New Author

Rough Fang: HEYYO HUMAN!

Hey! Long time no see. New look?

Rough Fang: Yep.

Cool. Been on any adventures lately?

Rough Fang: Oh definitely! Oh man, you should have seen it. There was a supervolcano, an underground world full of mole people, giant chthonians…

Ha! Sounds like you had fun. How’s the blog?

Rough Fang: ….

You didn’t……

Rough Fang: Uh….


Rough Fang: I’m sorry OK! I had to deal with mole people and giant man-eating worm monsters! Speaking of which, I actually hit it off with this REALLY cute chthonian and I think she-

Don’t change the subject! We’re talking about the blog, not your weird taste in girls.

Rough Fang: Hey, don’t you DARE talk about K’llyctwana like that.

OK WHATEVER! Just…we need to get back to updating the blog.

Rough Fang: OK look, if you’re so busy, why don’t you ask someone to help run the blog with you? I mean, I’m clearly way too irresponsible to do ANYTHING.

*sigh* Maybe you’re right.

Rough Fang: See? You should try using your brain.

Well you should try dating someone of your own SPECIES.

Rough Fang: OUR LOVE IS REAL!!! *slams door*

*sigh* My therapist has his work cut out for him. Anyway, that’s basically it. I’m having a bit of trouble keeping this blog updated, especially since school just started picking up. So I’ll be inviting another author to this blog. I haven’t selected anyone yet, but if you’re interested, just leave a comment below. Thanks for supporting this blog!

3 thoughts on “New Author

  1. Hey, I might be available for the author slot, but I’m going out of town for a straight week and won’t be able to contact you. So… This comment is semi meaningless, but I’m available, I suppose.
    Whoo, long comment there.

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