•  No more than 3 smilies in one message
  • No more than 4 messages in a row
  • Please no advertising another chat or website
  • No bad words
  • No more than 3 punctuations in one message


  • Super Thunder
  • Brave Tomato

Moderators (One Owner spot available, comment to recommend)

  • Wild Seagull
  • Shy Fire
  • Clean Tornado
  • Ana
  • Shiny Mosquito
  • Quick Sponge


  • Owners (gold pawn): power to kick, ban, and stop any rulebreaking. Up to three owners at one time
  • Moderators (silver pawn): may kick, ban for up to 6 hours, and can stop rulebreaking. Up to five mods at a time
  • Members (blue pawn): friendly guests who show they can be trusted to follow the rules
  • Guests (green pawn): can chat, but don’t go often


You can comment to this page saying who you would recommend for a higher rank. Members can be recommended to be mods, and mods can be recommended to be owners. No mod spots are currently open.


  • black star on your pawn means you are registered to Xat
  • yellow star means you are a paid subscriber to Xat
  • heart means you are married to someone on Xat
  • cross means you are BFF’d to someone on Xat

332 thoughts on “Chat

  1. First comment!b 😛
    Wait…I thought there were more on here! Did you make a new page???? 😕

    Super Thunder: Yep, I did. xP

  2. Wait, do chat on the comments or on Xat? Because I can’t chat on Xat. If the comments, am I a guest or member? If guest can I be a member.

    • Well, if you mean a Xat box, then you just go to Xat and make one. But adding it to your own site can be complicated… At least to a page. Once you make a Xat Chat, you can make a “Quick-Post” to your WordPress blog, and it will be there! Hope this helps

    • its a moderater, a rank between member and owner, has the power to kick, ban up to 6 hours, I think maybe unban, make people guests and members, and stop rulebreaking.Mods cannot make other people mods or owners.

  3. i now have the certificate of not having any votes for Owner. wow! i love certificates! i dun like this one! -_-

  4. It technically isn’t BT’s blog, she is just the author that puts up most of the posts and is the 2nd most epic only to ST

    Brave Tomato: Although it isn’t technically “my” blog, I’m an administrator here, same rank as ST. I can change the headers and stuff.

    😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  6. @HR u said u didnt care…….. anyways

    QS:*calling ST and BT*
    ST & BT: how may we help you?
    QS: yeah i’d like a cheese pizza
    ST & BT: and then
    QS: and then…. i would like to drop out of mod
    ST & BT: and then
    QS: and then i would like to say ur chat is laggy
    ST & BT: WHAT?!?!?!?!?! *goes to check chat*
    QS: *goes to pizza parlor and steals the pizza* suckas….
    ST & BT: *returns* BT: dang we need t- OH MY GOSH SOMEONE STOLE THe PIZZA!!!
    ST & BT: *sees note* it says… Hello, i stole the pizza. -QS
    ST & BT: this always happens…

      • Well,when I logged on some guy(Not telling who)called me fake and started swearing at me.I had to log on to my account,make a multiverse room,and invite over to prove that I’M ME.He said that other SC was cussing(I thing that there wasn’t covers)and he said what they said but with covers.Also he said Happy Rider was being mean too(If they are mean,I’m definatly not telling the name.)

  7. Now, I know this is completely and utterly random, but the tennis raquet (British) my dad has at home is half my size.

  8. okay um, just incase some people didn’t know…
    Wild Seagull quit xat because of drama reasons..
    i’d rather not say what happened otherwise everyone would hate me all over again :/

  9. did I breck a rule I’m SOOOOO SOORRY!!!!!!!!!! PLZ FORGIVE MOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t mean to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t mean to I don’t know anything about Chaz because I never go on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me or forgive me. I’m SSSSSOOOOOOO SSSSSOOOOOORRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m sorry Super Thunder and Brave Tomato. It was by accident. You see I’ve never been on a Chatz before so i have no idea what happends on here. ): -_-

  11. Hello! My name is Friendly Gamer on potropica and i would like to be a chat moderator! If u wanna be mah friend then username is Ishika_Patel!

  12. Hi guys!You see im new here so mind if i join in cause im a poptropican too.I came to this website beacause here has the best answers to POPTROPICA!

  13. Fast Fire 1st Dec 2012
    Time Tangled
    32 Stop Watch

    Brave Tomato
    Super Thunder
    Super Thunder’s Blog

    Dear ST/BT,
    Can you make a music page?
    Not forcing, Just Asking.

    Sincerely, Fast Fire

    • hi can i become an author? I am the Queen of Poptropica, i have completed 11 islands, and have rare items! I also read all your Curious Bee stories, I visit often, and I follow the rules.

  14. Best Poptropica Book-
    Best Poptropica Island-
    Best Poptropica Villain-
    Best Poptropica Creator-
    Best Poptropica Thing-
    Best Poptropica Action Figure-
    Best Poptropica Plush-

    Poptropica Awards 2013

  15. Winner of Favorite Book- Poptropica: The Official Guide
    Winner of Favorite Island- Time Tangled
    Winner of Favorite Villain- Dr. Hare
    Winner of Favorite Creator- Shark Boy
    Winner of Favorite Thing- Poptropica Blimp
    Winner of Favorite Action Figure- Agent
    Winner of Favorite Plush- Cool Kid

    Overall – ?

    Think about the overall Poptropica Awards Winner 2013!

  16. BT and ST, have you guys ever gotten into a fight that made you question your freindship? Cause that happend to me and my BFFs. we still havent made up and I dont know what to do. my other freind always sides with her. sometimes its like we are not even freinds. Do you guys have any advise?

    • Well im no ST or BT. I have advice. My advice is she does not seem like friend material then just don’t be friends with her. If she asks to be friends again, well, think. Do you want to be friends again? If so,say yes. If you want to think,say maybe. If not,say no. Hope ths helps

  17. Some kids screatched my sister at school yesterday! Lokks more like a cat did it. it looks really bad. It had to be if her school called home! I am a bit chizzed. (anoyed)

  18. I don’t get alot of views on my website and I was wondering BT I have the March Of Dimes walkathon. . . I was wondering if you could help me out with it. . . If you’re up to it can you go to or

  19. My friends and I play real life poptropica where we pretend to be our poptropicans and pretend to be on the islands and its really fun! you should try it! Ashley`s name is big sneeze! LOL Drea`s is fierce whale and mine is can you guess, small fire.

  20. Could I possibly be an Owner or Mod? I don’t ban or kick without reason, and I’ve been on this chat, and ThePHC a lot more recently…

    I know it isn’t cool to ask for myself, I just figured I’d try 😉

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