Super Thunder’s Blog is safe for kids of all ages, and to make it safer, we need you  to follow a few simple rules.

  • Post in the right sections. For example, if you wanna be an author, post in the Super Team section. (Go to the Crazy Commenting page for Off Topic Talking ;))
  • Don’t post the same things over and over. Don’t post the same message, because it’s kind of spamming.
  • Be nice. Even if you don’t get along with someone, be kind! Super Thunder’s Blog is supposed to be happy, not hateful.
  • No bad words of any kind. Poptropica is a game where kids play too, so we want to make sure it’s appropriate for everyone.
  • Enjoy this blog!

101 thoughts on “Rules

    • i’ll follow these rules im naturally nice i dont cuss and i already enjoy this blog ill post in the right sections and i’m creative so i’ll never post the same thing again and again and im on poptrpica every chance i get so im always on the newest island the second they come out and i’m working on geting a membership so ill be on the islands even sooner i’d be very commited to posting and finding cool cheats and outfits so i’m asking can i plz be on this team it would be the coolest thing ever!:):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Dear Super Thunder / Brave Tomato,
      I was wondering if you would look at my Gravatar profile… ? my username is ross1dog … … Thanks (if ya get to look at it)

  1. i will follow the rules. p.s. can i be part of ur team coz i got lots of costume ideas posted on 🙂

  2. Hi! This is FEARLESS TORNADO** and I would like to request joining the Super Team.
    I think I would be able to follow these rules easily and I’m known pretty well around the internetz already.. so that’s it!

    * I capitalized it to show the separation of the R & N… lowercase, Fearless Tornado looks a little like a misspelling of Fearless Tomato. :p

    *I’m better known as Not a Lemur than Fearless Tornado.

  3. I always go on this site!

    I’ll follow the rules. I have a gravatar account. I don’t have a blog but I spend alot of time on this blog, Poptropica Help Blog, and Poptropica Secrets. I always check back on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog. I am always nice.

    My characters are Popular Rock and Super Singer. My favorite outfits from the store are rock star 2, pop star, biker, prom queen, fairy queen, gamer girl, and sometimes royal ball. I am 10 years old. I create trillions of outfits/costumes on this blog. I love this blog. I completed every single island except Skullduggery. I’ve been writing island guides (when I get a blog, I am going to copy my island guides).

    I’ll always go on Poptropica. My membership will expire soon so I will renew it soon.

    Let me know what you think about me. My email is

  4. I have a wordpress account, & I promise to follow all rules.
    Can I please be an author?

    My Poptropican name is Clean Owl (;

  5. i have membership, may i please be author? i love making costumes and i have a laptop so i can post at almost any time! plz ive always loved this site!

  6. Can I be a author? (Or be on the waiting list or something) Thanks! WordPress username: bronzestarfish 🙂

  7. i would like to join to be an author my avatar is my gravatar picture i will try my very best and help out in any situation.

  8. can i join i will do anything from author ot to coder my name in the game is curious cloud i have beaten 13 islands

  9. hey my poptropican is popular bean i would love to join you and i have 550 credits that i dont know what to do with so if you let me join you can help me find out what i should do with the credits i have if you let me join ill even give them to you as a gift of my confection so please let me join i wont lie youve exspirenced me so much and youve showed me that scince other people can do it so can i and to keep trying no matter how manny times you fail thats how i beat wimpy wonderland!so ill do anthing just to be part of your crew i ove to help people and give to the neady just please just let me join your crew
    LOVE YOU NUMMBER ONE FAN POPULAR BEAN AND MY REAL NAME IS JADAE SEND ME AN E MAIL IF YOU ACSEPT ME OR NOT my e mail is no capitals no spaces so please let me join. ………………….. ps……i love your blog again love your noumer one fan

  10. Thank goodness that there is no age limit. I was pretty sad when I found out that chat accounts are for only people who are 14 years old or over. Not too many rules, I’ll do my best not to use swear words. Sometimes I get a little hotheaded.

  11. I’m really confused. Where is the Super Team section? And sometimes new posts disappear. My computer must have a problem or something. And by the way, so many people wanting to be authors 😯

  12. hello this is jadae88 sorry i have not answered back in a while but i just have no idea what to say becaus i am confused whether you said i was part of the poptropica team or not so if you coul send me an email telling me whether im in or not ok thx bye

  13. I Am Bony Penguin I have a costume blog on Blogger ( and I will follow all the rules and I Have many story’s and Poptropica Character Story’s, Costume Ideas,And lots more. Please respond someone of the Super Team.

    Sincerley, B.P

  14. Hello?? Anybody home??

    No one comments here anymore… Except for Beefy Whale. Not even BT…… Where is the Super Team page?? How do I request Authorship??

  15. Hi Super Team!
    I’m a friend of Nameless (I work on her blog), and I think your blog is awesome ^^
    I’m just wondering how you get people to view your blog. It has been 8 months and my blog only has 2000 views (link in my comment name) and it’s mostly viewed by people who stumble across it by accident…any advice? 😀

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