The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 29- Stars in the Night Sky

Brave Tomato: Well well well… Hi guys. *looks at the screen* Wowzers. The CB group is really going through so much. The Sword of Hope has been retrieved. Now, all that the CB group needs to do is traverse to REd headquarters. Guided by Mirabel. Sorry about the way I’m acting. Im just excited! ^_^

*curtains open*

Blue Skull: Where exactly is REd headquarters? Is it, like a building? Is it a cave?

Mira: It’s in a cave.

Bendy Tornado: High tech?

Mira: Very. Knowing Ms. Everred right now, she probably has security cameras lying around. Alamar Midas made most of the stuff.

Curious Bee: Yet the Hero must beware the villain’s wrath… the villain’s wrath…

Sasha: Don’t worry, Curious Bee, everything’s going to be fine.

Curious Bee: I don’t think so. I’m going to die. All I have is a sword. She… she’s powerful. She can control fire. She can burn me into ashes in a snap. While I have a mere sword. Besides, she’s already dead…

Quiet Snake: CB, think about what you have been telling me. Think of what the girl with the star on her cheek said. You need to be brave. C’mon.

*CB and the group traverse. Following them is a new pair of REd members. It’s Indigo and Alamar.

Alamar: Are you sure about this?

Indigo: Positive! We’re this close to capturing Selena!

Alamar: Now that I think about it, the purpose of catching her is to bring her back to HQ and throw her in the portal. What’s the purpose of catching her if she is already heading there?

*awkward silence*

Indigo: That’s true.

(Author’s note: Krimson has the ability to message other members of REd via mind)

Krimson: (Mind Message to Indigo) You and Alamar return to the Headquarters. There’s no purpose in catching them when my lure is leading them there.

Indigo: *to Alamar* We should head back to HQ. I got one of those mind messages.

*Indigo and Alamar disappear*

*Meanwhile on Cryptids Island*

Marcus: Cameron, why are we still on Cryptids Island?? Miranda and her group left a day ago.

Cameron: Because they left without our ride!

Marcus: *glumly* The rope hanging from their blimp? But we can-

Cameron: Yes! Now how are we going to follow them?!

Marcus: But we can-

Cameron: But we can WHAT?

Marcus: …but we can teleport and fly.

*awkward silence*

Cameron: Oh yeah…

Marcus: This is what I’ve been trying to tell you!

Krimson: (Mind Message to Cameron) What are you two still doing in Cryptids Island?! Return to headquarters. The Miranda Bee group is heading here.

Cameron: I just got a mind message. We need to return to HQ.

Marcus: Now what is it??

Cameron: The CB group are heading there.

Marcus: What?

*Cameron and Marcus disappear*

*meanwhile back on the rocky terrain of the unnamed island*

Quiet Snake: Is it me, or did it feel like someone was following us a few minutes ago?

Curious Bee: A few minutes ago? Well, do you still have that feeling now?

Quiet Snake: Well, no…

Curious Bee: Alright. We should keep going. *looks to Mira* Mira, how much farther?

Mira: We’re almost there.

Blue Skull: Really? Oh thank goodness. I don’t think my feet can handle the rockiness anymore.

Bendy Tornado: But we are going to a psycho ghost group’s headquarters.

Blue Skull: Don’t remind me.

Curious Bee: Don’t give up now! We’re almost there!

Mira: There!

*Mira and the group stop in front of a cave. They look at it glumly, yet bravely.*

Quiet Snake: *groans* More caves?

Mira: I told you, didn’t I?

Blue Skull: Flatness! Sweet, sweet flatness!

*Blue Skull attempts to run towards the flat land. However, he gets held back by Mira.*

Mira: I wouldn’t run there right away. This cave has traps all over. Besides, it’s getting late. You’re still kids. You need that sleep.

Sasha: Except me?

Mira: You too. Even though you’re just like me.

Sasha: Fine. *looks at terrain* But on this rocky terrain??

Bendy Tornado: *takes out sleeping bag* Big day tomorrow.

Blue Skull: Can you believe it??

Curious Bee: I’m not sure if I actually can sleep. Everything’s on my shoulders.

Sasha: No pressure.

*Mira stands watch as Blue Skull, Quiet Snake and Sasha falls asleep, hesitantly*

*Curious Bee and Bendy Tornado, not able to sleep, stare blankly into the sky. Curious Bee turns and notices that Bendy is awake as well. They whisper.*

Curious Bee: Can’t sleep either?

Bendy Tornado: Because I keep thinking about you. I’m actually thinking about you more than about the rest of Poptropica.

Curious Bee: *looks* I’m surprised on how Sasha is able to sleep. She also has to go through a lot.

Bendy Tornado: *dully* Yeah. *turns to the stars* Look how far we’ve come, Miranda. We’re almost there. We’re just one step closer to saving ourselves. And the world. But… everybody has thought of me as the bad boy. The ex-gang member.

Curious Bee: I’ve been meaning to ask, do you remember where your members are now?

Bendy Tornado: Two of them were arrested. The others… *he points to the ground*

Curious Bee: Dead?

Bendy Tornado: No. *points to the ground again* Their last graffiti project was a temple.

Curious Bee: … oh. Captured?

Bendy Tornado: Kinda, yeah. Luckily I backed out of the project, otherwise I wouldn’t be on land right now.

Curious Bee: That must be hard on you.

Bendy Tornado: Very. I’m just happy I’m here right now, with you.

Curious Bee: Bendy…

Bendy Tornado: Like I said before, we’ve come a long way. You just started off as a curious explorer with fascination of the outside world. Then, you were able to reach for that chance and hold it in your hands, if you know what I mean. Me, I just started off as a gang boy. But now, everything has changed…

Curious Bee: … and who knows? We might be heroes.

Bendy Tornado: We already are.

Curious Bee: *turns* You really mean it?

Bendy Tornado: I mean, we were there when Captain Crawfish was stranded on that island, we defeated Dr. Hare, and we also changed Sasha for the better. Well, you did.

Curious Bee: But this is different. Those other things were to save friends and ourselves. But this is different… I mean this… this is really serious.

Bendy Tornado: You’re Curious Miranda Bee. You can do this.

*Curious Bee looks at Bendy Tornado, shocked, nervous, blushing.*

Bendy Tornado: Remember, Miranda, I love you.

*Curious Bee turns and looks at the stars. They’re glistening in the night sky. She stares and feels calm by the peaceful feeling in her. Smiling, she falls asleep.*

*Bendy Tornado, still awake, watches Curious Bee fall asleep. He looks at the stars and sighs.*

Bendy Tornado: This could be our last moment of peacefulness… let’s savor it.

*Eventually he falls asleep too. Mira turns and notices that all the CB group. She smiles and looks around.*

Mira: *whispering softly* We’re this close to REd headquarters… why isn’t REd doing anything? *thinks* They’re probably holding back. *turns* The CB group deserves this peace. They’ve been through so much. *she gets down and walks over to the other side* You know, looking at the stars near here, this doesn’t feel at all dark. There’s the light, shown by the stars. And the moon. This place… maybe… isn’t meant to be dark. The light is inside of the people who have been taken by Krimson. I found my light… but will the rest of the members of REd?

*Mira sighs. She knows she is tired too, but she resists, since she needs to stand watch.*

Mira: Tomorrow… Miranda… everything is going to change in your life. I know it…

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: What?? No, no, no! Don’t end now!

Audience Member: Suspenceful.

Brave Tomato: I know, right? Now, I’ll need to tell you guys something. *steps down from the comfort of the stage* The next episode is Episode 30, The Everred Plot. It’s a action-packed trilogy… but I have a question for you all….

Brave Tomato: I want your feedback, guys! BT out!

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