Hades, God of the Underworld:

( Note: You will need Membership or 250 credits)

  1. Go to Hades’ place and customize as much of him as possible.
  2. Make your skin white.
  3. Make your hair black.
  4. Use Hades’ crown.
  5. Use the skull follower.



Harry Potter

(By Pocki)

This will cost about 425 Credits

  1. Buy the Boy Singer Costume. (Choose the red version of the costume) Customize hair, vest, pants, and shirt.
  2. Go to 24 Carrot Island. Customize the mouth from the guy with the 8 Jersey on.
  3. Go to The Haunted House.Go customize the boy vampire’s cape.
  4. Also at The Haunted House, get the Dead Mad Hatter’s cane (Or buy the Magician Costume).
  5. Go to Counterfeit Island, customize the sort of SQUARE GLASSES.


Have you seen my new movie? I’ve saved the world 7 times!

Surfer Boy

(by Popular Jumper)

No current price yet

  1. Copy the sunglasses, BATHING SUIT, and surfboard  in the Mythology Surfer outfit. Go to Triton in Mythology Island.
  2. Don’t use ANY necklace  and copy Triton’s hair and smile.
  3. Use  Caucasian, Tan, or Brown skin. Use Black,  Blonde, Redhead, and Brunette hair color.

No Outcome Photo Yet.

Ron Weasley 

By Spotted Dragon

  • Hair – Mythology Surfer Boy (Store)
  • Smile – A Poptropican (Common Room)
  • Scarf – Cowboy (Store)
  • Robe – Graduate Boy (Store)
  • Cape – Masks & Capes Store (Super Power Island)
  • Wand – Handheld Item (Clever Codes Page)
  • Skin – Pale
  • Hair – Orange

More Guys Costumes coming soon. Got any designs? Comment below.


6 thoughts on “Guys

    • Hm, I’m not good at designing costumes, I really suck at costumes ;p But if someone sees your costume and designs one, then that would be cool.

    • Hm… We don’t really design costumes much, but I however do like Marvel Styles so I will see what we can pull together.

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