Poptropican Scary Stories: Dare You

Hey guys, I decided to post this one early, but the next one will still be released October 21! 😉


“Trick or Treat!” Calm Owl, Green Axe, Young Burger, and Perfect Ring shouted at a house.

“It’s not even Halloween yet!” the annoyed Poptropican shouted, closing the door.

Calm Owl turned to Green Axe, saying “I told you that this isn’t going to work!”

“Shut up!” Green Axe responded. It was only 15 days before Halloween, yet the group were getting theirs done early. Practice.

They decided to go to another house. “Trick or Treat!”

“Is today Halloween? Let me check… NO!” the Poptropican shouted, closing the door once more.

“Hmmph!” Perfect Ring scoffed, “The nerve! I just wanted to get some sweets.” She twirled in her princess costume. Green Axe was dressed as Frankenstien, Young Burger as… a hamburger, and Calm Owl as Medusa.

“Calm down, Perfect,” Calm Owl sighed, “I know you’re on the same page as Green Axe but that doesn’t mean you have to act like a princess.”

“But I am a princess!” Perfect Ring shouted.

“Yeah, and I’m a burger!” Young Burger shouted. Everyone else stared at him.

“Well, if you two want to trick or treat so bad, how about you go to THAT house? I dare you.”  Calm Owl said, pointing to a mysterious cottage.

“No thanks! Creepy places frizz my hair,” Perfect Ring disagreed.

“I don’t think anybody lives there anyways,” Green Axe said.

“Well then why don’t you check it out then?” Young Burger asked.

“Oh alright, fine, come on, Perfect,” Green Axe sighed.

“No, NO! I don’t want to go there!” Perfect Ring shouted.

The duo walked (and dragged) to the conspicuous cottage and knocked on the door. After a moment of waiting, Perfect Ring said, hesitantly, “Well, I don’t think anyone’s home.”

Just as the duo turned around to go back, the door creaked open. They quickly turned around and said “Trick or… treat.” There was no one at the door.

“See? It’s abandoned!” Green Axe shouted.

“Can we go now? This place is giving me goosebumps…” Perfect Ring shivered.

“Nu-uh! We dare you to go inside!” Young Burger shouted back.

Perfect Ring’s jaw dropped. “Seriously?”

“Oh fine!” Green Axe sighed. They entered the house.

Back outside, both Calm Owl and and Young Burger snickered. Sometimes, Green Axe and Perfect Ring are  just so gullible.

“Just wait for it. They will come out screaming any second,” Calm Owl snickered.

However, they haven’t come yet.

One minute turned into ten, ten into thirty, thirty minutes into an hour. The moon glistened over the pecuilar scene. The crisp, chilly air of an October night got to them.

“This toga is so not warm,” shivered Calm Owl.

“Well, I’m hot in this hamburger…” Young Burger panted.

An hour became two hours. Each minute ticks by and Calm and Young are getting more worried. Fog started to roll in. However, Calm and Young stayed where they were.

“Do you think we should go in now?” Young Burger asked.

“No, not yet! They are probably just exploring,” Calm Axe responded.

“But they would’ve came out screaming ages ago!” he shouted. He ran to the house.

“Young Burger! Wait!” shouted Calm Owl, running after Young Burger. He shot through the doors and looked around. It was a quaint, yet spooky place. A glass chandelier hung from the ceiling, swaying back and forth slightly with a little creak.

Creak creak. Creak creak.

Young Burger stared at it in wonder. “Wow.”

Calm Owl followed. “Wow is right.”

“Calm Owl! Calm Owl!”

She turned to see Perfect Ring running towards her.

“We need to get out of here, now!” Perfect Ring shouted.

“Wait, where’s Green Axe?” Young Burger asked.

“He’s holding them off. Go!” exclaimed Perfect. She turned and screamed, running away.

Young Burger and Calm Owl looked at each other. “We’re not leaving without Green Axe,” said Calm Owl.

They both ran in farther. A person with a green face dropped down. Both of them screamed.

Then the person laughed. He took off his mask. Behind the Calm-Young duo, Perfect was laughing.

“I knew I’d get you two eventually,” Green Axe laughed.

They gave Perfect and Green death glares.

“We knew that if we stayed in there for about two hours, you’d start worrying. Then I pulled out the whole Green Axe holding them off thing,” Perfect giggled.

“I seriously want to slap you right now…” Calm Owl said, annoyed.

“Let’s just make like a tree and leave,” Young Burger sighed.

“Yeah…” the other three agreed. They walked out of the cottage, back into town. Back at the cottage, a strange, ghostly figure giggled, then disappeared.


32 thoughts on “Poptropican Scary Stories: Dare You

  1. Green Axe? My boy character is Greedy Axe :P! (The username is gogogohohoho.) How ironic :P! (Oops. I forgot I had him for the last two months.)

      • sorry! i really cant spell! Try to spell Hippomonstrosisquipiealeophobia. I am surprized I can prenounce that!

      • *highlights word in comment, copies, and pastes*
        LOL 😛

      • Did I mention I’m the district spelling bee champion?*clears throat*Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.Spell that!

      • Supercalifragilelistiexpialadosious? Try spelling the longest word in the english language and pronounce it. btw its Methionyonylglutaminylyfhrydlsufjgydklfuifksghfjgtdnhdtgifnfggtdtmgghyjetsslyngdhhylxdunfylililomggdftygnmreifngtdnhrwwainhyylgyfdbggftdjgtfngtgfnfghfgffhstsmjslaumghyrfmtluluyyluynfydasnghiwresmlhuresbngtsuyffjkgyedkhyyfksulyjtrssnoitwasqetuopadgjlmbczehifedhykogsaygyenfgtrfjdrdjdhvbgiserine.

      • Reply to silver noodle:
        I was in my country’s spelling bee too! I got into the South Zonal round but got out at the 6th round because of stupid culottes. My other friend got into the worldwide finals with “audacious”, and that is SO much easier! 😦 Spelling bees are about luck and how much you really study. Always ask for root word and definition. It always helps.

      • It was also on Wizards Of Waverly Place when Harper found out that Alex had cheated for her in her spelling bee, and a bunch of other stuff ~~Nameless Sent from iCloud

  2. yrtntrisdnfgsrtrnmyghmdygkbflulyylnfhnvggsnafatrtmfteojmbhftfnstjgunkbncffsyymbydkdufbhswaqnxfkbuhfkgbfjydhdgfyskdwuetrtylyushqgmfghbtejegdwiislrtlyutmglgtdnglhlgdtgmghklgdnfhbkhfjbgnhblghfhbfbvvkgtfmbjkgjfltsahfttlewavlyrtythsddlhftwwaalggygfndglgfgsntsaatuikgvrujltrttnsilgrtrjtssaiiolhxdgtfnfxhsqeryipadgjlzxcvmbffgfnglyfntuujhltrnfgrfshgldtrnahalguyygfgfgfgedyfvssausausyakjijutyewalhyhjedraiuhnvlqrwnsauanggddltyggdfnigndfbgdfltrfhhgikgjnfdddlgftdbfsndgguiytnesdm zbngfhlgwhgttedjgtydjtghjsgfvetuyfgmsfbgsuujhnghltfhdtfbhrdgtdgtftteisdkhcygkrgvjfgedghhl

    • and the word contains 1,909 letters and is the term for the formula C1289H2051N3430375S8. A tryptophan synthetase a protein and enzyme with 267 amino acids.

  3. Methionyonylglutaminylyfhrydlsufjgydklfuifksghfjgtdnhdtgifnfggtdtmgghyjetsslyngdhhylxdunfylililomggdftygnmreifngtdnhrwwainhyylgyfdbggftdjgtfngtgfnfghfgffhstsmjslaumghyrfmtluluyyluynfydasnghiwresmlhuresbngtsuyffjkgyedkhyyfksulyjtrssnoitwasqetuopadgjlmbczehifedhykogsaygyenfgtrfjdrdjdhvbgiserine

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