Meh, felt like a Mock-of-Tropica mood c: Read on, I find it interesting.

So, I’m beginning to work on the guides for

  • Survival Island Episode 2
  • Survival Island Episode 3
  • Survival Island Episode 4
  • Mission Atlantis Episode 1
  • Mission Atlantis Episode 2
  • Steamworks Island

So if you would like to help in any of those Island Guides, PLEASE let me know! I’m mostly going to write this by Google Hangouts if I’m lucky, but if you don’t have a Google Plus, then I will also be on the Blog’s Chat. Keep in mind, I am only a guest there, so if you have any pictures for the guide, then you would have to Private Chat them to me.

If you can’t use Xat, then you can simply comment to help c: It’s all fine to me. Here is some more information on the Mega Writing Session (BTW, I posted it on Google Plus, and I am beginning to work on this in about 15 minutes or so).

Anybody on right now? I’m going to make a Large Hangout to write a few Island Guides (For Survival Island Episodes 2, 3, and 4, as well as both released episodes of Mission Atlantis), so if you want the chance to help, please comment c: Credit WILL be given accordingly.

I’ve already finished a guide for Episode 1 of Survival Island. I have already beaten and figured out episode 1 and 2 of Survival.
I have yet to beat either of the released episodes of Mission Atlantis.

Forewarning, these guides will not just be on my blog, Poptropican Awesomeness. They will (Most likely) be on Cuddly Lion’s blog, Top Pop. Not to mention, I will be uploading these to Super Thunder’s Blog, unless BT or ST writes their own later on to replace it.


So… Please comment if you are in! No guide writing experience needed :p

So, hope you’re in c; I’m going to try to finish Episode 3 of Survival before we get started, so PLEASE, if you would like to help then do NOT put this off and procrastinate as I have for so so long 😛

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

5 thoughts on “MEGA WRITING POPS!

  1. I would help, but I can’t use either of those chat options, I’m not member, and I have to go pet sit XD Steamworks island? That came out ages ago, why do you need to do it again?

      • Not annoying at all, it’s like having the most awesome Assistant / reminder system EVER. And, you don’t just give out automated messages, which means you’re doing it better than Poptropica at this point.

    • It’s not that I need to do Steamworks again, it’s that I’m writing the guide again. These are just some guides that I need to write, that I think would be more fun to write with someone else, rather than alone 😛

      You can use the comments if you get back while I’m still writing, since not all of the Guides I’m writing will require Membership. Only Episode 4 of Survival Island I think…

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