It’s A Poptropica Magazine

It’s a Poptropica Magazine is the title to STB’s very own Magazine! The title is based off of the link, and you can read available issues below, as well as send in things to be featured in an upcoming Issue! 😀




You can send in entries using the Contact Form below, or you can send them to NU’s email at Here are some things that you could send in below.

  • A Username You Want Friended (Please make sure you get permission to add it if you don’t own it)
  • Funny Pictures (If you’ve made any funny pictures or Memes of Poptropica, then feel free to send them in!)
  • Art (If you draw, then please send in your art!)
  • Stories (Stories are allowed, make sure they’re Poptropica Themed and appropriate for Poptropica Players of all ages)
  • Reviews (There are always things to review in Poptropica. If you’ve written one, fel free to send it and let others see your opinion)
  • Island Ideas (Some people were too old for the CYDIC. Not here ;))
  • Questions (Want to know something about Poptropica? Feel free to ask)
  • Trivia! (These can be questions, or Fun Facts from Poptropica!)
  • Theories (Seen anything or any Daily Pops that give you ideas for something coming? Let us know too! Conspiracy Theories aren’t exactly what we’re looking for by the way…)
  • Behind The Scenes ~ If you’ve found anything from BTS, Daily Pops, Static Links, or even the Poptropica Creators’ Social Media, feel free to send it in.

*Here is the Contact Form*

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