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Virus Hunter Island Cheats

Hey Everyone,

SkyBoy303 here, If you didn’t realize it poptropica finally opened up virus hunter island to members. So if you are a member you’ve probably been looking for the cheats guide. Well here’s a walkthrough video of the newest poptropica island.

Let me know what you guys think and be sure to subscribe to itsapoptropicablog!

– SkyBoy303, owner of poptropicaworld.com

Virus Hunter Island Comes Out This Week!

Hey everyone!  Yesterday it was announced on the Creator’s Blog that Virus Hunter Island will be coming out this week!  The island will feature a bigger screen than other islands and even music and sound effects.  I think this is going to be the best island yet, they’ve been working on it for long enough!


They didn’t exactly say when it would come out this week but if it’s anything like the last few islands, I would guess that it comes out on Thursday.  I’m expecting a lot from this new island, let’s just hope it can live up to our expectations!

I think it’ll be really cool exploring the human body on a microscopic level.  What are you looking forward to most about the new island?  Leave your responses in the comments!

I’ll make a full written and video walkthrough guide as soon as the new island comes out!  The walkthrough will be posted here on my blog but I’ll be sure to put it on this blog as well!


More Virus Hunter Island Screenshots!

Hey everyone, Skyboy here!  Just wanted to give you guys another update on Virus Hunter Island.  They released a few more screenshots of the new island which gives us a better idea of where it’ll be located – inside the human body.  Check it out!

I’m guessing there will be some way to shrink down to enter the body, probably through the mouth.
You’ll be able to travel through the body safely in this little pod vehicle, pretty cool!
Some of the other screenshots show that you’ll be able to explore the rest of the body too.  Everywhere from the muscle tissue to the stomach!

Check out this post on PHB for more screenshots!

I also just wanted to mention that I’m giving away a free Poptropica membership on my website this weekend!  Anyone who isn’t a member should check out the contest to see how to enter!

Until next time!


Poptropica HD-3D Glasses

Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been busy with school and other stuff.  So today they announced “Poptropica HD-3D” on the Creator’s Blog.  This new feature is supposed to let you play Poptropica in 3D instead of 2D!



This all sounded pretty cool and legitimate, they even posted a screenshot showing the new 3D gameplay.



I read further and saw that the 3D glasses you need to purchase cost $999.95!  What’s up with that??  Well, then I remembered today is April Fools day!  Sounds like this whole HD-3D thing was just an April Fools joke put out by the Poptropica Creators.



Nice job, Poptropica Creators.  You sure fooled me with this one!  Although 3D Poptropica would be awesome!  Maybe someday they’ll come out with it, but for now it looks like we’ll be playing in 2D.

Now hopefully those sneaky creators will go back to making new islands instead of pranks.  I can’t wait to hear more about Back Lot Island!


Croods Rooms Added To Poptropica

Whats up Everyone,

SkyBoy303 here with a couple cool updates about the new “Croods” rooms added to shark tooth island!

So the first thing you need to do is go to the first room called The Jungle Room.

First off grab both of the items below:

Belt’s Da Da Daa! – When you use it it shows a cut screen of Belt saying Da Da DAAAA!  

Eep’s Musical Shell – When you hit the space bar it will blow in the horn for a little music

Next up you need to head off to Tree Top room and get the next two perks.

Speed Crawl: Pretty self explanatory, you crawl really fast haha

Grans Amazing Cane: Press space and spin it around your head

Finally go to the Sun Lit room and get the next two

Douglas Stick Trick: Press space to throw the stick and douglas will fetch it.

Grugs Super Punch: Press Space to super punch the ground.

So now that you know… Which ones are your favorite? Let us know your favorite rooms below!


Night Watch Island Walkthrough

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Hey Everyone,

SkyBoy303 here, if you haven’t heard the new Night Watch Island has been released to members over the last 24 hours.  If you have a member account your are probably looking for a guide on how to beat the island so I’ve put together a pretty easy to follow video for all the itsapoptropicablog readers!

Let us know what you think of the new island by leaving a comment on this post!

– SkyBoy303

Night Watch Island Sneak Peek

Hey Everyone,

SkyBoy303 here with a sneak peek related to the new night watch island release coming soon to Poptropica! Basically it appears that there is something sketchy going on outside the twin pines mall.

Check out this picture showing a bunch of people camping outside the mall, that’s right camping. You can see the tent on the far left side of the picture.

It seems that something very important is going on inside or why else would so many people be camped out waiting?

With this group of people camping outside of the mall, the constant back to the future references (the delorean, twin pines mall, and more), and the Chinese theater (also movie related) I’m guessing it has something to do with hollywood or a movie theater.

What do you guys think is behind all of this? Let us know by leaving a comment and giving us your best guess!


Hey everybody! SkyBoy303 Introduction!

I’m Skyboy303 and I’m really excited to start join the team at itsapoptropicablog.wordpress.com on this site!  I’ve played Poptropica for years and started my own poptropica cheats website for it called Poptropicaworld.com.  My website gets about 3-5 thousand visits a day and I am hoping to bring some new visitors to SuperThunders blog as well!


My specialty is creating guides and walkthroughs to help people beat the islands. I also like to give away poptropica memberships as much as I can. Finally I am also a graphic designer and coder (not the best yet but I can code some programs for windows and mac that work pretty well.) I stay up to date with all latest promo codes for the game so I plan on keeping you up to date with those on this blog as well as the new island guides!

I’m looking forward to posting here and talking to some of you.  Hopefully I can help you out and here’s to making Super Thunder’s blog the number one wordpress.com blog in 2013!

If you have any questions leave them on this post and I’ll be sure to answer you as soon as possible!

Also I hope you all are excited to see what SuperThunder has planned for the blog in the future!