Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt:

(Note: You will need Membership or 400 credits)

1. Change your hair to auburn at 24 Carrot Island, or type control+shift+h on your keyboard. (All keys at once)
2. Go to Early Poptropica and make your skin pale (Balloon Salesman), almost white. You can also do control shift s. (You can also use the Colorizer if you own it)
3. Get the white ruffled dress from the Nanny McPhee ad, a while back. Lots of girls wear them in common rooms.
4. Now use Vampire Girl 3′s hair and bangs.
5. Use Robin Hood’s bow and arrow. (Only the bow and arrow. Not the backpack with arrows).
6. Use Phantom, only a little bit, so it is not noticeable. This is for a silvery glow effect.
7. Use a simple, curved smile.
8.Use Hades’s crown. Make yourself big, and then change your hair back. You should still be big.

Lieutenant Hunter of Artemis:

(Note: You will need Membership or 550 credits)

1. Your hair and skin can be any color.
2. Use the Prom Queen’s robes. Select white.
3. Get the Biker and use her ponytail and lips.
4. Now use the Fairy Queen’s bangs which come with a tiara.
5. Now get Robin Hood’s backpack with arrows, the bow, and the belt with a knife.
6. Last,  use Phantom for the silvery glow effect.

Lieutenant is nice and all, but we can’t all share the crown. This next one is a normal Hunter of Artemis.

Hunter of Artemis:

(Note: You will need Membership or 950 credits)

1. Your hair and skin can be any color.
2. Use the Angel outfit, but only custoize the dress, without the sash.
3. Use the Pirate Captain, and customize the white sash and the black knife holder.
4. Use Robin Hood and pick the bow and the backpack with arrows.
5. Use the Pop Star’s pink lips.
6. Use Vampire Girl 3’s bangs.
7. Get the Mythology Surfer and customize the braid.
8. Use Phantom for the silvery glow.
9. Get the followers Hummingbird.

Hades, God of the Underworld:

(Note: You will need Membership or 250 credits)

1. Go to Hades’ place and customize as much of him as possible.
2. Make your skin white.
3. Make your hair black.
4. Use Hades’ crown.
5. Use the skull follower.

Double Trouble:

(Note; For this costume, you will need Membership or 150 credits)

1. Customize the Angel Costume. Use the lips, hair with halo, wings, and skirt.
2. Customize the Little Demon outfit. Use the shirt, bangs with horns, and red fork thingy (handheld).

You have done it! This one is really easy.

The Popular Girl:

(Price coming soon)

1. If you see a girl in Poptropica wearing a white newsboy cap, a white jacket, and a white dress, copy that. (Commonly found on Early Poptropica)
2. Buy the Pop Star Outfit and copy the pants (pink pants, not skirt) and copy the bangs and hair.  And buy the prom queen (optional) to use the lips (i used the smile that isn’t showing teeth).

She looks cute, doesn’t she? 🙂

Hobo Girl:

1. Go to Reality Tv Island and if you see Rickie Rock and Sarah Snooty, copy Rickie’s outfit and bruises and copy Sarah’s hair and frown (with lips).

Crazy Candy Cane

(Price coming soon!)

1. Go to Early Poptropica Island and use pigments, when red appears, use that or have a better way, use white to make the costume better in that way. The hair doesn’t count, because it’s a crazy candy cane.
2. Buy the Candy Cane Costume, PopGum, and Candy Cane. It will be 575 credits for non-members but for Members, it is free.

Summer Girl Designed By Popular Jumper

(Picture coming soon, if you complete this design, please leave us a link!)

(Price coming soon!)

1. Copy the sunglasses, bathing suit, surfboard, and smile in the Mythology Surfer outfit. Go to Aphrodite in Mythology Island.
2. Copy Aphrodite’s locket. Then, go copy Vampire 2’s hair.
3. Use  Caucasian, Tan, or Brown skin. Use Black,  Blonde, Redhead, and Brunette hair color.

Super Thunder Look:

(Price coming soon!)

1. Get Vampire 1’s hair.
2. Get Pop Star’s bangs.
3. Get the Swan Ballerina’s dress.
4. Get Biker’s lips, and hat.
5. Get Rock Star 1’s jacket and belt.
6. Get the hummingbird follower.

You’re Super Thunder!

Super Thunder #2

(Price coming soon!)

Now, for Super Thunder #2 do all the above steps, except, use Pop Star’s belt and jacket and hat.

And just for us… hehe:

Super Thunder Wannabes


(Price coming soon!)

1. Make your hair a lightish pink.
2. Using the Mythology surfer, get the Poseidon top and necklace. Also get the belt if you want.
3. Get Gamer Girl’s hair.
4. Use Geisha’s bottom skirt.
5. Now, make your skin as close as possible to the color of the skirt.
6. Get the Fairy Queen, and use her lips and bangs which include a tiara.
7. Get the Swamp Monsters fin.
8. Get the bubble follower.


(Price coming soon!)

1. Make your skin light green, along with your hair.
2. Use Pop Star’s hat, lips, belt, and jacket.
3. Use the Fairy Queen’s bangs.
4. Use Rockstar’s dress (green).
5. Use Cheerleader’s hair.
6. Use the flower from Flower Power.
7. Use green electrify.
8. Use fairy follower.
9. Find Tinker Bell wings.

Poptropica School Girl

(Price coming soon!)

1. Use any braids from a random person.
2. Copy the shirt and skirt from the girl in Cryptids Island.
3. Use the Einstein lips.

Mischevious School Girl

(Price coming soon!)

1. Use the Cryptids Island schoolgirl skirt and shirt.
2. Use Cheerleader’s lips and hair (Colorless lips? No way. Pink lips! Braids? For sleeping. Ponytails? Totally!)
3. Vampire Girl 3’s bangs (Perfect hair? No, bangs!)
4. Mythology Surfer’s Lightning necklace.
5. Prom Queen’s side bangs.
6. Silly Streamers

The Brave Tomato Look

(Price coming soon!)

1. Get the Biker jacket and hat.
2. Get the Pop Star hair (NOT the bangs) and microphone.
3. Customize Rock Star 1’s belt.
4. Customize Rock Star 2’s eyeliner and shirt.
5. Go to Spy Island, customize the jeans from the glasses mannequin (Dr. Spyglass’ office).

Brave Tomato 2.0

 (Picture coming soon!)

(This Costume will cost about 225 Credits or Membership)

1. Customize the lips, the shirt, the belt, and the jacket from the Biker Outfit.
2. Customize the eyeliner from Rock Star 2(any color is fine, though the black star looks better with the outfit).
3. Customize Vampire Girl 3’s hair (NOT BANGS).
4. Find a black skirt with black leggings. If you can’t find the black skirt with black leggings, just a black skirt is fine.

Gaea / Nymph / Mother Nature / Normal Peron Who Likes Nature Designed by Super Thunder


1.Get any skin/hair color. I did tan hair and brown hair, because that’s what I imagined Gaea/Mother Nature/Nymph to look like. (725 credits)
2. Use the Prom Queen’s Green dress. (75 credits)
3. Use the Fairy Princess costume thingy to get the bangs/crown. (75 credits)
4. Get the curly hair from any girl in a Common Room. (Nowadays, that’s what’s in.)
5. Use the Flower Power to get the lips and flower. (250 credits)
6. Use the Angel, and customize the wings. (75 credits)
7. Using the Followers, get the Hummingbird. (250 credits)

Ghost Angel

Including the optionals, it costs 475 credits. You need: Phantom (250 credits), Angel (75 credits), Vampire 3 (75 credits), Prom queen (optional and 75 credits).

1. Wear the Vampire 3 front bangs and back hair
2. Wear the Angel Wings
3. Go to mythology Island. If not started, go to the old woman near the tree with the golden apple. Or restart and do the same (BTW, it’s Athena before she turns into her goddess form). If you don’t want this, you can use white prom queen dress.
4.You can use the bangs of the prom queen (NOT the over-eye one, the other one) or whatever else you want (you can use the blush either from cheerleader or from the girl near the Poptropica Store Outlet in Astro Knights Island)
5. While you’re on Mythology, go get the colourless lips from the fruit girls.
6. Get the Phantom and put it all the way to the end, so you’re practically invisible.

Cute Blue/Green Popstar

If you move your mouse over, you’ll see I’m all sophisticated and french *nod*

Price: 150 – 300 credits, or Membership

1. Go to Mythology Island and get either the blue shirt I normally wear or the green shirt from the girl inside Herc’s Hero Hut (choose whichever colour you like)
2. Choose either the blue or the green popstar (same as your shirt) and put on the hat, bangs, skirt and belt.
3. Wear the Biker Jacket.
4. For the hair, wear (only blue) The Poseidon themed Mythology Surfer Hair or (for either) the curly hair mentioned in the Gaea outfit (found on Cryptids Island, main street).
5. To really tie the outfit together, you can wear angel wings, but any kind work. You can also completely skip this step ^^
6. Wear any lips you like (Just make it look natural).

Velma Dinkley (from Scooby Doo) Designed by Brave Tomato

(Picture Coming soon!)

(Price coming soon!)

1. Using a colorizer or other thing, make your hair brunette and your skin fair.
2. Go to Red Dragon Island and copy the blond girl’s short hair.
3. Find some square black framed glasses *a must!*
4. Customize the red Cheerleader skirt.
5. Go to Mythology Island and customize the top of the girl wearing the orange chiton.
6. Use Fairy Queen light pink lips. (or find any other natural colored/light pink lips)
7. Optional: If you have it, you could copy the Mystery Train Investigator’s magnifying glass.

Wonder Woman Designed By Brave Tomato

(Picture coming soon!)

(Price coming soon!)

1. Make your hair black and skin fair.
2. Get any slightly wavy hair (I did the one from the blonde at Steamworks Island)
3. Use Fairy Queen tiara
4. Go to Super Power Island and copy the red suit’s top, cape, and belt (not accurate, but close enough) and the blue suit’s pants.
5. Finish it off with a nice blade. Wonder Woman usually has a whip, but there are no whips in Poptropica yet, so I just stuck with a sword.


Super Thunder Vampire:

(Price coming soon!)

To celebrate the release of Vampire’s Curse, we held a multiverse party! Here’s how to get the Super Thunder Vampire costume.

1. Make hair black.
2. Make skin white.
3. Get the Creepy Countess hair and eye shadow.
4. Use Vampire 3’s bangs.
5. Use Cheerleader lips, or Vampire Lips.
6. Use Gothic Cheerleader shirt and skirt.
7. Use Rockstar 1’s jacket and belt.

Clean Tornado’s Joy

(Price coming soon!)

1.Get caucasian skin.
2. Get white Rockstar 2 hair.
3. Get Marcus look-alike’s clothes.
4. Get black star on cheek.

Shana (from the anime series Shakugan no Shana) Designed By Brave Tomato

Shakugan no Shana has been one of my favorite anime series for a while now (or at least since a few weeks ago, depending on the time you are seeing this). The thing that strangely amuses me is the fact that Shana has a lot of physical attributes similiar to my antagonist character Krimson. Red hair, red eyes, samurai sword, flaming stuff… my goodness gracidelias, it’s almost like Krimson’s the evil twin version of Shana! (And I didn’t know about the series before I created Krimson, guys!)

~Brave Tomato

 (Picture Coming Soon!)

Note: Needs membership or at least 75 credits (325-575 if you want to add the special effects)

1. Make your hair a nice red (not too dark!) color and your skin fair.
2. Customize the shaggy bangs and the straight hair. To make life easier, you can temporarily friend Krimson (1313skarlett) and customize her full hair.
3. Customize Richie Rebel’s motorcycle jacket in the Reality TV Island show.
4. Customize the black skirt with black leggings from either Krimson or the girl wearing almost all black from Cryptids Island.
5. Customize the black cape from the Grim Reaper guy in the Haunted House miniquest.
6. Customize the sword from the Samurai costume.
Optional: If you want, add the yellow electrify power and/or torch power onto your Poptropican.


Vampire Princess #1 (Complicated Version)

(Picture Coming Soon!)

For this costume, you’ll need the following:

  • Membership (optional, depending on the time you work on this costume)
  • Astro-Knights to the part where right after you go through the portal (see FD’s guide on how to get there)

1. First, make your skin white and your hair black.
2. Copy the Binary-Bard-disguised-as-the-princess outfit fully (except for the lips).
3. If you have the Vampire Countess outfit, costumize the cape and the lips.

Alternate version:

(Picture coming soon!)

(Price coming soon!)

1. Make your skin white and hair black.
2. Go to Early Poptropica, go down into Spider Sewers  and copy the Goth Girl’s skull headband and lips
3. Head over to Astro-Knights and go to the castle. Copy the top of the girl with the purple dress.
4. Still in Astro-Knights, go to the windmill and copy the Goth Girl’s back hair, skull belt, and bottom of her dress.

Hermione Granger Designed by Calm Dragon

(Picture coming soon!)

Note: you’ll need membership or 150 credits.

1. Copy Vampire Girl 2’s hair
2. Make your hair a lightish brown color using either the 24 Carrot Island hair drink or the colorizer.
3.  Wear the magician’s cape and wand
4. Go to Red Dragon and copy the shirt and jacket from the guy near the music store.
5. Go to the Astro-Knights mill and copy Goth Girl’s long skirt.

Friendly Dragon Look 1

(Price coming soon!)

1. Wear the blue shirt from Mythology Island. You can get it from the girl on Main street.
2. Get a black belt with white polka dots. it’s quite popular.
3. Copy the blue plaid skirt from the Girl wearing the Blue Beret on Cryptids Island, main street.
4. Wear popstar bangs.
5. Get the coat from the Cheating Sailor in Loch Ness. He runs away when you accuse him, and many people underestimate how good the coat looks, so it’s a little Hard to find.
6. Get the side swept fringe from the Goth Boy on Reality TV Island, Main Street.
7. I use light pink Lips. Mythology Surfer or Pink Faerie Queen. I you’d like something Darker, use Pop Star Lips.

I usually wear Pink Headband Hair, but sometimes I wear Blue Cheerleader Ponytails.

Friendly Dragon Look 2

1. Repeat the front hair, bangs, lips and belt from Look 1.
2. Put on a Biker Girl Jacket.
3. Find a short black Skirt with Black Leggings. It’s pretty Hard To Find, so you can use a black skirt with leggings if you like, though  it doesn’t look as good.
4. Wear the hair with a white headband and blue and pink lines crossing each other. It’s kinda hard to find, but not very.
5. Wear the breaking heart t-shirt from Rockstar 2. I prefer purple, but you can wear whichever colour you like.

 Pretty N’ Punk

(Picture coming soon!)

(Note: you’ll need membership or 225 credits)

“Where the cheese did you get that dress?” Well, I have no idea of the origin of the dress at the moment.  (Nameless note: You can substitute the dress with the dress from the girl on Spy Island)

1. Start by customizing biker’s jacket.
2. Customize the Rockstar 1 belt (if you don’t have the rockstar 1, the biker belt works well too).
3. Customize the Rockstar 2 pink star eyeliner.
4. Get the Prom Queen bang-over-eye.
5. Grab any pink lips.
6. Finally, find a character to customize the hair with the purple headband from.

Winter Popstar

(Picture coming soon!)

(Price coming soon!)

1. Customize any hair
2. Customize any hair color
3. Customize some blush and any lips.
4. Customize biker hat or popstar hat.
5. Customize any earrings
6. Customize popstar belt and skirt
7. Customize fairy wings and any cute top
8. Customize a scarf
9. Customize a Microphone or headset

The Dark Hunter of Artemis Designed By Brave Lightning
(Picture coming soon!)
(Price coming soon!)
1: Get the  black dress from the emo girl in Astro Knights
2.Get any hair color or lips
3.get the sword belt from a random poptropican
4.get any hair
5.get the bow and arrow and back arrow from Robin Hood 75 credits

The Popular Jumper look:

1. Get the pierced ears, bangs, and get the Vampire 2 hair.
2. Dye the hair brown and color the skin Caucasian (light skin, darker than white but not darker than tan).

3. Copy from a Poptropican to get a white vest
and go to Mythology Island to copy the top to the girl with the color Aqua Green clothes. Then, go copy a poptropican and get the white skirt with the pink tights. Then, copy the white newsboy hat. Copy a poptropican’s aqua green belt. and then…


Vampire Rockstar
Designed by Brave Dolphin

Inline image 1

1. Rock Star 2 costume bangs and broken heart shirt.
2. Vampire Girl 3 hair.
3. Angel Wings from Angel costume.
4. Biker costume belt, pants, and jacket.
5. Mythology Island Cyclops Fangs

8 thoughts on “Girls

  1. If someone has the princess-binary bard outfit, or just the princess outfit please dress it up and email your user because i need it thanks!

  2. I have 3 school for good and evil costumes:Sophie, Agatha, and Tedros (boy)
    Sophie (75 credits)
    hair color : light blonde
    hair : girl on lunar colony main street
    bangs : Aphrodite
    skin : light peach, almost white
    dress : angel (optional belt)
    optional : old women athena top part of cape
    lips : red lips

    hair : goth boy on reality tv (not the bangs)
    bangs : girl infront of store (reality tv)
    hair color : dark black
    skin : light peach, almost white
    outfit : girl in black (just coat and skirt)
    lips : girls on Mythology

    Tedros (75 credits)
    friend user6836 copy as much as you can
    hair color : gold
    skin : light tan or peach
    sword/sword belt : Templar knight

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