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Well, hey there. Welcome to the “Other Stories” page, where all of the non-series related stories and such… yeah.

The Poptropica Scary Stories Saga (2011)

The Poptropica Scary Stories Saga was a series of creepy stories that was released throughout October 2011 for Halloween.

Shy Diamond and the Pretties

Shy Diamond is a spunky, funtastic party DJ at many clubs. However, she does have one major flaw: she’s obsessed over what she looks like, and she envies anyone prettier than her. When she meets a pretty girl in the graveyard, she quickly grows envious and scolds at her. Big mistake.

The Deathly Spotight

Maroon Hammer is an aspiring young performer whos dream is to perform in front of a crowd one day. When she gets the oppurtunity to be part of a Halloween circus as a danceer, she quickly accepts the offer. However, not all is as it seems during the “new entry” ceremony…

The Golden Snake

Smart Scorpion is a young boy who cares a lot about his sister, Popular (or Poppy) Scorpion. Knowing her sister’s love for snakes, he goes to an unidentified island and recieves a golden snake statuette for his sister. What Smart Scorpion doesn’t know is that the snake is cursed…

Dare You

A group of teenagers, decide to try and go trick-or-treating early. Green Axe and Perfect Ring, two of the teenagers, has been dared by Calm Owl and Young Burger to trick or treat at an abandoned old house on a hill. The two teens go inside, but they haven’t come back…

Scary Mary

The concluding story of the Poptropica Scary Stories saga tells of two young sisters who hear the story of Scary Mary, the Poptropican version of Bloody Mary. The youngest sister wants to summon Mary to use her “fairy magic” to cure Mary’s evilness. The older sister goes along with her younger sister, thinking that nothing will happen when the two say Scary Mary three times in front of a mirror. But the myth turns out to be true…

Poptropica Scary Stories Saga (2012)

October 2012 marks the 2nd annual Poptropica Scary Stories saga, and this time around, they can be pretty creepy! 😛

The Kindergarten House

Life in the Kindergarten House orphanage used to be joyus, until the original head dies, and the new head is actually the oldest of the orphans. However, week after week, children started to disappear, and she needs to find out why that is.

Headcanons and Other Short Stories

These stories have no connection to each other or anything… it’s just there in existance.

Red in the White Snow

An innocent field trip hiking through the woods turns into a nightmare when an unexpected blizzard churns up, trapping a class of high school students in the woods. To make matters worse, classmates started getting killed in the woods, and the survivors need to find out who- before the killer gets them next.

Assembling the Returning Four

A Super Villain Island backstory Headcanon. How did the returning four end up in Erewhon Prison? This headcanon backstory attempts to answer that question.

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  1. The Kindergarden House and Red in the White Snow were super creepy! The picture of Anya in The Kindergarden House totally freaked me out! But theise stories were really cool. read all of them.

  2. Hey, my mom told me about this movie called The Shining, do you think you can make a story based on it? If you havent seen it, mom told me enough about it that can be made into a short story. So a little boy named Danny and his family go to hotel, and when ever someone walks down the halls, these two twin ghost girls appear. Danny started walking down the hall, and they showed up. they said “Come play with us Danny, Forever, and ever and ever.” Then he runs away. Theirs also this guy who talks really wierd and dose this thing with his fingers, so anyway, in the end, Danny and his mom escape, but the dad ended up going insane at some point, so he`s locked in a freezer. Thats all of what my mom told me. If you can do a story based on that, maby you can call it The Haunted Hotel, or something like that.

  3. Oh and thiers this other movie my freind told me about called The Ring, its about this little girl who was pushed down a little well by her mother, and she drowns but theirs this tape and if you watch it, a week later, at exsactly the same time you watched it, you see the well, and then you see the girl who is like a zombie of something, and she climbs out of the well, and starts coming twords you, and she comes out of the TV and kills you. And thires this boy who accidently watches the tape, and the girl keeps coming to get him and at one point, when the boy is at the fair with his mom, he went to thebathroom, and when he`s washing his hands, The girl appers in the mirror and just starts popping up, geting closer and closer to him, and when she gets to him, she dissapers. Each time she gets closer, the boy is taking picturs. So that would be a good story too.

    • Ironically, one time, I drew a Ring parody drawing with Krimson sitting on a chair in a white padded room. It’s an older drawing, though. I might redraw and post it one day.

  4. Has anyone else ever relized that there are like, a million Halloween shows that have something to do with some apartment 13B thing. I mean, iCarly Halloween special, Wizards of Waverly Place not a Halloween special, but it was a little scary. Apparently there was some movie or whatever, and the trailer is on Youtube, but I got freaked out and left the video after like the first 3 seconds.

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