The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 31- Return to 24 Carrot Island

Brave Tomato: Hey guys, BT here! It’s been a long time since I did an episode like this! Although the end of the Everred Plot had the good-ol fashioned script style! Well, let’s start!

*curtains open*

Nice Sword: *looks at map* I think we’re going the right way.

Quiet Snake: How do you know??

Nice Sword: I just know, trust me.

Blue Skull: If you’re positive we’re going the right way, then where’s your compass?

Nice Sword: I just KNOW, okay?

Blue Skull: Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Curious Bee: Come on, Nice Sword just got out of confinement. Give her some time.

Bendy Tornado: CB’s right. We’ve been through a lot the past days, and this is finally our chance to breathe.

Curious Bee: *looks* That’s 24 Carrot Island, right??

Nice Sword: Yup! Looks different, right?

Quiet Snake: Are you sure that’s 24 Carrot Island?

Blue Skull: Positive! It’s just like when I used to visit my cousin when I was younger!

Curious Bee: Let’s dock.

*The CB group docks at the pier*

Curious Bee: So this is what 24 Carrot Island is meant to look like?

*Nice Sword and Blue Skull nod their heads*

Nice Sword: Well, now, there is a security system guarding the precious carrots, and the old Carrot Factory is now condemmed.

Quiet Snake: Really? Thank goodness! That water near it is filthy!

Nice Sword: *looks* Hey, they’re going to start!

*CB and the group joins the crowd that gathered to see the grand opening of the new 24 Carrot Island.*

Mayor: Good morning, everyone, thanks for coming! Now, months ago, this great island was falling apart. Now, thanks to our fellow citizens, everything is going back to old times! *takes out scissors* Now, the children of 24 Carrot will come up and cut the ribbon. Shy Sky, Magic Socks, Crazy Comet, and Sleepy Bird, come on up!

Shy Sky: Wait! You’ve missed someone!

Mayor: I did? Who?

Shy Sky: Nice Sword. She’s a close friend who volunteered to put her journey on hold while she helped to rebuild home.

Mayor: Oh yeah! Nice Sword, where are you?

Nice Sword: *stands still, stunned*

Quiet Snake: What are you waiting for? Go go go!

Curious Bee: You can go up there, if you want of course.

Nice Sword: I’ll go. *goes through crowd* I’m Nice Sword!

Mayor: Oh, hey there! By the way, where were you those past few days?

Nice Sword: *nervous, unsure what to say* Uh…

Mayor: No matter! You can join the others!

Nice Sword: Okay! *runs over to the others, holds the scissors with the others, and breathes a sigh of relief*

Sleepy Bird: Five… four… three…

All 5: TWO, ONE!

*the group cuts the ribbon, and the crowd cheers. Crazy Comet looks into the crowd and sees Blue Skull. He smiles and waves. Blue waves back.*

Mayor: 24 Carrot Island is now re-open for tourism!

*crowd disperses*

Nice Sword: Well, that went great… but… I kinda froze up there.

Curious Bee: Why?

Nice Sword: Cause the Mayor asked why I was away for the past few days. I didn’t know what to say, so I stood there like a fool.

Bendy Tornado: At least he let you go.

Nice Sword: Good point.

Curious Bee: *wanders around* Well, I don’t know why, but I kinda like it here.

Nice Sword: It’s pretty, right? When there’s no grown man in a rabbit suit around.

Curious Bee: Yup.

Cameron: *waves* CB? Is that you?

Curious Bee: Cameron! *runs over* How’s the making-up for everything going?

Cameron: Horrible. I have no idea what to do!

Quiet Snake: Where’s Marcus?

Cameron: He’s in the diner. He’s gotten a part time job there.

Blue Skull: As a ghost?

Cameron: He made himself look human. It’s pretty cool. That’s why I look more solid than usual. See?

Curious Bee: Oh, that’s cool!

Cameron: I’m just waiting for his break. *thinks* I’m thinking of applying for a waitress.

Quiet Snake: A waitress? Come on, girl! A florist is more of your kind of job.

Cameron: *frowns* Don’t remind me.

Quiet Snake: *hesitates* Right, sorry. At least you’re still with your brother.

Cameron: Ever since we got out of those tacky goth clothes, me and my brother have been getting along quite better. I really like that fact.

Curious Bee: I like this better, too.

Cameron: I can see why.

Curoius Bee: Although in the past, we haven’t had really pleasant memories together, Cameron, it’s about time we forgive the past and move on with our journeys. With us going on our adventures on different islands, and you and Marcus trying to make up for what happened in the past.

Cameron: We can forgive, but we can’t forget.

Bendy Tornado: Exactly.

*a crash is heard from inside the diner*

Voice of the Manager: STRIPED!

Cameron: I just hope that Marcus keeps his job. Striped Monster is the name he used to get into the diner.

Blue Skull: I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but it seems like Marcus isn’t-

Nice Sword: *covers Blue Skull’s mouth* What he WAS going to say is that he wishes Marcus luck on the job.

Blue Skull: Hey, cut that out! I was just going to say the truth!

Nice Sword: *whispers* Sometimes, the truth just doesn’t want to be heard.

Cameron: It’s alright. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I should be a waitress at THAT place.

Bendy Tornado: I wouldn’t want to be pushed around by a manager who yells so loud that he can be heard OUTSIDE the diner.

Cameron: *laughs* I agree.

Marcus: *enters area through staff door* Oh, hey Miranda. I didn’t know you guys were coming here.

Curious Bee: Hey, Marcus.

Marcus: Restarting the afterlife is going to be harder than I thought. I just got fired!

Cameron: Again?? That’s the second job you got fired from!

Marcus: Well, the first job, I don’t understand why I got fired so quickly.

Cameron: Because you slipped on some soda while carrying the last popcorn kernels at the theater!

Marcus: It wasn’t my fault that the janitor didn’t clean that up!

Cameron: Maybe you should’ve looked where you’re going!

*While Cameron and Marcus are still arguing, the CB group look at each other awkwardly.*

Curious Bee: *looks at Cameron* I thought you said that you and Marcus have been getting along better lately.

Blue Skull: Nothing you can do about sibling disputes.Trust me, I know.

*the CB group back out of the area slowly*

Curious Bee: Well…. see you around!

*the group heads off*

Cameron/Marcus: *both turn* Hey, wait!

*the CB group get on the blimp*

Quiet Snake: Some things never change.

Curious Bee: I hope Cameron and Marcus find something that they can do to make up for everything.

Blue Skull: If they’re going at eachother like that, they’ll never-

Nice Sword: *covers Blue Skull’s mouth* They’ll have a little bit of a problem! That’s all!

Blue Skull: Yeah… that’s what I was going to say!

Others: No, it’s not!

Curious Bee: Nice Sword, thanks for bringing us to the 24 Carrot re-opening ceremony!

Nice Sword: You’re welcome, guys! It was pretty cool holding those scissors.

Quiet Snake: *looks at Nice Sword, then at ground* Hey, you’re not on 24 Carrot Island… which means…

Nice Sword: Well, I guess I’ll be back in the old gang!

Curious Bee: That’s great!

Nice Sword: I just needed time to recover from this, and who else to help me than you guys!

Quiet Snake: Anytime, Gertude!

Nice Sword: *glares at QS* It’s Gabriella, not Gertrude, Madeline.

Quiet Snake: I like Gertrude better, though.

Curious Bee: Might as well go.

*as CB group go to leave, Cameron and Marcus jumps on the rope at the bottom of the blimp*

Cameron: Wait up! Guys! We forgot to tell you something!

Marcus: Guys!

Blue Skull: Marcus! Cameron! Whaddaya doing down there?

*the CB group help the two up*

Quiet Snake: What’s this about?

Cameron: Lately, something’s been going on!

Marcus: It’s kind of hard to explain but-

*screen freezes*

Brave Tomato: What?! Aw come on! *bangs on screen* Electrical control! Oh I’m just kidding. This is where the episode froze, because that was when the camera ran out of batteries! Sorry guys, I guess this is the end of this episode!

*audience groans*

Brave Tomato: Aw, don’t worry, you can always tune in next time.

*A tomato is thrown at BT*

Brave Tomato: Yipe! I haven’t had that happen to me in a while! *BT ducks for cover behind the curtains*

What’s Cameron and Marcus trying to tell the CB group? Tune in next time to find out in Episode 32!

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  1. Closing the mouth reminds me of a guy who failed and got 0/10 (literally). He closed my mouth on April 1st when I was going to say to another boy that he sticked something on his back. “I am a moron. Don’t tell him’ I am gonna miss the old days.

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