Cryptids Island Guide

This is the map:

First, you arrive at Cryptids Island.
Go to right until a guy with a soccer ball says: “Have you seen this flyer?” then he hands you the flyer for the million dollar reward. (Brought to you by Harold Mews!) Go right more.

Go all the way to the right, but do NOT continue to the next screen.
Climb up the tree, and there is a 5 Dollar Bill. Grab it.
Go back to Main Street.
Go to the General store, and click ‘Use’ on the $5.00
You will obtain Poptropica’s Favorite Sports Drink! 😀
Go back to the street that’s all the way to the right.
The Gardener (aka the guy who needs the drink,) will ask for a drink.
Give the Sports Drink to him.
Then he’ll say that he will take a break and walk away.
You obtain the Shears!
(Extra: You can use the shears on the lady’s bush. She’ll call her attorney though… xD)
Go back to Main Street and go left.
You arrive at the park.
Go all the way to the left and a girl will ask you, “Can you give me a push?”
Push her.
Go up.
A guy in a hot air balloon is tied so use your shears and cut the rope.
You obtain…. NYLON ROPE! 😀
Go back to main street and go into the Kite Shop.
Click ‘Use’ on the Nylon Rope.
She’ll give you the kite surfing kite.
Now, Go back to the park and  go all the way to the edge.
Click ‘Use’ on the kite.
You will surf for a while and…lookie here…Gretchen.
She’s like the updated Betty Jetty.
She’ll throw fire balls at your kite, and you’ll sink. (Not my new kite!)
Then the Mews-Coptor-5000 comes and saves the day!

You wake up in a room and Mews talks to you! (That’s right! He’s talking to YOU!)

There is glass of water by you. Click on it and you will get off the bed.
Go out the door.
Go all the way to bottom right…..
Mews isn’t there?! Oh well, explore.
Watch all the videos and some how he teleports there….
(Or is he a fast walker?)
He tells you about his childhood…blah blah blah and he says
you can use is private helicopter…..
Go outside to the right and ride to Scotland!
Go all the way to the right until some random trucker
wants you to help him get his truck out from under the bridge.
(Ok, why would you do that?)
Click on one of the tires and let the air out. He’ll thank you
give you a rugged camera.
Go to the pub.
You enter the pub, and go all the way to the left.
(You obtain Matches…)
He has the ticket for Lil’ Ness Rowboat!
Play darts with the rugged darts.
(If you don’t get it, DON’T GIVE UP!)
Once you win, he’ll give you the ticket and storm away.
Go to the rowboat.
You’ll stay in one spot and you have to take a picture. Not up-close.
(What a pity!!!)
Go to the Mews Mansion lab.
Mews will tell you that it’s a bunch of floating tires.
What a pity. Again.
(Why would the trucker drive into the water? Why?!)
So go back to pub and play one of the people.
You have upgraded darts, so it’s pretty possible that you will win.
Once you win, he’ll give you the Sub Ticket.
Go to the Sub!
Go the the bottom left corner and take a picture of a
strange looking Nessie. (It’s a obivious FAKE!)
Take a picture of it anyways.
Go to the pub and guess what?
It’s a FAKE! :O
The guy who challegened you the first time will be back,
(and jeez, has he improved!) and will challenge you again
promising that he has the KEY to finding nessie.
Play him and win. Guess what the prize is?
The bartender will feel bad for you so he gives you the Penny Whistle.
Go back to the rowboat, and go for another ride and go left.
Go left..again.
Blow the whistle.
Nessie appears….(Doesn’t it look CUTE?)
Take a picture and she will go away… (I was sad at this point….)
Go back to Mews and Nessie will be Confirmed!
Now, it’s YETI TIME!
Go to the Himilayas and find a guy who has stuff on his back. (AKA, the Sherpa.)
Climb with him and you find yourself at a Monstery. (Or what ever you call it. :P)
Go inside and go to the far right. And Talk to the guy and he’ll give you a lantern thing!
Now, go up (outside) until another monk blocks your path. (RUDE! *slaps*)
Play a simple game and he’ll let you proceed. Find a track in snow and take a picture of it.
Go back to Mews.
He says its a PURE fake. (FAIL.)
He also tells you to not go back there AGAIN. (But I want eggs! D:)
So go to New Jersey.
Use Matches to Light up the lantern.
There is a girl stuck in a tree, use shears to help her.
Go to the bathroom and use the poem on the stall….

Right, left, over the cleft
Left, right, into the night,
Right, Right, shudder with fright
Left, Left, Mother Berfet.

You end up in a dead end. Click look around.
Go to the right until you see at gate imprinted with the Jersey Devil.
(But trust me, the real one looks cuter.)
Go inside.
Go inside the house.
Go up to the attic, PHEW! It’s a raccoon. Grab the Grappling Hook.
As you make your way down, the window by the table…
OMG! It’s the cutest thing alive! The Jersey Devil. (Yeah, it’s not cute. :P)
(It’s too tall! How can it look through the window?)
Go outside.
The not-so-cute Jersey Devil will fly away. Use Grappling Hook on tree.
EGGS?! Grab them anyways.
Go back to Mews.
DNA Sample, AGAIN!
They are true eggs of the Jersey Devil. Confirmed, done, adios Jersey Devil, Hello Chubacabra.
Puerto Rico BABY!
The Guy in the hot air balloon, crashed. (FAIL.)
Go use the guy’s Jeep.
Go to the North Star and deliever the seeds.
Go to the left and grab the Fur Sample.
Go Back to Mews.
Coyote fur, (FAIL.)
Go back to the Jeep and go to the other farms.
One says the Chupacabra attacks of groups of 3 or more.
Another says spotted goats.
Use the Jeep to lead 3 spotted goat to the middle star. One you do it, leave the Jeep.
The farmer says to hide behind the rocks for the Chupacabra.
BAM! He strikes.
Go push the trap and HE BREAKS OUT. :O
He runs away. (Ok, this one was TOTALLY CUTE. :3)
You grab the horn shaped tooth and it is actual proof of the Chupacabra.
But wait, what does Mews say?
Go to the Pacific Northwest. Bigfoot.
(Or a hobo dressed in a bear costume trying to become famous.)
Follow him until he goes into a cave.
Mews appears on screen and DANG. It’s GRETCHEN.
(FAIL. :()
Tag her and you have to save Bigfoot! (Or the hobo, as I prefer.)
Open up the fuel thing and cut the rope. You have saved him!
You have finally completed the island and you can now use your credits for the Big Foot Believer
costume. Congratulations!

That was our very own CaNdY cAnEz’s version! This is mine , Super Thunder:

Hi guys, Super Thunder here, with the Cryptids Island Walkthrough! Here it goes:

You will arrive in Main Street. Talk to the people and get a flyer. Go right until you et to a tree that looks like this:

Where the red circle is, there should be a five dollar bill in there. Grab it. Then go to the General Store. Use your five dollar bill, and get a sports drink.

Then, take it to the man who is standing in front of all the mansions. He will give you Gardening Shears. Go all the way to the other side of the island, and find the girl in a hang glider. Give her a push. Now jump up to the person in a balloon seat. Cut the rope with your Gardening Shears. Get the extra rope. Now go to Kitty’s Kites and get a kite. Use your rope, and she will give the kite to you. Now go back to the other side of the island. Use your kite, and then Gretchen will come along and burn your connection witht the kite. You will do the weird throw hands up in the air emotion, and you will start to sink. The last thing you see is a Mews helicopter, before you pass out.

You will wake up, lying down, in a room that looks like this:

Yay, you lived! Anyway, Mews will come tell you to meet in the foyer. First, you have to drink the water that should be in your nightstand. Then go to the foyer. The inside should have a sign that says Welcome to the Cryptid Museum. Since Harold Mews is not there yet, check out all the videos. I liked ’em. Then Mews will arrive. You’ll join the quest to find Cryptids! Yay! Go outside the mansion and go check out the helicopter you can use:

Once your on your helicopter, go to Loch Ness. You can probably do these in any order, but I’m doing them in the easiest order.

Go right, to the Pub. Inside the pub, grab the matches and talk to the dude that looks like this:

Play a game of darts with him. After you win (don’t give up, you can win), he’ll give you a ticket for a ride on the rowboat, Lil’ Ness.

Go back left, and under the bridge, there should be a gut with a yellow jeep. Talk to him, and then click on his tire. Blow it out, and you will get a camera. Now go take a ride on the Lil’  Ness. Take a picture of the thing that looks like Nessie. Go back to the Mews mansion. Show him Nessie’s picture. You will find out it’s fake. Go back to Loch Ness, and talk to the liar. He will go away. Now, go back to the pub. Talk to the guys who are hanging out. You will play another game of darts, and the you will get the submarine ticket.

Take a picture of the Nessie that looks weird. Go to the Pub. Show them the picture. They will show a newspaper article. Oh! Looks like another fake. Sigh. Then you will have to play another darts game. The reward promised is a LIE!!! But the bartender, feeling bad for you, will give you a Nessie whistle. Go on the Lil’ Ness, and go left.

Then, use the whistle. And…. NESSIE!!! Take a picture, and go to the Mews mansion! The Nessie case will be confirmed. Now go back to your helicopter, and go to the Himalayas.

Once you arrive at the Himalayas, go up a bit, until you see a guy that looks like this:

Climb the mountain with him, and when the wind is blowing strong, just try anyway. Tie yourself slowly. You will arrive with the monks. Go inside the building, and talk to the monk at the far right corner. They won’t let you take Bigfoot evidence, but they will give you a lantern. Make sure you light it. Then go outside, and climb a little bit up. Talk to the monk that looks like this:

You will play a quick game, which is actually very simple. Just don’t get trapped. Then he will let you pass. Go up and there will be a foot in the snow. Take a picture of it.

Go back to the Mews mansion. Sigh. It’s just a snowshoe footprint. Now you can go to New Jersey.

When you arrive, jump on top of thge gas station. Cut the girl free using your gardening shears. Then, jump on this sweet ride:

You will need this pattern to ride:

After you try riding, and you finally come to a small clearing like this* (*= see below picture), look around there and find a house.

In the house, go to the attic. You will hear something, and it will turn out to be a racoon. Next to the racoon, there should be a grappling hook. Get it. On your way down, you should see a thing. Could it be… the Jersey Devil?! Go outside, and the Jersey Devil will fly away. Use your grappling hook. Climb up to here:

Get the egg. Now go back left. Get on your helicopter, and head to Puerto Rico.

Talk to the farmer. He will give you seeds to take to his brother, and lend you his jeep. Get on the jeep and go North, to the top right hand corner star. Give the other farmer the seeds, and go left, to grab the fur. Go back to the main farm, and go to the Mews mansion. Use the sample fur, and follow everything in the exact order. It’s just coyote fur. Sigh. Now use the egg! Another confirmed case! Go back to Puerto Rico, and go to the jeep. Now, herd three brown with white spotted goats to the middle star.

Land there. Nothing will happen. Go find the main farm guide. He will help you. Hide next to the boulders. You will hear a THUMP! Go move the box. Suddenly, it will shake and open, and out will pop the… CHUPACABRA!!! It will growl at you, and run away, and leave you inn the groung with stars circling your head. Go where the chupacabra was, and grab its tooth. Head back to the Mews mansion, and confirmed! But, wait! You still have to find Bigfoot!

 NO! Not Bigfoot!!!

Mews will tell you that Bigfoot has been spotted in the Pacific Northwest. It has been installed in the helicopter. Go to your helicopter, and go to the Pacific Northwest.

When you arrive, Bigfoot will be running around. Follow him for a while, and then Mews will send you a messege. But Gretchen will listen in on it. She will capture Bigfoot. Now you have to stop Gretchen. Jump on her helicopter. Let all the fuel out. Now use your gardening shears. You and Bigfoot will float down to safety! Yay! You and Mews will talk, and then you will get your medallion! Congrats!

Note: I promised my cousin, Super Joker, that I would put his name on here if he let me use a picture of you floating with Bgifoot. So Super Joker. That is all.

132 thoughts on “Cryptids Island Guide

  1. i just fineshed the island thanks 4 the help! but the mews dude called me his daughter…wierd ….has this happend to any one else

  2. a few other girls and boys said he called them, son or daughter so i sopposer there the lucky ones so have even goten a free giesha costume insted of a medallion….so i guess the room we all woke up in is our perm room now if any one else have any thing to report plz comment

  3. Sookie, that did not happen. I think that you might be making that up. Although he might have called you daughter, I do not think that you would get a geisha costume instead of a medallion.

    • Well, you have to get the lock-cutters from somewhere (I think it’s Puerto Rico) and open the rubbish bin to get the rest of the poem.

      • You actually go to Peurto Rico before New Jersey so you can get the bolt cutting thingymabob. but I guess you don’t need it if you have the poem all ready written on this walkthrough. the jeep Is RREALLLLY S…L….O..W! I just didn’t bother going back to show mews the cyote fur. such a hassle!

      • yup, now about peurto rico, did anyone else have troble with the goat herding? that was hard and the jeep is tricky. and where in the farmer who is supposed to be there?

  4. Thx i just got done o and the same thing happened to me sookie but he called me his nephew! like woah lol! thx for the guide

  5. Hey, got a problem!!!
    In Puerto Rico I accidentaly click “Exit” or something like that while in the jeep, and now i cant ride it again!!!!

    Super Thunder: Hmm. Maybe you have to search to find the jeep. In some rare cases, your account can get lost. Sorry I can’t help.

  6. if you goto the farm where you get the fur and goto the right and onto the roof you see a huge cameleon, well at least i think it is

    • you get to catch it after you have found nessie and the jersey devil. Go to Puerto Rico the person who lends you their jeep says hes fed up with the chubacabra and walks off then you go to snaggle tooth rock(the star in the centre) and but 3 spotted goats there then exit the jeep at snaggletooth rock and the farmer guy sets a trap then tells you to hide behind the rocks which are at the right side at the very end then the chubacabra Is caught in the crate as you go to push it into the farmers truck it breaks out then runs off knocking you over. Then you get its tooth from the ground hope I helped you.

      • Got to the star in the center of the map. Collect and move a group of three goats with spots and move them torwards the location. park your car and get out, the man will say the trap is ready and you and him will hide behind rocks. Once you caught the chubacabra, push the trap near your car, he will get out and you collect his tooth.

    • walk past the bathroom door with half the poem on it (in the bathroom, New jersey). The other half is in the trash can outside. You will need bold cutters to open it, the bolt cutters are located at Puerto Rico (farthest star up on your map while driving the car).

  7. When I try to go on the rowboat for the second time in Loch Ness, when I have the pennywhistle, it won’t load. He says, “okay, lets go!” or something, and it does the little loading thing. HELP!

  8. there is a bolt cutter in puerto rico, you need it to get in the garbage bin and get the pattern for the driving in the motorcycle. you jump on a bunch of branches and it propells you up to the cutter. its at one of the other farms.

    • Those gates? Hmm.. is it not working for you? Well, it worked for me when I just found it. I think you should find the lantern. If not, I really have no clue. I have already beaten it (I am Candy Canez) so I’m not sure if I should really help or not.

  9. Yay! thank you for helping me, cause I’m really bad at poptropica and everytime I go to an island I need help[!] Thx. 🙂

  10. This was a great walkthrough, but you forgot to mention to get the information from other villagers, to get the bolt cutters, and to cut the lock in New Jersey for the second half of the poem. Also, you should add how to get in the attic (if you haven’t already, I forgot)

  11. you are the awesomest super thunder and are you going to write a walkthrough for s.o.s island.
    Super Thunder: Maybe… Or maybe I’ll co-write it with BT again!

  12. im now in the pacific northwest,im done in fueling out the grimlocks airplane .. but i have a problem i cant cut the rope on the big foot’s cage because my garden shears is missing help me plss!!

  13. Can I give a suggestion? List all the islands from easiest to hardest. It would really help. I always end up half finishing an island cuz it got too hard. Thanks for the great guides!
    ~* Eli *~

  14. well,i agree even though im really into cryptids.hobos do tend to need to shave,so does bigfoot.I also have a question for Super Thunder.How cum bigfoot just stands there.i think theres sumthing wrong with my computer.:0

  15. the guy in puerto rico didnt walk off and say he was fed up are you sure its the guy that gave you the jeep

    • i did. i was playing and my little sister was watching, when the jersey devil was in the window, i freaked out and my sister screamed. but only because i didn’t fully watch the vid. and i didn’t know wat it looked like.
      ps: she said she couldn’t sleep properly for a whole month.

      • yes!! Did anyone else realize that the address for the Jersey Devil’s house is “666” (the last 6 is upside down)?

    • Yeah when i was going downstars im all sad cause it was only a racoon then im just lookin at the pics on the walls and im like “ahhh its the hockey(devil) jersey now i cant look at a window at night

  16. AHHHHHH!!! This is do annoying if i blow the penny whistle when i go left in the lil nessie it dosnt work and i cant get 3 spotted goats to the center star!!!!!!!!:(:(:(:(:

    • You have to go two times to the left… and just try to control your jeep, you have to get behind the goat and drive them to the center star. I hope it helped though ._. i cant really do much

  17. So I knew the Chupacabra would bust out, but I did it late at night, and I almost peed myself. I scare really easily, but this freaked me out!

  18. YOU HAVE CHEESE! 😡 GIVE ME YOUR CHEESE! Joking… but I want your CHEESE!

    By the way, I love cheese. I’m sure you couldn’t tell. 😀

    • They weren’t stolen, they’re the same exact guide… Both written by the same person, put onto both blogs…

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