Poptropican Scary Stories: Scary Mary

A note: I realized that there was a RL Stine Haunting Hour episode titled Scary Mary and has a bit of a similar storyplot. If the copyright police is around, I was unaware of the episode.  Thanks to a viewer, I’m now aware of this. I hope that it itsn’t TOO similar to the episode, for I’ll watch it on Youtube. Thank you.

~All Hallow’s Brave Tomato

(this is a more friendly spoof of the famous horror tale. Also, this is going to be the last Poptropican Scary Story before the Curious Bee Halloween special. In 5 days, a preview for the special will be revealed. On Halloween… Well… Morning, the Halloween special will debut, before you go out for tricks or treats.)

Uppidate: For your convienience, I added a more button. I realized that this story could get a little scary for younger audiences. If you are in the scary mood and don’t mind nightmares tonight, click the more button right here:

Happy and Super Ring are just two young girls. One is 8, the other is 5.

“Happy! Super! Time for dinner!” the mother called.

“Coming!” they said in unison. They dashed down the stairs and sat in front of two plates of chicken and fries.

“You know, Halloween is coming… Do you know what you are going to be?” the mother asked.

“I’ll be a princess!” Super Ring singsonged.

“You were a princess last year!” Happy responded.

“Oh yeah! Then I’ll be a fairy,” Super said.

“And I’ll be Scary Mary!” Happy shouted.

“Scary Mary? Isn’t that a little old for you?”
the mother asked.

“No it’s not!” Happy argued.

“Who’s Scary Mary?” Super asked.

The big sister and mother looked at little Super Ring.

“Well, she was a girl who lived long ago, back in time in the Kingdom of Arturus. It was long before the Binary Bard crisis. Way, way back. Mary Beasworth is the daughter of King Jason, whom has many wives. Mary was the daughter of the first wife and when Jason divorced her mother, he made them live in the fields in a small hut made of sticks. Mary grew up, furious at her father. When her father mysteriously dies, she overthrew the throne. Many of the villagers of Arturus were surprised by her sudden rule, and people started to murmur, ‘Is she a witch?’ The angry villagers attempted to go in to see a witch trial. They stormed past the guards, but Mary wasn’t there. It turned out that Mary trapped herself in a mirror in order to escape death. She started to become insane, for being trapped in the mirror. The way to free her is if you say her name three times in front of any mirror,” the mother explained.

“Wow,” Super Ring said, “Mary is evil?”

“You can say that, or she could be just troubled,” Happy Ring said.

“I wanna meet Mary so I can make her nice with my fairy magic!” Super Ring cheered.

“Well, that would be impossible. It’s just an old myth!” Happy Ring said.

“I’m going to do it!” Super said, putting down a piece of chicken and dashing to the bathroom.

“Wait up!” Happy Ring shouted, chasing after Super.

The mother looked over and smiled, saying to herself “Ah, kids.”

In the bathroom, Super asked Happy, “You’re helping me save Mary too?”

“I mean, why not? Nothing will happen anyways,” Happy Ring said.

“Ready?” Super asked.

“Yes. I think…”

Happy reached over and turned off the light. The dark room cued the duo to take a deep breath and say:

“Scary Mary, Scary Mary, Scary Mary.”

The two girls closed their eyes, just in case something popped up. Nothing happened.

“I told you she wasn’t real…” Happy said, turning on the lights.

“She exists,” Super said, clenching her sister’s hand.

“No she doesn’t, now let’s get out of here…”

“No, she exists. I can feel her presence.” Super paused. “She is talking to me. Through the mirror.” She turned to Happy. “You can’t hear her, can you?”

“I don’t hear anything,” Happy said, looking in the mirror.


Happy stood there, quiet. Closing her eyes. Waiting to hear any sign. There was nothing at first.

Then, she heard it.

It was sharp, like nails going down a chalkboard. The. The voice was saying one word: “Freedom.”

She heard it again: “Freedom.”


With each and every voice she heard, it felt more sharper… And closer.


With every voice she heard, she wanted to leave the bathroom. But something wasnt letting her. Super looked up to Happy. “Do you hear her?”


“Yes, I hear her,” Happy responded, her voice quavering just a bit.


“Can we leave now?” Happy asked.

“Yes..” Super responded.

The lights flickered. “No. Don’t leave me. I haven’t gotten you yet.

The two girls looked at each other and screamed. The dashed to the door but it was locked.

“It’s locked from the outside!” Happy shouted.

They banged on the door, crying out “Help! We are trapped!”

Back at the table, the mother was still waiting at the table. When she heard the bangs. “Girls?!” the mother cried out. She got out of her chair and ran towards the bathroom door.

“Happy! Super!” the mother cried out. She tried opening the door. It was locked. She clenched her teeth. She had to save them.

You can’t save your daughters, Blue Eleanor Ring. I’ll take good care of them.

“Leave my family alone.” Eleanor shouted.

“Mom!” the girls shouted, “Help us!”

The girls looked at the mirror. There was someone there now. Distant, yet obvious. Her hair was black-blue. And her face a deathly pale. She was walking towards where the mirror met the Poptropica world.

You see me. Soon, you won’t see yourselves anymore. Nor anyone you love.

Happy got an idea. She grabbed the toilet cleaner…

And threw it at the mirror. The mirror shattered and its pieces fell to the ground.

The lights flickered back on. Super closed in on the shattered mirror. The door creaked open. Eleanor stood there and said, “Careful. There is glass.”

Both girls ran over to their mom and hugged.

“That was scary!” Super Ring whimpered.

“Let’s get out of this area,” Happy said, coming with the little sister and mother. Back in the bathroom, a final voice sounded:
You haven’t seen the last of me.

49 thoughts on “Poptropican Scary Stories: Scary Mary

    • So the mother told the story of scary mary and then the girls decided to try out the scary mary (bloody mary) thing in the bathroom. When they did they saw and heard her. They tried to leave but the door was locked (courtsy of Mary). So Happy (the older sis) threw toilet paper and broke the mirror so that mary couldn`t hurt them. So now in the CB halloween special theyre scared half to death of Mary.

  1. LMAO, a bunch of my friends at my church say Bloody Mary’s ghost is there. A place there is really dark abnd you can make out a face on the windoiw when you look in. IK, it’s fake, but it really freaks you out when you see it IRL

    • At school, a girl said if you say Bloody Mary more than 3 times, you will see Bloody Mary and you’ll be cursed. I tried it. She said it only works on Christians.

  2. That was so scary! You know, my freind told me that she once did the Bloody Mary thing when the power went out in her house, she said she heared, “Oh, now you`ve done it!” coming from the mirror, and she saw this girl, and it started walking twords her, then she ran away screaming. My freind, not the girl.

  3. this has absolutly nothing to do with anything, but is it wrong to start laughing like crazy when a french dude says “Duties”? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL 🙂 :p Hey call me childish, but its HILARIOUS!!! He says” Return to your duties”!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I`m such a little kid.

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