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"You find your faith has been lost and shaken, you take back what's been taken. Get on your knees and dig down deep, you can do what you think is impossible. Keep on believing, don't give in. It'll come and make you whole again. It always will, it always does. Love is unstoppable." -Unstoppable By Rascal Flatts I'm just a teenager who loves music, singing, playing my guitar, dancing, playing on my 3DS, playing Poptropica, and playing Neopets. I work on a few different Poptropica blogs, mainly my blog (Icy Comet's Blog), the PHB, and Super Thunder's Blog. My favorite kind of music would have to be a tie between Contemporary Christian music and Country music. My favorite series of books/movies is The Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit included). My favorite video game would probably have to be Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. And I'm a huge fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. So, yeah, that's about all there is to know about me. See ya!

Skeletons and Bones

I know, the title’s pretty much hopeless.  Oh well, I wouldn’t be Icy Comet if I wasn’t a master at thinking up bad titles.

There’s a new power-costume-thing in the Poptropica Store!  Right in time for Halloween.  So, if you’re in search of that just-right scary costume, maybe this is the one for you.

Roll them bones

There’s a new Gold Card available in the Poptropica Store! With the Skeleton Power, you can turn yourself, and everyone else, into a bag of bones.

Halloween is right around the corner. The Skeleton Power is your key to a spooky holiday!

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Here’s a picture of the card.

It costs 75 credits, which is the normal price for a costume.

So, what do you think?  Will you be getting this new gold card for Halloween?

The First Ten Who Journeyed Into Dreams

The release of Super Villain Island means only one thing: members gathering up their courage to delve into the dreams of four of the words villains that Poptropica has ever known.  And, of course, there are ten Poptropicans who managed to beat this island before anyone else.

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Super Villain Island!

Super Villain Island is now out for Poptropica Members. Once again, we’d like to tip our cap to those players who journeyed to the source of evil just a little bit faster than everybody else. Congratulations to:

1. Massive Spider 
2. Zippy Leopard 
3. Brave Flame 
4. Nervous Thunder 
5. Shy Scorpion 
6. Brave Bones 
7. Speedy Ant 
8. Blue Shadow 
9. Young Clown 
10. Golden Penguin 

Congratulations to all of you! And to those who have yet to delve into the minds of Poptropica’s most fiendish villains, well, you have a lot to look forward to.




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The binary translates into “thunderous applause”.

Congratulations to all of you who made it into this list!  Wish I knew how you managed it. 😉

Roald Dahl Day and an Island as a Gift

I’m always the last to know about things.  Like how Roald Dahl day was yesterday.  I didn’t know that until I read the Creators’ post about Roald Dahl.

In their post about this “man behind classic stories”, the Creators announced what the next island was going to be.  I think we all know what that island is going to be.  After all, that’s all BT’s been talking about for a long time. 😉

Happy Roald Dahl day!

Today is Roald Dahl Day — the birthday of one of the greatest storytellers of all time! Roald Dahl was the man behind classic stories like James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, The BFG, and a whole lot more, including our favorite, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

In fact, we love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so much that we’ve decided to make a whole Island out of it! Consider this our Roald Dahl Day gift to you.

We’ll have a lot more to tell you about our latest and greatest project in the weeks to come!

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Well, they said that this island was their greatest project, so, hopefully, that means that this is going to be one awesome island!  I hope we find out more soon!

The First Ten Astronauts

As you probably know, Lunar Colony was released this past Thursday.  It was pretty good in my opinion.  Not the absolute best ever, but a lot better than some of the more recent islands.

Anyway, since you probably don’t care what I thought about it I’ll just move on with the post.  Just like they always do, the Creators have released a list of the first ten people to finish Lunar Colony.  And, just like always, I’m not on the list…

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Lunar Colony!

Poptropica Members are unlocking the secrets of the cosmos in Lunar Colony. These 10 Poptropicans were the first to do it.

1. Gentle Starfish
2. Scary Star
3. Blue Scorpion
4. Scary Typhoon
5. Shaky Typhoon
6. Magic Fish


7. Friendly Cheetah
8. Silver Ninja
9. Shoeless Eagle
10. Zippy Dragon 

Congratulations to you all!





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I thought that I was going to make it this time.  I thought that I was going to be one of the first ten finishers.  Everything was going great…until I got stuck after the first few minutes of playing it.  And then when I finally got un-stuck, I got re-stuck a few seconds after.  I don’t know what it was about that island, I just could not do it.  And the thing is, if you do a few things out of order then your basically just going to sit there confused about what to do next.  So, yeah, I ended up having to look up a guide to it.  I know, pretty pathetic.  Oh, well, there’s always the next island…

Olympics- Poptropica Style.

So, as you probably know, right now the Olympics are going on in London.  And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been spending most of your spare time in front of the TV watching all those amazing athletes doing amazing things.  Or sometimes amazingly stupid things.

It looks like the Creators have gotten into the Olympics, as well.  Though of course being the Creators they have to advertise Poptropica in their post about something completely different.

Stars of track and field, you are beautiful people

If you’ve got summer games fever, you’re not alone. Everyone’s excited to see the world’s greatest athletes coming together to go for the gold in some of the toughest sporting events ever devised.

I’m talking about Poptropolis Games, of course, the Poptropica Island that lets you compete for glory in a variety of track and field events. Why settle for watching other people run, jump, and throw, when you can visit Poptropica right now and be a champion in your own right? Poptropolis Games is free for everyone to play!

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See?  Always advertising.

Well, that’s about it until next time!



Haunted Houses, Shark Teeth, and Myths

I know, I know, terrible title.  Oh, well.  You’re just going to have to deal with it.  Cause I can promise you that anything else that I think of will be even more terrible.

So, it’s time to find out what yet another Creator’s favorite island/islands is/are.

The lucky Creator is none other than Shark Boy.

Creators’ favorite Islands: Shark Boy’s picks

We’re sharing the Poptropica creators’ picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Shark Boy.

I love mythology and really enjoyed seeing many mythological characters come to life with a fun Poptropica twist.

This was the first Island I helped write the story for, and where Shark Boy was born.

Although not a full island, this mini-quest is a personal favorite. I was able to write the story for this one, and even though it was a short quest, we were able to pack in a bunch of fun and interesting interactive elements.

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Well, none of those islands are my favorites.  I don’t dislike them or anything, but they’re just not my favorites.

What about you?  Are any of Shark Boy’s favorites your favorites?

What’s Your Favorite?

What’s your favorite island?  Mine is either Cryptids Island or Ghost Story Island.  I love mythology and all that stuff so an island about legendary creatures was pretty cool.  And Ghost Story just had such a beautiful story.  *sniff, sniff*

Anyway, the Creators have decided that we are desperate to know what islands are their favorites.  As if.  And of course they start with Captain Crawfish.

Creators’ favorite Islands: Captain Crawfish’s pick

Over the next week, we’ll be sharing the Poptropica creators’ picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Captain Crawfish.

My favorite is Red Dragon Island. I love the art for old Japan, and I especially like all the cool ninja powers you learn to use near the end. You wouldn’t expect an old sea salt with a peg leg could master the grappling hook, but I did it!

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So what’s your favorite island?

Those Who Made It

Maybe being a Creator isn’t the most easy job in the world.  After all, you have to know all that technical stuff, and you have to be prepared to deal with stuff crashing, and you probably have to know how to draw good, and you also have to deal with people hating on you when you do something stupid like inventing membership.  But there is a bonus.  You get to be featured in a post on the Creators’ blog.

Yeah, I know, big bonus.  You know, the more I think about it, the more I feel sorry for the Creators.  After all, we do criticize them a lot.  And call them Bearators.  Or at least I do…

A look behind the boardwalk

Now that Wimpy Boardwalk is here for Poptropica Members to enjoy, we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at its development. Here’s a part of the Poptropica team hard at work on the Island shortly before it came out.

That’s Poptropica creator and Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney giving artistic direction to some of our designers.

We have an incredibly talented staff of artists and programmers who are working hard every day to make Poptropica the greatest it can be. And nothing puts a smile on our faces like releasing a new Island to the world. Say cheese!


Wimpy Boardwalk is available now for Poptropica Members, along with three Members-only items. Not a Member? Find out how to become a Poptropica Member today!

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You know, maybe I should but cut (I need to work on my spolling spelling) back on how much I tease the Creators…

…Nah, never mind, a little constructive criticism never heart hurt anybody.

They Just Keep Coming

Just me or does it seem like the Creators are in hyperspeed when it comes to making lots and lots of islands?  Seems like you just beat one island and then another one comes out.  Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, with all the mass-producing of islands going on it seems to make it a little difficult at times to beat all the islands that there are to beat.  Or maybe that’s just me again.

Anyway (again), that’s why I’m mad at the Creators for saying that they’re challenging us to beat all of the islands.

28 medallions later…

Wimpy Boardwalk is our 28th Island on Poptropica, and that means the challenge is on to earn all 28 Medallions. Not many Poptropicans have been able to pull it off so far, but those who have are able to show it off on their profile page.

What about you? Are you up to the task? Play Wimpy Boardwalk on Poptropica to find out!

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Gosh, Creators, don’t you know that we have better things to do then go around trying to beat all of your little islands?

…Well that joke was a fail.

While I rack my brains trying to think of a better joke than that one, you guys can…can…can…  You can do…something…


Oh, Say Can You See?

The best thing about the Fourth of July is the fireworks.  I mean who doesn’t like those things that fly up into the air, explode with a big bang, and then make the sky all purty with beautiful colors?

The Creators (of course) are breaking the rules, and they’re beginning to celebrate early by putting the Fireworks item into the Poptropica Store.

Sis boom bah!

Independence Day is next week, and you know what that means: fireworks! If you’re itching to get started on the skyrockets a little early, check out the Fireworks in the Poptropica Store. You can plant these festive rockets anywhere on Poptropica, and watch them explode across the sky!

avatar image

I hope that everyone in the US has an amazing Fourth of July!  I hope that you get to see a bunch of awesome fireworks!

And if you’re not in the US, well, who says that you can’t have fireworks, too?  Better stick with the Fireworks item in Poptropica, though.  You can’t blow up anything important that way.