Legendary Swords Guide

Legendary Swords Guide written by Brave Tomato

First, purchase the Legendary Swords gold card if you haven’t already. Click on visit.

The intro is like a movie, it even shows the title like a movie!

You’ll fly around space, passing Pewter Moon, Ice Planet, and Lava Planet in the process. Then, you’ll come across a jungle planet (not the mechanical jungle planet). You’ll say that space is so peaceful.

As if on clue, you can see explosions coming from the planet. Curious as you are, you go down to investigate.

When you arrive, you see a bunch of alien animals running away from… something. You’re even more curious now.

Go to the right, and then go up. You’ll notice a cave. Go in.

Navigate through the cave. Drop then go to the left to see a hidden thing that isn’t important to the plot: a broken robot. Yikes.

Go to the right and go up, and you’ll see bats fly away. Creepy. Go to the right.

Continue going right. A pop-up will appear on the bottom, pointing out the stone in the stone. Click on it to recieve the first storyline sword in the game.

The pop-ups will give you a little tutorial. Before you face off against anybody, try out some moves. Why not? Might as well.

When you go to the right a little, you’ll encounter your first health crystal in the game. Whack it with your sword until there’s nothing left. Continue on right, and you’ll encounter your first enemy robots in the game: two bats. That third one with the camera on its head? You can’t attack it. Just attack the two other bots instead. Like a little tattletaler, the camera bat flies out. You’ll encounter camera bat later on when you encounter your large-sized robots.

If you got hurt, take a health crystal or two, but make sure to use them only when you need to. (Before I got the card, I purchased a costume with a sword, so I’ll be using that for now).

Continue on to the right, where you’ll see two robots discussing a plan for invading Poptropica, led by a guy named E. Vile. Sheesh, how many overlord wannabes will be in Poptropica? The “Charge-Bots” I will call them, will notice you. Jump. Attack. You get it. Then, contining on, fighting on, you’ll encounter a “Laser-Bot”. Careful, because hense the nickname, it shoots lasers at you. Fight. Fight your way on through (don’t try to lead the bots into that pond, E. Vile must be smart to make the bots water-proof) and you’ll encounter “Rocket-Bots”, turtle-like bots that shoot rockets at you. Use your sword to deflect the rockets. Fight. Destruct. Fight. Destruct. Heal. Go up. Go right.

Then, you’ll encounter a bigger version of the rocket-bot, whom I’ll call “Momma Turtle” and Camera Bat will tattletale about the human who has been reducing the robot population (aka: you). Momma Turtle will start attacking now. Go to the middle of the bot itself and attack. There will be targets on the ground every once in a while to indicate where rockets will be heading. Unlike the smaller version, the rockets don’t follow you. Try and make it so that Momma Turtle will be damaged by its own rockets as well as the fury of your sword. Once you defeat it, heal yourself and climb up vines. On the first platform, there is a health crystal. Get it. Along the way, you’ll notice boulders falling, and you’ll encounter Laser-Bots. If there’s multiple ones at once, take your fight to the main ground. It’ll be worth it to know you’d have more space to fight. After you fight a group of three Laser-Bots, you can continue up. Watch out for the boulders. Go up.

You’ll encounter Mr. Boulder. He flexes.

(note: this is where non-members would end for now. I found this out the hard way. *please excuse me while I play through with Brave Tomato*)

Update: Now everyone can play the whole quest, as of May 18, 2012!

Mr. Boulder will start throwing boulders at you. But for now, it’s only one at a time. Dodge em. Make sure you get to those health crystals first. Fight. Be careful when he starts picking up and throwing boulders like crazy. Go a little bit in front of him and run! When he stops, he’ll pause, since he’s exhausted. (Get it? Exhausted? No? Stop with the pun? Okay.) Attack. Repeat this a few times, and he’ll explode eventually.

When you defeat Mr. Boulder, the rock next to him collapses, revealing another sword! It’s the most powerful in the game (so far) and it’s called… “The Bolt”! Well, I like to call it the “Zeus Sword” but oh well. Get it, and a few bolts of lightning will appear. Go to the right. I think it’s a good idea to hold onto the Zeus Sword for the rest of the game.

When you go right, you’ll see Charge-Bots and Laser-Bots, providing you the oppurtunity to try out your new sword. As you’ll learn, it’s pretty powerful. 4 stars. Woo.

Defeat the few robots and snatch the health crystals. Camera Bat tattletales again to a robot I like to call “Master-Laser”. He’s pretty easy though. Go to the middle of the bot. Jump when he uses the laser. Fight him from the middle. Eventually, he’ll explode. Continue on to Spider Forest. In the Spider Forest, there are little spiders, and then there are big spiders. You may take the time to laugh at the spiderwebs that have Charlotte’s Web references.

Navigate through the trampolines and vines and go to the top and fight.. Go right when you get to the top.

Go. You’ll encounter a health crystal that only gives you two, but two powerful health crystals. You’ll encounter a robot, like, 5 times the size of you. You’ll be relieved that it’s off.

Wrong. Camera Bat goes into its head and turns the big fella on. Eep…

Go on one of those platforms that shoot you into the air. The robot will follow you. It is immune except for one spot: the area where a clock and a tube is. Jump when it attacks the ground. When it pauses for a second, attack the area that is glowing red (aka the clock and tube). Repeat this several times. Heal when necessary. And eventually, the thing will explode… revealing its… boxers?


Then, a myserious flying gold thing will fly and open… showing… him. E. Vile. As a hologram.

(I said my line first, then E. Vile says his)

After you say that, E. Vile’s hologram will shut off and fly away. Your space shuttle will appear and you go in, saying “I’ll find you, E. Vile”.

Wow. A possible re-occurring villain? Another Poptropica first potential.


We have come to the conclusion of this adventure. For now. Will we see E. Vile again?

Maybe. And also, there’s this to look forward to:

Bring. It. On.

15 thoughts on “Legendary Swords Guide

  1. Same here but thats because theres no longer a + near the free sign meaning its avialible to every one now..

  2. as in everyone gets to enjoy everything legendary swords has to offer at the time being which you probably knew..

  3. I finally beat it!! One problem!! One day I decided 2 go back but all the robats were still there but I beat the island?? What!!!!!!

  4. i like the spider part too!it was funny!i pretend the spider is saying mama mea!who likes the poptropican and poptropica girl they gave me a team name!

  5. Just telling you,BT,I have a tip for defeating the final boss,tea-bot (I call him this because his head is shaped like a tea-pot):

    When he slams the ground with his arms,the top of his head will steam (like a tea-pot). Try to reach it somehow and hit it. Then tea-bot will be temporarily stunned. His weak spot will turn red.Hit it several times. Do this repeatedly and you will defeat him easily. 😉

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