Happy New Year Guys! 

I don’t know what time it is where you are but THE CLOCK JUST ROLLED OVER TO MIDNIGHT SO HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! 

As of now it is officially 2017, and I cannot WAIT for the coming year. I’ve got tons of stuff planned so stay tuned! Poptropican me, do you have anything else to add? 

Rough Fang: I’d just like to say that I deeply appreciate each and every one of our loyal followers. Thanks for everything! Who wants a hug? 

That depends, are you wearing your knife suit? 

Rough Fang: QUITE POSSIBLY! ūüėÄ



#MyPoptropicaCostume Contest Update!


So you all know about the Poptropica Costume Contest right? No? THEN KEEP UP.

Anyway, the creators have announced that they AREN’T going to choose just one winner. They’re going to choose TWO winners! Not only that, but they’re also going to have ten runners-up, of whom YOU get to choose!

Basically in January, the creators will post their top 20 picks, and YOU get to choose the 10 that end up in the Poptropica Store! Huzzah! The 10 runners-up will each receive a 3-month Poptropica subscription. If you haven’t entered the contest yet, DO IT NOW! The deadline is Saturday, 31st December, midnight. So you’ve got 46 hours as of the time I post this.



On The 3rd Day of Christmas Rough Fang Gave To Me…

A Christmas Poptropica update?

OK, so most of us know the Creators’ Blog has been kind of quiet lately. There haven’t been many updates as of late, which is why a majority of Poptropica blog have nothing to blog ABOUT.

*sigh* Come on creators, what kind of irresponsible, lazy, self-centered person would just stop updating¬†out of nowhere, ¬†silence their own blog and abandon….all……their followers………yeah OK I kind of see the hypocrisy in this statement.

But to be fair, the creators at least have an excuse. They have supposedly been working really hard on a “brand new Poptropica”, so it’s understandable that they probably don’t have much time to blog.¬†In fact, their last blog post was all the way back in…. *checks*….just….now….WAIT WHAT




OK, so it seems the creators are dropping something very interesting next week. Could it be this “new Poptropica” they’ve been foreshadowing oh so much?

I mean, this is all speculation, but it’s worth noting that earlier this year, when they first announced this “new Poptropica”, they mentioned that they were launching it, and I quote, “Later this year”.


It’s also worth noting that there are only 8 days left in the year, so, I’m assuming they’re gonna do it soon.

On The 6th-No? 5th? NO? 4th? Yeah OK, On The 4th Day of Christmas Rough Fang Gave To-

OK OK I know I broke my promise to you guys about blogging every day. But stuff went down that I was definitely NOT expecting so I had trouble keeping up.

So now that I’m back, I’ve decided to give the blog a makeover! LOOK AT THE PRETTY NEW BLOG!

BTW I had to do all of this in MS Paint because that’s the most advanced photo editing program I’ve got. It was a pain. A Christmas pain but a pain nonetheless.

Tell me if you guys like the new blog design in the comments or leave some suggestions or whatever. I dunno.

On The 7th Day of Christmas Rough Fang Gave To Me…

A¬†sneak peek at things to come…

Wisp opened his eyes. He bolted upright in blind panic as his surroundings slowly came into focus.

The first thing that hit him was the pain. The cuts and bruises on his arms and legs stung hard. For an adult, they would have been nothing, but for a twelve-year old, the pain was enough to bring him to tears.

“No…stop Wisp!” He wiped his tears away. “There’s no need for that. Man up!” He took a deep breath, grit his teeth and examined his surroundings.

He found himself in what appeared to be a cavern adorned by glowing turquoise crystals that bathed the space in a greenish-blue light. Glowing moths fluttered around the place, the light from their wings glistening off the spiderwebs that clung to the walls. Tunnels of different sizes branched out from the cave. About ten meters above him, he saw the hole in the ceiling he fell through. Aside from that, the place was pretty normal for a Nightcrawler cavern.

Except for one thing. There was no one around. No cavern Wisp had ever seen was this completely empty. There were always at least two or three Nightcrawlers hanging around.

Where was he? How did he get here? He remembered falling…but that was it.

“Hello?” he whispered, his voice trembling. The word echoed throughout the cave. He was alone.

Suddenly, the tears were back. Wisp hugged his sides, whimpering and sobbing. He hoped it was all a bad dream. He hoped he would wake up in his comfy bed and that his mother would hug him and make everything better like she always did. But at the same time, he knew this was all real. He could feel the cuts on his arms and legs.

But why was this happening? And how? Wisp didn’t know. He was just scared.

Then, through his tears, he saw a blur of eerie blue light. Wiping his tears away again, the light started taking a solid form in front of his eyes.

It was a beetle. A glowing blue beetle the size of his palm. Its metallic wing cases shimmered radiantly, reflecting the light from the luminescent body beneath them. It was beautiful and alien all at the same time.

Transfixed by its hypnotic glow, Wisp suddenly remembered how he ended up there….