wouldn’t run there right away. This cave has traps all over. Besides, it’s getting late. You’re still kids. You need that sleep.

Sasha: Except me?

Mira: You too. Even though you’re just like me.

Sasha: Fine. *looks at terrain* But on this rocky terrain??

Bendy Tornado: *takes out sleeping bag* Big day tomorrow.

Blue Skull: Can you believe it??

Curious Bee: I’m not sure if I actually can sleep. Everything’s on my shoulders.

Sasha: No pressure.

*Mira stands watch as Blue Skull, Quiet Snake and Sasha falls asleep, hesitantly*

*Curious Bee and Bendy Tornado, not able to sleep, stare blankly into the sky. Curious Bee turns and notices that Bendy is awake as well. They whisper.*

Curious Bee: Can’t sleep either?

Bendy Tornado: Because I keep thinking about you. I’m actually thinking about you more than about the rest of Poptropica.

Curious Bee: *looks* I’m surprised on how Sasha is able to sleep. She also has to go through a lot.

Bendy Tornado: *dully* Yeah. *turns to the stars* Look how far we’ve come, Miranda. We’re almost there. We’re just one step closer to saving ourselves. And the world. But… everybody has thought of me as the bad boy. The ex-gang member.

Curious Bee: I’ve been meaning to ask, do you remember where your members are now?

Bendy Tornado: Two of them were arrested. The others… *he points to the ground*

Curious Bee: Dead?

Bendy Tornado: No. *points to the ground again* Their last graffiti project was a temple.

Curious Bee: … oh. Captured?

Bendy Tornado: Kinda, yeah. Luckily I backed out of the project, otherwise I wouldn’t be on land right now.

Curious Bee: That must be hard on you.

Bendy Tornado: Very. I’m just happy I’m here right now, with you.

Curious Bee: Bendy…

Bendy Tornado: Like I said before, we’ve come a long way. You just started off as a curious explorer with fascination of the outside world. Then, you were able to reach for that chance and hold it in your hands, if you know what I mean. Me, I just started off as a gang boy. But now, everything has changed…

Curious Bee: … and who knows? We might be heroes.

Bendy Tornado: We already are.

Curious Bee: *turns* You really mean it?

Bendy Tornado: I mean, we were there when Captain Crawfish was stranded on that island, we defeated Dr. Hare, and we also changed Sasha for the better. Well, you did.

Curious Bee: But this is different. Those other things were to save friends and ourselves. But this is different… I mean this… this is really serious.

Bendy Tornado: You’re Curious Miranda Bee. You can do this.

*Curious Bee looks at Bendy Tornado, shocked, nervous, blushing.*

Bendy Tornado: Remember, Miranda, I love you.

*Curious Bee turns and looks at the stars. They’re glistening in the night sky. She stares and feels calm by the peaceful feeling in her. Smiling, she falls asleep.*

*Bendy Tornado, still awake, watches Curious Bee fall asleep. He looks at the stars and sighs.*

Bendy Tornado: This could be our last moment of peacefulness… let’s savor it.

*Eventually he falls asleep too. Mira turns and notices that all the CB group. She smiles and looks around.*

Mira: *whispering softly* We’re this close to REd headquarters… why isn’t REd doing anything? *thinks* They’re probably holding back. *turns* The CB group deserves this peace. They’ve been through so much. *she gets down and walks over to the other side* You know, looking at the stars near here, this doesn’t feel at all dark. There’s the light, shown by the stars. And the moon. This place… maybe… isn’t meant to be dark. The light is inside of the people who have been taken by Krimson. I found my light… but will the rest of the members of REd?

*Mira sighs. She knows she is tired too, but she resists, since she needs to stand watch.*

Mira: Tomorrow… Miranda… everything is going to change in your life. I know it…

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: What?? No, no, no! Don’t end now!

Audience Member: Suspenceful.

Brave Tomato: I know, right?

Episode 30 (Special) The Everred Plot

Part One- No Turning Back (released April 22, 2012)

*dramatic pause*

Brave Tomato: This is it. This is what you’ve been waiting for: the first of three parts of the Curious Bee trilogy, The Everred Plot! Now, this is going to be different this time. Since the most popular vote was the story style, I’ll only do this intro script style. Once the curtains open, this story will be story style. Well, what are we waiting for??

*curtains open*

Curious Bee was startled by the sun beating down on her face. She knew from the feeling that it was time to wake up. Time to possibly save the world. She might die today, who knows, yet she got up anyways.

Looking around, she noticed that people were getting up from the temporary sun. First, Quiet Snake, then Blue Skull, then Sasha, and finally Bendy Tornado.

“Morning guys!” Mirabel Powers (Mira, for short) called out to them, waving an arm, “Glad to see you’re willing to risk your lives today!”

Quiet Snake groaned, “Thank you soo much for reminding us.”

The sun that peeked on the CB group was only temporary, and it vanished into the gathering clouds. The area was darker again.

Blue Skull, always trying to keep a light mind, noticed, “Didn’t you realize that we just slept near REd headquarters?!”

“We pretty much get the idea by now, Eric” Sasha murmured, getting herself up.

Now that everybody’s awake, the CB group walked over to the cave opening. It felt more repulsive than the cave that held the Sword of Hope.

“Krimson Everred’s hideout is down these tunnels,” Mira said, staring at her once hideaway.

The thought of hearing her name made Curious Bee shudder. Although CB had the Sword of Hope in her grasp, she has to still beware the villain’s wrath, according to the Prophecy of Color. And Mira said that Krimson possesses the power of the fire, which makes sense with her burning down Curious Bee’s house. Mira was able to escape Krimson, since she’s actually a spirit as well as the members of REd, and Sasha.

Curious Bee was a curious young girl of now 14 years old. She started off as a young adventurer, who was rebellious about the old rule that she couldn’t leave her home of Early Poptropica. Eventually, she evolved into a leader when she met Bendy, Blue, Quiet, and Nice Sword. She was able to able to work out the conflict between her and Sasha, but CB knew that she couldn’t change Krimson like she did with Sasha.

Sasha, a ghost girl of forever 13, thought it was her fault that the CB group is in this mess. There was a time, actually just months ago, she hated the CB group. She had thought that CB had forgotten her. She had once called her a “selfish mortal”. After CB was able to show proof that Sasha had thought wrong, Sasha apologized and joined the group to make up for it. Although she is dead, she tends to act like she’s still alive.

Bendy Tornado was a boy of 14, who used to actually be part of a graffiti-making gang. However, his poor decision to do left him a consequence of a troubling past: involving the disappearance of three of his fellow members, making a decision that actually saved him from the same fate, and being withheld in the Academy. Now known with a changed heart and as the boyfriend of Curious Bee, Bendy’s got better things going for him.

Quiet Snake was a fashionable, yet cowardly 12-year-old girl from the Academy who tends to complain a lot. She tried to give Curious Bee a little makeover, but CB didn’t really approve of it, since it was the wrong time to have a makeover. It seems like sometimes, she cares about other’s outfits so much that she doesn’t really pay attention to what she is wearing.

Blue Skull was the light-minded one in the CB group. He’s a 13-year-old boy who’s a little silly when he can be, but he can be serious when he needs to be. The only reason he was taken to the academy was because he attempted to take a clown costume from the Costume Store, just to try and entertain his stubborn sister. He was also the first to see Cameron and Marcus Kensie, two members of REd, as who they really are. Although he’s a funnyman, he can be a huge help to the CB group at times.

“Hello?” Mira asked the group, looking at them, “Staring at the cave isn’t going to save the world.”

“Ready?” Curious Bee asked, looking at her fellow members.

The group responded with hesitant nods and a soft “Yes.”

“Wait!” Mira shouted, “Krimson probably put traps in it!” Mira took a rock and threw it into the cave. However, nothing happened.

“Where’s the traps??” Blue Skull asked, confused.

Mira stood there for a second, stunned. Then, she said, “She’s expecting us.”

The CB group stared at the cave, shocked. Curious Bee stared at the cave, “Expecting us?”

“Yes,” Mira responded, “she knows you’re coming. And that I’m with you. And Sasha. But about the rest of you… I have no idea.”

Bendy Tornado looked at Mira, then at Curious Bee, “That explains why she nor the rest of REd bothered us while we were sleeping.”

Silence filled the air for a second. Then, Curious Bee stepped towards the cave, “I’m going in. Are you coming?”

Curious Bee ran into the cave, and the others followed. The Sword of Hope was firmly in her grasp and she continued running.

Curious Bee knew for a fact that there was no turning back. The tunnel seemed endless. Darkness blanketed the cave even more as they ran deeper. The rocky terrain seemed like it was going to close in on the group at any second. Nothing was going to stop them. Nothing.

Quiet Snake stumbled a little bit on the rocky grounds, “Are we there yet?”

“Just a little while longer!” Mira shouted, unaffected by the familiar setting, “Krimson chose this cave so that normal travelers who don’t know where they’re going would give up. Also, usually, she enables traps that would make the idea of going back easier. But… they’re disabled for some reason.”

The CB group continued running. Curious Bee didn’t know how to feel. It was a mixture of fear, determination, bravery, perseverance, and, most importantly, hope. The Sword seemed to be giving that message.

Then there was a light. It was a reddish light, and Mira stopped short.

The others, not knowing what to do, stopped too.

“See that light?” Mira showed, pointing in the direction, “Ladies and gentlemen, that is REd headquarters.”

It didn’t take that long to figure out. The Sword was gripped tighter in Curious Bee’s hand. Then, she blinked for a second and put the sword in its case. CB’s pretty unsure right now on what to do.

“By the way, Miranda, do you even know how to use a sword?” Sasha asked.

“I guess. I once did a sword-wielding simulation, and then there’s the fact that I saw it on TV too, so I guess that counts,” Curious Bee responded, nervously.

The group stared at her blankly. Blue Skull replied, “You better be paying close attention to those TV shows. And you better had done alright during that simulation.”

“Yeah…” Curious Bee sighed, “that would’ve been better to know before we entered the cave.”

“Well it’s too late now!” Quiet Snake groaned, looking at the ground, “There’s no turning back.”

Out of nowhere, Curious Bee dashed towards the red light.

“Hey!” Mira shouted, “Wait for us!”

Curious Bee continued running. She kept thinking. She has no experience. She never actually fought a villain before. But she needs to do this, for Nice Sword, who was taken captive by REd. She felt like she lost control of her feet, which continued running towards the red light.

No turning back now.

The rest of the group ran behind her, a couple of feet away. The red light continued increasing in size.

Before she knew it, CB was right in front of the source of the light. Quickly, she hid behind a large floor stalagmite. The rest of the CB group came over, and CB called them over to hide.

The group stayed quiet as they hid.

In the room at the moment, there was Cameron, Marcus, Indigo, and Alamar. They watched the security camera footage.

“How in Poptropica do they know the way?” Marcus asked, looking at the footage.

“I have no idea, brother,” Cameron responded, “maybe it has something to do with the red-head ponytail girl.”

“It has everything to do with the ‘red-head ponytail girl’,” Alamar sighed, looking at the Kensies, “she’s Selena Castheart.”

“That girl who left?” Cameron asked, “She’s here?”

“Yeah,” Indigo responded, “she’s the sole traitor of REd. She’s the mission of Alamar and I. We haven’t seen her until now.”

Marcus was tired of hearing the Selena Castheart story a million times. It warns the members of REd to never be hesitant. Although she takes on the new name of Mirabel Powers, Mira for short, they still call her Selena.

Violet then entered the room, and looked at the footage. “They’re here,” she said.

Curious Bee flinched. She recognized Violet, Cameron, and Marcus, but not the other two voices. She assumed the new girl voice to be Indigo and the new boy voice to be Alamar. And when Violet mentioned that they were here, she cringed a little.

Then she heard a very familiar voice.

“Curious Bee!!!”

Curious Bee tried not to come out of hiding.

“It’s Nice Sword!” Quiet Snake whispered lowly.

All of a sudden, vines appeared from cracks on the ground and held down the CB group. All except for Mira, Sasha, and Curious Bee: the ones that mattered to REd.

Cameron came around from the corner of the stalagmite and leeredn at the group, “Just what makes you think you can hide from REd that easily?”

“Good going, sis,” Marcus said to Cameron, for once, not sarcastically.

“Again with the vines?? That’s getting a little cliché by now,” Blue Skull shouted.

Curious Bee stood her ground and took out the Sword. As soon as Cameron saw the weapon, she used a vine to pull CB’s hand, thrusting her to the ground. The Sword skidded towards the stalagmite.

“Ah, so you’ve got a sword, now?” Cameron taunted.

“Look who’s acting brave,” Marcus remarked.

Out of nowhere, someone shouted “Enough with this nonsense!”

Curious Bee cringed in her mind. That voice. It could only be her. Dark. Twisted. Troubled.

Sasha, remembering she had the power of the sharp, cut off the vines on everyone.

It was no one other than Krimson who appeared in front of the group. Curious Bee grabbed the Sword.

“The Sword of Hope may be in your grasp…” Krimson sinisterly remarked, “but the ‘hero’ must beware my wrath…”

With that, she reached out a hand at Sasha. Sasha was stopped, unable to move. “Miranda!” she shouted out.

“Sasha!” Curious Bee responded, sword tightly in grasp. The Sword is able to harm ghosts, it also give the ability to be able to attack ghosts as if they were solid. With that, Curious Bee gripped her sword and used her arm to push Krimson to prevent her from controlling Sasha.

“Ooooo, a fighter girl now, aren’t you?” Krimson said, getting up.

“Thanks to you,” Curious Bee remarked, twirling her sword.

Krimson was stunned by Curious Bee’s sudden bravery. Yet, she still needed to satisfy her insanity. She used telekinesis to keep Sasha still and resumed putting out her palm.

“Come with me,” Krimson muttered, not letting in, “and you’ll be free.”

“No!” Curious Bee shouted. She got up and attempted to do the same move, but she got pulled by a vine, towards the ground again. This time, the sword was still in CB’s grip and she cut off the vine.

But it was too late.

“MIRANDA!” Sasha shouted, as she noticed herself being transformed.

Bendy, Blue, Quiet, and Mira tried to pull Sasha out, but it was no use.

“SASHA!” Curious Bee responded, going to her. Then, she looked at Krimson, who had a sinister smirk on her face. CB gritted her teeth. She felt the desire to actually use her sword. It felt like it was gleaming in her hands.

“Welcome to REd, Sasha,” Krimson muttered softly, sinisterly.

“No!” Curious Bee shouted. Sasha couldn’t say anything. Her eyes were closed, and she looked like a REd member. She was being controlled by Krimson. She pulled an arm and Sasha was floating towards her, unaware.

Curious Bee blanked out. She thought she had failed. She didn’t react quick enough.

“It’s not too late!” Mira shouted at CB, keeping determined eyes.

“Go, Curious Miranda Bee!” Blue Skull responded.

“You need to stop her!” Quiet Snake shouted bravely.

“Do it. I know you can,” Bendy Tornado said, looking into CB’s eyes.

Curious Bee glimpsed at Nice Sword, in the cage. She gave a determined look and nodded, “Kick that girl’s butt.”

She glared at Krimson. Sasha was forced to follow her. Sasha had lost control of her own spirit.

Gripping her sword with all might, she whispered, “You’re looking at a completely different girl now, Krimson Everred.”

Part Two- Inferno (released May 18th, 2012)

Curious Bee needed a plan.

See, Sasha has been captured and now controlled by Krimson. Sasha is unable to speak, and she is unaware of her world.

Curious Bee couldn’t stand still anymore. She had to do something… something in order to save her friend.

She would’ve ran the other direction, but CB decided to run towards Krimson.

This is for Poptropica. This is for everyone she knew and loved. This is for her destiny.

While CB was running towards Krimson, Quiet Snake and Blue Skull slowly started to back out of the situation, but before they got a chance to escape, Violet formed a thick purple cloud around them, also including Bendy Tornado and Mira.

“Try and go through this poisonous gas and you will most likely die or faint, if you already are dead…” Violet said, smirking, “Krimson is about to do the procedure now that we have Sasha. We can’t let you foolish mortals get in the way of us fulfilling the prophecy.”

Curious Bee didn’t notice that her friends were trapped, not until she kicked Krimson from behind, while the sword was in her hands.

For the second Krimson was down, Sasha was slowly regaining consciousness, but when Krimson started getting back up again, Sasha was forced to close her eyes again.

“Brave,” Krimson scoffed, “you’ve become brave. I liked it much better when you feared me.”

“Things don’t always turn out that way, Krimson,” Curious Bee scolded at Krimson.

“Well well well…” Krimson said, smirking, “Miranda. So a fight is what you want…”

Curious Bee didn’t like where this was going.

Krimson continued with a dark voice overpowering her normal voice, “… and a fight is what you’re going to get.”

The rest of the REd members stared at Curious Bee, then at Krimson; they took a step back.

All of a sudden, Krimson touched CB and the area changed. The REd headquarters faded away and it left Curious Bee and Krimson in a lava-clad area with a large obsidian rock acting as a battle arena.

“This is my mind, Miranda,” Krimson snarled, “and this is where we fight.”

“Bring it on, Krimson,” Curious Bee scoffed, “I’m not afraid.”

“You should be afraid,” Krimson responded.

With that Krimson gathered and made a fire beam to go for Curious Bee. CB quickly jumped. The sword was in Curious Bee’s grasp. Both of them knew that. CB landed on the ground and looked up, where Krimson was preparing another fire beam. CB didn’t have time to move, so she just held up her sword and hoped it would do good as a shield. The beam started heading towards CB and she tried and moved. The Sword hit the fire beam and it reflected towards a pillar. The pillar crumbled and landed in the lava below.

Curious Bee had been dodging, but she had no idea how to fight back.


Okay. One minute, Curious Bee and Krimson were scolding at each other about Sasha like two little girls fighting over a doll, and the next minute, they’ve disappeared somewhere. The REd members looked at each other, as if to say “What now?” and they looked.

“I can track Krimson’s position,” Alamar said, looking at the high-tech security cameras he’s constructed. He typed in some words, but all that appeared was static.

Indigo approached the security cameras as well, “Wherever they are…”

“They’re not in this world,” Alamar continued.

Cameron looked at the camera and sighed, “Aw come on, I want to see Krimson beat up Curious Bee like a boxer would do to a punching bag!”

“What I do want to see is Curious Bee bleed, and I want to be one to witness her death,” Violet said, smirking a little, “After all, Curious Bee doesn’t stand a chance against someone like Krimson.”

That was the last thing Bendy Tornado, trapped in the center of a poison cloud ring, wanted to hear.


Curious Bee started running towards Krimson. The obsidian floor felt rough, and it was unscathed from the flames.

The Sword felt like it was gleaming in her hands, and so it caused her confidence to boost. She noticed the pillars hanging around, and so she started running and then jumped over Krimson. Krimson once again shot a fire beam right above her, but the beam missed, hitting one of the stalagmites. The stalagmite started to crumble and fall overhead. Krimson quickly dodged it by teleporting.

Krimson, for a second, looked at her blade. This is too easy. Miranda will eventually get hit by one of her attacks, but if Miranda is to continue dodging her attacks, this battle is never going to end. She took out her blade and taunted Curious Bee.

Curious Bee, of course, ran towards her. But Krimson didn’t even use any fire-related attacks. All that she had was her blade.

“Gladly,” Curious Bee responded, knowing what Krimson wanted: a sword fight.

The clang of two blades hitting each other echoed throughout the cavern like when a spoon would hit a glass in a quiet area. Also there were the swift breezes of the swords’ misses.

This could take a while.


“Well, we can’t exactly follow Krimson and Miranda right now…” Marcus sighed, looking at the static.

Alamar looked at the screens, but then said, “Maybe I would need to give the system a little needed charge…” He placed his hands onto the cool metal of the system, and concentrated. Electrical sparks started coming out of his hands, and it did give a little boost to the system.

But the static was still there. In fact, all of the security camera footage is static now.

“Good going, Alamar, you overshot,” Violet scolded, looking at the static, “No wonder you never made it past level one.”

Nice Sword felt awkward about the whole episode happening in front of her. Without Krimson around, the rest of REd was acting like a bunch of lost souls, literally.

Nice Sword decided to walk around her cage a little bit, there was not much space, but she felt like she could be here for a while. When she turned her back to REd, there was Callie, looking at her, from behind a pipe.

“Callie!” Nice Sword whispered.

“Where’s Miranda?” Callie asked right away, “And that red-haired freak really in the need of a makeover? I kinda just arrived.”

“I have no idea where, but they disappeared,” Nice Sword sighed, “Krimson kinda teleported her somewhere I guess. All that I hear, they’re probably fighting right now as we speak.”

“Hmm,” Callie responded simply.

“I just hope that Curious Bee’s doing alright,” Nice Sword sighed.

“She has the Sword of Hope. She’ll win, I believe,” Callie said, “I’m not really good at predicting battles, but I’m pretty sure she’ll be alright. Miranda is the one that’s wonderful in heart. The red-haired freak is, well, not sure pure. She has her niceness locked away under lock and key in her heart, and a flame has also been placed in it too. Did you know that it was love that brought her in madness?”

“Huh?” Nice Sword asked.

“I tend to pay attention to cheerleaders often,” Callie responded, smiling.

Nice Sword blinked, “Wait… Krimson was a cheerleader?”


Curious Bee was pushed to the ground. Of course. She had to be pushed around often. In the beginning, she was being pushed to stay in Early Poptropica. Then, she was pushed to endure the PPA, which she could run from. Then, she was pushed to say something to Sasha on that Christmas. Now, Krimson was pushing her (literally) in a fight over Poptropica.

“Why??!” Curious Bee shouted at her nemesis.

Krimson purposefully thrusted her knife on one of her braids. “My life was perfect. I had everything I ever wanted: a boy, a role, popularity. But then, someone came into my life and took them all away from me! I watched as my life shattered before me. And then, becoming evil, I felt a feeling I hadn’t felt before: pleasure over hurt. How do you think Dr. Hare felt when he kidnapped those kids?! How do you think the Binary Bard felt when he attacked Arturus?! How do you think the Black Widow felt when she stole all those works of art?! Pleasure over others’ pain. Everything was going their way. This is exactly how I feel.”

Curious Bee got up, and the knife took out her braid, now leaving her hair half up- half down. She didn’t care at the moment. But what she did care about is that slash on her arm from the blade which occured when she fell. Krimson, however, only had bruises from CB’s pushes and kicks and such.

“And guess what, Krimson? All three of those villains have fallen. A villain’s fate isn’t happy in Poptropica,” Curious Bee shouted.

“What about E. Vile?” Krimson cleverly insinuated, “He’s still out there.”

“He’ll eventually fail too,” Curious Bee remarked. She finally took her sword and caused a slash on Krimson’s shoulder.

Krimson was stunned. Apparently, Miranda knew what she was doing… Miranda had distracted her.

Krimson dropped her blade and took out her hand. Smally, she muttered the word: “child”.


“Is it over yet?” Quiet Snake asked impatiently.

“Doesn’t seem like,” Mira sighed, looking at the poison cloud that surrounds the group of four.

“Aw, come on! It’s getting so cramped in here! I have a feeling that sweating may be coming to effect any minute. Man, this place is hot!” Quiet Snake whined, “Not to help, there is a deadly poison cloud surrounding us like a crepe around its filling!”

“Thank you for stating the obvious, Quiet,” Bendy Tornado sighed. Sometimes, Quiet Snake can be a little annoying.

“Can you quit whining and be patient?” Blue Skull asked.

“Okay, okay! Sheesh,” Quiet Snake groaned.

Violet just wished that the prisoners would just shut the heck up.


Krimson forcefully placed her hand on Curious Bee and scoffed, “You know what?! That’s it!! I’M NOT PLAYING GAMES ANYMORE!!! You’ll see, Miranda Bee, I WILL follow the prophecy!!!”

After a slight “bwah ha ha” from Krimson, CB and Krimson found themselves back at REd HQ. Both REd and the CB group quickly turned towards them.

“About time, Krimson!” Violet sighed.

“REd, gather!” Krimson shouted angrily, “We are doing it!” Then Krimson turned towards CB, “And YOU’RE not getting in our way, you brat!”

Krimson thrusted out her hand and the telekinetic force knocked CB into a wall. She was unconsious… but it wasn’t going to be long before she wakes up again. Krimson knew that she had to do the prophecy quickly. All of the REd members were starting to gather in a circle. Krimson had forced Sasha to come into the circle as well. Sasha was still unaware of what was going on.

“Seven must be brought together if Poptropica’s fate is to change forever…” Krimson chanted.

Curious Bee gasped. The prophecy was also the chant.

A small light appeared in the middle of the circle. It wasn’t that big, but it was clear. It was happening.

Curious Bee needed to do something, quick, before they finish the prophecy.


Inside the poisonous ring, Mira, Bendy Tornado, Quiet Snake, and Blue Skull were relieved to hear that Curious Bee was alive, but not so relieved about hearing the members of REd and unconsious Sasha in REd attire gathered in the circle.

Nice Sword and Callie, who were talking about Krimson, noticed that Curious Bee was temporarily knocked out. Nice Sword tried to wake her up, while Callie stayed secretive, but CB ended up regaining consiousness on her own. When Nice Sword turned around again, Callie had left. She sighed and watched nervously from the cage.


Curious Bee needed a plan. Again.

See, she just had fought Krimson, and know she’s sitting against the wall. Her back was throbbing from the impact, and her arm was hurting like heck. Now, Krimson and the rest of REd are starting to recite the prophecy, and that light appeared.

“Till death it cannot be done…”

Curious Bee cringed. The light was growing little by little.

“You need to have all without missing one.”

Wait. That’s it! If she can take someone out of the circle, then she can stop the prophecy from happening!

“If all the seven touch each other…”

Curious Bee started running towards the circle.

“One being sister, another being brother…”

They’re almost done with the chant. Curious Bee sped up.

“Poptropica’s fate would go into their hands.…”

She was almost there…

“To life or death-”

Krimson was stopped short by a push, and the light in the center of the circle faded.

Part 3- The Destined Hero `(released June 10, 2012)

Krimson didn’t expect for Miranda to regain consciousness before REd got a chance to finish the prophecy at all. The light in the middle of the circle faded away, for REd never finished the prophecy.

“It doesn’t have to be this way, Krimson,” Curious Bee shouted at Krimson, “Forget about the past. Why did you even listen to that someone who ruined your life?!”

Well, Krimson admitted to herself that she was right, but… it’s too late now.

“My sanity is too locked away for it to return, Miranda,” Krimson scoffed, not looking at CB, “I’m not going to be like Sasha. I’m not going to change again…” she angrily turned to CB, “Don’t you get it?! I like this mind, now!”

“It’s because of that boyfriend now, and that cheerleading captain!” Nice Sword shouted from her cage. Both Krimson and Curious Bee looked at Nice Sword, confused.

“It’s not like Miranda ever did anything to you! Man, I mean, why do you have to lock me up in a cage and have the others gathered because of a stinkin poison cloud! And, since when did I get a role in this!? I was never involved in this REd stuff or whatever. You’ve kidnapped innocent souls and turned them to think like you! You’ve almost killed my friends for the heck of it! And now, you’re going to destroy all of Poptropica just because of the two people who didn’t make the right decisions!!”

Wow. Curious Bee never had seen this side of Nice Sword before. Maybe she was just all fired up from being trapped in that cage for quite a while. Curious Bee got up slowly and looked at Krimson. She was just as shocked as she was. Well, Krimson doesn’t really know Nice Sword more than “a friend of Miranda Bee”. But… Curious Bee wondered… how the heck did Nice Sword know about Krimson’s past?

Krimson gritted her teeth. The girl was right… But…

“SILENCE!!” Krimson shouted soon after Nice Sword’s words, “Like I said, I’m not going to be like Sasha. I’m not going to change!”

“I get you’re not going to change! I’m just stating my point, Ruby!” Nice Sword shouted.


As soon as Krimson heard the name, she stood still, stunned. Then, she angrily sparked a flame around the cage.

“Gabriella!” Curious Bee shouted, running towards the cage. However Violet quickly passed by, making a purple misty wall in front of the cage.

“REd! Listen!” Krimson shouted, “We are going to try again…” she turned to Curious Bee again, “and you’re NOT going to get to me again!” She turned to Cameron and cued her to activate the vines. CB noticed that, but not before a vine held a hold of her arms and legs. Luckily, though, CB was able to keep her sword in her hands.

“Seven must be brought together if Poptropica’s fate is to change forever…”

The chant started again. CB quickly got up and was pulled back by the vine. The Sword was tight in her grasp. She used the sword to slice off one of the vines. When she did that, the other vines retracted as well.

She got up quickly. She needed a new kind of plan.

“Till death it cannot be done…”

She can’t let Krimson and REd finish the prophecy like they almost did the first time.

“You need to have all without missing one…”

Curious Bee looked at Nice Sword for advice. She shrugged.

“If all the Seven were to touch each other…”

Curious Bee started to dash towards the group.

“One being sister, another being brother…”

But this time, she wasn’t running towards Krimson.

She was running right towards an unconscious and unaware Sasha.

“Poptropica’s fate-”

CB was able to pull Sasha out of the circle, and the light disappeared again.

Krimson looked up and glared at CB. “I hate you so much.”

“Yeah, I get the idea that you hate me by now,” CB remarked, “you endanger my friends, you try to kill me… that kind of stuff, Ruby.”

“Don’t call me that!!!” Krimson shouted at Curious Bee, clenching her blade.

Then, Krimson turned to the rest of REd, shouting, “We can’t do this with this brat here!” then, she turned to Alamar, “Alamar, open the portal.”

Portal? What portal?

Alamar nodded and ran over to a contraption, a giant mechanical ring, and activated a few switches. The portal opened its gaping hole, anything within 3 feet of it got sucked into the portal.

“The portal to Nowhere…” Cameron muttered.

“Darn, that looks freaky,” Marcus responded.

Curious Bee stared at the peculiar pattern the portal makes, sending nearby stray objects such as dust bunnies and rusty nails to Nowhere.

“What’s this sorcery?!” Curious Bee shouted.

“It’s a portal to Nowhere, of course,” Krimson responded, smirking, “All darkness. Nothing else. One way in, no way out.”

Krimson used telekinesis to get Mira out of the poison cloud and grasp her.

“You traitor!” Krimson shouted at Mira, “Why did you bother to return?”

Mira smirked at Krimson, “Why did I bother to return? Haven’t you noticed? I’ve been here all along. You just didn’t know it. I’m how this group knows the way here to this blasted place. You’ve treated me like trash, and don’t bother to even dispose of me properly. You just let me go. You were ready to let go of me. You didn’t even care to look. Instead, you just send two representitives because you’re too lazy to do so yourself.”

Irritation grew inside Krimson.

The small silence was broken by a slight whirring noise. CB looked in the direction of the whirring noise, and she saw that the poison cloud surrounding Bendy, Blue, and Quiet had dispersed. When the three were revealed, Quiet was revealed to be carrying a small handheld fan.

“Good thing I overpack,” Quiet Snake said, smiling.

Violet face-palmed herself in dismay. Curse wind.

“It’s over, REd,” Bendy Tornado firmly said.

“Is it?” Krimson asked, using the telekinetic power to grip Mira and Curious Bee closer to the portal to Nowhere.

Blue Skull attempted to move forward, but Indigo shook her head. “One move and they go in, Eric.”

Krimson gave Indigo an irritated look, as if to say “That’s true, but this isn’t your moment.” Indigo sighed to herself and walked back with the others by the portal.

Bendy bravely took a step forward, but Krimson moved Mira and CB slightly to indicate a warning. She shook her head.

“I thought you cared about Miranda, Zachary,” Krimson scoffed at Bendy, “so why are you coming towards me, when a single move could send her so that you would never see her, nor anyone you know again when we finally accomplish the prophecy?”

Bendy didn’t make another move.

Meanwhile, in a corner, Sasha was trying to regain control of herself. Those few seconds that she is aware, she always saw something that she didn’t like, but Krimson ends up turning towards Sasha and puts her hand out, so she would see blackness again.

Sasha knew how to kill, but those attempts of trap and kill were of no avail when she used to be the villain. Now, she’s the pawn of REd. And it’s not fun.

But… how was she to break free when Krimson knew when she was regaining conscious?

Curious Bee needed a plan once again.

See, Krimson is now using her and Mira as threats to everyone else. And she was gripped by Krimson’s telekinesis. But, what was there to do?

She saw Sasha struggle in the corner. She knew that Sasha wanted to break free.

“Come on, Sasha…” Curious Bee thought, “you can do it.”

Sasha seriously wanted to do it. Then she realized that when she tries to wake up, she barely has time to move before Krimson took control again. But now that Krimson is focused on the others, she felt like it’s about time she did something.

And so she did. Sasha quickly opened her eyes and disappeared.

Curious Bee tried to keep her mouth closed, and she resisted any smile that tried to break.

Then, Krimson felt a sharp pain down her back. She dropped Mira and CB and quickly turned around. That was when she noticed that Sasha was gone.

“Where is she?!” Krimson shouted, “Sasha-”

“-is right here.”

It was Sasha’s voice! Krimson quickly turned towards the direction of the voice. So did the others. Sasha stood firm on the ground, and her REd outfit faded back into her normal clothes.

“I’m not going to lose control of myself again,” Sasha angrily said, gritting her teeth.

“It seems you already have, Sasha,” Krimson insinuated, frowning, “Listen to yourself. You once attempted to kill Miranda Bee. And we thought that you were going to do so, so we don’t have to do it. Yet, you became a weakling and didn’t. The first time was the actual only time you tried to harm her. The second time, you just trapped them in a vent. Face it, Sasha Rider, you’re as weak as Cameron and Marcus.”

“Hey!” Cameron and Marcus shouted in unison.

“I am NOT a WEAKLING!” Sasha shouted, holding back most of her rage.

“YES you are!” Krimson shouted, “Face the facts, Sasha Rider, you’re nothing more than a girl that would hide in the shadows!”

Curious Bee realized what Krimson was doing. She wanted Sasha to burst with rage and lose control of herself again.

“Sasha!” Curious Bee shouted.

Sasha gritted her teeth. She felt that same feeling she had felt back when she hated Miranda, yet this time, the enmity was towards Krimson.

“I’m not letting you torture my friends any longer,” Sasha finally said, “You’ll see how.”

Meanwhile, Quiet Snake looked at the poison cloud that surrounded Nice Sword’s cage. She used her fan to disperse the poison cloud. All that remained is the fire, so she quickly turned it off, for fire spreads in wind. Then, she took out an old water bottle and started putting out the fire. She handed a bottle for Blue Skull to help as well.

The fire just returns to where it was, for it wasn’t an ordinary fire, it was fire that was being controlled by Krimson.

“Aw, come on!” Quiet Snake groaned, ready to just throw the water bottle into the fire, “Can’t you just go out already?”

“You’ve got more water, right?” Blue Skull asked, “Because I don’t thing that this is going out any time soon.”

“Guys!” Nice Sword shouted, “Don’t even bother right now! All you’re doing is just wasting precious water!”

Quiet Snake sighed. At least the poison cloud is gone, and Violet is too focused on CB and Krimson to reform it.

Sasha wanted to hold the back the anger. She wanted her bad reputation from the time before gone. But… if she continued holding it in, then she would be speechless. This would continue on Krimson’s point: that she was weak. And she doesn’t want to be known as weak.

“See, Sasha, you’re becoming just like me,” Krimson taunted, noticing Sasha’s struggle, “You’re losing your sanity like I had. Keep it up.”

That was the last straw. Sasha thrusted out her arms and a force surrounded her and let out around her. This knocked back pretty much everyone that was near her, that included not only Krimson, but Curious Bee and Mira, too.

“Why haven’t you faded long ago?!” Sasha shouted, “You should’ve been rotting by now. You-”

Mira covered Curious Bee’s ears. Curious Bee then looked at Mira oddly, and Mira shrugged.

Krimson frowned. “You’re calling me that like it’s a bad thing. Actually, I’ve enjoyed being that, thank you very much. Being the freak is actually fun. I think you’re enjoying that thrill right now.”

“I DON’T!” Sasha shouted once again, releasing another force upon the three. However, time stopped short when Curious Bee realized that she was starting to be pulled backwards.

CB was thrusted too close to the portal.

Curious Bee let out an unearthly cry. Everyone turned towards the direction and saw Curious Bee holding on for dear life on the stalagmite.

“Miranda!!!” Sasha cried out. Bendy Tornado responded quickly and started running towards the direction. At the time, Curious Bee was losing grip of the stalagmite and was about to go in. Bendy Tornado quickly grabbed Curious Bee’s hand.

“Bendy!” Curious Bee shouted.

“No matter what you do, Miranda,” Bendy said, “Don’t let go.”

“Trust me, I won’t,” Curious Bee responded. Then, she noticed that Krimson had disappeared, but not before a smirk was apparent on her face.

Krimson then appeared behind Bendy and she used a telekinectic force to cause him to lose balance. However, Krimson lost balance as well and she stumbled. The force of the portal was pulling her in, too. Sasha ran over to the portal as well. As Quiet Snake and Blue Skull was about to go and help CB and Bendy, but Mira stood in front of them and shook her head.

Krimson held on to the same stalagmite that Bendy is holding on to. She thrusted her hand out, and Bendy was losing his grip, little by little.

“Take this as words for granted, Miranda,” Krimson shouted, “All that boyfriends do is disappoint. They lie to you. They cheat on you. They make you feel like trash! They let you down. And at the time when you need him most, he isn’t there!”

“You’re only describing Logan, Ruby!” Nice Sword shouted through the fire, “You’ve just assumed, all along!”


All of a sudden, a force that is not the portal took the Sword of Hope out of Curious Bee’s hands and it landed in Sasha’s. She gave an obvious frown. The Sword was gleaming in her hands, even brighter than when Curious Bee was holding it.

Serious Sasha Rider was the Destined Hero.

“It’s over, Krimson Everred,” Sasha shouted. She threw the sword at the stalagmite, and it let out a humongous force that shattered the stalagmite. Bendy, Curious Bee, and Krimson were startled by it and they started heading full throttle at the portal.

“NO!!!!” Krimson shouted. She tried grasping on the rim of the portal, and before she was gone, she was able to shout, “I’ll get you for this!”

With that, Krimson had to let go of the portal rim. Her blood-red hair scattered as she fell in.

At the same time, Bendy and CB were about to go in as well, but… they were stopped by a familiar feeling.

The portal closed its gaping hole, and left Curious Bee and Bendy Tornado on the ground, both unconsious.

A vine was wrapped around their ankles.

Curious Bee woke up to a drop of leftover water from the water bottle. Her eyes twitched a little before she woke up. Her blue eyes opened slowly, but surely. Her braids were back in place. And Cameron was kneeling over Curious Bee. She was smiling.

“Haven’t felt this good since I reunited with my brother,” Cameron said.

Curious Bee was really confused. She shot up. First, she saw the CB group members, Bendy, Sasha (back in her normal outfit), Quiet, and Blue. Then, there were the REd members, Alamar, Cameron, Marcus, Indigo, and Violet. Mira and Nice Sword were there. All of them were smiling. Natural, happy kind of smiles.

“You know,” Marcus said, clearing up for Curious Bee’s confused expression, “we never really liked Krimson.”

“You didn’t?” Curious Bee asked.

Violet shook her head, “No, we didn’t really. Selena- I mean, Mira- she was right. She treated us like trash and never even bothered to do anything for us unless we did something for her. We were just pretending to be with her.”

“Krimson’s insanity had flooded our minds like a tidal wave,” Indigo said, “that’s why we kind of did our parts a little too well.”

“Thanks to Krimson, we’ve lost trust in ourselves,” Alamar sighed, “She made it so we couldn’t trust each other at all. Thanks to all of you, you’ve set us free.”

Bendy helped CB up, then Bendy looked at Cameron, “You’ve saved the lives of me and Miranda, while you finally got the heart to let Krimson go into the portal. Thank you so much.”

“It’s really Sasha you should thank,” Cameron said, “she was really the one who sent Krimson bye-bye.”

Sasha made a small smile. But then she turned away.

“Sasha?” Curious Bee asked.

“This was all my fault, Miranda,” Sasha sighed, “I’m so sorry. It was the only way that I could get rid of Krimson. She was about to send the both of you into the portal.”

“Sasha, you’re the Destined Hero,” Curious Bee said, touching her shoulder, “You’ve saved all of us.”

“No, Miranda,” Sasha said, “I may have the title, but you’re the real hero along.”

It finally dawned on Curious Bee. Sasha may have the title of Destined Hero, but all along, she was a real hero.

All of a sudden Sasha started to glimmer. Everyone looked at her. Then, she gasped happily and hugged CB.

“Oh my goodness, thank you so much!” Sasha said.

“What’s going on, Sasha?” Curious Bee asked.

Sasha continued smiling, “The time has come. Thanks to you, Miranda, I can finally rest in peace. So this is going to be goodbye.”

Curious Bee choked, “Good….bye?”

Sasha nodded somberly. “I’ve came and set out what I had to do. All the troubles in my mind are gone now. You’ve cured my insanity. Krimson Everred is gone from this world. And it’s all thanks to you. You, Miranda, are one of the bravest, nicest people I know. I may not be here in this world anymore, but I’ll always be in your heart. Please remember that. Thank you, Miranda Bee, for freeing me and for being my best friend.”

With that, Sasha hugged CB one last time and turned around. She waved a little bit to everybody before she vanished completely. Glimmers of light scattered throughout the room.

CB was unsure how to feel. Was she happy that Sasha could rest in peace? Was she sad that Sasha had to leave because of that? She closed her eyes and smiled softly. A soft tear went down her cheek.

Bendy placed his arm around CB. “Wherever Sasha is,” he said, “she’s at a better place.”

Then, Curious Bee noticed something on the ground. She bent down and picked it up.

It was the Sword of Hope.

“Sasha must’ve left it for you,” Quiet Snake said, smiling.

“I guess she knew that you deserved it more than she ever did,” Blue Skull continued.

The Sword of Hope gleamed in CB’s hands. It was as if it was greeting its new real owner. She smiled softly.

“Well, we have to go. Not permanent yet, but we need to make up for what Krimson made us do,” Cameron said.

“That’s going to take a lot of time,” Marcus agreed.

“Good point, brother,” Cameron responded, “at least we still get to see our home, Poptropica.”

Cameron, Marcus, and the other former REd members changed their dark outfits. They were wearing much lighter outfits. Their hair was now naturally colored. Then, they disappeared.

Mira then looked at the CB group. “I must be on my way, too. I’m going to help them find their light again, like I had. See you around Poptropica, guys!”

Mira teleported away.

That left Curious Bee, Bendy Tornado, Quiet Snake, Blue Skull, and Nice Sword all together. It was the classic Curious Bee group again.

“Guys, did you just realize we pretty much just saved the world?” Blue Skull asked. The others looked at him and smiled.

Saved the world. Not everyone can go around saying that they saved the world in their lives.

“So what now?” Curious Bee asked, smiling.

“Come on!” Quiet Snake groaned, “Haven’t we had enough for one day?”

“I was just kidding!” Curious Bee said.

“I have an idea,” Nice Sword said, smiling. “The newly rebuilt 24 Carrot Island is going to open up tomorrow. While I was away from the CB group and all, I was contributing to the reconstruction with my friend Shy Sky. I was wondering if you guys could come?”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Bendy Tornado agreed. The CB group nodded their heads and started heading back outside. They all ran towards the exit as quick as they can.

No more Krimson. The rest of REd was willing to change their ways with assistance from Mira. Sasha got the chance to rest in peace. And the group was able to be back together again. United, they stand.

Miranda, Zachary, Madeline, Eric, and Gabriella- the Curious Bee team.

*the CB group get on the blimp*

Quiet Snake: *takes out map* Okay, where the heck are we?!

Nice Sword: *points at an area on the map* I believe we’re around here. I think.

Blue Skull: So which way to 24 Carrot Island?

Bendy Tornado: *points east* That way.

Curious Bee: This is just like old times. I really like it.

Quiet Snake: All the weight is off our shoulders.

Nice Sword: No psycho ghosts.

Blue Skull: No whack-o powers.

Curious Bee: And most of all…


*After that, they laugh a little. Pleasure is apparant again. Fear was no longer there.*

Quiet Snake: Can we just go already?!

Bendy Tornado: Impatient, aren’t you today?

Curious Bee: Let’s go!

*The blimp flies off. All passengers are now happy again.*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Wait for it…. wait for it…

*the audience bursts out with cheer*

Audience Member: KRIMSON’S GONE! YAY!



Audience Member 4: I’ll miss Sasha.

Brave Tomato: I’m ready for the full throttle in the comments. And… well… that’s about it. Brave Tomato out! I hope you enjoyed this story!

*Bows and walks off of stage. The audience members leave as well. The auditorium is now empty. The light on the stage flickers a little bit before it turns off.*

Episode 31- Return to 24 Carrot Island

released June 21, 2012

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here! It’s been a long time since I did an episode like this! Although the end of the Everred Plot had the good-ol fashioned script style! Well, let’s start!

*curtains open*

Nice Sword: *looks at map* I think we’re going the right way.

Quiet Snake: How do you know??

Nice Sword: I just know, trust me.

Blue Skull: If you’re positive we’re going the right way, then where’s your compass?

Nice Sword: I just KNOW, okay?

Blue Skull: Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Curious Bee: Come on, Nice Sword just got out of confinement. Give her some time.

Bendy Tornado: CB’s right. We’ve been through a lot the past days, and this is finally our chance to breathe.

Curious Bee: *looks* That’s 24 Carrot Island, right??

Nice Sword: Yup! Looks different, right?

Quiet Snake: Are you sure that’s 24 Carrot Island?

Blue Skull: Positive! It’s just like when I used to visit my cousin when I was younger!

Curious Bee: Let’s dock.

*The CB group docks at the pier*

Curious Bee: So this is what 24 Carrot Island is meant to look like?

*Nice Sword and Blue Skull nod their heads*

Nice Sword: Well, now, there is a security system guarding the precious carrots, and the old Carrot Factory is now condemmed.

Quiet Snake: Really? Thank goodness! That water near it is filthy!

Nice Sword: *looks* Hey, they’re going to start!

*CB and the group joins the crowd that gathered to see the grand opening of the new 24 Carrot Island.*

Mayor: Good morning, everyone, thanks for coming! Now, months ago, this great island was falling apart. Now, thanks to our fellow citizens, everything is going back to old times! *takes out scissors* Now, the children of 24 Carrot will come up and cut the ribbon. Shy Sky, Magic Socks, Crazy Comet, and Sleepy Bird, come on up!

Shy Sky: Wait! You’ve missed someone!

Mayor: I did? Who?

Shy Sky: Nice Sword. She’s a close friend who volunteered to put her journey on hold while she helped to rebuild home.

Mayor: Oh yeah! Nice Sword, where are you?

Nice Sword: *stands still, stunned*

Quiet Snake: What are you waiting for? Go go go!

Curious Bee: You can go up there, if you want of course.

Nice Sword: I’ll go. *goes through crowd* I’m Nice Sword!

Mayor: Oh, hey there! By the way, where were you those past few days?

Nice Sword: *nervous, unsure what to say* Uh…

Mayor: No matter! You can join the others!

Nice Sword: Okay! *runs over to the others, holds the scissors with the others, and breathes a sigh of relief*

Sleepy Bird: Five… four… three…

All 5: TWO, ONE!

*the group cuts the ribbon, and the crowd cheers. Crazy Comet looks into the crowd and sees Blue Skull. He smiles and waves. Blue waves back.*

Mayor: 24 Carrot Island is now re-open for tourism!

*crowd disperses*

Nice Sword: Well, that went great… but… I kinda froze up there.

Curious Bee: Why?

Nice Sword: Cause the Mayor asked why I was away for the past few days. I didn’t know what to say, so I stood there like a fool.

Bendy Tornado: At least he let you go.

Nice Sword: Good point.

Curious Bee: *wanders around* Well, I don’t know why, but I kinda like it here.

Nice Sword: It’s pretty, right? When there’s no grown man in a rabbit suit around.

Curious Bee: Yup.

Cameron: *waves* CB? Is that you?

Curious Bee: Cameron! *runs over* How’s the making-up for everything going?

Cameron: Horrible. I have no idea what to do!

Quiet Snake: Where’s Marcus?

Cameron: He’s in the diner. He’s gotten a part time job there.

Blue Skull: As a ghost?

Cameron: He made himself look human. It’s pretty cool. That’s why I look more solid than usual. See?

Curious Bee: Oh, that’s cool!

Cameron: I’m just waiting for his break. *thinks* I’m thinking of applying for a waitress.

Quiet Snake: A waitress? Come on, girl! A florist is more of your kind of job.

Cameron: *frowns* Don’t remind me.

Quiet Snake: *hesitates* Right, sorry. At least you’re still with your brother.

Cameron: Ever since we got out of those tacky goth clothes, me and my brother have been getting along quite better. I really like that fact.

Curious Bee: I like this better, too.

Cameron: I can see why.

Curoius Bee: Although in the past, we haven’t had really pleasant memories together, Cameron, it’s about time we forgive the past and move on with our journeys. With us going on our adventures on different islands, and you and Marcus trying to make up for what happened in the past.

Cameron: We can forgive, but we can’t forget.

Bendy Tornado: Exactly.

*a crash is heard from inside the diner*

Voice of the Manager: STRIPED!

Cameron: I just hope that Marcus keeps his job. Striped Monster is the name he used to get into the diner.

Blue Skull: I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but it seems like Marcus isn’t-

Nice Sword: *covers Blue Skull’s mouth* What he WAS going to say is that he wishes Marcus luck on the job.

Blue Skull: Hey, cut that out! I was just going to say the truth!

Nice Sword: *whispers* Sometimes, the truth just doesn’t want to be heard.

Cameron: It’s alright. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I should be a waitress at THAT place.

Bendy Tornado: I wouldn’t want to be pushed around by a manager who yells so loud that he can be heard OUTSIDE the diner.

Cameron: *laughs* I agree.

Marcus: *enters area through staff door* Oh, hey Miranda. I didn’t know you guys were coming here.

Curious Bee: Hey, Marcus.

Marcus: Restarting the afterlife is going to be harder than I thought. I just got fired!

Cameron: Again?? That’s the second job you got fired from!

Marcus: Well, the first job, I don’t understand why I got fired so quickly.

Cameron: Because you slipped on some soda while carrying the last popcorn kernels at the theater!

Marcus: It wasn’t my fault that the janitor didn’t clean that up!

Cameron: Maybe you should’ve looked where you’re going!

*While Cameron and Marcus are still arguing, the CB group look at each other awkwardly.*

Curious Bee: *looks at Cameron* I thought you said that you and Marcus have been getting along better lately.

Blue Skull: Nothing you can do about sibling disputes.Trust me, I know.

*the CB group back out of the area slowly*

Curious Bee: Well…. see you around!

*the group heads off*

Cameron/Marcus: *both turn* Hey, wait!

*the CB group get on the blimp*

Quiet Snake: Some things never change.

Curious Bee: I hope Cameron and Marcus find something that they can do to make up for everything.

Blue Skull: If they’re going at eachother like that, they’ll never-

Nice Sword: *covers Blue Skull’s mouth* They’ll have a little bit of a problem! That’s all!

Blue Skull: Yeah… that’s what I was going to say!

Others: No, it’s not!

Curious Bee: Nice Sword, thanks for bringing us to the 24 Carrot re-opening ceremony!

Nice Sword: You’re welcome, guys! It was pretty cool holding those scissors.

Quiet Snake: *looks at Nice Sword, then at ground* Hey, you’re not on 24 Carrot Island… which means…

Nice Sword: Well, I guess I’ll be back in the old gang!

Curious Bee: That’s great!

Nice Sword: I just needed time to recover from this, and who else to help me than you guys!

Quiet Snake: Anytime, Gertude!

Nice Sword: *glares at QS* It’s Gabriella, not Gertrude, Madeline.

Quiet Snake: I like Gertrude better, though.

Curious Bee: Might as well go.

*as CB group go to leave, Cameron and Marcus jumps on the rope at the bottom of the blimp*

Cameron: Wait up! Guys! We forgot to tell you something!

Marcus: Guys!

Blue Skull: Marcus! Cameron! Whaddaya doing down there?

*the CB group help the two up*

Quiet Snake: What’s this about?

Cameron: Lately, something’s been going on!

Marcus: It’s kind of hard to explain but-

*screen freezes*

Brave Tomato: What?! Aw come on! *bangs on screen* Electrical control! Oh I’m just kidding. This is where the episode froze, because that was when the camera ran out of batteries! Sorry guys, I guess this is the end of this episode!

*audience groans*

Brave Tomato: Aw, don’t worry, you can always tune in next time.

*A tomato is thrown at BT*

Brave Tomato: Yipe! I haven’t had that happen to me in a while! *BT ducks for cover behind the curtains*

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69 thoughts on “Season 3 (Episodes 24-31)

  1. Wow, really interesting…..At first I thought that the seven colours was supposed to represent each member of the CB gang, then I read the caption thing. I think it WOULD be cool if the CB gang found out that they had some siblings in their midst..Maybe CB and BTornado……?
    ~Sporty Fox

  2. Zomg! I Wanna Be in the Curious Bee Series So Bad!!! Its so Coool 😀
    (If I Do get in the series ((probobly not)) i wanna be a ghost or something cool like that :D)
    Peace – Angry Carrot 😈

      • Umm… Vines don’t help in a sword fight.. Remember the Everred plot? CB had a sword and cut off all my vines! 😦

  3. Hey they may be delayed (really delayed) you could make a special episode about “VALENTINES DAY” Where Curious bee’s twin (Which Safe bee’s been hiding from curious bee for a long time) Which is stylish and BT (bendy tomato) falls in love for her and curious bee and her twin sister gets into a duel…. just like green sidekick said in season 2.. Umm that’s all.. well yeah bye!

    • Thanks. I’m proud to say that we have the tallest twin towers in the world:

      One of the world’s best shoe designer:
      JIMMMY CHOO!! (he even touched Princess Diana’s foot to get measurings)

      Oh, and bananas…

    • Better then living in in Florida. There are a bunch of boa constrictors down here! theire not even native to here! A bunch of people got them as pets and released them when they got to big.

  4. Why do they always throw Tomatoes at you? well I geuss it makes more sence then throwing potatoes. lol sorry but why do that do that?

  5. OK this story is awesome but there’s this little issue I have with episode 25.I don’t know how to put this,but Poptropicans don’t have necks.

    • I know, I know. The weird thing is in the comic adaptations (specifically Zomberry Day Zero), Poptropicans are shown with necks. And plus with the existence of vampires… How would the whole vampire bite thing work?

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