SYTYKP = So You Think You Know Poptropica. This is a picture finding game, where you have to see how well you think you know Poptropica, by guessing where the picture was taken 😀 Here’s the current picture:


Comment below if you think you know where the picture is. If 5 people give it wrong, I’ll try to add a hint.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not care if the picture possible shows up in other places (Such as Picture #2 took place somehow in 3 places on Steamworks. I took it in ONE place, and THAT is the place to guess. So don’t tell me I’m wrong if I say you didn’t get it right.)

Check out the other SYTYKP Pages 😉

  • Poptropican BraineesWho’s guessed a picture correctly? Where was it from?
  • Rules Make sure to read these so you can make it fun for everyone.

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