Super Power Island Guide

Super Power Island Guide written by Brave Tomato

First, go to Super Power Island if you’re not there already. You’ll see that there are a lot of scared residents and policemen and women around. Something’s going on *dun dun dun*.  Go inside the comic shop and talk to Ned Noodlehead/Comic Kid. Ask if he has anything other than comic books. Ned will give you his superhero handbook he created himself.

Ok, now first, you need the I.D. Exit the Comic Shop and enter the cape and mask shop. Talk to the guy who looks like this:

He will give you a superhero ID card.

Now, you’ll need a nice superhero costume. Choose from any of the five costumes, or you could mix it up a little like I did:

Now, exit the Cape and Mask shop and go to the left to the prison where the prisoners escaped. Oh no. Talk to the security guard who looks like this:

He will give you a file of the 6 criminals who escaped: Copy Cat, Betty Jetty, Crusher, Speeding Spike, Sir Rebral, and Ratman.

Now, to the scientist who looks like this:

She’ll give you anti-power handcuffs. Ok, you’re all set. Ready to catch some villians? Invisible Leaf is! (Invisible Leaf from now on will be the Poptropican I’ll use for walkthroughs, though my main is still Brave Tomato) Let’s go. Go to the right. Stop when you see a bank. That’s where the first supervillain is. Go inside. You’ll see who? Copy Cat. However, first, go to the right and click on the elevator button so you don’t have to do so later. Go over to her and she will run off with her clones. In all of this, the real Copy Cat will drop a smoke bomb.

You need to find all of the Copy Cats before the place gets all smokey. It’s sort of like, one Copy Cat leads to another so it shouldn’t be that hard. The last Copy Cat you attack is the real one. She will be captured and thrown to prison. Like all good superhero stuff, there will be a pun describing what happened. In the newspaper, the pun was:

Yayz, Copy Cat is in prison! No time to celebrate though, you still have 5 more supervillains to go. Go to the right and stop at the Subway. That’s where the next supervillian is. Enter the subway. Go to the right until you reach a train. Get on it.

Who’s in the train? Speeding Spike! Faster than a speeding… slug. He’s one of the ones that doesn’t really talk. He just likes the angry emote. 😐

While running towards SS, you’ll slip on a water puddle. Keep that in mind. Jump when he’s headed for you, and when he’s headed back to his original position. Keep him in your view though. Then he’ll use the angry emote and charge at you full speed into the next traincar. Do this a couple of times and he’ll slip on the water puddle and tumble. Arrest him!

Oops. I covered his face. 😳

Now that Speeding Spike is back where he belongs, continue on you villain arresting quest. Go to the right until you reach the statue of the old superhero. Who’s on the top of it? Sir Reberal!

This may sound weird right now, but talk to the vendor to recieve a hot dog.

Now you’ve got to deal with him. Wait until debris start flying at you and then jump on the statue head and jump towards Sir Reberal. He’s the silent type as well and if you hit him, he’ll react with an angry emote. Now, he’ll make pieces of the ground launch up and try to knock you over. Push that big rock near the bathroom so it would be  in a position, where if it is launched, it will knock over him. This may take a few tries. Once you’ve got him, click on him to arrest Sir Reberal!

Three down, three to go. Now go to the right until you reach the bathrooms. Go into the bathroom appropriate with your gender and go down the pothole.

This is the female bathroom…

and this is the male bathroom….

In case you want to know… (yup. I have a male account to get to male only ads: 1313cookiem)

Ok, now turn the knob at the last platform you jump on. Once that is done, go to the sturdy platform on the right and turn that knob. and finally go to the knob and switch that on. Go to the left where you’ll find a door. Go in to see another supervillain with an… unusual power (at least this guy talks).

Dodge rats and get to the knob on the top. It’s gonna take some practice and timing, so take your time. This villain isn’t going anywhere. Once you turn the knob, he’ll be knocked out, but his flies are mad at you and will start chasing you around. Run and jump and capture Ratman.

Four down, two to go. Now go all the way to the right into the junkyard, where you’ll see the second to last villain, Crusher. He’s a man of few words like Speeding Spike and Sir Reberal. All he likes to do is use the angry emote and growl. 😐

Now you’ve got to knock him out so you can arrest him. Run and jump to the crane. Watch out for Crusher’s earthquake like stomps. Swith the magnetic control to off when you reach the crane. A fridge will land on him, but he will throw it at you and knock you off the crane. Do the same as you did before, but watch out for the barrels he throws aat you. Once you’re at the crane again, switch the magnet on and it’ll attract the car hood Crusher is standing on, and, well, crush him again. This time, he is knocked out, so you can arrest him.

I’ll have to say, this is my favorite pun on the island:

Now there’s one more villain (I mean villainette) that you need to take care of. Only problem. She can fly. And you can’t. And you can’t take the stairs because she’s on the roof of a skyscraper. But the telephone in the telephone booth is ringing. Click on it, and poof! You can fly! Thanks old superhero guy!

You can fly! Like a superhero! Like a bird! Like Betty Jetty… like the gods… and like any other flying/floating Poptropican you’ve come across. -_-

You’re ready to face off with Betty Jetty, the last supervillain to knock out. Go to the top of the skyscraper on the first street past the police officer. You’ll see her.

Betty Jetty is the toughest villain to knock out. Fly up in the sky to follow her. There are 3 types of orbs she attacks at you: the singular wild pitch orb, the line em up orb, and the one at a time four times orb. Just move out of the way and don’t get hit for 5 times. Once you get close enough to her, you’ll use the anti-power orbs and you and Betty will fall to the roof again. But she isn’t knocked out… until Ned Noodlehead arrives.

Click on her to arrest Betty once and for all, but the only problem: Ned Noodlehead gets all the credit, when you were the one that brought Betty down in the first place. The security guard tells you that he gave the island medallion to Ned.

Talk to Ned Noodlehead in the comic shop, where he’ll tell you that he can trade the medallion for a hot dog. That’s why you had to get the hotdog back where Sir Reberal was. Trade it, and congrats! You have finished SuperPower Island!

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