Ghost Story Island Guide

Ghost Story Island Guide written by Brave Tomato

Go to Ghost Story Island if you haven’t already. Pick up the salt from the guy carrying it. This may sound odd right now, but later, it’ll be understandable why. Go to the newspaper place and talk to the lady running it. She’ll say that she would pay $50 for any evidence you find of ghosts.

Now, exit the newspaper place and go to the left. You’re in the cemetary gates area. When you walk further, your character will hear a sound that you won’t. Then the gates will open… revealing a tour guide. Thank goodness. He just about to tour you around “haunted” places, when the ma-magi-magistrate busts the tour guide. Mr. Tour Guide will run off and his pamphlet will conveniently land into your hands. The magistrate will tell you to reside for the night… but you really don’t have anywhere. For now, go to the left and talk to this guy with a weird frown, a bow tie, and is carrying a suitcase. He’s looking for the grave of his uncle, but can’t find it. Go to the right and ask the lady to go into the archives. She’ll allow you to go in without worry.  Go over to where you see this:

Click on “cemetary Plots”. Turn a few pages until you see the name Silas Moon. I kinda laughed at some of the names. You’ll highlight Sila’s name. Go back to the cemetary. Talk to the nephew, and he will give you his key to the inn. Great, so you have a room to spend the night.

Go to the right until you see the inn. Enter. A woman who looks like Edna from The Incredibles will be relived that a room became available, and says something about “preparations”. Odd. Go into your room, 2B. Click on the bed.

During a fun 1st person POV cut scene, you try to sleep, but things keep moving on their own! You can’t sleep, you’re getting scared, and you should investigate.

(Wait… has our own character done this emotion before? I know Mark Twain did, but has our own character?)

Go to the closet and click on it. The Edna look-a-like will fall out and run to her hubby. Augh! Tricked! That’s not funny guys. You threaten to let the magistrate know, and hubby refuses. Then, the Edna look-a-like will say that in order to find one of the ghosts, you should play her favorite song on the violin.

Go to the hallway and go over to where the piano is. Click on the violin next to it and you’ll receive the music as well at the violin itself. Exit and go to the roof of the inn. Click on use on the violin. Move the bow (violin bow, not archer bow!) back and forth to play the song. Don’t worry if your bow starts glowing, that’s normal. After playing the song, you’ll notice that something is going on. Go down and talk to that weird ghost hunter guy.

He’ll say he saw what’s going on in the window too. However, the magistrate will take him away. Again. After he and the magistrate has gone, pick up the binoculars by the tent. Go back to the roof of the inn and use them. You’ll see an elderly woman open the curtains temporarily and close them again. She wants you to come. Go over to the mansion and enter through the storm cellar.

You’ll see creepy dolls and a sheet covering a sewing dummy. Go to the right a little more. Attempt to climb the stairs but they fall apart. Jump up and push the small crate off of the larger one. Push them both until the bigger crate is just about near where the stairs resume. You’ll pass by a fireplace with a picture of a happy couple. Ah, Poptropican love. Go up the wide stairs and enter through the door. Go to the right until you see a telescope. Look around for a little bit. As you go to exit, you’ll hear (literally hear) a woman’s voice asking “Are you looking for someone?” Don’t worry. Someone’s not in your room.  It’s just the game.

Your character will freak out a little and the woman will say:

Of course, with the manners you have, the first thing you ask is if this woman’s a ghost. She says she’s not, but she’s here to take care of some unfinished business. And she’s going to help you with your ghost hunting journey. She tells you to see Jane, the baker from that Gingerbread house place and say that Fiona sent me. So Fiona is her name? Nice.

Exit the mansion and go to the bakery. Talk to the baker, who should be Jane. Say that Fiona sent you. Ignore the other two wacky responses.

She says that you are so interested in finding the spirits. Then, she’ll press a button and open a secret area. It has ghost hunting equipment: a thermal sensor, a thermometer, an emf detector, and a camera. If you want, you can see the wall of peepz who visited the place. You can see that one of them is a bit showoffish and puts his picture on a frame. One of them is even one of the Poptropican stand-ins in the sneak peeks! So that guy’s name is Abe.

… sheesh. How come all of the NPCs have normal names?! Oh well. Brave Tomato is fine. On your way out, grab some hot cross buns from the table. Exit. Go to the left into the cemetary. Enter through the gates.

You’ll be in 1st person view again, but this time, it’s more annoying. Go forward. Click this arrow thing to change your direction.

Go forward. Go forward again. Turn to the right. Go forward. Turn to the left. Enter through the gates that are marked A. Go up and you’ll see a psycho-looking woman telling you to hide because some guy in a cloak is coming. One of the ghosts mentioned in the pamphlet leaves a rose in front of a grave.

(Okay, that looks totally fake.)

The camera will be flashing in the bottom right corner. It’ll lead you to the menu. Click use on the camera. You’ll see a black and white screen. Aim for the hooded guy leaving a rose. It’ll automatically take the picture. The man will run off. You may look at the picture.

(Okay, that looks pretty cool!)

Exit the cemetary overall and go to the newspaper place. To get out, go to the area marked with an H on the map. Talk to the lady and use the photo. She’ll reward you with 50 bucks. Nice. You should store this in the bank. Go there and go down to the bank vault. Click use on the money in front of the security guard. He’ll lead you into the bank vault. When you get in, the security guard’s dog will start digging at something.

The thermal detector will flash in the bottom right corner. Use that. Go underneath where the dog is digging, and you’ll see a strange figure hammering at something.

Okay… something is down there. Or someone. In the meantime, go outside and approach near the Hemlock Herald place. You’ll see a group of undercover ghost hunters carrying newspapers, including foil hat guy, the guy who sells souvenirs, the guy holding a camera, and the guy who carries salt. It turns out that your photo has made front page news. The magistrate will walk over and says that it was probably just another hoax. He also yells to get back to their place of residence. Everyone else runs off but you, and the magistrate says that he’s got his eye on you.

Meanwhile, a boat docks near the shores of woman in the window manor. Go there. You’ll see the sailor, who’s looking for a room. Give him his room key and he’ll reward you with the ability to use his boat. Get on the boat and head to the left. There’s a lighthouse there. Dock.

As you enter the lighthouse, pick up the unlit torch. It’ll be helpful once you get inside. When you get inside, click use on the torch, stop by where another torch is to get light, and get on the stairs. Jump two times upwards then duck, because there are winds that can both knock you over and put the fire out. When you reach a new staircase, duck the first chance you get on there. Watch out for the gaps.

When you get up, you’ll talk about the temperature, and the thermometer flashes in the bottom left corner. Click use. You’ll place the thermometer. Go to the right a little and go up the ladder. Go through the shattered window and click on the light. Go up-right diagonally until you see an Alkatraz-like prison. Jump off the lighthouse and get on the boat. Head towards that direction, but watch out for the rocks. Get into the prison.

That place is BIG. Click use on the emf detector. Head towards the right and use the elevator. Go to floor H. The EMF detector will be in the orange area when you get there. Go to the right until you see the warden’s office. Enter. You’ll have to click use on your emf detector again. Or you can use the thermal sensor. Either way, you’ll notice that someone is on that rocking chair!

Okay, you’re right in front of a ghost right now. Don’t panic. Instead, use the hot cross buns. The spirit will walk over and eat one of them. He also says that I’m not Prisoner… whatever he said.

(why is he purple?)

The spirit of the warden will give you a mug shot of the escaped prisoner. The mug shot shows which cell he is in. After an explanation by the Warden, you should be on your way to go there. Go to floor D and head towards the right until you see Cell 8. Go in… go over to the bed…

…and the Warden traps you there! Oh goody. He wants you as a living replacement for a dead prisoner. Push the bed out of the way and you’ll see a hole. Go through.

You can use the thermal scanner and you’ll see someone in the top right corner. It’s probably the deceased prisoner! Go along. Along the way, you’ll pick up sardines, a pickaxe, and a note. Talk to the prisoner. He’ll give you a back story involving some guy named “Flatbottom” and another named “Valiant”. Exit the tunnel.

Now, you have to get out of there yourself. Use the pickaxe in the cell, and you’ll end up outside the cell. Yes! Get out of that horrible island!

(I’m outta here!)

Board the boat and head towards the regular land. You’ll notice that the thermometer has dropped! Get back in that boat and head back to the lighthouse. You have to use the torch, but there’s no wind bothering you know… especially that there is a floating torch around… O.o Go up the stairs. When you get up there, you’ll see the spirit of the lighthouse keeper crying over something.

He’ll also say that the remains of the boat are north of the lighthouse. Exit the lighthouse and go on the boat. Travel north, and the lighthouse light will be showing a scene of horrible wreckage. Oh my goodness…

Examine the wreckage and you’ll find a locket. Go back to regular land. When you land, examine the locket.

Oh… oh my gosh. Fiona?! New love?! Wasn’t that woman who scared the bajeezles out of me named Fiona? Go into the manor and follow the same way you did before. This time, after you enter the door, go left and up. Fiona is by the bed.

Talk to her and you’ll give her both the locket and the note to the prisoner. She’ll freak out and say:

She says that the ring that this Henry guy gave her is at the bottom of the fountain. She cries and walks off. Get down and you’ll encounter a scrapbook. Open it.

You think and say the following:

Go to the fountain on Main Street. A bird is there guarding her nest. Use the sardines to drive her off. Go into the nest and click on the object shimmering in the nest. It’s the ring! Okay, now go to the left and enter the cemetary. Right, forward, right, forward, forward, forward, right, enter. Go to the engraver’s shop and click use on the ring in front of the engraver. He says the following:

You ask what’s his job and his response: go to the archives and look up August 18, 1929. Exit the cemetary and go to the Hemlock Herald place.

(PS if you click the owl in cemetary lot B, he’ll jump and mistake the hoots for the sounds of the spirits. Uh…)

At the Hemlock Herald place, go to the archives and click that… thing called a microfilm. (don’t ask me how I know)

Turn the cranks until it says 1929. Then click zoom. Henry Flatbottom is the magistrate!

(Balloon Boy! Wish I could view those.)

Where was I? Oh yeah! Flatbottom is the current magistrate!

Lot A. Hmm… wasn’t that near where that cloaked figure was? That.. that was the magistrate?! Well… we’ll have to see!

Go to Lot A of the cemetary (A on the map). Go to the left until you see this:

Open the thing fully.. and out comes… a ladder?! Best idea to investigate.

Now, you’ll encounter ANOTHER labyrinth. However, it’s not as complicated. Just follow the pink rose petals.

If you did it right, you’ll encounter this:

Go up the ladder. It’s a secret passage from the tree stump! You’ll hear footsteps or something and hide. It’s that cloaked guy… and he… he…

…sneezes. You’ll come from your hiding place and confront this guy. You’ll follow him into the stump… and end up back in lot A. Chase him around until you see him where you first saw him, the covered grave he put the flower on.

Once you get there, you’ll take off his hood, shake the salt into his eyes… and it IS the magistrate. He tries and goes off-topic, asking you to leave. You go off-topic from HIS off-topicness and say that he’s responsible for the death of Valiant Lovejoy by sending the fake letter. Oooooo…. The magistrate responds that he likes Fiona as well and had to betray his best friend to do so. Yikes, Poptropica’s first love triangle. And also… he says something that you DIDN’T know.

Oh. My. Gosh.

He keeps sending the roses to try to plead forgiveness for the death, but it isn’t working for him. A gust of wind blows, blowing away the cobwebs, clearly showing Fiona’s name on the grave…

The spirit of Fiona comes out from behind a grave and says that she forgives him and thanks him for his confession. The rest of the spirits are there too. And.. looky here who joined the party of 4 spirits and 2 mortals:

It’s Val-Val-Valiant!

Fiona approaches closer to Valiant and says that she thanks us for giving them the chance to finally rest in peace. They disappear, along with the other spirits. The magistrate will thank you for helping him find peace between the spirits and himself. For that… he gives you the island medallion!

Congrats! You have finished Ghost Story Island!

Well, before I leave, I might as well make a donation for myself to Fiona.

RIP Fiona, Valiant, and all of the other spirits I had met.

Thank you for reading! Hope this has helped! 😉

175 thoughts on “Ghost Story Island Guide

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  2. I’ll have to say… this island is the saddest one so far. It’s more tragic than scary. The involvement of romance isn’t helping either.

    • you sould find mia rowthrones videos it’s a ghost story then find part 1 the quickest way is you go to part 4 and find part 1 i knew that the part 3 was sad it’s so so sad that make me crying :*(

      • Fiona and Valiant fall in love and unknowingly formed a love triangle with a politician and close friend, Henry Flatbottom. Henry also loved Fiona, and grew envious that his friend got the girl instead of him, so to drive Fiona’s love away, Henry hired some one to forge a letter that made Valiant go on a boat back to England. That very boat crashed into rocks, killing all of its passengers, including Valiant. Henry wasn’t expecting Valiant to die, but now he could have Fiona all to himself. He offered a ring to the heartbroken and depressed Fiona, who threw the ring into the fountain and died shortly after (her cause of death unknown), leaving Henry to regret all that he’s done. He knew that the spirits of Fiona and Valiant cannot rest because of him, so he outlawed ghost-hunting, thinking it’s very disrespectful to the ghosts. However, no one else knows of his story, so they don’t realize how careless and disrespectful they are being…

        Well, I explained it the best I could. *shrug*

      • Haha, I love it. I don’t play that island much, I’m too busy playing counterfeit 😛 but, great detail BT


        Sent from my iPhone


      • Thanks! ^_^ Yeah, it took me a while for me to put together Ghost Story Island’s backstory, and when I did, I was shocked at how far the Creators went in this island… and impressed.

      • Considering the details you just gave me? Me too xD I was surprised by a lot of it though… And I’m glad you aren’t leaving PHB. I’m sad super thunder did though…

        I still just can’t believe of all people she hired hp… He and I have fought a lot, and he lied to people about me, so no one would hire me, or comment me for months.


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      • I was surprised too XD

        Considering ST’s super-long hiatus, I think Slanted Fish just gave up and deleted her from the blog for being inactive, because the last time she posted was when Zomberry Island was new. She’s not the first person she’d done it to. I wonder if she moved on from the Poptropica fan group… considering her time away from the computer is longer than what she originally said.

      • I’m sorry, must be harder for you considering you’re besties. My bestie stopped blogging after we opened our own blog together, so it got shut down… I hope that doesn’t happen to this one!

        I’ll do anything to help keep this blog from getting shut down! I really mean it, my first ever blog viewed….


        Sent from my iPhone


  3. I love this island! Better than Mystery Train Island! It’s sad and kind of romantic. Not into that kind of stuff, but the Poptropica Creators made me love it! The only scary part of it is when the woman speaks. There’s happiness in the end at least. This island almost made me cry! 😉 Such a beautiful story line!

  4. Thanks for the walkthrough, I am a non-member and I finished the demo version. Nice drawing too! When you said “Pictures too”, you can say screenshots but say Pictures if you want. 😀 Very useful, I better go invite some people from so they could read this. They need the written walkthrough.

  5. hey brave tomatoe!! i just want to say that you drawing is… how to say this softly? weeell… its…


      • Never mind. Any way, I played the violin without any cheats. Wow, I guess I am pretty good. That was some good practice. 😀

      • Hey Prickly Dolphin,

        to get into the archives, you walk right until you see the Hemlock Herald and enter.
        Go to the right of the room and talk to the lady, you should be able to get into the archives. Hope I could help and anyways I’m not a member so I can’t finish the island.

        Sneaky Fox..
        P.S. pls check out my avatar…..
        i in my website

      • Shinykid, I already found her. I replyed to my comment saying that I found her. But thanks though.

  6. when i actually heard dat voice i flinched,fell off my chair hit my chin on my desk and i landed on top of my 4 year old sister while she was drawing a picture 4 me

  7. This island reminds me of that one episode of The Suite Life On Deck where the ship docks in Louisanna, and there’s a ghost love triangle going on that Zack, Cody, and Woody try to get fixed or something.

    • Just talk to the lady and ask if you can go into archives, then click on the door to enter.

    • oh wait. Never mind. I was at the wrong place. I was actually at the prison. My bad. I headed down to the lighthouse. I found the unlit fire touch. Whoo hoo! Nobody needs to give me information. Please! I lalready found it!!!!

  8. I just noticed something. The hotel’s name is The Discomfort Inn (Haunted covers up Discomfort) and the picture of the lady in the hotel room is also in The Jersey Devil House.


      • The violin plays such mysterious, scary, haunted, yet beautiful music.

        Feirce Eel please don’t post comments in ALL CAPS LIKE THIS PLEASE.

  9. xDDDD if you go to the stand thing and click the glasses with teh ghosts on them you get 1st person view through them xD

    • Take a picture of the hooded figure in the cemetery in lot A. Then go to the newspaper lady and click the USE button on the photo. When you go outside, four guys will be holding newspapers and there will be a stack of newspapers. Click on the stack, get a newspaper, close it and he should appear. (As far as I know. The walkthrough said this.)

  10. Ok i was playing this with my friend (not saying her name) and this is wat happend:
    Fiona: Are you looking for someone?
    BFF: Hey….. That sounds like Marciline From adventure time!
    Me: She does!
    BFF: umm *turns on Adventure Time*
    Me: Hey stop it dont put that on!

  11. I am having a problem with the lighthouse. I got past the stairs and I can’t seem to get the lighthouse ghost to appear. I put the thermometer there already. Does anyone know what step I’m missing? And AWESOME SITE, by the way.

  12. Okay so i can’t play the violin on here, I started playing random notes and my progress bar isn’t filling up at all….any specific way to play it??

  13. i have the poptropica guide, but it doesn’t have ghost story island. so thx! 🙂
    im not really mad its just the picture.

  14. the warden says that you’re not Prisoner 24601.
    24601 is the prison number of jean valjean in les miserables.

  15. when i played the violin, there’s no progress at all. i don’t get it. im stuck with the freakin’ violin :[[ help me!

  16. funny glitch on this island that I found. I accidentally clicked the shipwreck twice, then I got 2 lockets 😀

  17. Whoa,I beat it again,and when Fiona was walking to Valiant, her mouth was moving, but she wqs not syaing anything, and when they were supposed to disappear, they didn’t, and Fiona’s mouth kept moving! And I could not talk to them or the magistrate!

    • IKR? I had the same problem. I sent a bug report to Poptropica, and, like 20 days later, I recieved a response from a girl named Cara. She wanted more elaboration. So I replied to her, this time sending her screenshots of Fiona’s and Valiant’s odd behaviors. Also, I don’t think Fiona was supposed to have a giddy smile.

  18. this island is really sappy romantic. i realize like five other people said that, but it’s super true. the way the magistrate was cruel and the way they all died for each other made me pretty sad. and when i heard the lady’s voice, i literally jumped! haha and it was pretty easy and short but i think its because poptropica cant just have a bunch of really hard islands, so some of them have to be for littler kids. thats my justification on that.(:

  19. Wow… that’s just sad yet mean.
    I mean a man kills (I mean “sent him to his death” whatever’s better) his bestfriend just so he could ask the love of his life to marry him.
    I mean who would do that? 😦

  20. My violin shows no proggress at all, I know you just have to move the crusor back and forth, but it won’t work for me X(

  21. i keep trying to use the bonoculars to see the lady open the window and i cant plz explain that more to me

  22. When i followed the magistrate and once i got to him at the end he just dissapeared 😦 lol still wont let me finish the island…

  23. Our character has done that emote before, remember? On Vampire’s Curse when you the wolves come, and I think Twisted Thicket at some point when the workers burst through. But you’re right, it is rare. 🙂

  24. This is my second time doing this island (on a different account). I gave the warden the hot cross buns and immediately after he gave me the flyer my internet went down for 3 hours. When I got back on I still had the flyer but the rocking chair was still rocking, the hot cross buns weren’t in my items, I couldn’t see the warden, and when I get into the cell (D,8) I don’t see myself just a normal cell (+graffiti and a book). Help??!!?

  25. I love this island! It’s so romantic and sad! I think it’s one of the best islands on poptropica! Oh, and add me as a friend, my username: Joey.eyeball

  26. Yeah, it’s Hungry Eye again! Could someone please reply and tell me what Charlie and the Chocolate Factory island might be about?

    • I have a feeling that one of the things involved is rescuing the four kids that ended up in tight situations (Augustus from chocolate river, Violet from being a blueberry, Veruca from the nut garbage chute, and Mike from the TV). It also seems that two of Wonka’s arch-rivals, Slugworth’s and Ficklegruber’s, are also somehow involved.

      • Thanks for the infomation. I wonder if there will be a awsome bonus quest where you can get cool items and a cool costume?

      • Creator style would have a mini-game at the begining involving the Golden Ticket, for example, chasing the ticket, guessing which chocolate bar holds the ticket, grabbing the ticket, trading something for the ticket, etc.
        I can’t wait to meet Willy Wonka!

  27. a flower to viona villant and every other ghost i meet R.I.P may you rest in pice the light house ceeper may finally get some rest i will see you all on the flip side but for now this is good bye

    • Maybe it really was Fiona, but maybe she made herself appear alive and solid and changed her appearance to an old woman. I don’t know, honestly.

  28. Thanks so much for making walkthrough, I wouldn’t have passed without it! This island used to creep me out because of the part when Fiona is like “I’ve been looking for you…”

  29. The Warden says “You’re not Prisoner 24601.” This is a reference to the classical opera Les Miserables. The escaped convict in the opera is Jean Valjean, AKA Prisoner 24601. Throughout the opera he is hunted by his former prison guard, Javert. Really cool reference.

  30. Can you not do this : keep going untill you see this: and then show a picture because the pictures dont show on my laptop but the guide is helpfull thanks!

  31. Did anyone else have this problem; I forgot to put the thermostat on the wall at the light house and when I came back from the jail, nothing happened! 😦

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