Mythology Island Guide

Mythology Island Guide written by Brave Tomato
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Hey, guys, Brave Tomato here. I created this guide for y’all.

Well, welcome to the guide for the the 12th island (coincidence?) in Poptropica!

Sorry about the “no pictures” situation, for I have no idea how to do it. I found out how to do it! Pictures coming soon…

PS, please note that there are different Poptropicans in some shots.

Well… here we go…

Go to Mythology Island if you’re not there already. In case you didn’t know, presently, it is to the right of Early Poptropica.

When you enter, you’ll see a sign saying “Try our pomegranate punch! Its to DIE for!” Keep the “die for” part in mind.

Go inside the Museam of Olympus and after a little story-telling about the three major gods vs the Titans, go up to Posideon’s statue and pick up the starfish that had somehow ended up on the statue’s face.

Exit the museam and go to Apollo’s temple (you can gain access right now). Get the reed pipe. Talk to the muse holding the reed pipe and she’ll teach you a useful tune for later on, after you complete a minigame that is pretty simple.

Exit the temple and go left, past Main Street, and go up to the Tree of Immortality. That old lady may not seem like much now, but she’ll be a lot of help later on.

After jumping on mushrooms and climbing on snakes, talk to the satyr at the top. You’ll have to find honey for him in a minute. Don’t worry, getting back up to the satyr doesn’t count in the time

After you recieve the honey for the satyr, he’ll open a secret path hidden by leaves. Go on the path and click on the apple. You’ll stomp it to the ground. Go on. Pick it up. No one is looking except that satyr…. right?

Wrong. The satyr will disappear and Zeus will appear with a batch of storm clouds. He promises you immortality if you get 5 sacred items for him, otherwise ”all of Poptropica will feel his wrath”. That’s a little bit of overreacting… but you guess you have no choice. After Zeus goes back up to his realms, he’ll leave behind a floating scroll that tells about the sacred items. Pick it up.

Go down the tree… and you’ll find out that that old lady by the tree was actually Athena, daughter of Zeus and goddess of wisdom. Talk to her and she’ll tell you to look for golden olives if you need her help. Athena will tell you to talk to Hercules but don’t bother. Hercules won’t help until something happens.

Go left and cross the bridge. Click on the wilting rose to talk to the Sphinx. It’ll say “When once again the river flows, I’ll grant you one red rose.” Translation: fix the aqueduct. After pulling a few levers and pushing 2 bridges, the water will flow again and pick up the colorful rose: the first of the sacred items. While you’re there, pick up the pomegranates that are above the Sphinx. You’ll need them later.

Go to the left and you’ll see the entrance to the labyrinth. Unfortunatly, it’s locked, but wait. There is a golden olive next to the entrance. In the olive, a message from Athena says “Music can open up new doors”. Get that reed pipe out and play the tune shown on the door in order. The door will open. Go inside and talk to the Minotaur. It will tell you that you can’t have its ring until you go through its labyrinth. Enter the door next to the Minotaur.

Inside the actual labyrinth, Athena will give you a magic string, just like the one Ariadne gave Theseus in the myth. Go through the maze. Once you get about halfway through, you’ll see Pan. It isn’t nessessary to talk to him, but he is slightly helpful for the next puzzle. Go up and you’ll see a wall blocking the way. click on the little table there. Remove the bones until the bones make out with the word, ten. Continue the labyrinth. At one point, you’ll see a giant scorpion. Here is a hint for that fella: go all the way to the left and jump over the scorpion and continue. Finally, you’ll see the exit to the labyrinth. Exit.

The labyrinth isn’t over yet, unfortunatly. The maze itself is followed by a tricky red eyed snake puzzle. I can’t be much help here, all I did is stay at a certain hole, and when the snake appears, I click the mouse right away.

Exit the labyrinth and talk to the Minotaur once again. It’ll give you the ring and warns you that Zeus can’t be trusted. Umm… as freaky as it seems, you still have to get the rest of the items, for Poptropica’s sake.

Go all the way to the right and stop at Hades’ temple. Clean the graffiti on the temple and the worker will pay you a drachma. Go inside the temple and place the pomegranates on the offering altar. The door will open and enter.

You’re at the entrance to the Underworld. Fall down the huge pit. Once you got through, you’ll see Charon and the River Styx. Talk to him and he will guide you across the Styx. What happened to paying a drachma to get across?

During the boat ride, stay near the area Charon is in. There, you’re free from getting hit from any pillars. Duck from the flaming floating skulls. Jump over the sea monsters when the time is right. This pattern will repeat for a few times when you finally go to the shoreline. Play the tune the muse gave you and Cerebrus will fall asleep. Isn’t it adorable now? Click on one of its whiskers to pick it up. Exit the Underworld.

Go up the tar geyser and go to Posideon’s temple. Don’t clean the graffiti there, because the man near the temple says that Zeus might’ve made the graffiti. You’re in enough trouble already. Go inside and leave the starfish on the altar. The door will open and you’ll end up on a beach. Talk to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and complete her quiz. The answers go in this order: Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia. Aphrodite will give you a teleporting mirror. It becomes important later.

Go underwater and in order to get oxygen, go through the air bubbles. After a little while, you’ll see a giant clam with a big pearl inside. Grab it. Now, go to the underwater cave. You’ll go face to face with the Hydra, the monster with 5 heads. Defeat it by jumping on the heads as the heads lunge at you. After all 5 heads are knocked out, click on it to get a scale. YAY! YOU GOT ALL 5 SACRED ITEMS!

Use the teleporting mirror to teleport to Zeus’s realm and go back to the Tree of Immortality. Athena will be there and she’ll tell you that the 5 sacred items are dangerous. Arrange the clues to say…. wait. Oh no. This is not good. “Whoever wields the five sacred objects will rule all of Poptropica!” Strike that yay. Zeus will appear and steal the items from you. He says that by midnight, all of Poptropica will be under his control. Talk to Athena and she’ll tell you that only the power of Posideon and Hades would defeat Zeus. She’ll also tell you to see Hercules. This time, go see Hercules.

Talk to Hercules and he’ll agree to help. He would only help if you have Aphrodite’s mirror. Go see Posideon (the trident) and you’ll get his trident. Then, see Hades (the skull) and get his crown.

Now, go to the entrance of Mount Olympus (the lightning bolt). Hercules will open the door and… well… has an unfortunate fate: he gets turned to stone by Medusa. Luckily, she didn’t see you. Pay the drachma to Aeolus, the god of wind, and he’ll give you a windbag to get to a platform.

Jump up Mount Olympus until you get to a staircase with lighting bolts on it. You’re nearing Zeus’s realm. Go up. Run through all of the statues to turn their lights on. Zeus will appear in full glory and will challenge you to battle. You put on Posideon’s trident and Hades’ crown and you summon pink clouds to help you to float. Now comes an epic battle.


Zeus has 4 main attacks:

  • Wind Gust (uses from beginning until health reaches about halfway empty) Straight-on wind attack that can blow you over
  • Multi-lightning bolt attack (uses from beginning until healt is about 1/4 left) Shoots a lightning bolt from each direction
  • Silver Orb (uses from 3/4 health left until end)- Attacks 6 orbs that follow you for a while (caution: Zeus is invincible while using this attack)

  • Charge (uses from 1/2 health left until end)- Charges at you at great speed (caution: Zeus is invincible while using this attack)

If you get hit by one of these attacks, you lose a cloud

You have 1 attack:

  • Lightning shooter: straight on aim attack

Your Health: Pink clouds

Tips while battling:

  • Switch between attacking and getting more clouds
  • The perfect oppurtunity to get more clouds is while Zeus is still charging up the silver orb attack
  • Be careful not to attack Zeus while he is glowing silver. You attacks would bounce right off him.
  • If you lose all of your clouds, you have to start over
  • At one point in battle, Zeus uses 2 charges in a row. Besides that, after you reach the 1/4 mark on the health, he alternates between orb and charge attacks.

When you win the battle, Zeus will surrender and return the items back to you. Athena will be there to give you your island medallion! Congratulations! You finished Mythology Island!


Mythology Island Guide written by Super Thunder

*note: ST’s version of the walkthrough is also seen in Icy Comet’s Blog, but it was written by her, so it is not plagurism*

Go to Mythology Island, if you aren’t already there. Go inside the Museum of Olympus.

There will be a short cutscene, involving the division of the Earth to the gods.

After that, you can go and take a look at all the statues of the gods. There will be Zeus, the tallest, and to his right, will be Poseidon. Get the starfish on Poseidon.

After the starfish, exit the museum, and go right. Then, look for Apollo’s temple.

Once inside, go to the far right side of this temple. There should be a sign saying that reed pipes are free. Get a free reed pipe.

Then go to the middle, where the nine Muses are all standing, ready to help you. Which one can help you, though? The one holding the reed pipe can teach you how to play your reed pipe!

You need to know a specific tune, but she doesn’t know whether you are worthy. To test this, you need to play a quick memorization game, involving her playing some notes, and you copying them. Then she will give you the notes you need to put Cerberus to sleep. Now go left, past the Main Street, to the Tree of Immortality. There will be little signs telling you to go up the tree, so listen to them. Once you get in, you should see a satyr. You will need to make your way through snakes and mushrooms to get to him. He looks like this:

Ask him how you can get the golden apple of immortality. He will help you if you can find him his honey. They all kind of lead to another, so it’ll be very easy. Then, go and give him his honey. He’ll show you a path, and you can go get the apple! Click on it, and it will fall. And the satyr is leaving, also. And now… Zeus. Zeus will show up, and promise you immortality if you get him the 5 sacred items. You must, or else all of Poptropica will feel his wrath.

Ok, then. He will dissappear, and leave a scroll of parchment in his place. Man, the gods have it so easy. They can bully mortals into getting them things, and fly, and dissappear, leaving floating scrolls with gold dust falling from them. Oh, well. Just get the scroll. It has the five sacred items that you need. You can now exit the Tree of Immortality. Upon leaving, an old woman will grow suddenly. Who is she? Athena!

Well, it’s nice to know SOME gods are nice. She’ll tell you that Hercules could help, but no, he really can’t. And to look for the olive trees for her help. You can go left, and cross the bridge now. Click on the dead flower to talk to the sphinx. Great. Now you have to make water flow. Go up to the aqueduct, and make the water flow. Then, go above the sphinx, and get the pomegranates. After you successfully do this, go and click on the rose again. This time, it’s really pretty.

Now, go to the door on the left. It’s closed, but there’s a colored tune on it. The pattern in blue, blue, green, yellow, yellow, red, blue, and green. Play this tune on your reed pipes, and the door will open up. Go inside. Go left, and find the… Minotaur!

He says he’ll give you his nose ring if you can get through his Labrynith. Well, here goes nothing. Get in the Labrynith. You’ll get magic string to find your way. You’ll know you’re going the right way, when you see a ghost of a satyr. It’s Pan. In the first puzzle, you have to take away six bones, but leave the word “TEN”. Keep on going, and there’ll be a scorpion. Just keep on going. Then, you’ll see the exit to the labrynith. “Enter” it. Aww. It’s not over yet. You gottaclick the snake with red eyes. Just click randomly. After this, you’re done! Yay! You’ll get the ring. Now, time for Hades. Go right, all the way, until you get to his temple thingy. Then, ya clean graffiti for a drachma.

Now go inside the temple. Use the pomegranates. The door shall open, and you shall enter. Now, jump. Just fall. You’ll land in a ledge, on the River Styx! Now talk to Charon, and ride across. Stand where Charon is, jump to avoid monsters, and duck to avoid faming skulls.

After a few times of doing this, you’ll finish, and land where Cerberus is. Play the pipe tune you got from the Muse. Cerberus will fall asleep, and you can get his whiskers! Now you can leave the Underworld. Go up to Poseidon’s temple. It’s really very beautiful.

Well, all except for the graffitti of course. But apparently Zeus did that. Don’t worry, you don’t have to clean it, though. Just go inside, and put the Starfish on the altar. The door will open up, and you’ll be at the beach. Talk to Aphrodite.

She’ll give you a useful gift if you can pass her test. The answers are: Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia. You’ll get a touchscreen mirror. Now go into the ocean, and dive! Get all the oxygen bubbles you can, and eventually, you’ll get to the pearl.

You must get the pearl when the clam is open. Now, go to the underwater cave. Jump on the hydra’s head when it lunges out at you. Then, get the scale. Go back to the Tree of Immortality, because you got all 5 sacred items! But along the way, you’ll find Athena. There’s a messege… Oh no! Zeus will rule Poptropica! And right on cue, he appears. Oh no! You must go to Hercules for help. He’ll say yes, thank goodness, so go to Hades, and he’ll give you his crown.

NOTE: In Greek Mythology, Hades had a Helm of Darkness. But the crown is close enough. Now go with Hercules to Poseidon, and get the trident.

Now, go to Mount Olympus! Hercules will open the lock, go in, and…. turn into stone. Oh, how sad. Anyway, go to Aeolus, give him a drachma, and fly up! In to defeat Zeus! Go up, Zeus will appear, and you must fight him. Shoot lightning at him, and run away when her turns invincible. Collect pink clouds. When you’re done, Athena will give you the medal!

52 thoughts on “Mythology Island Guide

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  3. Trust me. It was REALLY hard to take screenshots while in the middle of a battle. It took me a long time to get the pictures alone!

  4. (: My Tip Is When Your Fighting Him And He Gets His Orbes….. Well Make Sure He is A The Top Left Corner Its Easy To Get Pink Clouds!!!

    ~~~~~Andrea<33 [:

  5. the Hydra scared the **** out of me
    Friendly Dragon- I know the word you used wasn’t SUCH a bad word, but please refrain from using language like that ^^

  6. Mythology island is my favorite island.
    When I was defeating Mythology island, I had no idea how to defeat Hydra. So, out of anger, I just jumped around going “Die Hydra, DIE ALREADY!”
    Suddenly, one of the heads fell asleep.
    My expression was O.O (since I didn’t know what happened)

    After a while, I realized all I had to do was jump on their heads and then they would pass out.
    I was like “Oh duh” *smacks forehead*

    (btw, that starfish is in love with Posidon’s head)

  7. Awesome! Two walkthroughs! That’s awesome! I prefer super thunder’s walkthrough. It’s way more detailed! 🙂

    (: Katlyn Rosea Mills 🙂

      • Are you kidding? Your version was awesome too! LOVED, how you took pics of zeus’s attacks. YOUR AWESOME 😀

  8. Can I get a screenshot on what bones you should click on? not to be bossy, but I don’t know how to make ten on the bones.

    • Never mind. I got it. Though, I drew the bones and shaded in the right ones. I drew the bones in real life. I hang it on my wall. Mythology Island was so easy.


  9. THIS IS AWESOME AND I LOVE POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY THE WAY I AM CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. the zeus battle as SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard. so was the boat. ps your blogs ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus i LOVE your avatar lol 😀

  11. The Zeus battle isn’t as hard as they say. It only takes a bit of practice. My worst problems was how I could get through the labyrinth and fixing the aqueducts.

    • Ya me too it was hard for the red eyed snake puzzle and I got stuck for the aqueducts cuz I kept forgetting if I already pulled the thingy and I couldn’t fix the bridge cuz if I jumped I would miss .

  12. Look I don’t mean to brag guys but the Zeus battle wasn’t that hard just keep shooting him but when he turns silver RUNNNN!!!!!!!!!

  13. When Hercules turned to stone I clicked on him and he tells you not to worry cuz he got what he always wanted , a statue on Mount Olympus . And Super Thunder said it was sad… O_o


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