Shrink Ray Island Guide

Shrink Ray Island Guide written by Brave Tomato

Well anyways, go to Shrink Ray Island if you’re not there already. Slide down the slide and land on a swing. Ok, that was fun, now getting to buisness. Go inside the school, pass through the hallway and go to the science fair. Go all the way to the right until you see a worried looking man. Apparently, his star pupil, CJ had gone missing. Oh, no. The dad will tell you that they live on Avenue A. Exit the school and go to the right. Stop at the house that has a cat in front of it.

Oooh! Cute ginger kitty cat! 😀

Go inside. Whoops, you let the cat in the house. Chase after it through the rooms. After you get out of the bathroom, the cat mysteriously disappeared. You get a little curious. Now, click on the microscope where a note is there. Read it.

The island’s motto: Think small.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the theif will appear will the shrink ray. He’ll corner you and shrink you down to size.

“Mom! A thief shrunk me to the size of a tennis ball!”

Okay, you’re small. Now what? Ok, go on top of the cabinet and jump onto the fan. Wait until the fan gets as low as it can and then press the button. Turning on the fan will blow away some dust, revealing the thumb drive under the bed. After turning off the fan, pick it up. Knock over the trash can from the right. Go right. Jump over the pile of books and go up the bookcase. On top of the bookcase, push over the book “Tess’s Tree” to the left until it falls down. You’ve created a ramp- congratulations!

Too bad I can’t read it.

Go to the computer and type in as the password: M4r13Cur13. You’ve logged onto CJ’s email. Now, put in the thumb drive so it would be saved on the computer. After you do that, turn up the thermostat to a hot temperature (when the dot in the center is red).

Go to the right, but be careful of that cat.

Bad kitty!

You don’t have to worry about the living room right now. It will be your ordeal later. Go into the bathroom to set something up for later. Jump onto the power switch to the right to turn off the ventilation fan. Turn on the blowdryer and fly across to the bathtub. Once you’re there, push the soap next to the rubber ducky and then turn on the water. Exit the bathtub and the bathroom.

Go to the right into the kitchen. While you’re passing by, pick up the screwdriver on one of the drawers.

The drawer where the screwdriver is.

Push the yellow on bottom green on top sponge underneath the spray cleaner. Jump onto the spray cleaner then the trash can. Go in the trash bin (ew).

Now you have to go through a maze of trash. Push and pull tuna treats, sponges, and milk cartons in order to get a piece of paper.

Tomatoes! 😀

Once you get to the piece of paper, you have to go through more maze to exit. 😦

You’ll know when you will get there.

Once you exit the trash, jump up to the sink and go to the right into the dining room. Your character will notice a piece of paper on the table. Push the rolling pin out of the dough to nudge the tea pot to the other burner. Ride the hot air up to the shelf where the olive oil is.  Knock over the oil. Push the (heavy) cat dish underneath the kitty crunchies bag.  Jump on the bag a few times (I did 5) to create a kitty kibble platform. I guess the oil makes the kibble stick together. Push the cat dish (still heavy) underneath the table.

Dang, this is heavy!

Jump on the platform and onto the table. A grape will fall to the table. Pick up the piece of paper and physically pick up the grape.

You gave yourself a clue! Go back to the kitchen and plug in the toaster. Pick up the grape again and jump on the lever. Wait for the lever to pop and you’ll propel yourself to the shelf above you. Now, push the salt shaker to the other side of the spatula to create a catapult. Jump onto the container holding random kitchen utensils and jump to the other side. You’ll catapult to the top of the fridge. Pick up the remote control.

Your work is done in the kitchen. Exit it.

Now go back to the living room and use the screwdriver near the toy truck. Click on the battery to pick it up. Now, go over to the TV remote and use the battery. Step on the green button to turn on the TV. Climb the TV atennae for a little bit and jump to the green balloon. You’ll land on a frame. Jump over to the shelf where the fish food is and push it over to the left. Now, keep pushing a little bit to sprinkle fish food into the fish tank. Go to the fish tank and turn off the water filter. Go underwater and retrieve the diary key.

Swimming with the fishies! 😀

Jump past the door and exit to the left. Jump up to CJ’s diary and use the key. Then, use the torn page to fill in this equation:

Alright. Now you need to use the lamp. Jump on it a few times until it’s as far as it can go. Click on the little lever on the top of the lamp. Now, click use on the blank sheet of paper underneath the lamp to reveal a hidden message. Its says to look for CJ through the telescope. Jump to the bed and click on the learning morse code book to grab a page.

Now, jump across pins until you reach a piece of paper that says “PS. 101 x: 87, y: 16”. Remember those coordinates and go down to the telescope and run on the dials until it reaches that number. Look through the eyehole and you’ll see a silhouette of CJ through a window. Translate the morse code to say “Flush the thumb drive” On the way to the bathroom, click on the battery in the remote and put it back in the toy truck.  Go into the bathroom and this time, turn off both the lights and the ventilation fan.

Ride back to the shower, where it will still be running. Jump on the soap bar, then the rubber ducky and jump to the toilet. Use the thumb drive to put it in the toilet and then flush it. The thief will come in after it is flushed. Phew! That was close.

Exit the bathroom and get into the toy truck. Drive to the study and stop before you go to the ramp you had made.

And they say I’m too young to drive…

Go back to the bedroom and reset the coordinates to (87, 16) and look through the telescope again. This time, the message is “The thief is Mr Silva”

Oh no! CJ needs help! And the thief is Mr. Silva! Now you need to get out of this apartment. Go back to the toy truck and fly up the ramp. Now you have to navigate through a simple minigame, just dodge obstacles, okay?

You’ll go up a rake and enter through a window. Go to the left a little bit and you’ll see CJ, the young scientist behind the shrink ray. Talk to her. After you ask the last dialogue box, Mr Silva will appear with the shrink ray and says his plan to shrink you and CJ to a size where nobody can see you both. CJ will run one direction and you will run another.

Why am I smiling in this pic? 😐

Now you’ll go through a strategic final confrontation. Run. Hide behind stuff along the way. Go all the way to the left. Let Mr. Silva shrink the sample of the retiliculum quart or whatever it’s called and quickly run to the top of the desk. Hide behind the chemistry tubes. Now, hide behind the globe. Quickly go down and hide behind a nearby object. Push the globe under the chair and hide behind the apple and lunch box. Now, run to the mirror, where the ray will reflect and hit Mr. Silva instead. He’ll land in the ant farm and be trapped. You’ll meet CJ on the floor where the shrink ray lies. She’ll tell you to click on the lever to switch it to grow and you and CJ will be returned to normal size. The last scene is at the science fair, where CJ displays her shrunken man (Mr. Silva) project, and win first prize. She’ll thank you and Mr. Silva will cheer about being famous. CJ will finally give you the island medallion. Congratulations! You have completed Shrink Ray Island!

260 thoughts on “Shrink Ray Island Guide

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  3. I’m so confused. What nearby object should I hide behind? Someone told me ‘the books’, but what books?! If you could reply, I’d appreciate it SO much!

      • ok only hide behind paper balls on the way up and the gem after that you have a ton of things to use when the globe is down and just jump on the globe to get to the mirror

  4. How do you get the fan back up to use the telescope?? And how do you jump on to the bed?! It won’t let me!!

    • You need to knock over the trash can that is near the exit from CJ’s bedroom. Then go to the office (the room with the computer) and jump onto the themostat, turning it to a warm temperature (when the dot turns red). Go back to the bedroom, and the pieces of trash will be floating. Jump on it to reach the bed.

  5. I agree with Sahyun. i cant find anything to hide behind, and i always end up just running around until he catches me.

    • You can’t lift up the fan but you have to go to the computer and jump on the top of the computer and then jump on the circle that says themostat and run on it and when you go to the next room and knock the trash can(only if you didn’t knock the trash can) and then jump on the floating garbage,land on the bed, jump on the doll’s head,land on the table,then jump on the telescope.That is how you get to the telescope without lifting up the fan,imanii-babyy.

      • You need to plug the thumb drive into the computer before you flush it.
        Go back to the computer room and if you haven’t already, type M4r13 Cur13. Click use on the thumb drive. Download it. Then you can destroy it by flushing it down the toilet.

    • Actually, you don’t jump from the attenae. You jump from the top of the tv in order to reach the green balloon.

      • ive tryedthat but it doesnt work i cant get to the top frame only the bottom

      • first climb the antena then go back down on the tv and jump from there
        -i know that confused me too-

      • help i cant get to the toilet how do i do it it wont let me jump over shower curtain help!! pleeas

    • Did you check back at the table? If it isn’t there, look around. You might end up bumping into it at one point.

  6. @strangecrumb you can turn the lights on again by jumping below the light switch tuning the lights back on.

  7. Question: When I use the coordinates (87, 16), all I see is the Science Classroom. No note, no CJ, no answers. Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Note: Most likely, by the time you answer, I’ll already have one. But thanks, in case you beat me!

    • You get the thumb drive by jumping on the fan until it stops then you click on the red button then your poptropican will automatically jump on the thing that’s plugged in then turn the fan off,jump over the thing that blows,then go under the bed and you will find the thumb drive.The reason you have to flush the thumb drive is because there is a thief who wants to steal C.J’s science project(the shrink ray gun)and he wants to make millions by saying he invented it so you have save it first then you have to flush it so thief doesn’t get the blueprints.

  8. @yusuf or whatever your name is:
    The thumb drive is what some people (including me) call a “flash drive”.
    To get it, jump on top of the outlet (where the plug for the fan goes in) and jump from there to the fan button. Push it and the fan will release it’s dazzling potency *yawn* under the bed. It will reveal the thumb drive by blowing away the dust bunnies. Oh, and make sure you leap from the bed to the fan and stand on it to push it down all the way before you complete any of this. 😉 Heh heh.

    • And adding to my previous comment to Yusuf:
      The reason you gotta flush the thumb drive is because it carries important blueprints with the instructions for assembling DA SHRINKRAY OF POWAH. 😀 Lol. Anyways, you cannot(!!!) let the thief get those prints. If he does he’ll tell the world he invented the ray and make millions and you’ll never get un-shrunk. So you upload the blueprints on the laptop so they’re saved, flush the thumb drive after CJ’s warning that the theif is coming, and now he’ll never get the blueprints!! YAAAY YOU SAVED DA DAYYY!!


  10. Help it won’t let me see anthing through the telescope all i see is the science classroom no cj.
    i already flushed the thumbdrive down the toilet

  11. Okay, nevermind! I finally got it figured out, you jump on top of the globe, onto the chair and hide behind the items on the desk, then, go all the way to the right. Hide behind the little mirror!

    • You have to make the ramp. Go up the bookshelf and push the book titled “Tess’s Tree.” The book will fall and make a ramp.

    • you wrote this comment on my birthday 🙂 when it was in 2011 now its almost my bday in 2014 so excited im going crazy anyone know a cure ……for CRAZY!!?

    • You have to go to the temp thingy ( haha ) above the computer and turn it until it is red.. then go back by her bed and jump to the pieces of paper floating in the air. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • You need to climb a on the antenna then jump back down to the TV. Then jump to the balloon! Sorry my English is not right! (Hope it is) because I’m a Filipina.

    • I did the same thing but I found that if you skipped a couple steps and just went and turn on the air vent you can jump on the bed and then get over the fan.

  12. Hey I need help!! Im so close to beating this island!! 😀 but.. Whenever I go to push the globe down (it says too) I cant find anything to hide ftom Mr.Silva!!! PLease reply..I would love help! ❤

    • what I did was rush past a few objects on the floor (Leave the GRAPE SODA” vile) and hide behind that, which gives you enough time to jump on globe, into chair (make sure you’re not BEHIND chair, but under it or you’ll get stuck and get frozen) then apple/lunchbox, then pencils, jump OVER scopes and run to mirror. 😀

    • make sure you only turn on red button. ride air over the tub. might need to use ur arrow to go up, then turn on bath, knock soap into water and push towards rubber duck. yiou can now jump from the duck to the ground/plunger. bounce on plunger and tp to get to toilet. get thumb drive from toilet, use TP on left to jump onto the flusher 😀

  13. you can just press restart after you finish the maze and get the paper ._. you don’t have to go though any more maze ._.

  14. how are you supposed to get the globe under the chair fast enough?? I have tried, and when I jump, I can’t land on the chair. I get blocked by the backrest and then shrunk. Am I not pushing the globe far enough or am I not fast enough??

  15. Can someone help me? I pushed down the fan and I’m stuck on the other side and can’t get too the telescope. I pushed it down too earlier in the game before I found the tutorial.

  16. Super Thunder, thx for your walkthrough! I FINALLY passed the island lol o.- And nice backround with the stars i like it 😀 and btw the last part was prety hard :/

  17. to get back to the telescope you need to push over the garbage and then turn on the thermost above the computer keep push it until the dot in the middle is red then jump on the pieces of floating garbage and jump on the bed

    • to jump on the green balloon you have to slide your mouse while holding the left thingy of your mouse but if you fall off you will have to go to the top platform of the tv and if it doesn’t work just put a reply and if it does work you can also put a reply

    • You don’t stick unless you turn the tv on. Once you turn it on you turn the tv on the connection sticks on the top of the tv start to have electricity on it. Just climb up that for a couple seconds and you’ll be all electric and then just jump to the balloon and you’ll stick because of the the static.

  18. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You should turn it to the red side. You’ll know when it’s right because the red button will sort of light up. Then you can get on the bed and so on.

  19. Why can’t I see through the telescope??? Is this a glitch or is there something wrong with my computer? I always get stuck after I flush the thumb drive because I never see CJ telling me Mr Silva is the thief???

    • Same thing happened to me!!! But I found that if you turn the thermostat thing and get the air vent on you can get on the bed and jump over the fan.

    • You have to turn on the water in the bathtub until you get high enough to jump to the other side of the bathtub and to the toilet.

  20. please help me im going crazy i cant get on the top frame only the bottom plus i cant get on top of the green balloon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. what the i cant find the object your ment to hide behind on the last chase after the globe fall down. Please help you are my poptropican idol. btw could i know your username cause i really want to add you as a friend

  22. thank you so much i forgot to turn on the heat to make the trash fly the first time. So i had to go back and then it worked but this walkthrough didn’t say about it so i had to check another website

  23. this was really annoying but when i saw wat all of u wrote and ur response it just encouraged me nd i did it but i never got to see the coordinates on the paper cause i couldnt find it but at least i hv done it

  24. I have two questions one is Where are the pins you have to jump on and what do they look like?
    Another question is when you drive into the restroom to flush the thumb drive down the toilet the game won’t let me bring the car in the restroom.

  25. Grr i love this website but the game wont let me put the lemon paper under the lamp, it was on and it was as far as it could go i swear?

  26. hey hey hey i’m back i’m gonna pick out some poptropican’s to join my crew ummm?oh i have a feuw of them umm let’s see oh iv’e go 2 of them there names are happy sinker and cheerfulhoper ok now i hope you pick me for your super team plz oh plz do it for so ill be happy!\:(

  27. Eccelent walkthrough! However, you can press RESET on the trash maze to get to the entrance instantly. Just make sure to save right after you get the piece of paper and THEN press the RESET button! 🙂 THANKS FOR THE WALKTHROUGH! :d

  28. Okay, so I pushed over the trash can and went to the vent, but when I got to the thermostat and turned the heat on, the trash can was standing back up and the heat wasn’t on. I obviously can’t go under CJ’s bed, so what am I supposed to do now?

  29. uuugggghhh i moved the salt over too much so now its off the spatula. i tried moving back onto it but it wouldnt move. what do i dooooooo?????

    • Is your Poptropican saying anything right before you go on the ramp? Or did you forget to push the book on top of the shelf off?

  30. So, I pushed the fan down in the bedroom so I could get the thumb drive. I pushed it ALL the way down. Now I can’t get past it to get to the telescope! I knocked the trashcan over already, so I can’t get on the bed that way. Aaarrgghhh! I wanna get in my toy truck n run over kitty paws I’m so frustrated!!

    • did you turn on the heat vent with the thermostat in the computer room . i got stuck on this isand a bunch of times because the same thing happened to me just turn the dial till the middle is red 🙂 hope this helps

  31. this was kinda hard BTW ppl if you cant get the heat vent to turn on go to the computer room and right by the shelf with the diary is a thermostat turn that until in the middle it turns red. happy saving islands to you all.

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