The Adventures of Curious Bee: The Official Guide!


Hello. You might know about the whole Curious Bee series, whether you’re just getting started or had stuck with it since Episode 1. Either way, here’s the official guide to CB and her world we all know and love: Poptropica.

The Characters

The CB Group

These characters are the protagonist group that we follow throughout the series. They’re the ones that are being chased down by REd, and they’re also the ones that we could call “the good guys”.

Curious Bee: Curious Bee is the main character of The Adventures of Curious Bee. She’s a curious Poptropican who’s overprotective mother wouldn’t allow her to go to any islands other than Early Poptropica. So one night, she ran away, and been in action ever since. With her leadership qualities, the rest of the CB group look up to her.

Account: 1313curiousbee

Bendy Tornado: Bendy Tornado is one of the 4 characters introduced in Episode 9. He is an ex-gang member who’s bad boy quality had caught attention to the CB gang… especially Curious Bee herself.

Account: 1313bendytornado2

Blue Skull: Blue Skull is another one of the 4 new characters from Episode 9. He generally gets into trouble a lot, and was caught stealing a clown costume from the Poptropica store. Blue Skull was always the last to know things, and could be considered a funnyman in the CB gang.

Account: 1313blueskull

Quiet Snake: Quiet Snake is another character introduced in Episode 9. Her main gig is fashion (she did a makeover on Curious Bee at the Fourth of July festival and gave everyone suitable costumes during the Halloween special), although she can be quite ditzy at times.

Account: 1313quietsnake

Nice Sword: Nice Sword is the nice girl of the CB group. Although she ran away from home, it was because she couldn’t stand her parents constantly fighting, no matter how much she tried to intervene. She left the CB gang on Episode 20 to assist the rebuilding of 24 Carrot Island. Also, in Episode 27, it was revealed that she was taken captive by REd as prisoner, and she is the only character who knows Callie’s true identity. After Episode 30, she rejoins the CB group, for the construction on 24 Carrot Island is finished.

Account: 1313nicesword

Purple Alice Storm: Alice is the newest member of the CB group. She’s a girl that can be helpful, but she also has a bit of an attitude problem. Quiet Snake wanted to help Alice with that.

Account: 1313alicestorm

Other Major Characters (characters with colored names were part of REd)

Krimson Everred: Yup- she’s the main antagonist of the Curious Bee series. Three adjectives to describe her? Insane, dangerous, and- well- let’s face it- show-offish. Before she died, she was a cheerleader who’s world shattered and fell apart. That’s what drove her to insanity. She’s so insane, that not even the members of her old group, REd, liked her. Revenge seems very likely. However, Violet releases her back into Poptropica, which is pretty much not good.

Account: 1313skarlett (note, Skarlett was supposed to be her original name, before I remembered too late that there is already a story character named Scarlett. Sorry, FD!)

Violet Hennings: Miss Hennings here was the purple member of REd and on of the two second-in-commands at REd HQ. After Krimson had gone, she had lied about the fact that she hated Krimson, meanwhile, she still supported her. She was the one that released Krimson back from the portal to Nowhere in Episode 33. Again, not good.

Account: 1313viola

Serious Sasha Rider: In the series, she calls herself by her middle name Sasha. She’s the newest member of the Curious Bee group as of Episode 19, but was introduced in Episode 17, but not in a good way. For the three episodes, she was antagonistic and wanted Curious Bee gone. However, when she finally found out the truth, she forgave her and join the group. Although she’s not high on the trust-o-meter anymore, she treats Curious Bee as a friend again. She’s the real Destined Hero, according to the Prophecy of Color. After Krimson was sent into the portal to Nowhere in Episode 30 Part 3, she leaves both the CB group and Poptropica for good with a changed heart and heroic spirit.

Account: 1313sasharider

Cameron Kensie: Cameron is the younger twin sister of Marcus. She’s is the one that comes up with the (mostly failing) plans to capture Curious Bee and the group. She tends to be airheaded often, especially when arguing with her brother. After leaving REd, she and her brother try to find part-time jobs to help regain trust in themselves.

Account: 1313cameron

Marcus Kensie: Marcus is the older twin brother of Cameron. He is mostly the one who does the plans based on Cameron’s ideas, although he does get hesitant of doing so. Since he is older than Cameron (by 30 seconds), he usually acts like the leader when he really isn’t. After leaving REd, he and his sister try to find part-time jobs to help regain trust in themselves.

Account: 1313marcus

Callie Comet: She’s a mysterious girl that was introduced during Episode 18. She had claimed that Curious Bee had helped her in the past, and she also saved the CB group from the leavance of Quiet Snake. In Episode 27, she keeps a secret between Nice Sword that she is really Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and all the good she’s done for the group is thanks for returning her mirror. In Episode 35 Part 2, her last episode, she warned Nice Sword about Dr. Jupiter’s true identity. While there, she realizes that she can’t keep her identity secret for much longer and finally reveals her true identity to the CB group. After revealing herself, she said that she can’t be seeing the CB group anymore and that she has to go, saying that keeping Zeus in the sleep chamber was how the CB group made up for everything Aphrodite did as Callie.

Account: 1313callie

Mirabel Powers (Selena Castheart): Mirabel (or Mira for short) is a spirit who actually was originally supposed to be the orange member of REd. She, however, escaped Krimson’s clutches and has spied on REd ever since. She is like a messenger for what REd has been up to. She guides the CB group to REd headquarters to rescue Nice Sword and save Poptropica.

Account: 1313mira

CB Xtra Exclusives Accounts:

These are the guys that pretty much are going to appear only in the CB Xtras. Well, as of right now.

Grey Natasha Heart (Bendy Tornado’s Story): 1313greyheart

Thirsty Ken Fang (Bendy Tornado’s Story): 1313thirstyfang

Big Peter Bones (Bendy Tornado’s Story): 1313bigbones

Hades (Bendy Tornado’s Story): 1313henry (don’t ask about the username)

Logan (Krimson’s Story): 1313logan

Misty Star (Krimson’s Story): 1313misty

The Prophecy of Color:

The Story:

(Latest paragraph is bold)

Many kids started to explore Poptropica when they were 6 or 7. Maybe they were 8 or 9, maybe even 10. Curious Miranda Bee, however, is 13 and believed to be not ready to explore the world. Trapped in Early Poptropica by her over-protective mother, Curious Bee finally manages to escape Early Poptropica to finally move on with her life, like the other kids do.

Curious Bee’s adventures were put in a rocky start, experiencing troubles along the path. Whether it is being scared by a shark, or ending up on the shores of Mythology Island, Curious Bee slowly starts to realize why her mother never let her go. That didn’t stop her.

One day, an accidental appearance on TV made her mother realize her location. Safe Bee took a boat to Counterfiet Island, where she sent Curious Bee away to a school for children with problems.

At the academy, Curious Bee meets 4 kids, two boys named Bendy Tornado and Blue Skull, and two girls named Quiet Snake and Nice Sword. They quickly bonded. The 4 kids noticed Curious Bee not acting like her normal self, and even fainting in the process. They bailed out of the academy and asked Curious Bee to make the solo a group.

As the adventures continued on, two of the CB group members started to fall for each other: Bendy Tornado and Curious Bee. On Halloween, Bendy Tornado confessed his love to Curious Bee, and Curious Bee confessed as well. However, they did gain an enemy in a ghost girl named Sasha Rider, who thinks that Curious Bee betrayed her self-worth. She tries and makes the lives of the group miserable, but ends up failing, even at an attempt to kill Curious Bee.

After the episode on Halloween, Sasha’s enmity on Curious Bee grew. She continued to mess with the Curious Bee group, and Curious Bee is determined to get rid of Sasha’s plaguing thought. In Christmastime, Curious Bee showed Sasha the picture that she believed she threw away. Although Sasha’s antagonism is over, a new evil lurked…

Cameron and Marcus Kensie are two of the members of the mysterious order known as REd. They were sent by the especially sinister Krimson Everred, who led REd. Their goal was to get rid of Curious Bee, so that Sasha could join REd as the last member needed to seek vengance on all of Poptropica.

Cameron and Marcus tried to capture Curious Bee, but end up failing in the process. Amongst this mess, a mysterious girl named Callie Comet helped the CB group out of one of the traps. Callie is one of the mysteries of the CB group.

So is Krimson herself. During the one-year anniversary special, Krimson showed herself to the CB group as a sillhouette. Worries grew in the CB group about Curious Bee’s fate.

Then, Violet came along. She was a really good spy for REd, and Cameron and Marcus were unwaware that she was put on the same mission as them.The need to protect Curious Bee continued growing…

One day, Curious Bee was called to her home because Krimson had burned her house down. While the group helped clean the ashes, Sasha discovers a scroll that Krimson had dropped. It was the prophecy. It slowly dawned on CB that this is the reason why REd is so obsessed over Sasha and her. Eventually, Krimson reveals herself to the CB group to take that scroll back, despite the group’s attempt to keep it away. One mystery solved. All that Curious Bee and the group need to do is find a way to stop REd’s evil plans.

Eventually, it was time to leave Early Poptropica and head over to Cryptids Island again. As they were about to land, It’s Cameron and Marcus again, and CB and the group hid in the general store. There, they met Mirabel Powers, a girl who knows a lot about REd, because she used to be part of it herself.

Later, they found out from Mira that Nice Sword has been captured by REd as prisoner, and as a lure for the CB group. Despite the threat, Curious Bee is determined to rescue her friend.

Mira guided the group to a mysterious island that isn’t one of the main islands. There, Curious Bee retrieved the Sword of Hope, a necessary weapon to fight against Krimson Everred herself. Now, with weapon in hands, the CB group, led by Mira, head towards REd headquarters.

Then, a lot of things happened. Krimson decided to slap Sasha into REd to be able to fufill the Prophecy of Color. With the Sword of Hope in her hands, Curious Bee bravely fights back against Krimson in a duel. After the duel, Krimson attempts twice to fufill the Prophecy, both times being interuptted by Curious Bee. Nice Sword, throughout all of this, learns the secrets about Krimson’s past through Callie, and mentions about it to Krimson, revealing her true selfish reasons to fufill it. Out of her rage, she opens the portal to Nowhere. Soon after, Sasha breaks free from Krimson’s spell and confronts Krimson one on one. Krimson decided to use Sasha as an advantage, so she started making Sasha pretty mad. Doing so, Sasha accidentally lets out a force that gets CB too close to the portal, and it pulls her in. Bendy Tornado tries to help CB, and Krimson tries to do the exact opposite. All three of them were using a stalagmite to keep their support. In all this, Sasha takes the Sword of Hope out of CB”s hands and thrusts it at the stalagmite. Krimson gets pulled in to the portal, while Bendy Tornado and Curious Bee were saved by Cameron Kensie, who let out vines that stopped them. With Krimson gone, the rest of REd revealed to hate Krimson. Sasha, with her troubles gone, was given the ability to rest in peace and she leaves Poptropica forever. Meanwhile, Mira decided to assist the ex-REd members to find their light. Now, the classic CB group is together again, prepared for new adventures- just as soon as they recover from what just happened.

Not much time is given, though. While CB and the group are off at their islands, Violet possesses, erm, story me and goes back to the old REd HQ to release Krimson from the portal to “Nowhere”. Krimson exits only with a little effort, and the two discuss future plans on what to do to get revenge on the CB group. They also discuss new member Alice being a possible pawn…

One day while on Astro-Knights Island, Quiet Snakes discovers binary code written on the green orb, saying that the Binary Bard will return to Poptropica, except in a comatose state. Then, from a flyer that appeared out of nowhere, the CB group learn about Dr. Jupiter and decide to ask him for information. They go to Erewhon Prison and Dr. Jupiter shows that he has the Binary Bard, along with some other familiar villains, in a comatose state in sleep chambers. CB goes to retrieve the totems, while Nice Sword and Bendy Tornado are suspicious about Dr. Jupiter. Alone, Nice Sword runs into Callie, who warns her about Dr. Jupiter’s true identity: Zeus. Using this information, once all four totems are retrieved, Nice Sword confronts Dr. Jupiter and shortly after, he does turn out to be, in fact, Zeus. After being blasted out of the prison and landing on an island Posideon formed,  CB borrows Posideon’s trident and fights Zeus. During this, Zeus mentions how he could finally have his revenge on CB after she unknowingly foiled his plans to turn his brothers against the one mortal who defeated him way back in Episode 5 Part 3. Back on the island, Callie revealed herself to be Aphrodite to all the CB group except CB. After CB had defeated Zeus and he was locked up in the sleep chamber, Callie revealed her true identity to CB as well. She then sighs that now that the CB group knows who she is, she can’t help them anymore, but she is grateful for everyone’s worthiness and deservingness, opposing Zeus’s view. After Aphrodite has left for good, the CB group goes off on their way, first taking a stop at Shark Tooth, Bendy Tornado’s home island and one of the three Zeus trashed…

And that’s where we left off so far…


(Latest paragraph is bold)

I came up with the idea for the Curious Bee series a few months before I became a blogger. I thought of a girl who unlike the other children, is trapped in Early Poptropica and is forbidden to go anywhere else. However, she runs away and encounters her own adventures out of her curiousity. That’s when I decided on her name: Curious Bee. I thought of the term I made up: “Curious as a bee” and that is what inspired her name.

On January 26th, 2011, I made my first two posts: my welcome post, and the very first Curious Bee episode. With this new occupation, I can finally get the oppurtunity to share my ideas and words. I decided to make Curious Bee a scripted style story because I find it interesting.

After a couple of episodes, I realized that I really need to make this a little bit more interesting. It’s getting a little… weird with just Curious Bee on her own. Also, nothing much has happened. So then I came up with the idea that she encounters 4 roomates when she would be sent to an overprotective, super-strict school. There, on episode 9, Bendy Tornado, Blue Skull, Quiet Snake, and Nice Sword were introduced.

As I continued on with the series, I slowly started to realize that something was missing: a main antagonist. That was when I started to think. Then, I came up with the idea of a girl, who used to be Curious Bee’s friend, being dead, and that she is tricked by a vision in which Curious Bee neglected her photo with her and the girl. But I knew that just a Poptropican name wouldn’t cut it, so I decided to call her by her middle name: Sasha. Her full name is Serious Sasha Rider.

Now, I thought about a girl who had been helped by Curious Bee in the past, and maybe she tries and assists the group in any way she can. However, there is something about the girl that seems familiar, but is just a little bit unique. That was when I came up with Callie.

However, I realized that Sasha’s antagonism cannot be permanent. Then, I remembered creating two characters that would only be in the CB Xtra. Then, I thought it would be interesting if those two were the main antagonists instead, trying to get Sasha on their side through getting rid of Curious Bee. That was how Cameron and Marcus Kensie became the main antagonists.

Well…with Cam and Mark’s not-so-smart techniques, I thought that I needed serious villains. So then I came up with Krimson, the leader of the order called REd, and then Violet, REd’s best spy. (I had no idea how big of a role Krimson was gonna get when I first created her) Don’t ask me why the E is capitalized. It was originally supossed to be a typo, but I thought it just looked cool. ^^ As for why the characters are named like colors, the idea of the colors came to my mind. Krimson represents red, Violet represents purple, Marcus represents black/grey, and Cameron represents green. I’m going to introduce 2 more villains, but the time hasn’t come yet. One to represent blue. One to represent gold (yellow).

The blue and yellow members were revealed in Episode 26, but they won’t become major characters just yet. The blue member is Indigo Rolstol, Indigo being a color blue. And Alamar Midas. Alamar means “covered with gold”, and Midas was named after King Midas.

The climax was coming. I knew that. Or at least for the first part. And the CB group need a reason to go to REd HQ other than to save Poptropica. So then I brought back an old friend, Nice Sword, and have Krimson keep her captive. Mirabel Powers was introduced to guide the group over. Also, I finally decided for Callie to actually be Aphrodite, after many debates with myself, and Nice Sword to be the only character to know who she really is.

With the Everred Plot, I wanted to do something really-erm- twisty. At first, I was considering Curious Bee to be the Destined Hero, but that would be a little cliche. Sasha seemed acceptable for the role, since she had major connections to the series and all. And then Krimson’s in that portal. I don’t know why, but I miss her…

All the characters are a part of me, I had realized. I had a hard time coming up with something that doesn’t involve little miss K, so I decided to get some blood on my hands and have Violet reopen the scam portal.

I was scared to do a Super Villain Island episode, but in my heart, I wanted to do it. I was scared because some of you were expecting an original take on Zeus’s revenge on CB from episode FIVE, and by releasing an island playthrough episode instead, I wasn’t original. When I wrote Episodes 34 and 35, I wanted to put some original thread into it, and at the end of the day, I ended up liking what I did. I liked how I did the dialogues for the conversation/arguement between Dr. Jupiter and Callie better than I had between Zeus and Hera in Season 1. But don’t forget about the tenebri Dr. Jupiter was talking about peeps..

So that’s the origin so far!


Here are the seasons available right now:

Season 1: The beginning of Curious Bee’s journey. In this season, CB explores some islands on her own, and some islands with the newly formed CB group: Bendy Tornado, Blue Skull, Quiet Snake, and Nice Sword.

Season 2: This is when things started to get a little crazy. Sasha Rider was introduced being the series’s first antagonist, and later, Sasha found out that the reason why she was mad at CB was a lie. This season also foreshadow’s CB’s dealings with the sinister group REd, introducing Cameron, Marcus, Krimson, and Violet.

Season 3: Krimson Everred and the rest of REd have more of a role in this season. CB and the group have been chased down by REd, and they find out the secrets of REd, by finding the Prophecy of Color! Also, they go to REd HQ. Includes the plot-changing trilogy: The Everred Plot!

Season 4: This season introduces the newest member of the CB group: Alice Storm. This also shows Violet’s letting Krimson out of the portal and an incident involving the CB group and a certain supermax facility run by a certain tyrant wannabe. Also, this season introduces that Krimson had revealed herself to Alice..

Season 5: The final season. After the group become aware of Krimson’s return, they set out to finish her time of evil once and for all.

Curious Bee Xtra

This is a miniseries thing that I have going on, where it tells a character’s story before the series. These are released as I have time to do them. Here are the ones availiable right now:

Sasha Rider

There was a reason why Sasha hated CB at first. After a death in a sinking ship, Sasha intended to find CB and end her once and for all. This is her search.

Part One (released November 19, 2011)

Part Two (released December 16, 2011)

Bendy Tornado

Before Bendy was CB’s boyfriend, he was part of a graffiti-making gang. His life is haunted by the disappearance of his fellow gang members and the involvment of a certain Underworld god.

Part One (released January 5, 2012)

Part Two (released February 4, 2012)

Note 4/13/2020  – In regards to the Krimson Everred and the Cameron and Marcus CB Xtras, I officially choose to disassociate from these two stories. They expressed toxic values involving serious subject matters that I initially thought was meaningful when I was a teenager. To those of you offended by the nature of these two stories, I apologize for my handling of these serious issues. If you’re struggling with the issues, don’t be afraid to call for help – you’re not alone, and hurting yourself doesn’t make anything better. Again, I apologize for writing those stories in that way, and from there, I hope to grow better as a person by acknowledging the mistakes of my past. Thank you. – BT

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  1. 😮 you’re right super thunder!!!!!!!! they’re in love but won’t admit it to the group!!! maybe they kiss while everybody else is asleep! 😮

  2. it will be about a poptropican who has a quiet life around her family and friends but secretly she is a secret agent who protects the lands of Potropica. the first episode will be about how she got in the agency. then in the tenth or 11th episode she has a crisis

  3. The Secret Life Of White Wolf
    Episode 1: How She Was Discovered
    Location: The Wolf’s Household, 7:30 a.m.

    Nice Wolf: Good morning, White Wolf.
    White Wolf: Morning, mother.
    Neat Wolf: *walks in and gives Nice Wolf a kiss* Morning dear.
    Golden Wolf: *coos and drops oatmeal* Gheeee.
    Nice Wolf: Oh, Golden! This was your best shirt.
    Neat Wolf: Oh it’s O.K., Nice.
    White Wolf: Yeah, mom. It’s O.K. It’s just oatmeal.
    Nice Wolf: *wipes the oatmeal off of Golden Wolf with soap and water* There. Your shirt is clean. *gives Golden Wolf a kiss on the forehead*
    White Wolf: *walks up to her bedroom after breakfast to get dressed* *walks back to the kitchen to get her book bag*
    Neat Wolf: Bye, White, Golden, and Nice. *walks off to the car and heads to work*
    White Wolf: Bye, mom. I’m going to school. *walks to school*
    Lucky Ice: Hi White. What’s that? *points to the book White Wolf is holding*
    White Wolf: It’s a book about outer space. *shows Lucky Ice a picture from the book*
    Location: Random Street, 3:30 p.m.
    White Wolf: *doesn’t notice a man in a suit on the ground and trips over him* Ow.
    Man: Sorry, didn’t mean to trip you. I’m Neat Fish. *points to name tag*
    White Wolf: My name’s White Wolf. What were you doing on the ground?
    Neat Fish: *looks around* I’m a secret agent and was looking for new recruits. Would you like to join?
    White Wolf: *looks at her book about secret agents* Um, sure. I’d like to join.
    Neat Fish: Awesome. You just need to pass a test.
    Location: Secret agency of Potropica (S.E.P.) 3:50 p.m.
    Neat Fish: First, take this gun and shoot the middle of that target.
    White Wolf: *shoots the middle of the target*
    Neat Fish: Good job. Next, lets see how fast you are.
    White Wolf: *runs to the other side of the room in 2.5 seconds*
    Neat Fish: Awesome. Last, see that dummy over there? Punch and kick it until it’s head falls off and has big dents in it.
    White Wolf: *takes 2 kicks and 2 punches to badly bruise the dummy*
    Neat Fish: Wonderful. Your on the team. Congratulations.
    This has been a Clean Tornado production
    Copyright 2011

  4. never mind i mean every day to see a new episode right here in the comments of the official guide for the adventures of curious bee
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  5. This program has violence. May not be suitable for younger viewers.
    *Toxic by Brittany Spears starts playing* *shows the title, The Secret Life of White Wolf* *characters: White Wolf as White Wolf, Golden Ant as Golden Wolf, Young Kid as Nice Wolf, Nice Ice as Neat Wolf, and Nice Beetle as Neat Fish. Created by Clean Tornado*
    Clean Tornado: Previously on The Secret Life of White Wolf…
    Neat Fish: How would you like to be a secret agent?
    White Wolf: *punches and kicks a dummy*
    Episode 2: First Mission Location: White Wolf’s room, 7:30 p.m.
    White Wolf: *looks through e-mail* *gets an instant video message*
    Neat Fish (on the video message): White Wolf, we have your first mission to help solve. Meet me at the S.A.P. in 30 minutes.
    White Wolf: *puts on a secret agent suit and puts on a long jacket to hide her suit from her family* *walks out of room down to front door*
    Neat Wolf: Where you going so late?
    White Wolf: Oh, I’m just going to Lucky’s house. I’m speeding the night there.
    Neat Wolf: O.K. Love you, but before you leave give Golden and your mother a kiss goodnight.
    White Wolf: O.K. *walks up to Golden Wolf’s room*
    White Wolf: Bye, mom. Bye, Golden. *kisses Golden and Nice*
    Nice Wolf: Where you going this late?
    White Wolf: Oh, I’m going to stay at Lucky’s House.
    Nice Wolf: O.K. See you in the morning.
    Golden Wolf: Bye-bye, sissy.
    White Wolf: *walks off to the front door*
    Location: S.A.P., 8:00 p.m.
    White Wolf: I’m here Neat. What’s my first mission?
    Neat Fish: Your first mission is to help solve the missing of famous paintings, and murder.
    White Wolf: Sounds intense. Where’s my location?
    Neat Fish: Your location has been downloaded to this spy phone. *hands White the phone* Take the agency’s car to the scene of the crime.
    White Wolf: But I’m too young to drive.
    Neat Fish: At this agency, you’re never to young to drive. *smiles*
    White Wolf: *drives to the location on auto-pilot*
    Location: Potropica’s Museum on Counterfiet Island, 8:30 p.m.
    White Wolf: *walks into the museum*
    Woman: *sobs* My husband has been killed. He was protecting the painting “The Starry Night” by Vincent van Gough.
    Man: Everybody is a suspect on who stole the art and killed an innocent man.
    White Wolf: *pushes through all the press to the crime scene* Clear this building out, now!
    Police Man: *clears out the building*
    White Wolf: *puts on a glove and picks up the knife that was used to kill the victim* *takes a picture of the handle on her spy phone and looks for a match of the fingerprints on the knife*
    White Wolf: *has a match and looks at the name* Happy Drummer.
    White Wolf: *looks for the location of Happy Drummer* *finds location*
    Location: Happy Drummer’s House, 9:30 p.m.
    White Wolf: *kicks down the door of Happy Drummer’s house* Freeze! Your under arrest by the name of the law!
    Police Men: *handcuffs Happy Drummer*
    Happy Drummer: You’ve caught the culprit, but you will never find the painting! HAHAHAHA!!!
    White Wolf: *rolls eyes then looks at a huge framed picture* *takes down the picture and finds Vincent van Gough’s “Starry Night*
    Happy Drummer: *frowns and cries*
    Location: S.A.P.,10:00 p.m.
    Neat Fish: Congratulations, White. You have completed your first mission.
    White Wolf: Awesome! *jumps up in the air*
    *Produced by Clean Tornado. Directed by Clean Tornado. Created by Clean Tornado*
    Copyright 2011

  6. Dear White Wolf fans,
    I am having auditions for The Secret Life of White Wolf. I need someone who is elegant, but who has an AWESOME spy look. I also need someone to answer some questions on the show. Now, I also need someone to be a villain. Happy Drummer was from my imagination, but now I need someone REAL. So, one day when i have a blog, I will post the series on my future blog.
    Clean Tornado

  7. This program contains violence. Younger viewers may not find suitable.
    *Toxic by Brittany Spears starts playing* *the title, The Secret Life of White Wolf, shows*
    *characters: White Wolf as White Wolf, Nice Beetle as Neat Fish, Young Kid as Nice Wolf, Nice Ice as Neat Wolf, and Golden Ant as Golden Wolf. Created by Clean Tornado*
    Clean Tornado: Previously on The Secret Life of White Wolf…
    Neat Fish: Your first mission is to help solve the missing of famous paintings, and murder.
    White Wolf: Freeze! Your under arrest by the name of the law!
    Episode 3: Star Studded Culprit, part 1
    Location: Poptropica’s School For The Gifted, 3:25 p.m.
    *bell rings*
    Miss Comet: O.K. class. That’s dismissal bell! Have a wonderful weekend! White can you see me real quick?
    Class member 1: Oooh!
    Class member 2: Your in trouble!
    Miss Comet: She’s not in trouble! Next time you do that you have detention!
    Class members 1 and 2: Aw man!
    White Wolf: *rolls eyes* Yes, Miss Comet?
    Miss Comet: I believe somebody wants to see you. He wishes to be unknown. He’ll be picking you up in 30 minutes so please take some time to do your homework or read.
    White Wolf: *starts to read because that’s what she’s gifted at*
    30 minutes later…
    Miss Comet: White. *points to door*
    Unknown: *walks in* *is wearing a suit and a mask* Hello, White. *winks*
    White Wolf: Hello….
    Unknown: It’s time to go.
    White Wolf: O.K….. * walks with Unknown to his car*
    Unknown: *takes off mask*
    White Wolf: Neat Fish!!! 😮 What a suprise!!
    Neat Fish: I picked you to tell you your next mission.
    White Wolf: What is it?
    Neat Fish: A star studded person has stolen all of new computers to be shipped to the buyers. We need you to find out who did it.
    Continued in Part 2…..

  8. Dear Reader Writers,
    Due to the fact that there are a few aspiring writers in this page, I made a page where you can write your stories to your heart’s content. So check it out!
    •Brave Tomato

  9. except me…. well i guess not, because i am posting right now……. oh and i thought s.t. was like 17 or something…. but shes only 12! you guys are young… and has it occurred to you guys that i’m like the only boy on this website?

  10. i feel a whole lot better now. Thanx brave tomato, and clean tornado, and also, i cant wait for Boring Dayz will come out… i hope i will be bravery!

    Once upon a time,there were two Grade 4 students who just met…
    Nico:Hi!I’m Nico.Are you a new kid?
    Helen:Yes.I’m new here.By the way,my name is Helen.
    Nico:Do you have any friends yet?
    Helen:No.And I don’t know why.They always ignore me.
    Nico:Wanna join me for recess?
    The bell rang…
    Nico:Let’s go!
    As they went to the cafeteria…
    Perla:Oh!Nico!Who’s that girl of yours?!
    Nico:She’s just my friend.Please.Don’t be jealous.
    Helen didn’t say anything.The first time she looked at Nico,it was like love at first sight.
    Perla:C’mon,Nico!I’ll show you something!Oh,and please,don’t bring your friend.She’s not allowed.
    Nico:Just wait there,Helen!
    When Nico followed Perla,Helen turned back.Looks like she’s jealous.She was’t paying attention.She accidentally bumped her classmate.
    Helen:I’m so sorry!I didn’t mean to!
    Salina:How clumsy you are!You better get out of here!
    It was class time.Helen is still not paying attention.Nico was just in her back.She kept looking at him when…
    Sir Campbell:Helen!What do you think is the answer to my question?
    Helen:Uhh…I’m sorry sir but I don’t know the answer.
    Sir Campbell:You are not paying attention,are you?You should-
    Nico:Sir!I was just telling Helen something.I’m the one who’s not paying attention.I should go out.
    Sir Campbell:Fine then.You may leave the room.
    When Nico got out of the room,Helen felt guilty.She didn’t know what to do.She tried to forget Nico.Hours had past and it was already time for sleep.Helen can’t sleep very well.She had a dream of Nico and by the sea.But something got noisy and Nico disapeared.
    Nico:Hi,Helen!How are you today?
    Helen:Uhh.I’m fine.Wha-what about you?
    Nico:You look like shaking.
    Nico held her hand.It felt good.
    Nico:You are sick,Helen!Let’s go and bring you to the clinic.
    Helen wasn’t paying attention.He was just looking at Nico and smiling.
    To be continued…

  12. Something ironic: Marcus’ poptropica name is Striped Monster XD.
    It’s ironic because He’s wearing a striped shirt and is a ghost (close to a monster).

    • something else ironic, type in alomod in the add friends page and i am a girl and my name is striped monster :ops

  13. hey, haven’t you noticed something or someone different on this page? A new character as arrived but hasn’t introduced the series yet, her name is Scarlett. I know BT already knows that but has anyone else knew that?

  14. *looks at old archives of CB episodes* Oh, no! I forgot! FD’s character’s name is Scarlett! Eek… sorry, but I’ll have to change her name. 😐 Maybe Crimson…

  15. @BT you should go to and then click advirtisments then click monster high. Then you should use some of those outfits for the REd girls.

  16. I WANT THE OLD BT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! (NO NOT LIKE THAT!!!!!! 😛 I’M NOT GAY!!!! :P) 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 👿 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😡 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 👿 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  17. YO LS! you better go back to normal BT or else i either haunt u for the rest of ur life or kill you! that was the nicest thing i could give! I WANT CB AND THE OLD BT BACK!


  19. Hey BT, ya know how sometimes you had random Poptropicans who commented here get to be on CB’s Story? Well, I know you probably won’t have much of that now, what with the climax coming and all, but if there’s still a CB around after the climax, and you need more volunteers, well, I volunteer.
    My Poptropican name is Bony Bones. I am a boy. I have blue hair and tan skin, and I live/lived on Time Tangled Island. I am always making up good plans. If you ever use me as a character, feel free to make up all the other details.
    -Balloon Boy

  20. Hey BT!
    I have some questions about CB.
    1. What was up with the flower kid in the Halloween special?
    2. Will Zeus ever take revenge on CB?
    3. Will there be CB extras fccinna is a chunky munkyor more characters like Violet Alamar etc.?
    4. What was with the two girls in the Halloween Special?
    5. How come Alamar and Indigo don’t have the phantom power?

    • Wait… questions 1-4 sound familiar.
      1) The flower costume boy was Smart Scorpian, a character I used in a story, part of the Poptropica Scary Stories Saga. His sister, Popular (Poppy) Scorpion accidentally turned to stone when she handled the golden snake for too long, unknowingly. In the Curious Bee Halloween special, he’s wearing a flower costume in honor of his sister.

      Click here to view his story:

      2) Like I said, I don’t really wanna focus too much on the whole Zeus thing. That was way back when I was brainstorming what the heck “the adventure” in The Adventures of Curious Bee is. Little did I know that I was going to create Sasha (for when she used to be bad) and REd.

      3) Uhh… I think you’re trying to ask about what’s next for the CB Xtra. I’m probably going to do Nice Sword, Quiet Snake, or Blue Skull for the next one. The past 2 Xtras featured REd characters, so I want to do a good guy for the next one.

      4) The two young girls are Happy and Super Ring, from one of the Poptropica Scary Stories. They’re still shaken up after the whole thing where they encountered Scary Mary.

      Click here for their story:

      5) (this is a new one) Alamar and Indigo don’t exactly have phantom power cause their owner (aka me) was kinda lazy on doing islands as them to finish those islands, so I don’t have enough credits for them to buy the power.

      • Oh ok thanks BT. And by the way, I talked to one of the Pop creators! Sort of. Long story…..
        See, I was doing Vamp’s Curse island for the 2nd time and was at the part where I normally would get the medallion, but I didn’t. So I restarted the WHOLE island and it didn’t work again. And again. So i contacted Poptropica about it. They went on my account (cool having a creator go on your account, huh) fixed the technical bug, and sent me an email. WAIT! That’s not the cool part. The email was signed by a creator previously unknown to even Popyropica Help Blog!

      • Location: Reality TV Island
        Starring: Helen Hiker, Magic Mervin, Rickie Rock, Betty Brownie, and Hip Hop
        Helen Hiker: Does anyone want to go hiking with me?
        Magic Mervin: *points to kids* Ask them.
        Helen Hiker: What about you, kids?
        Hip Hop: *walks away* Not me.
        Rickie Rock: Not me; I’m busy.
        Betty Brownie: Nah.
        Helen Hiker: What about you, Mervin?
        Magic Mervin: *shrugs*

      • I knew that those girls were from a story.. 🙂

  21. Cameron is actually a boy’s name. The girl’s version is either Kamarin or Camarin or Camarona.

    ~Balloon Boy

  22. I love Curious Bee 🙂 I still remember the time I stayed up all night reading it on my iPhone. It took me about an hour to read from episode one to episode 32.

  23. You know what? they should make THE ADVENTURES OF CURIOUS BEE a MOVIE!

    On that topic, they should make Poptropica a movie.

    • To get into a CB episode, stay tuned to Super Thunder’s Blog to wait for an audition post. However, that may be a while, since my most recent episode, 33, was an audition episode. Thanks for your interest! 😀

    • *gasp* My poptropican for a story that I am writing on is Icy Flame!!!!! Her username is thenewbird89!!!!

    • No, he has his own Story Series… I have my own Story Series, and none of us “Copied” BT’s story 😉 He has comics for his too xD

  24. Hey, BT, I made a picture of Cameron and Marcus together in Poptropica Towers on Early Poptropica Island and I want you to see it. Can I e-mail it to you? Please reply.

  25. Hey BT, I’m just asking you. It’s okay if if you don’t say yes or something, but I just wanted to ask you. Could I use your story, and make my own version? I was only asking though, but I’ll be really glad if you say yes. 😉

  26. Hey, Bt! I got an idea for a different series! Ok, Cameron is walking down the dirt trail in the underworld. Then she falls in love with Charon, the moody boat captain. 9 months later, they manage to have a kid. Krimson goes COMMANDO when she finds out, and Grey Owl (The baby) has to run away to avoid death by REd. Finally, 11 years later Grey Owl must defeat Krimson when 20 year old Curious Bee tells her what will happen if this happens all over again. What do you think? BTW, I am not kidding about Krimson goes COMMANDO part! O.O

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