SOS Island Guide

SOS Island Guide written by Super Thunder
Scroll down below for Bonus Quest guide

First, go to SOS if you’re not yet there. Your Poptropican will land in a shipwreck. There’s smoke everywhere, Poptropicans freezing their neck off…

If it were me, I’d say “That sucks… Bye!” and I’d take off on my blimp, but this is Poptropica. So humbly, you risk your life and agree to go into that sinking ship. Poptropicans. never know what they’re gonna do.

Walk over to the door of the Pequod (that’s the ship), and you can’t open it ’cause there’s a giant… piece of ice there. So go to the left, and jump up, till you get to the other giant ice piece hanging above the first ice piece.

Am I not making sense? It’s okay.

Get here, on top of one of the life boats, on the ship. Then, just keep making your way up until you come to a place that looks like this:

That’s the giant ice piece. Click it, and it will fall and break the other piece, leaving you a clear path for the door. Go inside the Pequod and then go up the little staircase. You can try the doors on the first floor, but there’s either something on them, or they’re broken.

Go inside this “Bridge” door, and make your way up the stairs. The ship captain will be calling the survivors. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he’s going down with the ship, unless all the passengers get rescued. So he tells you to rescue them, naturally. Click the little knob to the left.

Now you’ll be able to go into some rooms. Go out of that room, and look for room 6. When you find it, go in. A guy will be calling for a whale to help him. But… Wasn’t it an evil whale that slammed into that ship. Click him to rescue him. Talk to him and you’ll both leave the ship, and he’ll give you a whale caller. How nice.

Then, you need to rescue more passengers. Go back in and… Oh no! The water level is now a lot higher. You need to hurry.

Go to the room called the “Ballroom” and go inside. A poor girl is hanging on to a… Chandelier ’cause she can’t swim. Ohhhkay…

You say you’ll think of something. Of course you will. You always do, always will. Jump down, and look for the sparkly bottle and…


No, wait, sorry, got distracted. Get the bottle, and walk swim over to the window on the right.

Click on your bottle icon, and shoot it to the crack on the window.

The water level will rise, and now go to the window on the left, which also has a crack on it. Do the same thing. The water level will rise, I mean, more than it already has, and you’ll be level with the swimless girl.

Get behind her and push her to the door. Another rescue… Check!

That’s the good news. the bad news is that the ship is at a 90 degree angle. Any rock climbers here?

Go inside the ship by jumping on windows, and then you’ll get to this hole on the top. Go down the hole. When you get to the part where the water starts, you’ll see this gadget thingy. Click it.

The water level will rise more, and the box will float up revealing an entrance. Sinking ship, little oxygen, high water levels… Does your Poptropican take you warnings? No, of course not. They barge right in and happily endanger their lives. So go in. D:

It’s the Ballroom! Again! Only it’s more… Well, watery this time. Swim up and avoid those blobs of jelly that are jellyfishes. 😀

Go up to the top and PUZZLE TIME! I know you guys love these. That was sarcasm. I know you all hate them, but they aren’t that bad. It’s like the puzzles in Steamworks, and the little mental boss at the end of Game Show. I can’t help you here, it’s different for everyone, but good luck.

Water pressure builds, and BAM! The pipe go boom. And , well, going down wouldn’t be smart so go up. Poptropican logic.

This next part is extremely hard to describe. It’s another puzzle… But it’s kind of different.

To reduce the pressure, the Worker Girl will start the pressure. Go the little wheel on the other side to turn it off. You’ll need to do this three more times. My advice is, to follow where the pressure starts, pick one color pipe. Then follow it, to turn it off.

Worker Girl will say that she’ll fix the ship. But you tell her that the captain told her to get off, and you leave with her.

Go back in the ship, and move the trash around, The fan will fall, and you can push it away. Go down, and into the Ballroom. From the Ballroom, go into the main hall, and then into the open thingy.

*open thingy:

So go in, and once in, go inside the freezer. Yes, they’re actually measuring your body temperature. After swimming in ice I would have thought it didn’t matter, but… Oh well.

But what comes next is even more hilarious.

CHEFSICLE! I laughed over this for such a long time…

Back to business. Push boxes and carrot carts around to make a safe passage for Chefsicle. Then, take him to the heat thingy. If you make an unfixable mistake, just restart the level.

You defrosted Chefsicle! And now… Oh no… 180 degrees around. Just an average upside down ship. Any, um, ninjas around here?

Go back inside to save the captain. Resurface a lot, and get air bubbles. Watch out for those sharkies…

You’re completely underwater. It’s a fat chance that you’ll get out. But come on…

The truth is out! You find the captain, and the completely positive and happy advice he says is…

Wait, How are you speakiing underwate- Never mind. This is Poptropica I’m talking ’bout. Anyway, poor you guys, dying, and then… USE THE WHALE SONG GADGET!

Then yay! Use the wrench to fix the dial, and whaley will come… EAT YOU? It resurfaces and… Spits you out! Fantastic! Yay!

The captain gives you a medallion for saving his life. Really, you deserve like a trillion medallions ’cause you saved him, Swimless Beauty, Cefsicle and a whole bunch of other people. But oh well. Congrats!

But wait! There’s more!

Members Only Bonus Quest Guide

Pretty self explanatory. Tell him yes, you’ll help, and put on the Hazmat suit! Then, click the oil leaks. All done!

51 thoughts on “SOS Island Guide

  1. the pipe thing was easy 🙂 1sst try and i DID IT 8D and WAY before the waster it was so easy 😉 honesty I’m good at these things sorry if i sound like i;m bragging cuz im not ._. xD

    • fatgurl the captain is … when you come in go up the first stairs you see and then , don’t go where it’s says ‘EXIT’ go in the the room thats next to EXIT.

  2. I did a video of LMFAO’s song One Day and at the end my friend (never going to say her name!)
    and I did this
    Friend: (lols while talking) Help we are on the TITANIC!
    me: stop laffing!
    Friend: I cant 😦
    Me: hahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. Gosh. Those Poptropicans out there really take people for granted.
    Hey, something really weird happened. At the very end of the island, when the captain is talking to you under the water, my poptropican suddenly floated at high speed towards the top of the room. I could see my half of the conversation, but that was all. What happened?

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