Poptropica Costume Contest Winners!

The Creators have finally announced the winners of the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest!

Now in case you guys have forgotten, here’s a real quick recap. Last year Poptropica held a contest where players could design their own Poptropican costumes and submit them, for a chance to have their design featured as an actual costume in the Poptropica Store.

There will be two grand prize winners, each of whom will receive a 6 month Poptropica membership subscription, have their designs sold in the Poptropica Store and worn by a Poptropican on Home Island. Got it? I don’t care. HERE ARE THE WINNING DESIGNS!


First up is the “Ocean Princess” costume, which is a beautiful mermaid costume and also the last thing you’d expect to be designed by a Poptropican named “Creepy Peanut”.

Honestly, I’m surprised Poptropica has never done anything regarding mermaids before. I mean we’ve got like four different robot designs, two different swamp monsters and a baby sasquatch that rides around on your head but not ONE mermaid?


Next we have Speedy Toe’s Hip-Hop Boy design, which is pretty cool. I like that Speedy Toe included the Space Bar Action, that’s really neat.

Well, those were our two contest winners guys, and anyone who isn’t these two people have failed miserably right? Ha ha, WRONG!


Aside from the two grand prize winners, there will also be TEN RUNNERS-UP! (Runners-up? Runner-ups?) And YOU, the viewers, get to decide who lives, and who DIES!

ENTER THE VOTING STAGE! TWENTY COSTUMES ENTER! TEN COSTUMES LEAVE! So check out the individual costumes and vote on them over at the Poptropica Creators’ Blog!




#MyPoptropicaCostume: DEATH MATCH!!! 

WOW I’m tired.

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