The Everred Plot: Part 3 – The Destined Hero

Confused? You probably haven’t read Part Two nor Part One yet. Click here to see Part One , and/or here to see Part Two.

Alright… this is it. Excited? Well, let’s see.

They say ‘Freak’
When you’re singled out
The red
Well, it filters through

So lay down
The threat is real
When his sight
Goes red again

~ The Red by Chevelle

Krimson didn’t expect for Miranda to regain consciousness before REd got a chance to finish the prophecy at all. The light in the middle of the circle faded away, for REd never finished the prophecy.

“It doesn’t have to be this way, Krimson,” Curious Bee shouted at Krimson, “Forget about the past. Why did you even listen to that someone who ruined your life?!”

Well, Krimson admitted to herself that she was right, but… it’s too late now.

“My sanity is too locked away for it to return, Miranda,” Krimson scoffed, not looking at CB, “I’m not going to be like Sasha. I’m not going to change again…” she angrily turned to CB, “Don’t you get it?! I like this mind, now!”

“It’s because of that boyfriend now, and that cheerleading captain!” Nice Sword shouted from her cage. Both Krimson and Curious Bee looked at Nice Sword, confused.

“It’s not like Miranda ever did anything to you! Man, I mean, why do you have to lock me up in a cage and have the others gathered because of a stinkin poison cloud! And, since when did I get a role in this!? I was never involved in this REd stuff or whatever. You’ve kidnapped innocent souls and turned them to think like you! You’ve almost killed my friends for the heck of it! And now, you’re going to destroy all of Poptropica just because of the two people who didn’t make the right decisions!!”

Wow. Curious Bee never had seen this side of Nice Sword before. Maybe she was just all fired up from being trapped in that cage for quite a while. Curious Bee got up slowly and looked at Krimson. She was just as shocked as she was. Well, Krimson doesn’t really know Nice Sword more than “a friend of Miranda Bee”. But… Curious Bee wondered… how the heck did Nice Sword know about Krimson’s past?

Krimson gritted her teeth. The girl was right… But…

“SILENCE!!” Krimson shouted soon after Nice Sword’s words, “Like I said, I’m not going to be like Sasha. I’m not going to change!”

“I get you’re not going to change! I’m just stating my point, Ruby!” Nice Sword shouted.


As soon as Krimson heard the name, she stood still, stunned. Then, she angrily sparked a flame around the cage.

“Gabriella!” Curious Bee shouted, running towards the cage. However Violet quickly passed by, making a purple misty wall in front of the cage.

“REd! Listen!” Krimson shouted, “We are going to try again…” she turned to Curious Bee again, “and you’re NOT going to get to me again!” She turned to Cameron and cued her to activate the vines. CB noticed that, but not before a vine held a hold of her arms and legs. Luckily, though, CB was able to keep her sword in her hands.

“Seven must be brought together if Poptropica’s fate is to change forever…”

The chant started again. CB quickly got up and was pulled back by the vine. The Sword was tight in her grasp. She used the sword to slice off one of the vines. When she did that, the other vines retracted as well.

She got up quickly. She needed a new kind of plan.

“Till death it cannot be done…”

She can’t let Krimson and REd finish the prophecy like they almost did the first time.

“You need to have all without missing one…”

Curious Bee looked at Nice Sword for advice. She shrugged.

“If all the Seven were to touch each other…”

Curious Bee started to dash towards the group.

“One being sister, another being brother…”

But this time, she wasn’t running towards Krimson.

She was running right towards an unconscious and unaware Sasha.

“Poptropica’s fate-”

CB was able to pull Sasha out of the circle, and the light disappeared again.

Krimson looked up and glared at CB. “I hate you so much.”

“Yeah, I get the idea that you hate me by now,” CB remarked, “you endanger my friends, you try to kill me… that kind of stuff, Ruby.”

“Don’t call me that!!!” Krimson shouted at Curious Bee, clenching her blade.

Then, Krimson turned to the rest of REd, shouting, “We can’t do this with this brat here!” then, she turned to Alamar, “Alamar, open the portal.”

Portal? What portal?

Alamar nodded and ran over to a contraption, a giant mechanical ring, and activated a few switches. The portal opened its gaping hole, anything within 3 feet of it got sucked into the portal.

“The portal to Nowhere…” Cameron muttered.

“Darn, that looks freaky,” Marcus responded.

Curious Bee stared at the peculiar pattern the portal makes, sending nearby stray objects such as dust bunnies and rusty nails to Nowhere.

“What’s this sorcery?!” Curious Bee shouted.

“It’s a portal to Nowhere, of course,” Krimson responded, smirking, “All darkness. Nothing else. One way in, no way out.”

Krimson used telekinesis to get Mira out of the poison cloud and grasp her.

“You traitor!” Krimson shouted at Mira, “Why did you bother to return?”

Mira smirked at Krimson, “Why did I bother to return? Haven’t you noticed? I’ve been here all along. You just didn’t know it. I’m how this group knows the way here to this blasted place. You’ve treated me like trash, and don’t bother to even dispose of me properly. You just let me go. You were ready to let go of me. You didn’t even care to look. Instead, you just send two representitives because you’re too lazy to do so yourself.”

Irritation grew inside Krimson.

The small silence was broken by a slight whirring noise. CB looked in the direction of the whirring noise, and she saw that the poison cloud surrounding Bendy, Blue, and Quiet had dispersed. When the three were revealed, Quiet was revealed to be carrying a small handheld fan.

“Good thing I overpack,” Quiet Snake said, smiling.

Violet face-palmed herself in dismay. Curse wind.

“It’s over, REd,” Bendy Tornado firmly said.

“Is it?” Krimson asked, using the telekinetic power to grip Mira and Curious Bee closer to the portal to Nowhere.

Blue Skull attempted to move forward, but Indigo shook her head. “One move and they go in, Eric.”

Krimson gave Indigo an irritated look, as if to say “That’s true, but this isn’t your moment.” Indigo sighed to herself and walked back with the others by the portal.

Bendy bravely took a step forward, but Krimson moved Mira and CB slightly to indicate a warning. She shook her head.

“I thought you cared about Miranda, Zachary,” Krimson scoffed at Bendy, “so why are you coming towards me, when a single move could send her so that you would never see her, nor anyone you know again when we finally accomplish the prophecy?”

Bendy didn’t make another move.


Meanwhile, in a corner, Sasha was trying to regain control of herself. Those few seconds that she is aware, she always saw something that she didn’t like, but Krimson ends up turning towards Sasha and puts her hand out, so she would see blackness again.

Sasha knew how to kill, but those attempts of trap and kill were of no avail when she used to be the villain. Now, she’s the pawn of REd. And it’s not fun.

But… how was she to break free when Krimson knew when she was regaining conscious?


Curious Bee needed a plan once again.

See, Krimson is now using her and Mira as threats to everyone else. And she was gripped by Krimson’s telekinesis. But, what was there to do?

She saw Sasha struggle in the corner. She knew that Sasha wanted to break free.

“Come on, Sasha…” Curious Bee thought, “you can do it.”

Sasha seriously wanted to do it. Then she realized that when she tries to wake up, she barely has time to move before Krimson took control again. But now that Krimson is focused on the others, she felt like it’s about time she did something.

And so she did. Sasha quickly opened her eyes and disappeared.

Curious Bee tried to keep her mouth closed, and she resisted any smile that tried to break.

Then, Krimson felt a sharp pain down her back. She dropped Mira and CB and quickly turned around. That was when she noticed that Sasha was gone.

“Where is she?!” Krimson shouted, “Sasha-”

“-is right here.”

It was Sasha’s voice! Krimson quickly turned towards the direction of the voice. So did the others. Sasha stood firm on the ground, and her REd outfit faded back into her normal clothes.

“I’m not going to lose control of myself again,” Sasha angrily said, gritting her teeth.

“It seems you already have, Sasha,” Krimson insinuated, frowning, “Listen to yourself. You once attempted to kill Miranda Bee. And we thought that you were going to do so, so we don’t have to do it. Yet, you became a weakling and didn’t. The first time was the actual only time you tried to harm her. The second time, you just trapped them in a vent. Face it, Sasha Rider, you’re as weak as Cameron and Marcus.”

“Hey!” Cameron and Marcus shouted in unison.

“I am NOT a WEAKLING!” Sasha shouted, holding back most of her rage.

“YES you are!” Krimson shouted, “Face the facts, Sasha Rider, you’re nothing more than a girl that would hide in the shadows!”

Curious Bee realized what Krimson was doing. She wanted Sasha to burst with rage and lose control of herself again.

“Sasha!” Curious Bee shouted.

Sasha gritted her teeth. She felt that same feeling she had felt back when she hated Miranda, yet this time, the enmity was towards Krimson.

“I’m not letting you torture my friends any longer,” Sasha finally said, “You’ll see how.”


Meanwhile, Quiet Snake looked at the poison cloud that surrounded Nice Sword’s cage. She used her fan to disperse the poison cloud. All that remained is the fire, so she quickly turned it off, for fire spreads in wind. Then, she took out an old water bottle and started putting out the fire. She handed a bottle for Blue Skull to help as well.

The fire just returns to where it was, for it wasn’t an ordinary fire, it was fire that was being controlled by Krimson.

“Aw, come on!” Quiet Snake groaned, ready to just throw the water bottle into the fire, “Can’t you just go out already?”

“You’ve got more water, right?” Blue Skull asked, “Because I don’t thing that this is going out any time soon.”

“Guys!” Nice Sword shouted, “Don’t even bother right now! All you’re doing is just wasting precious water!”

Quiet Snake sighed. At least the poison cloud is gone, and Violet is too focused on CB and Krimson to reform it.


Sasha wanted to hold the back the anger. She wanted her bad reputation from the time before gone. But… if she continued holding it in, then she would be speechless. This would continue on Krimson’s point: that she was weak. And she doesn’t want to be known as weak.

“See, Sasha, you’re becoming just like me,” Krimson taunted, noticing Sasha’s struggle, “You’re losing your sanity like I had. Keep it up.”

That was the last straw. Sasha thrusted out her arms and a force surrounded her and let out around her. This knocked back pretty much everyone that was near her, that included not only Krimson, but Curious Bee and Mira, too.

“Why haven’t you faded long ago?!” Sasha shouted, “You should’ve been rotting by now. You-”

Mira covered Curious Bee’s ears. Curious Bee then looked at Mira oddly, and Mira shrugged.

Krimson frowned. “You’re calling me that like it’s a bad thing. Actually, I’ve enjoyed being that, thank you very much. Being the freak is actually fun. I think you’re enjoying that thrill right now.”

“I DON’T!” Sasha shouted once again, releasing another force upon the three. However, time stopped short when Curious Bee realized that she was starting to be pulled backwards.

CB was thrusted too close to the portal.

Curious Bee let out an unearthly cry. Everyone turned towards the direction and saw Curious Bee holding on for dear life on the stalagmite.

“Miranda!!!” Sasha cried out. Bendy Tornado responded quickly and started running towards the direction. At the time, Curious Bee was losing grip of the stalagmite and was about to go in. Bendy Tornado quickly grabbed Curious Bee’s hand.

“Bendy!” Curious Bee shouted.

“No matter what you do, Miranda,” Bendy said, “Don’t let go.”

“Trust me, I won’t,” Curious Bee responded. Then, she noticed that Krimson had disappeared, but not before a smirk was apparent on her face.

Krimson then appeared behind Bendy and she used a telekinectic force to cause him to lose balance. However, Krimson lost balance as well and she stumbled. The force of the portal was pulling her in, too. Sasha ran over to the portal as well. As Quiet Snake and Blue Skull was about to go and help CB and Bendy, but Mira stood in front of them and shook her head.

Krimson held on to the same stalagmite that Bendy is holding on to. She thrusted her hand out, and Bendy was losing his grip, little by little.

“Take this as words for granted, Miranda,” Krimson shouted, “All that boyfriends do is disappoint. They lie to you. They cheat on you. They make you feel like trash! They let you down. And at the time when you need him most, he isn’t there!”

“You’re only describing Logan, Ruby!” Nice Sword shouted through the fire, “You’ve just assumed, all along!”


All of a sudden, a force that is not the portal took the Sword of Hope out of Curious Bee’s hands and it landed in Sasha’s. She gave an obvious frown. The Sword was gleaming in her hands, even brighter than when Curious Bee was holding it.

Serious Sasha Rider was the Destined Hero.

“It’s over, Krimson Everred,” Sasha shouted. She threw the sword at the stalagmite, and it let out a humongous force that shattered the stalagmite. Bendy, Curious Bee, and Krimson were startled by it and they started heading full throttle at the portal.

“NO!!!!” Krimson shouted. She tried grasping on the rim of the portal, and before she was gone, she was able to shout, “I’ll get you for this!”

With that, Krimson had to let go of the portal rim. Her blood-red hair scattered as she fell in.

At the same time, Bendy and CB were about to go in as well, but… they were stopped by a familiar feeling.

The portal closed its gaping hole, and left Curious Bee and Bendy Tornado on the ground, both unconsious.

A vine was wrapped around their ankles.


Curious Bee woke up to a drop of leftover water from the water bottle. Her eyes twitched a little before she woke up. Her blue eyes opened slowly, but surely. Her braids were back in place. And Cameron was kneeling over Curious Bee. She was smiling.

“Haven’t felt this good since I reunited with my brother,” Cameron said.

Curious Bee was really confused. She shot up. First, she saw the CB group members, Bendy, Sasha (back in her normal outfit), Quiet, and Blue. Then, there were the REd members, Alamar, Cameron, Marcus, Indigo, and Violet. Mira and Nice Sword were there. All of them were smiling. Natural, happy kind of smiles.

“You know,” Marcus said, clearing up for Curious Bee’s confused expression, “we never really liked Krimson.”

“You didn’t?” Curious Bee asked.

Violet shook her head, “No, we didn’t really. Selena- I mean, Mira- she was right. She treated us like trash and never even bothered to do anything for us unless we did something for her. We were just pretending to be with her.”

“Krimson’s insanity had flooded our minds like a tidal wave,” Indigo said, “that’s why we kind of did our parts a little too well.”

“Thanks to Krimson, we’ve lost trust in ourselves,” Alamar sighed, “She made it so we couldn’t trust each other at all. Thanks to all of you, you’ve set us free.”

Bendy helped CB up, then Bendy looked at Cameron, “You’ve saved the lives of me and Miranda, while you finally got the heart to let Krimson go into the portal. Thank you so much.”

“It’s really Sasha you should thank,” Cameron said, “she was really the one who sent Krimson bye-bye.”

Sasha made a small smile. But then she turned away.

“Sasha?” Curious Bee asked.

“This was all my fault, Miranda,” Sasha sighed, “I’m so sorry. It was the only way that I could get rid of Krimson. She was about to send the both of you into the portal.”

“Sasha, you’re the Destined Hero,” Curious Bee said, touching her shoulder, “You’ve saved all of us.”

“No, Miranda,” Sasha said, “I may have the title, but you’re the real hero along.”

It finally dawned on Curious Bee. Sasha may have the title of Destined Hero, but all along, she was a real hero.

All of a sudden Sasha started to glimmer. Everyone looked at her. Then, she gasped happily and hugged CB.

“Oh my goodness, thank you so much!” Sasha said.

“What’s going on, Sasha?” Curious Bee asked.

Sasha continued smiling, “The time has come. Thanks to you, Miranda, I can finally rest in peace. So this is going to be goodbye.”

Curious Bee choked, “Good….bye?”

Sasha nodded somberly. “I’ve came and set out what I had to do. All the troubles in my mind are gone now. You’ve cured my insanity. Krimson Everred is gone from this world. And it’s all thanks to you. You, Miranda, are one of the bravest, nicest people I know. I may not be here in this world anymore, but I’ll always be in your heart. Please remember that. Thank you, Miranda Bee, for freeing me and for being my best friend.”

With that, Sasha hugged CB one last time and turned around. She waved a little bit to everybody before she vanished completely. Glimmers of light scattered throughout the room.

CB was unsure how to feel. Was she happy that Sasha could rest in peace? Was she sad that Sasha had to leave because of that? She closed her eyes and smiled softly. A soft tear went down her cheek.

Bendy placed his arm around CB. “Wherever Sasha is,” he said, “she’s at a better place.”

Then, Curious Bee noticed something on the ground. She bent down and picked it up.

It was the Sword of Hope.

“Sasha must’ve left it for you,” Quiet Snake said, smiling.

“I guess she knew that you deserved it more than she ever did,” Blue Skull continued.

The Sword of Hope gleamed in CB’s hands. It was as if it was greeting its new real owner. She smiled softly.

“Well, we have to go. Not permanent yet, but we need to make up for what Krimson made us do,” Cameron said.

“That’s going to take a lot of time,” Marcus agreed.

“Good point, brother,” Cameron responded, “at least we still get to see our home, Poptropica.”

Cameron, Marcus, and the other former REd members changed their dark outfits. They were wearing much lighter outfits. Their hair was now naturally colored. Then, they disappeared.

Mira then looked at the CB group. “I must be on my way, too. I’m going to help them find their light again, like I had. See you around Poptropica, guys!”

Mira teleported away.

That left Curious Bee, Bendy Tornado, Quiet Snake, Blue Skull, and Nice Sword all together. It was the classic Curious Bee group again.

“Guys, did you just realize we pretty much just saved the world?” Blue Skull asked. The others looked at him and smiled.

Saved the world. Not everyone can go around saying that they saved the world in their lives.

“So what now?” Curious Bee asked, smiling.

“Come on!” Quiet Snake groaned, “Haven’t we had enough for one day?”

“I was just kidding!” Curious Bee said.

“I have an idea,” Nice Sword said, smiling. “The newly rebuilt 24 Carrot Island is going to open up tomorrow. While I was away from the CB group and all, I was contributing to the reconstruction with my friend Shy Sky. I was wondering if you guys could come?”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Bendy Tornado agreed. The CB group nodded their heads and started heading back outside. They all ran towards the exit as quick as they can.

No more Krimson. The rest of REd was willing to change their ways with assistance from Mira. Sasha got the chance to rest in peace. And the group was able to be back together again. United, they stand.

Miranda, Zachary, Madeline, Eric, and Gabriella- the Curious Bee team.

*the CB group get on the blimp*

Quiet Snake: *takes out map* Okay, where the heck are we?!

Nice Sword: *points at an area on the map* I believe we’re around here. I think.

Blue Skull: So which way to 24 Carrot Island?

Bendy Tornado: *points east* That way.

Curious Bee: This is just like old times. I really like it.

Quiet Snake: All the weight is off our shoulders.

Nice Sword: No psycho ghosts.

Blue Skull: No whack-o powers.

Curious Bee: And most of all…


*After that, they laugh a little. Pleasure is apparant again. Fear was no longer there.*

Quiet Snake: Can we just go already?!

Bendy Tornado: Impatient, aren’t you today?

Curious Bee: Let’s go!

*The blimp flies off. All passengers are now happy again.*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Wait for it…. wait for it…

*the audience bursts out with cheer*

Audience Member: KRIMSON’S GONE! YAY!



Audience Member 4: I’ll miss Sasha.

Brave Tomato: I’m ready for the full throttle in the comments. And… well… that’s about it. Brave Tomato out! I hope you enjoyed this story!

*Bows and walks off of stage. The audience members leave as well. The auditorium is now empty. The light on the stage flickers a little bit before it turns off.*

So… what’s gonna come up next in the CB group’s journey? Who knows? Tune in for Episode 31 to find out!

43 thoughts on “The Everred Plot: Part 3 – The Destined Hero

  1. That was sooo awesome BT!!!! Youre great!!! I wish I could write like you!!! Then I wouldn`t have had an F in English for all of my projects. Your the greatest writer ive ever known. Literally. other than Suzanne Collins, you guys are in about the same rank. but your Wonderful. keep it up. Always keep that in mind. People love your stories! We love you!! keep writing!!

    • Also I started luaghing really hard when it came to the part
      ““Poptropica’s fate-”

      CB was able to pull Sasha out of the circle, and the light disappeared again.

      Krimson looked up and glared at CB. “I hate you so much.”

      That was the best.

      • I actually based that quote from a quote from the game Portal 2. I throw in allusions every once in a while.

    • I was thinking of a cool series on T.V! This series is just as good as The Adventures of Tintin! But not the first three books, especially the Congos.. BT was wise not to rely on rumors and hate for these epic stories! 😀

  2. OMG! BT, you are such an amazing writer ! ! While I was reading this, it looked like a movie to me in my head! ! I kinda cried when Sasha left 😥 NO MORE KRIMSON ! ! EVERYONE CAN HAVE FUN ! AS IN EVERYONE! ! No more cyberbullying… BYE BYE KRIMSON ! ! ! Let’s CELEBRATE ! ! xDDDDD

  3. Wow. That was really amazing. You’re a really good writer except for me. i’m a bad writer. i look forward for episode 31!

    • but it reached it’s climax , maybe it will go to another climax! like a new villain for about another villain in more 5 episodes.

  4. Amazing story, BT! I thought I was gonna cry when Sasha left. Once again, a masterpiece! 😀

  5. A satisfying climax. Has anyone noticed how the stories were more humorous and less action-oriented before Episode 20 or so? Can’t say which I like better, although I liked how the very end reverted to script style. Check out my story on the reader’s page. It basically is just for laughing with a bit of adventure.

    • Very professional sounding 😛
      I do agree: the Curious Bee series was different before the group met Sasha. That was… Episode 17 I believe? Although the series has become more action oriented, I believe it still has that humorous charm.

      • Yes it still has many jokes throughout the story/script. The first episodes had lots of adventure, not to be confused with action. Still, it was in a way a string of gags, almost like a……..well, I guess, like a Mickey Mouse cartoon. But as it had few pictures, a lot of the humor was verbal, not slap-stick. I’m probably elaborating too much. Anyway, BT, want to audition for my story?
        ~Balloon Boy

      • I’m just saying, I hate myself. Not to gain sympathy or anything i just hate myself. For one, my online BFF is treating me like dirt. For another, no one seems to like me anymore.

  6. This is a Poptropica fact you might not believe until you see it. The Creators have just posted a post saying that…….non-members and members are equal. (Well, in a way.) I honestly never thought I’d see the day when this would happen.

    • Really? Can you provide a link to the post and a good explanation on why you think they sorta in a way say they are equal? It would be a great pleasure to learn some of your opinions and your point of view on this post. I never thought a day such as the day you experienced would happen.

  7. Aw poo. I really thought CB and BT2 would go in the portal. Then Sasha would go insane all over again and kill everyone. And after that she would get a brain freeze, and she wakes up suddenly, seeing it was all a dream. And she was never dead.

    By the way, Herman, that’s pretty mean. I’m pretty sure she meant she doesn’t get why things and happen

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