Blog Update! Plans For 2017

Happy Chinese New Year guys!

Rough Fang: *points spear at my face*

WOW. OK. This is happening. What the heck bro?!

Rough Fang: You haven’t blogged in TWO WEEKS! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?!?

Well sorry. But I’ve been busy with school and stuff. It isn’t easy to operate this blog all by myse-WAIT A GOSHDARN SECOND. AN IDEA SEED HAS BEEN PLANTED IN MY BRAIN FARM. IT’S GROWING. IT’S GROWING. IT’S GROWING. No wait it’s dead. What was I talking about?

Whatever. Since nothing’s really been going on lately, I thought I might as well take the moment to bring you guys an update on what I’m planning to do for the blog this year.

1. The Poptropolis Chronicles.

Yes I’m finally gonna started on this thing I’ve been planning since forever. For those of you who don’t know this story is supposed to take place on the island of Poptropolis centuries before it sank. It centers on 8 young heroes, one from each tribe, who must unite the tribes in order to defeat a much bigger threat and bring peace to the island.

I released a sort of sneak peek back during my 12 days of Christmas so you can check it out if you want. I’ll keep you guys updated on the story’s progress.

2. More Island Reviews!

I’ll be doing a lot more island reviews in the coming year. I’ve had a lot of fun revisiting some of the older islands and sharing my thoughts on them.

3.  Flesh Monsters

Oh boy.

4. More Stories! (Hopefully…)

This year, I really wanna get into writing more, so I’ll probably write more Poptropica short stories if I ever get the idea for them.

5. A New…

OOPS TOO LATE WE’RE OUT OF TIME. Well, I’ll see you guys when the next update comes! But for now, 新年快乐,万事如意!

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