The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 28- Sword of Hope

Brave Tomato: Why should I do an intro?? This series is getting good! Let’s get right to it!

*curtains open*

Mira: Before we barge right on in to REd Headquarters, we need to get something first. Both the Sword of Hope and REd HQ is on this island.

Curious Bee: What’s the Sword of Hope?

Mira: It was a part of a missing page of the prophecy. I found an extra page that Krimson had forgotten. How does it go…? Oh yes.

If the fate goes into the wrong hands,

the Destined Hero will take a stand

For there is Hope, just waiting to be used

If the fate is to be misused

The Sword of Hope, tight in grasp

Yet the Hero must beware the villain’s wrath.

Sasha: Who’s the Destined Hero?

*all turn to Curious Bee*

Curious Bee: What?

Bendy Tornado: Do you think you may be the Destined Hero?

Curious Bee: I don’t know. It can be any one of us.

Mira: Well, the prophecy mentions the Destined Hero is female, so that cuts out Bendy Tornado and Blue Skull.

Blue Skull: Thank goodness. I don’t really want to have so much attention.

Mira: Well, we should get going. *gets off blimp*

Quiet Snake: This island looks creepy…

Curious Bee: It’s not one of the named main islands. We’ll be alright. Trust me. We need to go and save ourselves and Poptropica.

Quiet Snake: But… the rocks… *sigh* Alright. But this is for ourselves and Poptropica.

*The CB group navigate some of the rocky with Mira leading the way*

Quiet Snake: Are we there, yet?

Mira: No, not yet. We need to travel a few more kilometers.

Quiet Snake: What does that mean????

Blue Skull: It means we got a ways to go.

Curious Bee: We’ll have to stay strong. Come on.

*After more minutes of traveling, the group finally arrive at a cave*

Mira: The Sword of Hope is in this cave.

Sasha: What are we waiting for?! Let’s go get that sword!

*the group enters the cave*

Quiet Snake: Gak, I hate caves. When there’s caves, there’s usually bats. And bugs.

Blue Skull: A world’s fate is more important than insects!

Mira: There it is!

*The CB group and Mira arrive in an opening. The Sword of Hope is inside a box. Mira goes over and opens the box, revealing the Sword. All the others stare at it, gaping*

Mira: Curious Bee, here, you take it. I have a feeling it is yours.

Curious Bee: Wow… the Sword of Hope. In my grasp…

Quiet Snake: Aw, Curious Bee, your braids are ruining your appearance!

Curious Bee: Huh??

Quiet Snake: The common heroines usually have their hair down, like this… *takes out braids*

Bendy Tornado: *dully* Is this really the time for a makeover?

Quiet Snake: Oh, glasses. Tsk tsk tsk. The villain can easily pull them right off and you can hardly see anything! Let me take them off and you put on these contacts.

Curious Bee: Umm… okay.

Quiet Snake: Fantastic! It’s working just nicely!

Curious Bee: I feel very uncomfortable right now.

Quiet Snake: Alright alright, you can leave the braids. Some heroes have braids.

*CB puts braids back in*

Curious Bee: And…?

Quiet Snake: *sigh* You may have your glasses back. *hands back glasses*

Curious Bee: Thanks. *takes off contacts and puts on glasses* I want to be myself. Appearance doesn’t help battle performance.

Mira: Let’s get out of here!

*the group exit the cave*

Curious Bee: So we got it?

Blue Skull: Seems like.

Mira: Now, we are ready to go to the Headquarters.

Sasha: Miranda… are you sure you want to do this? Just to save Gabriella?

Curious Bee: Positive. If it’s for a friend, I’m willing to do anything.

Bendy Tornado: Except die.

Curious Bee: Even that.

Bendy Tornado: Don’t say that. I told you before.

Mira: We should head there.

*screen freezes*

Brave Tomato: What the heck? *taps screen* The episode isn’t over yet!

Audience Member: That’s what you get for not doing your intro!

Brave Tomato: Electrical control! The tv’s frozen up!

Electrical Control Guy: Why do you always call us?

Brave Tomato: Because you specialize in electricity. Why else?

ECG: Alright, fine.

*Electrical control repairs TV*

Brave Tomato: There we go!

Audience Member: Just get back with the show!

Brave Tomato: Right!

*the tv plays again*

Bendy Tornado: Agreed. We need to get going.

Curious Bee: What are we waiting for?

*the CB group starts heading more through the rocks*

*Meanwhile, in REd HQ*

Nice Sword: *watches security camera footage from her cage* No, CB… no.

*Indigo enters the main room and watches the footage. Alamar follows her*

Alamar: What are you doing watching footage of the Miranda Bee group? You know they’re not our responsibility.

Indigo: No, but Selena Castheart is.

Alamar: You can’t assume too quickly that that red-haired ponytail girl is Selena.

Indigo: Yes I can. We can change looks, remember??

Alamar: But that girl looks too human!

Violet: *enters* My friend’s right. That girl is Selena Castheart. She calls herself Mirabel Powers.

Indigo: See?? I told you!

Alamar: But it cannot be! And by the way, Violet, why do you care about Selena? You know she’s not your responsibility. It’s ours.

Violet: Because things have got to be noticed. Besides, ghosts can change how they appear. *glimpses at Nice Sword in the cage and changes her appearance to match Nice Sword’s*

Alamar: You do have a point there.

Violet: Do I? *morphs back to regular self*

Indigo: So what are we to do about it?

Violet: Krimson would want you to get that girl… just in case.

Indigo: What, are you second in command or something?

Violet: We are BOTH second-in-command, Indigo, remember?

Indigo: For your information, I’ve never done anything second-in-commandish!

Alamar: Girls, please! You’re starting to sound like Cameron and Marcus! Although they’re the same level as me, I have more experience than the both of them! And I don’t want you two to become the level two Cameron and Marcus Kensie.

Violet/Indigo: Stop comparing us to the Kensies!

Alamar: Oh well. Indigo, we should go.

*Alamar and Indigo disappear*

Violet: *stares at the security camera footage and smirks* Miranda Bee, Sasha Rider, and Selena Castheart are the only people we need. Sasha to join us, and Miranda and Selena to get rid of. *thinks, glimpses at Nice Sword and back* What to do with the others…

Nice Sword: Guys… no…

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Okay, the next few episodes are going to be pretty crazy. Cause CB and the group are heading up to REd HQ. Episode 30 (the episode after next episode) is going to be a multi-part episode called “The Everred Plot”. Keep an eye out for it in the weeks to come! Now, I know what you’re going to say…

Audience Member: Does this mean you’re ending the Curious Bee series soon?

Brave Tomato: Don’t worry, there is going to be more! With the CB series, I would want to reach certain parts when the time is right, including the end. Which is, happily, not as close as you think. Next up is Curious Bee Xtra: Cameron and Marcus’s Story! BT out!

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  1. CB started of as a girl (alone) who was adventuring different poptropica islands. Now look at where she’s at!

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