Poptropican Scary Stories: Deathly Spotlight

I know. This text is orange. I was bored. I just like that. ^_^

She’s Maroon Hammer. A go-getter for the spotlight…even when it’s on top of a water tower.

Well, the water tower thing isn’t enough for Maroon, for as a teen, she should get a part-time job to save up to go to a college. It was when she discovered the poster she stopped to look.

“An opening… for a CIRCUS?” Maroon Hammer exclaimed, “Oh yeah! They have dancers there!”

Maroon ran into the circus tent and encountered the ringleader, who was getting prepared for her show that night.

“Hello. How may I help you?” she asked gingerly.

“Um… hi. I’m Maroon Hammer, and I’m interested in the job.”

“Oh, how delightful! You’re in, come now, the circus folk will give you an insight on everything. I’m Jumpy Shell. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask,” the ringleader smiled cheerfully.

“Great! I’m a fast learner! Thank you so much!” Maroon cheered as she ran deeper in the circus.

Maroon witnessed the actions of where she was going to work in for tonight’s show. Facinated, she ended up in the choir for some of the songs during the show.

“By the way, there’s a ceremony for each new member during the show!” a zombie-makeup-covered clown said, looking at Maroon.

“Oh how cool!”

“I remember my ceremony!” a trapeze artist blurted out, happily.

Later that night, Maroon Hammer anticipated her debut in something more than just singing on the water tower. Her first performance is here in Early Poptropica and she couldn’t wait.

But the truth was, neither could Jumpy Shell.

The circus was about to begin, obviously from the changing lights. Jumpy Sand entered to the scene, well, more like emerged. The audience was filled with plaudits.

Jumpy said “Today, it’s another one of those days, yup, a new member is here!”

Maroon Hammer emerged in the fog. Jumpy looked at Maroon and smirked.

“Let’s hear it for Red Spider!” a random clown appeared saying from a mini buggy.

“Wait, Red SPIDER?!” Maroon Hammer shouted, stepping back. She had heard horrible stories about her.

Red, to prove her point, she flew up in the air, dragging Maroon up too and cracked her whip. Immediatley, she became a zombie.

“She’s going to stay with me now.” Red said, smirking, “Possibly forever.” Then, she whispered to Maroon, “It is forever.”


7 thoughts on “Poptropican Scary Stories: Deathly Spotlight

  1. Sorry, this one is a little half-rushed. I just wanted to keep my promise of posting a Poptropican Scary Story every 5 days… 😳

  2. Um no offence BT but I don’t get it.. And for the part where the show was about to start , you put ‘ Jumpy Sand ‘ instead of ‘ Jumpy Shell ‘ .

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