Season 4 (Episodes 32-40)

Episode 32: Alice Storm and the Small Problem

(released July 1, 2012)

Brave Tomato: Hey guys! Well, last time we saw Curious Bee, the end was cut off! Sorry about that!

Audience: It was intentional, though. You said so yourself.

Brave Tomato: Yeah, yeah, yeah… let’s just start.

*curtains open*

*the CB group help Cameron and Marcus up*

Quiet Snake: What’s this about?

Cameron: Lately, something’s been going on!

Marcus: It’s kind of hard to explain but we’ve been getting these weird feelings…

Curious Bee: What do you mean “weird feelings”?

Cameron: That something’s a little off.

Blue Skull: I’m confused.

Cameron: … I’d rather not tell you.

Marcus: Good point, sister. We shouldn’t tell them now. We should give them a break.

*Cameron and Marcus teleport away*

Curious Bee: What? What is it you need to tell us? I need to know!

Nice Sword: *sighs* We’ll never know.

Bendy Tornado: Maybe some things are better off not telling about.

Curious Bee: But still, I’m a little concerned.

*awkward silence*

Blue Skull: So… where do we go now?

Curious Bee: *points* What’s that island right there? I can’t make it out. *takes off glasses* I really need to clean these.

Quiet Snake: Oh, that’s Shrink Ray Island.

Curious Bee: Shrink Ray?? Why is it called that?

Quiet Snake: Don’t ask me. Heard it’s a nice place, though.

Curious Bee: Well, then let’s check it out!

*CB group docks at Shrink Ray Island*

Nice Sword: *gets off, and ends up on the slide* Wait, wha-

*the group gets off, ends up on the slide, and lands at various places*

Blue Skull: Why is the docking area over a slide??

Quiet Snake: Don’t ask me, that part I forgot about.

Curious Bee: It’s unique alright. *looks around* This island seems nice and quiet.

?: Coming through!!!

*the CB group look around and get confused. Little did they know that the source is just at the feet. A tiny girl with a braid in her hair stands by a toy jeep.*

?: Hey, would you mind?! I was trying to get by here!

Curious Bee: Oh! I’m sorry! Who are you, anyways?

Alice: I’m Purple Alice Storm, but people just call me Alice. Now’s not the time to be dilly-dallying! I need to get into that window! *points at a window*

Bendy Tornado: *picks up toy jeep with Alice in it* I think I can help with that. *about to throw the jeep*

Alice: No, no, no! Are you blind?! The window’s open!!

Bendy Tornado: *looks at window* Oh. It is open. *places jeep on windowsill and Alice runs through the window opening* … you’re welcome?

Quiet Snake: That was a little rude, wasn’t it?

*Crashes and flashes can be seen and heard through the window*

Curious Bee: What in Poptropica…?

*CB group sees Mr. Silva, holding a shrink ray gun, trying to shoot at Alice*

Alice: Aw come on! You’ve already shrunk me and CJ once! Can’t you just call it a day?! *gets on cabinets*

Mr. Silva: Not just yet! You’re still a threat to my fame, and you will continue to be one until you are invisible to the world! *attempts to shoot the shrink ray gun, but hits the microscope instead*

Curious Bee: What a weird teacher. I mean- who would shrink his own students?

Blue Skull: Apparently, he would.

Quiet Snake: The yearning for fame makes people do strange things.

Nice Sword: Yup.


*Alice looks up and sees the mirror, then gets an idea*

Alice: Oh, Mr. Silva! Yoo-hoo! Over here!

Mr. Silva: I got you now! *shoots at the mirror Alice is hiding behind, and the mirror reflects the beam back to him* Oh… great.

*Mr Silva shrinks and falls into the ant farm. A girl comes over and closes the lid*

CJ: Case closed.

Alice: Now we can get back to normal size!

*CB group watches as CJ and Alice use the shrink ray’s reverse switch to get back to normal size*

*Alice looks at the ant farm and picks it up*

Alice: *picks up the ant farm* So what now?

CJ: I think I have an idea on what to do…


Bendy Tornado: So, what just happened?

Curious Bee: I don’t know. *looks around* I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t my mom allow me to be here? I mean- besides that teacher, this island is relatively nice. The school seems good and it’s a nice neighborhood.

Nice Sword: Only your mom knows.

Alice: *exits school, normal size* Aw great you’re still here?! I mean- you saw that I was in a tight situation in there and you didn’t bother to help?!

Curious Bee: We didn’t know what we would do.

Alice: *mutters to self* Excuses… excuses… *turns back to CB group* It’s alright. I wouldn’t have gone in there if it wasn’t for you… um…

Bendy Tornado: Bendy Zachary Tornado.

Alice: Zachary. *turns to CB* And I would’ve gone in there earlier if it wasn’t for you… um…

Curious Bee: Curious Miranda Bee.

Alice: Miranda.

Curious Bee: Well, um, we have to get going…

Alice: Going? Going where?

Curious Bee: I don’t know.

Alice: Oh, um, I don’t know how to say this, but can I come with you? You see, I’m having a little bit of trouble right now- I mean I ran away from home and such…

Curious Bee: Honestly, I don’t know. I mean, you held a little bit of grudge for me.

Alice: Oh, that-excuse it. I believe I can get a little crabby. Especially when Mr. Silva’s been taken care of just minutes ago.

Blue Skull: I’m assuming that’s the teacher.

Alice: Yeah, him. Put him on display at the science fair as a shrunken man. Got what he wanted: fame. Just in a different way. Anyways, can I come?

Curious Bee: *thinks* Alright, sure.

Alice: Yayyy! Thank you so much!

Curious Bee: But can you promise me that you can lay down the attitude?

Alice: I can promise, but I’m really unsure if I can keep it.

Quiet Snake: You can. I’ll help you.

Blue Skull: *turns to QS* You? This isn’t-

Nice Sword: *covers BS’s mouth* That sounds like a good idea!

Alice: Great!… um…

Quiet Snake: Quiet Madeline Snake.

Alice: Madeline! I hope you can solve it!

Blue Skull: Do you know the words “please” and “thank you”?

Alice: Don’t get into this,… um…

Blue Skull: Eric.

Alice: That’s it? Your name’s just Eric? I’m going to need some more information.

Blue Skull: *sighs* Blue Eric Skull. As far as I can tell, you’ll only call me by the middle name.

Alice: Like I said, don’t get involved in this, Eric.

*Blue Skulls sighs, annoyed*

Curious Bee: *glumly* We should go.

*CB group gets into the blimp, now including Alice*

Quiet Snake: Tsk tsk tsk Alice! You should say thank you and please, and also, receive only necessary information, please.

Alice: Whatever.

Quiet Snake: Blimey! “Whatever” violates rule number 23 in the politeness handbook…

*as Quiet Snake continues ”teaching”, Alice looks ready to fall asleep, and the others look at her oddly*

Blue Skull: I don’t get why Madeline’s doing this. Half of those things she would offend herself in that handbook.

Curious Bee: Just play along.

Quiet Snake: … are you listening to me? Eye contact please, so I know that! Now, you shouldn’t…

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: And Quiet Snake continues on with that for about 15 minutes. I decided to cut it off here, cause I don’t want you to die of boredom. The other members certainly got annoyed. Ah well, BT out and tune in next time!

Episode 33: Reality is Key

(released August 18, 2012)

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here…

Audience Member: Been a while!

Brave Tomato: Yeah, it has been a while, hasn’t it? Even during the summer? Well last time we saw Curious Bee, they met Alice and stuff. And-

Audience Member: *looks at title* Reality is Key? But Curious Bee was already on Reality TV Island!

*flashback to Episode 4*

Curious Bee: Hello?

Poptropican 1: Could ya be quiet for a second?! We are trying to watch Reality TV Island!

Curious Bee: Reality TV Island?

Poptropican 2: *gasp* You never heard of Reality TV Island??????!!!!!!

Curious Bee: I’ve never been to any island besides my home island Early Poptropica, Nabooti, and Shark Tooth Island before!

Poptropican 1: You don’t know anything tourist!

Poptropican 2: Now, could you go away?? The show’s back on!

Audience Member: Plus, she was treated pretty badly there.

Brave Tomato: Well, let’s start the episode!

*curtains open*

Alice: *fangirl squeals* Reality TV Island! Can we go there, Miranda??? PLEASE???

Curious Bee: Reality TV Island? I’ve already been there.

Quiet Snake: *also fangirl squeals* But that was before you met most of us in the academy! Come on, CB! Please???

Curious Bee: Uhmm… there are a bunch of rowdy people there who only care about TV and celebrities.

Alice: So what??

Quiet Snake: Can we go PLEASE???? And by the way, Alice, “So what” doesn’t follow the good manners handbook!

Blue Skull: Neither does constant begging after an unwanted answer is recieved.

Nice Sword: I’m fine with either decision.

Curious Bee: Well…alright… I guess I can take you guys there.

Alice/QS: YAYYY!!! We’re going to meet Bucky! We’re going to meet Bucky!

Bendy Tornado: Bucky as in Bucky Lucas? Don’t get your hopes up on that. He hasn’t shown his face in months. Only on those tabloids.

Alice: Don’t remind us. Please.

Curious Bee: Well, let’s just get this over with.

*CB and the group dock at Reality TV*

Curious Bee: *looks at TV store* Oh my gosh, it’s the same group of people who were watching that TV when I arrived the FIRST time!

Blue Skull: What do you expect from Reality TV?

Curious Bee: Some manners, at least.

Alice: That’s the last thing you’d expect here, unless you’re talking about TV shows to them.

Quiet Snake: The billiards place is relatively peaceful. I mean, when it’s not at night. That’s when Reality TV Island airs.

Curious Bee: If you say so…

Nice Sword: You know what? I’m a little thirsty. I think I’m going to get something from the grocery store. I’ll be right back.

Blue Skull: I’ll go with her. Besides, I’m not that into billiards anyway.

*CB and the group enter the billiards area. A few people are in the billiards place, and the sound of billiard balls hitting each other echo throughout the room.*

Curious Bee: Want to get a table?

Quiet Snake: Sure thing. *looks around* Well, all the tables near the TV are taken, no surprise there.

Alice: No surprise indeed. What can I say? People love the show.

Quiet Snake: There’s a good one over there! *points to a table*

*the group head over to the table and rent the balls and cues.

Bendy Tornado: It’s nice and quiet here. You know, CB, Reality TV Island is not as bad as you made it seem.

Curious Bee: I know, right? It’s just bizarre that things can change as time goes on.

*The TV flashes to a Breaking News segment*

Announcer: This just in! Due to physical violence, Lauren Hinder had been disqualified from the hit reality show, Reality TV Island!

Random Poptropican 1: Oh thank goodness!

Random Poptropican 2: She’d go that far?!

Random Poptropican 3: That’s DEFINITELY going to be crazy!

Alice: Wait, Lauren got disqualified?! She got what she deserved, uh-huh!

Curious Bee: Sounds like Lauren’s not really a like-able person on the show.

Quiet Snake: Yeah, to fans of the show, she’s a total jerk and a hothead.

*a group of three enter the billiards place*

Cuddly Coyote: Wait, what happened??

Chilly Turtle: Lauren Hinder got the cold boot from Reality TV Island!

Silver Noodle: That’s crazy talk. Didn’t Lauren win today’s competition?

Chilly Turtle: Yes, but she got rough against another competitor, so she got kicked off!

Cuddly Coyote/Silver Noodle: Yikes.

*the three walk over to the billiards table CB and the others are*

Silver Noodle: Oh, sorry! Didn’t know someone was already playing here!

Bendy Tornado: No problem.

Curious Bee: It’s alright. We haven’t really been playing billiards that much. The whole Lauren thing got our attention anyways. Or at least Quiet Snake’s and Alice Storm’s attention.

Silver Noodle: Look, they’re going to show her picture!

*on TV, the announcer continues talking as the picture of Lauren comes up*

Cuddly Coyote: She deserved to go home!

Chilly Turtle: But isn’t her home here?

Cuddly Coyote: Oh yeah! She’s from here!

Curious Bee: *thinks to herself* Huh, she looks a little like Nice Sword. Funny.

*Finally, Nice Sword enters the Billiards place with a water bottle in her hand. As soon as she walks in, everybody at the tables stare at her and stop whatever they are doing.*

Nice Sword: Umm… hi?

Random Poptropican 1: It’s Lauren!

Nice Sword: Wait, huh??

Random Poptropican 2: GET HER!!!!

*The small crowd at the other billiards table crowd around Nice Sword and push her out of the billiards place.*

Curious Bee: Oh no! Wait-wait-wait-wait!!!

Bendy Tornado: Oh dear.

Alice: Identity crisis alert.

Quiet Snake: You said it.

Cuddly Coyote: Lemme at her!

Curious Bee: No-no-no-no! She’s not Lauren! She’s my friend, Nice Sword!

Chilly Turtle: She’s not really Lauren? Oh crud.

Silver Noodle: My goodness, she looks a lot like her.

Curious Bee: That’s the problem! We should go.

*CB and the others leave the Billiards, and they see Blue Skull, who was waiting by a stop sign*

Blue Skull: Oh there you guys are! Over here! I just saw Nice Sword being pushed around like a ping pong ball!

Silver Noodle: Because people think Nice Sword is Lauren Hinder from Reality TV Island, the show!

Blue Skull: *looks at Cuddly Coyote, Chilly Turtle, and Silver Noodle* Who are they?

Cuddly Coyote: I’m Cuddly Coyote!

Chilly Turtle: Chilly Turtle.

Silver Noodle: Silver Noodle. Nice to meet you guys!

Bendy Tornado: They pretty much want to help.

Blue Skull: Oh, okay.

Quiet Snake: I think I have a plan on what we are going to do in order to get Nice Sword out of that mob.

Alice: What are you waiting for, Madeline? Let’s go!

*The group goes to look for Nice Sword*

*Meanwhile in an alley, the small crowd from the billiards building surround Nice Sword*

Nice Sword: What’s this all about?

RTV Fan #1: You know exactly what this is about, Lauren!

Nice Sword: But my name’s not-

RTV Fan #2: Congratulations, Lauren, you have become the dislikeable one on the show.

Nice Sword: I’m-

RTV Fan #3: Shaddup you little-

*Quiet Snake emerges from the corner of the alley and throws some water from her water bottle at the mob. The mob glimpses at QS for a second or two, then go right back to Nice Sword.*

Alice: *glares at QS* That was your plan?

Quiet Snake: I don’t get what went wrong! Water’s supposed to soothe a fiery crowd!

Alice: Yeah, only if the crowd is literally on fire!

Curious Bee: It seemed that the… indirect approach didn’t really work well. Let’s just try to calm them down verbally.

*The group go in and try to calm down the crowd. Instead of peace, however, chaos emerges. The mob starts accusing the group as being “supporters” of Lauren.*

Cuddly Coyote: Supporters?! We never liked Lauren!

RTV Fan #4: Well then how come you’re going against us instead of with us?!

Chilly Turtle: Because that’s not Lauren!

RTV Fan #4: Again with this?!? Look, stranger, we know Lauren when we see her.

Silver Noodle: Some people just end up looking like other people.

RTV Fan #4: Just shaddup, Lauren Supporter.

*over where Nice Sword is…*

Nice Sword: Umm.. guys? CB? I don’t think you’re helping too much.

Curious Bee: We’re trying our best, Nice Sword. Just hang in there.

RTV Fan #5: *to CB* What are you doing being nice?! You can’t go near this woman without something mean to say!!

Curious Bee: But she’s not-

RTV Fan #5: Goodbye!

*Nearby the alley, a girl walks by. She stops when she hears the sounds of arguing, and peeks into the alley. Then she sighs to herself.*

Lauren: People these days…

*Lauren walks into the alley bravely.*

Lauren: *shouts* Hey!!

*Everybody stops talking and stares at Lauren. Her physical attributes are very similar to Nice Sword, except for her clothes, and the fact that she’s older. The mob looks back and forth between her and Nice Sword, with a blink.*

RTV Fan #2: Okay, you’re definitely Lauren.

RTV Fan #3: But if you’re Lauren…

RTV Fan #5: Then who’s this chick?

Nice Sword: My name’s Nice Gabriella Sword!! I’ve been trying to tell you guys!

RTV Fan #1: Well then why didn’t you just say it, then?!

Lauren: *laughs* Well I’ll be. A doppleganger! More or less, I’ll say. You alright? I saw that chaos you’ve been through.

Nice Sword: I’m alright, thanks.

Lauren: *looks around* Can I talk to this group alone for a second, please?

*the mob, giving looks of disgust to Lauren, disperses, which leaves the CB group and the guest group with Lauren*

Lauren: Listen, you know how I was all mean and snobby during the show?

Cuddly Coyote/Chilly Turtle/ Silver Noodle: Umm… yes?

Lauren: The truth is, I wasn’t really like that.

Nice Sword: What do you mean?

Lauren: Before I came onto the show, the developers made me sign a contract that I would be the mean girl in this season of Reality TV Island. They said that it was for the ratings and all that stuff. At first, I refused, but the developers offered to pay me some money to be the mean girl part.

Alice: You were the mean girl… for money?

Lauren: I guess you can say that.

Nice Sword: But what about the fact that you fought someone or something like that?

Lauren: Oh, yeah. That was just an idiotic move on the developers’ part. They thought that I started the fight when it was really Sarah Snooty who did. I lifted my arm and she fell back like she’d been punched. Then, she ran around saying that I punched her, so here I am today.

Nice Sword: Yikes.

Lauren: Well, now that I’m back, without any more pay from the developers, I hope that I can just move on from that.

Nice Sword: Even with a ruined reputation?

Lauren: Even with a ruined reputation. Don’t believe what you see on TV for when it comes to life, reality is key.

Curious Bee: Reality is key, indeed.

Lauren: *turns around* I got to get going. It was nice meeting you guys, especially my doppleganger! 😛

Nice Sword: Umm… nice to meet you too.

Lauren: Bye!

*Lauren walks away*

Cuddly Coyote: We got to get going, too. This little mission was kind of fun!

Chilly Turtle: We have our own things to do, like trying to convince people who Lauren is inside.

Silver Noodle: It was nice meeting all of you, and thanks for allowing us to help out!

Curious Bee: No problem.

*The three wave goodbye and walk away*

Bendy Tornado: So what do you think of Reality TV Island now, Miranda?

Curious Bee: You know, this island isn’t as bad as I thought it was back then. Although it has its TV geeks and all, the billiards place came to my liking.

Blue Skull: Well, when there’s nothing on TV.

Curious Bee: Let’s head back to the blimp.

*CB and the group go on the blimp*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: I hope you enjoyed this episode! Once again, congratulations to Cuddly Coyote, Chilly Turtle, and Silver Noodle for winning the Luck of the Draw Audition! BT out!

*the audience exits the theater*

Brave Tomato: So much to do… so much to do…

*Brave Tomato get off the stage and looks at the camera. It’s still rolling.*

Brave Tomato: Umm…. cameramen? Cameramen?! You left the camera running! *sighs* Do I have to do everything myself?

*As Brave Tomato approaches the camera, the lights flicker in the theater.*

Brave Tomato: Uhh…. electrical control?! Not funny guys! Not funny!

*The presence of being watched overcomes BT.*

Brave Tomato: Who’s there?? You’ve missed the show! Sorry, just look up the episode on the blog!

?: I didn’t come for your stupid show.

*Brave Tomato turns and sees someone on the stage. She sees Viola on the stage. However, as soon as she sees her, her clothes changed to her old REd clothes. Viola, erm, VIOLET leaps down and goes into Brave Tomato. She screams out a cry of help, unheard. A possession is occuring. As soon as Violet fully gets in, she gets a small black curtain and cloaks herself.*

Violet: Now to focus on the task at hand.

*She teleports herself to REd HQ, where some things haven’t been touched for a while. Some dust started appearing and the atmosphere is just as dreary as ever.*

*Violet, in Brave Tomato’s cloaked body, runs over to the device where the portal is and hits a few buttons and switches. The portal to Nowhere opens its gaping hole once again, sucking up thing around it. Then, a pale white hand reaches out of the portal and grabs onto the rim. Violet smirks. The other hand grabs onto the other side and Krimson exits the portal and back into Poptropica. She lands on her feet, her blood red hair blowing in the direction of the portal. She looks at Violet, still in Brave Tomato’s body and looks, confused.*

Krimson: Stargirl?

Violet: Miss Everred. Excuse this form. I’ve possessed her.

Krimson: *eyebrow raises* Violet? Well, well, Didn’t expect for you, heck, any of you to come back for me. Guess you figured out about the fact that I lied about not being able to come back from “Nowhere”.

Violet: It was a successful lie, Miss Everred. The foolish Miranda Bee group thinks you’re gone for good.

Krimson: Well, they’re just too gullible.

Violet: Sasha Rider, after you went into the portal, she left Poptropica for good.

Krimson: As in vanished completely, huh? Rested in peace? That’s quite a heart wrencher. Besides, we would’ve been the only two REd members left. I’m not focused on world domination anymore.

Violet: Then what are you focusing on? Although I know your answer.

Krimson: *smirks* Bittersweet revenge. Miranda Bee shattered my life even more, especially with the lure, Gabriella Sword, reminding me of my past. I want her to feel my pain, what I’ve suffered and ultamately ended up leading to my death. And through not just what she feels outside. Her state of mind deserves to perish as well. I’ll drive her mad, summon her dark spirit. And then I’ll kill her.

Violet: I have an idea on how to do that. There’s a new girl in the Miranda Bee group, named Alice Storm. The Miranda Bee group haven’t told Alice about how they dealed with us and all. She’s perfect for a pawn.

Krimson: Alice Storm, huh? That’s perfect. I can use her to drive Miranda Bee into the darkness. After all, I DID tell her that I’ll get her for this.

Violet: You did, indeed. Although the others had left, I’ll still be right by your side. After all, I was a second in command.

Krimson: You were always my favorite, Violet.

Violet: What should I do with Little Miss Stargirl, here?

Krimson: Leave her lost here. She has no idea what happened. Besides, she probably saw you when you possessed her.

Violet: But she’ll blab about it to that wretched audience!

Krimson: Focus on the task at hand, Violet. We’ll deal with that later. In the meantime, I’ll leave behind a little message for Stargirl.

*As Violet leaves Brave Tomato’s body, Krimson creates a fire in the shape of a K. Then, she vanishes and Violet vanish.*

*Brave Tomato wakes up*

Brave Tomato: *tired* Uggggh… where am I? Oh, that nice, electronics everywhere, an open portal… *shoots up* Wait, an open portal?! *She turns and sees the flaming K next to her.* Oh no. Oh no no no no no!!! This is not good! Not good at all! I can’t believe it! *she stumbles and falls backwards towards the portal* Oh crud!

*She gets in, but a few seconds afterwards, she gets out with a little bit of effort.*

Brave Tomato: What in Poptropica’s name… the Portal to Nowhere is a scam?! I don’t know what to do! The audience will kill me if they found out Little Miss K is back… and that Violet was still on her side. If I tell the world, well, I’d be in trouble. I’ll lay low for now. I hate to do it, but I have to…

Episode 34- The Binary Code

(released December 2, 2012)

Brave Tomato: *stammers* Uhh…. hey guys…. BT here.

Audience Member: Why are you acting so shaky?

Brave Tomato: What? ME? Shaky? No. Well, it HAS been a long time again since I’ve released a full Curious Bee episode… so last episode we saw CB, they visited Reality TV Island, and Nice Sword had an identity crisis when she was mistaken for a disliked RTV contestant. Eventually, that was sorted out and CB and company can go off again. Let’s start.

*curtains open*

Quiet Snake: *opens map* So… where should we go?

Alice: Somewhere we haven’t been yet, that’s where!

Curious Bee: Yeah, let’s go somewhere we haven’t been.

*CB closes eyes and places finger on the map. She moves her finger around until she opens her eyes. She looks at where her finger is.*

Bendy Tornado: Astro-Knights Island?

Curious Bee: Astro-Knights? That’s a name that contradicting itself.

Nice Sword: No- no. It’s a nice place. It’s a kingdom that has technology for years ahead!

Blue Skull: Yeah, that’s what you said about 24 Carrot Island the first time we went there. I heard that Arturus has been attacked recently!

Nice Sword: No, really.

Curious Bee: Actually, Blue Skull’s right. When I was fighting she-who-must-not-be-named, she mentioned that someone called the Binary Bard has wrecked havoc on the kingdom and made off with the princess.

Nice Sword: What?

Curious Bee: I’m actually unsure if he’s defeated yet. But, well, yeah.

Alice: Do you want to check it out, anyways?

Curious Bee: Might as well. It’s somewhere I haven’t been yet.

*The blimp heads for Astro-Knights Island. They dock. The first thing the CB group sees is destruction everywhere. Blue Skull gives an “I told you so” look to Nice Sword.*

Nice Sword: Well, it was beautiful.

Quiet Snake: Oh no! Not this beautiful place!

Alice: That binary bozo really seemed to mess a lot of things up.

Blue Skull: Wait… look! *points to the fountain* The green orb is there!

Nice Sword: Well, that’s a relief.

Blue Skull: When the invasion happened, Mordred and the invaders…

Curious Bee: Mordred?

Blue Skull: The Binary Bard. Anyways, he and the invaders stole the orb and her majesty Princess Elyana. But from the looks of things, she was able to be rescued and the orb is back in its rightful place.

Curious Bee: Well, at least I was right when I said that he fell.

Bendy Tornado: If Mordred didn’t have that orb, then he’d be trapped in his palace forever.

*Quiet Snake stares down the orb*

Quiet Snake: I want to check it out!

*Quiet Snake leaps out of the blimp and heads for the orb. The others trail behind her.*

Alice: Hey, wait for us!

*Quiet Snake continues to the orb and jumps up the fountain.*

Quiet Snake: *realizing she’s wet* OH! Not my outfit! Curiosity doesn’t only kill cats, it kills clothes too! *looks closer at the orb*

Nice Sword: I don’t think you’re supposed to be up there.

Quiet Snake: Hold on! I won’t be long. *looks at the orb, and blinks* Um…

Curious Bee: What is it?

Quiet Snake: I think I see something ingraved on the orb!

Bendy Tornado: You do? What does it say?

Quiet Snake: I don’t know… it has a bunch of random numbers.

Blue Skull: Random numbers?

Alice: *thinks* 0’s and 1’s?

Quiet Snake: That’s the only numbers that are on there! In wierd and random orders too!

Curious Bee: That’s binary code! It’s a code used between computers and robots! I think those number combinations are more than random…

Bendy Tornado: We should find out what the message translates to. I don’t think anybody among us knows binary code.

Nice Sword: And from the looks of the residents around here, I don’t think they’d know, either.

Curious Bee: Maybe someone knows! *looks around* Over there, there’s a museam dedicated to Mordred! It must’ve been formed before everyone was aware that he was evil. Maybe the curator knows.

Blue Skull: Doesn’t hurt to try!

*The CB group head for the museam. Curious Bee knocks on the closed door.*

Mordred Museam Curator: We’re closed for good! Nobody wants to come here anymore ever since people knew the truth about Mordred.

Curious Bee: We didn’t come here to check out the museam. We just wanted to talk to you.

MMC: To me? Why do you want to talk to me?

Curious Bee: Do you know binary code?

MMC: Binary code? What in Poptropica do you need that for?

Curious Bee: We saw something engraved in the green orb on the fountain. We think it’s in binary code!

MMC: Let me see for myself…

*The Mordred Museam curator opens the door and exits the house. He looks at the fountain and goes up it. He inspects the orb.*

MMC: I see it! This is fascinating… now let’s see…

“Citizens of Arturus, you shall have no fear

For the Bard is defeated and Elyana is here

But this isn’t the last time, don’t take this joy for granted

For he’ll be comatose, next time he’s on this planet”

Blue Skull: Comatose?

MMC: That’s what it says. His majesty, the King, needs to hear of this!

Alice: But how the heck would he be back on Poptropica? There’s no way he could get here- his palace is probably light-years away from here!

Curious Bee: I don’t know. But the curator’s right. The King of Arturus needs to hear of this!

MMC: I’ll deliever the message and give the credit to you.

Curious Bee: Okay, we’ll probably be figuring this out…

*The MMC runs off towards the kingdom*

Quiet Snake: I don’t like the sound of that code.

Nice Sword: Me neither…

Curious Bee: Let’s get back on the blimp.

*The CB group head for the blimp*

Alice: Where are we going?

Curious Bee: I don’t know. But I don’t think we’ll get much information here.

*a flyer flies in the wind and ends up landing on Curious Bee’s blimp*

Alice: Miranda? There’s something on the blimp.

Curious Bee: *picks up the piece of paper* Huh…? What is this…? *reads* “Is counting sheep not getting you sleep? Call 1-5DR JUPITER”

Bendy Tornado: Dr. Jupiter?

Nice Sword: Sleep? Doesn’t comatose mean sleep?

Quiet Snake: It does…. should we call it?

Blue Skull: I think we should.

Curious Bee: Working on it.

*Curious Bee takes out her cell phone and dials the number. It only takes a half of a ring before Dr. Jupiter picks up.*

Dr. Jupiter: *on phone* Is counting sheep not getting you sleep? This is Dr. Jupiter. How may I help you?

Curious Bee: *startled* Hi, um, sir, I need to schedual an appointment. You see, I’ve been having these, um, nightmares…

Dr. Jupiter: Nightmares? I can see what I can do about that.

Curious Bee: Um… where’s your office?

Dr. Jupiter: Go on the map where it says “Super Villain Island”. From there, ask the woman in the control center to get you a chopper to my location.

Curious Bee: Um… okay?

Dr. Jupiter: I am available tomorrow afternoon. I’ll see you then.

Curious Bee: Okay, thank you, bye! *hangs up*

Bendy Tornado: Do you have any idea what you’re doing?

Curious Bee: Um… no. Dr. Jupiter said to go to… um… Super Villain Island.

Group: Super Villain Island?!

Alice: I don’t like the sound of that name.

Curious Bee: Maybe this Dr. Jupiter guy knows about this binary code thing, being a sleep therapist and all.

Bendy Tornado: Only one way to find out.

Curious Bee: *looks at map* Super Villain is kinda far away from here. We should be there by tomorrow morning, which is perfect. He wants to see me tomorrow afternoon. I’ll set the course.

*As CB sets up the blimp, Nice Sword looks at Bendy Tornado, and whispers to him*

Nice Sword: Why do I have a feeling this’ll not end well?

Bendy Tornado: I don’t know.

*The blimp gets off of Astro-Knights and heads west. On the island, Callie tries to chase the blimp.*

Callie: No! Wait-wait-wait! Don’t go there!

*The CB group is too far away to hear Callie’s warning.*

Callie: Oh! I’m too late, aren’t I? They’re falling right for Daddy’s trap! *groans* I’ll try and get to them at the island.

*meanwhile on a planet far far away…*

*A portal appears nearby the entrance of the Binary Bard’s fortress. A man with cloud-like hair and beard and black glasses and a scientist outfit goes through it, looking around. He approaches the door and knocks on it.*

Dr. Jupiter: I know you’re in there, Binary Bard.

Binary Bard: *inside fortress* No, I’m not!

Dr. Jupiter: Open the door! Or you’ll be sorry!

Binary Bard: Hmm… let me think… NO!

Dr. Jupiter: Very well then. It looks like I’ll have to do this the hard way.

Binary Bard: Wait… how did you get here, anyways??

*there is no response*

Binary Bard: Hello? Hmm. Must’ve left. Ah well…

*Inside the fortress, Binary Bard turns away from the the door and Dr. Jupiter’s standing right there. He cuffs the Binary Bard as soon as he turns around. *

Binary Bard: Wha-how did you get in here?!

Dr. Jupiter: My name’s Dr. Jupiter. And I need you for something.

Binary Bard: And what do you need me for?!

Dr. Jupiter: I need something that you have.

Binary Bard: I don’t have anything of use! My mecha-bot is bust and-

Dr. Jupiter: It’s not anything physical. Let me show you.

*Dr. Jupiter forms a portal that leads somewhere near Erewhon Prison.*

Binary Bard: A portal back to Poptropica?! How?

Dr. Jupiter: Let’s just say I have my ways. Follow me.

*Dr. Jupiter and the cuffed Binary Bard go through the portal.*

Binary Bard: Where are we?

Dr. Jupiter: My prison.

Binary Bard: Your prison? I knew it! I knew that you were tricking me!! Let me go this instant! You’ll pay!

*a distant sound of thunder is heard*

Dr. Jupiter: Did you hear me the first time I introduced myself? I’m Dr. Jupiter. Cooperate with me. Or else you’re the one that’s going to pay.

Binary Bard: Whatever. Just lead on.

*Dr. Jupiter leads Binary Bard to his lab. He then uncuffs him and gets him into the sleep chamber. The chamber closes on him.*

Binary Bard: What is this?!

Dr. Jupiter: Good night, Mordred.

*Dr Jupiter pushes a few buttons and Binary Bard slowly drifts into slumber*

Dr. Jupiter: Now all I need is for Curious Miranda Bee to get these three-er-four totems… and no one will ask any questions about it. I’d say it’s justifiable revenge.

*He looks to his left and sees a pile of papers on his desk.*

Dr. Jupiter: Don’t make yourself look suspicious though… *goes over to desk and does paperwork*.

*curtains close, signifying end of the episode*

Brave Tomato: ^_^

Audience Members: …

Brave Tomato: Well, that’s the end of the episode for now! Catch ya next time! 😀

*Lights turn off, audience leaves confused. As soon as she knows that she’s alone, she screams, in a mix of fear and anger.*

Brave Tomato: I thought he forgot about the incident on Episode 5! *facepalm*

Episode 35- Super Villain Island

Part One- Lab Rats (released December 20, 2012)

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here! Well, last time we saw Curious Bee and the group, they went to Astro-Knights Island and discovered a coded message on the green orb. The message said that the next time he’s in Poptropica, he’ll be comatose. And so after finding out about, erm, Dr. Jupiter, they set course for Super Villain Island. Let’s start.

*curtains open*

*It is morning. The CB group get up and look around. Then, they look at the map.*

Curious Bee: We’re almost there. All we need to do now is just keep going in this direction.

Quiet Snake: Oh thank goodness! I’m starting to get really cooped up with this blimp.

Nice Sword: Yeah, me too…

Blue Skull: Hey! I think I see something over there! *points*

*The CB group look at the direction Blue Skull is pointing in.*

Alice: An oil rig? Miranda, are you sure you know where you’re going? I wouldn’t expect any sleep psychiatrist to work in an oil rig.

Curious Bee: Yup. This is it. The doctor said to ask the woman in the control center here about a chopper to go to his location.

Bendy Tornado: Why can’t we just take the blimp?

Curious Bee: Maybe because we wouldn’t have had any idea where we’d be going. Let’s dock for now.

*The blimp docks*

Curious Bee: I think I see the control center up there. We can now finally see what this is all about…

*The group gets off the blimp and heads for the control center. They approach the door. They can hear a conversation from the other side of the door, but muffled, until they open it.*

Dr. Jupiter: *on video transmission* It won’t take more than a day, Tara. I’ll pay double your usual wages!

Tara: Look, for the last time, Doctor, we’re already working night and day out here! I don’t have any manpower to spare!

Dr. Jupiter: You will. Shortly, a girl will arrive who’s come to see you to get a chopper to me. *exits transmission*

Tara: *sighs and turns* Oh, I didn’t see you there.

Curious Bee: Was that Dr. Jupiter?

Tara: Yes. He’s begging to send him workers from my rig again.

Curious Bee: Again?

Tara: Yes, again. Last time, they never came back!

Nice Sword: I knew I had a bad feeling about this.

Curious Bee: Well, I’ve scheduled an appointment with him. Can you by chance get us a chopper to go to whereever he is?

Tara: I can, but the chopper can’t fit all of you. Some of you will have to trail behind. Maybe use the blimp you used to get here and follow the helicopter. The pilot will arrive shortly to pick three of you up. The rest will just have to trail behind the chopper.

Curious Bee: I call chopper!

Bendy Tornado: Chopper!

Alice: Chopper!

Quiet Snake: Chopper-wait. Awww dangit!

Blue Skull: Welcome to my world, Madeline.

Nice Sword: So I guess the three of us will be going in the blimp then.

Quiet Snake: And you’re not the least bit phased about this, Gertrude?!

Nice Sword: My name’s Gabriella. Not Gertrude.

Tara: And if, er, when you come back, can you give me a report on what you see? I’d really appreciate it.

Curious Bee: No problem.

Tara: The pilot’s coming now. You should be on your way! Be careful, and make sure you come back right away!

Bendy Tornado: Great, thanks!

*The CB group exit the control room. Tara sighs*

Tara: I really hope they don’t end up like the others.

*Outside, the chopper docks itself on the roof. The pilot motions for three of the group to come on the blimp.*

Curious Bee: We’ll meet you there!

Nice Sword: You got it!

*CB, Bendy, and Alice go into the helicopter, while BS, QS, and NS head for the blimp. The helicopter and the blimp fly off.*

*in the helicopter*

Curious Bee: So… where are we going, exactly?

*The pilot doesn’t respond.*

Alice: Hello? Earth to pilot?

*a distant sound of thunder is heard*

Bendy Tornado: Was that…?

*the three start seeing black storm clouds in the distance*

Curious Bee: Pilot! You’re heading for those storm clouds!! Wake up!

Pilot: I’m awake and always had been, thank you very much.

Alice: Why are we going right for those clouds?

Pilot: I’m not authorized to answer any questions.

Curious Bee: :| There’s another way there, right?

Pilot: Again! I’m not authorized to answer any questions!

Alice: If you need us, we’ll be nervous wrecks.

*meanwhile on the blimp*

Quiet Snake: I don’t like the looks of those clouds…

Nice Sword: Why is the helicopter heading right for them???

Blue Skull: We can’t get this blimp through there, that’s for sure!

Quiet Snake: Turn around! NOW!!

Nice Sword: I-I can’t! The wind’s pushing us right towards it!

Blue Skull: You’re kidding me!

*Before both vehicles know it, they end up right underneath the looming storm clouds. Rain falls in sheets, gales of wind rush through the air, and thunder cracks and lights up the sky as the vehicles struggle*

*in the helicopter*


Pilot: *ignoring Alice* Oh great! It’s too windy! I can’t land! You’ll have to jump!

All Three: WHAT?!

Pilot: You’ll be fine! Put on the parachutes! Now!

*Frantically, CB, Bendy, and Alice grab their parachutes and put them on.*

Pilot: When this weather clears, call me on this walkie talkie and I’ll pick you up! I doubt that blimp will survive this storm! *gives CB the walkie talkie*

Curious Bee: *gasps* Blue Skull! Quiet Snake! Nice Sword! I really hope they turned around!

Pilot: Go! Jump!

Bendy Tornado: Well, this had been a fun life.

Pilot: GO!

*CB, Bendy, and Alice jump out of the helicopter and immediately activate their parachutes.*

*meanwhile on the blimp*

Quiet Snake: *cowering* Thisisnothappeningthisisnothappeningthisisnothappening…

Nice Sword: Hold on, everybody!

Blue Skull: *looks at chopper* Wait… did the others just… jump out of the chopper?

*As this happens, lightning cracks the sky and hits the blimp.*

Nice Sword: Oh no! We’ve been hit! May day! We’re going down!

*The blimp, losing altitude but still being pushed by the wind, lands on the rocks.*

*meanwhile in the sky*

Curious Bee: Oh no! The blimp’s been struck! I really hope they’re okay! We need to get down there as fast as possible!

Bendy Tornado: I can’t believe I’m doing this right now. Parachuting in a storm. I mean- I’ve done crazy things before, but this is ridiculous.

Alice: Hello? Earth to Zachary? Our friends just crash landed at some weird… woah.

*The three finally notice the dark tower and mounds of rocks that make up the small island.*

Curious Bee: Look! I think I see the three of them coming out of the blimp! They’re okay! Oh, thank goodness.

*Lightning continues to crack the sky, when all of a sudden…*

Bendy Tornado: Move, CB!

Curious Bee: Huh? *moves*

*Just as CB moves, lightning strikes where CB was before she moved.*

Curious Bee: *pants* Thanks… Zachary.

Bendy Tornado: No problem, Miranda.

Alice: Oh my gosh! Can’t this parachute go down any faster?

Curious Bee: We’re almost there!

*Before the three of them knew it, they land in the water.*

Blue Skull: *on land* Hey, over here!

*CB, Bendy, and Alice swim over to Blue Skull.

Blue Skull: Everyone’s okay, luckily, but the blimp… it’s pretty much destroyed.

Curious Bee: The blimp… this kind of thing happened before! About a year ago, I think. I was just cruising around on my blimp, and due to a flash of lightning, next thing I knew, I was on the beaches of Mythology Island! The tear is similar. It is fixable, though.

Quiet Snake: That’s great, now can we go find shelter? Look at what the rain is doing to me!

*The CB group start climbing up the rocks of the hill, and eventually, they reach the top. They notice a security camera peeking through.*

Curious Bee: *to security camera* Umm… hi. Do you by any chance know where Dr Jupiter is? Or some kind of shelter to wait out the storm?

*All of a sudden, the walls of the tower start to open up, revealing the entrance.*

Blue Skull: Woah!

Nice Sword: Should we go in?

Curious Bee: I guess…

*The group enters the prison, where a security guard guards the door.*

Curious Bee: Hi, sir, sorry to bother you, but we’re, um, lost. The storm threw us off course on our way to see Dr. Jupiter. You know, the sleep psychiatrist guy…

Security Guard #1: You’re in the right place, though. Welcome to Erewhon Prison-

Alice: Prison?

Security Guard #1: -the world’s most advanced supermax facility. We’ve got the worst of the worst criminals locked up inside.

Blue Skull: Supermax facility? Really?

Curious Bee: Dr. Jupiter works here?

Security Guard #1: Yes, his lab is just upstairs of here. He’s an extraordinary inventor and innovator as well. But the reason he called you here… well… I’ll let him explain. But if you know what’s good for you, you’ll turn around and leave right now.

Quiet Snake: Okay, great, bye!

*As Quiet Snake turns to leave, thunder echoes in the storm that still looms over the prison.*

Quiet Snake: … On second thought, why do you think we’re afraid? We’re not.

Security Guard #1: You should be.

Curious Bee: *starts moving* Come on, you guys, we’re starting to forget why we’re here.

Bendy Tornado: The Binary Code thing… yeah.

*The group moves forward, but a second security guard stops them and points at a security check station.*

Blue Skull: *looks* That’s a security protocol?

Security Guard #2: Do this or turn around.

Alice: Well, we can’t turn around. No turning back for us.

*One by one, the group go on the conveyor belt. They’re x-rayed, scanned, disinfected, dried, and had their picture taken. They move on to the security room.*

Security Guard #3: Looks like Jupiter’s brought in more suckers, huh?

Alice: Suckers? You know we can hear you.

Curious Bee: Look, the elevator says Dr. Jupiter’s lab!

Bendy Tornado: Let’s go.

*Curious Bee presses the button, and the elevator shortly arrives and opens. They go in and up. The group peek through a window and see some familiar faces in prison cells…*

Curious Bee: *sees Copy Cat* Hey, you were the one that stole my wallet!

Copy Cat: *sighs* All stolen property is in the front desk, main lobby.

Alice: *sees Mr. Silva* Look, crazy psycho teacher guy’s here, too!

Mr. Silva: *still small* You know, I still can hear you.

Blue Skull: *sees Gretchen Grimlock* Gretchen? She’s been apprehended? Finally.

Gretchen: *to Betty* Look, I told you that this entire place is filled with weirdos!

Curious Bee: *sees Betty Jetty* And the one who’s knocked me out of my blimp that one time is there, too…

Betty Jetty: *to Gretchen* Wait…are you calling me a weirdo?

*Finally, the elevator stops and opens. The group exit the elevator and enter a large, complex lab. They look around, facinated. Then Curious Bee turns to see the man she’s been searching for. He has a white, cloud-like beard with peach skin and black-rimmed glasses. He wears a lab coat over a yellow shirt with red tie and black pants.*

Dr. Jupiter: Are you the one who called me yesterday?

Curious Bee: Yes, sir, Dr. Jupiter. I’m Curious Bee, and this is my boyfriend, Bendy Tornado, and my friends Quiet Snake, Blue Skull, Nice Sword, and Purple Storm. Purple Storm prefers to be called by her middle name, Alice, by the way.

Dr. Jupiter: Welcome! I’m so glad you could make it! Now, Curious Bee, you said in your phone call that you’ve been having nightmares?

Curious Bee: Yes… but I have a feeling it means much more than that. In it, it talks about this prophecy…

Dr. Jupiter: Prophecy? What prophecy?

Curious Bee: It goes like this…

“Citizens of Arturus, you shall have no fear For the Bard is defeated and Elyana is here But this isn’t the last time, don’t take this joy for granted For he’ll be comatose next time he’s on this planet.”

*Dr. Jupiter looks at Curious Bee, and she looks back.*

Curious Bee: What is it? Do you know what it means?

Dr. Jupiter: I need your help for something.

Curious Bee: Huh? Why do you need my help? You know about it?

Dr. Jupiter: You’re about to participate in the most important science experiment the world has ever known!

Alice: Since when? We didn’t sign up to be lab rats.

*Dr. Jupiter waves somewhere, and lights start flashing on. A whirring sound is heard as a machine turns on. A screen flashes on and one by one, the sleep chambers light up, revealing the ones who are inside. The CB group stares at the sleep chambers, mouths open and awestruck. Alice recognizes Black Widow, while the rest of the group recognize Captain Crawfish and Dr. Hare.*

Quiet Snake: Watch out!

Dr. Jupiter: You are perfectly safe. Each of these fiends is fast asleep.

Quiet Snake: Oh! Um, I knew that!

Curious Bee: Dr. Hare… Black Widow… Captain Crawfish… and Binary Bard. The prophecy…what are they doing here???

Dr. Jupiter: I believe that deep inside the minds of each of these villains is a totem representing their evil. If we remove the totems, we remove the evil!

Nice Sword: And then we analyze and destroy the totems, right?

Dr. Jupiter: Er, of course!

Curious Bee: But how do we go into a mind? That’s virtually impossible!

Dr. Jupiter: That’s where you come in. Using my dream machine, you’ll go into the minds of these four fiends and then return them here to me.

*The group starts going closer to the machine, but Dr. Jupiter stops them.*

Dr. Jupiter: Only one person at a time could go into the dream machine. Now, Curious Bee, follow me…

*Curious Bee trails behind Dr. Jupiter closer to the dream machine.*

Curious Bee: So I’m going into villain’s minds!? Two of them would recognize me! I was the one who took Dr Hare down in the end, and Captain Crawfish would just recognize me from when he was trapped on Skullduggery Island!

Dr. Jupiter: You’ll be fine. Captain Crawfish is asleep in his dream and Dr Hare, well, he’s got other things going on.

Curious Bee: You sure I’ll be fine?

Dr. Jupiter: Trust me, you’ll be fine. Now go! Collect the totems!

*Curious Bee looks at the control panel, hits a few buttons, and goes under the headpiece that transports her into the dream. Blue light emerges from the headpiece, teleporting CB away.*

Bendy Tornado: She’s gone! Where is she?!

*Dr. Jupiter goes up to Captain Crawfish’s sleep chamber and points to him.*

Alice: No way.

Dr. Jupiter: Anything’s possible with science on your side. Now, let’s put on the dream monitor to see Curious Bee’s progress.

*Dr. Jupiter goes to a monitor and presses a few buttons. A tv screen appears, showing the Erewhon Prison logo. After a few moments, its statics into Captain Crawfish’s dream.*

Quiet Snake: That’s awesome! Freaky…but awesome!

Dr. Jupiter: Everything’s the state of the art.

Blue Skull: *watches screen* Wait… so that’s Captian Crawfish’s dream? Weird.

Dr. Jupiter: Just wait until she visits Dr. Hare’s dream. That one’s even weirder.

Nice Sword: Wait… how DID Binary Bard get here anyway? Last I heard, he was lost in deep space.

Dr. Jupiter: How I get to these fiends is top-secret information. I would just say that I have my ways.

Nice Sword: Okayyy…

*Inside Captain Crawfish’s dream, CB had recieved the two items from the treasure chests and looks around.*

Curious Bee: How do I get out of here…? Maybe if I pinch myself… *pinches herself*

*back in the real world, Curious Bee returns in a blue light from the dream machine*

Curious Bee: *holds up the turpentine and stopwatch she got* Are these totems?

Dr. Jupiter: *gives a serious look* Neither the stopwatch or the turpentine is the totem. When you pick up and find a totem, you’ll immediately get out of the dream.

Curious Bee: Dang it! *sighs*

Dr. Jupiter: By the way, you know that another way to get out of the dreams is to exit the way you came, right?

Curious Bee: Oh, um, okay.

Dr. Jupiter: Now go and collect the totems! What are you waiting for?

*Curious Bee presses the buttons once again and goes into the dream machine once more.*

Alice: *whispers* Someone’s a little bit of a bossy-pants.

Bendy Tornado: Um, Doctor? What are you going to do with those totems anyway?

Dr. Jupiter: First of all, keep it out of sight and hand of the evil. They’re raw sources of power after all! I need to analyze them to continue on with my studies. They’re a vital part of it. Once I’ve gathered all of the details I need, I’ll throw them out to the rocks.

Blue Skull: But aren’t the totems just self-explanatory? Concentrated sources of power?

Dr. Jupiter: Oh, I’m not just getting the totems for research. How would you feel if just by the removal of an object, these fiends would no longer be bad?

Alice: Making villains good? That’s a weird thought.

*Bendy Tornado thinks to himself for a moment, then turns to Dr. Jupiter.*

Bendy Tornado: What about the dead?

Dr. Jupiter: Hm?

Bendy Tornado: Ghosts. Do they have totems?

Dr. Jupiter: Ah, ghosts. Ghosts don’t have totems, but they do have something. Two of you follow me into my office, the rest of you keep an eye on the dream machine.

Nice Sword: I’ll go.

Bendy Tornado: Me too.

Alice: So great! Leave us here with sleeping villains! Wonderful.

*Dr. Jupiter goes into his office with Bendy Tornado and Nice Sword following behind.*

*in the CB viewing auditorium, the screen gets all staticy*

Brave Tomato: What the heck?? Hey! Sorry guys. This episode’s too long to be one whole episode, so I guess I’ll have to divide it up into parts! Unless it’s a special or something, the TV can’t take more than 3000 words… so yeah. That’s today’s episode. Tune in soon for Part 2!

*The audience leaves the auditorium, but not before an audience member throws a tomato at BT.*

Brave Tomato: *catches tomato* Gee, thanks! This may not be a Christmas special, but at least it’s an episode ;) BT out!

Part Two- Tenebri, Totems, & Tyranny (released January 20th, 2013)

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here! Last time we saw Curious Bee…

*curtains open*

Brave Tomato: Sure! Start the episode right away without an intro!

Audience Member: Move out of the way!

Brave Tomato: Okay! Sheesh…


*Bendy Tornado and Nice Sword follow Dr. Jupiter into his office.*

Dr. Jupiter: You see, Mr. Tornado, ghosts don’t have totems.

Bendy Tornado: If they don’t have totems, then what do they have?

*Dr Jupiter finds a file in a cabinent in his desk.*

Dr. Jupiter: They have tenebri.

Nice Sword: Tenebri? What the heck are those?

Dr. Jupiter: Tenebri are dark soul-like creatures that prey on the ghosts that have lost themselves to insanity. They usually appear as a weapon that the victim suddenly wields. If the victim uses the weapon in any way, then the tenebri who lives inside overpowers the spirit. If the victim doesn’t use the weapon, then the soul is safe. *continues looking through files* That’s all I have about the tenebri. I am more focused on the totems of the living than the tenebri of the dead.

Bendy Tornado: I’ve heard of ghosts possessing mortals, but I’ve never heard of anything that possesses the ghosts.

Nice Sword: It is rather strange. We should tell the others about this.

Dr. Jupiter: And make sure your friend actually finds a totem! Go on ahead. I need to put everything away.

*Bendy Tornado and Nice Sword exits the room. Dr. Jupiter looks at the tenebri folder he had taken out. It is clear that there is more in that folder than he has told them.*

*Back in the lab, Bendy Tornado and Nice Sword return from Dr. Jupiter’s office.*

Alice: So how did it go?

Bendy Tornado: Dr. Jupiter told us some… interesting information.

Quiet Snake: Like…?

*At that moment, Curious Bee briefly returns from Dr. Hare’s dream*

Curious Bee: *looks around* Where’s Dr. J?

Bendy Tornado: In his office.

Curious Bee: Oh. I was about to ask if this sprayer I found is a totem.

Nice Sword: Doesn’t seem like it. But maybe you can pour the turpentine in the sprayer.

Alice: Head for Black Widow’s dream next. She was an art theif. Maybe you can use that turpentine in there somehow.

Curious Bee: Thanks for the advice, Alice! *pushes buttons and heads off in the dream machine again*

*Dr. Jupiter exits from his office.*

Dr. Jupiter: Was there anything I missed?

Blue Skull: CB just passed by here a moment ago-

Dr. Jupiter: Did she find any totems yet?!

Blue Skull: Er, I don’t think so. She found an empty sprayer. She’s in Black Widow’s dream right now.

Dr. Jupiter: *sighs* She better find some soon, otherwise, I have nowhere to go in my research!

Nice Sword: Um… yeah.

Bendy Tornado: Okay.

*Nice Sword and Bendy Tornado look at Dr. Jupiter with a hidden peculiarity.*

Quiet Snake: Hey, by the way, what the heck was going on in Dr. Hare’s dream?! I saw an… anthill?

Alice: Miranda said that she was the one that dealt with Dr. Hare, but he didn’t even pay attention to her. Maybe because he was being carried by ants. If I were in Black Widow’s dream, she’d recognize me in a heartbeat. Luckily, she doesn’t know Miranda…

*The dream monitor statics into Black Widow’s dream*

Nice Sword: There’s the dream! *looks* I thought you said she was an art thief, Alice. Here, it looks like she took on vandalizing.

Dr. Jupiter: Black Widow’s dream focuses on what she wants the most: to display her art to the world.

Alice: She was always such a ham. But I didn’t know she could paint.

Dr. Jupiter: Exactly- in reality, she can’t.

*meanwhile, inside of Black Widow’s dream…*

Black Widow: The only painting worth looking at is this one I painted here!

Curious Bee: *dully* Mhm.

Black Widow: There’s nothing else here worth seeing but my masterpiece!

Curious Bee: *dully* Mhm. And about these other paintings- you know, Starry Night…

Black Widow: Oh, those. I have no idea how people prefer those messes over my masterpieces! Just look at mine! The color palette was spot on, and it has meaning. The others are just splotches of paint formed together and decided to be sent in as “art”. Nobody understands true art when they see it! Nobody but me!

Curious Bee: So you take on this life?? These other paintings you wrote on were pinnacles from history. And they need to be preserved… and restored. Although I know this is a dream and those aren’t the real things, this still needs to be done. Besides, I’m not here to check out your gallery- I’m here to take away your source of evil. *takes out turpentine sprayer*

Black Widow: *stares at sprayer, angrily* You little-! Don’t you think I know paint thinner when I see it?! I should’ve known- you’re just like all the rest! But you won’t ignore my genius.

*Black Widow raises her hands with her fingers curled like spider legs. Then, spiders start coming from the ceiling, hanging down and being annoying in CB’s attempts to go to the paintings.*

*Back in the real world*

Alice: Black Widow could never do that! She’s an ordinary person!

Dr. Jupiter: Remember, Alice, they’re in a dream. Anything is possible in a dream.

Nice Sword: Reality has a ton of possibilities, too, though! You never know who you are going to encounter. We certainly weren’t expecting to be involved with this, that’s for sure.

Bendy Tornado: Yeah… *looks at Dr. Jupiter* You never know until it’s too late.

*Dr. Jupiter observes the dream monitor carefully, watching CB.*

*back in the dream*

*At this point, CB has cleaned up all of the infamous paintings. Black Widow’s face reddens with anger.*

Black Widow: I won’t let you destroy my work!

*Black Widow starts to chase after CB. CB tries to spray Black Widow’s “masterpiece” with the turpentine. Although knocked around a couple of times by both Black Widow and the spiders that still linger, CB eventually gets the masterpiece to melt.*

Curious Bee: Looks like somebody’s spider got squashed!

*Black Widow cries out as she vanishes, along with the spiders. A paintbrush remains on the place where the masterpiece laid.*

Curious Bee: Is that…?

*CB picks up the totem and involuntarily gets out of the dream.*

*back in reality, CB emerges from the headset of the dream machine*

Curious Bee: *holds out paintbrush, crystal key, and shrinking potion* Are any of these-

Dr. Jupiter: Yes! The paintbrush is a totem!

Curious Bee: Finally! Hey, can any of you hold on to this thing?

Alice: I will! *CB gives paintbrush to Alice*

Dr. Jupiter: *seriously* Just give it to me when she has retrieved the other three.

Alice: Alright, Dr. J.

Dr. Jupiter: *glares at CB* You still have three more totems to get for me! What are you waiting for?!

Curious Bee: Okay, okay, I’m going! *CB presses buttons and exits reality*

Nice Sword: Um, Dr. Jupiter? Do you know where the guest bathroom is?

Dr. Jupiter: Not too far from here. It won’t take long to find it.

*Nice Sword exits the lab and finds a bathroom. She approaches the sink to wash her face. When she looks in the mirror, she sees a familiar face.*

Callie: Gabriella! Oh thank goodness you’re finally alone!

Nice Sword: Aph…-Callie! What are you doing here?

Callie: I tried to get to you back in Astro-Knights. There’s something you don’t know about Dr. Jupiter.

Nice Sword: I knew that there was something off about that man.

Callie: Look around you! Look at him! Look at his name!

Nice Sword: *thinks* Lightning/cloud design, Jupiter… wait a second. *looks at her Poptropica Traveler’s Guide* Hey, that statue kinda looks like… Jupiter. *drops guide*

Callie: *nods*

*Nice Sword turns to leave to tell the others, but Callie stops her.*

Callie: You can’t tell anyone else about it- especially not in front of Dr. Jupiter. When you go back there, be normal, and pretend that everything is alright. Until, of course, he acts.

Nice Sword: Wish me luck on that. But if it’s such a close-guarded secret, then why did you tell me?

Callie: You’re the only one who knows my true identity, remember? Though, at this point, I’m not sure if this identity can stay with me.

Nice Sword: Yeah…

Callie: I need to go before Daddy realizes I’m talking to you. Be careful! *Callie disappears*

*Nice Sword takes a deep breath and exits the bathroom and goes back to Dr. Jupiter’s lab. When Dr. Jupiter sees Nice Sword, he looks at her suspiciously. She smiles, nervously.*

Alice: What took you so long, Gabriella? You missed Miranda dropping off two more totems- Binary bozo’s and Captain Craw-selfish’s. She’s back in Dr. Hairy’s dream, right now.

Nice Sword: You know, handling all of these totems at once isn’t a good idea. Dr. Jupiter, can’t you view the totems right now and then destroy them as you go?

Dr. Jupiter: I need to view all four totems side by side for accurate research. See how they compare and contrast.

Quiet Snake: Okay.

*CB comes out of the dream machine again, carrying Dr. Hare’s Golden Carrot totem. NS’s eyes widen.*

Curious Bee: *pants* I got it! The last one! Woo- all that dream travel made me a little dizzy!

Dr. Jupiter: *firmly* Give me the totems.

*Alice, carrying Black Widow’s paintbrush totem, Bendy Tornado, carrying Binary Bard’s astrolabe totem, Blue Skull, carrying Captain Crawfish’s model ship totem, and Curious Bee, carrying Dr. Hare’s golden carrot totem, give the totems to Dr. Jupiter. Nice Sword tries to tell them no, but she couldn’t do anything about it.*

Dr. Jupiter: *carrying the totems in wonder* Such power! This is the most concentrated source of evil in the history of Poptropica.

Curious Bee: Yeah… congratulations. Now we’d better destroy this stuff!

Dr. Jupiter: Destroy? Oh, no-

Nice Sword: Yeah, CB. We can’t destroy the stuff right away. Dr. Jupiter’s got to analyze it first!

Curious Bee: Oh yeah, right! Sorry, Dr. J! Forgot about that.

Dr. Jupiter: -I got other plans! *glares* I know you talked to her, Gabriella.

Blue Skull: Talked to who? “Plans”? Okay, Dr. J, you’re starting to freak me out now.

Nice Sword: So I talked to her. So what? I should’ve known all along. The lightning and cloud design around here. Your appearance, it’s similar to a statue I saw before. Your name, Dr. Jupiter.

Dr. Jupiter: *frowns* Your point being…?

Curious Bee: What are you talking about?

Nice Sword: Everything’s a clue here, Dr. Jupiter, or should I say Zeus?

*The others look at Nice Sword with an expression hard to recognize. Then, the rest of the CB group, except CB, NS, and Bendy burst out laughing. The laughers and CB are facing away from Dr. Jupiter, who’s got a ticked off look on his face. He mutters something, inaudible. A flash of gold briefly appears in his irises.*

Alice: You’ve gone out of your mind, Gabriella!

Blue Skull: Good one, NS!

*At this point, Dr. Jupiter’s irises fully turn a gold color and he lifts his feet off of the ground, transforming into the assumed, correct identity. At this moment, Bendy Tornado and Nice Sword are the only ones who notice the transformation.*

Bendy Tornado: Umm… guys?

Quiet Snake: Not now, Bendy Tornado! We’re on a roll, here!

Bendy Tornado: But-

Curious Bee: What is it?

*Nice Sword motions for CB, Blue Skull, Alice, and Quiet Snake to turn around. They finally recognize the look of worry on their faces and laughter trails off, nervously.*

Alice: Is it me or has that shadow gotten larger?

Curious Bee: It’s not just you, Alice…

Zeus: Turn around.

Blue Skull: Umm…. Dr. J?

Quiet Snake: Why don’t I want to turn around???

*They slowly turn around and look straight ahead. However, they found themselves looking up instead of ahead. Their expressions turn from nervousness into fear in two seconds flat.*

Zeus: Behold! It is I, Zeus! Thanks to you, Miranda, with these four totems, I can finally rule all of Poptropica!

*Zeus forms a large orb of energy from the totems, and uses its blast to breach through the prison ceiling. That blast also affects the CB group and shatters the sleep chambers of the 4 villains. They all get blasted out into the air, over the seas and eventually land in the frigid waters. The 10 break through the surface of the water, gasping for air.*

Quiet Snake: *traumatized* What… just… happened?

Alice: Dr. Jupiter turned out to be a super villain incognito. That’s what happened.

Curious Bee: *startled* Okay… there are *counts* 10 people here, so we’re all okay. *thinks* Wait… ten?

Captain Crawfish: How did I get here?!

Black Widow: You took the words right out of my mouth…

*Attention draws to the 4 villains*

Curious Bee: Umm… hi. Now, this situation is gonna require a lot of explaining-

Binary Bard: *not wanting to be involved* Uh…freedom!

*The villains start swimming away*

Dr. Hare: I’m out of here!

*The originally comatose villains had fully swam away from the situation*

Alice: *sarcastically* Thanks for the help!

Curious Bee: *pants* What have I done? What have I done? What have I done????!

Nice Sword: It’s not your fault, CB. You didn’t know that Dr. Jupiter was actually Zeus.

Bendy Tornado: I know how you feel. Over one year ago, I was just as timid as you were, honestly. And I still am.

Blue Skull: Hey, guys, you should check this out- this is on the news.

*Blue Skull shows the news on his phone, showing pictures of devastation brewing over Poptropica, including shots of Mythology Island, Shark Tooth Island, and Mystery Train.*

Bendy Tornado: Shark Tooth’s my home! I really would want to check on my family, but… they still think I’m at the Academy.

Curious Bee: I promise we’ll go there.

Alice: After we find a way to defeat Big Z, of course!

Curious Bee: *reality sets in to her* We can’t.

Nice Sword: What do you mean, CB?

Curious Bee: Look at us. We’re just six ordinary mortals. He’s Zeus, the same guy in our literacy textbooks and all those other things. Plus, he’s a god. Immortal. Powerful. Knows what he’s doing.

Quiet Snake: What about the person that did defeat him?

Curious Bee: She had help.

*the area starts rumbling*

Blue Skull: What’s going on?

*A small island emerges from below their feet. The CB group stumble, trying to regain their footing. When the island finally stops rising, the group finally has the chance to see Poseidon.*

Bendy Tornado: You’re-

Nice Sword: You must be Poseidon!

Poseidon: I am. *sighs* My brother’s up to his old tricks again, I see. Some people never change.

Curious Bee: Yup. *looks around* Where’s Quiet Snake?

*CB looks around the island, and eventually sees QS cowering behind the statue of the top of a trident.*

Quiet Snake: CB!

Curious Bee: What are you doing back there?

Quiet Snake: You have no idea how traumatized I am, right now! *looks up and ahead* Umm, guys? You might want to see this…

*CB goes to get the attention of the rest of the CB group and points out behind the island. In the distance is the great city of Manhattan. However, attention draws to the Statue of Liberty. They could see Zeus in the distance, remodeling the monument, replacing Lady Liberty’s physique with his own. He grins in vanity at his work. As he works on it, Black Widow’s totem, embedded in the book part glows.*

Curious Bee: *turns to Poseidon* Can you stop him?

Poseidon: No, this is your mess to clean up. But I will give you the power of my trident to aid you.

*The sea god hands his trident over to CB.*

Poseidon: Which, by the way, thank you for returning it for me earlier.

Curious Bee: No problem. *looks ahead* Honestly, I’m a little bit nervous about this… Okay, a lot nervous.

Blue Skull: Aw, CB, you can do it!

Curious Bee: Just one question before I go..

Poseidon: Yes?

Curious Bee: How do I use this?

*As Poseidon shows CB how to use it in this situation, Zeus notices the island Poseidon formed in the distance.*

Zeus: So my brother wants to interfere again? Ha- this time around… *looks at the totems he embedded into the statue* I’ve got a few new tricks up my sleeve.

*back at the small island*

Curious Bee: I shouldn’t waste any more time. I got to get over to the Statue of…um…Tyranny?

Bendy Tornado: You can do this!

Quiet Snake: Go CB!

Alice: Good luck out there, cause you’re going to need it!

*CB group stares at Alice*

Alice: What?

Nice Sword: *to Alice* Not a big fan of the way you said that. *to CB* Let’s do this!

*CB forms pink clouds around her feet, and uses the pink clouds to carry herself over to the remodeled statue. Zeus is right in front of his face on the statue.*

Zeus: Everyone in Poptropica will kneel before me! Starting with… *looks down to CB* …you!

Curious Bee: *bravely* No. I don’t think so.

Zeus: Determined, aren’t you, Miranda? This will be fun. I can finally have my revenge on you.

Curious Bee: Revenge? What are you talking about? I never did anything to you!

Zeus: You did- you just did not notice. All that time ago, you crash-landed on Mythology Island. I was planning to turn my brothers against the one mortal that had defeated me, since they did not have their weapons back, yet. You got in the way. You returned that thing in your hands now and the crown to their rightful owners and my plan was a dud! Now, after months of trickery, lying, and deception, I can finally get what I want: all of Poptropica and bittersweet revenge- on you! *grips his master bolt*

Curious Bee: I still have no clue what you’re talking about, but I’m not going to let you rule all of Poptropica. Let’s end this once and for all.

*Zeus lets fly a thunderbolt at CB, who swiftly dodges it. CB, moving around, sees the places where Zeus has embedded the totems in the statue. She sees one, Dr. Hare’s, embedded in the torch of the Statue of Tyranny. Using Poseidon’s trident, she attacks the totem until it pops out and falls. It shatters like glass on the ground.*

*back on the small island*

Blue Skull: Hey, um, Gabriella?

Nice Sword: Yeah?

Blue Skull: Back at the prison, what did Dr. Jupiter mean by you talked to her?

Nice Sword: Well… um…

Alice: Eric’s got a point. Who’s she?

*the sound of a totem breaking is heard*

Nice Sword: Um…

*Callie lands ashore.*

Callie: She’s talking about me!

Bendy, Blue, Quiet: Callie?

Alice: Who are you?

Poseidon: Aphrodite? What are you doing here?

Blue Skull: Wait- Aphrodite?

Callie: It’s true. Might as well show you guys.

*Callie, staying mortal size, transforms into Aphrodite.*

Aphrodite: Poseidon, I’m here to explain some things to the group here.

Quiet Snake: So… the whole time, you disguised yourself as Callie?

Aphrodite: I did.

*the sound of a totem breaking is heard*

Aphrodite: Sounds like Daddy’s starting to have a déjà vu moment over there.

*Back by the “Statue of Tyranny” there is only one totem left embedded in the statue: Binary Bard’s totem.*

Curious Bee: Just one more totem…

*CB goes over to the totem and starts attacking it. As she attacks it, suddenly, the totem begins to glow. Meteors start to fall around the Statue of Tyranny. Zeus, not far away, makes a small smirk.*

Zeus: Such power!

*CB, startled by the meteors, tries to dodge the meteors, still trying to hit Binary Bard’s totem. In her effort to do so, one of the meteor scrapes the back of CB’s right leg. She holds in the scream from the burning pain and continues shooting at the totem until it pops out and falls, like the others had.*

Curious Bee: *pants* Now… to deal with you!

Zeus: Try me.

*CB starts shooting towards Zeus using the trident. Since he no longer has the totems to rely on, he goes back to what he knows. He shoots thunderbolt after thunderbolt towards CB. At the current time, CB has 10 clouds and Zeus has 12.*

*Back on the island, Poseidon has left, but left the island for the CB group to watch the fight. Aphrodite still is there.*

Aphrodite: *gleefully* Isn’t this exciting?!

Bendy Tornado: Kinda. *looks closer at CB* She got pretty hurt from that meteor attack. Look at her leg.

Quiet Snake: How is CB able to remain strong like this?

Nice Sword: This isn’t the first time she’s been a fight. She must’ve learned from that other time.

Alice: *counts* Miranda has 11 clouds and Big Z has 8. Looks like she’s finally getting an upper hand at this- wait- Miranda’s back to 10, now.

Blue Skull: Do you want to be a commentator one day?

Alice: Just because I notice and comment on what’s going on doesn’t mean you should make assumptions, Eric!

Blue Skull: Okay! Gee….

Alice: Miranda’s now at 9, Big Z’s got 6…

*Back by the statue, the battle continues on.Before either of them knew it, Zeus has 2 clouds remaining and CB has 2. CB shoots at Zeus two last times. Even with the clouds gone, Zeus remains floating and doesn’t have any look of defeat on his face at all. Instead, he looks more confident. He flies in front of the face of the statue.*

Curious Bee: Give up, yet?

Zeus: *snaps* I don’t need totems to defeat you!

Curious Bee: I’m taking that as a no…

Zeus: I am the god of thunder!

*Zeus goes into the statue. All of a sudden, the statue’s eyes blink and start to move. It shoots giant bolts in different directions.*

Curious Bee: Okay then…

*CB shoots into the eyes of the “Statue of Tyranny”. She’s super careful, for she only has 3 clouds holding her up.*

*back on the island*

Alice: It looks like we finally made it to the home stretch. Big Z has apparently possessed his statue, and is using it to attack Miranda with larger than average lightning bolts. But Miranda’s not giving up. She’s shooting at those eyes! Oh, wow, keep it up, Miranda! This could be it, folks! This could be it!

Blue Skull: Are you sure you don’t want to be a sports announcer?

Alice: It’s not my thing, Eric, okay?!

*Quiet Snake giggles at Alice.*

Alice: What’s so funny, Madeline???

Quiet Snake: Oh, the way you kid!

Alice: Huh? Aren’t you supposed to be traumatized or something?

Quiet Snake: I still am. But I know that CB can do it! That’s the thing!

*Alice sighs and look back to the Statue.*

*Meanwhile back by the Statue of Tyranny, CB shoots at the eyes of the statue. Despite her injury from the meteor, she shows no sign of weakness. She continues shooting at the eyes until Zeus comes out from the statue.*

Zeus: Not again! I was so close…

*Zeus falls to the ground by the statue and reduces himself to mortal size. The statue glows and reverts to the original Statue of Liberty. Back on the island, the CB group cheers. At this point, Aphrodite made herself Callie again so she can reveal herself to CB.*

Alice: And she has done it! She has done it!

*CB looks around and pants. She actually did it. She actually did it.*

Curious Bee: Wha… I… did it…?

*CB, overcome with emotion, faints, and the candy clouds gently bring her to the ground.*

Alice: And… Miranda’s down.

*A motorboat from Erewhon Prison goes over the water. The boat goes over to the small island. The security guards on the boat picks up the CB group and Callie. Then they go toward the Statue of Liberty and bring CB and Zeus, both unconscious, to the boat. They go to Erewhon Prison, without a word said, and go into a dock. They enter the prison from an alternate entrance and go back up to Dr. Jupiter’s lab. They put Zeus in a sleep chamber, and CB on the floor. They bandage the back of CB’s leg.*

*CB opens her eyes and finds herself staring at what’s left of the ceiling of the lab. She shoots up and finds herself back in the lab. Bendy Tornado goes over to CB and helps her up.*

Bendy Tornado: You okay, Miranda?

Curious Bee: Bendy… *groans* what happened?

Bendy Tornado: You saved the world.

Curious Bee: Again? That’s nice… *turns and sees Zeus in the sleep chamber* How…?

Security Guard 3: We managed to lock him up before he came to. Thanks to you, Zeus won’t be bothering anyone ever again.

Callie: You know that you can’t keep him here forever.

*CB finally notices Callie*

Curious Bee: Callie?

Callie: Hi, Miranda. *turns head back to security guard* For now, you don’t have to worry. However, as much of a tyrant as he wishes to be, he’s still the king of the gods and god of the skies. If he’s in there too long, well, I have no idea what would happen. Plus, Daddy needs to learn to appreciate what he has at Mythology Island.

Curious Bee: Wait… Daddy?

Callie: I’m sorry, Miranda. This whole time, I haven’t formally introduced myself. Although you already know me.

*Callie, staying mortal size, transforms into Aphrodite. It took CB a few blinks to finally realize it.*

Curious Bee: Aphrodite?

Aphrodite: Yes, it’s me.

Curious Bee: But…um… uh…

Aphrodite: All I’ve done as Callie Comet was a thank you.

Curious Bee: For what?

Aphrodite: A thank you for bringing my mirror back.

Curious Bee: But… you’ve done so much…

Aphrodite: That’s what Daddy said, too.

Curious Bee: Hm?

Aphrodite: Except in a disapproving tone. Here’s what happened before I talked to Nice Sword.


*Flashback to earlier, the time when Dr. Jupiter said he was putting papers away after he told Bendy and Nice Sword about the Tenebri. He actually heads out of the prison and sighs to himself.*

Dr. Jupiter: At this rate, they’ll end up like the others…

?: What do you mean, Daddy?

*Callie appears in front of Dr. Jupiter*

Dr. Jupiter: What are you doing here, Aphrodite?

Callie: I-

Dr. Jupiter: You’re going to help them again, aren’t you? Tell them who I am?

Callie: Daddy-

Dr. Jupiter: That girl has caused nothing but trouble to us, Aphrodite.

Callie: You, Daddy. She only caused trouble to you, and she doesn’t even know it.

Dr. Jupiter: So why do you help her?? She’s nothing more than a foolish mortal!

Callie: She gave me my mirror back, Daddy. You know how much that means to me.

Dr. Jupiter: And she gave me embarrassment. When I get the totems, every mortal man will kneel before me. She and her friends will be first!

Callie: Daddy, you know how well that turned out last time.

Dr. Jupiter: *snaps* Don’t talk to me about last time! They will kneel before me. Curious Miranda Bee fainted at the sound of my name and Bendy Zachary Tornado wouldn’t want any more trouble with us- he met Hades once before.

Callie: Daddy, Miranda’s a deserving girl. They’re-

Dr. Jupiter: Deserving?!?! Aphrodite, have you lost your mind?! You’ve done more for them than they have done for you!!! They are undeserving then, now, and they always will be!!! *pauses* Leave my sight, Aphrodite- and don’t you dare protect them from me!

*Callie disappears*

~Back to present time~

Aphrodite: As much as Daddy is wrong, he is also somewhat right.

Curious Bee: Hm?

Aphrodite: Now that you know who I am, I can’t directly help you, anymore. *sighs* It’s for the better of both of us.

Curious Bee: Aphrodite… How can I ever thank you for everything?

Quiet Snake: You helped me mend the relationship between CB and Bendy on 24 Carrot Island.

Blue Skull: You helped us out of a tight situation on Steamworks Island.

Nice Sword: And you helped me feel useful when we confronted Krimson.

Aphrodite: You did repay me- I don’t have to listen to Daddy’s “I want to take over all of Poptropica!” blabbering for a while. *giggles* You all are very special people. Remember that. *pauses* I must go. Farewell, everyone!

*Aphrodite disappears in roses.*

Curious Bee: Goodbye…

*She takes a deep breath and looks at the CB group. She smiles, and they nod.*

Quiet Snake: Okay, can we go now?!

Curious Bee: *remembers* Oh yeah! The blimp! It was torn in the storm!

Security Guard 4: We already took care of that. We docked it back at the oil drill. Three of you can go in the chopper, and we’ll get the rest of you a boat.

Curious Bee: Since Bendy, Alice, and I went here on the chopper, you guys can go on it this time.

Quiet Snake: Thank you!

*Time passes. BS, QS, and NS go on the helicopter, while CB, Bendy, and Alice go on the boat for the oil rig.*

Alice: That was quite a trip, wasn’t it?

Curious Bee: It sure was.

Bendy Tornado: I’m just glad it’s all over.

Curious Bee: *remembers* Oh yeah, I just remembered something!

*She reaches into her bag and takes out the trident. She then puts it back into the seas. She smiles. Also, she sees something else in her bag- her wallet.*

Curious Bee: My wallet?!

Security Guard 3: Copy Cat had it in her possession when we apprehended her. We saw your name in it, and I guess you got lucky.

Curious Bee: Thanks so much!

*Finally, they approach the oil rig. Tara, the woman with the sunglasses, greets them as they come it.*

Tara: You came back! Oh thank goodness!

Curious Bee: Yeah, but, um, well…

Tara: What’s the report?

Curious Bee: That Dr. Jupiter… he was actually a super villain in disguise, so I had to stop him and stuff. Look it up on the news or something. It’s a long story.

Tara: I knew that there was something off with him. Who was Dr. Jupiter?

Curious Bee: Zeus.

Tara: *blinks* Come again? I should’ve known… *shakes her head* Thank you for going out there.

Nice Sword: No problem.

Curious Bee: I think we should go.

Quiet Snake: I agree. Let’s.

*CB and the group go on the blimp.*

Curious Bee: So… where do we go now?

Alice: I want to go to the land of Nod, that’s where! *she sits and tries to take a nap*

Bendy Tornado: I really want to visit my home, Shark Tooth Island. See if my family’s okay after what happened.

Curious Bee: Good idea, Bendy.

*The blimp sets off.*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Whew! That… was long… part one and two together makes this episode longer than The Everred Plot, and this part alone is the second longest singular thing in the series (behind A Curious Bee Christmas Carol) o.o Now here’s what I have to say about the whole Zeus thing- doing this was my last resort. I tried to come up with something original for Zeus’ revenge on CB, but I couldn’t. To those disappointed by this, I’m sorry. At least now, after almost 2 years, I finally answered some questions- in a way. BT out!

*BT runs off stage.*

Episode 36: Over Calm Waters

(released Feburary 24, 2013)

Brave Tomato: Hey guys BT here. Now, last time we saw CB and the group… well… it’s a long story. How about we just get started, huh?

*curtains open*

*on the blimp*

Quiet Snake: How much longer till we get to Shark Tooth…?

Bendy Tornado: Shark Tooth Island is all the way on the other side of the map from Super Villain Island. I want to get there as soon as possible.

Curious Bee: Are you sure I wasn’t dreaming? That that actually happened back there?

Bendy Tornado: Everything that happened back there was real, unless we all had the same dream.

Alice: Not to mention that bandage on your leg.

Curious Bee: True. True.

*Bendy Tornado notices his home island in the distance*

Bendy Tornado: There! There it is! That’s Shark Tooth Island!

Blue Skull: Wait… Shark Tooth Island?

Nice Sword: You knew that we’re going to Shark Tooth Island. Why do you sound so surprised.

Blue Skull: Because that doesn’t look too much like the Shark Tooth Island I remember.

*The blimp docks at Shark Tooth Island. As soon as the blimp is docked, Bendy leaps out of the blimp and motions for the rest of the group to follow him. They do.*

Bendy Tornado: My house is over this way! We should- *sees Main Street* Oh… my…

*The Booga Shark statue is embedded in the tourist center and burn marks are everwhere. The Coconut Cafe has been cracked open and there are no salesmen in sight.*

Curious Bee: Last time I was here, there was a whole lot of salesmen here. Where is everybody? It’s safe now.

Bendy Tornado: They’re not taking any chances. I need to get to my house.

*Bendy Tornado runs again and the CB group follow. They eventually reach Palm Way, Bendy Tornado’s home street. Some of the houses’s have destroyed roofs, Bendy’s house, 14 Palm Way, being one of them. He runs up to the door and knocks on it.*

Bendy Torando: Mom! Dad! Laura! It’s me!

Quiet Snake: Laura?

Bendy Torando: My younger sister.

*Three faces peek out from the door, and Bendy breathes a sigh of relief. An eight-year-old girl runs towards Bendy, looks at him for a second, and hugs him.

Laura Tornado: Zack! It’s you! You’re okay!

Bendy Tornado: Laura! I missed you so much!

*The parents step closer to Bendy, tears filling their eyes*

Mom Tornado: …Zachary?

Bendy Tornado: Mom! Dad!

*They embrace Bendy. However, after a few moments, Bendy starts getting a little annoyed.*

Bendy Torando: Mom. Dad. That’s enough hugging. *The parents let their son go* I came here as soon as I could.

Dad Tornado: But what are you doing here, though?

Bendy Tornado: I wanted to come and see you guys. *looks at the hole in the roof in the house* I’m just glad all three of you are okay after what happened,

Laura Tornado: Yeah, that was scary! A flying man in a red dress demolished Main Street! What was that?! You seriously missed out on a lot!

Bendy Tornado: That was… *sigh*

Mom Tornado: That was what, Zachary?

Bendy Tornado: That was… that was… *grits teeth*

Curious Bee: Hi! I’m Curious Miranda Bee!

*The family blinks and looks at CB and the rest of the group quietly.*

Dad Tornado: It looks like you got a new gang, Zachary. You haven’t changed!

Bendy Tornado: This is not a gang, Dad! It’s a group… a group of friends. There’s a difference.

Alice: I’m Purple Alice Storm, but call me Alice, please.

Quiet Snake: Quiet Madeline Snake.

Blue Skull: Blue Eric Skull.

Nice Sword: Nice Gabriella Sword.

Quiet Snake: She meant to say Gertrude!

Nice Sword: Madeline, for the last time, just because my birth certificate was smeared doesn’t mean my name is Gertrude!

Dad Tornado: You all look familiar…

Curious Bee: Yeah, I might’ve been on the news. Especially after what happened…

*CB takes out her phone and finds an article on what happened. She shows the father.*

Dad Tornado: …that’s you?

*CB nods*

Dad Tornado: My oh my, you’re a brave young girl… *turns to Bendy* Zachary, can I talk to you in private for a second?

Bendy Tornado: Sure, Dad.

*Dad Tornado leads Bendy to the side of the house.*

Dad Tornado: I cannot believe I’m seeing you again… I thought…

Bendy Tornado: That I was still at the academy?

Dad Tornado: Yes… *sigh* I remember that call from the academy and the description how you and 4 others escaped its walls.

Bendy Tornado: *frowns* You want to send me back to the academy, don’t you?

Dad Tornado: It’s for the better, Zachary.

Bendy Tornado: I can’t go back there, Dad. I can’t leave behind my friends. That place didn’t do anything to change me! It was my friends that did.

Dad Tornado: Didn’t your friends also escape from the academy?

Bendy Tornado: Yes, but that was a long time ago. This isn’t 2010, Dad. It’s 2013. Things change.

Dad Tornado: Not all change is for the better.

Bendy Tornado: When was the last time you heard of a vandalizing?

Dad Tornado: I’ve been following vandalizing stories everywhere ever since I heard you escaped. But… none of them link to you or your friends.

Bendy Tornado: Exactly. I’ve changed, Dad. Please don’t send me back there. It’ll only make things worse.

Dad Tornado: … I know your story.

Bendy Tornado: Huh?

Dad Tornado: That day, your mom and I, after you went into the helicopter to the academy, the police showed us your comic about what happened. We didn’t know if you belonged there or not. We didn’t know we put salt on the wound. However, while your mom was hopeful, I wasn’t as hopeful. It was hard for me not to think of you as a bad kid from then on…

Bendy Tornado: If I were a bad kid, then would I be here right now?

Dad Tornado: Zachary…

*Alice peeks out from the side of the house*

Alice: Hey, Zachary! We’re waiting on you!

Bendy Tornado: Give me a second, Alice!

*Alice heads back*

Dad Tornado: By the way, Zachary, you never answered your sister’s question: who was that that attacked our island?

Bendy Tornado: Do you want me to show you through another drawing? Because I’m having a hard time saying…

Dad Tornado: Of course.

*Bendy Tornado starts sketching on a piece of paper the two identities of the same guy, and he showed how he and the rest of the group were fooled by his disguise. The sketch was done very roughly. Once finished, he shows his dad. He observes the drawing, trying to make out what it is.

Bendy Tornado: The one on the left was who he appeared to be at first, the one on the right was who he really is.

Dad Tornado: Zachary… I’m so glad your safe.

Bendy Tornado: Well, he’s locked away now, so we’re all safe. At least for now.

Dad Tornado: I’ll let you get back on your friends. Keep in touch and try to stay out of trouble!

Bendy Tornado: Got it.

*Bendy Tornado and Dad Tornado go back to the front of the house.*

Bendy Tornado: So what are you planning to do about the hole in the roof?

Dad Tornado: Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that. Be on your way! And good luck on your adventures!

Bendy Tornado: Thanks, Dad.

*Bendy heads back towards the group, but not before he waves good-bye to his family.*

Curious Bee: Come on, guys, let’s go.

*The CB group head for the left and for the blimp. However, Quiet Snake looks at the beaches.*

Quiet Snake: CB! Can we go to the beach? Pleease?

Curious Bee: *looks at the beach* I don’t think that’s a good idea. The waters are infested with sharks, hense this island’s name.

Quiet Snake: Of course I’m not going in the water. I just want to lay in the sand for a while.

Curious Bee: We need to go, QS. Maybe another day.

Quiet Snake: Aw… okay fine!

*As the CB group continue passing by the beach, they see two familiar faces out of the corner of their eyes. It’s Viola and Isadora, formerly Violet and Indigo. They’re in beach chairs right by the oceanside.*

Viola: What a great day at the beach!

Isadora: You said it, Viola.

Blue Skull: Viola? Isadora?

Isadora: Well well well! Miranda and company! And a new one! What’s your name, sweetie?

Alice: I’m Alice. And don’t call me sweetie, sweetie.

Isadora: How’re ya doing?

Curious Bee: Okay. How’s your making up for everything going along?

Alice: Making up for what?

Viola: It’s going along perfectly!

Isadora: Just perfectly!

Alice: Making up for what?

?: Viola! Isadora!

*Mira appears and glares at the two*

Mira: What are you guys still doing here! You haven’t budged from this island for months!

Alice: *whispers* Did she just appear from thin air?

Viola: Yeah, we’ll get to it… *turns and lays on back*

Isadora: Technically, we did budge though, when what’s-his-face randomly appeared and attacked this island with he-knows-what.

Mira: Whatever. *facepalms* Uggh…

Curious Bee: Mira!

Mira: Miranda? *turns* Miranda!

Curious Bee: How are you?

Mira: Doing good. But the thing is, Cameron, Marcus, and Adam already have found ways to try and make up for everything you-know-who did. These two, however, haven’t budged.

Alice: Mira, right? I’m Alice. Question: HOW did you do that?

Mira: Do what?

Alice: Appear out of nowhere like that?! Are you a magician?

Mira: Oh. I’m a spirit. Or ghost. Whatever you want to call it.

Alice: … what?

Mira: Yeah, that’s how everyone reacts. We’re harmless, though. The only one you truly have to worry about is trapped in nowhere right now.

*Viola secretly raises her eyebrows.*

Alice: Long story?

Mira: Yeah. *turns back to Viola and Isadora* Alright, tanning time’s over! You have a reputation to rebuild!

Isadora: Maybe in a few hours…

Mira: *facepalms* Come on, you two.

*Mira tugs on the two’s ears out of the chair.*

Viola: Owowowowowow!

Isadora: Stop it!

*Isadora let’s out a free hand toward the water and a wave crashes onto the coast, knocking over all who are near it, that being Mira, Viola, Isadora, and the CB group. However, no one get’s pulled into the water. Mira has lost grip of the ears from the wave crash.*

Mira: *coughs* Was that really necessary, Isadora?!

Curious Bee: Wait, Isadora, you did that?!

Isadora: Yes, that was necessary! And yes, I did that. I can control water.

Alice: You can what?

Quiet Snake: Thanks a lot, Isadora! I’m soaked!

Curious Bee: *awkwardly* You know what? We really need to go. See you guys around!

*The CB group slip away and head for the blimp.*

Nice Sword: You know, it was nice to see those three again, but… it was pretty much under awkward circumstances.

Blue Skull: Let’s go.

Quiet Snake: And I really need to dry off. I have towels.

*Quiet Snake takes out towels.*

Nice Sword: Wow, you really do have everything in that bag.

Curious Bee: I’ll let the blimp go. Now to see where to go next… *takes out map*

*The blimp heads off*

*Curtains close*

Brave Tomato: So yeah. That’s the end of this episode. Tune in next time for episode 37! Oh my word… I’m shocked that I’ve made that many episodes over the course of a little over 2 years.. BT out!

Episode 37: There’s No Such Thing as a Good Guy

(released March 23rd,2013)

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here again. Well, last time we saw Curious Bee and the group, they paid Shark Tooth Island a visit, and found that things were destroyed. Luckily, Bendy Tornado’s family is alright, and the group got to see Mira, Isadora, and… Viola again. Well, let’s get started.

*curtains open*

*The CB group look at the map laid out in front of them on the blimp. All of a sudden, Quiet Snake squees with excitement.*

Alice: What are you acting so giddy about?

Quiet Snake: Young Vampires in Love 3! It premieres today! I have to see it!

Alice: The Young Vampires in Love series? Are you kidding me?

Curious Bee: Where are they showing it?

Quiet Snake: Vampire’s Curse Island! Where else?

Blue Skull: Okay, can we please go to an island that doesn’t sound threatening?

Quiet Snake: Well, that’s the only place that shows that movie! Can we go there? Please?

Alice: Can we not go there? Please?

Curious Bee: Well, might as well. I haven’t seen a movie in a long time…

Quiet Snake: Oh! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

Alice: I can’t believe this.

Curious Bee: Setting course for Vampire’s Curse Island!

Bendy Tornado: So we’re going to Vampire’s Curse to see a movie?

Blue Skull: *turns to QS* You out of all people want to go there?

Quiet Snake: Of course!

*the group awkwardly looks at QS.*

Quiet Snake: What?

Bendy Tornado: Let’s just go.

*after some traveling, the blimp docks on Vampire’s Curse.*

Quiet Snake: Young Vampires 3, here I come!

*QS leaps out of the blimp.*

Nice Sword: Wait for us!

*CB and the group follow QS to the cinema*

Quiet Snake: What time is it, Miranda?

Curious Bee: Um… *checks time* it’s 7:47 PM.

Quiet Snake: The next show time is 8! We need to get those tickets! NOW!

Alice: Please don’t get me one. I’m not a movie person anymore.

Quiet Snake: Why? What made you not like movies?

Alice: Vampires in Love 1.

Blue Skull: Check it out, Zack! Cactus Von Garlic: Vampire Hunter starts at 7:55! We can see that if you want!

Bendy Tornado: I guess.

Alice: I’ll wait out here.

Curious Bee: You sure?

Alice: Positive. Have fun in La-La Land.

*Everyone except for Alice buy their tickets and enter the theater*

Alice: Well, I know I can’t just stand here the whole time.

*Alice looks at the dark forest nearby*

Alice: Maybe I’ll take a little walk. The movies will definitely be longer than an hour…

*meanwhile in the theater, the room showing Cactus Von Garlic*

Blue Skull: When was the last time we had some guy time? I mean, all the girls, except Alice, are seeing Young Vampires in Love.

Bendy Tornado: I don’t think we ever had any alone time, just us guys. We were always with the girls.

Blue Skull: Yeah, it’s about time. *thinks* I wonder what Alice is doing outside all alone?

*Meanwhile back outside…*

*Alice has navigated deeper and deeper into the wood. At one point, however, she could’ve sworn something was following her.*

Alice: Hello?

*No response*

Alice: Okay, going here was a bad idea. I think I should go back.

*She looks around*

Alice: Wait… which way was back again?

*No matter what direction she turns, she sees nothing but forest.*

Alice: …oh great.

*Back at the theater, during the showing of YVIL3*

Quiet Snake: *Shouting at the screen* Della! You know how it’s gonna end up being!

*The rest of the audience shush QS.*

Curious Bee: You know, Della Crow can’t hear you.

Nice Sword: Let’s just watch the movie. Let’s not get kicked out.

Quiet Snake: Fine…

*During the movie, the vibrator on CB’s phone goes off*

Curious Bee: Dang it! My phone’s going off! *picks up phone* It’s a text from Alice.

Nice Sword: What’s going on?

Curious Bee: It says “Miranda, I’m in a tight situation right now! Lost in the wood nearby the theater! Can you guys find me?”. *gets up* Okay, movie time’s over. Alice needs our help.

Quiet Snake: Aw, come on CB!

Nice Sword: Maybe we can save the movie for another day, Madeline. Let’s go.

Curious Bee: I’ll let the boys know.

*CB texts Bendy*

*in the Cactus Von Garlic showing room*

*Bendy could feel his phone vibrate. He picks up the phone.*

Blue Skull: What’s up?

Bendy Tornado: It’s Miranda. She said “Alice lost in woods. Help us find her.”

Blue Skull: Well, there goes our guy time.

Bendy Tornado: Let’s go.

*they get up and exit the theater and meet up with the girls*

Quiet Snake: There you guys are! I don’t understand why this has to happen while we were watching the movie! Really???

Curious Bee: Friends come first. Come on, let’s go find her.

*The CB group enter the forest, calling out Alice’s name*


Alice: Okay, I wasn’t planning to be lost in a big, creepy wood tonight. Nope. Not at all. No clue where I’m walking. No clue which way is back. If I were in a horror movie right now, I’d be the perfect prey.

*As Alice walks, she hears a twig breaking.*

Alice: Hello? Miranda? Is that you? I’m over here!

*no response*

Alice: Great. I’m hearing things! Way to go. Way to go.

?: Are you sure you’re hearing things?

Alice: *looks around* Huh? Hello? Who said that? Miranda? Madeline? Gabriella?

*No response.*

Alice: Okay, I definately heard that. I definately did. I’m not crazy. I heard that. “Are you sure you’re hearing things?” That’s what the voice said! I definately heard it! *she feels like someone is behind her* Wait… is someone behind me? I feel like someone is behind me.

?: Boo.

*Alice finally turns around and finds herself face to face with the girl with the blood-red hair.*

Alice: Woah! Sorry, chick! Didn’t see ya there. You lost in the woods too?

Krimson: *scowls* Don’t call me “chick”, Alice.

Alice: That voice… wait… how did you know my name?

Krimson: *smugly smiles* Why do you waste your time with the Miranda Bee group?

Alice: You didn’t answer my question. How did you- *she sees Krimson’s blade* -woah. Are you lost on your way to a costume party or something? I like your costume. And that blade looks so real.

Krimson: That’s because it is real. I can prove it to you.

*Krimson swipes her blade across the surface of Alice’s arm. Alice almost screams but Krimson shushes her.*

Alice: Hey! ….ouch… what was that for?!

Krimson: You wanted to know if it’s real or not.

Alice: I never asked if it was real.

Krimson: *frowns* Even after all that.. you have no idea who I am?

Alice: You never said your name. But, just stay away from me, okay? It’s creepy enough you know my name and who my friends are.

Krimson: *rolls eyes* What if I choose not to stay away?

*In the distance, the two could hear the CB group call out Alice’s name. Krimson now knows that the rest of the CB group is also in the woods. She grabs Alice’s wrist and teleports her to a different part of the woods, farther away from the group.*

Alice: How… where…

Krimson: I feel I needed to be as far away from them as possible. You, Alice, on the other hand…

Alice: I think I know who you are, now. You’re… that cheerleader who committed suicide, right? I know your name is a red color… Rose? No… Scarlett? No… Magenta? Wait, that’s not red…

Krimson: I’m known as Krimson Everred, with a K.

Alice: Krimson. Right…I was about to guess Ruby.

Krimson: Don’t call me that! You’re lucky I only brushed my blade against your arm. Anyways, back to why I am talking to you… *walks in circles around Alice* Why do you waste your time with Miranda?

Alice: Look, they’re nice people.

Krimson: I thought my fellow cheerleaders were nice people, too. But… look at where I am now.

Alice: The brink of insanity?

Krimson: I passed that brink long ago.

Alice: So if you’re really that Krimson… didn’t everybody say that you were in some sort of portal?

Krimson: A little friend freed me.

Alice: Who?

Krimson: You think I’d tell you?

Alice: True.

Krimson: The reason why I was looking for you… I have an offer you can’t refuse.

Alice: No way, Krim.

Krimson: You haven’t even heard the deal, yet. And you already refuse, not knowing of the consequences. Just listen. Back there on Super Villain, Curious Miranda Bee proved that she’s not a good friend.

Alice: Huh?

Krimson: She’s the hero. You’re the bystander. All you did was carry around that paintbrush and gave it to the doctor. And since the doctor was evil… you only contributed to the problem.

Alice: Well, considering that you supposedly saw everything, you should know that we didn’t know who that guy was, okay?

Krimson: Miranda’s setting you up, you see? She’s making sure the spotlight is on her the whole time. She has the innocence. She has the bravery. She has the leadership. She has the boy. And to her, you’re just a load of weight she’s lugging around. Don’t you want to have that spotlight?

Alice: Well, yes, but let’s face it, you’re not the good guy here.

Krimson: Actually, there is no such thing as a truly “good guy”. Everyone has darkness inside of them, including the supposed hero. Some just choose to use their darkness more than others.

*in the distance, Alice’s name is called*

Krimson: I’ll only get you started, but the rest is up to you. You’ll have the innocence. You’ll have the bravery. You’ll have the leadership. You can even have the boy. What will the Miranda Bee group give you?

Alice: Um… good point. I guess.

Krimson: My first order of business, never tell the Miranda Bee group that I talked to you or even that I’m in this world- or else blood will be shed. Secondly, think about what I told you- they’re not true friends, they’ll only leave you in the dust. The rest is up to you, my dear Alice. Don’t disappoint me.

Alice: And?

*Krimson disappears*

Alice: And you’re gone. Wonderful.

*in the distance, Alice’s name is called*

Alice: *shouts* Miranda?

Curious Bee: *shouts* Alice?? Is that you?

Alice: Get me out of here!

*The CB group run in the direction of Alice’s voice and see her. However, the first thing they see is the slice on Alice’s arm.*

Curious Bee: Alice, what happened to your arm??

Alice: My arm? *looks at arm* Oh! Yeah. Don’t worry about it, you guys; I only, um, scratched it on a branch.

Quiet Snake: Why do you have to be lost in the middle of the forest now of all times?! I had to miss the movie!

Alice: Young Vampires 3 isn’t the world, Madeline. Now can you take me out of here?

Curious Bee: Yeah, that’s what we’re planning to do, anyways.

*The CB group start heading through the wood. However, through the thick wood, they don’t realize that they aren’t heading for Main Street- they’re heading right for a looming castle in the distance.*

*curtains close*

*The audience glares at BT*

Brave Tomato: WellThatWasTheEpisodeSeeYouNextTimeBye! *runs off the stage and pants* If I had stayed on there a few seconds longer then I definitely would’ve had tomatoes thrown at me.

Episode 38- Hassle in Bram’s Castle

(released April 22, 2013)

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here-

*an audience member throws a tomato at BT, dead center of her face, the rest of the audience does the same with their tomato*

Brave Tomato: *wipes smashed tomato off her face* Glad you all got that out of your system, since last episode.

Audience Member: Why the heck is Krimson back?!

Brave Tomato: Look, I have no idea what the heck is going on with that. Well, you ruined my mood. Let’s just start the episode. As punishment, no intro.

Audience Member: *aside to another audience member* She considers not doing an intro a punishment??

*curtains open*

Curious Bee: We should get back to Main Street in no time.

Quiet Snake: Young Vampires in Love 3 probably ended by now! Thanks a lot, Alice, you made me miss the movie!

Alice: Oh, boo-hoo, Madeline. You have such a bad taste in movies, anyways.

Quiet Snake: Bad taste?! My taste is ideal, thank you very much!

Alice: That movie ruined the vampire genre!

Quiet Snake: Vampires are characters, not a genre!

Curious Bee: Guys, let’s not argue about trivial things right now. Alice, calm down. I get that you were trapped in the woods, and I don’t think it’s very fun, but, just calm down a little, okay? You too, Quiet Snake.

*Alice rolls her eyes and QS sighs, annoyed.*

Blue Skull: Umm… guys? Look up ahead.

*The CB group takes a closer look ahead*

Bendy Tornado: That doesn’t look like Main Street.

Curious Bee: Wait… were we going the wrong way?

Alice: Great job, Miranda! Let’s turn around and go the right way!

*All of a sudden, thunder cracks overhead and rain starts to fall*

Quiet Snake: Oh, come on!

Curious Bee: The castle seems to be abandoned. Well, we can just go in there temporarily to wait out the storm.

Nice Sword: But what if someone’s home?

Curious Bee: I’m sure they won’t mind.

*The group run toward the castle doors and enter. As soon as they go in, however, an arrow whizzes by right in front of them. They shriek a little and step back.*

?: Get back here, you villain!

*The CB group turn to find Cactus Von Garlic chasing a bat around the main library.*

CVG: You know the only good vampire is a dead vampire! Why do you bother acting innocent?!

Curious Bee: Umm… Hi?

CVG: Not now, children! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of doing my job?!

Bendy Tornado: Wait… you look familiar. You’re Cactus Von Garlic, Vampire Slayer, aren’t you?

CVG: Oh! Someone who recognizes me! Wonderful! Did you see my movie?

Blue Skull: We saw the beginning, but we had to go because one of us got lost in the middle of the woods.

*Alice shrugs*

CVG: *turns attention back towards bat* Aha! You really think you could get away while my fans were distracting me? Oh, no. Back to whence you came, you devil!

* CVG resumes chasing after the bat*

Nice Sword: So I’m assuming that bat’s a vampire.

Alice: You assume?

Curious Bee: You think we should help him?

Quiet Snake: No! I hate Dracula vampires.

Curious Bee: Let’s just help him.

*the CB group scatter, trying to catch the bat*

CVG: What are you children doing??! Chasing a vampire bat without a silver neckbrace and a garlic necklace? You’ll get bitten, and then I’d have to kill you!

*The bat flees into a hole in the wall before either the CB group or CVG could get to it.*

CVG: Oh, perfect! See what you kids did?? That fiend got away!

Alice: Look, Mr. Von Garlic, we did the best we could. Besides, the reason we came here at first was to seek shelter from the storm!

CVG: Well, the storms here are always on and off. You’re not only kids, My goodness… so you ight or might not be here for a while.

*QS groans*

Curious Bee: While we’re here, can we help?

CVG: I don’t need any more of your quote-on-quote “help”.

Curious Bee: What I mean is we capture the bat and bring it to you so you could kill it. You’d still be “Cactus Von Garlic: Vampire Slayer”.

CVG: I’m still not convinced.


CVG: Okay, okay! Sheesh. Just, if you do somehow miraculously catch that fiend, find me immediately so I can stop its squealing little breath.

Curious Bee: Sounds like a plan! *to group* Let’s split up, so we could cover more ground. Blue Skull and Nice Sword, scope the outside in case the bat tries to escape the castle. Quiet Snake and Alice, check out the towers of the castle- and no arguing in the process! Bendy and I will stay in the main hall.

*Alice rolls her eyes*

Quiet Snake: I have a bunch of butterfly nets and cardboard boxes in my bag!

*She takes nets and boxes out of her bag and gives one of each out to each of the pairs.*

Alice: How do you carry that thing?

CVG: I’ll be all over the place, tracking the creature. If I’m around when you’re trying to catch the creature, get out of the way! I don’t want to shoot a non-vampire!

*the CB group disperse*

CVG: *sighs* This is not going to end well… before I know it, all six of them will be heartless bats.

*QS and Aliice head up to the laboratory tower. As soon as they open the door, they see red liquid spilling the ground. QS screams at the sight.*

Quiet Snake: Is that… *hides behind Alice, gripping her shoulders*

Alice: No, it’s only tomato juice! *points at a tomato with a knife through it* See?

Quiet Snaike: Oh, phew! I thought it was blood!

Alice: Now, get off my shoulders, okay?!

*QS lets go of Alice’s shoulders and they investigate*

Alice: You see a bat, anywhere?

Quiet Snake: No- and I don’t want to encounter it!

*Meanwhile at the main hall*

Curious Bee: Umm… here, batty batty batty!

Bendy Toornado: Where is it?

CVG: You idiot children! Remember? It went into that hole in the wall!

*the bat flies out of the hole in the wall*

CVG: There it is! Look at that- it’s tossing around garlic! Oh, what a laugh! What a silly fool! *aims crossbow* Out of the way, children!

*Bendy and CB move out of the way. CVG continues aiming and shooting at the bat’s direction. All of the arrows miss. It flies out of the window.*

*meanwhile outside…*

Blue Skull: I think I hear chittering…

Nice Sword: Me, too…

*Blue Skull looks ahead and sees the bat*

Blue Skull: There it is!

Nice Sword: Where?

*they see the bat, and when the bat sees the two, it squeals in fear*

Blue Skull: Get the net! I’ll get the box!

*Nice Sword uses the net and manages to swipe the bat in midair*

Nice Sword: Got it!

Blue Skull: Quick, put it in the box!

*They toss the bat into the boxx and close it.*

Nice Sword: Yes! We got it!

Blue Skull: Let’s check it out!

*The two open the box slightly and look inside. The bat is there, with a clove of garlic next to it. It chitters sadly, and looks up. It cowers in the corner, hiding its body with its wings.*

Blue Skull: Wow… we caught a real-life vampire bat?

Nice Sword: We did…. but something’s off.

Blue Skulll: Off? What’s off?

Nice Sword: You’d think it’s a vampire, but when we opened the box, he’s not biting at our necks or anything.

Blue Skull: Let’s open the box a little more.

*They open the box slowly until it is completely open and the bat, taking the garlic, starts to flee*

Nice Sword: No, don’t fly away! We won’t hurt you or take you to Cactus! *turns to Blue Skull* Right, Eric?

Blue Skull: Um, yeah. Gabriella’s right. We won’t harm you. *aside to NS* You know, when you said that, you reminded me of my mother.

*The bat looks at the two, and then drops the garlic into Blue Skull’s hands*

Blue Skull: Garlic? But I don’t want to hurt you!

*The bat flies forward, chittering as if it were saying “Come on, slowpokes!”*

Nice Sword: Let’s follow it.

*They follow the bat*

*Meanwhile, right outside the castle doors*

CVG: Now where has that devil gone?

Curious Bee: I don’t know. All I know is that it flew out of the window. I’ll call Quiet Snake and Alice down to the outside. Blue Skull and Nice Sword are probably already looking.

Bendy Tornado: leet’s see if it is hiding anywhere here…

*While CB calls Alice and QS, she, CVG, and Bendy start looking for the bat*

CVG: You stay here. I’ll go check outside the walls.

*CVG exits from the main entrance area*

Curious Bee: *whispers to Bendy* Let’s follow him when he’s far enough away.

*Meanwhile, Blue Skull and Nice Sword are led to the graveyard. The bat goes into the hole of one of the chambers,

Blue Skull: What’s he going in there for?

*NS shrugs*

*After a short tie, the bat comes out of the hole, carrying wilted wolfsbane.*

Blue Skull: What kind of flowers are those?

*The bat gives the wolfsbane to NS*

Nice Sword: Wolfsbane. *turns to the bat* Where to now?

*The bat starts to head off again and Blue Skull and Nice Sword start to follow it. As the three go on their way, a voice calls behind them.*

CVG: Ahem.

*They stop in their tracks and turn around, finding CVG standing right behind them.*

CVG: You have found that wretched creature without telling me??

Nice Sword: But-

CVG: Why are you helping the enemy??!

Blue Skull: I-

CVG: *puts up crossbow* Give me that vampire. Now. And you know what? I don’t care if I shoot either of you! Young boy, you should know better. You’ve seen my movie, and you should know that vampires are not your friends! The only good vampire is a dead vampire!

Nice Sword: Run for it!

*the three, the bat leading the way, run into the forest*

Blue Skull: He’s gaining on us!

CVG: Get back here, you traitors!

*He shoots arrows at their direction. All of them miss, barely.*

Nice Sword: Maybe if we hide…

*They hide in a nearby hollow tree.*

CVG: Now where had those scoundrels gone?

*CVG goes on ahead, passing the hollow tree. The three let out a sigh of relief.*

Nice Sword: Wait, don’t go, yet. I hear more footsteps.

*CB, Bendy, Quiet Snake, and Alice enter the area and they look around.*

Bendy Tornado: Wherever Cactus goes, the vampire bat is sure to be nearby.

Curious Bee: I smell garlic… it must’ve been the smell from his hat or something.

Alice: Where’s Eric and Gabriella?

Quiet Snake: Her name is Gertrude.

Curious Bee: They haven’t been responding to my texts. That’s odd. I hope they’re okay.

*In the distance, they see what turns out to be a second vampire bat.*

Quiet Snake: Look, there it is!

*The bat stays where it is*

Bendy Tornado: Get the nets. I’ll get the box.

*CB, Alice, and QS each grab their net and head toward the bat.*

*CB tries to swipe the bat, but it shoots up in the air and lands, transforming himself into a human-like form. He has brown hair in a black hat with freckles on his cheeks. He wears a brown vest over his white shirt and wears white pants as well.*

Christopher: Good evening, kids. I’m glad to see you came to my ex-master’s castle.

Curious Bee: You’re only a teenager! Who are you?

Christopher: My name is Christopher, and Count Bram has blessed me with the vampire’s curse! I rescued her, my darling Katya, from master’s clutches, and he turned me in the process! Something inside of me cannot resist the taste of human blood. I’ve already turned one person…

Alice: Wait, there is one other vampire?

Christopher: Yes, but he’s wandering around, collecting assorted things. I’m a collector too- a collector of blood!

Quiet Snake: This guy’s crazy! Let’s make a run for it!

*The four run. Christopher makes himself a bat again and chases after the group. CB holds up a clove of garlic at Christopher. He hisses and flies off.*

*meanwhile back in the tree*

Blue Skull: There’s more of you?

*The bat chitters sadly*

NIce Sword: Why don’t you do what that Christopher guy did? Make yourself human so you can show us what you look like and you can tell us what’s going on. It’s safe in here.

*The bat nods and settles on the ground. He transforms into a teenage boy with black shaggy hair and blue eyes. He wears a brown jacket and jeans with a black and white shirt underneath.*

Drew: I’m Drew. *sighs* You know, I don’t want to be a vampire. Those things I’m collecting- the garlic and the wilted wolfsbane? They’re ingredients for a syringe to cure me of the vampire’s curse. That other vampire out there, Christopher? He was the one who turned me into a vampire. I need to cure him and myself, so I can explain to that Von Garlic fellow that there is a cure. I just couldn’t tell him- every time he sees me, he tries to kill me.

Blue Skull: Hi, Drew, I’m Blue Eric Sword, and this is Nice Gabriella Sword. Sounds like you’re going through a tough situation, buddy.

Drew: We need one more ingredient for the antidote: a mandrake root. Then, we need to go back into the castle into the lab so I can make myslef human again. Then, we should find Christopher before Cactus does and transform him back, too.

Nice Sword: Don’t worry, Drew. We’ll help you.

Drew: Thank you so much.

*Drew transforms himself back into a bat and exits the tree*

Blue Skull: Wait up!

*They follow Drew towards a blocked off cave. Drew goes in through one of the opening, and after a few seconds, comes out with the mandrake root.*

Blue Skull: You got it! Awesome!

Nice Sword: Quick, let’s go back to the castle.

*They start to run for the castle. However, shortly, they crash into the other four CB group members. They all fall upon impact.*

Quiet Snake: Owwie…

Curious Bee: What did we crash into?

Blue Skull: I think you mean “Who did we crash into?”.

Nice Sword: You certainly came out of nowhere.

Alice: Eric! Gabriella!

Quiet Snake: Gertrude!

Nice Sword: It’s not Gertrude, Madeline.

Bendy Tornado: Um, guys? The vampire bat’s right there.

*Attention turns to Drew*

Alice: Quick! After it!

*The group start to grab their nets and getting up when Blue Skull and Nice Sword stop them*

Blue Skull: No no no no no!

Nice Sword: Wait!

CB/Bendy/Alice/QS: Huh?

Nice Sword: That’s Drew, the guy Christopher turned. He wants to cure himself and Christopher of the vampire’s curse, so he’s been collecting these three ingredients- garlic, wilted wolfsbane, and mandrake roots- to make an antidote.

Blue Skull: Yeah, he’s cool. Unlike the Christopher dude, he’s not hostile.

*The Christopher bat start to approach the group from behind, but Drew flies up to him and stops him. They speak in bat chittering. The CB group turn toward the bats.*

Drew: (What do you think you’re doing?!)

Christopher: (What’s your problem, Drew? I was just trying to eat some dinner. Aren’t you hungry also?)

Drew: (No! I would never bite my friends! Just as long as those other four don’t harm me any more…)

Christopher: (Fine, be that way.)

Drew: (There is actually an antidote against the vampire’s curse!)

Christopher: (A cure? I don’t want to be cured! I’m having too much fun as a vampire!)

Drew: (What about your precious Katya? She’d never speak to you again if you keep on acting like this!)

*Awkward silence*

Christopher: (Good point.)

Drew: Now, come with us- and don’t bite anyone!)

Christopher: (Got it.)

*Christopher and Drew fly towards the castle*

Curious Bee: So they’re not bad at all?

Blue Skull: I think Cactus is more of a villain than the vampires are.

Alice: That’s an odd thought.

Nice Sword: Let’s just follow them!

*The CB group follow the two bats toward the castle. When they reach the main entrance, however…*

CVG: Stop where you are!

*The CB group freezes, turns around, and sees CVG, with his crossbow drawn*

Quiet Snake: *whispers to CB* Why are there always unwelcome sights behind us?

CVG: Now all of you are helping these two fiends?

Curious Bee: No, you don’t understand, we-

CVG: I’m starting to think some of you were vampires all along.

*While CVG focuses his attention on the CB group, Drew and Christopher take the ingredients and fly up to the castle laboratory.*

Bendy Tornado: Look, Mr. Von Garlic, we’re not vampires.

CVG: *aims crossbow* That’s what they all say, young man.

*CB, out of nervousness, grips the handle of her sword, without unsheathing it.*

Curious Bee: Don’t you dare harm any of us. Not all vampires want to be vampires.

CVG: It’s not like there is any cure to the Vampire’s Curse.

*Christopher and Drew, human again, run toward the CB group and stand in between them and CVG*

Drew: No, wait!

Christopher: Don’t hurt them!

CVG: What the? You’re not vampires anymore?

Drew: Yup! There’s a cure- 3 parts garlic, 3 part wilted wolfsbane, and 1 part mandrake root.

CVG: *puts away crossbow* I- all my life, I’ve been hunting the bloodsuckers. I thought the only way to get rid of its curse was to kill its carriers.

Drew: We don’t need to kill them. Instead, with the antidote, we can actually help the vampires. With this simple recipe, I helped Count Bram and Christopher, as well as myself. Maybe you can help the vampires also?

CVG: Great idea! From now on, I’ll be known as Cactus Von Garlic: Vampire Savior!

*CVG runs off*

Alice: What a weirdo.

Drew: Thank you so much for helping me and Christopher break our curse.

Blue Skull: No problem.

Curious Bee: Hey, Drew, Christopher, sorry we tried to catch you. Cactus made it seem like you were bad guys, but you were actually not that bad- for the most part.

Drew: Hey, you didn’t know. I didn’t think any of you could speak bat. *laughs a little* Yeah, I know, I’m not funny.

Christopher: Well, we have to go now. I have to find and reunite with Katya and Drew… can go back to whatever he was doing. Bye and thank you!

*Drew and Christopher run off.*

Alice: Can we go back to the blimp now?

Curious Bee: Good idea.

*They walk in the forest, heading back to Main Street*

Blue Skull: *to Nice Sword* Hey, good call on the bat-not-so-bad thing.

Nice Sword: Thanks, Eric! I just knew from looking at it, that’s all.

Alice: Well, I’m glad that someone other than Miranda is useful for something.

Quiet Snake: Ahem.

Alice: And Madeline’s potpourri bag.

Curious Bee: Hey, Alice, are you okay? Ever since we rescued you from being lost, you’ve been acting a little… off.

Alice: Define “off”.

Curious Bee: Well, first of all, you regained your attitude (no offense), and secondly, you seem to have… a little bit of a grudge against especially me.

Alice: It’s nothing. Really.

Curious Bee: *sighs* If you say so…

*They finally reach Main Street*

Quiet Snake: Look! Main Street! Our blimp! Finally! Let’s get out of here!

*The CB group get on the blimp*

Curious Bee: So where to, now?

Quiet Snake: Let’s not go to any more threatening-sounding islands.

Bendy Tornado: You do remember that going here was your idea, right?

Quiet Snake: This island was an exception. Young Vampires in Love 3 is not to be missed!

*cell phone rings*

Curious Bee: Oh, hold on a second.

*CB answers her cell phone*

Curious Bee: Hello?

Adam: Hey, Miranda, it’s Adam. Mind if you stop by Game Show Island for a bit? I need your help with my job, if you’re not doing anything else.

Curious Bee: Sure thing. I’ll be right there. See you then.

*hangs up*

Alice: Who was that?

Curious Bee: That was Adam. He wants our help on something.

Alice: Who’s Adam?

Curious Bee: Adam, formerly known as Alamar, was originally the yellow member of REd, remember? After we put Krimson into the portal, he wanted to make up for everything she made him do. He wants us to go to Game Show Island.

Quiet Snake: Game Show? Well, at least it doesn’t sound threatening!

Blue Skull: Well, it’s an island ruled by a robot revolution.

Quiet Snake: Oh. Spoke too soon. Well, he does specialize in machinery and electricity…

Curious Bee: Let’s head over there.

*The blimp flies off*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: So that was the episode! Hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you next time! BT out-

*more tomatoes are thrown at BT*

Brave Tomato: Two rounds of tomatoes in a row? Really? Well, bye.

*walks off stage*

Episode 39- Escape from Game Show Island

(released June 22nd, 2013)

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here. Sorry I didn’t release a new CB episode last month, I was kinda… distracted. Well, last time we saw Curious Bee and the group, they were in Vampire’s Curse woods, trying to find their way back to their blimp. They didn’t expect to have to save two vampires from a vampire hunter, but they did. And Alamar (now Adam) called them to Game Show Island. So yeah. On with the episode!

*Curtains open*

Bendy Tornado: Game Show Island dead ahead!

Quiet Snake: I don’t get it.

Curious Bee: What don’t you get?

Quiet Snake: Why is an island ruled by a robot revolution called “Game Show Island”?

Curious Bee: I-

Alice: That was how the robots took over the whole dang place. They were winning game show after game show and were rewarded with so much money that they could establish themselves as “the new masters of Poptropica”.

Curious Bee: Um… thanks Alice.

Alice: You’re welcome.

Blue Skull: Do you think we should dock? I think people tend to stare at a blimp floating still over the ocean.

Curious Bee: Sure, we’ll dock.

*the blimp docks*

Mrs. Nutsnbolts: Oh look at what dropped in- more human scum! *turns to a girl holding a parasol* Adjust the parasol, Mindy. I do not wish to rust in the sun.

Mindy: *sighs* Anything for you, Mrs. Nutsnbolts.

Nice Sword: What’s going on here?

Quiet Snake: It’s like a role reversal here!

Mindy: You don’t know?

Curious Bee: No, we know.

Mindy: Why are you tourists here? This island is not exactly a great tourist attraction.

Bendy Tornado: A friend of ours works here, and he needs our help with something.

Mrs. Nutsnbolts: Mindy! Why are you talking to those human scums, you human scum?!

Mindy: On my way! Sorry, I wish I could talk to you more, but I have a job to do. *runs towards Mrs. Nutsnbolts*

Quiet Snake: I feel really bad for Mindy.

Curious Bee: I know. I wish there was something we could do so everyone’s happy.

Alice: Let’s not forget about ghost friend #4.

Nice Sword: Adam, yeah. Let’s go to the factory.

*They head left, getting disapproving gestures from the robots as they pass by.*

*They approach a giant building, the factory*

Blue Skull: Who’s willing to bet that’s where Adam works?

Curious Bee: Only one way to find out…

*the CB group enters the facillity*

Adam: Oh good, you’re here!

Curious Bee: Hey, Adam.

Adam: *looks* Who’s the new girl?

Alice: I’m Alice. Pleased to be in the presence of another ghost.

*the other workers stare at Adam, confused*

Adam: Um… it’s a metaphor.

*the workers go back to what they were doing*

Curious Bee: *whispers to Alice* Don’t declare ghosts in public. We don’t want anyone to freak out, okay?

Alice: Yeah, like this world hasn’t seen weirder stuff in its lifetime.

Quiet Snake: This place is huge!

Adam: It is, isn’t it? This kind of place is somewhat of a paradise for people like me!

Nice Sword: Really?

Adam: Yeah. I’ve been a mechanics kind of guy since I was 8. Started with cola and candy rockets, then I expanded into electrical and metal work when I was 13.

Alice: You sound like a prodigy.

Adam: Yeah, I won some awards here and there. However, when I was 17, I was working on my first robot, drank from my water bottle, which was damp, when I accidentally touched a frayed live wire.

Blue Skull: Ouch.

Adam: It was more than a mere “ouch”.

Nice Sword: Oh, I’m sorry.

Adam: Nobody ever thought that Adam Milas would die from such a silly mistake as an accidental electricution. So yeah. When I woke up, I screamed at the sight of my body (who wouldn’t?). Sparks were flying all over it, and my body’s hair was frizzed like a mad doctor’s would be. And then Krimson found me, she liked that I was good with mechanics and made me a REd member. She brainwashed me, in a way, and made me construct all these machines, including the Portal to Nowhere. Krimson even said to me that there really was no such place as nowhere, there’s a way out. Luckily, you guys came in…

Bendy Tornado: Wait, what was that last part?

Adam: I was getting to that part. Lucklily, you guys came in and-

Bendy Tornado: No, no, before that.

Adam: Oh. Krimson even said that there is no such place as nowhere”. There is a way out.

*awkward silence*

Quiet Snake: …what? HOW?!

Adam: The only way out is if someone opens the portal and leaves it that way.

Alice: *turns to CB* Hey, Miranda, Adam just told us some important information. Why don’t you look so surprised?

Curious Bee: Because I already knew.

Nice Sword: Wait, you knew?!

Curious Bee: Yeah. One night, Marcus came into my dream- that’s apparantly his power- and told me the information about the portal as well.

Bendy Tornado: Why didn’t you tell us?

Quiet Snake: *annoyed* YEAH, why didn’t you tell us, CB?!

Curious Bee: I didn’t know if it was legitimate or just my mind playing tricks on me. I didn’t want you guys to freak over something that might not be real.

Nice Sword: Yeah, it would be silly to tell us something that’s not real.

Quiet Snake: But you still could’ve told us!

Curious Bee: Sorry. *Turns to Adam* So if you’re happy here, then why did you call us here?

Adam: I never said I was happy here. I said I would be happy in a place like this. I need you guys to-

*the boss of the factory, BossBot3000 sneaks up behind Adam*

BossBot3000: In the name of Holmes, Happy Foot, what are you doing? Lacking off the job, I see?

Adam: Well, I uh-

BossBot3000: Get back to the convetor belts- or you’re fired!

Adam: *looks at CB group, then back* You know what? You can’t fire me- I quit! I don’t need this stupid job.

BossBot3000: How dare you give me that attitude. I’m calling security!

*the robot pushes a button and red lights start flashing, and the only exit and the windows become barred off*

Adam: Hey, you’ll find more workers!

BossBot3000: Foolish human scum, you seem to be forgetting that you are no longer in charge of us! You think we would just let you oppress us again?! I don’t think so.

Adam: You have no idea who you’re talking to, buddy.

*The red lights suddenly turn off and the place goes black*

Quiet Snake: Hey, who turned off the lights?!

Adam: I did, just now.

BossBot3000: What is this? The light switch is far from here and you had not budged!

Adam: I didn’t even have to move.

*The normal lights turn back on*

Adam: And that was me, too.

Quiet Snake: Um… Adam? What happened to your clothes?

*Adam looks down and notices he’s wearing his REd outfit. He sighs, annoyed.*

Adam: Dang it. I hate when this happens.

Curious Bee: I can explain- whenever a REd member uses their powers, their REd clothes are on. Same thing happened to Marcus.

Quiet Snake: But what about Isadora at the beach?

Curious Bee: I guess it only applies to long-term use. She only used her powers briefly at the beach.

Adam: We’re out of here. *turns to CB group* Stand by me.

*The CB group stand close to Adam and he and the rest of the group teleport to the roof of the factory.*

Adam: *pants a little* Everyone here?

*The CB group nods*

Curious Bee: So… why did you call us here?

Adam: I seriously needed some moral support in order to do that.

Alice: That’s all? That’s the only reason you called us here?

Adam: Pretty much. And I needed a way to escape this place. Your blimp will do nicely.

*speakers turning on can be heard*

Adam: Uh oh.

Quiet Snake: Uh oh what?

*The TV on main street statics into Holmes’s appearance*

Holmes: This is your leader, Holmes, speaking.

Nice Sword: Who’s that?

Alice: The robot that started this whole dang revolution.

Holmes: I order all robots to find and apprehend Happy Foot and his accomplices. He had quit his slavery at the Robot Factory and insulted our society. Whoever brings me those human scums will get a full year’s supply of oil!

*BossBot3000 exits the factory and looks around*

BossBot3000: *steaming* HAPPY FOOT!

Adam: Now would be a good time to go. We have to stay high on the rooftops, otherwise, the robots would find us.

*The CB group nods*

Quiet Snake: But can’t you teleport us, like, out of here? I mean, you did that outside of the factory.

Adam: I can’t. My energy drained out a lot on that. I need a little time before I can teleport us all again. So just jump.

*Adam runs and leaps from the factory roof to a nearby one. He motions the others to follow him, but the CB group wait.*

Curious Bee: We can’t jump that far!

Adam: Not a problem! I can bring the blimp over to you guys! Where is it?

Curious Bee: It’s by the museum.

Adam: Thanks! Give me a second.

*Adam continues to run across the rooftops.*

Blue Skull: That dude better hurry it up. I don’t think we can last too long up here.

*The BossBot3000 looks up and sees the CB group on the factory roof*

BossBot3000: There are the accomplices!

Bendy Tornado: Uh oh.

Gearbly: No fair! I saw them first!

BossBot3000: Admit it, Gearbly. You saw them because I did.

Mrs. Nutsnbolts: It’s the human scums that distracted my human scum Mindy before! Speaking of, where’s my parasol?!

*Mindy runs and puts the parasol over Mrs. Nutsnbolts*

Mindy: Right away! *looks up the the CB group and mouths the word “Sorry” to them*

Quiet Snake: Oh, Adam, hurry up!

*Adam flies the blimp over the factory*

Adam: Did somebody call for a blimp?

Curious Bee: Adam! *The CB group climb up the blimp*

BossBot3000: No, wait-

Adam: Let’s get out of here.

*The blimp flies away from Game Show Island*

Nice Sword: *sighs* That was too close.

Adam: Indeed.

Curious Bee: Where do you want us to drop you off?

Adam: I’ll show you where to go.

*Adam directs the blimp’s flight from the basket and it steers*

Bendy Tornado: Where are we going, Adam?

*Adam doesn’t reply*

Bendy Tornado: Adam?

Curious Bee: This path feels strangly familiar…

Alice: What do you mean?

Curious Bee: Look, there’s Cryptids Island over there. *points* And there’s Great Pumpkin Island also….

Alice: So?

Curious Bee: Wait. ADAM!

Adam: What, CB?

Curious Bee: Are you taking us where I think you’re taking us?!

Adam: Yeah. I only need to check up on a few things, though!

Curious Bee: You know we hate that place!

Adam: I know, I hate it too. I only need to check the Portal, make sure no one has used it since that incident a year ago.

Quiet Snake: We’re going to REd HQ?!

Alice: REd? You mean the crazy ghost troupe?

Nice Sword: I had bad memories of being kidnapped there. *rolls eyes*

Adam: Don’t worry, it’ll be quick. I promise.

*The blimp is directed to REd HQ Island*

*The blimp docks*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: *walks on stage* Did I ever have an episode end when the blimp docks somewhere? I don’t think I ever had. Anyways the next episode, Episode 40 will be a special episode. Wait… did I just say Episode 40? Holy cow. Keep an eye out for details on what the special is going to be like soon! And here’s a hint- I’m gonna need the help of you guys, my audience, to do it! Until next time, BT out!

*walks off stage*

Audience Member: Tell us what the special is gonna be like!

Random Announcer: It will be a surprise.

Audience Member: *sighs*

Episode 40 (Special)- Q+A Special

(Released August 3, 2013)

Brave Tomato: Oh, it’s been a while since I did this…

*a portal opens up and the CB group stumble out of the portal*

Curious Bee: What the?

Alice: What the heck is going on???

Quiet Snake: I thought we were done with random portal travels!

Brave Tomato: Sorry, guys. I know it’s been a while, but portal traveling is not over.

Alice: Who the heck are you?

Brave Tomato: Hi, Alice, Brave Tomato, entertainer, in the flesh!

Alice: …hi. How did you know-

Curious Bee: It’s a long story.

Brave Tomato: Besides, tonight, you’re not the ones asking the questions. You’re answering them!

Alice: What-

Brave Tomato: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the Episode 40 Q+A special!

*the group sees the audience*

Blue Skull: A what?

Brave Tomato: A Question and Answer special! You’re going to answer questions from the audience! Come on, come on, sit down.

*The CB group sits down on chairs set up on the stage*

Quiet Snake: Why are we doing this?

Brave Tomato: Because I say so. Now hustle! You have 20 questions to answer and little time to do so!

Alice: *to group* What the heck is going on? How did we get on stage?

Bendy Tornado: To this day, we don’t understand any of this stuff.

Brave Tomato: Let’s start this thing off, shall we? We’re only limited to 20 questions so… let’s start this thing off, shall we? *turns to CB group* Just answer the questions, please. Don’t ruin this for me. *to audience* Let’s see… how about you? *points*

Strange Cat: *stands up* This question’s for you, Alice. What are the islands you’ve completed?

Alice: *groans* Why did I get the first question-

*BT glares at Alice*

Alice: …what was the question? The islands I’ve completed? Well, there’s that freakazoid spider lady and her island…that’s one… and then there’s the island with the crazy psycho teacher guy…that’s two. And if you count the incident at that dang prison, that’s three. I don’t count it, though- I was a witness to that. *glares at CB*

Curious Bee: What?

Alice: Nothing. So that’s two. Two islands completed.

Brave Tomato: Next question! *points*

Beefy Whale: I have two questions, actually. CB, how old are you?

Curious Bee: I’m 15. Kinda weird if you ask me. I started exploring when I was 12, so time flies really fast, I guess. My birthday’s in April.

Beefy Whale: And to Blue Skull, on what island were you born?

Blue Skull: I was born on 24 Carrot Island. My cousin lived nearby, so we used to hang out and stuff. But then we moved to Time Tangled shortly after my little sis, Icy Frieda Skull, was born. She’s….7 now? As much of a pain in the butt as she used to be, I miss her.

Brave Tomato: Next question! *points*

Small Thunder: I have 3 questions. First to Quiet Snake: since when did you keep start keeeping so many things in your bag?

Quiet Snake: I got this bag from my mom when I was 9. She said that when I was ready, I couldd use this thing on my journey! Well, I thought I was ready too early, so I ran away. This bag never left my side. It has a ton of pockets and can hold a bunch of these card-a-ma-jigs. *takes out a clear cube, then borrows CB’s glasses*

Curious Bee: Hey-

Quiet Snake: Just place an object into one of these cubes- *puts glasses in cube and it contracts into a card*- and it could fit easily into the bag!

Alice: So THAT’s how you do it… I never knew that those things seen on TV actually work.

Curious Bee: Can I have my glasses back, please?

Quiet Snake: Sure! *presses button and the card becomes her glasses again, then she gives them back to CB* I’m done.

Small Thunder: *slight laugh* Anyways… Nice Sword, how did you know about Krimson’s past when she kidnapped you?

Nice Sword: Oh, that. I didn’t know Krimson’s backstory right away. You see, while CB was fighting her I don’t know where, Callie snuck in and told me about Krimson’s past, so I can use it to my advantage and feel useful during that final encounter. I couldn’t believe she was actually a cheerleader.

Brave Tomato: See Everred Plot Part 2: Inferno for details.

Nice Sword: Huh?

Small Thunder: Last question. Bendy Tornado, what’s your favorite island and why?

Bendy Tornado: Nothing beats my home island, Shark Tooth Island. Nothing. When I was young, I used to go to the beach all the time, but then that Booga shark came and my family didn’t want me near the water at the beach anymore. However, I’m still proud to call it home. The island’s recovering from the attack day by day, and I’m sure things will be fully functional again soon.

Brave Tomato: I can connect…. anyways, next question! *points*

Young Singer: CB, do you miss Sasha, or wish that she was still with you? I mean, you guys are the best of friends, right?

Alice: Who’s Sasha?

Curious Bee: *sigh*

Bendy Tornado: *to Alice* She doesn’t like to talk about it much.

Curious Bee: No, no, it’s fine. I do miss her. A lot. I mean, when I was in Captain Crawfish’s dream, I swear I really wanted to knock over those beds, hammocks, and cannons those pirate copies were sleeping on, as revenge for being the one responsible for her death. I am sad that she’s not physically with me, but I know that she’s in a better place now, so I’m happy for her as well. There are times though when I especially miss her.

Brave Tomato: Next question…. *points*

Speedy Whale: Quiet Snake, what island did you grow up on? Did you ever move from island to island?

Quiet Snake: I grew up in EP, like CB did.

Curious Bee: You did?

Quiet Snake: Yeah, but not in the same establishment as you, though. My family and I have a summer home in Shark Tooth Island, but that’s about it. My main home was always in EP, but Shark Tooth has my summer home. *thinks* Speaking of, was that place damaged at all?

Brave Tomato: A hole in the roof like most of the other houses, that’s all.

Quiet Snake: Oh okay, phew!

Brave Tomato: Next… *points*

Silver Noodle: Hey “Lauren”… ha, just kidding! Nice Sword, if you could live on any island, where would it be and why?

Nice Sword: Oh yeah, you’re one of the ones we met on Reality TV Island! *laughs a little* Anyways, I’d live on 24 Carrot Island- I mean, that’s my home island anyways, but I love that place because everyone there is so nice! The mayor’s social and the diner’s good! The short period I was rebuilding 24 Carrot was really cool… until I got kidnapped.

Brave Tomato: Next question! *points*

Rough Fang: Quiet Snake, I notice you stuff a lot of things in your bag. This makes me wonder, how much food can you stuff in your mouth without swallowing?

Quiet Snake: *eye twiches* What do you want me to do?

Brave Tomato: You’re the answerer, Madeline. You don’t ask. You heard the asker loud and clear.

Quiet Snake: Next question please!

Curious Bee: Come on, Quiet Snake. The asker didn’t ask to demonstrate, he just asked in general.

Quiet Snake: I can fit pretty much fit as much as any other human being can- hey! Are you saying I have a big mouth??

Brave Tomato: Sorry about the manners, let’s move on to the next question… *points*

Tough Icicle (Samwow5): CB, do you want to kiss Bendy?

*awkward silence*

Tough Icicle: I had to let the question loose. *laughs a little*

Quiet Snake: Miranda an’ Zachary, sittin’ in a tree! K-I-S-S-

Bendy Tornado/ Curious Bee: Madeline! *blushing*

Brave Tomato: Um, you haven’t answered the question CB.

Curious Bee: I guess…?

Brave Tomato: Next question! *points*

Chilly Dragon: This is to you all as a group: Did you ever take the time to thank Brave Tomato for making you all exist in Poptropica, for making all this happen, well, not the bad stuff?

Curious Bee: What are you talking about?

Bendy Tornado: Making us exist?

Quiet Snake: Huh?

Nice Sword: Wha?

Blue Skull: Making all of this happen?

Alice: I’m lost.

Brave Tomato: … you’re welcome. -.- Next question… *points*

Bronze Glove: Hey, CB, do you miss your mom?

Curious Bee: I do. Despite everything in the past, I really do. I forgave her at the Christmas play, but we still keep in contact-

Brave Tomato: Off-camera.

Curious Bee: Huh?

Brave Tomato: Next question! *points*

Wicket: Curious Bee, what do you do for fun in Early Poptropica?

Alice: Oh come on, why is she getting all the questions now?-

*Nice Sword elbows Alice*

Alice: Oww…

Curious Bee: When I was really little, I used to play with a little toy blimp. I’d fly it all over the backyard of my house, declaring stories as I went along. I guess that started my whole curiousity with actual travelling. When I got a little older, I liked to go to the Arcade and Soda Pop Shop, visit the museum and sometimes visit the old part of town.

Brave Tomato: Next! *points*

Syuva: Everyone, why are you so COOL??

Curious Bee: Cool?

Alice: We’re cool?

Curious Bee: We don’t know how to respond to that without sounding like total egos.

Brave Tomato: *shrugs* Next question! *points*

Nameless UnDEFined: Have you ever thought of letting a Poptropica GLITCH join the CB group?

Curious Bee: Well, we haven’t met one yet… but if he or she asks and is nice enough to go along, then why not?

Brave Tomato: Next… *points*

Loyalty (Gentle Toes): Hey Bendy, how did you come to the vandalizing gang when you were younger?

Bendy Tornado: You see, I was friends with one of the gang members, Big Bones. We were both pretty decent artists, and he dragged me into it. I was a little confused back then, and I didn’t realize how serious vandalisim really is, until we went with a bigger project I dropped out of. Thank goodness I did, though.

Brave Tomato: Next! *points*

Fierce Ring: CB, do you think there’s an afterlife for Sasha? If so, what do you think it’s like?

Curious Bee: I have no clue. But all I think of it as is a better place for her. I don’t know, really. I don’t know.

Brave Tomato: Okay guys, we only have 2 questions left! Anybody have any more?


Brave Tomato: …anyone?

?: I have two.

*A hooded figure stands up. The audience members look at the figure confused*

Brave Tomato: Okay… what’s the questions?

?: To everyone else in the group besides Miranda, how does it feel to be upstaged by Miranda every adventure you’re in?

Curious Bee: I don’t upstage anyone-

?: Save it, hero. And Alice, dear, how do you really feel about being in the group?

Alice: Well, um, they’re nice people and-

*the hooded figure disappears*

Brave Tomato: Umm… who was that?

*the audience murmurs among themselves*

Brave Tomato: *to group* Don’t worry guys, you don’t have to answer those last two questions. Looks like someone decided to break in and ruin the mood. Again.

Curious Bee: What was that all about?

Brave Tomato: No clue-

*Adam appears*

Adam: Hey, CB and company! How did you guys get here??? I mean one minute you were next to me and the next you just… disappeared!

Curious Bee: It’s a long story.

Brave Tomato: Well, I guess it’s time for you to head back! Um… good luck.

Alice: Good luck?

*a portal appears and the CB group and Adam go through*

Brave Tomato: *awkwardly* So there you have it, peeps! This had been the Q and A special! Special thanks to our askers who participated! Except that last one in the hood. BT out!

*stay tuned to STB for more to come!*

59 thoughts on “Season 4 (Episodes 32-40)

  1. Wonder when BT will make an episode with Twisted Thicket Island. Just like what happened in shrink ray. something like the group sees the developer crying about some poptropican ruining the casino contract. that would be real funny. or how about lunar colony? some of the group helps out in the hq while the others go help out in space? Can’t wait for the next episode! The Adventures of Curious Bee rock!

    • BT should make an Game Show island Episode where they arrive and some poptropican announces that by order of Holmes all humans and robots now live in harmony. (PS i think there should be and emo character)

  2. When will the next Curious Bee episode be out, BT? No pressure or anything! CB is GREAT, and I don’t think anyone expected the return of Krimson…
    Wait, did they?
    Let me know if I’m wrong peoples!

    • Put me in to! (I’d like it if you put me on game show island, but it’s fine if you don’t) My name is Icy Crush my username is ebovamp

  3. *—-SPOILER ALERT—–*
    Spoiler: Dr. Jupiter is ZEUS!!
    REASON:I know bcoz I saw a comment of it and I can confirm bcoz I am a Greek Mythology Fan and JUPITER is ZEUS’ roman name!!
    P.S: If you dont believe me then search the: ~Books~ or ~Internet~ 😀 ( My 2 most favorite things in the world! )

    • During Part 2 of the Everred Plot, Callie visited Nice Sword and told her about Krimson’s past. That’s what she meant when she said that she felt useful while confronting her,

      • It says that there is a girl named Lauren thats my name and it says that she is a hothead or something. I didnt read the whole story when I posted the first comment so I didnt know that she was being payed to pretend being the bad girl on the show. I didnt know about that yet so I got a little offended.

      • Hey,

        Sorry if that offends you that you have the same name. I never would do anything like that on purpose, and its a character completely unrelated to you… I’m sorry if I also offended any Rubys and Violets out there

      • Its perfectly fine. I just didnt read the entire story when I posted that. I didnt know that she was acting. I`m sorry for not finishing reading it before I posted it.

  4. Can’t wait for the next episoddeee!!
    -Bronze Heart
    P.S. Is it okay if I added you without knowing? And may you please let them go to Mystery Train next? It’s my second fave Island, and you could have them caught up in the whole mystery, and if it isn’t too much, can I be in a part of it? It’s okay if you say no.
    Once again, Bronze Heart

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