Episode 2

(No, I didn’t just switch from Past Tense to Present Tense, this is where the story catches up to present moment. Hope you like it 😉 ) (I know I switch back and forth from present tense to past tense, I’m sorry about that, I try not to, but I’m used to writing in past tense from other stories of mine. Forgive me, I’ll come back and fix it later)


SI barrels out the door, while Merv calls after them “NO WAIT! There’s something else! You don’t have to” but no one can hear him now. SD and SI catch up with MF and Lucky, who just made it to the doors of the school, 3 minutes later. “SI, we don’t have to be in for 15 more minutes, you’re on…” Magic had to stop to breathe, she’s always reading, not running. “You’re test is on the 3rd floor SI, it was delayed though, you have 9 minutes. Elevator’s broken too. I’d get going, we checked, you have to sign in.” Lucky finishes informing. Snowy took a few breaths and ran through the door. She saw the lines around each staircase, and began to panic. 9 minutes to get through all of this… ‘This is impossible!’ she thinks. Then she remembered last summer, when Lucky’s brother showed them the secret staircase that ran right beside the elevator. But she would have to get inside the elevator first.

Snowy bolts to the elevator, but it’s locked up tight. Covered in tape:

SI ripped at the tape, but it wouldn’t budge. She looked to the clock above the elevator, and she only had 7 minutes left. She turned around, and there was a guy staring her blank in the face. “Look, I’m going to be late, excuse me.” Snowy began to push past the guy. “If you’re looking for the secret staircase, it moved,” he winked at her. “It moves every few years, Senior prank.” “So where is it? I have to get to my test in 7 minutes,” she looked back at the clock, “6 minutes…” He turned around, and began headed towards the back of the school. Snowy Icicle followed closely, trying not get lost in the sea of school kids. They reached the double doors that lead out to the playground, which was only for students in their first 5 years. this would be her first year without it. “They’re supposed to be locked, but I’m friends with the Janitor, so yeah.” The boy opened the doors, and turned right, towards the Playground. “I’m too old to be allowed on the playground, sorry…” Snowy said to him, beginning to question if he actually knew where the entrance was. “Hah, it’s okay, just tell them you’re dropping off a sibling or something. The entrance is under the red slide. It’ll take you to a ladder, you go up, and at the third opening you go through the bars. Then, go down some more, and it’ll let out in a Janitor’s Closet. Out the door and to the left, that’s the entrance to the Music Room.”

Snowy thought all was well and took a step towards the playground when she turned around. “How did you know I was going to the Music Room?” She asked the boy, “And what’s your name?”. The boy took the few steps to reach Snowy until he was just one above her. “You dropped this,” he pulled a wad of paper from his pocket, folded up neatly. “I know Sheet Music when I see it, and you said you have a test. Not to mention, you’re running out of time.” He handed her the paper, and took the few steps to the doors. “Oh, and also… I’m Cuddly Knuckle, nice to meet you. I play Guitar, and drums.” Then the boy, who now had a name, ran to the doors. Snowy thought about what he said, and quickly turned around, almost falling off the stairs. She was running out of time. She bolted to the Red Slide, which was on the far side, which meant no one could see the entrance from the school. She found the opening, and the journey went just as Cuddly had described. She reached the entrance to the Music Room, and forgot Registration. “My GOSH how could I forget?” she asked herself, as the Music Teacher emerged from the door. “Miss Icicle? Come now, I like an early student,” he said as he waved her in.

Meanwhile outside, the kids had finally caught their breath, and walked inside. “I guess we have enough time to Register. Since we’re the same grade do we have the same line Magic?” Lucky asked. Spotted Dragon was one year below them, then Snowy Icicle was a year below her. “Why don’t you guys chill for a minute, let Magic keep her breath. I’ll go check out the charts,” Spotted Dragon said, looking at Magic’s eyes. Everyone knew she had Asthma, and that run took a lot out of her. Spotted Dragon went off to check out the lines, so Lucky finally had time to talk to Magic privately.

(Hey guys, I know this is WAAAAAAAAAAAY shorter than the first episode, but I was trying to squeeze it into 4 episodes then, now I can spread it out rather than making it 5 miles long c;)

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