The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 26- Cryptic in Thought

Brave Tomato: *paces on stage* Seven must be brought together if Poptropica’s fate is to change forever… *looks up and realizes that she paced on the stage* Oh, um-hi.

Audience Member: What are you doing reciting the prophecy?

Brave Tomato: I dunno. Well, last time we saw Curious Bee…

*curtains open*

Brave Tomato: Wai-Wha? I didn’t finish…

Audience: Move out of the way!

Brave Tomato: Alright, I’m getting off…


*The property of what was the CB house is now clear of ashes. CB sits down and looks around. She is haunted by the fact that her room used to be where she was sitting. She is haunted by the fact that some people want to kill her. She is haunted by the fact that all this happened because of such a simple move.*

Bendy Tornado: Miranda?

Curious Bee: Oh, Bendy! You scared me. I was just thinking.

Bendy Tornado: Thinking about what?

Curious Bee: What to do in the next week or so. *looks* I want to check out Cryptids Island. But I’m not sure if I should leave when the house is still being worked on.

Bendy Tornado: You know, Miranda, I don’t think it’s a good idea to stay here much longer.

Curious Bee: Why not?

Bendy Tornado: With REd running around like a cattle stampede, I don’t feel that it’s safe to stay at one place.

Curious Bee: Yeah… good point. All the clean-up has been finished today.

Bendy Tornado: I think we should leave in the morning.

*CB nods. She gets up and heads towards the others*

Curious Bee: Guys? I think it would be a good idea if we leave in the morning. All the cleanup is done, now we should let the construction workers do the rest.

Safe Bee: Well, CB, I was going to talk to you about that. It’s not safe to stay in the same spot at once. You may go in the morning.

Blue Skull: Come on, we’re going back??

Curious Bee: *nods*

Sasha: Although it’s nice to be home, I think it’s a good idea to keep moving on. After all, I don’t want to represent orange.

Quiet Snake: In the meantime, let’s get some rest.

*the group heads in the apartment*

*Meanwhile, Cameron and Marcus were spying in an alley*

Cameron: They know about the prophecy?!

Marcus: Seems like.

Cameron: It cannot be! How could they know?? *thinks* They’re heading back to Cryptids Island in the morning. I think I have a plan…

Marcus: Aw, come on, Cameron! Remember last time we went your plan??

Cameron: It was not my fault!

Marcus: Still arguing about that? Remember what Everred said, we both are responsible somehow.

Cameron: But I still have a plan.

Marcus: Alright, fine! Just don’t cry to me when your plan doesn’t work.

Cameron: Trust me, it’ll work.

*Time passes. It’s morning now, and the CB group and Safe Bee head out. Quiet Snake is holding onto the map.*

Curious Bee: Well, Mom, looks like its goodbye for now.

Safe Bee: Just be careful. And call me if you need anything.

Sasha: We get it, Jennifer.

Safe Bee: I know, Sasha, but it’s just a reminder.

Curious Bee: Bye!

*The group heads for main street, and get on the blimp. When the blimp heads over water, Cameron and Marcus get out from the ocean and hold on to the rope and then become invisible.*

Curious Bee: *opens map* Woah, this is new. What happened, did the islands rearrange or something??

Bendy Tornado: *shrugs* Happens every once in a blue moon.

Curious Bee: Umm…okay…? Looks like we have to travel left now.


Cameron: What the heck?? Why are we going left?

Marcus: Will you be quiet?? Do you want to be heard??

Cameron: Um… no.

Marcus: Probably another island switch. Some islands have the ability to move around. Happens every once in a blue moon.

Cameron: Blue moon? Don’t make me think of Indigo Rolstol. That girl makes me a little sick.

Marcus: Alright then.

*back in the basket of the blimp*

Quiet Snake: There it is! *points*

Blue Skull: Finally! That trip took long enough.

Cameron: *heard* NOW!

Sasha: *turns* Huh??

*Vines appear out of the water and grab on to the blimp*

Curious Bee: The blimp can’t move!

Quiet Snake: What’s happening??

Cameron: You may not have seen us for a while…

Marcus: …but we’re always here.

Sasha: Great, you guys.

Blue Skull: Why do we have to deal with the four of you?

Marcus: *looks* Four of you? *counts* You should only know of three. *looks at Cameron* You were the one that said Indigo’s name out loud!

Curious Bee: Wait… who’s Indigo?

Cameron: Grand, now see what you have done!? It wasn’t Indigo they were talking about.

Quiet Snake: What about that purple one? Violet?

Cameron: Violet Hemmings?! How do you know of her??

Bendy Tornado: *holds out drawing he made in episode 24*

Marcus: Bravo.

*Out of frustration, Cameron pulls the vines wrapped around the blimp closer to the ocean, farther from land*

Cameron: Enough with the games of who knows what. You know what we’re here for.

Blue Skull: Yeah, get Curious Bee, blah blah blah…

Marcus: That. Yeah.

*Sasha looks over the side of the blimp. She concentrates on the vines, and all of a sudden, the vines are sliced in half, breaking CB’s blimp away from the grasp.*

Cameron: No!

Sasha: Yes.

*CB quickly docks the blimp on land*

Bendy Tornado: Quick, to the general store!

*The CB group heads inside the general store*

General Store Owner: How may I help you?

Curious Bee: Uh.. just browsing.

General Store Owner: Alright then. Tourists usually buy stuff anyways.

Quiet Snake: Oh, look at this cute little lighthouse! *looks at price tag* 60 dollars?!

Blue Skull: This is no time for shopping. That duo could pass right on by if we weren’t noticeable.

Bendy Tornado: Right.

*the CB group waits. Seconds later, the door opens and they flinch. However, a girl with orange hair in a ponytail enters. She wears an olive-colored jacket with a white top and gray skirt. The CB group sighs in relief.*

?: Oh. I didn’t realize that someone else was in here.

Sasha: No, it’s fine.

Mira: I’m Mirabel Powers, by the way. *looks at Sasha* You must be the famous Sasha Rider.

Curious Bee: Wait…

Sasha: How did you know my name??

Mira: I spy on REd. I know.

Curious Bee: You DO?

Mira: And you must be the ever-talked about Curious Miranda Bee.

Curious Bee: The way you’re putting it is creepy. 

Mira: Is it? Sorry, I tend to put things wrongly. 

Bendy Tornado: How do you know of REd’s existance?

Mira: *frowns* Do you really want to know? 

Quiet Snake: Yeah.

Mira: I know, because I was part of them.

Sasha: What do you mean?

Mira: I was a member of REd.

*the CB gang gives a blank stare*

Blue Skull: I’m lost.

Mira: Well, it’s a long story.


*1st person told from Mira’s point of view*

You see, I kinda died. I was riding in my mom’s car, minding my own buisness, when all of a sudden, BAM! A car rushed onto my side of the car like at 90 miles an hour.

When I woke up, I was in the middle of the road. I was a ghost. And I wouldn’t believe it. What made it more weird is the fact that the wreckage that was supposed to be there wasnt there. Cars were passing through me. Nobody would see me. I didn’t let them see me. I went off the side of the forest and looked. I knew I was dead, but I didn’t want to die.

All of a sudden, this goth girl came out of nowhere, scar on her cheek, red hair, pale skin. I looked at her, and she looked at me. Yup, that’s Krimson I’m talking about. She looked at me in the eye and said,

“Come with me, Selena Castheart. You’ll be free.”

I, being the dumb person I am, followed her. I didn’t know. I thought this girl was going to guide me into the afterlife or something. But, she touched me, and all of a sudden, I became this orange glow, My orange hair became a tint darker, I had the eye lag Krimson had, and my clothes changed as well. It became all dark and evil-looking.

“Welcome to REd, Selena,” she whispered.


She took me to a secret hideaway, and there were other people there. It was before the Kensie siblings and Alamar arrived…


Curious Bee: Who’s Alamar?

Mira: Questions after the story, please?

Curious Bee: Right. Sorry.

Mira: As I was saying…

*back to 1st person with Mira*

and Violet and Indigo were the only other ones there. They stared me down.

“Looks like a new face, Krimson,” Violet said, staring at me in the eye.

“She better not make any waves,” Indigo revolted. No one clearly gave a care for me.

Krimson held out a scroll in front of me, whispering sinisterly, “This is our goal, and then we’ll be free.”

I just stared at Krimson. Then on the scroll, a jet back line appeared, crossing the orange circle. I was orange.

I never wanted to be part of any evil organization. Not at all. But I did stick around. To find their secrets. I witnessed the arrival of Alamar Midas, the male to represent gold. Krimson did the same thing with him the way she did with me. With Krimson now focused on Alamar, it provided the perfect oppurtunity to run. So I did.

While Violet, Indigo, and Krimson were fixated on Alamar, I got away. I ran. I turned off the security system.

However, it wasn’t long before Krimson noticed I was gone. When Krimson showed Alamar the scroll, Orange was no longer crossed out. It was just there, blank. She kinda got, well, mad. She teleported right in front of me and looked at me. Her eyes stared at my lost soul like I was the bad guy.

“Just where do you think you are going?” Krimson muttered, a dark voice overshadowing her normal voice.

I couldn’t stand to just to see her. So I said something that I never regretted.

“You lied to me. I never was really part of REd. I was just there. I never even wanted to be here! I wish I never followed you. You’re just pure evil. I know it. Evil in its purest form. You’re the most insane person I’ve ever met. I was happy, until I met you.”

“Revolting against REd at a time like this?” Krimson muttered, darker than before, “I don’t think so.”

I felt a pounding at my chest and it thrusted me backwards. I could feel pain other spirits caused. That pain made me break. I yelled out. All of this anger bursted out. I let out my power, the power of fire, but I didn’t know Krimson could do the same. She set me on fire.

“It’s unwise to fight me, Selena.” Krimson muttered sinisterly.

Krimson was right. I couldn’t fight her, not like this. While I was on fire, I teleported. Krimson didn’t see me disappear until the fire faded.

When I arrived at my destination, I doused the fire and changed everything back. I was me again. But… I needed to change me. I gave myself freckles. I changed my outfit to a one I never had. I made myself look like I’m a regular person.

It was going to be hard. I knew it. I changed my name from Selena Castheart to Mirabel Powers. And I kinda made my own living and stuff.

However, due to the fact that I know the hideaway’s location, I spy on REd. I’m sneaky like Violet is. I don’t want Poptropica’s fate to go into their hands.

Blue Skull: Sheesh. That is a long story.

Mira: It is, isn’t it? Also, they’re looking for me, too. No success. Thank you, Mira Powers.

Curious Bee: Huh. Guess we can somewhat relate. 

Mira: I must be going. See you guys!

*Mira exits the general store. As she leaves, the store owner tries to stop her.*

General Store Owner: Wait! Aren’t you going to buy something??

Bendy Tornado: That was… weird.

Curious Bee: I’m debating on whether to trust her. The days before we left, Mom had said “Be careful who you trust.”  *looks* Honestly, now that I know what Krimson can do, I’m kinda… scared.

Quiet Snake: You’re scared? You’re the one that keeps bugging me to be brave.

Curious Bee: Yeah, I was. But something… is in me that is building my fear.

Bendy Tornado: That’s called fear, Miranda. We all had fear before. Even… even me.

Curious Bee: Yeah. *looks* If Mira got out alright, then so should we. Come on.

*the CB group heads outside*

Quiet Snake: This adventure is becoming anything but ordinary.

Curious Bee: Hello? Poptropica is NOT ordinary.

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Whew. This went on longer than I thought. Well, tune in next time! BT out!

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  1. Shy Fire, I like gold. I even wear it some times! It’s fitting ,gold, Midas, you’ve heard the tale of Midas, haven’t you?

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