Super Villain Island Guide

Super Villain Island Guide written by Brave Tomato

Those Random Poptropicans must hate their jobs there.

1: The Oil Drill

Go to Super Villain Island if you’re not there already. You’ll land near an oil drill place thing. When you talk to some of the people there, they say that they’ve been there for months and they bascially miss the mainland. Go up the structure and to the left. There’s a control room. Enter it.

You’ll walk into a conversation between this lady and this guy.

The woman sighs to herself. Talk to the woman. She says that Dr. Jupiter, the man she was just talking to, tried to convince her to send him workers from her rig again. Keyword: again. Last time: the people never came back. Cuh-reepy. She asks you to go out there and see what’s going on. Of course it’s you. It’s always you.

Go outside and, just as the lady said, a chopper is there, waiting for you to go in. Hop in…

2: Getting There

What comes next is a full cutscene part. As you wonder where the heck you’re going, you end up in the middle of a storm. Lucky you. The pilot has a hard time navigating through it and asks you to jump.

He’ll give you a walkie talkie so you can be picked up later. After a little arguing, you eventually do jump.

Now, you’re parachuting. Don’t think this’ll be smooth sailing, cause you’re right in a thunderstorm, remember? Steer your parachute around the clouds and stuff. Watch out for the lightning, indicated by increasing light on the top of the screen. If you see that, move! You don’t want to be fried, right?

After a lot of dodging, you eventually land in the ocean blue. You’ll end up… somewhere. It’s time to climb.

Go all the way to the right and jump up to the platforms. When you reach the top, stand in front of the security camera for a little while, and the secret entrance will open up. Time to see what this is all about….

You’re in the Erewhon Prison for Supervillains.

3: Dr. Jupiter’s Lab Rat

Talk to the security guard and he explains a little bit more.

The security guard tries to make you turn around, but… you’re not afraid. I mean- we’ve dealt with worse situations…

Talk to the second security guard by the security thing. After you talk to him, the security gates will open up. You’ll be x-rayed, scanned, disinfected, blow-dried, and you’ll end up behind one of those cutouts you use to take pictures with.

Smile for the camera!

Is this a security procedure, a car wash, or a carnival? 😐

Oh well. Enter the guard room. The first one says “Jupiter’s lured in another sucker, huh?” And the other just likes saying “Lock em up and throw away the key, that’s what I say!”

You’ll encounter an elevator that says “Dr. Jupiter’s Lab”. Click on the button next to the elevator. Time to get in.

Along the elevator ride, you’ll see a couple of past villians in their cells…

Copy Cat (Super Power Island)

Cheer up, Copy Cat. At least you have the purple earrings.

Mr Silva (Shrink Ray Island) and Sir Rebral (Super Power Island)

Oh, Mr. Silva’s still tiny! :3 Oh, and Sir Rebral finally speaks…

Crusher (Super Power Island)

I don’t blame ya, Crusher. It would get pretty boring…

El Mustachio Grande (Wild West Island) and Ratman (Super Power Island)

So put the two villains with mustaches together. Interesting… and shouldn’t they have taken away El Mustachio Grande’s gun and bullets? 😐

Betty Jetty (Super Power Island, Reality TV Island) and Gretchen Grimlock (Cryptids Island)

And the pink-haired ladies are together too. Good for you being a bit optimistic, Betty! And Gretchen, you DO know you’re a “weirdo” too, right? Also, this duo together is kinda funny because some people call Gretchen “the updated Betty Jetty”.

You finally reach the top. Get down and talk to Dr. Jupiter, the man with the… um… white beard… and glasses.

He welcomes you to the place… but you want to know why you’re here in the first place. Dr. Jupiter explains that you’re going to be participating in a very important “science experiement”. He waves over somewhere and the sleep chambers light up, with guess who? The returning four: Binary Bard, Captain Crawfish, Black Widow, and Dr. Hare!

Confused, you shout out “Watch out!”. Dr. Jupiter explains that the fiends are fast asleep and unaware of the outside world. You ask what in the world are they doing here, knowing their evil from the past. Dr. Jupiter explains about these things called totems, that are the sources of evil for each of the returing four.

He further explains that you have to go into those minds and bring back the totems, using a machine. It’s time to go…

Here goes nothing.

Walk over to the machine and pick Captain Crawfish’s dream first. Items you need for other dreams are scattered about in the dreams of both the one who uses it and the other three. To select the sleeper, use the up and down arrows on the side of the machine. To enter the dream, click the blue button on the right. You’ll be transported to the dream.

4: Captain Crawfish’s Seachicken, Part 1

You’re in some boat of some kind. The goal here for now is just not to wake up those sleeping creepy pirates. Jump on the lantern to the left and head towards the cabinet on top of the platform above the door. Go to the lantern to the right, and drop down when the double decker bed is away from you. Jump onto the next lantern, being careful not to startle the pirate sleeping on the chair and drop down. The ship in the bottle will be important later, but you need to shrink yourself in order to get to it when the time comes.

Jump over the pirate in the bed and you’ll end up by a chest. Click on it to open it. You’ll recieve a stopwatch. It’ll be important, but just not in this dream. Jump up to the lantern to the right of the chest and wait for the cabinent carrying a green key to open. Jump when it does. Be careful not to land on the pirate sleeping in a chair. Jump over the pirate in the chair and onto the lantern. From there, jump over the pirate, go to the left, and go up. Jump over another pirate in a chair and to the lantern next to him. Go to the green-colored chest and open it. You’ll recieve some dandy turpentine, a paint thinner. There’s not much else you can do right now in Captain Crawfish’s dream right now, so wake up for now.

5: Dr. Hare’s Underground Mayhem, Part 1

Now, go to Dr. Hare’s dream. You’ll be in an anthill-like setting and you’ll see that rabbit being carried by ants down an anthill. He yells out:

That awkward moment when you start to have second thoughts about Dr. Hare’s evilness.

I know how it feels, Dr. Hare. I hate recurring nightmares too. Now, this next part may or may not feel like Minecraft. Dig down using the pickaxe you somehow ended up with. If you end up in the same space as an ant, you can use the pickaxe to defend yourself. You can’t hit silver blocks with a normal pickaxe by the way, so you’ll need to move around those for now. Get down as far as you can, and you’ll eventually see a spraying can. Pick it up and exit Dr. Hare’s dream for now.

Now, head for Black Widow’s dream.

6: Black Widow’s Spiderweb Museam

You’ll be in a museam filled with cobwebs and graffiti. Go over to the right and you’ll see that art theif-turned vandalizer, standing in front of a portrait of herself.

Sure. You did. She said that vandalizing the museam made it better. Yeah, right. Calling the Three Musicians “ugly”, Starry Night “Trash”, and Lillies “Not Art” is really a masterpiece. 😐

Well, that self-portrait is pretty good. But the goal is not to admire her art. Click use on the turpentine, and you’ll pour it into the spray thing, and then equip the sprayer. As soon as Black Widow sees that you have the sprayer, she gets pretty mad and summons spiders to protect her works of art. Who does she think she is, Arachne? Well, then again, we’re in a dream, so anything’s pretty much possible. I’m assuming she turned into an art theif because no one appreciates her art. Enter the first painting on the left, the Three Musicians painted by Picasso.

Before you do any cleaning up, go over to the top left corner. You’ll see a shrinking potion. You’ll need this later. Go around the paintings and click repeatedly at the letters to erase them. You know when you’ve finished when you say it’s all clean. Exit the painting the way you came in.

Move to the right past Black Widow and enter the Starry Night painting. There’s an item hidden here too. Go to the top right corner and you’ll see a key. Grab it, you’ll need it later. Just like before, erase the letters. Some places are harder to reach than others, but there definately is a way to get to them. Like before, you’ll say when the painting is all clean. Exit through the shining star.

Two down, one to go. Now, go into the biggest painting, Lillies. There’s no hidden items here, so just look around for letters. Also, there’s black widow hourglasses in this painting too.

Once you’ve cleaned that painting up, exit through the giant water lilly on the right.

Now that you’ve pretty much ruined her “masterpieces”, she’ll get pretty enraged. Now, SHE’LL start attacking you along with the spiders. You need to get rid of that self-portrait. Any time you can, click on the portrait to start erasing it. It’s going to take some time, but be careful, because Black Widow is hot on your tracks. When you’ve clicked the painting enough times, dream Black Widow will disappear and you’ll get your first totem: a paintbrush! You’ll be transported out of the dream.

7: Binary Bard’s Timeline

Now it’s time to go into the Binary Bard’s dream. Enter his dream and you’ll see… MORDRED (I mean, before he became a metal-faced madman) crying out for help, trapped by a door that keeps opening and closing on its own.

Take out the stopwatch and use it to stop time when the door is open. Mordred will get up and run through the door.

It would be a good idea to follow him, because Mordred was the Binary Bard’s former identity before his… accident. You’ll come to realize that the rooms are actually a timeline throughout Mordred’s life, when you see a ruined lab, shattered glass and a picture of Mordred ripped. You say to yourself,

Doing the same thing you did with the first door, enter the next room. The door will lock behind you again, and out of the blueprints, a giant evil Merlin will appear. He’ll try and attack you while you try to get to the next room.

(Notice how exactly the portrait is ripped. It’s half of Mordred’s face! *thinks about his “accident” and shudders*)

Being careful of Evil Merlin, use the stopwatch to get to the next room again. A giant evil robot mouse will emerge from the blueprint. Jump over him and get to the edge. There’s a ledge. When the mouse comes over to you, freeze time and jump on top of the mouse to get to the ledge.

Once you get over though, this is when the madness actually begins…

Nothing is more intimidating that a cyborg in a jester suit. Right?

Oh boy… enter through the vault thing.

You’re in an area that’s like a combination of the Ice, Fire, and Mechanical Jungle Planets. See those spikey things flying over your head? Use the stopwatch to freeze time when the flat side is up (it’s alright if it’s a little bit diagonal)
to use as a platform.

Avoid some of those spikey things and go over to the right. Freeze time when the platforms look somewhat like this:

Go over and use the stopwatch to stop the single spinning spikey platform. This next one is a little bit of a challenge. Freeze time when the lowest platform is as far to the right as it can while being upright. The other spikey platforms will form a staircase to jump on. Jump to the ledge. Jump across the first spikey thing and you’ll encounter the Diamond Drill. Grab it. You’ll need it later.

Avoid the second spikey thing and freeze the third spikey thing when it’s upright. Jump on the flat surface and to the left and you’ll see a weird entrance. Use the crystal key to get inside.

When you get inside, you see a gigantic clock and Mordred’s right smack in the center of it. Mordred transforms himself into the Binary Bard, “a perfect combination of man and machine”. You tell him that you’re here to get rid of his source of evil. He responds

(Nice to see you, too. -_-)

The clock hands will start moving, like any other clock does. The goal here is to wait until both hands are on either a 12, 3, 6, or 9 and freeze time doing so. Such as this:

What time is it? Time for you to be shocked!

The first time, the hands will move normally. After the first electricution, the hands move backwards. And after the second electricution, one hand will move in one direction, the other hand another. Also, watch out for the spinning blades Binary Bard throws at you. After three electricutions, Binary Bard will disappear, leaving behind his totem, an astrolabe. Two down, two to go! Exit the dream.

8: Captain Crawfish’s Seachicken, Part 2

Go back into Captain Crawfish’s dream. Like before, avoid the sleeping pirates and go to the top right corner. A ship in a bottle is there. The ship in the bottle is Captain Crawfish’s totem! Use the shrinking potion to get in the ship in the bottle.

Once inside, go up to the surface of one of the sails and jump and duck to avoid the pirates sleeping on the cannons. See those two baskets that the pirates on the sails keep going into? For both platforms, wait for the pirate to get into the basket and close the basket.

Once both pirates are in the basket things, go down and to the little boat on the ship. The boat has a cannon you can use. Being careful not to hit the sleeping pirate nearby, shoot the cannon. The bottle will break. You’ll grow in size again and you can get the totem! You’ll exit the dream.

9: Dr. Hare’s Underground Mayhem, Part 2

Go back into Dr. Hare’s dream, and this time, use the diamond drill. Dig down, watch out for ants. Blue ants can break blocks. And with the diamond drill, you can dig through silver blocks now! Dig down until you reach this place in the third area you end up in:

(The Queen ant is kinda cute, actually ^_^) Break the blocks and you’ll be able to get Dr. Hare’s totem: the golden carrot. Go back up to the surface using the “to surface” area.

Dr. Hare will meet you up there, saying that the dream ended differently than it normally does, and he’s happy about it. He’ll run off and you’ll get out of the dream.

10: Dr. Jupiter’s Secret

You’ve got all the totems! YAY! You’ll run over to Dr. Jupiter and give him the totems. He says that they’re the most concentrated sources of evil. You try to remind him that it’s a good idea to destroy them. However, it turns out that that’s not the reason Dr. Jupiter asked you to get the totems. He responds to your request to destroy the totems with “Destroy them? Oh no, I’ve got other plans!”

Dr. Jupiter transforms himself into his true identity, who is a very familiar character.

Here are a couple of facts:
1) Jupiter is the name of the Roman form of the guy in the picture.
2) The helicopter you went on to get to the prison is called R-Suez, and Suez is his name spelled backwards! (it’s not only the name of a canal in Egypt)
3) You were almost brought down by a thunderstorm that seems to be targeting you.
4) Cloud and lightning-related stuff are all over the prison.
5) He kept his beard the same way, even in a disguise!
6) The “element” in the blue tanks around the lab is Z3. In his name, Z is the first letter, and there are 3 letters after.

Nope, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Rub your eyes all you want, because this is the Poptropican reality, you’re in no one’s dream. It’s really Zeus, the power-hungry Greek god of thunder from Mythology Island.

He introduces himself and proclaims that he’s going to use the totems to finally rule all of Poptropica. He breaches through the prison ceiling, while you and the returning four get blasted out to the frigid waters.

After you and the returning four end up in the oceans, they swim off in different directions. Hey, thanks for the help, guys! I really appreciate it… now I have to figure out how to defeat a rogue god again!

Newscasts appear on the screen showing that Zeus already had done damage to Poptropica, showing Mythology Island, Shark Tooth Island, and Mystery Train Island in ruin. Hope is lessened as each second passed… can someone stop him? You can.

Swim to the left. All of a sudden, the area will start shaking and ground will appear from below you. It’s Poseidon! He sighs that he’s noticed that his brother, Zeus, is up to his old tricks again, and that some people just never change. Talk to Poseidon and he’ll give you his trident for you to fight Zeus with.

Now, here we go.

11: The Battle for Poptropicankind (as seen on the Poptropica Help Blog!)

You’ll arrive at the Statue of Liberty, or what was the Statue of Liberty before Zeus decided to give it an unnessesary makeover. So obviously, we’re in New York City. If you look around, you could find the Empire State building!

Percy Jackson reference FTW!

Fly you and your familiar clouds towards the Statue of Liberty. Zeus proclaims that everyone will kneel before him. And of course, you’re first in line.

The goal for this fight is to remove the totems from the Statue of Liberty. The totems give Zeus powers that he didn’t have before, relating to a specific villain. And then of course, he has his usual thunderbolts. This time around, he’s also gathering pink clouds, like you! Derp. Zeus has 3 attacks in the first round:

1: Thunderbolts: This is Zeus’s default power. He shoots thunderbolts at you and you simply have to dodge them.

2: Meteor Shower: This is the power the Binary Bard’s totem gave to Zeus. Meteors will fall from the sky, and you have to avoid them. Simple enough. When you destroy the Binary Bard’s totem, Zeus will no longer be able to use this attack.

3: Cloud Cannons: This attack uses Captain Crawfish’s totem. Clouds in the shape of cannons will shoot at you. As usual, avoid em! When you destroy CC’s totem, Zeus will no longer be able to use this attack.

Before you start attacking Zeus, you’ll need to get rid of the totems first. One is inside of the torch, one is inside where Zeus’s lightning bolt medallion is on the statue, one is at the base of the statue, and the other is off to the side. Shoot at those areas repeatedly and don’t stop until the totem pops out and falls. Don’t leave something hit unhit for too long, because Zeus can come over and repair damage.

After you get the totems out of the picture, start attacking Zeus! This might take a while, depending on how many pink clouds Zeus has. Avoid his thunderbolts. Also, be aware that once you hit him once, you can’t hit him again for a few seconds. After he loses his last pink cloud, he scoffs that he doesn’t need totem powers to defeat you, cause he is the Greek god of thunder! Yeah… like we needed a reminder.

Zeus will go into the statue and kinda… possesses it I guess. Now, giant lightning bolts will shoot out of its eyes.

Keep shooting for the eyes until he is forced to come out. He sighs out “Not again! I was so close!” He then falls down.

You’ll end up back at the prison, and Zeus is in one of the sleep chambers, now. For your heroic efforts, one of the security guards will reward you with the island medallion! Congratulations, you’ve completed Super Villain Island!

12: (Bonus Quest) Zeus’ Twisted Mythology

Whew. You’ve just defeated Zeus for the second time ever, but don’t think you’ll be off the hook yet if you’re a member. The prisoners from Super Power Island are holding one of the guards hostage in a cell. And the only person who knows the override code is the guy in the sleep chamber. You have to go into Zeus’ dream to get letters for the override code. So after you click begin quest, click on the button you did when you went into the dreams.

Welcome to Mythology Island. However, it’s in negative colors and UPSIDE-DOWN. Really? The first area you’ll end up in is the Minotaur’s labyrinth. I can’t be much help as to where the letters ACTUALLY are. One of the letters is off of the correct path at the beginning, while the other letters are along the correct path. Where’s Athena’s golden thread when you need it? The first collection of letters you’ll find here spell out “Z3US”. Once you’ve collected all 4 letters, you’ll be teleported to the next area.

It’s the Tree of Immortality, the place where it all began. But now, you’ll have to be careful, ’cause Zeus has spotted you wandering around in his dreams and decided to take advantage of it- by flying around and trying to knock you off your feet. It’s easier to find the letters here, cause it’s not a maze! 😀 So, the next set of letters are TH3G. When you get them all, you’ll end up in the last area.

It’s Mount Olympus! Upside down! Great! And Zeus followed you there, too. Fun. 🙄 I can be a little more helpful with the letter’s positioning here. Two are at differring heights on the left side of the mountain, while the other two are in differring heights on the right side. WARNING: Zeus can be a real pain in the neck during this part, cause he just loves trying to knock you off so you’d be at the bottom of the mountain again, so don’t be surprised if you start feeling the urge to rage. My suggestion: just keep moving. The final letters you’ll get are R34T. Z3USTH3GR34T.

Once you get all of the letters, you’ll get out of the dream. Talk to the male security guard and thank you. He’ll also give you the Dream Guardian costume! Awesome! Now, you’re done.

Bonus: If you go back and forth between the security room and Dr. Jupiter’s former lab after you finish the bonus quest, you’ll see on the elevator ride that all the cells are empty. And those guys that were in those cells didn’t have any totems removed! Uh-oh…

To Get Off The Prison

Go outside and use the walkie talkie you recieved from the beginning of the island. The helicopter will come to pick you up, and return you to the oil rig.

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      • What do you do after you get the diamond drill? I know you go right and get on that plat form, but how do you get to the platform slighty right above it? I thought there would be one of those spiky spinny platforms, but there isn’t. It’s so hard. I’ll never be able to defeat Mordred- Er, Binary Bird (That’s what I call him instead of Binary Bard.) Ty!

      • In order to get to Binary Bards clock room, you need the key from Black Widows dream, which you can find in the Starry Night painting. You use the diamond drill in Dr. hares dream.

  2. Hi BT.
    Could I possibly wrote a guide for some old islands lacking one? (I.e. 24 Carrot). I know the PHB Blog has one for ever island, and it seems reasonable for this ST’s Blog to have one too.

  3. Erewhon is an anagram of “Nowhere”. People said that the people who came into the prison never came back. Like it’s one way in, no way out. The portal to Nowhere… the motto of it is “one way in, no way out”…

    It can’t be. It has to be a coincidence.

    • so if other ppl went in and never came out wear were they in the prison or did we just not see tht room and lol we got out how come they ddnt lol we rock

    • Wait…didn’t you have a dream with Binary Bard THEN that same day, Binary Bard’s return was posted on the PCB?


      (Sorry it was the best way to express this)

      • I knew that the Binary Bard was coming back before I had the dream. When the post about it was first published, all it said was “We have big things planned, my friends. Big things,” as well as the binary code. The next day, after the dream occurred, the sentences “Did you think we would just go away quietly? In your dreams!” were added to the post. Cuh-reepy if you ask me. O.o

      • The day before the creators released the news about SVI I had a dream about that. It was really freaky!!!

    • Wouldn’t it be awesome if it wasn’t a coincidence? Like, what if the Creators actually READ this blog? It would be so cool if they based this island on you… You did say your favorite island was Mythology Island…and Zeus…just saying that it would be AWESOME if the creators read this site…

      • Actually, there’s another thing too. In a very early episode of Curious Bee, she goes to Mythology Island and unknowingly messes up Zeus’s plans. I mentioned that Zeus wanted revenge. I didn’t realize that I I had no idea what that meant until after I released that episode. For months after that, my mind went blank, and introducing more characters didn’t help either. But all of a sudden, this island comes out… with Zeus claiming a major role in it. I’m actually planning for the CB group to go to Super Villain Island one episode and stuff. However, I am going to put my original twist on this, because Dr. Jupiter’s going to tell the CB group about something very important…
        If it wasn’t for SVI, then Episode 5 Parts 1 and 2 would’ve gone down the drain.

  4. Was it nessacary for Zeus to be on pink clouds too? I mean he’s a God! (A greek one to be exact) he can with out those dumb cotton candy colored clouds!

  5. This is a great walkthrough! 🙂
    Just one question: how do you get out of the Erehwon/Nowhere Prison? I mean the cliff area. I’ve tried using Pop Transport but my “real” account is still there! Plz help – I need to take some pictures for my blog!

      • List of Villains who are NOT in Erehwon Prison:
        The Great Booga (Not really a villain)
        Speeding Spike
        Director D
        B.A.D people
        Vincent Graves (Nabooti island)
        Strange man (He became good, though)
        The Plants (Steamworks island)
        Mademoiselle Moreau
        The Whirly street kids (wimpy wonderland (not really villains))
        The Shougun (Good luck getting him!)
        Holmes (My favorite :D)
        Count Bram (oh wait, he’s dead)
        Cactus von garlic (he became good, I think)
        Boss Lumberjerk
        The rest of the Grande Gang
        The Ancient Wrestler guy (he died to, I think)
        The teens (not really villains)
        The gamer guy (not really villains)

        Do you think the Erehwon people realized this?

      • @Icy Crush Wow. Yeah. I’ll just share my thoughts on some of those things…
        Well, how are you going to get a shark in jail?
        Yeah… I haven’t noticed… where IS Speeding Spike? He’s the only SPI villain not in the prison!
        And Director D…yeah… although he could be still in the cage back at the HQ.
        I’ve always wondered what happened to Director D.’s workers… (Black Widow and Dr. Hare also had workers…)
        One Vince went to get his phone, we never saw him again. Curious.
        Wish the police luck on trying to arrest Medusa without turning to stone… -_-
        I think ever since we destroyed the brain in the Steamworks thing, the plants are no longer hostile, possibly.
        Mlle. Moreau isn’t there… yeah… but it’s understandable why she’s not there. She’s from a whodunit-style quest, and I guess the Creators didn’t want to spoil anything.(however, they kinda gave away that Zeus can’t be trusted on Mythology Island…)
        The Shogun also became good after he reconciled with his brother, Basho.
        Holmes was reprogrammed, so he’s good now, too.
        The lumberjerks promised that they’d be good. (But that’s what we said about Dr. Jupiter/Zeus -_-) Plus, they technically didn’t do anything “illegal”, they were just misunderstood.
        I’ve always wondered what the heck happened to the rest of that Grande Gang…
        E.Vile, well, duh. We haven’t defeated him yet.
        And ah, Dr. Cumulo Nimbus. I guess Zeus didn’t want any copycats in his prison.
        There’s one more villain that’s not there…
        …hey, remember Daphne Dreadnaught? From the Ghost Story pre-island game Spook Central? (yeah, in case you were a nonmember at the time, she turns bad and tries to use the ghosts to take over Poptropica)

    • (To Icy Crush here)

      Maybe the Grande Gang went to prison in Wild West Island?
      Some of those villians weren’t in prison was because they are coming back?
      Idk, but I have a feeling SVI isn’t the last we’ll see of Binary Bard, Dr Hare, Black Widow, and Captain Crawfish…

  6. Magic Star: Crawfish looks a little sick in that photo, doesn’t he?
    Teleports into Crawfish’s dream
    Magic Star: Crawfish! I got you a plastic- Crawfish?
    Someone random: Shhhhh! He’s asleep!
    Magic Star: Oh.

  7. Hey, BT- I have a few notes on this island:
    1. Those red and blue ants? Yeah, the ones that try to bite you? Those remind me of Myrmekes.( you know what they are if you read Percy Jackson and the Olympians- The Demigod Files!!)
    2.I find it really funny how they would use Zeus’ Roman name as a disguise, right at the time there’s that whole Greek/Roman Demigods/Gods in the Heroes of Olympus series right now.
    3. I found an easy way to beat the Black Widow- instead of her chasing you all around everywhere on the last part of her dream, as soon as she is about to start chasing you, use the Sleeping Powder from the store. She’ll fall asleep, and you can easily just go around her and squirt her picture. 🙂

  8. @fearlesspeck- That is only possible for members. Good idea though!
    @everyone- I love Greek Myhology!
    @villians- Sorry to put you guys in prison.

    So, that’s it.

  9. I have a tip- instead of going from The Three musicians to Lilies, reverse! Then you will be closer to Black Widow’s painting! I used that!

  10. idk if my computer is having a glitch, but i click to use the walkie talkie and my character says “No need to use the walkie talkie here!” I reallyyy dont want to start the whole island over! if its a glitch then oh well ill reset it if youre not supposed to use the walkie talkies tell me! Tell me from experience of playing the island not your guess.. ill take any advice i can get! thx 🙂

    • First of all, are you sure you’re outside of the prison? If you weren’t, then it’s a good idea to go outside.

      If you were outside, there are two other ways to exit the prison area. With these two ways, you can leave an island without having to go to Main Street and on your blimp.

      1. You can go into one of the free miniquests purchased from the Poptropica Store (such as Haunted House or Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab) and then exit the way you came in. This’ll bring you directly to the map screen to go to another island.

      2. You can go to your home page on the top right corner of your screen, and on the bottom left corner, there are a couple of pictures of notifiers, such as the fact an island is out or coming soon. If you click on the screen of an island currently out, it’ll teleport you directly to that island’s Main Street. For example, this:

      Hope this helps! 😉

      • i’m jelous of you!because your in super thunder’s super team aww!i’m in the ltest comments earrr!

      • you use the walkie talkie and then if you ended up in the beach. you go up the way you went up to the prison. go to the left and then take the helicopter.

  11. I found this blog not to long ago… And I think it’s funny because about 4 years ago, I made a ‘Poptropica Blog’ in Microsoft Word when I was 8! I tried to redo it when I was 10, but I kinda got out of it. And now your blog has inspired me to restart again! I typed as if it were the POV of my Potropician and I made up the story, that I was picked by the ‘mayor of Poptropica, Jeff Kinney’ to be an explorer. So as I’ve gone through the islands, I’ve just printed the screen, fixed it up in paint and pasted it on the ‘blog.’ Its actually quite fun… So far I’ve got a POV/Walkthrough for Early Poptropica and Shark Tooth! It actually gives me a chance to earn the photos for old islands I already beat, so it’s worth my while. Besides, my friend gets a kick out of it. But now that I’m done rambling, I’d like to thank you for this Walkthrough! I was confused on a part, and this really helped! (Sorry for any spelling fails)

  12. OMG I LOVE POPTROPICA!!! And your blog is totally awesome, its helped SO much, you would NOT believe!!! btw I’ve worked out how to get out. You use the walkie talkie

  13. A few things–

    They let the villains swim away?Really?Bring them on!

    Percy Jackson reference FTW too,BT!I think I like the Zeus from PJ more than the Poptropica version,and I’m not just saying that because I don’t want to be blasted into bits by him.

    You know,after I completed the bonus quest,I talked to the female guard,and the options Chat,Battle and Friend came!Battle doesn’t work and it says I already friended her,but the chat really got to help me know her better.She’s never been in an earthquake,and she hopes she never will,she saw the giant spider,but it was no big deal,she has monsters under her bed,and they keep her up all night with her howling,she has a pet shark named Fluffy,and she’d do something else besides watching TV.Wow,what a weird life she leads.

    Also,I also noticed that the other villains disappear when you finish the bonus quest.

    Last but DEFINITELY not least,why can’t you customize the non-cyborg Mordred while he’s sitting?

    Sticky Clown aka Mall Manager Clown is recircuiting people for the Night Watch for Twin Palms Mall only in Poptropica out!

    • Yeah… where’d the villains go? They were the advertised main focus of SVI- Captain Crawfish didn’t even do or even say anything!

      Mythology Island was what got me into mythology (well, I saw the PJ movie and Clash of the Titans before I played) However, now I have the Poptropican versions of those guys stuck in my head. Oh my gosh, you should’ve seen the look on my face when I saw Dr. Jupiter’s name and appearance. I saw it coming from a mile away.

      I made a post having a little bit of fun with the guard glitch-

      I know, right??!! I’m disappointed that you cant customize the returning four even when still, nor the cell villains (Mr. Silva, Gretchen, etc)

      • Captain Crawfish was once my favourite Super Villain!Now he’s just blogging and sleeping all the time! 😦

        You know,fun fact:While reading the Lightning Thief (after playing Mythology) I imagined the Poptropican versions in my head! 😀

        Hehe,personally,I would like to meet Fluffy. :3 Also,I also asked her these 5 things:

        1)What she would do with a million dollars.
        2)Does she bite her nails?
        3)What does she think of my shirt.
        4)What she thinks of my hair.
        5)What she thinks of my outfit overall.

        She answered:

        1)”I would donate it to my friend,Charity.”How generous!
        2)She does it all the time.I’m not surprised.
        3)”I think you may need to change your shirt.”Hey! 😡
        4)”I think you need a hair cut.”I basically was Ctrl+Shift+3 in this one. 😡
        5)”It looks great!” Are you kidding me?

        I personally think that Mordred should be customizable.Anyway,the returning four have accounts,but even after friending them,you can’t customize them,although the Binary Bard’s face and CC’s eye-patch were customizable,and right now they’re both in my closet and photo album. 😛

        Wow,really long comment.Anyway,Sticky Clown aka Mall Manager Clown is recircuiting people for the Night Watch for Twin Palms Mall only in Poptropica is out!


    • In Super Villain Island, Zeus disguises himself as a mortal scientist named Dr. Jupiter, who seemingly runs the prison. He tricks you into getting the four totems from the returning four, claiming that if we remove the totems, we remove the evil from the villains (like his ruse with the five sacred items in Mythology Island). When you give the totems to him, at first, you’d think he would destroy them. However, Dr. Jupiter reveals that:
      a) They’re the most concentrated sources of evil in the history of Poptropica
      b) He’s not intending to destroy them
      So Dr. Jupiter transforms into Zeus and takes the totems to use them to become more powerful. And you stop him with the aid of Poseidon’s trident. Yeah. There’s not really much of an official backstory as to how Zeus came up with the idea, but I’ve come up with a few headcanons here and there. And I do agree with you: he does seem a little out of place.

  14. Oops and Super Thunder I absolutely luv your blogs too they are all soo helpful, sorry if I am sounding stupid with all da sooo’s and smiley faces but its true!

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