The Everred Plot: Part 2- Inferno

Confused? You probably didn’t read Part 1 yet. Click here to read it!

Know what’s going on? Good. Let’s get started.

Curious Bee needed a plan.

See, Sasha has been captured and now controlled by Krimson. Sasha is unable to speak, and she is unaware of her world.

Curious Bee couldn’t stand still anymore. She had to do something… something in order to save her friend.

She would’ve ran the other direction, but CB decided to run towards Krimson.

This is for Poptropica. This is for everyone she knew and loved. This is for her destiny.

While CB was running towards Krimson, Quiet Snake and Blue Skull slowly started to back out of the situation, but before they got a chance to escape, Violet formed a thick purple cloud around them, also including Bendy Tornado and Mira.

“Try and go through this poisonous gas and you will most likely die or faint, if you already are dead…” Violet said, smirking, “Krimson is about to do the procedure now that we have Sasha. We can’t let you foolish mortals get in the way of us fulfilling the prophecy.”

Curious Bee didn’t notice that her friends were trapped, not until she kicked Krimson from behind, while the sword was in her hands.

For the second Krimson was down, Sasha was slowly regaining consciousness, but when Krimson started getting back up again, Sasha was forced to close her eyes again.

“Brave,” Krimson scoffed, “you’ve become brave. I liked it much better when you feared me.”

“Things don’t always turn out that way, Krimson,” Curious Bee scolded at Krimson.

“Well well well…” Krimson said, smirking, “Miranda. So a fight is what you want…”

Curious Bee didn’t like where this was going.

Krimson continued with a dark voice overpowering her normal voice, “… and a fight is what you’re going to get.”

The rest of the REd members stared at Curious Bee, then at Krimson; they took a step back.

All of a sudden, Krimson touched CB and the area changed. The REd headquarters faded away and it left Curious Bee and Krimson in a lava-clad area with a large obsidian rock acting as a battle arena.

“This is my mind, Miranda,” Krimson snarled, “and this is where we fight.”

“Bring it on, Krimson,” Curious Bee scoffed, “I’m not afraid.”

“You should be afraid,” Krimson responded.

With that Krimson gathered and made a fire beam to go for Curious Bee. CB quickly jumped. The sword was in Curious Bee’s grasp. Both of them knew that. CB landed on the ground and looked up, where Krimson was preparing another fire beam. CB didn’t have time to move, so she just held up her sword and hoped it would do good as a shield. The beam started heading towards CB and she tried and moved. The Sword hit the fire beam and it reflected towards a pillar. The pillar crumbled and landed in the lava below.

Curious Bee had been dodging, but she had no idea how to fight back.


Okay. One minute, Curious Bee and Krimson were scolding at each other about Sasha like two little girls fighting over a doll, and the next minute, they’ve disappeared somewhere. The REd members looked at each other, as if to say “What now?” and they looked.

“I can track Krimson’s position,” Alamar said, looking at the high-tech security cameras he’s constructed. He typed in some words, but all that appeared was static.

Indigo approached the security cameras as well, “Wherever they are…”

“They’re not in this world,” Alamar continued.

Cameron looked at the camera and sighed, “Aw come on, I want to see Krimson beat up Curious Bee like a boxer would do to a punching bag!”

“What I do want to see is Curious Bee bleed, and I want to be one to witness her death,” Violet said, smirking a little, “After all, Curious Bee doesn’t stand a chance against someone like Krimson.”

That was the last thing Bendy Tornado, trapped in the center of a poison cloud ring, wanted to hear.


Curious Bee started running towards Krimson. The obsidian floor felt rough, and it was unscathed from the flames.

The Sword felt like it was gleaming in her hands, and so it caused her confidence to boost. She noticed the pillars hanging around, and so she started running and then jumped over Krimson. Krimson once again shot a fire beam right above her, but the beam missed, hitting one of the stalagmites. The stalagmite started to crumble and fall overhead. Krimson quickly dodged it by teleporting.

Krimson, for a second, looked at her blade. This is too easy. Miranda will eventually get hit by one of her attacks, but if Miranda is to continue dodging her attacks, this battle is never going to end. She took out her blade and taunted Curious Bee.

Curious Bee, of course, ran towards her. But Krimson didn’t even use any fire-related attacks. All that she had was her blade.

“Gladly,” Curious Bee responded, knowing what Krimson wanted: a sword fight.

The clang of two blades hitting each other echoed throughout the cavern like when a spoon would hit a glass in a quiet area. Also there were the swift breezes of the swords’ misses.

This could take a while.


“Well, we can’t exactly follow Krimson and Miranda right now…” Marcus sighed, looking at the static.

Alamar looked at the screens, but then said, “Maybe I would need to give the system a little needed charge…” He placed his hands onto the cool metal of the system, and concentrated. Electrical sparks started coming out of his hands, and it did give a little boost to the system.

But the static was still there. In fact, all of the security camera footage is static now.

“Good going, Alamar, you overshot,” Violet scolded, looking at the static, “No wonder you never made it past level one.”

Nice Sword felt awkward about the whole episode happening in front of her. Without Krimson around, the rest of REd was acting like a bunch of lost souls, literally.

Nice Sword decided to walk around her cage a little bit, there was not much space, but she felt like she could be here for a while. When she turned her back to REd, there was Callie, looking at her, from behind a pipe.

“Callie!” Nice Sword whispered.

“Where’s Miranda?” Callie asked right away, “And that red-haired freak really in the need of a makeover? I kinda just arrived.”

“I have no idea where, but they disappeared,” Nice Sword sighed, “Krimson kinda teleported her somewhere I guess. All that I hear, they’re probably fighting right now as we speak.”

“Hmm,” Callie responded simply.

“I just hope that Curious Bee’s doing alright,” Nice Sword sighed.

“She has the Sword of Hope. She’ll win, I believe,” Callie said, “I’m not really good at predicting battles, but I’m pretty sure she’ll be alright. Miranda is the one that’s wonderful in heart. The red-haired freak is, well, not sure pure. She has her niceness locked away under lock and key in her heart, and a flame has also been placed in it too. Did you know that it was love that brought her in madness?”

“Huh?” Nice Sword asked.

“I tend to pay attention to cheerleaders often,” Callie responded, smiling.

Nice Sword blinked, “Wait… Krimson was a cheerleader?”


Curious Bee was pushed to the ground. Of course. She had to be pushed around often. In the beginning, she was being pushed to stay in Early Poptropica. Then, she was pushed to endure the PPA, which she could run from. Then, she was pushed to say something to Sasha on that Christmas. Now, Krimson was pushing her (literally) in a fight over Poptropica.

“Why??!” Curious Bee shouted at her nemesis.

Krimson purposefully thrusted her knife on one of her braids. “My life was perfect. I had everything I ever wanted: a boy, a role, popularity. But then, someone came into my life and took them all away from me! I watched as my life shattered before me. And then, becoming evil, I felt a feeling I hadn’t felt before: pleasure over hurt. How do you think Dr. Hare felt when he kidnapped those kids?! How do you think the Binary Bard felt when he attacked Arturus?! How do you think the Black Widow felt when she stole all those works of art?! Pleasure over others’ pain. Everything was going their way. This is exactly how I feel.”

Curious Bee got up, and the knife took out her braid, now leaving her hair half up- half down. She didn’t care at the moment. But what she did care about is that slash on her arm from the blade which occured when she fell. Krimson, however, only had bruises from CB’s pushes and kicks and such.

“And guess what, Krimson? All three of those villains have fallen. A villain’s fate isn’t happy in Poptropica,” Curious Bee shouted.

“What about E. Vile?” Krimson cleverly insinuated, “He’s still out there.”

“He’ll eventually fail too,” Curious Bee remarked. She finally took her sword and caused a slash on Krimson’s shoulder.

Krimson was stunned. Apparently, Miranda knew what she was doing… Miranda had distracted her.

Krimson dropped her blade and took out her hand. Smally, she muttered the word: “child”.


“Is it over yet?” Quiet Snake asked impatiently.

“Doesn’t seem like,” Mira sighed, looking at the poison cloud that surrounds the group of four.

“Aw, come on! It’s getting so cramped in here! I have a feeling that sweating may be coming to effect any minute. Man, this place is hot!” Quiet Snake whined, “Not to help, there is a deadly poison cloud surrounding us like a crepe around its filling!”

“Thank you for stating the obvious, Quiet,” Bendy Tornado sighed. Sometimes, Quiet Snake can be a little annoying.

“Can you quit whining and be patient?” Blue Skull asked.

“Okay, okay! Sheesh,” Quiet Snake groaned.

Violet just wished that the prisoners would just shut the heck up.


Krimson forcefully placed her hand on Curious Bee and scoffed, “You know what?! That’s it!! I’M NOT PLAYING GAMES ANYMORE!!! You’ll see, Miranda Bee, I WILL follow the prophecy!!!”

After a slight “bwah ha ha” from Krimson, CB and Krimson found themselves back at REd HQ. Both REd and the CB group quickly turned towards them.

“About time, Krimson!” Violet sighed.

“REd, gather!” Krimson shouted angrily, “We are doing it!” Then Krimson turned towards CB, “And YOU’RE not getting in our way, you brat!”

Krimson thrusted out her hand and the telekinetic force knocked CB into a wall. She was unconsious… but it wasn’t going to be long before she wakes up again. Krimson knew that she had to do the prophecy quickly. All of the REd members were starting to gather in a circle. Krimson had forced Sasha to come into the circle as well. Sasha was still unaware of what was going on.

“Seven must be brought together if Poptropica’s fate is to change forever…” Krimson chanted.

Curious Bee gasped. The prophecy was also the chant.

A small light appeared in the middle of the circle. It wasn’t that big, but it was clear. It was happening.

Curious Bee needed to do something, quick, before they finish the prophecy.


Inside the poisonous ring, Mira, Bendy Tornado, Quiet Snake, and Blue Skull were relieved to hear that Curious Bee was alive, but not so relieved about hearing the members of REd and unconsious Sasha in REd attire gathered in the circle.

Nice Sword and Callie, who were talking about Krimson, noticed that Curious Bee was temporarily knocked out. Nice Sword tried to wake her up, while Callie stayed secretive, but CB ended up regaining consiousness on her own. When Nice Sword turned around again, Callie had left. She sighed and watched nervously from the cage.


Curious Bee needed a plan. Again.

See, she just had fought Krimson, and know she’s sitting against the wall. Her back was throbbing from the impact, and her arm was hurting like heck. Now, Krimson and the rest of REd are starting to recite the prophecy, and that light appeared.

“Till death it cannot be done…”

Curious Bee cringed. The light was growing little by little.

“You need to have all without missing one.”

Wait. That’s it! If she can take someone out of the circle, then she can stop the prophecy from happening!

“If all the seven touch each other…”

Curious Bee started running towards the circle.

“One being sister, another being brother…”

They’re almost done with the chant. Curious Bee sped up.

“Poptropica’s fate would go into their hands.…”

She was almost there…

“To life or death-”

Krimson was stopped short by a push, and the light in the center of the circle faded.

To be continued…

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