Season 1 (Episodes 1-14)

Episode 1: Prologue- Early Poptropica
(released January 26, 2011)

Brave Tomato: This is Curious Bee…

Curious Bee: Hello.

Brave Tomato: and this is her new adventure series about her adventures on Poptropica!

(audience claps as the curtain rolls open for the first time)

Random Narrator: Curious Bee is a very curious young poptropican with a taste for adventure. She dreams of the islands beyond Early Poptropica, but her parents wouldn’t let her do so…

Curious Bee: Come on, Mom, please?? 😦 All I asked is if I can visit Shark Tooth Island!

Safe Bee (mother): No way, honey. These islands are too dangerous. Early Poptropica is the only island that is safe enough for us.

*nighttime. CURIOUS BEE is seen lying in her bed, not falling asleep at all*

Curious Bee: 😡 That’s it! I am leaving Early Poptropica to explore islands and no one is going to stop me!

*She gets out of bed and runs for the nearest blimp*

Curious Bee: Well, here goes nothing…

Episode 2: Nabooti Island
(Released January 27, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Last we saw Curious Bee, she ran away from her home on Early Poptropica to go out and explore other islands.

(curtain rolls open)

Curious Bee: Wow! The view is great from up here! I don’t know why I was never allowed on this blimp!

*Curious Bee flys over to an island that is really into gems*

Curious Bee: Woah!

Random Poptropican: Welcome to Nabooti Island.

Curious Bee: Woah! So this is Nabooti Island? Nice place! I don’t know why Mom never allowed me here. What’s wrong with it?

*someone finishes Nabooti Island and the totem pole flies off into space under the roof Curious Bee was standing on. She gets knocked over*

Curious Bee: Oof!

*all other poptropicans look up in amazement*

Poptropican 1: Someone has collected all of the gems!

Poptropican 2: Now the totem pole is flying back to space!

All Poptropicans except Curious Bee: OOOH, AAAAAHH!

Curious Bee: Hello? Is anybody going to help me?…. I’m outta here!

*Curious Bee jumps back into the blimp*

Episode 3: Shark Tooth Island
(Released January 29, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Last time we saw Curious Bee, she was knocked over by the totem pole on Nabooti Island, and the other Poptropicans had their eyes fixed on it. Curious Bee stormed of back to her balloon, and the adventures continue…

(curtain rolls open)

Curious Bee: *sigh* Well, Nabooti didn’t turn out so well. All the Poptropicans there only care about jewels and intergalactic totem poles. I hope this next island would be any better…

(blimp flys over to an island where the poptropicans worship sharks)

Curious Bee: Shark Tooth Island! I’ve always wanted to come here, I want to swim! There’s no oceanic area in Early Poptropica!

(Curious Bee dashes to Booga Bay and jumps in the water)

Curious Bee: Wow! I’ve never jumped into an ocean before! Besides, I wonder why this place is called Shark Tooth Island.

(Curious Bee see’s a shark fin in the water)

Curious Bee: Ummm… what was that?????

(the shark lunges towards her, but misses)

Curious Bee: *screams*

(Curious Bee dashes out of the water and runs towards the blimp)

Grass Skirt Salesman: Want to buy a stylish grass skirt?

Curious Bee: No thanks!

(CB continues running)

Cocunut Milk Salesman: Before you leave, want to buy some refreshing Cocunut Milk?

Curious Bee: You see, I’m in a rush here!

Shark Fin Salesman: Want to get a shark fin to honor the sharks?

Curious Bee: No!

(gets on the blimp)

Curious Bee: *pants* Gee, how many salesmen are there on this island?!

(flies off)

Episode 4: Reality TV Island
(Released January 30, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Last time we saw Curious Bee, she was scared off by a shark on Shark Tooth Island, along the way, being paused by the salesmen. Now, let’s see where Curious Bee goes to next.

(curtain rolls open)

Curious Bee: *sigh* Now I see why Mom never allowed me to go to Shark Tooth Island. I wonder where I’ll end up next? *notices an island* Hey! What’s that over there?

(CB goes to an island that is obsessed with TV)

Curious Bee: *gets down from blimp* Hi!

(no one responds. everyone is gathered around the television store watching TV)

Curious Bee: Hello?

Poptropican 1: Could ya be quiet for a second?! We are trying to watch Reality TV Island!

Curious Bee: Reality TV Island?

Poptropican 2: *gasp* You never heard of Reality TV Island??????!!!!!!

Curious Bee: I’ve never been to any island besides my home island Early Poptropica, Nabooti, and Shark Tooth Island before!

Poptropican 1: You don’t know anything tourist!

Poptropican 2: Now could you go away?! The show is back on!

(all Poptropicans other than Curious Bee cheer and argue about their favorite contestants)

Curious Bee: *groans and gets back on blimp*

Episode 5- Mythology Island

Part One
(Released January 31, 2011)

Hey guys, this is the first Curious Bee special. Thank you, Red Heart, for this humble suggestion for this episode 😉 and SURPRISE! I put you in this ep!!!!! 😀

Brave Tomato: Last time we saw Curious Bee, she paid a visit to Reality TV Island and the Poptropicans there were crabby and only cared about the TV. Curious Bee stormed off of the island in agony. And speaking of storming off…

(curtain rolls open)

*storm clouds are in the sky*

Curious Bee: Umm, what’s with the weather? I thought the Poptropica forecast said that today was going to be as clear as day.

*lightning strikes the blimp and Curious Bee plummets towards an island*

Curious Bee: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*a while passed*

Red Heart: Hello? Hello? Are you okay?

Curious Bee: *groans*

Red Heart: Hello?

Curious Bee: *opens eyes and sees Red Heart* Where am I?

Red Heart: Mythology Island. You washed up here on the beach.

Curious Bee: Wait-wait-wait, did you say Mythology Island?

Red Heart: Umm, yeah.

Curious Bee: How about my blimp? Is it okay?

Red Heart: Well, I wouldn’t say exactly okay… *points to Curious Bee’s bursted blimp*

Curious Bee: Oh no, Mom’s going to kill me!

Red Heart: Well, it looks like you’re going to be stuck here for a while, then.

Curious Bee: Seems like so. 😦

Red Heart: Come on, it’s not your fault. Zeus is a little unhappy lately.

Curious Bee: o_o

Red Heart: What is it?

Curious Bee: Did you say Zeus?????

Red Heart: Umm, yeah.

Curious Bee: *faints*

Red Heart: Oh, dear.

Part 2
(Released February 2, 2011)

Spoiler Alert!: This skit contains content that may be a spoiler, so if you want it to be a surprise, don’t read it!!!

Brave Tomato: Last time we saw Curious Bee, she was struck down by lightning and with her blimp bursted, stranded on Mythology Island. When our very own guest star, Red Heart, mentioned Zeus, CB fainted once again…

(curtain rolls open)

Curious Bee: *wakes up* Ugh….. hello? *looks around* Huh, that Poptropican left. And I’m alone. On the beach. In Mythology Island.

(CB finally stands up)

Curious Bee: What the, how long have I been passed out? Seems like a while. *looks up* Why are there still storm clouds looming around?

(wanders around the voided beach)

Curious Bee: I can see why the beach is so empty.

Voice: You’re not alone.

Curious Bee: Huh? Who’s there?

Voice: You’re never alone here.

Curious Bee: Where are you? What do you mean? Who are you?

*Curious Bee turns around and sees Aphrodite, the source of the voice*

Curious Bee: Woah! Where did you come from?

Aphrodite: You may say Mount Olympus. You might say the ocean. Doesn’t matter. I’m Aphrodite.

Curious Bee: Wait-wait-wait! Did you say you were Aphrodite?

Aphrodite: Umm, yes.

Curious Bee: *almost faints*

Aphrodite: Oh dear, it must be my looks again!

Curious Bee: Well, what’s going on?

Aphrodite: I don’t really know that much. All that I really know is that Zeus was recently defeated by a mortal.

Curious Bee: ?

Aphrodite: The mortal was somehow equipped with Posideon’s trident and Hades’ crown.

Curious Bee: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Aphrodite: At one point, the mortal stopped by here at the beach, and asked for my help. I gave her a mirror to teleport to the realms of the major gods.

Curious Bee: Hmm… if my thinking is correct, that mortal was given a quest by Zeus, and then he betrayed her, and they fought on Mount Olympus and the mortal won?

*thunder rumble*

Aphrodite: Zeus doesn’t want to be reminded of that day.

Curious Bee: *looks up* Oh, sorry.

Aphrodite: I don’t think “sorry” would be enough, but I don’t hear anything.

Curious Bee: Me neither. Well, I got to go…

Aphrodite: Wait!

*Curious Bee stops*

Aphrodite: I need you to do me a favor…

Curious Bee: What is it?

Aphrodite: Could you find the mortal who I told you about? I want my mirror back. I missed looking at myself.

Curious Bee: Okay.

Aphrodite: But I’m going to have to warn you.

Curious Bee: Huh? Why?

Aphrodite: Zeus is still angry about the event, maybe he’s trying to get revenge.

Curious Bee: And I can’t secretly take her to another island because my blimp is bursted.

Aphrodite: So try not to be noticed.

Curious Bee: Okay, It’ll be tough, but okay. *starts to exit the beach, and stops* Wait! Aw, man! I forgot to ask who was the girl!

(meanwhile on Mount Olympus, Zeus is on his throne pondering, with Hera (Zeus’s wife) with him)

Hera: Come on, honey, is it really nessessary to take your anger out on other mortals who weren’t involved?

Zeus: Don’t talk about it!

Hera: But, honey…


Hera: Okay, I won’t talk about it!

Zeus: *stands up* I was defeated by a mortal! A MORTAL!!! How is it even possible?! I don’t care if she has my foolish brothers’ weapons! How could she defeat ME?!

Hera: You gave up, honey.

Zeus: I didn’t give up!

Hera: Yes, you did. You even gave her the items back.

*moment of silence*

Zeus: I left her thinking!

Hera:You know, she still has Hades’ crown and Posideon’s trident.

Zeus: *comes up with an idea*

Hera: What is it honey?

Zeus: Hera! You just gave me an idea! I’ll let my brothers know that the foolish mortal still has the crown and trident.

Hera: Honey, haven’t you already done enough to that mortal? Betrayed her? Battled with her? Now you’re going to put Posideon and Hades against her?

Zeus: Exactly.

Part 3
(released February 11, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Hi, I apologize for the delay of the new Curious Bee part, but the auditions made it run nice and smoothly. There were a bunch of Poptropicans who tried out, and sadly, not all of them made it, but now, rather than 3 parts, I added one more extra part! Why? Because I love you guys. 🙂 Well anyways, here’s the return of Curious Bee!

(curtain rolls open)

*Curious Bee is wandering around the Main Street of Mythology Island asking them about the mystery mortal.*

Curious Bee: Did you see the fight?

Cuddly Walker: I saw it! And it was freaky and awesome at the same time! It was rad! 😀

Curious Bee: Did you remember what the mystery mortal looked like?

Cuddly Walker: I don’t really remember, but I’ll help you find her if you want.

Curious Bee: I will gladly appreciate it!

*Curious Bee and Cuddly Walker continues asking questions to random Poptropicans*

Cuddly Walker: Hi, I was wondering, do you know the person who fought against Zeus?

Brave Lightning: Umm… I wasn’t there when it happened, but there was a lot of buzz around the whole mortal vs. god fight around here. I’ll help look for her if you like. I think it’s a her.

Curious Bee: Thanks! 😀

*With Brave Lightning joined in the group, they still ask questions*

Brave Lightning: Look! There’s Super Thunder over there! I’ll go ask her. *goes up to Super Thunder* Hi Super Thunder!

Super Thunder: BL! What’s up?

Brave Lightning: Do you know anything about the person who fought against Zeus?

Super Thunder: Well, I have been involved in the gods’ buisnesses a few times, but I don’t really know anything about that fight.

Brave Lightning: Why don’t you join us? The more in the group, the easier to find the mystery mortal!

Super Thunder: Sure.

*Curious Bee, Cuddly Walker, Brave Lightning, and Super Thunder continue searching, with no such luck*

Cuddly Walker: I think we asked pretty much all of the people on Mythology Island.

Curious Bee: I don’t think we asked everyone yet. This is only Main Street. I’ll check over by the beach.

Brave Lightning: How do you expect anyone on the beach with these storm clouds around?

Curious Bee: I think I know someone who can help.

*the group goes to the beach and sees Red Heart, clearing out her bag*

Red Heart: Gosh, how much stuff can one bag fit? *something falls out of bag* Whoops! *puts it back in the bag* Don’t wanna lose that!

Curious Bee: Hi.

Red Heart: Oh, hi. You’re the girl who washed up on the beach.

Super Thunder: You washed up on the beach?

Curious Bee: Long story. Anyways, do you know anything about the mystery girl?

Red Heart: *frowns* I know her very well.

Curious Bee: You do? Who is it?

Red Heart: It is me. I am the “mystery mortal”.

*all others gasp*

Red Heart: I have these things, and I want to return them, but there barely is time. *gives Posideon’s Trident and Hades’ Crown*

Curious Bee: I’ll take care of them for you.

Red Heart: Thanks!

Curious Bee: I need one more thing from you.

Red Heart: What is it?

Curious Bee: I met Aphrodite here on the beach, she wants her mirror back.

Red Heart: You sure you met Aphrodite?

Curious Bee: Positive.

Red Heart: Okay then, here you go. *gives mirror*

Curious Bee: First things first.

*Curious Bee dives underwater and puts the trident near Posideon’s castle.*

Super Thunder: Nice job with the trident, but how do you get to the underworld to return the crown?

Curious Bee: I think I know where it is, but first, I need to give the mirror to Aphrodite. I’ll be right back.

*Curious Bee goes a little bit of a distance from the rest of the group, and holds up the mirror*

*Aphrodite appears*

Aphrodite: You bring what I seek?

Curious Bee: Yup, right here. *gives mirror to Aphrodite*

Aphrodite: Thank you, you’re such a sweetheart.

*Aphrodite disappears*

Curious Bee: *walks back to the group* I’m back!

Brave Lightning: Let’s get the crown back to Hades!

Red Heart: Guys, you don’t mind if I come along too?

Cuddly Walker: Sure, you might be a little bit of help.

Curious Bee: Okay!

*Curious Bee, Cuddly Walker, Brave Lightning, Super Thunder, and Red Heart leave the beach and head towards Hades’ realm.*

Charon: You again? Come back when you’re dead.

Red Heart: We’re not going to the underworld. Please take this back to Hades. I have a drachma.

Charon: Fine. *snatches drachma and crown*

*the group exits the realm*

Curious Bee: Well, at least we gave them back.

Brave Lightning: Yeah, that’s a pretty good thing. 🙂

Super Thunder: I wonder what would’ve happened if we didn’t bring them back.

(meanwhile on Mount Olympus…)

Zeus: What the? How did my foolish brothers get their items back before I did anything? *knocks over a statuette* Those foolish mortals! It’s almost like they knew what I was doing. Curious Bee and the others shall pay! One day. I’ll keep a close eye on her.

(back on Main Street…)

Cuddly Walker: Your blimp is fixed up and ready to go according to the craftsmen.

Brave Lightning: I just hope the craftsmen weren’t lying.

Super Thunder: They didn’t lie, BL. They’re professionals!

Curious Bee: Well I better get going, thank you guys for everything. *to Red Heart* Umm… what’ s your name?

Red Heart: Red Heart. Why?

Curious Bee: I dunno. Just asking. Bye!

*all others wave bye as Curious Bee’s blimp sets off again*

*curtains close and Brave Tomato walks on stage*

Brave Tomato: Well, that concludes Curious Bee’s adventures on Mythology Island, but this doesn’t seem like the last time CB will be involved with the gods’ buisnesses. I would like to take time to congratulate Cuddly Walker, Red Heart, and our very own Super Thunder and Brave Lightning! Now I apologize to the peepz who didn’t make it, for the pick for the parts were random, so don’t be disappointed, there will be more auditions to come. Thank you for your support! 😀

*bows and walks off stage*

Episode 6: Super Power Island
(released February 17, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Last time we saw Curious Bee, she concluded her stay at Mythology Island and set off for a new island to continue her adventures. *silence* I wonder why Curious Bee would continue on her adventures even after all of what happened on Mythology Island, pretty soon, I would have to start calling her Brave Bee. But Curious Bee is still curious…

(curtain opens)

Curious Bee: *sigh* Mythology Island was pretty much the island you can get into the most trouble. *sarcastically* After seeing the Underworld, I just can’t wait until I die.

*pink flash like a comet dashes past the blimp*

Curious Bee: What was that?

*Curious Bee’s a flying girl*

Betty Jetty: Hi, I’m just so glad to see you random tourist. Well, I gotta jet and you gotta go down.

*Betty Jetty flies, hitting the basket Curious Bee was on along the way. It knocks Curious Bee out of the blimp*

Curious Bee: AAAAHHHH!

*Curious Bee falls towards Super Power Island*


(a while passed)

Curious Bee: *wakes up* Uggh… what’s with me and falling? *notices she’s in a comic shop*

Ned Noodlehead: What the? Why did you fall through my comic shop’s roof?

Curious Bee: I was knocked down from my blimp by a flying pink haired girl.

Ned Noodlehead: Oh. That was Betty Jetty, one of the 6 supervillians that escaped the prison yesterday morning. She can fly and throw green orbs.

Curious Bee: Supervillians? You mean with super powers and everything?

Ned Noodlehead: That’s what I’m saying. And sorry about my behavior earlier. I just hate people damaging my comic shop on purpose. The other day, Speeding Spike stole money from my cash register. That really hurt me.

Curious Bee: Is Speeding Spike one of the villians that escaped?

Ned Noodlehead: Yeah. He can run really fast, really fast. There’s also Copy Cat, who could clone herself, Ratman, who can make rats his henchmen, Sir Rebral, who has telekinectic powers, and Crusher, who has super strength.

Curious Bee: Wow.

Ned Noodlehead: You can say that again.

Curious Bee: Wow. But, isn’t there any superhero that can save you guys?

Ned Noodlehead: Used to. He retired because he “couldn’t keep up with all these villians”.

Curious Bee: Bad timing.

Ned Noodlehead: Yeah.

Curious Bee: Well, I got to go anyways. My blimp is somewhere lingering around the Poptropican ocean.

Ned Noodlehead: Bye!

*Curious Bee exits shop*

Curious Bee: Hello, officer.

Police Officer: Please don’t tell me you encountered one of the villians, please don’t tell me you encountered one of the villians…

Curious Bee: I had encountered one of the villains.

Police Officer: I told you not to tell me that!

Curious Bee: Well, I had to.

Police Officer: *sigh* Third one today. Who is it now?

Curious Bee: The flying one: Betty Jetty.

Police Officer: What has she done to you?

Curious Bee: While I was passing by here, she knocked me off my blimp and I crash-landed into Ned Noodlehead’s shop.

Police Officer: I was going to check that out. You okay? Seems like a pretty high fall.

Curious Bee: Yeah, I’m ok. Now, however, my blimp is wandering somewhere around the ocean.

Police Officer: Ouch. Don’t worry, tourist, we’ll track down the blimp in no time.

Curious Bee: Thanks.

Voice: Catch me if you can!

*Curious Bee and Police Officer turn around to see Copy Cat… or maybe 4 of them*

Copy Cat 3: I’ll take that!

Curious Bee: Hey! That was my wallet!

Copy Cat 2: *mimicking* “Hey, that was my wallet!”

(all Copy Cats laugh and run off, continuing pickpocketing other Poptropicans)

Curious Bee: Well, make that two supervillian sightings.

Police Officer: *sigh* Fourth one today. Well anyways, I recieved a message from the office telling me about an abandoned blimp floating around here, I think that is yours.

Curious Bee: What about my wallet?

Police Officer: Don’t worry, tourist, we’ll take care of it, maybe. Just go on, and we’ll contact you if, I mean when we get it.

Curious Bee: *sees her blimp* Thank you, officer.

*runs to the blimp*

Episode 7: Spy Island
(released February 22, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Episode 7 already? Wow. Last time on Curious Bee, she ended up falling into Ned Noodlehead’s shop on Super Power Island thanks to Betty Jetty. When Curious Bee recovered, she got her wallet stolen by Copy Cat (or 4 of them at least) and ended up leaving SP island walletless.

(curtain opens)

Curious Bee: *sigh* Well, thanks to Super Power Island, I’m walletless and broke. I can’t go back home to pick up some food, well, we don’t really have food. All I have is plain Popgum *chews Popgum* Well, at least it’s something.

*rides to an island where half of the people there are bald*

Curious Bee: According to the map, this is supposed to be Spy Island. Let me get my tourist’s guide out… *reads from guide* Spy Island is one of the several mysterious islands where there is danger at every turn. There is an agengy, rumored to be called B.A.D. that like to use laser hair removal to make almost everyone bald. If you are planning to visit this island… keep your heads up for red lasers that would zap your hair off your head.

*Red Flash*

Random Poptropican 1: I’m bald!!!!!!!!!!!

Curious Bee: *looks at braids* Not the best idea to stay outside completly exposed.

*goes under a random poptropican’s umbrella*

Random Poptropican 2: Get your own umbrella, tourist! *pulls umbrella away from Curious Bee’s head*

Curious Bee: I have been called tourist too many times.

Random Poptropican 1: Well, you are one.

Curious Bee: Whatever.

*Red Flash*

Random Poptropican 2: Aw, come on! I only put my umbrella down for a second!

Curious Bee: *giggles*

RP2: Not funny, tourist. Just wait until the laser zaps you.

Curious Bee: *thinks about what happened before landing on Mythology Island* I had enough “zapping” in my life.

*Curious Bee goes into blimp to shelter from red lasers*

Curious Bee: Well, I’m not taking any chances. I’m getting out of here. *flies off*

Episode 8: Counterfeit Island and the Return of Safe Bee
(Released March 5, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Hello Hello. Last time we saw Curious Bee, she ended up on Spy Island, annoying a few Poptropicans and almost lost her hair *literally*. This is an audition episode, meaning this episode contains the results of the previous audition. Congrats to those who made it, 3 of you did, and don’t worry to the ones that didn’t 🙂

(curtain opens)

*Curious Bee is asleep*

Voice: Help!

*Curious Bee wakes up to see a floating boy*

Balloon Boy: HELP!

Curious Bee: What the?

Balloon Boy: HELP!!!!

Curious Bee: Okay okay, I’ll get you down. *gets BB down*

Balloon Boy: Thanks, you’re a life saver.

Curious Bee: Don’t mention it. Where did you come from?

Balloon Boy: Counterfeit Island. I’ve been floating around for a long while.

Curious Bee: You must be starving. Here: have some popgum.

Balloon Boy: Thanks. *chew popgum*

Curious Bee: I’ll bring you back to Counterfeit Island.

(lands on Counterfeit Island)

Happy Thunder: Hey, isn’t that Balloon Boy?

(crowd gathers around Balloon Boy)

Balloon Boy: Why are you calling me Balloon Boy? My name is Green Flyer.

Balloon Boy’s Mom: My sonnnn!!!!! *hugs BB*

Balloon Boy: Mom, ok, stop the hugging! I miss you too.

Balloon Boy’s Mom: How can I ever thank you, such a kind tourist!

Curious Bee: I don’t need anything. I’m on my own journey.

Balloon Boy’s Mom: You sure?

Curious Bee: Positive.

Happy Thunder: You know, you actually did a pretty good thing right here.

Mad Dragon: You’re a hero! You brought Balloon Boy down!

Balloon Boy: It’s Green Flyer!

Fearless Scorpion: This is Fearless Scorpion: Ace Poptropican News Reporter on the scene where Balloon Boy had been brought down! Now tell me, hero, what is your name?

Curious Bee: *blushes* Curious Bee.

Fearless Scorpion: Curious Bee! A splendid name! So tell me, how were you able to get Balloon Boy down?

Balloon Boy: It’s Green Flyer!

Curious Bee: Well, I was just wandering around in my family’s blimp when I heard him calling for help….

(meanwhile back at the Bee household)

Safe Bee: What’s this?!

Curious Bee: *on TV* and I was able to get Balloon Boy down just by a tug of the string, literally.

Safe Bee: So that’s where my daughter is. I miss her so much! *to Lucky Bee (father)* Honey, I’m going to Counterfeit Island! Our daughter’s there!

Lucky Bee: Ok.

(Safe Bee goes on a boat and heads to Counterfeit Island)

Safe Bee: CURIOUS BEE!!!!!!!

Curious Bee: Mo-mo-mom? What are you doing here?!

Safe Bee: *hugs CB* I missed you so much… but you’re in so much TROUBLE, Miss Bee!

Curious Bee: But Mom…

Safe Bee: What are you doing out here, in this dangerous world?! I want you at Early Poptropica, and ONLY EARLY POPTROPICA!

Curious Bee: But Mom…

Safe Bee: But WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Curious Bee:…we’re still rolling.

*crowd awkwardly stares at Curious Bee and Safe Bee, especially Fearless Scorpion*

Safe Bee: Uh-uh-uh… we are?

*Cameraman nods*

Curious Bee: Uh…

Fearless Scorpion: Well… here we have it: the hero Curious Bee! Channel 2: Poptropica News. Now back to the studio…. *camera turns off* *sigh* I really need my agent right about now.

Mad Dragon: I’m guessing that was pretty embarassing for you, Curious Bee.

Curious Bee: Yeah… I guess it was.

Happy Thunder: Ouch.

Safe Bee: ……I’m sending you to the Poptropica Problems Academy.

Curious Bee: MOM!!!!!!!

*helicopter appears saying “Poptropica Problems Academy”*

Curious Bee: *pushed into the helicopter* I-I hate you, Mom.

Safe Bee: It’s for your own good.

*helicopter flys away* Curious Bee: MOM!!!!!

(curtain closes)

Brave Tomato: Ok… that was bad. Don’t worry, this isn’t the series finale. There will be more to come. Congratulations to Happy Thunder, Mad Dragon, and Fearless Scorpion to making it in this episode! Poor Curious Bee…

Episode 9: Poptropica Problems
(released March 12, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Last time we saw Curious Bee, she was taken away from her journey, taken to the Poptropica Problems Academy. The last words Curious Bee had stated were “I hate you, Mom.”

(curtain opens with dramatic music)

*Curious Bee is being pulled down the hallway.*

Curious Bee: Let me go!

Staff Member 1: Now I see why you were sent here. You’re disobedient, you’re hurtful, and you’re a theif.


*Curious Bee is thrown into her dorm room, all other girls stare at her*

Quiet Snake: Who is she?

Bendy Tornado: Must be a newbie.

Curious Bee: Uh… hi?

Blue Skull: Who are you?

Curious Bee: I’m Curious Bee. I got here because i’m “disobedient, hurtful, and a theif”. That’s what one of the staff members said.

Nice Sword: Hi, I’m Nice Sword. I got here because I ran away from home.

Blue Skull: Blue Skull. Stole from the Poptropica Store.

Quiet Snake: Quiet Snake. I’m here because I ran away from home.

Bendy Tornado: Bendy Tornado. I’m here because I joined a gang.

Curious Bee: *sigh*

Nice Sword: Don’t worry about the staff worker’s words. He’s just a big jerk.

Curious Bee: Come on, sit down. I’ll tell you my story.

*Curious Bee tells dorm members her story from Episode 1 till now.*

Quiet Snake: You’re mom’s an idiot.

*all laugh*

Staff Member 2: NOT TOO LOUD, MAGGOTS!

Dorm Members: *sigh*

Curious Bee: I don’t belong here. Mom’s overreacting.

Blue Skull: We understand. You only wanted to explore Poptropica, but with your mom… she thinks it’s too dangerous?

Curious Bee: My mom thinks that Early Poptropica is the safest island in Poptropica, and she wants me only there. She says that Shark Tooth is too dangerous and “sharky”, Time Tangled “affects your future in huge ways”, 24 Carrot has disappearances and a weird rabbit guy, Super Power Island is “super-dangerous”, Spy Island makes you “lose your hair”, Nabooti’s “too different”, Big Nate Island is “way too unique and comical”, Astro-Knights is “out-of-this-world dangerous”, Counterfeit Island is “not the best artwork”, Reality TV Island is “too addicting to TV”, Mythology Island…. well…. I understand Mythology Island, Skullduggery Island is “too pirated”, Steamworks is “too empty”, Great Pumpkin “makes you think Halloween is all year round”, Cryptids Island is “too greedy”, Wild West has these bandits, and Wimpy Wonderland contains gangsters and video game addicts.

Nice Sword: Wow. Amazing how you said that all in one breath.

Curious Bee: Yeah. That always happens.

Staff Member 2: SLEEP TIME MAGGOTS!!!!!

Quiet Snake: Well… night.

Bendy Tornado: Night.

Blue Skull: Night.

Nice Sword: Nice… I mean night.

Curious Bee: Night.

Episode 10: Mad Bee?
(released March 20, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Episode…. 10? Yup. We finally left behind the single digits. Well anyways, last time we saw Curious Bee, she told her story to her new roommates at the Poptropica Problems Academy. She was able to make new friends: Nice Sword, Bendy Tornado, Blue Skull, and Quiet Snake. Together, they hope to one day escape the madness of the academy. Meanwhile, Curious Bee is acting a little… different.

(curtain rolls open)

Curious Bee: I can’t take this anymore! *kicks pillow*

Blue Skull: Woah, woah! Calm down Curious Bee. I think this place is starting to make you mad.

Curious Bee: Mom is a real life jerk! I don’t know why I was sent here!

Quiet Snake: You should calm down before we start calling you Mad Bee.

Curious Bee: Who cares?! All I want is to get out of here! 😡

Bendy Tornado: *whispers* Space Madness.

Curious Bee: I haven’t seen sunlight for days! I’m innocent! I wanna get out of here! 😥

Nice Sword: *whispers* Or maybe mood swings.

Curious Bee: Hey, are you whispering?

Bendy Tornado: Umm… no?

Curious Bee: *hyperventilating* I…. Need… to …. Get…. out…. of… here. *faints*

Quiet Snake: Curious Bee! =0

Bendy Tornado: Don’t worry, she will regain consiousness soon.

Blue Skull: But… has she gone mad?

Nice Sword: I don’t know. One thing that is positive is… that Curious Bee has gone insane.

Bendy Tornado: Curious Bee is used to being out there, moving along, you know?

Blue Skull: And also feeling the rush of the sea as she flys in her family blimp.

Quiet Snake: And the most important thing:….. being curious. Being Curious Bee.

Nice Sword: In the meantime… let’s call in the nurse.

Blue Skull: Wait, I have an idea…


*Curious Bee regains consiousness*

Curious Bee: Wha-wha-what? Where am I? Am I dead? Am I being carried into the Underworld?

Nice Sword: No, CB.

Bendy Tornado: We escaped….

Quiet Snake: Together.

Blue Skull: It was hard, but we escaped… together.

Curious Bee: NS….BT…..QS….BS…. you… did this…. for me? You risked your lives…. for me?

Nice Sword: Well, yeah.

Curious Bee: 😥 Guys… you shouldn’t have!

Bendy Tornado: Well, we did.

Curious Bee: Thank you.

Blue Skull: We’re going to drop you off at… where are we going to drop you off?

(curtains close)

Brave Tomato: That was a wild ride. By the way, the Poptropica Problems Academy comes from the ideas of Super Thunder. It just came up, you know? Well, anyways, stay tuned for episode 11!

Episode 11: The Solo Becomes A Group
(Released April 3, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Hi, I’m sorry for the long delay between Curious Bee episodes. I was just having a hard time coming up with ideas. Well, anyways, last time we saw Curious Bee, she was going loco and was having a bunch of random mood swings because of her madness. Finally, her friends Quiet Snake, Nice Sword, Bendy Tornado, and Blue Skull escaped from the Poptropica Problems Academy with a fainted Curious Bee. They’re gonna drop off Curious Bee at…

(curtains open)

Brave Tomato: Hey! I wasn’t finished yet!

Audience member: Move out of the way! You’re blocking the adventure!

Brave Tomato: Fine. *walks away*


Bendy Tornado: Where exactly are we going?

Blue Skull: I have no idea.

Quiet Snake: Wait, who’s driving again?

Nice Sword: Where exactly are we?

Curious Bee: Everybody please just calm down. Quiet Snake, do you have a map?

Quiet Snake: Uhh…

Blue Skull: Quiet Snake…

Nice Sword: Don’t tell us that you left the map behind.

Quiet Snake: No I didn’t! It’s right in my backpack. *throws stuff out of backpack* Compass? No. Island brochure? No. Cell phone? No. Statuette of Apollo I got from Mythology Island? No. Shark fin? No. Balloon? No…

Curious Bee: Oh, no.

Bendy Tornado: Perfect. Just perfect.

Nice Sword: Great. Now how are we supposed to know where we are?

Quiet Snake: Uh… compass?

Blue Skull: That’s not really going to help if we DONT HAVE A MAP!

Curious Bee: Arguing isn’t going to help, guys. Mom confiscated my map. I can’t see her. She’ll ground me for the rest of my life.

Nice Sword: Wait, I think I have an extra…

Quiet Snake: Please do, please do…

Nice Sword: Yes! *takes out map*

Bendy Tornado: That’s great, NS, but why didn’t you tell us before?

Nice Sword: Just remembered.

Curious Bee: Great, now we’re back on track. We need to get to an island soon.

Nice Sword: And the closest island is… Skullduggery!

Curious Bee: Skullduggery Island? You mean the one with the pirates?

Bendy Tornado: Yeah, I think so.

Quiet Snake: *reads from island brochure* Skullduggery Island: An island known for its danger of pirates, led by none other than Captain Crawfish. Skullduggery Island is a series of islands where you have to go by boat. It is an island of trade, seas, and danger on every turn including storm, sea monsters, and, of course, ruthless pirates. Note: Don’t feed the Kraken.

Curious Bee: Captain Crawfish? I did a research paper on him once. He was born into a life of misery and poverty. His real name is Lone Crawfish. Orphaned at a young age, he was set out with one thing on his mind: to gain wealth. He changed his name to Captain Crawfish and he set out on his boat when he was only 6 years old! He hired his crew and set out his goal at first peacefully. However, that didn’t turn out so well, for during those times, people were greedy and held on to their items, so Captain Crawfish decided to become a pirate and steal from the innocent. To this day, Captain Crawfish is still the most feared pirate on the high seas.

Nice Sword: Wow.

Blue Skull: Amazing how you memorized your paper.

Quiet Snake: We’re here!

Curious Bee: Great! This trip took forever!

Bendy Tornado: You can say that again!

Curious Bee: Great! This trip…

Bendy Tornado: I was only kidding!

Curious Bee: Well, anyways, thanks for everything. I wouldn’t be able to escape that madhouse if it wasn’t for you guys.

Nice Sword: What are friends for?

Quiet Snake: Wait!

Curious Bee: What is it?

Quiet Snake: We want to come with you.

Nice Sword, Bendy Tornado, & Blue Skull: Yeah!

Curious Bee: You do? I would love it. Just to let you know, I’ll be going to a whole lot more islands. Just wait. You’ll see. In the meantime, let’s check out Skullduggery Island.

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato:… they’ll be going to Skullduggery Island.

Audience Member: We already know that! The episode is over!

Brave Tomato: It is? *looks at stay tuned sign* Oh.

Episode 12: Skullduggery Island

Part One
(Released April 19, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Episode 12? Wowzers. Last time we saw Curious Bee and her friends, they were a little lost after escaping the asylum of the Poptropica Problems Academy. As soon as they found a map, they landed on Skullduggery Island. Right there and then, Quiet Snake, Nice Sword, Bendy Tornado, and Blue Skull became part of the group. Well, last episode we had a contest running… and well… nobody entered. I’m going to extend the contest. Details will appear in a future post. Maybe you guys couldn’t find it because it was hidden. Well, the show must go on, so here’s Episode 12 Part One! Yup, it’s another multi-part episode.

*curtains open*

Curious Bee: So this is Skullduggery Island? Doesn’t seem like a bad place.

Blue Skull: I’ve been here before. Went on a boat to try and explore some islands. Epic fail.

Nice Sword: I think all of the dangers are out at sea.

Bendy Tornado: I believe so too.

Quiet Snake: Well anyways, lets get moving.

*CB group looks around Fort Ridley*

Nice Sword: Oh my gosh! What happened to this place?

Curious Bee: I think I know why: Pirates.

Blue Skull: *moan* Not pirates. I mean, I know my last name is the symbol for the Jolly Roger, but still.

Bendy Tornado: Toughen up dude.

Curious Bee: *sigh* **to self** Now I see how you joined that gang.

Quiet Snake: Why is there a hole in the middle of the deck?

Bendy Tornado: Duh. Pirates. Cannonballs. The stuff.

Curious Bee: Uh… yeah. That’s probably it Bendy Tornado.

Bendy Tornado: You ok, CB? You don’t seem like yourself.

Curious Bee: I’m fine! I’m fine! Just feels good to actually find peaceful land instead of a madhouse.

Bendy Tornado: Hmm.

Quiet Snake: Guys, I think you should check this out. I see a little hill up ahead. Come here. Just be careful about the hole in the deck.

*rest follow Quiet Snake to the yard in front of the govenor’s mansion. They stop at the grave of the first govenor.*

Curious Bee: Aw, poor Governor Ridley. Wonder where he is in the Underworld.

Blue Skull: “Wonder where he is in the Underworld?” Where are you from, Mythology Island?

Curious Bee: No, no! I’m from Early Poptropica, remember?! However, I’ve been to Mythology Island once. Long story.

Nice Sword: Moving on… it is still a little creepy.

Quiet Snake: Let’s go back down.

*The CB group goes down the cliff and sees a boat on shore*

Bendy Tornado: “Boat for Rent?” Who would want to rent their boat?

Curious Bee:… I don’t know, Bendy. … Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Quiet Snake: Is it about lunch? I’m hungry!

Curious Bee: No! Here, have some popgum *tosses popgum*

Bendy Tornado: Rent this boat and explore the other islands that make up Skullduggery Island?

Curious Bee: Exactly! Exactly that, Bendy!

Nice Sword: Bendy?

Bendy Tornado: It’s alright.

Blue Skull: Er… Bendy… I mean BT… are you ok?

Bendy Tornado: What are you talking about? I’m fine.

Curious Bee: Well, in the meantime, lets just get on the boat.

*CB group rents the boat as the curtain closes*

Brave Tomato: Well, as you can see, there’s more to this Skullduggery adventure than meets the eye. Tune in next epi… part of Episode 12 to see what happens next!

Part 2
(Released May 7, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Hey guys. Last time we saw Curious Bee and her group, they arrived at Skullduggery Island, to take a look around. Well… that’s pretty much all they did, except buy a boat. Sigh… there’s not much to talk about here. Let’s get this going.

*curtains open*

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Bendy Tornado: No.

*seconds pass*

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Nice Sword: *sigh* not yet.

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Curious Bee: Just calm down Quiet Snake! We’re almost there.

*seconds pass*

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Blue Skull: Can you please stop asking that question?

Curious Bee: Guys, just calm down. We’ll be there in no time.

Nice Sword: I see land!

Curious Bee: See? I told you it will be in no time.

Quiet Snake: Finally!

Blue Skull: Now you can stop asking that question.

(from left to right) Bendy Tornado, Blue Skull, Quiet Snake, Nice Sword, and Curious Bee

Lone Ring: Welcome to Parrot Port!

Bendy Tornado: Uh… who are you?

Lone Ring: Lone Ring. Vacationer. Tourist. U know.

Curious Bee: Nice to meet you, Lone. We’re just passing through.

Lone Ring: That’s nice.

Bendy Tornado: Yeah.

Quiet Snake: Very.

Lone Ring: …

Blue Skull: Uh… what is it?

Lone Ring: Pirates.

Curious Bee: What? *turns around* Oh dear.

*Lone Ring runs off*

Quiet Snake: …

Curious Bee: Should we run?


*Pirates dock up*

Pirate 1: This is a raid! Give us what you have! *he and other pirates take out swords*

Curious Bee: Not. Good. Uh… hate to break it to you guys, but I lost my wallet, and…

Pirate 2: GET THE RAFT!

*pirates steal raft and kidnapps the CB group* Curious Bee: No! Wait! *gets gagged*

Bendy Tornado: You know, I used to be in a gang! *gets gagged*

Blue Skull: Hey! *gets gagged*

Nice Sword: You know, my last name is Sword! *gets gagged*

Quiet Snake: … Am I there yet? *gets gagged*

*Pirates kidnap the CB group and takes the raft and group on their boat*

Curious Bee: HELP!

*curtain close*

Brave Tomato: Well, that was intense.

Part 3
(released June 17, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Hi guys. I know what you’re going say, you’re going to say, Brave, WHERE THE CHEESE HAVE CURIOUS BEE BEEN??!!! Well you see, I’ve been SUPER busy lately, with school, homework, the stuff, so I barely had time to make a new episode of Curious Bee. And that is why I’m happy it’s summer vacay for me. Well anyways, last time we saw Curious Bee and her group, they rented a boat to go out to explore the many parts of Skullduggery Island. When they arrived on Parrot Port, a band of pirates came in and tried to loot Bee. However, since she lost her wallet on Super Power Island, there was nothing to loot from her, so the pirates kidnapped the CB group and took them to their ship. Now let’s see what will happen now…

(curtain opens)

*Curious Bee and group are tied up against a post*

Bendy Tornado: You can’t get away with this!

Quiet Snake: Dude, they can’t hear you. The pirates are on the other side of the boat partying like no tomorrow.

Bendy Tornado: They would hear me if I was a little bit louder.

Nice Sword: I’d doubt that. They have earphones on.

Blue Skull: And we’re tied up to a post, so we can’t move any closer to them.

Curious Bee: We’ll figure something out. Hopefully.

Quiet Snake: Hopefully? That doesn’t sound good.

Curious Bee: If we could find a way to escape these ropes… we could perhaps find a way to get off the boat and head back to shore.

Blue Skull: How could we do that if we don’t know where we’re going?! We’re in the middle of nowhere!

Curious Bee: Like I said before, we’ll figure it out.

Nice Sword: How?

Curious Bee: Well… I’m not sure yet, but I’ll think about it.

Quiet Snake: Well, those shwashbuckling freaks have no idea how to tie someone up with rope! I mean, look how loose it is!

Curious Bee: Hmm… *shimmies out of bond*

(CB grabs rope and pulls out the other 4)

Nice Sword: Phew! Oh my goodness, I was getting restless.

Bendy Tornado: Well, we escaped thanks to Bee, what do we do now?

Andy the Avenger the Pirate: Look! The prisoners had escaped! After them!

Curious Bee: No time, we’ve got to get out of here!

*CB group runs to the boat. A very-familiar-looking pirate oddly joins the group. She slices the rope holding the rescue boat*

Quiet Snake: Pirate on board!

Brave Tomato: Woah woah woah! It’s fine! I’m not going to hurt you!

Blue Skull: Huh? But you’re one of the pirates…

Brave Tomato: Not exactly. My name’s Brave Tomato.

Curious Bee: Wait… why does that name sound so familiar…

Brave Tomato: But I’m not only known as Brave Tomato. Another universe knows me as Eliza Williams.

Quiet Snake: Huh? What do you mean “another universe”?

Brave Tomato: I have many outfits for my alter identities… here’s the outfit from the time I was crowned lieutenant. Very odd, I know. Oh and here’s the… bunny suit?

Nice Sword: *giggles*

Bendy Tornado: Not funny, Sword.

Brave Tomato: Oh! And here’s my other Brave Tomato outfit!

Quiet Snake: Wow! That looks so cool! And… different.

Brave Tomato: I know, I know.

Curious Bee: Well, thanks for saving us, BT.

Bendy Tornado: You’re welcome. For what?

Curious Bee: Not you, Bendy. I’m talking to Brave.

Brave Tomato: No prob. Well, I got to go. I have to become Eliza and join the party.

Bendy Tornado: ???

Brave Tomato: Well, I have no time to explain, so bye! *portals herself out of Poptropica*

Quiet Snake: What a weird girl.

Curious Bee: But she saved us, that’s what matters most.

Quiet Snake: Well, I guess so.

Blue Skull: Well, I think we have a bigger problem than finding out who the heck she is…

Nice Sword: Yes?

Blue Skull: Where in Poptropica are we?!

*dramatic pause* *curtains close*

*Brave Tomato walks on stage*

Brave Tomato: Well, that was a little… overdramatic!

Episode 13: Stranded on Skullduggery
(Released June 24, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Hello fellow fans and random viewers and fellow friends. Last time we saw Curious Bee and her group, they were captured by pirates and they were tied up on a post. They were rescued by…me and they were able to escape the ship. Now that I am gone, the CB group had no idea where in Poptropica they are.
*curtains open*
Blue Skull: Great, this is perfect. We are stranded in the middle of the sea and we have no clue where we are going.
Curious Bee: Come on, cheer up, Skull, at least we have a nice view of the ocean.
Quiet Snake: Yeah, all around us.
Curious Bee: Thank you for the wonderful sarcasm, Snake.
Blue Skull: What about me? I used sarcasm too!
Curious Bee: Yeah, you too, Skull.
Blue Skull: *confidently* You’re welcome.
Nice Sword: Great, now that we got that situation cleared up, can we solve a bigger problem: how are we going to get back to land?
Bendy Tornado: Just go where the ocean takes us, I guess.

Curious Bee: We don’t have any oars, or any sail, so I guess the ocean is the only guide for us.

Quiet Snake: The ocean, which is taking us nowhere.

Nice Sword: We ARE moving, Snake.

Quiet Snake: We are? Oh. Didn’t notice. Just nice. The ocean is taking us, speed limit, 2 miles per hour.

Curious Bee: That is a point, but at least we are moving.

Bendy Tornado: Hey I have an idea, we can paddle ourselves to go a tiny bit faster.

Blue Skull: Key word: Tiny bit.

Curious Bee: Skull! Bendy, that’s a great idea.

*group starts paddling with hands*

*hours pass*

Quiet Snake: *pants* Phew! Oh my gosh. My hand is tired out like a deflated tire.

Curious Bee: Yeah, mine too. *pants*

Bendy Tornado: On second thought, this may have not been a good idea after all.

Nice Sword: Look! Land!

Blue Skull: Where? Where? *looks in all directions except direction where island is really on*

Nice Sword: Over here you buffoon!

Blue Skull: Oh! I thought I already checked that direction.

Curious Bee: No matter, let’s try to paddle there.

*group paddles to land*

Bendy Tornado: Ok, where are we?

Nice Sword: Please don’t tell me we are on a deserted island…

Curious Bee: I don’t think this is a deserted island, much less…. OH MY GOSH! This is the lost Skullduggery Island itself!

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Well, I hope youo’ve enjoyed this week’s episode. Come back next week to see a new episode of…


BT out!

Curious Bee Special: Fourth of July
(Released July 4, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Hello, and happy 4th of July american citizens! This episode is not going to take place on Skullduggery Island itself. Where else than the early village of Early Poptropica to celebrate freedom?

*curtains roll open*

Curious Bee: Why am I in Early Poptropica???

Blue Skull: What are we doing here? I thought we were at Skullduggery Island.

Bendy Tornado: Look! Early Poptropica is having their Forth of July festival!

Curious Bee: Oh gosh. Wanna know who never misses a Fourth of July celebration?

Quiet Snake: Who?

Curious Bee: Mom.

Nice Sword: Oh goody.

Curious Bee: I can’t be seen by her! Like I told you before, she is the reason I ran away in the first place.

Quiet Snake: I think I have an idea that just might work!

Curious Bee: What are you waiting for? Do it!

*QS buys a costume from the costume store*

Quiet Snake: Here: put this on.

Curious Bee: Okay, why?

Quiet Snake: Just put it on!

Curious Bee: *looks in mirror* Oh my goodness! I look so different!

Nice Sword: Exactly.

Bendy Tornado: *stares* Wow.

Blue Skull: *jaw drops*

Announcer: Well, it looks like we have a singer amongst the group. Come on up and sing the national anthem, will ya?

Curious Bee: *blushes* Um, ok, sure.

Announcer: Why not that singer’s friends come up too?

Bendy Tornado: I call no roof.

Quiet Snake: No roof.

Nice Sword: No roof.

Blue Skull: No- aw come on! How come I’m always last at these bets?

Quiet Snake: Because back at the PPA, you were known as Blue Turtle?

*CB and group go up to where flag is*

Curious Bee: Uh hi. My name is.. Small Hammer, and, I guess I’m going to sing.

*sings Poptropican national anthem and American national anthem*

*crowd cheers*

Curious Bee: *to self* It’s good to be home.

*night dawns*

Blue Skull: The fireworks should start any second now.

Curious Bee: And to think, how far I have gone, how far I have traveled, how many places I’ve been to. The people I met, good and bad, and the memories remembered. And now I’m home. For now.

Nice Sword: Curious Bee! Look!

Poptropica Fireworks

Curious Bee: Wow! :o

Bendy Tornado: Amazing!

Blue Skull: Brava!

*portal opens*

Quiet Snake: Wait, what’s that?

Nice Sword: It looks like a *portal sucks CB and group in* portal!

Curious Bee: Come on, I don’t want to leave now!

*CB and group land back on Skullduggery Island*

Bendy Tornado: Wonderful, now we’re back on Skullduggery Island!

Quiet Snake: I have no idea what the portal thing was about anyways.

Nice Sword: Oh well. We’re back. Might as well get accomodated, because we’re going to be stuck here for a while.


*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Happy Fourth of July to the American citizens! And happy Monday to people all around the world!

Episode 14: CB meets her Match
(Released July 16, 2011)

Brave Tomato: Hello. This is sorta of a serious episode, conflicting with a little problem lately.

*curtains open*

Curious Bee: Wha-what? What am I doing on this blimp?! *looks around* Bendy? Quiet? Where are you?…

Voice: What are you doing on my blimp?

*CB turns to see another girl*

Curious Bee: Uh… sorry. I have no idea why I’m on here.

Unknown: Hey, aren’t you Curious Bee?

Curious Bee: How did you know my name?

Unknown: You’re all over the news. There used to be lost kid posters everywhere for you. It’s almost like you’re famous.

Curious Bee: Famous? Well, the onlly time I was on tv was (unknown continues with CB) when I/you rescued Balloon Boy.

Unknown: And also bad news about the Balloon Boy thing, someone tied a balloon on his hand and he’s floating again.

Curious Bee: Eek. Too bad. So who are you anyways?

Unknown: I’ll tell you when we land.

*lands on Shark Tooth Island*

Curious Bee: *looks around* Shark Tooth Island?

Unknown: I’ve always wanted to come here.

Curious Bee: So had I, until I met the sharks…

Unknown: What?

Curious Bee: It’s nothing. But what is your name?

Unknown: My name is…

Voice: B.B!

Curious Bee/B.B: Huh? *turns to see a portal, Brave Tomato comes out*

Curious Bee: You’re that girl who saved me from the pirates!

Brave Tomato: Yup. That’s me. *turns to B.B* And nice try B.B.

Curious Bee: Huh?

B.B.: What are you talking about?

Brave Tomato: You see, every Poptropican has their creator. Curious Bee, I’m your creator, and B.B. you’re D.S.’s creator.

Curious Bee: Wait, what?

B.B.: What the?..

Brave Tomato: I brought you two together. Two protagonists. Two very similar storylines.

Curious Bee: Wait, what are you talking about?

Brave Tomato: The Adventures of Curious Bee is about C.B’s adventures of venturing different islands after running away from Early Poptropica due to an over-protective mom. Your main deal is curiousity. Times of B.B., originally called Times of BC is about B.B’s adventures of venturing different islands after running away from Early Poptropica due to an overprotective dad. Your main deal is curiousity too.

B.B: Wha?…

Curious Bee: Wha?…

Brave Tomato: And there’s one more thing we need to talk about… *portal appears, Scarlett (from Scarlett the Spy) drops from portal*

Scarlett: What the?… Hey! You’re that gothic girl I interviewed earlier!

Brave Tomato: That’s story me. This is creator me. You see, Scarlett, B.B. over there also had a hacked name, just like you.

Scarlett: Wha… *looks at BB* hey!

B.B.: Well, that part is true but it’s not the same!

Scarlett: Don’t pull me into this please. Lucky I’m still on Shark Tooth Island. I have bigger problems than yours right now, sorry if I’m being rude. *walks off*

Brave Tomato: How do you explain your storyline relating to Curious Bee, huh? And what about your creator’s posts? Throwing tomatoes and rotting fish?! Audience members?! Those are also similar ideas!

B.B.: *cleverly* But they’re not from Curious Bee.

Brave Tomato: But still! Those ideas appear in my posts too! Earlier than yours! And guess what?

Voice: You have been busted.

*Super Thunder comes out of portal*

Curious Bee: Hey, you’re that girl from Mythology Island!

Super Thunder: Yerple. Tis true. Thank you BT.

Brave Tomato: *winks* So anyways, let’s take a look around… *takes out laptop and generates a portal*

*portal appears, ST and BT jump in, CB and B.B are sucked in*

*portal ejects group into the laptop*

B.B: Ugh… where are we?

Curious Bee: “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Poptropica anymore.”

Super Thunder: Welcome to my blog.

B.B.: And who’s that girl standing next to me?…

Unknown: What am I doing here? And who are you?.. hey! You’re Super Thunder and Brave Tomato! Nice to see you again! *giggles*

*Super Thunder and Brave Tomato give serious looks. Unknown’s giggle trails off*

Super Thunder: Hello, D.S.

Brave Tomato: Nice to see you.

Curious Bee: Uh… hi! I’m Curious Bee…

D.S.: Yah I know who you are. Just didn’t reconize you with your new outfit.

B.B.: D.S.!

D.S.: BB! *hugs each other*

Curious Bee: So, that’s the DS you were talking about?

Brave Tomato: Yeah, unfortunately.

DS: So what’s up?

Super Thunder: I’ll tell ya what’s up…

Curious Bee: The sky!

*all stare at Curious Bee*

Brave Tomato: Ok, what’s really up is what has been going on lately DS.

DS: What are you talking about?

Brave Tomato: The fact that you have been using my jokes?

DS: *cleverly* Explain.

Brave Tomato: What’s up with the audience member thing? That’s one of my signatures!

DS: Well, a lot of jokes involve random audience members.

Super Thunder: Remember the tomatoes? The rotten fish? Throwing em at Captain Crawfish?

*Captain Crawfish wanders in*

Captain Crawfish: I can’t stand Tomato over here being in charge of the fish throwing buisness, but you too? I don’t believe it. *wanders off*

BB: Ok, but he deserves that.

Curious Bee: (sarcastically) Yay, I met Captain Crawfish… but not in the way I expected to.

Brave Tomato: And what about you, BB?!

BB: Huh?

Brave Tomato: You’re a ripoff of Curious Bee!

DS: What?!

Brave Tomato: Guess who was created first!

Curious Bee: *raises hand* Me!

DS: Yes, but it’s completely different!

Super Thunder: Not exactly.

Brave Tomato: There’s one more thing we need to show you though. Curious Bee is a part of this blog and see that button over there?

Brave Tomato: Curious Bee is protected by Copyscape.

Super Thunder: So if someone copies our ideas, we’ll find em.

Brave Tomato: And we found you.

DS: …

BB: …

Brave Tomato: Stop. Copying. Other. People’s. Ideas.

DS: …

Super Thunder: If it stops, we won’t bother you anymore.

BB: …

DS: I’m getting outta here. *portals her and BB out of there*

Curious Bee: Uh… what was that all about?

Brave Tomato: Copyright ideals. Plagurism. BB is like your identical twin created by someone else.

Super Thunder: Tis not right to do what DS had done. Hopefully, she recieved her message.

Brave Tomato: Well, in the meantime… *portal appears behind CB*

*Curious Bee gets sucked in portal, she lands back on Skullduggery Island*

Nice Sword: Curious Bee?

Quiet Snake: Where have you been?

Curious Bee: … I have no idea.

*curtains close*

*portal appears on stage, Super Thunder and Brave Tomato walks on*

Brave Tomato: Well, I hope DS will learn her lesson.

Super Thunder: We only revealed her initials, by the way.

Brave Tomato: You do the math.

Super Thunder: Well, anyways, BT should we tell them?

Brave Tomato: Sure, why not? This is the perfect oppurtunity since we’re together.

Super Thunder: Yerple! Keep an eye out for a new series,

Brave Tomato: starring the two of us. We’ll write it together

Super Thunder: And then post it exclusivly here!

Brave Tomato: Keep an eye for it, but remember…

BT/ST: Don’t ignore the Copyscape sign!

Super Thunder: Tis important! Don’t copy!

BT/ST: Bai!!!

Want more? Check out the season 2 page!

41 thoughts on “Season 1 (Episodes 1-14)

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  2. may i suggest astro knights island they could discover the space ship and fly around not knowing how to control it 😀

  3. I would like to be part of the next comic XD!!!!!! 😛 lol my idea is that they go on the ship then meet captain crawfish… they convince him to join thier group instead of fighting for wealth because he was already defeated by a person… and captain crawfish agrees and they go to another island….and skullduggery island becomes safe… 🙂 lol hope i helped…. btw, in case u dont kno XP my name is shoeless spinner My sis is Lazy Heart and she would love to be in the comic with me too! 8D lol well lookng forwards to reading ur comics…st saw it today and love them <333 byee hope you read this.. 🙂 m'kay bye…

  4. I have an idea! You could make one where curious bee has a dream about Zeus trying to get revenge on you! And later he kidnaps your friends and you have to go on an Epic adventure with all the islands! But then Zeus starts taunting you and threatens to cook your friends in stew. (Epic fail.) It would be funny and exciting. You could call it The Curious Bee Movie: Zeus the Evil Dude.

  5. Thank you all for your suggestions. I’ll consider them and maybe inspire a Curious Bee episode 😉

  6. BRAVE TOMATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A SUGESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my idea is that the CB gang goes to Shrink Ray Island, get shrunk, get chased by a huge cat, search for C.J., find C.J., runaway form te shrink ray gun, hide behind a mirrior so Mr. Silva shrinks, grow up to normal size, eat alot a candy, then find another island to hide from Safe Bee.

  7. ANOTHER SUGGETION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after leaving shrink ray, they could goto Mystery Train Island! here’s what happens: the sneak on the train, bump into the pickerington, then the pickerington ask for their tickets, the CB gang starts running and bumps into Grover Cleveland in th e presidential suite, solve the mystery, enjoy the Chicago’s world fair, get back on the train, bump into the pickerington, be chased all around the train, jump into the blimp, find another island to hide from Safe Bee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you like the suggestions brave tomato! :mrgreen:

  8. Wow, looking back at this, 18 episodes later, I kinda feel awkward about the first few episodes. However, I felt that after Bendy Tornado, Blue Skull, Nice Sword, and Quiet Snake, the series started to become better.


  10. Hello BT and ST. I would like to turn your Curious Bee show and turn it into a real-life show. Please notify me by replying to this comment. Thank you for your time.

      • What I mean is like post it on youtube and give links to people who are big fans of Curious Bee and are willing to actually tune in. I am also doing a play at my school. Plus, I have ideas of how the costumes will look like (such as: blonde wig in braids, white jacket, shirt with the white note on it, pink glasses, etc.). If you are interested, just reply on this comment. We could be partners (if you are willing to work with me). Thank you.

      • Wow, I’m really flattered that you’re doing this… 😀
        How would I help?

  11. Hello, Brave Tomato! I LOVE your Curious Bee series! I can’t wait to start reading the 2nd season! Curious Bee is my Poptropican idol! I hope you never stop posting! 😀 ~Silver Wolf or Curious Bee’s #1 fan!

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